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Steve and Natasha become the closest people to Wanda with the start of her new life CHANGE MY MIND

Natasha teaches her all sorts of spy tricks, shares her experience. Most importantly, she discusses all sorts of girly things with her, because Wanda never had any friends. They often stay up all night talking, watch movies, go shopping. Natasha literally becomes an older sister for Wanda.


And Steve sees himself as a brother, although he doesn’t claim to be Pietro. He’s like an anchor. Wanda can have a very heartfelt conversation with Steve. He always calms Wanda down, listens and supports her. His voice is confident and soft. Steve teaches Wanda to control her power. They also like to walk in parks and eat ice cream. Steve even tells Wanda about Bucky. So yes, these two have a very trusting relationship.


I have NO idea what it was like for Wanda after the endgame. She returned and found out that Natasha had died. Steve soon decided to leave.

I understand that Wanda has become very (VERY) strong person, but-

it hurts so bad…

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I have some questions regarding the 2019 movie, “THE AVENGERS: ENDGAME”:

1.  How did the remaining Avengers and Captain Marvel knew that Tony Stark aka Iron Man was still alive and not dead from Thanos’ snap?

2.  How was Rocket able to extract the Aether aka the Reality Stone from Dr. Jane Foster’s body in 2013 Asgard without alerting her?

3.  How was Steve Rogers aka Captain America managed to return the Aether into Jane’s body without alerting her, following Thanos’ final defeat?

4.  Why was Thor unable to effectively fight against the slightly younger Thanos, despite wielding Stormbreaker?

5.  How was Thor able to become drunk from Earth-created alcohol?  

6.  How was Dr. Bruce Banner able to balance his human and Hulk persona during the five years between Infinity War and Endgame?

7.  Why was Tony Stark the only one able to find a way to time travel?  Why not Bruce Banner, who struck me as a more plausible candidate?

8.  Why didn’t any of the other Avengers inform Tony that most of them were able to gather together on Wakanda in order to fight Thanos’ army and the Titan himself?

9.  Why did Tony believe that Steve’s refusal to sign the Sokovia Accord had doomed the universe to Thanos’ Snap?  Based on what evidence?

10. Why didn’t Tony apologize to Steve for his rant against the latter?

11. By 2014, Gamora was already plotting against Thanos to prevent the latter from collecting the Infinity Stones.  Why was this younger version of Gamora reluctant to betray Thanos?

12. What happened to Maggie and Jim Paxton following Thanos’ Snap?  Did they survive it?

13. Why the MCU fail to show or reveal Princess Shuri’s death following the Snap?

14. Why did Nebula fail to warn Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow and Clint Barton aka Hawkeye about the details regarding the Soul Stone on Voromir?

15. Why did the screenwriters killed off Natasha, despite being unaware of a Black Widow movie being planned?

16. Why was there no funeral for Natasha?

17. The Avengers could have gone back in time a few years and prevented Thanos from getting his hands on the first stone he took – the Power Stone – on Xandar.  Why didn’t they?

18. How was the older Nebula able to kill the 2014 Nebula in the same timeline and survive?

19. When he went back to return the Infinity Stones where they found them, how did Steve reacted to seeing Natasha’s body on Voromir?  Did he have a reunion with Johann Schmidt aka Red Skull?

20. How did the older Steve manage to travel to the “original timeline” in order to hand over his shield to Sam Wilson aka the Falcon?

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