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hi again!
I just read the both 'stories' you mentioned.
They are both really good. You are very talented in writing!
Well, I guess it would be really interesting to have a story like that with hunter or echo.
(I think cross would also be a interesting one for this although I'm not sure if he would be so understanding if you know what I mean haha.)
Oh, I also wanted to mention that I'm very grateful that are people out there who write hurt/comfort about topics like that. I actually think there are a lot of people who need stuff like that as a coping thing or smth.
So thank you very much for giving me (and others) comfort in your stories!
First of all: Thank you so much! I'm very happy to hear this! It's uplifiting to know that there are poeple who enjoy my writing and the cherry on top is for me to hear that some of what I wrote, actually helped them feel better!
Now Sometimes I do like a Challenge and I think a similar scenario with Crosshair, probably is a challenge. Hope you don't mind I picked him :)
Crosshair x GN reader Hurt/Comfort
Tumblr media
Warning: Hurt/Tension/Angst under the cut! (But Comfort too ;) )
Be Your Own Best Friend
Tumblr media
You felt rushed and breathless, yet you hadn't done anything physically strenuous. Actually, tonight should have been a nice evening, in a small circle with a few close friends in a bar. But so much had gone wrong in the last few days. Financially, family-wise some things were hanging crooked, very crooked. You knew that stress could be felt physically, but still you were surprised how violently your body reacted to it by now.
While your colleagues were laughing happily and having a few drinks, the room suddenly started spinning, and you hadn't had any alcohol yet. Startled, you excused yourself and went to the toilets, but then you saw the back exit and stepped out into the open. A side alley, dark and relatively quiet for such a busy area.
You thought a few breaths of fresh air might help. It did, at least you weren't dizzy anymore, but it didn't make you feel any better. After a while, you wanted to go back inside, but to your annoyance, you found that the door wouldn't open from the outside.
"Great," you murmured irritated and wanted to turn around to go back to the front entrance, but you remained rooted to the spot.
A strange man suddenly stood in the half-darkness of the side alley quite close to you.
Crosshair was leaning against a house wall in the same alley you were in. He had bought special ammunition at a backyard dealer, that he was still standing here when you came out of the back entrance of the bar, was rather a coincidence. Actually he had nothing more to do here, but something had moved him to watch you.
The way you staggered out of the door, at first he thought you were drunk and might have hit the wrong door. But he watched you a little more closely. Your chest was rising and falling violently and heavily, you were leaning against the wall, your knees seemed to be shaking. He had seen something like that before, it looked more like a panic attack than drunkenness.
Nothing that concerned him and he told himself he didn't care, but silently he wondered what would put someone like you in such a situation.
Then another person appeared, behind you, when you were distracted. He frowned. This person's movements made him bright-eyed; he was good at evaluating people, sometimes just by their posture or movement, and he knew that one was a predator.
None of my business, he thought. It's not my problem.
Crosshair saw you turn around and freeze in your movement, terrified. That look on your face, terror, fear, uncertainty, he chose to ignore it, he wasn't responsible for you.
The stranger took another step toward you.
Crosshair growled, "Oh for crying out loud," and approached the scene.
Tumblr media
What are you doing here all alone, in a back alley in the middle of the night?"
The voice sounded insincere, feigned friendliness, and all the alarm sirens inside you rang. You stood rooted to the spot, your voice stuck in your throat. That's all you needed on top of everything else.
Before you could even say anything, however, another voice rose from the darkness of the back alley.
"Get lost, leave them alone".
The voice sounded raspy, somber.
The man standing right in front of you turned around, trying to make out something. Slowly, another figure stepped into the sparse light of the back exit's exterior illumination. A man, human, tall, 6.4 you estimated. He was chewing on a toothpick, a crosshair tattooed around his right eye. He wore full gear you couldn't place, black and red, on his shoulder a skull and the number 99. On his back was a sniper rifle, in his right hand he deftly spun a vibro knife, so nimble and skilled that you stared at his fingers for a long moment, fascinated.
You didn't know who he was or why he wanted to help you, or whether he just wanted to get rid of the guy because he had it in for you himself. At the moment you just stood there, feeling helpless.
The stranger who was so close to you didn't seem to want to mess with the sniper, after a short hesitation, he pulled back and you were still standing there, rooted to the spot.
Silence reigned for quite a while, then the Sniper asked, almost in disgust, "Are you okay?"
You felt tears running down your cheeks, you hadn't noticed it before. This tense situation had been just the tip of the iceberg of your week, apparently just too much for you. You felt yourself shaking and slowly lowered yourself to the floor.
"No," you answered so quietly that he almost didn't hear.
He sighed softly, squatted down in front of you with some courtesy distance and asked, "Why?"
You shrugged.
"Been a rough week," you replied, vaguely.
"Hmm" he growled "I can't say much about that, honestly I don't care much either, just intervened because I don't like scum like that. You shouldn't be standing out here alone"
You blinked, wiped away a few tears and sniffed your nose.
"Thanks for your help" you said looking him in the eye for a moment, but couldn't withstand his serious look for long and dodged it again.
"It's okay," he grumbled, getting up and about to leave, but stopped again after a few steps.
He sighed annoyed, of what you didn't really know, but the Sniper turned back to you and said. "Come on, I'll take you home, you can't sit here, the guy will be back as soon as I leave".
You stood up and said, "Maybe I should tell my friends".
"You've been out here for over an hour, no one's come looking for you yet, you really think that matters?" he growled.
You swallowed, feeling a twinge. He was right, there was no missed call or text message on your com either.
"I guess it's enough if I text them when I get home," you said very quietly.
He felt bad about reminding you of your thoughtless friends.
"What's your name?", he asked to change the subject.
The question was not unusual, yet you were surprised.
"Y/N, and yours?"
You smiled and said, "A very appropriate name I think."
"You have no idea how approriate" he said smoothly.
"How much?" you probed.
He scratched the back of his head and asked, "Do you want to see it before I take you home? If you live toward the center of town, though, we'd have to take a detour."
You thought for a moment, having no idea if you should trust him, but on impulse you said "No problem" as if some part of you suspected that you needed his company and maybe he needed yours.
Tumblr media
Crosshair led you to a field outside of town and set up a few bottles, even letting you throw some of them and hit them in mid-flight. You were intrigued and excited, setting him other challenges, smaller targets, longer distance, or throwing several bottles at once.
He hit every time, without exception. For sure the best sniper you've ever seen.
"Okay," you said with a wide, impressed smile, "you really earned that name".
A small smirk showed on his narrow, serious mouth.
Your gaze wandered upward and you saw a clear starry sky.
"It's beautiful here"
"Mmhm," he hummed in agreement.
"In the city you can't see the stars at all".
Crosshair said quietly, "Too much artificial light".
You sighed and looked towards the city. You didn't feel like going back at all.
As if he read your mind he said, "We don't have to go back yet if you don't want to. I don't have anything else to do today, so, I could spare some more time".
The smile you showed him made him feel strangely warm.
"That's very kind of you, thank you. I'd really like to stay a little longer."
He beckoned you over to him, on a huge bale of stork that stood in the middle of the field. He reached out a hand and helped you up and sat down next to you. You could hear crickets, a whole army of them somewhere out in the field. Not too far, a river was babbling along. It was so peaceful here.
"Where do all these bottles come from anyway?" you asked curiously.
" I come here more often, I collect the bottles for practice, we just used up about half a month's supply," he chuckled.
"Oh, sorry."
Crosshair waved it off.
"Never mind"
After a while of silence you heard him ask, "Why did you have a panic attack earlier at the bar?"
Startled, you blinked, not quite knowing what to say.
"Well, a rough week, like I said. I'm drained, and as you've noticed, I'm not exactly being taken care of."
You shrugged your shoulders and said, "I'm tired".
"Do you want to go home?"
"No, I meant a different kind of tired" you quietly returned.
He raised his eyebrows, "Oh, I see."
He sighed then he said almost softly, "Sometimes you need to be your own best friend and just take care of yourself, do something good for yourself, anything, it doesn't even have to cost money, it can just be something like.... well, a moment like this, peace, the starry sky above you, fresh air in your lungs.... good company. Life throws shit at you again and again, that's why it's important to take care of yourself. Treat yourself good, you are worth it"
You smiled and leaned back into a lying position, so you had a wonderful view of the stars. Crosshair did the same and when you reached for his hand on impulse, you were surprised when he gently intertwined his fingers with yours. He didn't say a word about the touch or the fact that you were holding hands under the stars.
"Right now," you said dreamily, "things don't look so bad anymore."
"Good", he said quietly and gently squeezed your hand "I like that attitude much better".
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A little image for the latest chapter of my TBB fanfiction: Forgotten Lullabies.
I know, the shading isn't that great, nor is the drawing as a whole, but I suck at digital art, LOL! ^-^'
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they peeking 👀
[please reblog if you like it]
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Cross and Tech are the siblings who give eachother the most shit let's be real
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Warrior Cats x The Bad Batch??? Why not.
[Please do not steal, trace, repost, or do anything with my work.]
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some beard batch sketches 
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sniper appreciation post 🔥
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Rex: That sounds like a terrible plan. The Bad Batch: Oh, we've had worse.
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The Bad Batch Unpopular Opinion/Hot Take
Crosshair would be actually pretty touchy with his partner. Yes, even in front of others (or at least the Batch).
Pulling them into his lap while discussing some mission with the Team & completely not acknowledging it
They stare for a sec but what they gonna do? Moving on
Holding them close while in the market to get supplies (handholding, arm over shoulder, etc.)
Crosshair is absolutely the guy to do the one arm on doorway leaning thing
And his partner would be trapped between him and the doorframe more often than not
Hugs from behind (by either him or his partner) when the other one is listening to something Tech is explaining
He loves leaning his head on their shoulder when tired
Or nuzzling his face in the crook of their neck, while hugging from behind
Kisses are more of a private thing tho
There will be some small ones as a gesture but it’s rare outside the closed doors
And he still doesn’t particularly talk much
but there is way more touching (in my opinion) than most people write him with
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Crosshair - My Beloved Enemy 32 – Dying Hope
Tumblr media
Crosshair x Female!Reader (FF)
Warning: Angst/Tension
After what feels like an eternity, Rex and Hunter finally find a way to free their brothers. But something is wrong, you can feel it, the task seems too easy.
What Happened Before:
Part 1 - Crash Landing
Part 2 - Hot And Cold
Part 3 - Hello Kitten
Part 4 - Look Who’s Back
Part 5 - Rebel Darling
Part 6 - Burning Anger
Part 7 - Love And Pain
Part 8 - A Difficult Reunion
Part 9 - The Bitter Taste Of Blood And Failure
Part 10 - Where The Dead Ships Dwell
Part 11 - A Lonely Firefly In Space
Part 12 - Broken Wings
Part 13 - A Helping Hand
Part 14 - The Justifier
Part 15 - The Bounty
Part 16 - Trapped
Part 17 - I Love You Too
Part 18 - When The Past Catches Up With Us
Part 19 - I’ve Never Been Good At Goodbyes
Part 20 - Unexpected
Part 21 - The Question
Part 22 - Sleepless Nights
Part 23 - Sleepyheads And Making Up
Part 24 - Crosshair’s Conclusion
Part 25 - Good Soldiers Follow Orders
Part 26 - I’m Sorry Kitten
Part 27 - Bracca
Part 28 -Rampart
Part 29 - It’s All Tactics
Part 30 - CT 6116
Part 31 - Of Wolves And Sheep
Part 32 - Dying Hope
Tumblr media
The days passed and the uncertainty was unbearable. Rex had a plan, but to carry it out you had to wait for a specific moment, when Crosshair, Echo and Tech would be shuttled to Kessel. Rex's informant, Kix presumably, because they still remained anonymous in their contact, told about the transfer of the three to Kessel. It was this shuttle that Rex wanted to intercept.
"Why in a shuttle? Why isn't the destroyer or a cruiser flying?" you asked critically.
Rex said somberly, "Apparently the three aren't such particularly important prisoners after all. Maybe something else more urgent came up and Rampart had to set other priorities."
Hunter, standing behind you, reached for your shoulder.
"Probably our only opportunity to get them back."
Wrecker frowned and growled "What if that's what they want us to think? Honestly looks like a trap to me"
Everyone looked at the giant and you said, "I didn't want to say it, but that's the thought that's bothering me. I want the boys back, pretty much at any cost, but if I lose you guys in the process too then-"
"You won't," Rex assured "Whatever comes, we'll adapt."
Wolffe growled "We won't be taken by surprise that easily".
Just thinking about what lay or could lie ahead made your heart beat faster with anticipation.
"Tomorrow the transfer is to take place, so let's get ready" Hunter said seriously "I want my brothers back" with a wry smile he added "Even Crosshair"
Tumblr media
In a space nebula, just outside Kessel, you lay in wait, hidden, with the Marauder and a second, smaller shuttle, the Sneaker.
Each second that passed seemed to you like an eternity. You ran up and down in the Marauder, which was currently being piloted by Wolffe. Rex, Hunter and Wrecker, were in the Sneaker. The plan was to disable the Empire's transport shuttle with the Marauder and then board it with the Sneaker.
It sounded doable, plausible, but the implementation worried you, because you were the Gunner and had to hit the transport shuttle's thrusters just right so that she was disabled but not destroyed.
You sat down in the Gunner's cockpit and took a deep breath.
"All clear back there?" you heard Wolffe call from the cockpit.
"Yeah, we're good," you returned, as convincingly as you could.
"You'll be fine, little lamb," grumbled the former clone commander "You've done this sort of thing before, a number of times from what I hear, this is no different."
"I know, I told you, all right, I can handle it" you said, trying to convince not only him but yourself with the words.
Silence reigned for a while, then suddenly you heard him ask, "Are you scared?"
You thought for a moment before answering honestly, " For Crosshair, Tech and Echo most of all, yes"
"No, I meant in general"
"No, my concern for those three outweighs anything else, at least for now".
Again there was silence for a while and again it was Wolffe who broke the silence.
"You love this Crosshair very much don't you?"
The question took you by surprise.
"Yes, more than anything"
"Hmm", he growled "Must be nice to have something like that".
"It is indeed" you said with a small smile that he couldn't see in the cockpit of course "Even if you worry about the other all the time, but I guess that's part of it"
The next time Wolffe broke the silence, it was to tell you to be ready.
" Be ready to go any moment, when the shuttle comes out of hyperspace you need to be ready, shut down the thrusters as soon as possible, if they try to escape we'll follow them, I'll get you in position if the angle changes. Okay?"
"Okay," you said with your heart pounding.
"Deep breaths soldier, we can do this."
You blinked in surprise, Wolffe had fallen back into old patterns out of force of habit, but that was okay, as long as he did what was necessary he might as well call you Rex.
"Copy that, sir!" you returned adjusting.
From the moment Wolffe yelled from the cockpit, "Here we go," everything happened very quickly, the adrenaline shooting into your system so fast and sharpening your senses that the process almost happened by itself. Every muscle fiber was on alert, ready to act.
The shuttle had appeared out of nowhere, jumping straight out of hyperspace, not far from you.
"Don't fire until we're out of the nebula, the gas in the nebula is very flammable".
"Got it"
Your heart was racing, but you were fully focused, your hands on the trigger. Hastily you locked on to the thrusters, remembering how Tech had told you some time ago exactly where to aim, pretty much in the center.
As the Marauder left the nebular, you aimed and fired. Your heart seemed to stop at the same moment, your breath caught in your throat. A split second seemed to stretch into eternity, then finally, the shot hit. Direct hit!
The shuttle's engines died and the shuttle hovered in front of you, unable to maneuver. You jumped out of the gunner's seat and ran into the cockpit.
"See, told you you could do it, little sheep," he grumbled with a wry smile.
You grinned at him, still full of adrenaline but also relief and tension at the same time.
"You were right, it was just like the times before".
Wolffe nodded, "Mmm, that's what I'm saying."
Wolffe had turned the Marauder so you could better observe what was happening. Your eyes were glued to what was happening with the shuttle, while Wolffe's eyes kept darting to the radar.
You could see the Sneaker docking with the Imperial transport shuttle. It took a very few minutes that seemed like another eternity for the Sneaker to detach from the shuttle.
Suddenly, the comm beeped. As Wolffe opened the channel, Hunter literally bellowed from the speaker, "IT'S A DECOY, A TRAP, PREPARE FOR HYPERSPACE IMMEDIATELY!"
The next few things happened quickly and also decelerated at the same time. The radar sounded proximity alarms. Behind you, out of the nebula, emerged a cruiser that, viewed through the cockpit window, seemed much larger than it actually was.
A huge piece of metal, armed to the teeth.
A jolt went through the Marauder as it was caught in a tractor beam.
"Sneaker get out of there, you can't help us!" barked Wolffe through the comm.
"We'll come back and get you all out of there," Hunter promised before the Sneaker disappeared into hyperspace.
"I knew this was a trap," you whispered angrily, but the anger was directed at yourself for allowing a part of you to believe in an unlikely success and now be disappointed beyond measure.
Wolffe said, perfectly calmly, "It was worth a try."
You said dryly and humorlessly, "You think so? Tell me again when you have been interrogated and tortured".
Wolffe looked at you reprovingly: "Don't lose your nerve now, little sheep, not everything is lost yet".
You wanted to believe him, you really did. But the closer the Marauder came to the Cruiser as it was pulled towards it, the lower your courage sank.
Wolffe's hand landed heavily on your shoulder and he said, "Don't give up. Crosshair certainly wouldn't want you to give up."
Tumblr media
@ladykatakuri @inthemoshpitt
This probably feels like a filler and it kind of is, 'cause I need some time to prepare what's coming next...
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spilledkauffie · 2 months ago
Dating Them — The Bad Batch Edition
Individually x Female!Reader || fluffy ☁️
hi, this has been my latest comfort & binge again, so I'm here to make it all your problem as well. I still have a lot coming with other characters, I promise!
↳ m a i n m a s t e r l i s t
Tumblr media
H U N T E R ↴
Tumblr media
He’s a little embarrassed about how it started — according to him it was just pure instinct, he knew he needed to be with you. His senses went crazy the moment he saw you, there was an instant attraction, a strong desire to keep you safe, and a feeling of security just by being around you, etc. He tried to shake it at first, thinking it was something else that must’ve interfered or been in the room causing his sense to go off in such an odd way. But he just got more and more confused when it happened in every single location you met him in, the hallway, the barracks, the ship, the hangar, literally anywhere and everywhere you were it happened. The more he thought about it, he realised it was a different kind of instinct than what he was used to. He faced the facts pretty quickly and tried to come up with a plan asked you out to try and keep you closer to him. He tried his very best to explain it to you, which made you laugh at the fact that he felt he needed to justify everything when you very easily would’ve said yes without any additional information.
Nicknames — you absolutely take advantage of the fact that his name shortened is “Hun” and you call him by it constantly, both in moments of affection and in normal situations. It’s actually more rare for you to call him by his full name, but when you do he loves it, that’s usually when he knows you’re serious about something or you’re trying to be intimate, he can tell by the tone in your voice when you say his name; it’s like you save it as a special privilege. // As for him, he calls you “honey” all the time and in the sweetest voice possible. In more private situations he calls you “beloved,” but that’s strictly between the two of you, no one else has ever heard him call you that.
Introducing you to the boys — Hunter is very open and honest about his relationship with you; it’s hard to know him and not know the boys at least a little bit so you know them from a distance. But once you’re in a relationship with Hunter, they basically treat you like family and really sweetly welcome you in. Hunter doesn’t hesitate to introduce you to the boys, but he does have a little talk about behaviour beforehand. If you’re important to Hunter, you’re important to them and that makes you feel so special and loved. Tech takes the most interest in asking you questions about yourself, and Wrecker treats you like a sister.
He’s a fast learner — in the process of dating you, he’s a very fast learner when it comes to figuring out what you like and don’t like. Admittedly, some of it is trial and error, but a lot of it comes from what he picks up from you, sometimes in obvious ways, other times in more subtle ways. He always commits to memory when you mention your favourites, no matter what. He once was on his way to you with some flowers he got off-world but overheard you in a conversation you were in the middle of before he tapped your shoulder say that you liked a different kind better and he not-so-subtly ditched the flowers before you turned around.
↳ that being said, he also learns quickly when it comes to romance and your preferences. He knows how you like to be held, hugged, and kisses, and he doesn't forget it, which means it's pretty perfect just about every time. He's far more romantic than he leads you on to believe, leading to surprises.
Kisses — they vary, he’s a big fan of kissing the top of your head, especially when you’re stressed. Likewise, when he returns from a mission, he wraps you up in a tight hug and places a lingering kiss to the top of your head, closing his eyes and breathing in your scent which he’s missed. He also tends to give you a deep, but tender, kiss, pulling away after a moment, waiting to see if you follow for more or pull back yourself. He always waits to see which mood you’re in first before going any further.
Scents — Hunter has heightened senses in more than one way, so when it comes to you, he really enjoys your scent, which you never thought about before. At first, you were pretty insecure about it, worried that it wasn’t pretty enough. Hunter can also tell when something of his smells like you, even when it’s not obvious to others, thanks to his enhancement, which means a lot of his stuff winds up smelling like you.
Cuddles — Hunter is a marvellous cuddler, sometimes he lets you cuddle and cradle him other times he’s the one cuddling and cradling you. The openness is something you appreciate about him. He 100% knows how to get his way when he cuddles you though, it’ll be very handsy and very sorry and warm. He also likes staying in comforting and snuggly postions with you, it’s not just a brief hug and done, he’ll literally keep you in his arms for an hour or more. // one time he was exhausted and invited you to the barracks for a quick snuggle while the other boys were out. You laid down and let him wrap his arms around you, resting his head on your chest, hips between your legs. You began to comb through his hair, even taking his bandana off (you’re the only person allowed to do that!) and stroking down his neck to calm him. It was so soothing that you both wound up dozing off; the others came back in to find the two of you asleep. “You know, they’re pretty cute!” Wrecker announces with a smile, to which Tech and Echo turn on their heels, each holding up a finger while shushing him.
You in red — Hunter 100% has a kink thing for you in red. That can mean red lipstick or it can mean red clothes, really anything with the colour. It flusters him the first time he sees you in red because he never realised how much he liked it, he had no idea until he met you that it was even a thing he liked. // He tries to play it cool and not be obvious about it the first time: he was walking over to you with Crosshair, Hunter was trying by to settle a debate with you being the tie breaker for the boys. When he said your name to get your attention he planned on just continuing to talk, but when you faced him with red lipstick on he was speechless.
E C H O ↴
Tumblr media
How it starts — Echo was a tough one for you to figure out. You instantly had feelings for him, but you weren’t sure if he felt the same way. In reality, Echo had pretty quick feelings for you too, but he was insecure about them and himself to show them. He shies away from a lot because he can’t imagine that you’d actually be attracted to him and he doesn’t want to ruin your friendship over a dream. That’s where there’s a disconnect. When you accidentally touch hands while working on something together, you hope the touch will linger, but Echo pulls away, feeling embarrassed that he accidentally touched you. He gets nervous around you and sometimes finds excuses to leave early or claims he’s busy. It’s actually by a mutual friend (probably Hunter or Tech) that he finds out you like him. Immediately he heads out to find you. When he abruptly enters the workspace you two frequently share, you look up; there’s a pause while Echo finds his nerve to tell you how he feels, and even when he does, he concludes it with an apology, “I didn’t mean to come across as cold, I just wasn’t sure if someone could have those kinds of feelings for me, considering… the way I am.”
Nicknames — you generally call him by his full name, as you love it, but it a more intimate, affectionate, or tender situation you frequent “sweetheart.” Whenever you’re comforting him it’s almost always “Echo, sweetheart” when you address him. // As for him, he refers to you a lot as “darling” or “love.” It feels really classy when he addresses you more tenderly, it always makes you feel like some kind of princess, even if he’s just asking you a simple question, or telling you he missed you while he was off-planet.
Introducing you to the boys — the others 100% knew the two of you liked each other and it was such a slow burn that they got to know you well before you were officially dating Echo, in fact, they often tried to push the two of you together to speed things up. Hence, you’re actually already friends with the boys beforehand. Something nice is that they don’t treat you any different when you become official, they treat you like the friend that you are to them and in fact, you owe it a little to them for finally helping Echo realise your emotions in your actions. They couldn’t be happier for the two of you.
Touch — it’s a huge thing for Echo, feeling your skin is a major comfort to him, he loves that he can still feel your warmth against him, at least parts of him. So, he’s a very big fan of holding your hand whether you’re sitting together, walking together, whatever, wherever. You tend to show a lot of PDA (nothing excessive, but you're usually very close and leave an opportunity him to easily be able to reach your skin, like leaving your hand in the open instead of clasped together. It's keeping the invitation open any time he needs it). // You have a habit of just stroking your fingers against his skin without even thinking about it, but it means the world to him, especially when he has his head in your lap and you trace your fingers in patterns around the implanted ports. He loves that you’re not scared by his altered appearance and all the things that come with it.
↳ it took time to convince him that you really didn't mind if his skin was a little colder, or that he had metal scattered across his body. "I just, I'm not- if it's- cause I'm-" he started, pacing in front of you the first time you were going to cuddle, feeling nervous about taking any clothes off in front of you. / "Echo," you say gently through a soft laugh, "I promise, I won't think anything of it, you're beautiful to me as you are, I just want to be able to feel you," you blink up at him with a tender smile, "we'll do this on your terms, okay?" / Echo took a deep breath, having never been talked to like that before, "okay," he nods, smiling and agreeing.
Kisses — he literally kisses you all over, obviously it depends on time and place, but Echo just loves the feeling of your skin, so he’ll kiss your hand, shoulder, cheek, lips, etc. He’s a pretty big fan of giving your temples a kiss, as well as the top of your hands. You actually had to make the first move to kiss him on the lips though. He feels a little cold, but to him you’re so warm, which makes for a very unique experience for the both of you and it instantly sends shivers across both your skin, you didn’t want to pull apart because it was like nothing you’d ever experienced before. You have to pause a moment afterward, catching your breath and looking at each other, until Echo asks, “was…that…alright? For you?” He shyly winces. “That was…wonderful,” you say in a sigh and smile.
Modifications — Echo has to keep up on the mechanical side of him, but sometimes it can be difficult when he can’t reach a surcuit or a port (like the ones down his spine). You only found out about these when you accidentally walked in on him trying to reach one, it was hard not to laugh at the contorted position he was struggling in, but you instantly offered to help where you could. “I dont- I mean if you don’t want to-“ he stutters, a surprising blush rising. “I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to,” you state, sitting down next to him, waiting for instruction, "these hands are all yours," you smile, fanning your fingers, making Echo smile. // Echo really needs assurance sometimes and it’s in the little things like accepting his uniqueness.
C R O S S H A I R ↴
Tumblr media
How it starts — you definitely started having a crush on him from a distance first, on occasion you’ll try and say hi when passing in the hallway, but usually, it’s too fast for him to actually respond, so he just watches you after you pass by for a few seconds. How you actually started talking was one time in the cafeteria, you came up to the table he was at with the others and stood by him. At first, he didn’t bother to look up, but when you lingered a little, he sighed, and slowly looked you over until he met your gaze softly look at him. With just one look you could tell he was asking ‘what?’ // “I saw you in the simulated shooting range earlier,” you began with a friendly smile. / “And?” he asks, wondering who sent you and what the message was. / “I just wanted to say I thought you were brilliant,” you bounce up on your toes for emphasis, before smiling again and looking to the others, “if he’s anything to go by, you all must truly be sensational.” With that, you walked away. They were all left speechless in the moment, but absolutely teased him once they got back to the barracks about ‘having a girlfriend.’
↳ a few days later, when you were walking down a hallway, you were pulled aside abruptly by the arm, it was Crosshair, the proximity between the two of you was shallow, as he remained holding onto your arm. “I didn’t see you in the range earlier,” he perked an eyebrow. / “And?” You try back at him, but can’t help a sudden shyness, being the toughie style wasn’t you, “Well, I highly doubt that you missed-” / “A shot? No,” he admits, with ease, “you on the other hand….”
Nicknames — you shorten his name, with “Cross” on occasion, but you also call him affectionate nicknames like “love,” “babe” or simply “handsome,” nothing too cutesy, knowing he wouldn’t like that.  // As for him, his number one go-to for you is “dearest” or “my dearest.” On very intimate occasions (aka, when you’re truly alone) he’ll call you “angel.”
Introducing you to the boys — even though they teased him for a while after your first interaction, that eventually toned down. Ironically, you and Crosshair became more of an item, it was just kept a total secret from literally anyone. Sometimes Wrecker brings up the teasing when he catches Crosshair looking at you for a long time from across the room, but they really have no idea of just how serious the two of you have actually become. You and Crosshair managed to keep it undercover until one little slip-up. // You were hanging out with Crosshair in their shared barracks while the others were out, when they came back. Finding you sitting super close to Crosshair while he made some modifications to his gun, they began to get suspicious. You simply said hi to them, and they waved, quickly acting like they were preoccupied and not looking at the two of you. Seeing it as an opportunity, you placed a kiss on Crosshair’s cheek saying “I’ll see you later,” thinking no one had seen. When you left the room, however, Crosshair sighed, looking up to see the rest of the boys staring at him with different expressions ranging from shock to borderline laughing. It was silent a few moments before Wrecker broke the silence with “Crosshair has a girlfriend!”
Teaching you how to shoot — after you’ve been dating for a while, he lets you check out his gear. You’re absolutely mesmerised by his 773 Firepuncher sniper rifle, so he asks if you want to shoot it. At first you don’t think he was being serious, but when he simply stares at you patiently, you blush and admit that you never learned how to shoot. // “Ah, all the more fun for me,” he smirks to himself, grabbing a few things and nodding for you to follow him. / “Are you sure we should be here this late?” you ask as he leads to to the shooting range. / “Of course,” he scans a card that unlocks the door, “I’m encouraged to practice after hours.” / “Really? Why?” you watch him open the door for you. / “So I don’t discourage the others,” he smirks, tilting his head for you to walk in.
↳ once he sets everything up and has you in your lane, he helps prep you. // “Elbows relaxed,” he brings your arms down, “core strong,” his hand slips around your frame,softly pressing against you, only causing you to lean further against him, “finger at the ready,” his caresses your hand from the opposite side, helping to steady it, “deep breath,” he whispers, cheek nearly touching yours, “and exhale,” you follow his instruction, but hear a soft chuckle, “eyes on your actual target,” he says through another smirk, to which you blush quickly, redirecting your eyes off him and back through the scope; his hand glides down from your stomach to your hip, keeping you in position; “whenever you’re ready,” he says. When you shoot, you momentarily close your eyes, but find that you did manage to hit the target and pretty close to center. “I did it!” You smile, turning to face him quickly with excitement, he’s much closer than you realised, which causes you to take a sharp inhale and simply stare. “Would you like to try again?” he slowly pushes a strand of hair that fell in your face out of the way, “this time, don’t close your eyes,” he drops a finger under your chin, causing you to look up, “it’s better when you don’t.”
Cuddles with intention — Crosshair is not a huge fan of PDA nor dishing out a lot of physical touch in general. However, he’ll completely let you if you so choose; he will never push you off if you wrap your arms around his, or if you decide to cuddle up next to him. Having someone who understands his comfortability with time and place is really important to him, but he actually loves when you give physical attention, he just won’t say it. / SO, when he decides to get physical with you on his own, it’s definitely for something more.
Kisses — neck kisses are his favourite to give you, even in public, he'll walk past you and manage to subtly sneak a kiss to your neck, which causes you to straighten up and then look for the culprit; he's already passed you, but looks back to give you a wink, making you blush heavily. // He almost always greets you when you're alone with a kiss to the neck, whether from behind (in which he slips a hand against the side of your neck) or from the front, where he dips to kiss your neck and sometimes work his way up. // When you go in for a kiss, you are going to instantly be met with a much more passionate kiss than anticipated, he's go big or go home, so it's a bit of a shock how intense it is when you're just going in for a little kiss.
W R E C K E R ↴
Tumblr media
How it starts — Wrecker is not one for subtly, therefore when he first saw you he didn’t try to hide a “whoaaaa!” He got a little speechless around you at first, mostly because he was nervous. That is until he found his voice again, in which it was a series of compliments, and he constantly asks if he can help you with anything. If you try and pick something up, he’s on it. If he sees you in the hallway carrying something, he immediately steps in to help, plus then he can accompany you on your walk to wherever you were headed. After a few of these cases, you’re actually the one who asks if he likes you, Wrecker sighs and says “oh man, am I being too obvious?” thinking that you’re asking because you’re going to let him down. “I’m so glad you are,” you giggle and wait for it to click. Once it does, you see his face light up, “oh! Well, I’ll try to be even more obvious then, because yes, I do like you!” The rest is history.
Nicknames — your number one go-to for Wrecker is simply ‘babe,’ short and sweet, but he really doesn’t mind what you call him, he’s down with just about anything that you decide to come up with. // As for him, Wrecker has a lot of nicknames for you. He’s the kind of guy who just blurts out what he’s thinking, so when he’s surprised to see you it’s “hey pretty lady!!” Other times it’s “my best girl!” or simply "beautiful." He has so many it’s impossible to name them all, but every time you hear them you have to smile because even if you’re not facing him, you hear him and instantly know he’s addressing you.
Introducing you to the boys — Wrecker is obvious, therefore they are already very well aware that he likes you, just as you are. He also absolutely tells them about you and how much he likes you and hopes that you like him back. He feels a little worried that you won’t, but they try and be as supportive as they can be. Once it’s official Wrecker doesn’t hesitate to introduce you to the boys, with some serious enthusiasm. They’re very happy to finally meet you since they’ve been hearing a lot about you, seeing as he gushed over you constantly to them.
Wrecker always manhandles you in the most gentle way possible — if you’re in the way of something, instead of just guiding you to “look out” he would rather pick you up instead, physically moving you out of the way, but not roughly, it’s all very gentle. It’s just one second you’re standing there, the next you’re in Wrecker’s arm being moved somewhere else. / Likewise, when he sees you again after a while, he’s going to pick you up and hug you, there’s no stopping it. You’ve gotten used to it, but sometimes he still surprises you; when you feel a strong arm come around your waist, you instantly dig your fingertips into his forearm, feeling your feet leave the ground, “I gotcha!” He reassures you, dipping to nuzzle against the top of your shoulder to let you know he’s there if you couldn’t tell already. Also, he is the best hugger you have ever known!
Kisses — Wrecker is surprisingly gentle, mostly because he knows his own strength, so if he came barreling in, you’d be knocked over in an instant, so even with kisses he’s super timid and gentle. Which makes it funny, because you’re less hesitant / restrained out of the two of you; you come in fast, and he’s totally prepared for it. Like when you find him on the landing platform, run over to him and jump up in his arms, he barely moves and is totally prepared for the smooch you’re about to give him. / Wrecker dips down to kiss your cheek a lot and it’s precious, people don’t expect him to be so soft, but with you he is.
Dinner & Snacks — Wrecker is a big fan of his food, so he always brings you snacks when you hang out together, he's made mental notes of what snacks you like best so you can both enjoy it the most. Although even if your favourite snack isn't his favourite he still opts to bring the one you like best, it takes you a while to figure out that he's literally been bringing it just for you. // One big thing he loves is dinner dates with you, no, they're not super fancy, usually it's something local on whatever planet you happen to be on, but it's so nice for Wrecker to have a significant other who enjoys grabbing a taste of the town.
T E C H ↴
Tumblr media
How it starts — he's extremely surprised by his own responses and emotions when he first meets you. In fact, he tries hard to rationalize and push aside the feelings, to begin with, because they’re new and unfamiliar, but he's never cold to you like a lot of guys act when they're trying to "hide/deny" their feelings. He's perfectly kind and civil to you, he's just trying to work it all out internally, yet it keeps getting stronger when he’s around you. He tries to observe if you have any odd behaviour habit when you’re one on one with him, but you know how to hide it better. He most certainly doesn't confront you about it until he's certain that it's not just an infatuation though. When he finishes taking time to decipher these new emotions, he confronts you about them; he explains the “symptoms” that occur whenever he’s around you and proceeds to conclude with “I can only determine that these are a cause and effect of my deep emotional regard for you and my personal physical attraction to you.”
Nicknames — his name is short enough that you frequent it, but you have been known to shorten it to just ‘T’ when talking to him or asking him for something. Otherwise, you call him, “Honey.” / He still refers to you by your name most of the time, just in a softer more affectionate way depending on the circumstance in which he’s addressing you. There was one time that a more cute nickname came from him and it just so happened to be in front of the other boys. It was while you were helping him with some repairs to the ship, but you happen to be outside the ship when he thought you were right next to him and simply called out, “would you hand that to me, my dove?” When you didn’t respond he looked back to find Wrecker, Hunter, and Echo staring at him, a few awkward moments passed before you entered the ship and asked what was going on, to which none of them wanted to explain.
Introducing you to the boys — he doesn’t see it as anything to hide, so he asks pretty quickly if you want to officially meet the rest of his team. It takes the boys by total surprise since Tech has never mentioned you in a more affectionate way. They assumed he liked being around you only because you were so helpful with the information he desired. But when he introduces you as his girlfriend, Wrecker nearly chokes on his drink, Echo’s jaw drops a little, Crosshair tries to hide a smile, and Hunter is left a bit speechless, but they’re all very sweet and inviting. Tech of course has no idea why they’re so shocked, all the evidence that he liked you was present, they just missed it.
Kisses — kisses you on the forehead all. the. time. When you help him figure something out, it’s a kiss to the forehead, when you greet him, he usually places a soft one on your forehead before or after he says ‘hello,’ when he gets back from a mission it’s a kiss on the forehead. Other times, you place a peck on his cheek, which always manages to surprise him and makes you giggle in response to his reaction. // What shocked you was one time when you were turning around to inform him of some information, he placed the biggest kiss you’ve ever had. It was warm, deep, intense, and everything you expected out of the perfect first kiss between the two of you, but you hardly expected it to actually live up to it! / Pulling back, Tech just looks over your expression, “well?” he asks casually. / You gape for words, “Tech…that was, wow!” was all you managed / “Oh good,” he lifts his shoulders happily, “judging from your response, it looks like all the research I did was correct information, I just wanted to see if the theories proved true.” / Dropping your jaw for a whole other reason now, you perked an eyebrow, “you did research on how to kiss?” / “Always best to go into something prepared, no?” He asks as if that was reasonable. / Shaking your head an trying not to smile, “you nerd,” you say under your breath.
Nerding out together — simply having someone to geek out with is a huge attraction to Tech; the fact that you don't mind when he rambles on about something fascinating both surprises him and warms his heart. In fact, when you show an equal amount of passion towards a topic he enjoys, he can't help but stare at you even after you've finished talking, a smile pulling at his lips. "What?" you ask, having not heard a reply, which was rare. / "N-nothing," Tech tries to shake himself out of it, just as confused as you are, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to stare, it's just. . . I've never known someone with such a passion for knowledge as myself." / "Oh," you blushed, squeezing your shoulders up as you smile, "I'll take that as a compliment." / "Please do," Tech said surprisingly quick, as his gaze stayed steady on you.
Learning to fly — when you figure out that Tech is the most frequent pilot for the Batch, you instantly take interest in learning how to fly. Omega and you constantly ask Tech questions, which he rather enjoys answering. However, he enjoys the alone time with you on the ship even more. Omega was a little frustrated at first when Tech told her that she couldn't come along while he was teaching you to fly, but when Hunter explained it was time for Tech to get to know you better, Omega completely understood, and definitely gave Tech a hard time about it. // When Tech returned to the barracks, Omega smirked, looking over to Wrecker who winked at her, "How'd it go?" she asks. / "Most beneficially," Tech replies. / "Sooo," Omega continues, "did you hold her hand?" / Tech stops, uncertain how to answer her question as his hands were on yours while he was showing you the steering, and perhaps they lingered there longer than usual.
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zoruui · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Assorted clone doodles from the past week or so LOL, feat. longer-haired Rex (gives off surfer dude vibes) and mohawk Tech (I MISS HIM)
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shadestepping · 2 months ago
Hello again, Shade here to ruin your Monday-
But I just accidentally noticed something about this scene specifically.
Tumblr media
Half of his face is anger, the other half is pain, but you can’t really tell unless you zoom in and split it right down the middle.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s literally fighting himself right in front of our faces.
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nahoney22 · a year ago
Tumblr media
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orionfrommars · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Crosshair boobas
[Please do not steal, trace, repost, or do anything with my work.]
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lorjukka · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i tried 🥲 are you guys sick of all the crosshairs yet?
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rainydaydream-gal18 · 11 days ago
How would the clones/bad batch, react if there S/O got injured but they can’t bath/wash themselves so they gotta help. Thank you. Love your work!!
Heyo! My blog is SFW, so this will just be a quick snippet without any funny business, which I take it you were aiming for anyway. Honestly, this is such a soft request 🥺
(Bad Batch) He Helps You Wash Up
Hunter: The Sergeant would of course offer help without question because he doesn't want you to feel anymore uncomfortable than you are with your injuries. Not to mention part of him feels guilty that you got hurt as bad as you did. Since you're injured, you settle for just using a washcloth and soap to wash yourself down rather than taking a full bath. Hunter handles you with care, gently scrubbing your back with the washcloth. He's quiet through most of it, mulling over how things could've gone differently as he lifts your hair to get the back of your neck. You'll find yourself reassuring him, and he'll lighten up a little bit.
Wrecker: Has no issue at all helping you at all. In fact, he feels bad that you got so hurt. Still, you assured him many times that it's the risk everyone in the squad takes. Wrecker would lighten the mood with some conversation or a few jokes to try and make you feel better as he gently scrubbed the difficult-to-reach spots on your back. He just wants you to know you're loved and that he'll take care of you.
Tech: He has no objections to you using a washcloth since there were some bandages that weren't supposed to get wet. Tech may not show it, but he's deeply concerned. He is methodical and thorough in the task of helping you get washed up, being that his way of coping is to help you any way he can. It gives him satisfaction to help you beyond the usual medic treatment. And you know he'll fill the silence with good conversation.
Echo: He comes to your aid without so much as a grumble, which is pretty good for him. He's quiet for a bit as he takes in the injuries while he works. You can feel his eyes focusing on the bandages and his heart sinking. Sensing where his train of thought is going, you may have to pull him out of it with conversation about other things, though at some point a reassurance wouldn't hurt.
Crosshair: He'd be beside himself if you got injured. His concern comes across as grumpiness and even anger. He might be angry at his squad or even you for putting yourself at risk. It's only heightened when he sees the extent of the wounds when running a washcloth over your back. Very quickly, though, he realizes that you need to be cared for at the moment. He puts aside his feelings and very tenderly continues the task, only uttering a few requests for you to turn your head or move your arm so he can better access other spots that needed it. By the time it's done, he's handling things a lot better. He has rewired his thinking process to help you get better.
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