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iron4man · 2 days ago
andor is set five years before a new hope, so at the same time we have the ghost crew, saw gerrera, cal kestis, the bad batch, ahsoka, rex fighting against the empire… we probably will see bail organa? a little leia going with her father at the imperial senate? darth maul? thrawn?
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dinbeskarbaby · 2 days ago
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smolbean-17 · a day ago
When the Clone was begging for money
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iamscoby · a day ago
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The first time his heart melts for the gremlin tagging along with him
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nikibogwater · a day ago
Lucasfilm really figured out that the key to hacking into fans' hearts is just having depressed middle-aged men rescue cute kids from bad guys. No subverting expectations or crazy plotlines--just Dads in Space, that's all we've ever wanted out of Star Wars.
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mwolf0epsilon · a day ago
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How to request kitty cuddles, a visual guide by Echo. Preferably attempt this on a trooper-friendly cat.
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dindjarindiaries · 2 days ago
Star Wars Celebration predictions:
Andor first trailer, poster, and release date
The Mandalorian S3 quick BTS sizzle reel and a poster/release date
The Bad Batch S2 trailer, poster, and release date
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lornaka · 2 days ago
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Celebration is upon us! While I won’t be there in person, I’ll be there in spirit 💙 My friends from @tinymangojunior will be selling my SWCA The Bad Batch prints at my table in the Art Show, if you are attending please stop by to say hi and grab a special Lula button ♥️ my friends will have some awesome stuff with their own art to give out as well so don’t miss out!
I also prepared some free goodies like stickers, pocket calendars and random art prints to serve as little bonuses that come with each purchase (while supplies last) ✨
May the Force be with you, everyone, and have fun at Celebration those who are going!!! I’ll be living through you vicariously :D
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darthbooks · 2 days ago
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forceforyou · 2 days ago
Kisses | Hunter (The Bad Batch) HCs
Tumblr media
- This man has seen too many hardships and feels unworthy of love and affection.
- But once he opens up to you, and tells you his fears, he is open to receiving affection from you.
- When Hunter kisses you, he is very tender, loving, and gentle.
- His rough, battle worn hands, trace gentle paths down your arms as he kisses you.
- Hunter presses his lips to yours as light as a feather as if to not damage the growing bond between you.
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onoha-arts · a day ago
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When I feel bored.. I make a random sketch with no context, yup.. here's the sketch of Cad Bane I did using Bayonetta's fighting pose....
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iron4man · 2 days ago
“People are standing up.”
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lorjukka · 2 days ago
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lazy clone hug doodles because im sad
dont look at the hands or ill cry
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shadows-fan-space · 2 days ago
OG Bad Batch Fighting Styles TCW + TBB Ep 1
I meant to actually do the whole Bad Batch series too but alas. Here are the various things I’ve noted about their fighting styles based on what we saw in TCW and the TBB: Aftermath! Plus a headcanon or two.
Enjoy~* EDIT: Tumblr killed the format :(
Acrobatics over power
My boy be pouncin’ all over the damn place
Leg sweeps
Weapon of Choice: Vibroblade or pistol
Sergeant Shaggy McStabby
Quick and brutal strikes, doesn’t leave enemy time to regroup
Switches between pistol and knife
Rush enemy head on→TCW S7E1
Watch out for them leggies
Cody-level kicks
Distance attacks (sniper, duh)
Loner and commonly fights alone
Rarely fights head on
Weapon of choice: Firepuncher Rifle he calls “Dauntless” (headcanon) and pistol
Never misses a shot
Main special attack→ Reflecto-Patches
Hints towards an affinity for judging angles/mathematics
Fights dirty in hand to hand
Tries to take out enemy from behind
HC→ When fighting organics, goes for pressure points
Leverage over power
Rarely moves quickly but is actually quite acrobatic
Sliding maneuver TCW S7E2
Surfin’ USA TBB S1E1
Unless you count getting flying side thrust kicked by a tween
Spooky scary sniper man
Stays out of direct fire and prefers a silent yet deadly ambush attack
Lookout and scout for more stealthy missions
Designated Driver→ TCW S7E1
Possible weakness: Bright flashes of light
TCW deleted scene S7E3 on pipe with lightning flash
He and Wrecker always have a “game” of who can take out the most droids
Crosshair often wins, apparently
Smug little shit
Can and will use legit anything as a deadly projectile
Blade, dart, lunch tray, hairbrush, look out it’s comin’ for you
Brute force→ Mutation
Lifted gunship, held up a leg of the giant whatever-that-thing-is in S7E3
Weapon of choice: Fists or giant vibro blade
Special Attacks
Wrecking Ball
“Let me see what you have.” “A knife!” “NO!”
Crushing power
Often gloats over defeated enemies
Somewhat sadistic
Exhibit A: TCW S7E4 “Not the face!”
Despises stealth
Often takes the lead on frontal assaults
Often lays down cover fire/stays behind to give others more time
Does not follow orders
Literally any episode is an example
The bigger the odds, the happier he is
Weakness→ Heights
Basically Rico
Jokes a lot when fighting
Dogpile on sentients→ TBB S1E1
Bit of a literal take on “I am the weapon”
Quick strikes
Agility and speed over physical power
TBB S1E1→ Zips in to place multiple detonators then remotely activates them
Outwits and outflanks, rarely uses a direct attack
Prefers to let others cover him while he uses a variety of distance weaponry
Not a melee fighter
But watch out for those legs (TBB S1E1)
Uses environment
Twin pistols
Highly sensitive when working with circuits→ Blocks everything else out while working with them
Quickly switches from “battle mode” once the fight is over
Nonchalant even during battle
Rarely seems bothered by anything
Tactics can verge on suicidal
“We jump!”
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moonstrider9904 · 2 days ago
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I need to ask before I'm alone, what it feels to rest on your patient lips
Crosshair in 1.15 Return to Kamino
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fulcrum-7567 · 2 days ago
Wrecker: Here’s a fun Christmas idea. We hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to FIGHT whoever else is under it.
Hunter: Wrecker, no.
Crosshair: Mistlefoe.
Hunter: Please don’t encourage him.
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99perfectly-imperfect99 · 2 days ago
Crosshair talking about being left behind and I'm sitting over here like, "You know how many times my mama left me behind at walmart cause she forgot I was with her? Get on the damn Marauder with your brothers and sister and sit yo happy ass down. I swear to God."
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ethiobirds · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
after training 🏋️‍♂️
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hellscapenerd · a day ago
Do any other writers get absolutely floored when other writers follow them/follow them back???
I’ll be sitting down and get a notification that one for my favorite writers followed be back and I’m just like-
You acknowledged my existence???
Oh gods I need to run away-
But thankyouiloveyouallverymuch-
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thegreatmachine17 · a day ago
Bad Batch Music Headcanons
AKA I'm bored and thinking about The Bad Batch.
Kinda boring tbh. A lot of purely instrumental music, but only the highest quality recordings because he can hear every flaw.
Depends on his mood. Neutral, ambient stuff to help him focus. Country music specifically when he wants to annoy the rest of the Batch. And sometimes he just needs to listen to something emotional and cathartic. The last one is always in private, behind locked doors if he can. Hunter still hears it but is smart enough not to say anything.
The louder the better. Partially because of hearing loss probably, since he works with explosives. You know that tiktok with guy saying how his neighbors are always listening to really loud drum and bass, whether they like it or not? That's wrecker.
Pop hits from several years ago. Fives would always listen to really cheesy pop music and it ended up rubbing off on Echo. A song by the star wars equivalent of Justin Bieber came on the radio once and Echo got really emotional because "Fives loved this song!"
Don't ever let him pick the music because he will play some cursed mashup he made at 3am when he couldn't sleep. Have you ever heard Sugar were goin down kung fu fighting? Or Supermassive Nation Army? That's the sort of stuff Tech plays.
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