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#the bad batch
kiiwiibun · 2 days ago
Repaint of Hunter! I wanted to make him look more like Temuera, I also added in extra lighting :D
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Based on this image:
Tumblr media
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thememerman · a day ago
Boba finding Fennec left for dead in the dunes of Tatooine and helping her because of the empathy he felt instead of leaving her for dead because everyone left him for dead too in bitterness like a hardened and cold bounty hunter very well could have is one of the most clone-esque things he’s ever done
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shakoribe · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
“You’ll get there, too, Kid”
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clonehub · 2 days ago
periodic reminder that the bad batch is a deeply racist and antisemitic series, and its portrayals and tacit support of racism (lightened skin and European features as expression of genetic desirability and superiority) and antisemitism (greedy lizard woman played by a jewish VA) enables real-life racism and antisemitism in the fandom, putting fans of color and jewish people at risk for harassment and violence.
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djarrex · a day ago
Oh, great M!! Salutations!! I saw your clone icons with Santa hats and wondered... if it's not too much trouble of course (feel free to ignore my rambling bum) could we maybe get the Bad Batchers in Santa hats? Thanks in advance uwu
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CF 99 in Santa hats :)
other SW icons
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nahoney22 · 4 hours ago
Touch Starved with Crosshair
Crosshair X GN!Reader
word count: 2.2k
Tumblr media
The first instalment of my touch starved one shots but this time with moody Crosshair.
warnings: none, mainly fluff. Can be seen as a romantic or platonic relationship, little bit of flirting if you squint and of course Crosshair being moody and touch starved.
When you discovered that Crosshair was touch starved, it wasn’t a shocking revelation at first but it was shocking to see how much effort he put in to get just the gentlest of touches from you. It was purely innocent and very unlike him, but you didn’t seem to mind the contact.
It all started when the pair of you had bumped into one another. Well, you were laughing and running through the ship away from Omega when you crashed into him.
He had been coming out from the cargo-hold when you were running in, your chest colliding against his. To steady yourself, each of your hands grasped onto either side of his arms whilst he stood as still as a plank, glaring down at you whilst you laughed it off.
“Oops! Sorry!” The corners of your eyes creased as you grin at him, both of your hands dropping down to your sides before carefully manoeuvring around him. “Didn’t see you there and you better not tell Omega where I am!” You point a finger at him and he grumbled with a roll of his eyes and carried on walking.
However, he stopped and violently jerked his shoulder at the feeling of someone touching him again but as he turned to snap at them, nobody was there. The warm touch lingered against his two arms and his stomach twisted with an unsettling feeling. Shrugging it off for the time being, he did ponder if it was the touch you had on him he could still feel.
The next day, you were all outside taking in the fresh air rather than staying cooped up in the Marauder all day long on your day off and decided, well Omega decided, she wanted a picnic. Although you all weren’t doing well in terms of foods and resources, they scrambled up what they could do and all sat in a circle in a wide open field.
Crosshair glances up towards you when he spots you coming back from the Marauder with a bottle of some type of drink that Omega was fond of and felt his stomach twist again. The odd touch of you on him the other day still lingered in his mind and as he began to realise that there was only one spot available and that was beside him, he was reluctant to welcome you nearby.
You noticed this too and crouched down to place the bottle into the middle where all the other fruits and meats and drinks were placed before turning to look at the sniper. “Do you mind if I?” You vaguely gestured to the spot beside him.
“Do what you want.” He replies, no hint of malice but no particular hint of kindness either.
You scooted up beside him, legs crossed but you didn’t even realise that your knee was now gently pressing against his own and that’s when the sudden heat shot through him again. He said nothing, not wanting to cause a scene and instead leaned back on his elbows, head tilted towards the sun in the sky as he tightly gripped tightly onto the tartan patterned blanket beneath him as he tried to comprehend what was happening to him.
After a minute or so, you have shifted and Crosshair felt the cool air return to him, replacing the warmth you once provided.
He was a quiet man regardless but he was extra quiet today which didn’t go unnoticed. Hunter sent him a curious gaze but said nothing at all but Crosshair knew why he was so quiet.
You had been just given a platter of fruit from Wrecker who was on your left and so you took some for yourself before turning to Crosshair and offered it out to him.
“No, thank you.” You corrected him with a hint of teasing in your tone, only to earn a scowl back.
“No thanks.” He grunts, looking away from you but you nudged his arm with the platter.
“At least pass it on to Tech, please.” He watched you bat your eyelashes at him and he felt a small twinge in his cheek at the sight of you.
He did like you which was saying something since he had hated almost everyone who was put with them whenever they touched down on Coruscant but he tolerated you just fine. You weren’t rude, loud, annoying or vain, you were just… you. Normal and kind and dare he say also attractive.
His eyes almost widened that he had just been staring at you for goodness knows how, the platter still extended out towards him. “Right, fine.”
Sitting up, he reached out for the platter but an idea sparked in his mind and ever so slightly brushed his fingers against yours as he pulled it away from your grasp. As expected, a heat had swelled in the tips of his fingers and he let out a breathless exhale at the contact but you didn’t seem to notice, already glancing back the other way.
From then on, Crosshair had two options in his mind: one being that he should avoid contact at all costs or two… get as much contact from you at all costs.
You began to pick up on little things that Crosshair did began doing over the last few rotations, not being very secretive at all.
Often or not, he would end up sitting beside you and would say nothing at all, spreading his legs as if he were stretching out but his knee would hit against yours and he wouldn’t shove.
Other times he would ‘accidentally’ lose his rag that he used to clean his rifle with but more often than not you had witnessed that man treat his weapons kit as his most prized possession. There was no way that Crosshair would ever lose something that belonged to him. But, instead of calling him out about it you would retrieve him a new one and that’s when he took the chance to graze his fingers against yours, even for a second.
You had never had so much contact with the Marksman since you boarded the Marauder six months ago but here you were, waiting for Crosshair to make up any excuse to lay a minuscule touch to your body. It occured to you that the man must be touch starved. He never gave the hint he wanted a hug or such with you in comparison to others like Wrecker but you thought that maybe it was an opportunity you can give him.
Were you going to outright ask for a hug or ask if he wanted one? Of course not. You were treading on a very thin line but when it came to the next day and you saw Crosshair sat alone in the cockpit, you wanted to test it out.
You hesitated before entering and Crosshair gazed at you once he heard that he was no longer alone. You sat in the seat beside him, pulling your legs up to your chest and gazing up through the windshield, admiring the stunning view that was hyperspace which only made you smile.
Crosshair looked away, one foot planted on the steel floor whereas his other leg was extended, propped up next to the wheel. Idly, he glanced back at you and felt his heart jitter at the sight of corners of your lips upturned into a smile. So, he had to ask, “what are you smiling at?”
You tilted your head to the side, looking to the side and towards him. “Out there. The view always amazes me.” You tell him, voice soft.
Cross looks at it too but shrugs. “It’s alright.”
You scoff. “Better than alright. It’s stunning.” You rolled your eyes at him and leaned your head back on the head rest. “How’re you anyway?”
Crosshair stilled and raised a suspicious eyebrow at you. Had you picked up on what he was doing? Was it obvious that he crazed just the slightest bit of touches from you that ensnared his heart with a burst of fire with each touch? Or was you just being kind?
“... Fine.”
His answer was stiff and you frowned this time.
“You sure? You seem tense?” You question.
“I said I’m fine.” He snapped a little at you, never being one to like repeating himself so you stuck your hands up in defence.
“Alright, alright.”
He grumbles internally, feeling hatred towards himself for unnecessarily snapping at you when you were only being kind. It was silent for a few minutes until he finally mumbled out a small ‘sorry’ which you accepted with a hum, wrapping your arms around yourself.
“Say… do you think it’s quite chilly on the ship?” You may or may not have added a fake shudder to your words, fingers grazing your arms in an attempt to stay ‘warm’.
“I’m fine.” He said for the third time tonight but couldn’t help but wonder if he could help at all. “Are you… really that cold?”
“Only a little.” You say and then chuckle softly to yourself. “You know when I was younger and it was cold, me and my family would always cuddle for warmth.” You toss out the statement into the air so casually that Crosshair felt his breath hitch.
“Yep… it’s nice. And warm.” You say casually, hoping he’d take the hint.
Crosshair sat back and scratched at his chin, seemingly contemplating his next move before a small smirk flits on his lips. “Well, we can’t let you get too cold can we?”
Surprise hits your face as you see Crosshair sit up straight before patting his knee. “C’mere.”
You couldn’t hide the blush on your cheeks as Crosshair, the Crosshair, had asked you to practically sit on his lap so he could provide you with warmth. But, you obeyed and manoeuvre yourself from your seat to him, sitting on his lap sideways on.
Crosshair tried to ignore the feeling he got as you draped your legs over his, both arms wrapping around the back of his neck whilst you rested your cheek against his chest. He wish he wore his chest plate because he was more than certain you could feel the beating of his heart.
You could, but you didn’t say anything.
His arms wrapped around you and that’s when you shuddered the most. Not because of the lack of chill but because of the warmth that he unusually radiated.
The two of you stay like that for a while, the sound of the ship humming through hyperspace and the sounds of both of yours soft breathing being the only thing heard until you dared yourself to speak up.
“Cross?” You whispered his name and his eyes had opened, not even realising that he had closed them in the first place.
“Are you… are you sure you’re okay?”
“I said I was… why?” He asks almost critically.
You sigh a little, hoping he doesn’t shove you off his lap as you pull away from him slightly and look across at him. “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re, erm… touch starved.”
You curse as you feel him tense, eyes as sharp on you now as if you were a droid he was scoping out. His hold on you falters a little as he sucks on his teeth. “What makes you say that?”
One of your worst habits was chewing on your lower lip in awkward situations which is what you just so happened to be doing now. “I, well, i've noticed you wanting to be a little closer to me is all. I think you like it when you have physical contact.”
“I don’t like physical contact.”
“Then what are we doing right now, Crosshair?”
His lips pulled into a line and he scoffed, looking away at you with a shake of his head but still, he hasn’t moved you away from his lap. “When was the last time you had any signs of comfort? Y’know like a hug or something?” You sigh gently, hesitating as you pull up a hand towards his cheek, your index finger gently tracing over the bottom of his tattoo.
He revelled in your touch, the softest and sweetest noise emitting from his lips as you do so but the sound scared him and he flinched his head back away from you and gave you an accusing look.
“I’m not a hugger.” He revisits your question, acting as if your touch didn’t beautifully burn his skin.
“That’s fair enough but I’m just saying if you ever want to… hug… then I’m available.” You suggested not as if it was a romantical thing you wanted to take part in but purely as a friend.
“Are you suggesting that I’m going soft?” He accuses you with a scowl and you merely shake your head.
“No,” you giggle in slight amusement, “but if you were I wouldn’t mind. I quite like this.” You suggested to you being sat in his lap before resting your cheek against his shoulder and praying that he wasn’t going to stand up and walk away.
Crosshair sighed internally, glancing down at your comfortable form but also lavished in the feeling of your body against his. You were warm, gentle and a great source of comfort in the cockpit and so he chose to sit back and relax for a little while longer and come to the realisation that being touch starved wasn’t so bad.
... Touch Starved with Crosshair ...
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... Touch Starved with Tech ... (WIP)
taglist: @nunanuggets @mustluvgd @taz-107 7 @eyecandyeoz @ashotofspotchka @in-the-crosshairs @kriffclone e @butch-medusae @kirinpl @commxnderwolffe @archisstically-done @ladykatakuri @sitherin-mxschief @badbatch-simp24 @justanothersadperson93 @isb-808 @echos-right-arm @ladydiomede @kaitou2417 @adriiibell @crispyheartcollection @mavendeb @imalovernotahater r @techissweet @nonsenseandm3mes s @equalityforcats s @clonecyare @queencousland101 @starwars-supremacy @twistedstitcher27 @rexs-twin-dc-17-blasters @yavielin-feanarien @teletraan-meets-jarvis @shiniest-captain @itsjml @paige6768 @therealnekomari @bb-8 @1fineslytherin @brynhildrmimi @moonstrider9904 @essadaliz @disgruntldd @by-the-primes @ladydracula666 @bad-batch-supremacy @sergeant-hunter @coaxium-captain-rex @salaminus @captxin-rex (taglist continued in comments)
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tech-deck · a day ago
This image alone is just pure serotonin 💋
Tumblr media
They didn’t have to go so hard on making him so beautiful but they did and God bless them!
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trooper-guppy · a day ago
Tumblr media
It's still something I an chipping away at when I can, but gonna repost this because I don't have much else to show right now!
Mock frame for future reference below:
Tumblr media
Cheers, hope you are all well! ✌️🐟💙
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puirell · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#badbatchartweek: a summary
it's been a great week, thank you uwwtbb team for organising this event :)
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mk-otro · a day ago
Tumblr media
Head empty, did a thing because I saw ballet (yes it's Crosshair)
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allie-scribbles · 3 days ago
Love, Alone
Summary: Crosshair finds out you’re no longer with the Bad Batch, and has to come to terms with what that means for him. Told from Crosshair’s POV.
Pairing: Crosshair x fem Reader
Word Count: 603
Series Tags/Warnings: Angst, sad feels, implied pregnancy, cussing because I can’t help it, a smidge of violence
He has Hunter pinned beneath him, a blade at his throat, yet Crosshair is the one who feels at a complete disadvantage. His brother could turn the tables at any time, and it’s telling that he doesn’t.
“You wanna try not lying to me this time?” He hisses, despite knowing full well that what Hunter told him just moments ago was the truth.
“She’s gone, Crosshair. We don’t know where.”
Hunter’s voice is level, calm, and certain – everything Crosshair isn’t as the words sink in. She left? Why would she leave?
He can feel the eyes of the others burning into him, waiting for his next move. As if he’s volatile, a bomb about to go off. Which he supposes isn’t far off from the inner turmoil he’s currently experiencing, although he’ll never let them see it.
“Explain,” he demands, barely able to keep his tone even, eyes and knife steady on the one man who holds the answers he needs. “And tell me why the fuck you let her go.”
Hunter sighs. He knew he’d probably have to tell Crosshair all this eventually, but he’d been hoping it would be in a more neutral situation.
“She left about seven standard months ago. We just finished some work on Cyrea. I tried to talk her out of it, I really did. But she… her mind was made up. You know how she can be. Stubborn. Like someone else I know.”
Crosshair resists the urge to roll his eyes. He knows exactly how she can be, and shit, that’s why he loves her. Loved her. For the first time in his life, he’s not sure.
He removes the knife from Hunter’s neck, and practically stalks over to Tech. “And you couldn’t fucking track her or some shit? What kind of a genius are you if you can’t find a goddamn civvie?” He spits out.
Tech, to his credit, is as calm as ever. He been on the receiving end of these tantrums before. Sighing and pushing his goggles up the bridge of his nose, he launches into his explanation matter of factly. “She left us a tracking device, with instructions that she’d activate it if and when she wanted to be found. However, she also stipulated that if I tried to activate it, or in any other way tamper with it, it would damage itself beyond repair. My preliminary scans and subsequent analyses reveal that her information was accurate. She is smarter than I gave her credit for, or she spent a lot of credits to find someone to make this device to her specifications. Given enough time maybe I could find a way, but I’m uncertain-”
He makes a quick detour to glare at Hunter. “You better fucking tell me when she activates that tracker,” he spits. “That’s the only reason I’m letting you go.”
As he climbs the ramp, he can’t help but wonder why she left. Why she felt the need to be so secretive, even with his brothers. Why she didn’t even try to fucking face him before disappearing off to who knows what corner of the galaxy.
In the end, he decides it doesn’t matter why she left. All he knows is that if she really loved him, she would’ve stayed. She would’ve stopped at nothing to find him. And if he ever finds her, well… she’s a part of the Bad Batch. He’s a good soldier. Good soldiers follow orders.
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