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#the baby grew up

                       “Don’t forget– Somewhere, someone is fighting for you.

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it’s just wazo, baby. It? Idk. It doesn’t make me too angry. “Oi” turns into wa.. and seaux turns into “so” with a bit of a z to it. Idk. I guess since French is supposed to be a phonetic language but it’s phonemes sometimes aren’t the same as English.

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okay, hello all,

i hope you’re all well! i don’t know what the fuck this is going to be but i’ve wanted to do it for a while i’ve mentioned before tht i’ve wanted to talk abt my history regarding body image and how it’s it’s affected me but it’s been difficult as it was triggering for me so i couldn’t but i’m here now; idk where but ik if i don’t do it now i’ll never have the courage to do it again so;

#starting from the beginning; i was a very chubby baby and was so until i was abt 6? and my dad’s step-sister would call me fat and would#train all the other kids to call me fat too ... good lord ... anyway; as i grew older i lost lots of weight and my bones would stick out and#tht was just who i was ...#but then i got into my early teens and i started to gain healthy weight#and my cousin who i grew up w and consider my best friend was always the skinner one of the two of us and would constantly go on abt how#she wished she was as skinny as ariana grande ... knowing full well i’m bigger than her#and thus i think age 13? the eating disorder began#i did things which i’m ashamed to talk abt but just take my word for it .. it wasn’t good#i guess i’ve had body dysmorphia ever since#not to mention the fact that i am from 🇧🇩 and ppl back home are very cruel regarding weight and made my issues#w my body even worse :-) and so that’s just how it was ... i gained and lost weight got fat and skinny shamed ... by the same ppl!???? and#just hated anything and everything regarding my body#and then 26 april 2018 i made one of the worst mistakes of my life and began a relationship w my ex who abused me mentally physically and#emotionally ... of course#feeling the need to fat shame me repetitively ...#but at the same time ... my relationship w my body had changed? it was my first year of uni and i had started working and buying myself cute#outfits and all of a sudden i no longer hated my body? but wanted to adorn it? and of c he hated how much love i had for myself so he’d put#me down whenever he could ... but sometimes#you get hurt so much ... it kind#of sends you to another place? like i was like ‘why do i care what he thinks?’ and i stopped caring#bc all of what he’d do was projection#and i’m#sorry but i can’t fake humble just bc you’re insecure#i refuse to be a what you use to project your insecurities onto .. it’s not fair and it’s not my fucking#fault you hate yourself .. it's rly not#i will cont. in the nxt post as i'm running out of tags#tw abuse#tw body image#beebs.txt
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armin’s really out here reminiscing about “fun times” in this episode. bitch you were greeting people with headshots and holding them prisoner. the fuck you mean those  were “fun times?”

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good morning/almost afternoon! i’ve vagued about a couple of these I think in the past but here’s some stuff about their backstory because why not:

  • So all elves are connected to magic in some form and Motek was regarded as “weak” because they couldn’t take control of their element (air) to the degree that other elves could. As a result, they had minimal training, which was really bad when the Rinedan Incident happened, because they completely lost control there.
  • As a result of the Rinedan Incident, they had magical inhibitors in the form of cuffs. They ended up running away and were declared dead because elves can’t live long either without access to their magic or in a place that is rich with magic. Guess what, they weren’t dead. Why did being away from magic not kill Motek? because they’re ~special~ (it’s more than that but it’s kind of a spoiler) (then again their backstory and what their “bracelets” are are also kind of spoilers but whatever)
  • Motek was being depressed in Tehnurin, which they thought they were a genius for picking out, because who would think that after the Rinedan Incident they would go to a place like Tehnurin. It was smart but uhh also very very dumb. To be fair, Motek’s the equivalent of a teenager at this point in time and also actively repressing their feelings and trauma. Anyways, Tehnurin was very on edge because of the Rinedan Incident so they did Not Like Motek and Motek was just like “you know they’re not killing me or anything :)”
  • Yeah that pleasant feeling doesn’t last long enough and at one point, they just go to the plateaus and lie down with the intention of never getting up. or like, maybe getting up once in a while, but other than that, nah. maybe after their growth spurt they’d get up. motek doesn’t really have plans. 
  • enter alicia who was suspicious at the lack of an elf went to go find them. then she found the now taller lump of motek in the plateaus and was just like “well i guess i have to slightly aggressively adopt them”
  • everyone else: you really don’t need to
  • alicia: no i’m gonna
  • meanwhile motek is like “oh you want me to do a job? i can do that. i can do all the jobs especially since i’m strong and also i don’t need to sleep or eat or anything–”
  • alicia when she learns that motek’s still a child: excuse me what the fuck. why are you doing so much work then. where are your parents.
  • motek: uh. my parents… i don’t really have them?
  • alicia: you’re an orphan???
  • motek: no like. i was dropped on a doorstep when i was a baby and the adults of that family didn’t really want another child so their children just kind of… kept me around.
  • alicia: what the fuck.
  • anyways now the only jobs that motek does is look over paperwork for alicia’s very legal organization and do the dishes.
  • well, the only jobs that they used to do. because there was the falling out and uhhh let’s just say that things get rough after that. 

hope you have a nice day!!

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Sometimes I think about my friends starting to call me “papa bear” at the age of 21 and know I was destined to head a large queer family and goddamnit where are all my queer children?! I’ve been waiting 13 years for you all.

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while tiny tot Orochimaru thought Madara and Hashirama were super cool, the apple of his eye and his idol, the person he thought was the coolest in the world, the one he would literally fangirl over was Tobirama. He was literally a Tobirama Senju stan, talked about the man non-stop, wanted to be like Tobirama when he grew up, would get starry-eyed whenever Hiruzen told them stories about Tobirama.

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