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alistair-strange · 2 days ago
Y/N: I have a problem
Crosshair: Kill it
Y/N: Can you chill for like, two seconds?
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sithzuko · a day ago
omega: so tonight I was thinking we could stay up late playing chess and say all the things we like about each other!
kidnapper, crying: hunter already paid the ransom, please go home-
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moisesmyles · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Crosshair, you dramatic little bitch.
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sith-soka · 11 months ago
Imagine instead of Rex, Gregor, and Wolffe, it was Rex, the Bad Batch, and Omega.
Kanan: *sees Crosshair*
Kanan: Nope. I'm out.
Hunter: ...Commander Dume?
Ezra: Y'all know each other? Do you know Ahsoka Tano? She-
Echo: Commander Tano's here?
Kanan, on his comm: Hera, I hate it here.
Omega: Hera????
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fulcrum-7567 · 21 days ago
Echo: Must be hard not being able to laugh
Tech: I do have a sense of humor you know
Echo: I’ve never heard you laugh before
Tech: I’ve never heard you say anything funny
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thebaddestofbatches · 27 days ago
Tech: I heard that some idiot tried to fight the giant squid on Kamino.
Wrecker, covered in ink: Maybe that squid was being a dick
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here-comes-the-moose · 4 months ago
Echo, teaching Omega: Violence is never the answer.
Also Echo, the second someone tries to harm Omega or is mean to her: Violence is the question and the answer is yes.
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moonstrider9904 · 20 days ago
You: You're acting even more like a jerk these days.
Crosshair: I'm always a jerk, you just chose to spend more time with me.
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The Bad Batch Incorrect Canon Quotes
Hunter, covering Omega’s ears: Only those with a limited vocabulary use curse words. Right, Tech?
Tech clears his throat: You're an audacious, ideologically unsound, presumptuous motherfucker.
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Wrecker: If the opposite of “pro” is “con”
Omega: And the opposite of progress is congress
Wrecker: Then the opposite of constitution is-
Echo: Let me stop you right there.
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i-am-1142 · 3 months ago
Tech: Since Wrecker is really noticeable, we'll use him as droid bait
Hunter: Sounds like a good plan becu-
Tech: Echo, why are you crying?
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obes-kenobes-and-codes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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sithzuko · a year ago
kidnapper, on call with hunter: five thousand credits and we’ll give echo back to you
echo, offended: you think i’m only worth five thousand credits?
kidnapper: ...what?
echo, shouting: make it ten million!
hunter, on the other line: ECHO SHUT UP I SWEA-
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moisesmyles · 2 months ago
Echo: I’m a very mature person, I apologise when I’m wrong.
Fives: I've never heard you apologize
Echo: I am never wrong
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fulcrum-7567 · 13 days ago
Hunter: I know we don’t see eye to eye on some things-
Crosshair: that’s because you’re short
Hunter: ...
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thebaddestofbatches · 11 months ago
The Bad Batch Incorrect Quotes Pt. 6
Y/N: I told Crosshair his ears flush when he lies.
Hunter: Why?
Y/N: Watch.
Y/N: Hey Cross! Do you love us?
Crosshair, covering his ears: No.
. **(*)** .
Y/N, teaching Omega swears: Alright, what do we say when there’s an inconvenience?
Omega: Shit!
Y/N: And when we mess something up?
Omega: Kriff!
Y/N: Great, and what do we say when someone asks who taught you those words?
Omega: Crosshair did!
. **(*)** .
Tech: So what’s for dinner?
Y/N, staring at the food they just burnt: Regret.
. **(*)** .
*Playing Scrabble*
Hunter: I will play A to make a
Echo: I will add on to your A to make at
Wrecker: I’ll add an R to your at to make rat
Tech: I will add onto your rat to make biostratigraphic.
Crosshair: *flips the board*
. **(*)** .
Wrecker: I have an idea.
Hunter: No explosions.
Wrecker: I no longer have an idea.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Hunter, I’m going to the market, is there anything you want me to pick up while I’m out?
Hunter: My will to live.
Y/N: Well Omega’s with Wrecker right now, but I can get her later if you want.
. **(*)** .
Tech: Who hurt you?
Y/N: *snorting* What, do you want a list?
Tech: ...Yes, actually.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Fight me!
Hunter, standing behind them and holding a knife: *mouths* Do not.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Everything will be ok. You can not stop it.
Y/N: Everything will be fine. You have no choice.
Crosshair: What the fuck kind of pep talk is that?
Y/N: Ominous positivity.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Who's in charge here? Echo: Usually whoever yells the loudest.
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here-comes-the-moose · 5 months ago
Tech: Echo isn’t answering his comm.
Omega: I’ll try.
Hunter: We’ve all tried six times each. What makes you thi-
Echo, picking up after not even one ring: Hello? Omega? Are you hurt? Is everything alright?
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cyberfeather · 4 months ago
Wrecker: Honestly, I’m just so badass. So full of darkness. I feed off the souls of the clankers. I strike fear into-
Crosshair: You sleep with a stuffed tooka.
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haven-is-happy · 16 days ago
Wrecker: If you get sad, just go to sleep and you'll feel better in the morning
Hunter: I can't sleep
Crosshair: Die then
Tech: Wait is this why Echo is always asleep-
Echo, in the background: *snores*
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thatonemultifandomgirl · 10 months ago
*The squad right before hunter and Y/N’s wedding* crosshair: Well I have to go, I have a wedding to attend. omega: Wait... Oh! I have a wedding to attend too! echo : Oh, I have a wedding to attend as well wrecker: I THINK WE ALL HAVE WEDDINGS TO ATTEND tech, panicked: I THINK I HAVE A WEDDING TO OFFICIATE
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