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#the bad batch x reader
saradika · 15 days ago
I loved your hooking up headcanons!! if you take requests could you do the boys’ reactions to you walking in on them touching themself to you (pre-relationship)? no worries if not!
Hi Anon!! Thank you for this, what a great idea! I am so happy that you liked my headcanons, and I was so excited to get this ask! I hope you enjoy what I've thought up. 💕 (Sorry it took me a while, I just wanted to make this one good)
Tumblr media
Manual Override
The Bad Batch - NSFW Headcanons/Drabbles
The Bad Batch x F!Reader
Rating: E | 4.8k words
Doesn't anyone knock around here?
Tags: embarrassment, voyeurism, lots of male masturbation, mutual masturbation, oral sex, spitting, mutual pining, caught in the act, fighting as foreplay, some fluff and lots of ~feelings~✨
Hunter x F!Reader
If he knew this was how it was going to be when he agreed to train with you, he might have denied your request
It’s not that it was difficult, or that you weren’t good - objectively, you were a quick study and a great listener
And it’s not that he wasn’t used to being around you, you had been traveling with them for a while, and the two of you had become steady friends
He just hadn’t expected how sparring could turn so imitate so quickly and so… unexpectedly
His vode were, well - his vode, so this had never come up
But the two of you had been practicing hand-to-hand combat, taking turns knocking each other to the floor, hands wrapping around sticky limbs
It was hard to remember what was going on when he was straddling your waist, your hips bucking into his as he traps your wrists above your head
If he lowers his head just a few inches he could-
He shakes his head, his concentration broken long enough that you’re able to flip him onto his back, his body colliding heavily with the padded floor
His codpiece feels ready to crack in two with the strength of his erection right now, thank the gods he was wearing his armor
You call it quits after that, your hand enveloping his as you pull him to his feet
He can’t escape it, the glow of your cheeks, the sharp, delicious smell of your skin, dotted with sweat from exertion
Hunter wonders for a long moment what it would be like to taste your skin, the salt of the sweat in the smooth curves of your body
He misses you saying goodbye, lost in his daydream as he wanders into the locker room
It was empty, it always was at this time of day, and he goes into autopilot as he strips down to his blacks, and then further
His cock is hard, leaking against his stomach, and his hand is already wrapping around it, eyes closing as he remembers your face, the feel of your body under his, the beautiful anger in your eyes
All of it spurning him on, until his hips are canting in time with his fist, your name a low groan on his lips as he imagines your sparring going further
Fucking you against the padded mats, your bodies sweat-slicked and pressing together until he isn’t sure where he begins and you end
The part of his head that’s always alert clocks the sounds of footsteps, but in his distracted brain, it makes sense - you had just left
He misses the part where the footsteps are approaching, not receding, until the door is cracking open, and you’re stepping through with bottles of water in your hands
They hit the floor with a loud bang as you freeze in place, unable to tear your eyes away from his form
His name is a choked whisper on your lips as he covers himself with the loose top half of his blacks, snatched from the floor
“You said my name.” Your voice is a soft accusation, eyes finally making their way to his face, twisting with mortification
Your feet lead you across the floor in a few steps, until you’re standing in front of him
He seems frozen as well, his eyes wide and locked on your movements, but no words come from his mouth
“It’s not just me, then?” It takes all your courage to ask, lowering yourself to the bench he’s straddling
Hunter seems to finds his voice then, “No, mesh’la. Not just you.”
Your eyes find his, searching and questioning, and he nods slowly
When your hand reaches out, his drops, his shirt falling to the floor as your fingers wrap around him
His reaction is beautiful, sighing the second you give him a pump, hips already shifting up with your movement
When you lean down to spit in your hand, slicking it up for his cock, he groans, the sound broken and strangled in his throat
His fingers reach out, finding the fabric around your hips as you start to pump your fist, his fingers digging in
Your head is bowed, concentrating on your work, listening to the soft moans and gasps
Missing the way his eyes are on you, the soft expression, the grit of his teeth as he tries to hold back for just a little bit longer
His voice is a mix between a whimper and a growl, warning you, “C-close, don’t stop-”
You keep your pace, eyes flicking up to his, your hands almost stuttering when you see his expression
He’s gone, a complete mess just from your touch, your name sounding like a beg when he whispers it
You have never thought your name sounded so pretty
His posture stiffens, eyes rolling shut as he cums, his release splashing around the muscular planes of his abdomen, collecting in the dark trail of hair leading from his stomach downwards to his groin
You feel powerful, eliciting this sort of reaction from him, and it makes you want more
His noises make your stomach clench, arousal pooling between your thighs as you jerk out every last drop
He’s shaky in your embrace, just his grip on your hips keeping him upright
Your eyes dip to the drops of cum on your fingers, sticky against your skin, moving over to the pearly ropes on his abdomen
“We made a mess,” You breathe, a small, shy smile on your lips, “Should have used my mouth, huh?”
Hunter is immediately more alert at your words, though his eyes are still hazy, a low growl sliding from his throat as he watches you wipe your fingers clean on your shirt
Then he’s leaning forward, his hand cupping your neck to pull your mouth to him
He devours you, tongue sweeping your lips, requesting entrance before delving into you
You wonder what else this tongue can do, imagine him tasting parts of you besides your mouth
It’s a long time before you come up for air, and when you do his look is hungry, his hands finding yours and tugging you up and off the bench
Your limbs are clumsy, feet stumbling as you head towards the showers, already just a little bit gone yourself
“Let’s get cleaned up, cyare.”
The water goes cold long before the two of you are finished
Tech x F!Reader
“I’m heading out, Tech!” You call over your shoulder, adjusting the bag slung across your chest
Most of the boys had gone into town a while ago, you and Tech staying behind to work on a few upgrades for his scanner
You were secretly grateful, it was hard to get any one-on-one time with him. And it was equally difficult to have a conversation with him without additional input from his vode
It wasn’t that you didn’t love his brothers, but they just made it incredibly difficult for you to flirt with him, as shy as you both were
Tech had been grateful for your help, but as the morning passed he started acting a little, well… unusual
His body freezing when your shoulder pressed against his as you were holding the wires in place, or the strange look he kept giving you when you handed him his tools before he had finished asking for them
But, you had hit a dead end when you both realized you were out of power cells, and you offered to give him a break - you’d make the trek to the marketplace to buy more
The stress of the missions was probably getting to him, and you were sure some time where he could be purely alone would be appreciated
Tech wrote out notes on what to buy on some spare flimsi, leaving it on the dashboard as you gathered up your bag and laced up your boots
You’re about half-way into town when you realize you never grabbed the note, patting down your pockets and checking your bag - nothing
Clicking on your comm, you call him, but it goes unanswered, so you sigh and turn back around
The walk back doesn’t take too long, and the ramp is still down when you arrive back at the ship
You make your way to the cockpit, thinking Tech must be wrapped up in another project - you’ll grab the note and be on your way
What you’re not expecting though is to find Tech in there already, facing out the viewport in his regular seat
His head is tipped back and you think he must be resting, so you tiptoe up behind him and reach towards the dashboard
Tech makes a sound that surprises you, a wanton moan that has your eyes dropping down
His eyes are closed, but his hands are at work, one fisting around the shaft of his thick, leaking cock, the other carefully cupping his balls
Tech’s breath comes in a pant, his hand jerking himself in long, smooth strokes
You can hold back the little “oh!” of surprise, heat warming your cheeks before the warmth seeps lower, settling in your stomach
At your noise his head jerks up, hand tightening around his cock as his feet brace and swivel
You’re suddenly face-to-face, your eyes round and huge as you stutter an apology, unable to look away from his length as you grope blindly for the flimsi
It crumples in your grasp as your fingers close around it, and then you’re stumbling out the door, banging against the walls as you charge for the ramp
You gulp in the fresh air, your feet dragging you almost out of view of the ship before your legs are crumpling, dropping you to sit on the sideways log set off the side of the path
Tech had been jerking off. Tech had been touching himself, something you had dreamed about, frequently, and you had interrupted him
Mortification slices through your arousal, and your head drops as your hand scrubs across your forehead
He’ll never talk to you again, you’re sure of it, and you’re mourning the loss already
You’re still wallowing a few minutes later, and there’s the crunch of footsteps behind you, coming along the path
The branch you’re sitting on sinks as Tech sits down next to you, an awkward tension spiking almost immediately
“Tech- god, I’m-”
“Mesh’la, I hope I did not-”
Both of you speak at the same time, faces flushed with heat, eyes not quite meeting
Your laugh is self-conscious as you shake your head, “S-sorry, you first.”
Tech’s head tilts, his hand reaching out like he means to touch you, but it drops, “I apologize if I made you uncomfortable. Though it is a perfectly normal biological need, I was not intending for you to witness it.”
He sucks in a breath before continuing, “But nonetheless, I will also apologize for imaging you in an inappropriate way without your consent. And for not picking a more private location for my actions.”
Your brain swims to catch up, snagging only on a portion of his words, “You were imagining me?”
His head tilts, confusion crossing his features, “Naturally, who else?”
You blink at him, your heart pounding as you process his words. Tech carefully reaches out, his fingers touching the back of your hand, fingers gently stroking
“You are so astute...” His voice is soft and soothing, a gentle explanation, “And your actions, I thought surely you must have realized..”
“Realized what?” You look into his eyes, hardly daring to hope
He trails off for a second, eyes darting to the side before returning, “H-how I feel about you.”
Oh. So many things start to make sense, the little looks and gentle words, things you had convinced yourself were platonic - now knowing that you had been right, deep in your heart
You lean towards him, eyeing him as your head tilts. He moves forward to meet you, your lips brushing until you deepen the kiss, a moan low in Tech’s throat when you pull back
“When will they be back?” You don’t need to explain, he knows who you mean
He checks his chrono and then his eyes lift to yours, “Not for another standard hour or so, at least. Why do you ask?”
“Did you finish, earlier?”
“No, of course not.” He shakes his head, his tone comforting, “You were upset - I dressed and came out here to find you.”
You give him a shy look, drumming up your confidence, “Well then, can we pick up where you left off?”
His smile is equally shy, but his nod is swift, “Yes, I would like that.”
“Very much.”
Wrecker x F!Reader
The Marauder is hurtling through hyperspace, and time seems to slow. You had decided to spend the time taking a nap, dragging yourself up to the top bunk you had claimed for your own in the shared space that made up the bedroom on the ship
You’re tired, but sleep seems to evade you, no matter how long you closed your eyes, or how long you counted kybucks
There’s one thing that always helps you relax, and your fingers are dragging down your chest, snaking under the band of your underwear, dipping between your legs
Your other hand reaches under your long sleep shirt to cup your breast, thumb brushing against your nipple as your hand teases your clit
It doesn’t take long before you’re into it, thinking about the big, strong trooper that you have a crush on in the other room
You’re so close that you almost don’t hear the beeps, the door sliding open to the shared bunk room as you freeze, pulling your blankets up and over your head, leaving a small space to peer out
Wrecker is in the doorway, stretching loudly, slowly unhooking the straps of his armor as he makes his way to his own bunk - the one directly below yours
You bite back a groan of frustration, you were almost there, but now you’ll just have to keep trying to sleep, or just get up after he does
The bunk below you creaks loudly as he folds into it, Wrecker’s low sigh barely audible over the hum of the ship
Your eyes drift close, willing yourself against to sleep, even though your body is still prickling with desire
He sighs again, but the sound is different - there’s an edge to it, pairing with the sound of rustling blankets, and then… a low moan
Your eyes pop open, unsure if you hear correctly, but the noise doesn’t stop then
Wrecker moans again, and there’s the unmistakable sound of skin stroking skin, the creak of the bunk as he shifts below you
Fuck, it’s so hot, but you should tell him you’re here, it feels wrong to just hide, and you push yourself up on your elbows
Then there’s a grunt, a low rush of words sliding from his lips as he jerks his length, “Mmm, so pretty… that’s it, mesh’la.”
You freeze, your breath catching in your chest. That was the nickname Wrecker called you sometimes, when the two of you were alone, your fingers unable to stay away from sliding over his thick bicep, or the broad curve of a shoulder
“Fuck, feels so good, always so good to me.”
The slap of skin is louder, more rhythmic, the bed creaking with his movements
Maybe you can just pretend to be asleep. Maybe you’ll just stay in your bunk forever, and never leave, and Wrecker doesn’t have to know
But your fingers have started to move, and you don’t realize it until they’re between your legs, and you gasp at how soaked you are, caught off guard by your arousal at his noises
Your hand slaps over your mouth as the noise below you halts, his moans cutting off and hand stopping
It all happens at the same time, you push yourself up to apologize and sprint out of the room, swinging your legs over the edge
But as you do, Wrecker is standing, suspicion written on his features as he looks for the source of the noise
“Kriff, Wreck, I’m so sorry-” The words are a rush, but then you pause when you see the look in his eyes, your eyes dropping and freezing when you realize he has just stood up, not bothering to cover himself
You bite back a whimper, he’s huge, his thick length hanging heavy between his strong thighs
He’s looking at you, your reaction - eyes scanning slowly over the telling rumple of your sleep shirt, the expanse of your bare thighs
“Come here, mesh’la.” His hands reach for you, helping you down, pulling you into the dark cave of his bunk
Wrecker lowers himself to the mattress opposite you, both of your backs propped up against opposite walls
“Were you listening to me?” His voice is a low rumble, and your thighs press together at the sound
You almost can’t look at him, nervous and embarrassed but hopeful - he hasn't kicked you out and fuck, the look in his eyes making you hopeful
“Yes, but I didn’t mean to.” Your eyes flick off to the side, your face blazing
“Did you like it?” His voice was coaxing, hand coming to cover his length.
Your eyes jump to his, and he’s needy, his face so hopeful, so hungry. “Yes, I did.”
At your confession, he groans loudly, his hand starting to move, stroking himself again
“Show me how much you liked it.” He pleads, squeezing and tugging his cock and your legs are falling open, your fingers slipping under the band again
His eyes are locked on you, utterly entranced as his watches your fingers move under the thin fabric, and you want him to look at all of you that way
Your hips lift as you tug your panties down, nervously spreading your thighs for him as you push your shirt up to your waist
“Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” His voice is gravely and awed, his hips jumping under his strokes
Your fingers dip to your entrance, gathering slick before dragging your fingertips to your clit, moaning as you press and circle
It doesn’t take long before you’re both moaning, thrusting against your hands as you watched each other, the pressure building and building
“Wrecker, I’m close, I’m-” You breathe, pushing your shirt higher so you can palm a breast.
“I know mesh’la, me too,” his eyes are hazy, half-lidded as his wrist twists and pulls, “Wanna watch you cum, I’ll be right there with you.”
His words send you over the edge, your eyes locked on his face as you cum hard under your touches, moaning his name as your pussy clenches and flutters around nothing
Wrecker is moaning with you, your name on his lips, and then he’s coming with you, ropes of cum spilling on his abdomen, pooling in the curves of his stomach
You can’t tear your eyes away, watching the heavy weight of his cock against his thigh, the flex of his arms as he cleans the pearly cum off his stomach and chest with an old shirt
The heat is still lingering, deep inside your core. Your fingers were nice, but nothing compared to the way you think his cock would stretch you, and you want more
“I came in here to nap,” Your back relaxes against the wall, but your mind is bright, eyes hungry, “but I don’t know if I’m tired anymore.”
His grin is sly, and he’s pushing himself up, moving over to your end of the bunk. His hands grip your waist, pulling you to him as his lips find yours.
Finally, when you come up for air, he’s tugging you on top of him. Your thighs straddle his waist, your core brushing against the curve of his already-hardening cock.
“Good,” his voice is a pleased rumble, “Me neither.”
Echo x F!Reader
It’s a rush to get back to the ship - like always it seems - the ramp of the Marauder snapping shut before both your feet fully hit the floor
Tech and Echo are making a mad dash to the cockpit, Hunter is close on their heels, leaving you and Wrecker to secure the cargo for Cid’s client
Then you’re buckling yourself into the jump seats as the ship takes off, Tech making the jump to hyperspace as soon as it was possible
There’s a shuffle of bodies as you all finally begin to relax - there had been some close calls, you weren’t expecting to run into any Imps, and it was a little miraculous that the camtono made it to the ship in one piece
Eventually you made your way to the cockpit, where Tech and Hunter were making adjustments
The seat to the side was empty, save for Echo’s helmet, which you scooped into your lap
After a while you realize you haven’t seen Echo, and ask about him
You hope you’re not being obvious, always internally cringing when you ask about Echo, so sure they’ll see your little crush written all over your face
“He said he was going to the refresher to clean up.” Tech offered helpfully, giving you a look
You nod, that made sense, the last leg of your journey had been through what could’ve passed as a small swamp, your boots are covered in mostly-dried mud
It would be good to change, and take the next spot in the line to clean up. You stand, grabbing Echo’s helmet, figuring you can set it on his bunk for him
When you get to the shared bunk space, the door is shut - not unusual - and your fingers press and hold the button to open it
The door creaks open, the room inside dark, only illuminated by the hallway light cascading inward
You’re taking a step inside when hear him, your eyes playing catch-up as you register the end of a long, satisfied moan being cut-off
It’s Echo, gorgeous, beautiful, Echo, sitting on the floor of ship, his head tilted back against the edge of his bunk
His eyes are hazy, you can see it from here, his expression just now morphing into surprise as he notices you
Your eyes drop unconsciously, and you gasp - his hand is wrapped around his cock, the metal glinting in the light as his fist freezes in place
“Echo!” You gasp, too stunned to form full sentences, “Oh gods, sorry… T-Tech said you were, uh-in the refresher…”
“I was, I’m done.” His voice is casual, seemingly unbothered, “Wrecker is in there now.”
“O-oh,” Your legs still feel like durasteel, warmth heating your face as you just stand there and blink at him.
“Mesh’la, you can’t stand in the doorway like that.” He murmurs your name when you don’t respond, exasperation in his expression, “Either get out or get in here and shut the door.”
You step further in, fingers fumbling on the panel, the door sliding shut with a sharp click behind you
The door is dropped into darkness, your eyes slowly adjusting to the dim lighting of the room
Echo’s looking at you, head tilting as he considers, but his internal question is the same as yours
What are you going to do now?
On unsteady legs, you move over to where he’s sitting, eyeing him the whole time for signs that you chose the wrong option
His expression is sharp, but hungry, while his hand slowly starts to move again, from base to the blunt tip of his head, and in your gut you’re aching to taste him
Carefully you sink to a seated position in front of him, your legs crossed, knees bumping against his spread thighs
“Can I touch you?” The words are spilling from your lips before you can stop them
His teeth glint in the low light, his hand leaving his cock to grasp yours, wrapping your fingers around his girth, “Only if I can touch you, too.”
“Yeah?” Your eyes flicker hopefully to his, your teeth sinking into your lower lip, “Okay, I’d like that.”
You give an experimental stroke, your clammy hand catching on the head of his cock
Humming, you lift your hand to your mouth, licking a stripe up your palm before returning it, your spit slicking his cock until your strokes are smooth and confident
“Fuck.” He growls, his eyes fixed on you. Echo’s fingers reach for your waist, plucking at the buttons, working the fabric over your hips
He says it again when his finger dips between your folds, coming back wet and slick with your arousal
You moan as you stroke him, his finger returning to sink into your pussy, your legs spreading wider to give him more access
“Mmm, I’ll let you in on a little secret.” His mouth curves, the pad of his thumb making a careful circle on your clit, “I’ve been hoping you’d walk in on me. Thought you could use some encouragement.”
Your hips buck against his fingers, half from his ministrations, the other half from his words and the rough grit of his voice
“How did you know?” You bite back a moan, “And fuck - how are you so good?”
“I learned from the best.” His smile is sly, his head dipping to nip at your neck. Your fingers flex around his shoulders, and he sighs, “You think I didn’t notice the way you look at me?”
“I wasn’t sure if you were looking.” You admit, your cheeks hot for more reason than one now, moaning as his fingers press even deeper into you
His laugh is a rough exhale, his hips thrusting up, “You’re the only one I look at.”
Your eyes shoot to his, but he’s not teasing, his eyes full of genuine affection. You’re a little overcome, your heart threatening to burst in your chest, so you say the most romantic thing you can think of, “Can I taste you?”
Echo groans at your words, his fingers crooking against that perfect place inside your pussy, “Let me make you cum first, mesh’la.”
He’s even more talented when his attention is not split, his mouth moving to yours, his fingers stroking into you again and again
His thumb works in tight circles, your breath coming in a quick, heavy pant as he brings you closer
It’s almost a shock when it hits, your pussy clamping around his fingers as you cum, your face buried in his neck as he tells you how much he’s been dreaming about hearing you moan for him
You try to bite back your cries, muffling them against his skin, but it’s impossible to hold them all back, whimpers sliding from your throat as he fucks you with his hand, until it’s too much
His fingers carefully withdraw, and you’re sucking in a breath of air with determination, wanting to make him feel just as good
Echo’s amused chuckle turns into a groan as you shift onto your knees, back dipping as your mouth drops to his cock
Your tongue circles his tip, before drawing it into your mouth, the metal cool against your hot lips
His fingers are cupping your neck, your jaw, as you begin to bob your head
You take him deep, tongue twisting around his shaft, hot and wet around him
“So fucking gorgeous,” Echo praises, his words breathy, “Kriff, you feel so good. Better than I imagined.”
You hum around him, your hand working the base of his shaft, pumping and squeezing in time with your mouth
He’s moaning your name, his hips flexing with the flicks of your wrist, close already after making you cum on his fingers
When you look at him like this, your eye soft and starry, lips stretched around him, it’s too much
“Mesh’la, I’m close, please-” His teeth grit together as he cums a moment later, his body stiffening and cock twitching heavily in your mouth
There’s no physical release, but it’s impossible to misinterpret the way his cock swells, or the way his hips rock, or the way he repeats your name over and over in drawn-out whispers
His head thuds back against the bunk as he relaxes, his arm wrapping around your waist to pull your body close, your head resting against his shoulder
You sit together in comfortable silence, his lips brushing the top of your head, your body relaxes but heart pounding from the new feelings brewing in your chest
“Oh,” You say after a long moment, brain working at half of its usual power, your movements sluggish after your orgasm, remembering how you got there. “Wrecker is probably done. S-Should I leave?”
Echo smiles, his hand cupping the back of your head to bring your mouth to his again, “I am sure he can wait a few more minutes.”
“Because all I want to do right now is taste you, too.”
Any argument dies on your tongue as his head dips down between your thighs
And he is just as good with his mouth as he is with his fingers
(Taglist: @clanoffetts, @ladyopress, @zinzinina, @liddelbro, @themaydecemberist, @delusionsxfgrandeur, @rexsjaigeyes, @thiccumz, @herb-welch, @mandaloriandin, @bobas-missing-codpiece, @sgtdogmastyle,@royalstardustwrites, @thefact0rygirl, @mysticalgalaxysalad, @stardust-galaxies, @pedropastelpascal, @amneris21, @over300books, @buckethead-over-heels, @lastphoenixfalling, @aerinkebiinkads, @writeforfandoms, @djarrex, @14mcmd1122, @hansonveggieclub, @kyberdreams , @padawanboba, @smoldjarin, @recklessworry )
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thebaddestofbatches · 9 days ago
The Bad Batch Incorrect Quotes Pt. 6
Y/N: I told Crosshair his ears flush when he lies.
Hunter: Why?
Y/N: Watch.
Y/N: Hey Cross! Do you love us?
Crosshair, covering his ears: No.
. **(*)** .
Y/N, teaching Omega swears: Alright, what do we say when there’s an inconvenience?
Omega: Shit!
Y/N: And when we mess something up?
Omega: Kriff!
Y/N: Great, and what do we say when someone asks who taught you those words?
Omega: Crosshair did!
. **(*)** .
Tech: So what’s for dinner?
Y/N, staring at the food they just burnt: Regret.
. **(*)** .
*Playing Scrabble*
Hunter: I will play A to make a
Echo: I will add on to your A to make at
Wrecker: I’ll add an R to your at to make rat
Tech: I will add onto your rat to make biostratigraphic.
Crosshair: *flips the board*
. **(*)** .
Wrecker: I have an idea.
Hunter: No explosions.
Wrecker: I no longer have an idea.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Hunter, I’m going to the market, is there anything you want me to pick up while I’m out?
Hunter: My will to live.
Y/N: Well Omega’s with Wrecker right now, but I can get her later if you want.
. **(*)** .
Tech: Who hurt you?
Y/N: *snorting* What, do you want a list?
Tech: ...Yes, actually.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Fight me!
Hunter, standing behind them and holding a knife: *mouths* Do not.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Everything will be ok. You can not stop it.
Y/N: Everything will be fine. You have no choice.
Crosshair: What the fuck kind of pep talk is that?
Y/N: Ominous positivity.
. **(*)** .
Y/N: Who's in charge here? Echo: Usually whoever yells the loudest.
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buryustogether · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
summary : after a run-in with a strange natural phenomenon, tech begins acting rather… strangely.
warnings : smut, p in v sex, slight choking, sex pollen, rough sex, dirty talk, masturbation, restraints (m bound), slight hunter/prey if you sQuiNt, swearing, tech is fucking terrifying… (or not…?👀)
word count : 5.2k
author’s note : @mallr4ts has made me a tech fucker, so this one goes out to her. cheers to you, you absolute godsend 🥂 (also 100% thinking about making one where the situation is reversed)
The planet of Zeltros, located in the Inner Rim of the expansive galaxy surrounding you, was hardly ever the set destination of your little troop of genetically-enhanced clones and yourself. A few of the reasons were rather obvious; it was a little out of the way, the only settlements were extremely far apart, there was hardly any need for Republic interference… Yes, there was all that. But it was also the sex.
Zeltros was home to the near-Human species the Zeltron, a people obsessed with themselves and physical pleasure nearly equally - no one really knew which was leveed higher than the other. From their spiced wine to their bright, revealing clothes deemed normal in their society, it seemed that nearly everything they did in their lives was dedicated to the act of intimacy and pleasure.
It was a rather awkward place to be, what with the five - incredibly attractive - male clones that walked through the central city.
“Ah, man,” said Wrecker as your small group passed a wide, worn-down path that led to Zeltros’ Oasis. Zoltrons of all sexes and genders - male and female, two females, pairs of males - scurried to go join the fun that awaited them at the bottom, in forms of towering waterfalls and pools and fruits hanging low enough to grab without even stretching too far. The gigantic soldier averted his eyes respectfully when a couple swaggered past, their breasts practically popping out of their constricting tops. “These people are practically out of their heads with all the stuff about… you… y’know…”
“Sex,” said Tech from beside you. He adjusted his goggles with one hand, the other holding his helmet securely under his arm. “You can say it, Wrecker. It’s a perfectly natural thing. Perhaps-“ he glanced around -“just a bit more natural for some rather than others.”
The boldness of his correction brought a small grin to your lips and you looked down at your feet to avoid letting him see. It was rather often that you found yourself cracking a grin these days at his witty remarks and comebacks, whether they be aimed at you or one of his brothers. As the Batch’s assigned medic, it was in your protocol to look them all over after every mission, and you realized lately you were usually looking forward to seeing Tech in just his blacks rather than the others. He was a good patient; and a good friend.
The last thought made your smile slowly fade as you trekked through the city’s perimeters, cutting through the rurals of the capital to reach the small field in which you had left the Marauder.
Despite the few jabs at flirting and suggestive notes in your voice, it seemed that Tech had simply never taken notice. Or interest. When you complimented his handiwork when he repaired the ship, he simply replied it was his job while inspecting his holopad. On the rare chance he ever laughed and showed you his smile, and you had the nerve to tell him just how pretty it was, the smirk would fade quicker than you could think over if it would have been better to just keep your mouth shut.
But yet, at the same time, there was no denying that he favored your presence over a few others’. Perhaps it was simply the fact that you knew which tool to hand him before he could ask for it; maybe it was how gentle you were with his limbs when you examined him after a mission, how delicately you lifted his goggles off his face and laughed and rubbed your thumbs over the red imprints left around his caves of his eyes. The smokey, clouded vision of what he was truly after concerning you evaded your sight, and you thought it better than to leave it be rather than anger it and cause it to retreat.
You picked your head up when a strange, rather sweet aroma assaulted your nostrils. Your troop had taken a shortcut along a beaten path towards the ship, surrounded for what seemed like miles by a sea of pink, pollen-ripe buds. The blooms were practically vibrant enough to be neons on the sides of buildings in lower Coruscant, and they drew you in to take a closer look. Though, before you could crouch and reach out to pick a bud, Tech’s hand on your shoulder stopped you where you stood. His fingers dug gently into the fabric of your top, holding you where you stood.
“It would be in your best interest not to come in contact with these blossoms,” he said, then lifted his head to his brothers. “That goes for all of you. These are Zeltros Philters; processing the pollen into your systems would result in a rather… unpleasant experience.”
From the head of the group, Wrecker tisked his tongue and shoved Hunter onwards through the suddenly narrow, ever-closing path. “Tsk. Like what, a bad stomach ache? I think I can handle that.”
“He means they’re aphrodisiacs, thick skull,” said Crosshair and spat out his toothpick before hefting his rifle further up his shoulder. “They get you in the mood:”
“Oh, great,” scoffed Echo. “Just what we need; for Wrecker to be chasing down every pretty thing he sees.”
Tech, ever the confusing, hard-to-read gentleman he was, took your hand and guided your steps around a thick brush of the Philters before maneuvering by himself. “The Zoltrons use this very flora to create their infamous spiced wine, which is, by the way, outlawed in two Rims and a number of trading systems. Even the smallest whiff can infect a person, regardless of their bodily size and mass.”
As he spoke, a flurry of movement in the corner of your eye caught you attention, and you turned your head slightly to face the center of the field. A few Zoltrons were crowded around one of the trees swaying with the gentle breeze in the distance, hollering out to one another as they scrambled around the trunk. A horrible, ear-splitting noise that sounded like paper ripping assaulted your ears, and it took you all of a few moments to realize the tree was falling - they were cutting it down. The gigantic limb tipped over and hit the ground hard, plowing itself straight into the ocean of Philters. To your horror, and awe, a plume of fuchsia pollen was tossed upwards, rolling in a sort of thunder cloud towards you.
The Batch all froze where they stood, suddenly realizing all their jokes were about to become reality.
“Airlock on,” commanded Hunter, and their helmets emitted a slight hissing sound when they pulled them over their heads.
Possessing no such protective equipment yourself, you had just raised your hand to cover your nose and mouth when a contraption was slid over your head before air locking around you. It took you just a quick whiff to recognize Tech’s scent. The visor jumped to life and you blinked a few times, watching him through the thin screen as he grabbed the back of your neck and forced you down to the ground beside him.
The wave of pollen hit you like a dying ocean wave, with just barely enough power for you to feel it on your back. Inhaling the air inside the helmet deep, you glanced over at Tech, who had buried his face into his arms in an attempt to shield himself from the oncoming storm. There had been no such luck; when he lowered his hands and glanced upwards at the sky, his face was littered with a few smatters of the pink pollen. He gave a sneeze before his eyes widened and he looked down at his covered gloves.
“Oh, Maker,” he breathed, and emitted a shallow cough.
With the cloud having passed and settled down, Heavy pulled off his own helmet and gave an amused snort. “Hah!” he laughed, sounding more like a deep bark. “Tech’s got it bad!”
Your hands shaking slightly, you reached up and pulled the helmet off your head to crouch down beside him. Though, when you extended your touch, he raised a hand and commanded you to stay back.
“Don’t,” he hissed, sounding less than venomous. His voice was laced with panic, with concern, something you hardly ever heard beneath his smart-sounding tone and crisp accent. “We need to get back to the ship. I do. I need…” He gave a short wheeze and grasped his head, eyes rolling back into his skull. A low, pitiful whine escaped his throat. “Hunter. There should be antidote for this pollen in the Oasis. Please… I…”
The sergeant nodded dutifully, helmet still secure over his expression. “We’re on it.” He gathered his brothers before laying a hand on your shoulder. “You alright to keep an eye on him until we get back?”
“Of course,” you said and tucked the helmet under your arm.
“No!” howled Tech, but it was too late, as the others had already taken off back the way you had come. On his knees, his jowls pulled back to bare his teeth, something that made your heart jolt with a dash of intimidation. All the while you had known him, he was the picture of grace and etiquette; never had you seen him like this, struggling so badly to compose himself. Slowly, he brought himself to his feet and started away from you, towards the growing silhouette of the Marauder. “Hurry. We must hurry, ruusaan.”
Figuring the Mando’a for a type of command or unintelligible thought, you rushed to follow him. His steps were growing more frantic as you went, and when you at last reached the ship, he practically slammed his fist against the control panel to open the door. Hesitantly, you followed.
After shutting the entrance behind you - and locking it - Tech quickly began to strip off his plastoid armor until he was left in only his blacks. He even discarded his goggles, hair ruffling and falling over as he pulled the strap over his head.
“Tech, what should I do?” you asked, setting his helmet down in his pilot’s seat. “You’re kind of scaring me.”
He suppressed another growl, which sounded conspicuously like a groan, and pressed a hand to his mouth before motioning to the door leading to the cargo pit. “This way. I need you to help me with this.” Down into the bottom of the ship he led you, past the crates of supplies and weapons and extra rations - straight towards the restraints mounted to the wall in the very back.
You stopped short. You had never seen the boys use these shackles before to contain a prisoner, human or animal alike. They were metal cuffs, four of them, for both the wrists and ankles, and they absolutely terrified you. You couldn’t imagine being left down here, chained and unable to move but a few inches from where you were held.
Tech noticed when your footsteps halted and glanced at you over his shoulder, brows lowered and eyes a sort of wild you had never seen before. “It’s imperative that you help me with this,” he said, then turned so that his back was against the wall, and reached down to begin clasping the shackles around his ankles. “The Philters will be taking full control in approximately three minutes, if I’m correct.” He glanced up to meet your gaze. “And, to be quite frank, what’s about to become of me won’t be very nice.” When you still hesitated, wary, he tilted his head at you in a way that made your heart flutter. “Please, cyare. Gedet’ye.”
His threat of an unpleasant side coming out had you at last stepping forward to secure his wrists to the restraints mounted to the wall beside his head. Your touch was gentle against his, despite the low whine he emitted when you grabbed the place just below the swell of his palm. Tech had never once been intentionally mean to you, and the day he was, was the day you had lost your mind. Despite his often blunt explanations and oversized ego at times, he was nothing but a gentleman towards you, a kind, polite man that seemed to want only the best.
But the next words that came out of his mouth stunned you so harshly those thoughts were knocked from your head.
“What’s about to happen to my body,” he began, blinking against the dim light without the aid of his goggles, “is that the Philters will be processed into my sinus system, which will shoot an abnormal amount of electric signals to my brain’s amygdala. Located there is the limbic system, a controller of mood, and it will cause my motor movements - particularly reward-oriented - to go into overdrive.” He took a breath when his legs trembled slightly and the chains clinked when he strained against them. “I suggest staying far away from me until this rides out. The sight of a desirable female such as yourself standing in front of me could only-“
You nearly flinched when his words dissolved into a low moan, and it was only then you noticed the sizable bulge pressing against the crotch of his blacks. You felt your throat run dry as you took a tentative step backwards. “Tech… I can’t leave you down here. I can-“
“Don’t!” he shouted for the second time that day. His voice reverberated frighteningly against the cargo pit’s low metal walls. “Don’t listen to a thing I say,” he pleaded. “Set your blaster to stun and lock yourself in the fresher. I can’t-“
Tech’s voice slowed like he had consumed liquor until it became nothing but a mumble, and his head slumped as he tugged every few moments at the chains. His words rattled around in your head as you slowly, uncertainly, pulled your blaster from its holster and twisted its settings to stun. Desirable female? Was that how he saw you? You couldn’t deny that the thought sent a hard hit of arousal coursing through your veins, but you quickly shut it down and took a seat on the edge of a crate, facing him. It would have been a lie if you had said you hadn’t thought about him in that way; how it would feel to have his fingers interlaced with yours, to taste him in your mouth, to feel him taking you slow and passionate, rough and fast and desperately…
Your eyes drifted back down to his hard on, but you reprimanded yourself and glanced down at the barrel of your firearm. You were being selfish, thinking of him like this while he was in this state. You were just about to raise your comm and ask Hunter how it was coming along when a low grumble caught your attention.
You lifted your head, and you found that Tech was already staring at you. One look at his wild, hungry gaze from beneath his lowered brows told you he was gone, enveloped in the blinding effects of the Philters. You swallowed thick, and he flexed against the thick metal chains.
“Oh, my lovely,” he cooed, but the way he spoke the words, they sounded more forced than affectionate. “Please, come help me out of these infernal things. It - it hurts, cyare. It does.”
You would bet all your credits it hurt. His erection was growing steadily in his blacks and he was shifting his legs uncomfortably, attempting to find some form of relief. Your fingers flexed around the butt of your blaster. Your mind was teetering on the edge of restraint and self indulgence; you knew this was not Tech talking, but at the same moment, his low, sultry voice was causing an alarming amount of electricity to spark in the pit of your abdomen.
He carried on, pulling against the shackles as far as they would allow him to get to you. A low huff fell from his lips when he pressed his thighs together. “No,” he said and shook his head, as if trying to shake the inappropriate thoughts from his head. “No, not like this. I can’t have you like this.” He switched his gaze to the chains mounted to the wall, as if that would distract him from what was happening to his body. “I promise you, cyar’ika, this is not just the Philters talking. I-I’ve wanted to - fuck!” He sucked in a deep, jagged breath, and you stood quickly. “Maker, I’ve needed to feel you for s-so long. So long! What I wouldn’t give to have you crying beneath me-e. To hear you beg. Kark!”
Your fingers were trembling harder with every confession that slipped from his lips, and your core was getting wetter and wetter. Was it true? That it wasn’t just the pollen talking, that he had always wanted you? Though, your thoughts were interrupted when he gave a great lurch, and the chains pulled taunt with a sickening snap as they kept him to the wall.
“Please, my love, I need you to help me. It burns! Like Tatooine’s suns, it burns.” He squirmed rather violently, trying to rub his legs together and create some sort of friction for himself. His slim fingers wrapped deftly around the chains and he began to yank against them in a steady rhythm, almost as if were thrusting his hips into you again and again. He spread his legs and began a second time, attempting to loosen the links.
Tucking your blaster away, you stepped forward and raised a hand to grab his fevered attention. “Tech, Tech, stop. Stop it! You’re going to snap your wrists.”
At just the sight of your fingers a few feet from his face, and propelled himself forward and practically lunged at you. Had it not been for the restraints keeping him at bay, he would have collided with you like a shot exploding from a gun. “I’m begging you, pretty thing, please!” Tech wailed. The pleas startled you, halting you where you were. “Touch me where I need it - I’ll do anything you desire. You can have me any way you wish. I’ll make sure you won’t be able to walk come tomorrow, I’ll fuck you so hard. I-I’ll worship you like the goddess you are, I’ll make your voice die out from how loud you’ll be saying my name.”
His promises did not go unanswered. Your cunt clenched from just his words alone and your breath hitched in your throat, mind reeling as you imagined just that. You couldn’t stop yourself from pondering what his tongue in your mouth would taste like, what it would feel like to feel every ridge and vein of him as he slid into your warmth and bit down on your earlobe all at once. You felt your face heat slightly, and it seemed he knew just the effect he had on you.
“Yes, mesh’la,” he drawled, luring you in a few steps closer. “Yes, anything. I’ll give you anything and everything you desire. I’ll spread your legs so far open they’ll threaten to snap. I’ll break your jaw from forcing my cock down your throat.”
Slowly, as his swears became dirtier and more and more violent, you realized the gleam in his eyes was growing darker and darker. You glanced down at your feet and realized you had take a number of steps towards him without your knowing. You were still for a long moment, watching the achingly large bulge in his pants and feeling your own dampen, before tiptoeing back. This was wrong. He wasn’t behaving right; he said himself this wasn’t how he wanted to have you. There was a moment of stillness before you made up your mind and huffed, then started for the stairs leading back up.
When Tech realized what you were doing, that you were going to leave him, it seemed that something in his chest snapped. The chains actually creaked and whined from how hard he tugged on them, and he began to bellow when you looked back. “NO! Don’t you dare leave me here!” he howled. He had tried every tactic, pushed every one of your buttons. This was all he had left, and by the Maker, it was what startled you most. “I am your superior! I command you to get on your karking knees and fuck me!” When your feet hit the steps of the stairs, he began to almost screech, sounding like that of an animal and spitting in his native language of Mando’a. “Hut’uun! Ne shab’rud’nio! Ve’ganir norac olar! Don’t leave me like this!”
It nearly brought a lump to your throat, listening to the awful, horrible sounds of Tech begging you not to leave him. You knew he was speaking terrible things to you, but you kept in mind it was only the pollen speaking, not him. He would never say any of those things to you.
When he suddenly quieted down, your curiosity got the better of you and you glanced over your shoulder from where you stood on the cargo pit’s stairs. He had gone limp in the metal shackles, lips mumbling incoherent words as you ever so slowly crept back towards him. He whimpered your name, literally, whimpered it like a dog, and he gave a weak cry. Your heart ached and you got even closer, fixed on lifting his head to see if he was alright. That had been the worst - and best - mistake you had ever made.
It happened in only a few fractions of a second. When you came within a few inches of him, Tech’s head snapped upwards and he stuck his tongue out to lick a quick, fat stripe along the cloth covering your collarbone. Then, he pursed his lips, gathering whatever he had gotten from your shirt on his tongue, and blew out hard. You flinched backwards and yelled when a small cloud of dust and pollen erupted in your face from his sudden gust, arms and hands frantically wiping at the specks of pink and fuchsia that had been blown at you. Tech released a sort of laugh from behind you. Hands trembling, you wiped a bit of it off your face and shirt and glanced back at him. You let out a sneeze.
“Soon you’ll be wanting me as much as I, you, my dear,” he said promptly, then tilted his head and gave you a rather mischievous look. “But judging from how you moan my name from your own bunk every night, I’d say you already do.”
Oh, Maker. You scrambled to your feet and scurried up the stairs, ignoring Tech’s hollers for you not to go. You realized then what he had seen; your shirt and pants were still covered in the vibrant pollen from the cloud that had assaulted you all in the first place; you had been far too concerned with Tech to even bother thinking about changing.
When you slammed into the refresher, you shed your clothes faster than you believed you ever had before. With the water running cold and another weak cough rising in your throat, you practically slipped getting inside and sliding the door shut.
This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t have done this. How long did it take for the effects to set in, you wondered? Perhaps since it was only a small whiff, nothing would come of it.
Your hopeful thoughts were suddenly dashed when, a few minutes later, after several mouth washes and scrubbing yourself down, you cried out and slumped against the wall. A deep, flickering flame had abruptly erupted in the lower regions of your stomach, spreading its smoke and influence down to your core. Your mouth watered and your eyes rolled back into your head at just the pure amount of arousal that had shot through you like a venomous bite. What was happening to you? Your fingers flew to your clit on their own accord and the moment you touched yourself, a loud, drawling moan escaped your throat and seemed to carry for miles. Immediately, your hand moved to work faster, attempting to relief some of the burning that tingled your entrance. You understood just how desperate Tech had been; the need for something, someone, to fill you was bordering on painful - no, it was painful. It hurt badly, like someone was pressing a heated poker between your legs and held you back from the one thing that could relieve it.
Your eyes shot open when you heard a small, distant wail. Hands trembling and legs threatening to collapse, you reached to shut the water off. You listened closely, attempting to mute your own ragged pants. There it was again; it was carrying through the ventilation system.
It was Tech. Calling to you, from down in the cargo pit.
“Cyar’ika! Cyare!”
The man’s name sounded just as sing song-y as his voice carrying through to you. You pressed two fingers against the bud of your clit again, groaning and placing a hand against the wall for balance. Wet hair clinging to your face, heart thundering, cunt begging for some kind of greater attention… you made your decision. In a flurry of stunted movement, along with a few grunts and moans, you managed to pull on just your undergarments and nothing else. Everything else - clothes, shoes - could be damned. You needed this. This was the only thing that could make it stop, make the fire swelling in your stomach go out. You needed him.
When you made it to the cargo pit, the cries and shouts for your name had fallen deathly quiet. Your feet failing to betray you, you stumbled down the stairs and towards the shackles. Your lips parted and a ragged exhale escaped; they were empty.
You had just caught a flash of movement in the corner, shrouded in darkness, before it surged forward and pounced on you. Tech released an animalistic snarl as the two of you rolled over one another, eventually coming to a stop where he had both of your wrists pinned above your head and his crotch dug painfully hard against yours. You knocked your head back against the steel floors, grinding your hips upwards for some kind of friction.
“Oh, Maker, Tech,” you whined, eyes rolled back in your head. “Please, fuck me. It hurts. It hurts so bad, please!”
He didn’t need you to say anything more. His grip on your hands tightening, he dropped down to connect his lips with yours. The kiss was anything but sweet; it was rough and desperate, and you put up no fight when his tongue prodded at your mouth, fighting to be let in. The flame in your belly roared when his tongue licked at the roof of your mouth before he swallowed your moans, exploring every inch of you that you were offering up.
The both of you now succumbed to the fate of the Philters, there was no stopping you from there. In a hurried, almost panicked flurry of movement, you both shed the garments covering your lower regions and kicked them off, connecting again just seconds later. Tech wasted no time in finding your entrance, then fully sheathing himself inside you in one fluid sweep. A tidal wave of pleasure erupted from the aching need in your stomach, and a strained scream escaped you before you knew it. He seemed more than satisfied with your response and pressed a gloved hand at the base of your neck, keeping you still while he began to thrust and bite at your shoulder all at once.
The dual ministrations made you feel as if you had been dunked underwater and held there. Pants and desperate whines mixed with his own moans as he fucked you hard and fast, edging you slightly up the floor from how roughly he was shoving into you. Every single movement of his pelvis seemed to hit that one fantastic spot within you, torturing you relentlessly while he buried his teeth into the skin where your shoulder met your neck.
Tech’s mouth connected with yours again and he actually reached to cup your face while he kissed you, the first sign of gentleness he had shown since the pollen took over him. When you parted, he grabbed your wrists again and spread your arms, so that you remained mounted in place while he picked up his rhythm. “You’re always such a good girl for me, cyare. So wonderful and beautiful. All for me. Do you know how long I’ve wanted to fuck you like this, hmm?” He began to stutter and gasp, and he took that as his cue to begin thrusting into you as hard as he physically could. “Since t-the day I laid eyes on you. So graceful, so eternal. So eager for me. A-always so good. So - ah! - so, so good for me.”
With each vigorous, brutal, earth-shattering thrust he delivered to your cunt, a new, strangled cry from the pit of your belly was sung out to echo off the walls and crates around you. Your heart was hammering in your ears and your fingers curled tightly around Tech’s wrist, thighs shaking and tears springing to your eyes.
“Ah-! T…Tech-“
“Cum for me, pretty thing,” he rasped, seeming to approach the same steep cliff you were. “Come on. Kark! Cum for me, do it!” As if to encourage you to let go, he leaned down and bite the shell of your ear.
It worked. The coiled spring that had been winding endlessly in your stomach snapped, and you came with an actual scream. You were practically blinded. It ripped through your vocal chords and forced your whole body to spasm, clenching your cunt around Tech’s cock, and that seemed to be the end for him. He gave a pleasured shout and spilled himself inside you, giving a few more weak thrusts before collapsing on top of your body. His grip on your wrists relaxed and he twitched slightly, his jagged pants mixing with yours to create a sort of harmony saved only for the two of you.
You were unsure of how long you laid there on the cold, steel floor, each of you attempting to regain the breath and energy to even speak that you had lost with your orgasms. After what seemed like hours, Tech rolled off of you and laid on his back beside you, staring up at the dark ceiling.
“I…” He hesitated, searching for the right words. “I regret everything I said while under the influence of the Philters. I had no right to speak to you that way. Or to infect you, such as I did.”
If you were to speak the truth, you almost didn’t mind that it had all happened in the first place. If being drunk on foreign aphrodisiacs was what it took to confess your feelings for one another, then to hell with it.
A few moments later, you shifted uncomfortably when you began to feel the swelling, burning sensation return to your stomach. It bunched up and caused you to groan slightly, hand slithering down to your core in an attempt to find some relief. Before you could, however, Tech’s wrist shot out and grabbed yours. As he propped himself up on his elbow, you were able to see that he himself had become hard again.
“Ah-ah,” he said, eyes already darkening again with lust and voice lowering to dangerous levels. He grabbed your sides, then pulled on you top of him. “That’s my job.”
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rainydaydream-gal18 · 14 days ago
(The Bad Batch) He Sees You Wear His Blacks
(Author’s Note:  This is actually how the most recent Crosshair fic “This is War” came to be.  It was originally part of this, but I decided to make it it’s own thing
These are just lil blurbs for each Bad Batcher about you wearing his blacks for the first time.  Enjoy!)
   His mouth stretched wide open in a yawn as he made his way through the main hall of the Marauder to his bunk.  After the day the squad had, he was finally ready to settle down for a nap.  His tired eyes widened in pleasant surprise at the sight of you already curled up on his bunk.  You were laid down with eyes closed and hair messily splayed out on the pillow, enjoying a sleep so deep and peaceful that you didn’t stir upon his approach.
   Wrecker’s smile was nearly giddy as he pulled back the covers to climb in next to you and get cozy.  He paused, noticing suddenly that you were wearing his extra set of blacks as pajamas. Though snug on him, the fabric hung loosely on your form, and you had the sleeves rolled up past your wrists.
   It was so cute that Wrecker couldn’t resist leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek.  He really hadn’t meant to wake you, but the action drew you from your slumber with a quiet groan.
   “Sorry,” he said sheepishly.  “Didn’t mean to wake you.”
   You offered a sleepy smile that had his heart thudding at a quicker pace.  “That’s okay.  Cuddle with me?”
   He was beyond happy to grant your request, finally getting settled beside you and pulling the covers up over the two of you.  “You look cute in my blacks,” he commented in a low voice, bringing a hand up to stroke your cheek.
   “Yeah?” you yawned.  The new warmth he brought was already lulling you back to sleep.  “You look cute in your blacks too.”
   He chuckled, seeking a kiss with the brush of his nose against yours.  You met his lips in a single, soft peck before snuggling up to his chest, his arm tightening around you.  “Goodnight, _________.”
   “Goodnight, Wrecker,” you mumbled, already drifting.
   “Here,” he said, holding out the mass of dark fabric in your direction.  You lifted your gaze to him, mouth pressed in a firm line, and accepted the clothing, being careful not to get it wet.  Hunter couldn’t help but observe you in silent mirth.  The way you stood there with shoulders sagging, clothing drenched, and hair a soggy mess made you look like a damp lothcat.
   He didn’t mean to find amusement in your disheartened state, but part of him admittedly found you adorable.  You were scouting ahead when a downpour hit. You’d arrived back at the Marauder soaked to the bone. Your sleep clothes were hanging in the refresher to dry- it had been time to do some laundry- so Hunter had offered you his extra set of blacks so you could hang the rest of your gear to dry.
   Despite your mood, you caught the glint in Hunter’s eye and couldn’t help but smile.  “What?”
   “Nothing,” he denied evenly, though the corner of his lips were turned upward.
   You gave a playful roll of your eyes before stepping into the refresher to slip out of your damp clothing and into the blacks.  When you’d hung the rest of your clothes to dry beside your pajamas, you emerged from the refresher hugging your form as your body warmed itself up.
   Hunter had already busied himself with giving orders to the squad down the hall, but when his eyes skimmed over you passively he had to stop and do a double-take.  He glanced away momentarily.  “Tech, be sure to keep me updated.”  Then, his gaze was back on you.
   He liked everything about it.  The sight of you wearing his blacks and his scent covering yours, showing everyone else that you were his…
   All previous amusement was completely gone from his expression as Hunter approached, stealing a glance over his shoulder to ensure no one was paying attention before leaning in for a firm kiss, arm wrapping around you to pull you closer.
   “I’ll be sure to let you borrow my blacks more often,” he murmured.
   Echo tipped his head back to sip the last of his beverage.  He had to admit, Cid served up some decent drinks.  Catching movement out of the corner of his eye, Echo nearly choked on his drink when he took a second look.  There you were, taking a seat next to him at the table, wearing your usual clothes but with the top half of his blacks instead of your own shirt.  His heart went into overdrive.
   He coughed a few times to clear his throat before facing you.
   “Oh, hey,” you greeted, eyes lowering sheepishly.  “I’m sorry I didn’t ask...Is it okay if I borrow this?”
   “Trust me,” he said, his tone heavy with approval.  “I’ve got no problem with that.”
   “You sure?”  The way you looked at him with eyes wide and lips parted in concern left him breathless, which sent him into another coughing fit.  You leaned forward to pat his back gently.  “Love, are you okay?”
   His final sputter turned into a chuckle, and he shook his head.  “I’m fine.  You’re look good.  Beautiful.”
   The smile that spread across your face was stunning, and Echo found himself smiling for the first time today.  You had a habit of doing that to him: changing his grumpy mood entirely.  He watched as you ordered something and got more comfortable in your seat, reaching a hand across the table to rest over his.  He entwined his fingers with yours.  Echo realized that he still hadn’t stopped staring, and he embarrassedly glanced away, feeling very much like a shiny seeing a beautiful woman for the first time all over again.  You’d been dating for some time, and usually he was a little smoother than this.
   “You’re so sweet,” you said, bringing his hand up to kiss it.
   He accepted the token of affection with a reassured smile.  “And you” -he kissed your hand in return- “are welcome to borrow my blacks whenever you’d like.”
   You quickly pulled on the top half of Crosshair’s extra blacks that had been folded neatly at the end of his mattress.  He’d be done scrubbing his prized rifle quite soon, and you wanted to be found waiting for him upon his return to the bunk.  Once you were cozy in comfy pants and his shirt, you pulled back the covers and crawled in.
   A few minutes later, the door slid open, and Crosshair entered.  He halted, eyes sweeping over you as he stood there.  He seemed to unfreeze when you smiled and held out your hand towards him, beckoning him closer.  He took it and tilted his head down at you.
   “Someone made themselves at home,” he said.  His tone was casual, but you could tell he was pleased-and even amused- by the way his eyes crinkled at the corners in the beginnings of a small smile.
   “Mhm,” you hummed, scooting farther in to make room.  “Care to join me?”
   He released a sigh, as if it was some chore, and climbed into the bunk beside you, though you didn’t miss the smile that finally did appear as he watched you get settled against his chest.  He grasped a bit of the fabric of his blacks between his fingers.
   “Looks good on you.”
   “Yeah?” you glanced up at him, pressing your lips absently to his collarbone.  He took a deep breath, releasing the fabric, and held you tighter in response.  Crosshair didn’t speak for a few minutes, only rested his chin on your head as you buried your face in his shoulder.
   “Yeah,” he finally said, giving you a kiss against your temple.  “Looks good on you.”
   “I have a hypothesis,” you stated, unfolding the dark fabric that you’d found in a messy heap hanging off the side of his bunk.  You’d brought his blacks back up to the cockpit with you where Tech was busy tinkering on a few things in the co-pilot chair.  The others were off-shift, most likely napping.
   “Oh?” Tech responded without looking up from his project.  “And what’s that?”
   You watched him for a moment from behind the chair.  While you had to admit he looked rather attractive with his broad back to you while he worked so diligently on Wrecker’s busted comm device, you wanted his attention.
   “It’s a secret,” you replied.  His focus gave you the opportunity to slip on the top half of his blacks that you’d found over your tank top.  “I want to conduct an experiment before I tell you.”
   “If I’m made aware of this hypothesis, are you concerned that it will compromise the collection of data?” he finally swiveled the chair to the side so he could peer at you over his shoulder.  It was obvious he noticed you wearing his blacks because his eyes widened ever-so-slightly.
   “Something like that,” you said with a nod.  You approached him, and his eyes moved with you while the smile on his face grew.  Once you were beside him, you casually looked at the repair in progress over his shoulder.  “How’s it coming?”  It took him a minute to tear his gaze from you and glance back down at the device in his hands.
   “It’s coming along rather nicely, I’d say,” he replied.  Then, that cheeky smile returned.  “Or rather, it was until you showed up looking like...that.”
   You shrugged innocently.  “Looking like what?”
   He fell silent again as he met your gaze, mouth pressing in a firm line as if he was internally debating something.  You held back a smile at the sight of the wheels in his head turning.  Finally, he set down the device on a nearby panel.
   “You look…”-he sighed, reaching a hand to take yours- “like I could kiss you.”  With a gentle tug, he pulled you just close enough to lean up and press his lips to yours.  “You look good in my shirt, my dear.”
   You hummed against his lips and pull away to smile.  “My hypothesis was proven.”
   He lifted an inquisitive brow.
   “If I wore your blacks, you would kiss me.”
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mallr4ts · 25 days ago
Kisses for your Captain
Summary: Howzer has mixed feelings about his new scar forming on the left side of his face, and as always, you're there to comfort him, and tend to his healing injury.
Pairing: Howzer x Reader
Reader Description: Reader is gender-neutral, and uses they/them pronouns. This fic does not include any descriptions of their appearance.
Word count: 1.1k
Warning: Brief description of injury. 
Tags: Established relationship, Injury recovery, Hurt/Comfort, Kisses, Mention of marriage.
Notes: good lord that clone deserves a million kisses!! i just had to write something for him, he is just so-  
Tumblr media
"Do you think I can take it off yet?" Howzer asks. This question has become part of his daily routine; staring in the mirror, running his fingertips along the large, white band-aid covering his wound, asking for your second opinion, despite not wanting to follow it. You've told Howzer every day for the last week to leave it alone, to give it time to heal, to stop touching it! He's torn; excited to remove the cover and reveal his new addition to the scars covering his body, yet he's somewhat deflated, upset that of all places, this wound had to be on his pretty face.
"What do you think?" you bounce the question back at him, and Howzer makes eye contact with you through the mirror, raising a brow.
"Normally, you say no..." he smirks.
"I mean, we do need to change the dressing," you shrug, knowing in the back of your mind that it should have been changed a few days ago, but you didn't want to risk Howzer picking and pulling at the scabs forming. You know what he's like, and he's the reason why some of his previous wounds have taken so long to heal.
"So, we're taking it off?" Howzer grins, spinning around to make direct eye contact with you. He's bouncing lightly on his heels, his grin growing as you silently reply by grabbing the first aid kit.
"C'mere," you mutter, gesturing for Howzer to take a seat. He pulls a stool into the refresher, and with his head slightly tilted in the direction of the mirror, he watches as you begin slowly removing the band-aid, revealing the fresh wound covering his cheek.
To no surprise, it's scabby, partially healed and looking rather sore. The scar is slowly beginning to form, spread out from his jawline to his cheekbone, coating the left side of his face sparingly. Surprisingly, Howzer is silent as you begin cleaning him up, dabbing an anti-bacterial wipe lightly over the wound.
"Love?" you question, pausing briefly, eyes trailing up to look at his. He's fixated on the mirror; his expression is neither negative, nor positive, uncertain of how he feels now that he's actually seen his wound. "What's on your mind?" you ask.
"It's... big," Howzer sighs, his self-confidence slowly deflating.
"Moments ago, you were excited about it," you state, dumping the used wipe into the bin and washing your hands. "Is it not what you expected?"
"Not really, no. I mean, yeah it's cool having a new scar, but this is... rather big, and across my face," he pouts. Howzer's fingers begin fiddling with each other, and he finally peels his gaze away from the mirror, staring at the wall instead.
"Howzer," you sigh as you turn back to him. With a gentle hand on his uninjured cheek, you turn his gaze to yours, warm brown eyes meeting your loving ones. He flashes you a small smile, and it remains on his face as you talk. "Wanna know what I think?"
"Of course," Howzer nods.
"...I think it makes you look hot," you purr, grinning as Howzer lightly laughs at your bold and flirtatious comment.
"You do?" he asks for reassurance, and as always, you give it to him.
"Yeah," you confirm as you take a seat on his lap. Howzer's always there to pull you up onto his lap, hands wrapping around your waist, instantly relaxing in your warm and comforting presence.
"Oh, so I wasn't hot before?" Howzer bites back, and you playfully punch his arm at his twisted words.
"You know what I mean," you raise a brow.
Howzer's smile remains as he eyes-up your expression, studying you for a while before stating, "you're not lying."
"Why would I lie?" you shrug, and Howzer shrugs with you.
"I dunno, to make me feel better, I guess?"
"I'm only ever honest with you," you state. Your hand moves up to cup your lovers chin, tilting his head so you can look over his wound once more. "Yeah, I like it. It's gonna look cool when it's healed."
"Let's hope so," Howzer sighs, side-eyeing you.
"It will, as long as you don't pick at it, and let me clean it regularly!" you playfully bark.
Howzer chuckles, his laughter trailing off into a sweet smile as he gazes at you with nothing but pure love and admiration in his eyes. He's told you time and time before that he's lucky to have you, that there's no clone in the galaxy who is as fortunate as he is, that he'll do anything and everything to protect you. Now, it's your turn to protect him, from himself and his picky hands, sadly.
Howzer can't help but lean in and press his lips to yours, his nose lightly bumping against yours before both of you turn your heads, settling into the kiss. Your hand comes up to cup his uninjured cheek, thumb brushing over his tanned skin. As always, your body tingles and melts into your lovers touch, always swept away by how gentle he is with you, when you want him to be.
As the kiss breaks, your eyes remain closed, and you feel Howzer move a hand off your waist to rest on the back of your neck. He holds your head steady, pressing his forehead against yours in the process, savouring the sensation of you in his arms. Only a few, short seconds pass with your foreheads pressed together, but it feels like a lifetime; both of you are content, breathing steadily, happily entwined as one.
You move away, tilting his head to the side again so you can plant light kisses around his scar. Howzer smiles, and his smile continues growing as you mutter "handsome," and "my gorgeous husband," between kisses. Howzer guides your kisses back to his lips, stealing a few more playful pecks from you, and ask the kiss breaks, he questions "husband?"
"You practically are," you shrug. Neither of you need a ring, nor ceremony to seal that deal. You've always spoken of running away together, disappearing far beyond the outer rim to spend the rest of your lives together, possibly owning a little farm or small business. However, Howzer will never be able to leave his duties; the Syndullas, his troopers, and so forth, but it's a nice thought.
"Yeah, that's true," Howzer chuckles. "One day, mesh'a, I promise."
"You promise?" you raise a brow. "I know how seriously clones take their promises."
Howzer smirks as he presses his lips to yours again, featherlight kisses dancing with you. "Yeah, we take them seriously," Howzer mutters against your lips. "Like I said, I promise..."
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rebeldaydreams · 2 months ago
the bad batch cuddling hc’s!
because I’m soft for these boys. gender neutral reader!
Tumblr media
He’ll grumble and act uninterested, but really he’s just self-conscious about displaying affection.
If it’s early on in your relationship it will take some convincing to get him to cuddle with you.
Eventually he learns to let his guard down around you, though.
Hunter is actually a surprisingly affectionate person when you’re in private.
Not a big talker, but he shows his love through his actions instead of words. Soft forehead kisses, playing with your hair, kissing your knuckles, etc.
Being a very protective person by nature, he LOVES being the big spoon. 
Very warm and soft and good.
The first time he cuddled with you, it was the best night’s sleep he had ever had in his life.
Tumblr media
Claims he hates all forms of physical contact but listen,, this man is touch starved and secretly loves cuddling.
He would never admit it though. You could ask him and ask him and he’d just grumble, say he’s busy, or not in the mood, etc.
Finally he gives in and lets you cuddle with him one night.
“Fine, if it means you’ll stop asking.”
Takes a while to get comfy, but eventually you settle on him spooning you. It’s about how you imagined it would be – he’s all sharp angles so he’s not exactly the comfiest person to be pressed against.
That said, he’s warm and strong and you like the feeling of his arm draped over your waist…
The next day you wake up to an empty bed, and just go about your day as usual.
Crosshair gives you a mumbled “morning” when he sees you.
You assume he didn’t enjoy the cuddling and don’t expect it to happen again. Oh well, at least you tried.
That night, you’re heading to your bunk but Crosshair stops you and nods to HIS bunk.
“Well, are you coming or not?”
Tumblr media
Echo gets a little self-conscious about his new android body sometimes, so he takes some convincing.
“I’m not sure I’ll be a very good cuddling partner…”
You assure him that him having a metal arm and other implants really does not bother you at all, and tell him he has nothing to worry about.
To make him feel more comfortable, when you’re laying down together you lie on his left side with your head on his chest so he can put his left arm around you.
“This is nice.” “I told you so.”
This man is SO warm. He’s like your own personal heater.
Will kiss the top of your head and tell you quietly tell you how much he loves you when he thinks you’re already asleep.
(You’re not asleep and you hear everything.)
Tumblr media
The KING of cuddling.
In fact, you’re convinced he was built specifically for cuddling.
Big strong scary man who is actually just a giant teddy bear.
B I G  S P O O N.
Sometimes you’ll switch things up and straight up lay on his chest with your head tucked under his chin. This quickly becomes his favourite cuddling position.
Sometimes Wrecker can get a little overwhelmed by everything and struggles to relax, but cuddling with you always helps calm him.
“I dunno what I’d do without you, y/n.”
Sometimes he becomes very aware of his strength and worries he might hurt you by accident but you just lean up, kiss his cheek and reassure him that you trust him with your life.
Tumblr media
Does this man ever actually sleep? Up for debate. Sometimes you do have to physically drag him to bed.
Tech’s not really a cuddly person by nature - that is he wasn’t before he met you.
He’ll often stay up late working, but he’s more than happy to have you lying with your head in his lap while he taps away at his datapad.
Sometimes he’ll read or talk to you about what he’s doing. You’re interested, of course, but you also just like his voice.
The first time you shyly asked if he could read to you, he was surprised, pushing his glasses up his nose.
“You’re…interested in what I’m working on?”
When he gets more comfortable with you, he’ll drop one hand down to gently run his fingers through your hair while he works.
You almost always fall asleep on him, and usually end up waking up an hour or so later when he finally decides to go to sleep himself and is gently pulling you against his chest.
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saradika · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hooking Up on the Havoc Marauder
The Bad Batch - NSFW Headcanons/Drabbles
The Bad Batch x F!Reader
Rating: E | 3.2k words
An exploration of how you might spend alone with the boys on the Marauder
Tags: Fluff, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex (male and female receiving), some sub/dom elements, protected sex (reader has an implant), creampies, cum-eating, cockwarming, & hand jobs
A/N: Just been thinking about some of the many ways you might get busy on the ship
Tumblr media
Hunter x F!Reader
After Hunter comes back from a mission, or even just after being gone for the day, there is always one place that he ends up - your bunk
It’s not that you can’t go to his, but it’s just that his bunk doesn’t smell like you
So it’s after a long, rough day that you find yourself together, limbs tangled on your narrow bunk of a bed, the only lights coming from the streaks of hyperspace flickering from your small window
Hunter covers you, his narrow hips grinding against yours in a slow rhythm, his chest pressing tightly against yours
At some point he buried his face in your neck, inhaling the warm, sweet scent of your hair, completely drunk on the smell of you
The grind is sweet but you need more, and your thighs lift to wrap around his waist, your heels digging into him
There’s no harsh slap of skin on skin, just the rhythmic, wet sounds of his cock sliding out, before sliding smoothly back in
“Missed you, so ah-, feel so good.” He’s murmuring against your neck, before he’s tasting you, his tongue running over skin, teeth biting down on the column of your neck
He’s not a big talker when he’s in deep like this, it’s too hard to concentrate on words when your pussy is wrapped around his cock, clenching down when he hits that spot
When you’re getting close he pushes himself up onto his knees, his forehead resting against yours as his hair falls around your faces like a curtain
His hand traces down from your neck, between the soft valley of your breasts, down to where you are joined
You’re both moaning when he circles your clit with his fingertip, and it’s only seconds before you’re begging for more
He does, he always gives you what you want, unable to deny you of anything
Hunter’s other hand wraps under your thigh, holding you to him as he circles harder, faster, eyes trained on yours as he brings you closer and closer
“Want to feel you, cyare, please.”
You could never deny him anything, either, his needy “please”, whispered against your skin tips you over the edge
When you cum, hard, his name on your lips, he touches you through it, drawing out the sensations as your orgasm washes over you
After hearing you chant his name, he’s only a few pumps behind before he’s moaning loud and low, messily spilling himself into you with rough snaps of his hips
His back stiffens as his hips jerk one last time, pushing himself as deep into you as he can, grinding his pelvis hard against yours
And then he’s collapsing, his body bent over yours, losing his ability to stay upright, completely overwhelmed by the sensation
It takes him a little while to recover, lying on you like a blanket, his face buried in your breasts as he catches his breath
His head turns, his ear pressed against your chest so he can hear what his body does to your heartbeats
Hunter’s fingers lace with yours as he tries to match his breathing to yours, while your other hand cards through his hair, nails scratching his scalp, turning his limbs to jelly
Then when his breathing finally slows, he’s kissing you, slowly making his way down your body to your soaked pussy
That’s one of his favorite parts after all, tasting himself leaking out of you, knowing it was him that made you cum that hard
He settles himself between your thighs, set on making you cum at least one more time before the night is over.
Tumblr media
Tech x F!Reader
Tech has taken to talking to himself when he works, after you expressed an interest in his tinkering
Tonight he’s sitting in the pilot’s chair, the seat turned to the side so he can show you the pieces he’s planning to solder together
His voice is smooth, his eyes bouncing between you and the wires as he shows you the soldering rod, “-and you would use the tip to apply the precise amount of heat as directed-”
But you’re a little, well - distracted
Tech, bless his heart, has not registered any of your casual flirting or your hints, but you’re not so far gone that you’re willing to just start stripping your clothes off
But it’s so hard to concentrate when you’re looking at his lips, when it’s the first time the two of you have been alone all week
As he talks, you slide down off your chair, and he doesn’t quite notice until your hands are moving up his calves, over the armor on his thighs
“W-which would cause the two surfaces to join.” He stutters at your touch, eyebrows knitting in confusion, “May I, uh- ask what you are doing?”
You smile up at him from between his legs, watching his lips part as your hands slide further up his thighs, “I’m listening, Tech. Please keep going. You heat the iron tip to connect the surfaces. Then what?”
His tongue sweeps across his lips, his hips flexing as your hand ghosts over his codpiece, reaching for the clasps, “The temperature of the heat, uh-, is dependent on…”
Tech’s words trail off in a groan as you work his blacks down to his thighs, his cock half-hard just from the last few seconds
Your eyes bounce to his, looking expectant as your tongue peeks out, running over the tip of his cock
“Keep talking, baby.”
His throat bobs, his eyes blinking and legs clenching as you take him in your mouth, his length hardening as your lips wrap around him
Tech groans, a low, needy sound as his hip flex forward, trying to push himself further down your throat
You bob your head, tasting the salt of his skin, the precum beading at the tip
He sucks in a breath, pushing forward, “Dependent on the thermal mass of the i-items being joined-”
Tech’s voice breaks on a groan, the sound of circuits clattering onto the tray as his hands wrap in your hair, tugging you closer as you take him down your throat
His hips are starting to pump rhythmically, your lips sucking on him as you stroke his base
“But you have to be cautious of your grip so your h-hands…” His voice fades and then falters, eyes closing as you suck on him, hard
“Your hands, what?” Your lips drag off his cock, and he jerks into your hand
“Y-your hands…” Tech’s voice is quiet, he’s fully distracted now, fingers tracing your jaw, watching your lips wrap around him again, “Feel so good. Oh, just like that-“
His muscles are tightening under your wandering fingertips, his breathing coming faster, his hips getting a little more frantic
Your eyelashes flutter as you look up at him and he’s wrecked, gazing at you like you’re the most incredible thing in the world
Your eyes close and you take him down your throat, muscles squeezing as your moan around his cock
“Oh, kark - I’m-” He’s moaning your name as he cums, his spend hot and salty on your tongue, his hips jerking as you stroke and suck him through his release
He’s slumped in the seat when you’re done, and you’re kissing your way up his waist and chest, pulling yourself up until you’re straddling his lap
“Couldn’t help myself,” you smile, teeth sinking into your lip, “I’ll help you solder later tonight.”
“You didn’t let me finish my lesson.” His words are breathy, half-chiding, half-entranced
“I built my first droid at age 10. I know how to solder, Tech.” You tease, your lips brushing along his jaw, “I just like hearing you talk.”
Tech’s cock twitches at your admission, his mouth dipping to chase yours
“You want to see what else I know how to do?”
You circle your hips slowly, grinding down on his hardening cock
His lips crash down on yours, his fingers dropping to your trousers to pluck at the button
“Yes,” He moans against your mouth, tasting himself on you.
“Show me.”
Tumblr media
Wrecker x F!Reader
The first time you knock the heavy safety harness down on top of Wrecker, it was an accident
He had been sitting in the jumpseat, and you had been teasing him, your breasts level with his face as your arms grasped the raised bar for leverage
But then it’s snapping down with a click, trapping him against the seat
After a moment of panicking when it suddenly straps him in, you’re able to figure out the latch, springing him free
But then you started to wonder… seeing how it held his back against the wall, limiting his arm movements
You asked him if you could do it again, and he let you, eyes wary until you folded yourself down between his knees, palming him over his blacks
He catches on quickly and eagerly, letting you suck him off right there on the ship, unable to move much more than his arms or legs
When he came it was hard and fast, the intensity and volume of his release surprising you
Now it’s becomes a regular thing, so much so that when you actually do have to use the seats for an emergency, Wrecker has a tough time not getting hard when the bar lowers
This is where you find yourself now, his thighs spread wide as your mouth presses kisses down his thick length
His hips shift for more but you pull back, teasing him when he groans, already begging
It doesn’t take him long to beg anymore, not after he finds out how much you love hearing him
“You want me to fuck you, baby?” Your voice is a croon, “Want me to ride your cock?”
Wrecker’s eyes are blown wide, his lips already parting as he moans a “yes”, hips thrusting against your hand as you stroke him
You give his tip a final suck, letting it go with a soft ‘pop’, watching the way his chest shudders
Then you’re reaching up, hands grasping the handles on the harness as you pull yourself up, straddling his wide thighs
You rub your wet pussy against his cock, trapping it against his stomach, making him moan again
It’s hard not to tease him when he makes such pretty noises, so you do it again, grinding against his cock, leaning back to enjoy the view
Then you’re sliding up him, leaving his length shining with your slick as you press his tip between your folds
The bar gives you leverage, letting you hold yourself above him, his cock jerking against your heat
“Tell me what you want, Wreck. I know you can.”
He groans, his words coming in a low rush, “Need to feel you, please.”
Sometimes when he’s worked up he forgets the “please”, but not tonight, he’s already whispering it against your lips as you kiss him, sinking down onto his cock
You have to go slow and it takes time - he’s so thick and big, but it works as part of the tease, his breath hitching as you take him, inch by slow inch
Both of you are moaning, you from the delicious stretch, him from your tight, warm cunt enveloping him
When you’ve taken as much as you can, you hold yourself still, clenching around him as your hands brace on his shoulders
His hands can’t reach far, but he’s able to grip your thighs, just above your knees, his fingers flexing against your skin as you try a shallow thrust, pushing yourself up, feeling the hot drag of his cock along your walls
Wrecker moans as you do it again, and again, until you’re taking him deeper, faster, with each thrust
Your thighs burn, your arm aching as you set the pace, the slap of your skin on his as you bounce on his cock
He’s close already, keyed up from you sucking on his cock, already trying to hold himself back, already feeling like it’s too much
Then you’re kissing him as you move, your tongue stroking his, tasting his desperation
You pull back, your forehead resting against his as you slow down, taking him almost all the way out before sinking down on him again
His forehead is pinched, each breath hissing from lungs in a low whine, and you know he’s not going to last
“You want to cum, baby?” Your voice is low, watching the way his eyelids flutter shut, his breathing turning from whines into soft moans
“Y-yes,” his hands are gripping you hard now, fingernails digging into flesh
“Then cum for me, Wreck. Want you to feel you fill me, want it to drip down my thighs all night.”
Your hips jerk down hard and he’s cumming on a loud groan, his words melding together, the “yes” and “please” turning into wordless whimpers as his cock swells in you, painting your insides with his thick ropes of cum
You ride him through his release, until his hand is tapping your thigh, his sign that he’s overstimulated when he’s too pussy-drunk to talk
His head rolls back, a low, satisfied sigh exhaling through his lungs as the smile creeps across his face
Your mouth is on his neck as you rise off him, you can already feel his spend threatening to drip out of you
“So good for me. You want to clean me up?” Your fingers brush over the release button, your eyes flicking up to his
The second you hit the button, he’s lifting you up, your legs wrapping around his waist as he carries you back to his bunk
He’ll make you cum with his tongue and then his cock again - he always does. Anything for his girl.
Tumblr media
Echo x F!Reader
(Just a note - I HC Echo with a full set of prosthetics)
You find Echo by himself in the cockpit, flat on his back underneath the dashboard console
He had turned down the offer to go into town, opting to stay and work on some maintenance instead, rather than get dragged through stall after stall of merchandise
You had come back ahead of the others to spend time with him, bringing him the repair piece he asked you to pick up
You stand at his feet, tapping his ankle with your toe when he doesn’t hear you
His head lifts, a smile curving his lips when he sees you, “Hi cyare, did you come to help?”
You nod, looking at the tools scattered around the narrow space, “Is there room?”
Echo’s hand drops from the wiring, patting his thighs in response
An eyebrow lifts, and he shrugs in response, “Your pretty robes will be dirty if you don’t, but the floor is there if you’d prefer it.”
You do not, and after a moment you’re climbing on top of him, straddling his hips with yours
He asks you for pieces and you hand them to him, watching him carefully repair the wires
To be honest you’re getting a little turned on watching him work, and it’s hard to keep still when your center is sitting flush against his codpiece like this
Eventually he asks you to grab pieces a little further away, and you have to lift yourself to reach them, before settling back down, your hips rocking against him
It takes you a couple times to get it, what he’s doing, and you shoot him a look when you realize
“If you’re uncomfortable, I can find you a new place for you to sit.”
Your eyes lift and he’s staring at you, heat in his eyes as he taps his lips, a smirk turning up the corners
The intake of breath from your lungs is audible, and a flush creeps across your neck as you hiss his name
His smile grows, expression turning conspiratorial, “What? It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve-“
“Not out here.” You’re hissing, trying to peek out the viewport
“Why not? No one is here.” His hands drop, and he’s pushing himself up on his elbows, “And I wouldn’t give a fuck if they were.”
You’re moaning as you lean forward, pressing your lips against his as his hands ruck up your robes. His fingers tease you over your panties, slipping underneath to feel your wet folds
He works a finger into you, moaning against your mouth when you beg him to add another, his thumb already working your clit
“So karking perfect. Will you keep my cock warm then, mesh’la? No one has to know but us.”
His words make you shiver and you nod again, gentle fingers working his codpiece free, tugging down his blacks to free his prosthesis
Echo’s hands rest on your hips for balance as you lift up, tugging your panties to the side as you line him up beneath you
Your moans echo each others as you drop down, sheathing himself deep within you, your robes dropping to cover where you’re joined
His hips rock up slowly into you as he actually resumes his work, he wasn’t kidding about you keeping him warm
You start to get desperate for more, circling your hips subtly, grinding down on him
“Don’t distract me, cyare. I’m working.” His tone is chiding, and you whimper as his hips flex up in direct contrast to his words
Then he’s asking you for more parts again, his cock dragging along your tight walls as you reach for them, filling you again when you settle
His hand is gesturing to some electrical tape above his head, and when you lean over him to grab it, his arm hooks around your waist, tugging your chest flush with his mouth so he can taste your skin, nip at the fabric covering your breasts
You do moan then, loudly, as his hips snap up, sending him deep into your cunt
His little game is over, the repairs forgotten as he fucks up into you, pushing himself up on his elbows so he can suck on the tits that you’re freeing from your clothes as you ride him
The comm beeps somewhere above you, Hunter’s voice crackling through, saying that they’re heading back to the ship
Echo’s eyes darken, his gaze hungry, “Better hurry, cyare. Unless you want an audience.”
The coil is building in your guts, your hand reaching beneath your robes to rub circles on your clit, crying out when his licks turn to soft bites, his teeth scraping across your nipple
His back drops to the floor, hands resting on your hips for leverage as he meets you, thrust for thrust
“Not gonna last, mesh’la,” He’s warning, and the desperate look in his eyes is what sends you over
Your hips grind down hard and then you’re coming, his hands pulling your neck down, pressing your lips to his as he swallows your cries, your pussy fluttering around him
He cums soon after you with a grunt and a curse, his back bowing against the floor of the Marauder as his hips lose their rhythm, lost in your hot, wet heat
You’re loose-limbed and cock drunk, your body flush with his as the waves of pleasure slowly ebb
Then you’re lifting yourself off him, arranging your seating to look a little more proper
He’s smiling at you, eyes heavy-lidded with satisfaction, “Mmm, you make repairs much more interesting.”
You shake your head with a wry smile, before leaning down to kiss him again
“Always happy to help, Echo.”
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doobiwankenooku · a year ago
The Bad Batch: What They are Like in a Relationship
Author’s Note: Okay I’m gonna try something new where I group these lovely boys together for headcannons. Feedback would be great. I’m going to try to capture their personalities based only off of “The Bad Batch” episode which I have watched an unhealthy amount of times.
Warnings: implied smut, mostly fluff
If you had to describe Hunter as a boyfriend in one word, it would be loving
He comes across as gruff, but beneath his rough exterior, he’s a huge softy
This man is completely head over heels for you and isn’t afraid to let you know
He’s very straightforward which means there’s really no beating around the bush with him
That being said, he also has a good sense of humor and loves to make you smile or laugh
He’s very in tune with your emotions, his heightened senses making it easier for him to understand how you are feeling
He can tell when you are upset, afraid, needy, all because of the fact that he has an easy time picking up the chemical signals emitted by your body
These same heightened senses make for a great deal of pleasure for the both of you 
He loves everything about you and loves to be overwhelmed by only you 
The smell of your sweet skin, the sound of your angelic voice, the taste of you, the feeling of your body against his, everything
You loved to be on the receiving end of all that affection
Hunter is a pretty territorial guy and loves to have you all to himself
He’s extremely protective and wants to keep you safe
Hunter is never afraid to let you know how much you mean to him or how much he loves you
Tech is actually the most sweet and caring boyfriend you could ever ask for
He basically worships you, constantly reminding you how lucky he is to have you
Although the Bad Batch is nothing like the regs, he definitely has their loyalty
He always wants to make sure that you are happy and well taken care of
He is never rough with you, always gentle and loving
He will constantly shower you with affection
Whether it be kissing all over your face, holding your hand in his, or telling you each and every thing he loves about you, Tech always manages to keep a smile on your face
He especially loves to hold you in his arms at night when the two of you can lay under the stars 
He will keep you close and rattle off interesting facts about that planet’s moons, constellations, or atmosphere
Many people might consider it boring, but you love to hear his voice and watch the way his eyes light up when he tells you about something he is passionate about
He loves to talk, but he is also an amazing listener
If you ever just want to talk to him about something that’s bothering you, you best bet that this man will listen intently, holding your hands in his own and keeping eye contact just to show how much he cares 
I would also just like to mention how smooth this man can be
Like you best bet that he’s going to slip in some cute comment while he’s telling you some newly learned information
“According to some recent research, it is said that these creatures are considered to be the most beautiful in the galaxy,” he’ll point them out before turning to you with a small smile. “I would like to argue, though, that they clearly have never laid eyes upon your beauty.”
Hunter was right when he said Crosshair isn’t much of a conversationalist
That being said, he doesn’t always need words to express his love for you
Often you will catch his well trained eyes gazing upon you with love and adoration
Other times, the feeling of his hands on your waist or his lips on your forehead is enough to tell just how much he cares for you
When he does speak, Cross take advantage of your love for his low, raspy voice by getting close to your ear
He will mumble about how beautiful you are and give you compliments, leaving you with chills down your spine and a blush on your cheeks
He is surprisingly cocky and confident for somebody so quiet, often finding pleasure in teasing you or making comments about how flustered he makes you
He may have a cold exterior, but if you use a soft tone or pout your pretty lips, this man will do anything you ask of him
He would never admit to having any weaknesses, but if anything were to happen to you, he would be destroyed
Intimate moments with him are always special and he doesn’t like to rush things
He’s very observant of your expressions, voice, and body language
Your happiness and pleasure is his top priority
You in general are his top priority
Occasionally, but not often, you will get to hear him mumble a heartfelt “I love you” in your ear
The smile that follows always makes his heart swell with happiness
He loves you more than life itself
Literally every single day with Wrecker is a fun one because of his outgoing personality and sense of humor
His booming voice and contagious laugh always keep you smiling 
Wrecker is constantly captivated by your beauty and shows it through both word and action 
He loves to kiss you everywhere and completely shower you with affection
He’ll kiss all over your face, your shoulders, the palms of your hands, up and down your stomach
All to show you how much he adores you
Forehead kisses are frequent because of the intense size and height difference
Speaking of which, he loves that he is so much larger and stronger than you
Expect to be called some cute nicknames like “tiny” or “button”
He is also constantly showing off his strength to both you and the other boys
You always laugh at the way Crosshair rolls his eyes when he walks in to see you perched happily atop a gonk droid while Wrecker lifts it with one arm
Laying on top of his back while he does push ups is also really fun just saying
Don’t even get me started with cuddling because it is the most amazing experience ever
Cold night? Not when you’re with Wreck
This man is basically a walking furnace and is happy to share his heat with you 
Nights wrapped up in his strong arms make for the best sleep of your life
He will watch you drift to sleep on his chest, pressing his lips gently to yours with a content smile
There is no one in the universe that could ever love you more than Wrecker
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capsironunderoos · 2 months ago
Nap, Interrupted
Tumblr media
Sergeant Hunter x Reader
Summary: Hunter retires to his room for his usual nap, but is surprised to see you already in his bed.
Word Count: 1,595
Warnings: None!
Author’s Note: This definitely takes place in a timeline where they rescue Omega and Crosshair isn’t being used by the Empire. I hope you enjoy!
Here’s a link to my masterlist: capsironunderoos masterlist
“And just what do you think you’re doing?” 
You heard from the doorway of Hunter’s room onboard the Havoc Marauder and you jumped, almost dropping the datapad you held above your head onto your face. 
The lights were clicked on without warning, and you flinched again, eyes squeezing shut as you finally dropped the datapad onto the bed beside you. Keeping your eyes closed, you let out a playful groan, draping your arm across your forehead as if you were in distress before letting out another groan. 
“You’re getting good at that. Keep it up and you can take it on the road, charge good money for a show.” 
You laughed quietly as you moved your arms and opened your eyes, shifting to sit up and against the wall behind Hunter’s bed. 
You finally looked over to the doorway, smiling at Hunter as he leaned against the frame, arms crossed over his chest and dressed in his blacks. It was obvious that he had come to his room to get some much needed rest as the Havoc Marauder travelled through hyperspace, but it was less obvious that he was surprised to find you, not only in his room, but in his bed. 
Hunter was good at many things, but hiding his emotions was at the top of that list. 
After a brief moment of the two of you staring at each other in silence, he smiled and moved away from the door frame, allowing the door to close with a soft whoosh. He clicked the lights back off as you reached over to turn on the lamp on the nightstand, and as you returned to your spot he stopped at the foot of his bed. 
“Wrecker was looking for you.” He offered, and you nodded, still not offering an answer to his earlier question. 
“Okay kid seriously. What are you doing in here?” 
It was an honest question, a good question, with multiple answers that each held their own repercussions. 
“Umm…” You started, hands idly lacing and unlacing themselves together in your lap. Hunter smiled and laughed softly as he moved again, this time to sit on the edge of the bed. 
“Well, your room is the furthest away from everyone else’s on the ship,” you started, and Hunter nodded, arms crossing over his chest and his eyebrows furrowing. 
He looked like he was conducting an investigation into something much more serious than finding you in his bed, with his back straight and arms crossed, mouth set in a serious line. 
But maybe finding you in his bed was serious, if the longing glances on missions and soft touches as wounds were cared for were any indication to the answer for his questions. 
“I’m aware. S’why I picked it.” He countered, and you nodded. 
“And I needed some place quiet to read over the notes for my mission report.” He considered this briefly, and you could see him thinking it over. 
“Could have done that in your nook.” 
The boys knew how much you coveted quiet time, and had cleaned out a random supply closet for you to use as a work area. 
You considered his answer as well before countering with: “Tech was already in it.” 
Unfortunately, the boys also sought out any chance for a moment of peace and silence to work, and you were rarely able to actually use the nook they had created for you. 
Another beat of silence passed. 
“Still not a good answer,” Hunter prodded once more, and you sighed loudly again. 
“Oh here we go,” he mumbled, eyes rolling playfully as he uncrossed his arms to lean back on them, still sitting at the foot of the bed. 
“Fine, fine. I know this is right around the time you like to take naps on the days we can afford to do so, and I’m sure you’ve noticed but I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. So I was hoping that sleeping with you would solve that problem.” You rushed out the last part of your explanation in a whisper, but Hunter heard it all the same. 
“I have noticed. Was actually getting worried about you.” Hunter offered in response to your declaration, and you felt your heart rate pick up. 
There was something between you and Hunter, you weren’t blind to it and the effects it had on the both of you, but it was never addressed, left to fleeting glances and lingering touches, and one stolen kiss when you’d challenged Wrecker to a drinking game. 
Again, these instances were left untouched, small memories that harbored large pieces of your daily thought process. 
You were pulled from your thoughts when you felt the bed shifting, watching as Hunter moved to sit next to you, grabbing the datapad and placing it on the nightstand beside his bed, turning off the lamp there and enveloping the room in a deep blue darkness, save for the small light emitting from blue stars speeding by outside the window. 
He lifted up the covers and slid down onto his pillow, which you were partially resting against. You looked down at him, frozen in place as you waited to follow his lead. 
You felt electric having him so close, feeling his arm brushing against your leg as he got comfortable. When he finally stilled, he let out a quick laugh before looking up at you. 
“Are you gonna nap or what?” His words jerked you into action, and you were scrambling to get under the covers, as if you were an excited loth cat who couldn’t quite sit still. 
“Maker,” Hunter huffed as you finally settled, a face-splitting grin that he couldn’t see resting on your lips. You felt the bed shift once more, and froze completely when you felt his right arm wrap around your waist before pulling you to him. He was warm, and he smelled clean, as if he’d just had his turn in the refresher. 
“Is this-” 
“Yes,” you cut him off before he could finish the question, and he let out a breath of air that you took as a laugh. 
It was your turn to surprise him now, and you turned in his grasp to face his chest before planting a small kiss to the area where his shirt met the skin of his neck. 
His breathing faltered for a second, his chest freezing as you moved your head to rest in the crook of his left shoulder. 
A moment passed before you felt his warm lips against your forehead. The kiss lingered, and you felt his right arm moving from your waist to grab your chin and tilt it up to look at him. 
He kissed your nose this time, a quick peck that made you giggle. 
You both spent another moment quietly staring into each other’s eyes, his hand still grasping your chin, your hands enclosed between the two of you, resting against his chest. 
You nodded slowly, urging him to do what you both wanted to, what you’d wanted to do since you’d met him, since he’d met you. 
His eyes darted to your lips before looking into your own once more, and you let out a small groan as your patience began to wear thin. He smirked and pulled your chin closer to him, his lips meeting yours, finally. 
They ghosted over your own, not fully meeting as he peppered feather-light kisses to your lips. An ache settled in your stomach and it took everything in you to restrain yourself from kissing him with everything in you, from straddling him and finally having your way with him. 
He continued to press small kisses to your lips as you felt his legs tangle with your own, and just as you were taking matters into your own hands, the door to his room opened with a whoosh, and the two of you froze. Hunter slowly pulled the blankets up, trying unsuccessfully to hide you from the intruder. 
“Hunter! I’ve been looking for- oh. Nevermind.” Omega stood in the doorway now, adorned in one of Wrecker’s shirts, which stopped at her ankles. 
“For me?” You called, and she nodded, her cheeks turning a sweet shade of red. You laughed quietly and beckoned for her to enter. 
“I won’t tell anyone okay? I mean, it’s pretty obvious how you two feel about each other anyways, but I won’t tell the others.” She started to ramble and you and Hunter shared a warm look of fondness before you sat up, opening your arms in her direction. 
She stopped as she saw the movement, analyzing the gesture. 
“C’mon kiddo, offers not gonna last forever,” you teased, and she didn’t hesitate to crawl onto the bed and into your arms. 
She was attached to each of the boys in her own way, but when it came to you, she was always by your side, never far from you, never long without you. You had teased her one time, calling her your shadow for an entire day. 
You slid back under the covers with her in your arms as she wrapped her own around your torso, her head coming to rest on your chest. 
When you had settled and stilled, Hunter caught your eye and you both shared a small smile before he was moving too, wrapping his arms around the both of you and pulling you into him. Your legs tangled with his, and you sighed as an overwhelming feeling of contentment washed over you. 
Silence filled the room before Hunter spoke in a whisper: “No one mention this to Cross.”
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naboosunset · 2 months ago
Hi! I just started watching Bad Batch and shortly there after discovered your page, and I'm hooked! I absolutely love your writing, you capture all the guys so well its awesome! Wrecker and Tech are my fav but its hard not to love them all lol. I wanted to pop in and tell you to keep up the amazing work and also request some from the Touches Ask Game prompts if that's ok? Wrecker: shielding the other one with their body and Tech: kissing away tears. Thanks! <3
here you go my dear! with the two prompts from this delightful list. they’re bolded in the story. 💖
warnings: pushy reg (mild sexual harassment), bar setting, alcohol, canon-typical physical violence.
summary: some shiny reg at 79s doesn’t know how to take no for an answer. The Bad Batch is there to help you out. Takes place right after chapter 5 of The Opportune Moment.
Tumblr media
“So what’s a gorgeous girl like you doin’ in a shithole like this?” said voice next to you at the bar.
A reg you didn’t recognize had sidled up beside you, a smirk on his face, eyes glimmering with a wolfish look you’d grown to recognize in your time spent in seedy cantinas and bars on other planets.
“Does that ever actually work for you?” you asked, trying to brush him off lightly, suddenly a little too aware of the low neckline of your shirt. The boys had convinced you that you looked stunning, and for the first time in a while, you felt comfortable with wearing something a little more revealing out in public. Now, with this trooper’s eyes on you like this, you were beginning to feel self-conscious again, and you shifted in such a way to block his direct view of your cleavage.
“You gonna answer all my questions with a question?” he asked.
“Will you leave me alone?” you didn’t mean to phrase it as a question, and internally cursed yourself. No doubt he thought you were playing games with him now.
“So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? That’s fine, I don’t mind a little chase,” he said, his tongue darting out to moisten his bottom lip as he continued to look at you, hungrily.
You tried to avoid his gaze to locate your boys. Hunter was nowhere to be seen; maybe he’d disappeared somewhere to escape the noise. Crosshair had gone outside for a smoke, so you knew he wasn’t inside. Wrecker was arm wrestling some poor Reg while Tech watched the match with a smirk. You couldn’t get anyone’s attention without causing a scene, which you definitely wanted to avoid. You’d only gone to the bar by yourself to get another drink and bring one back for Tech and Crosshair, but the poor bartender was busy, so you politely waited your turn. Apparently this particular reg saw it as an invitation.
“I’m not interested, sorry,” you said dully, turning your attention to the bottles lining the shelves behind the bar instead, feigning fascination in anything but him.
“Awww, c’mon, gorgeous. I ship out tomorrow. You don’t wanna deny a trooper what might be his last chance, do you?”
He was new, you could tell. A shiny. They always had a sort of cockiness about them. The front lines would change that. It would either become bravado or reticence after their exploits. While you did not envy his fate, and felt a little pity at knowing what he might become, you also were not interested. How much clearer you could make it, you weren’t sure.
“I’m sure you’ll find someone else,” you said with a placid smile, trying to keep your voice firm.
“But you’re the prettiest girl in here,” he continued, placing a hand on your upper thigh. “Mmm. Much warmer than those droids.”
The physical contact combined with his words made you recoil, and you gingerly took his wrist with three of your fingers to pry him off of you. Apparently he took that as an invitation as well, and in a flash, had your hand in his while his other found itself on your waist. He was far too close for comfort, and you had not given him permission to touch you like this. Now that he was so close, you could smell the booze on his breath, and see the glimmering lust in his eyes.
“Get off of me,” you said through gritted teeth, twisting in your seat.
“Sweetheart, that’s no way to treat a man who’s just tryin’ to compliment you. How ‘bout we get one o’ those back rooms and I can be a little more convincing?” the way his eyebrow was raised as he said it made your heart flutter, and bile rise in your throat.
“Look, I said no already!” your voice came out a little higher-pitched and desperate as you continued to try and twist your way out of his grasp.
You thought you might have to resort to physical violence when Tech’s smooth voice sounded at your side.
“I believe the lady asked you to leave her alone,” he said, in that crisp, proper accent.
The reg looked at Tech with disdain. “What’re you, her boyfriend?”
“Perhaps. In any case, she has expressed her disinterest. I suggest you leave.”
The reg still hadn’t let go of you. In fact, it seemed he was taking Tech’s defense as a challenge, and gripped you tighter. You froze, unsure of what might happen at that moment.
“Look, if you want her to yourself, you’re gonna have to wait. We were just about to have some fun,” the reg said, turning back to you.
“No we were not!” you said, pushing against him.
Tech sprang into action at that moment, peeling him off of you and shoving him back. The action caught the attention of several other patrons, including Wrecker, who stood up to his full height and strode over to the bar in seconds. He planted his massive frame in between you and the unwelcome trooper, shielding you from his unwanted advances.
“What’s goin’ on here?” he asked, regarding Tech, you, and the reg with his good eye, his voice all gravelly and commanding.
“This trooper was bothering Stitches. He’s about to leave,” Tech answered stiffly.
“Like hell I was,” the trooper growled.
You didn’t quite know what was going to happen next, but you had a feeling whatever it was would escalate. Hunter had come back from...wherever he’d been, and was at Wrecker’s side in an instant. Crosshair had followed, looking even more scowly than usual as he spotted his brothers at the bar, all standing between you and a reg.
“Last chance, babygirl,” the trooper grinned. You could not believe the audacity of this guy. You’d already said no, but he also didn’t seem to realize who the four men were who’d come to your aid.
“Did someone drop you on your head at Kamino?” you fired back, feeling a little safer with the presence of your boys.
The four of them shared a good laugh.
Instead of being insulted, the trooper’s grin widened. “Ooh, a little fight in you. I like that,” he said, reaching forward and grabbing your wrist again.
“Then you’re gonna love us,” Hunter quipped.
Everything exploded at that moment. In a swift movement, Hunter had broken the guy’s grasp on you (and his wrist, you were pretty sure), as he smashed his head into the bar, holding his head down and his arm at an uncomfortable angle. Bystanders all gasped and watched the scene unfold with wide, prying eyes.
“No means no,” Hunter growled, before yanking the trooper up and pushing him back so that he stumbled.
“Maker, ok, fine. She’s not worth it anyway, ugly bi--”
The trooper didn’t get to finish his sentence. Crosshair had evidently had enough. The insult to you had pushed him over the edge, and the sniper said nothing as he lunged at the guy with a cold fury, the kind you only really saw in close quarters combat. The other trooper’s squad members plunged into the fray to defend their brother. It was the famed Clone Force 99 against a squad of shiny regs, and you knew if you didn’t do something, those poor shinies would ship out in boxes instead of gunships.
People screamed in both delight and terror, as the fight played out before them. Many of the regs were cheering on the shinies, while others had clearly placed their bets on Clone Force 99. Other bar-goers, non-clones and droids, watched with horror and fascination. The barkeeper had commed the police already with a tired look in his eye--apparently this happened far too often for him to really be amused. You didn’t want your boys to have to spend the night in a cell or be banned from one of the only places they were accepted (well, sort of), so you did the only thing you could think of. You screamed “fire! There’s a fire!” and darted to the wall to pull the alarm.
Had you just caused even more chaos? Yes. But it shifted everyone’s attention to the alarm instead of the fight, and everyone began screaming as they tried to get out of the bar. The main entrance was bottlenecked with people, but Tech was a quick thinker. You and him wrestled his brothers out of the fight with some difficulty--you both had to convince Wrecker to pry Crosshair off of the guy--and you all ran out the back. The sounds of the sirens wailing and the people screaming were a little more distant as you hailed a cab for the five of you, to take you back to the hotel room.
In the cab on the way there, you inspected everyone’s injuries.
“I wasn’t finished,” Crosshair grumbled when you took his hands in yours. His knuckles were scraped up and bloody, and you shuddered to think of how the other trooper looked in comparison.
“Good,” you said dryly. “You’d’ve killed him if we hadn’t stopped you.”
“That was the goal,” he answered.
You fixed him with a hard glare, the kind a mother would give her child who’d just thrown a tantrum in public. He didn’t smile, he didn’t smirk. He said it as plainly as if he were responding to a mission briefing.
“Crosshair, no.”
“He touched you. I would have snapped his neck,” he continued.
“Crosshair!” you scolded.
“If it’s any consolation, we all feel that way, Stitches,” Hunter chimed in.
“Yeah, I would’ve killed him myself if Crosshair hadn’t been there,” Wrecker agreed.
“Guys!” you cried, your face growing hot at their words. You appreciated that they were going to such lengths to protect you, and you liked the attention, but it also set off an uneasy feeling in your stomach.
“He was quite persistent. I was worried when he said you were going to one of the back rooms,” Tech said quietly.
Hunter’s eyes narrowed, and Crosshair’s jaw clenched.
“He what?” Hunter practically hissed.
“When I initially approached  him to nicely ask him to leave Stitches alone, I overheard him say he wanted to take her to one of the back rooms and convince her,” Tech explained.
You were mortified. Those infamous back rooms at 79s where troopers could enjoy all manner of sinful activities, safe from prying eyes, were well-known among all battalions. It had become somewhat of a running joke, too. A trooper could pay one of the waitress droids or, if he got lucky without having to pay, they served as a kind of private room to take someone back to since barracks or apartments were not often ideal or available.
“Convince her?” Crosshair practically spat. “Stop the cab. I’m going back,” he insisted.
“No! Cross--stop it!” you protested, and convinced the taxi pilot to continue on to your destination.
“Breaking his nose wasn’t enough,” snarled the sniper.
“Yes it was. And frankly I’m glad you didn’t do worse.”
“Hunter broke his wrist, too,” Tech piped up.
“I know,” you said dryly, glaring sideways at Hunter.
“Wrecker bashed two of their heads together!” Hunter said in defense, as if to shift the blame and imply that was somehow worse.
“Look, I appreciate you sticking up for me, I do. But I didn’t wanna cause a scene,” you explained.
“It wouldn’t have mattered. It seems he wanted a scene of some sort,” Tech said.
“And you’re too nice for your own good sometimes,” Wrecker pointed out.
The conversation might have continued, but the taxi stopped at the hotel. You paid the pilot and tipped him well--no doubt he was probably concerned at hearing some beat-up clone troopers talk so openly about killing someone at a bar.
It was silent as the five of you walked through the lobby and piled into the lift to the floor you were staying on. You were still awaiting mission orders, and thus had extended the hotel room stay after the successful mission with the senator.
Once in the safety and privacy of the room, you had each of them sit so you could treat their injuries. Tech and Hunter had some ugly looking bruises, so you gave them a poultice and some ice packs to reduce the swelling. (Hunter still had the remnants of his black eye from the mission, too). Wrecker was pretty much fine, but he happily let you look him over anyway.
Crosshair was still sullen, but he did not fight or protest when you cleaned the cuts and bruises on his hands before applying a poultice and wrapping them with gauze. Each brush of your hands against his made your heart swell, in both adoration and disappointment as you inspected his injuries. The fact that your boys were willing to go to such lengths in order to protect you was almost too much for you to handle. You’d seen them in action on the battlefield, and you knew they were excellent soldiers. They did their duty for the Republic in style. But when those skills were used in such a way for you, outside of battle...
It was too much.
You began to blink back tears that threatened to spill down your cheeks. Crosshair said nothing but looked at you curiously.
Tech noticed first.
“Stitches, are you alright?” he asked, more alarm in his voice than you were used to hearing.
Hunter and Wrecker followed the sound of their brother’s voice, heads whipping around to look at you.
As you put away the things in your medical bag (perhaps in an effort to avoid everyone’s gaze), Tech crouched before you on the floor and took your face in both his hands, gently making you look at him.
You couldn’t help the tears: big, salty droplets that rolled down your cheeks and made your face uncomfortably wet.
“I’m fine,” you whispered. If you spoke any louder, your voice would crack and you didn’t trust yourself not to start bawling.
“Unless these are tears of joy, you do not seem fine in the slightest,” Tech said, with a little bit of a teasing edge in his voice.
You brought a hand up to rest over his on your jaw.
“I’m just overwhelmed,” you whispered. “You...protect me.”
“Of course we do,” Tech said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, as if it were a scientific fact he’d found on the holonet the night before.
“Why’re you cryin’ pretty girl?” Wrecker asked, crouching down, too.
“ don’t have to,” you said.  And then your voice broke, and you sobbed. Tech helped you stand up, and when you were on your feet, he wrapped you in a tight hug, your head smushed against his plastoid chestpiece.
“I know we don’t have to, Stitches. But we want to,” Hunter offered, reaching out and placing a hand on your upper arm.
“Yeah! We love you. And that means protecting you,” Wrecker chimed in.
“No one’s ever-” you sniffled, “wanted to b-before.”
“They were idiots,” Crosshair said flatly.
“B-but I didn’t d-do...anything, to earn it,” you blubbered.
Tech pulled back and looked down at you with a quizzical expression.
“You do not have to earn love, darling. Unconditional love is not transactional or reciprocal,” he explained.
“You don’t know that,” you countered, breath shaky.
“I do know that. I can lend you the articles I was reading if you’d like.”
“She doesn’t need to read about love to know how we feel, Tech,” Hunter admonished his younger brother gently.
You tried to manage a laugh but it came out as a broken sob combined with a hiccup.
“I don’t deserve any of you.”
“Don’t be ridiculous. Of course you do,” Crosshair answered.
“He’s right. All you have to do for us is ‘be,’ and that’s all we need,” Hunter said.
You tried to take another deep breath to compose yourself, but your body decided you were not done crying, and the tears continued to roll. Tech tilted your chin up with his index and middle finger, thumb resting on your chin.
“Darling,” he said, kissing a spot on your cheek, “you can be,” he kissed another spot, stopping a tear in its tracks, “so silly sometimes,” he kissed your other cheek, stopping another tear.
Tech continued to kiss your face until all your tears were gone, and your breathing had steadied considerably.
“Lovely girl. You needn’t worry so,” he reassured you.
“I’m afraid it’s in my nature,” you whispered.
“It’s what makes you a good nurse,” Hunter said. “You’re always worried for us. But we’re ok. Mostly because of you.”
Wrecker wrapped everyone in a rather suffocating group hug after that, which considerably warmed your spirits. When he finally let everyone go (Crosshair and Hunter were grumbly about it), he kissed the top of your head.
“I love you, pretty girl,” he said in the softest voice you’d ever heard from him.
Your heart had never been so whole.
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thebaddestofbatches · 25 days ago
The Bad Batch Preferences pt. 1
Favorite Place: Just behind your ear and along your jaw. He prefers to wrap his arms around you from behind and these places are easier to reach. Plus they’re more sensitive and he likes to watch you squirm.
Makeouts: Definitely. And frequently. Whenever he gets back from a mission, you do something he finds hot, or just because he hasn’t kissed you in awhile.
First Kiss:
It was hot on Techitua. Dusty too. You lowered your shades on your nose, a polarized version of Tech’s goggles as Crosshair opened a case on the ground.
A makeshift shooting range was set up parallel to the Marauder, a metal piece with a target spray painted on it placed at a distance of 25 meters.
Hunter had told you that if you wanted to stay on board, you needed to know how to defend yourself and assigned you to Crosshair, without even asking if you had any prior experience.
“Alright. I don’t expect you to be top notch with this thing.” Crosshair said, his tone borderline patronizing as he removed a small blaster from the case. “Blasters take a lot of practice to use correctly and you’re only a doctor. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t hit anything.”
You raised an eyebrow at him and took the blaster from his hand. Barely looking at the target, you took aim and fired one, two, three, four, five shots.
Crosshair’s slack jaw and a quick glance told you they all hit the bullseye.
“You forget, soldier,” You said smugly. “I’m an army doctor. I can rip you apart and put you back together just as easily.”
Crosshair’s toothpick hit the dirt and then he was on you, smashing his lips to your hungrily.
Favorite place: Your hand. He likes to hold your hand and bring it up to his lips for absentminded kisses. When you cup his face, he turns his head and presses kisses to your palm.
Makeouts: Not too often. He’s shy after all his modifications and you definitely have to initiate them, but once he relaxes, then he’s into it.
First Kiss:
“Dang ferreck!” You swore as the control panel of the rescued radio shocked you for the fifth time that night.
You gave it a swift thump on the top in retaliation, gritting your teeth.
You needed this to work. It had to work. It’d been so long since you heard real music.
Another try at the wiring and another spark that singed your fingertips. You let out another string of curses and tossed your screwdriver onto the counter with a clank before thumping your forehead against the table repeatedly.
There was a gentle touch on your back that stopped your assault on your cranium. You didn’t need to turn around to know who it was. You could feel the poke of Echo’s prosthetic through your tunic.
“You alright?” He asked.
“No,” You grumbled into the metal.
Echo sighed quietly and after some shifting behind you, you raised your head to see his human hand disconnect two crossed wires and reconnect them at new points. There was a fizz of static and then a gentle song began to float through the speakers.
You let out a whoop of joy and leaped to your feet, grabbing the clone by his collar to pull him down for a quick kiss.
“Thank you!” You squealed, snatching up your screwdriver again and leaving Echo standing there, stunned and pink.
Favorite place: Your neck. He likes to feel your pulse point and kiss the sunmarks and spots along your skin. It’s also one of the best places for him to get your scent.
Makeouts: Not as often as Crosshair, but frequent. He likes to be affectionate with you and when he gets time or feels stressed, being around you and close to you is his priority.
First Kiss:
You’d been separated from the Batch in a marketplace and were now wandering aimlessly.
As you passed an alleyway you heard a whistle and a man sidled up to you.
“Hey gorgeous,” He said. “Where you going?”
“Away from you,” You muttered, but he heard it anyway and snorted. “Feisty girl.”
A gag rose up in your throat and you increased your pace. Behind you the man called. “Hey I’m talking to you! Though I appreciate the view!”
A hand landed on your butt and you whirled, fist raised to deck the stranger for daring to touch you. Before you could though, someone stepped between you and punched him, hard.
You looked up to see Hunter, a deep scowl on his tattooed face as he glowered at your harasser.
“Don’t touch her,” He growled, drawing up to his full height.
The man spat and launched himself at Hunter, sending them both rolling to the ground.
There was some yelling and sounds of fists hitting bodies before Hunter scrambled to his feet breathing hard as your harasser lay on the ground, groaning.
Hunter turned to you with worried eyes and you punched him in the arm hard and then quickly pecked his lips. “You didn’t have to make a scene.”
“Sorry,” He said, not sounding sorry at all as he pulled you in for another kiss.
Favorite place: Your forehead and temples. He can get so busy with this or that and a quick peck to the forehead is his go-to for affection when he’s caught up in something.
Makeouts: Usually whenever he gets an idea he wants to try with you. He learned affection mainly from books so he’s picking up more and more as he goes. Usually you initiate the sessions. However, when he gains confidence later in the relationship, things get more serious as he experiments.
First Kiss:
“Tech?” You called from the porch of your hideout. Hunter had sent you to fetch the male for dinner and so far he was nowhere to be found.
“In here!” The clone called and you followed the sound into the shed to see Tech holding two vials above a pot.
“What’re you doing?” You asked leaning on the doorframe.
“I’m testing a theory. The substance excreted from the fire salamanders’ skin may have some properties that can boost our explosives.” He replied, carefully tipping the vial of white powder in, followed by the orange liquid.
“And you thought it was a good idea to test that in my shed?” You said, quirking a brow.
The technician had the decency to look a little abashed. “Well it isn’t in the house.”
He set the tubes aside and picked up a firestarter, holding it over the pot. “And a spark to trigger the reaction..”
Crack. Fwoomp! Boom!
The small windows shattered and you ducked as a blaze burst up from the pot and then died out just as quickly, sending up a cloud of ash and dust.
When the smoke receded, you heard Tech give a small cough and looked over to see his whole face covered in soot and the front of his normally gelled back hair spiked up.
You burst into giggles, picking up a small cloth from the worktable and approaching the clone to wipe his goggles clean.
He blinked at you from behind the lenses, like he was surprised to see you and you smiled. “That went well.”
Tech gave you a sheepish look. “I’m sorry about the windows. I’ll fix them tomorrow.”
You laughed again, waving him off. “It’s alright. I was prepared for damages when I brought you lot here.”
He gave you a grateful look and suddenly you couldn’t help yourself, darting forward and pecking his lips.
Tech immediately turned scarlet. “What was that for?”
You shrugged. “For being you.”
And then you passed him the cloth with a wink. “Hunter says dinner’s ready. You should probably clean up a bit before you come inside.”
Favorite place: Your cheeks and nose. He likes to pepper kisses all over your face. He’s so enraptured by you that he wants to keep you close at all times to make sure you’re real. Plus he’s a massive cuddlebug.
Makeouts: On occasion. But this boy is too much of a teddy bear for anything more than gentle loving touches. He’s slow and sweet and so very careful with you.
First Kiss:
The Batch was pinned down in an abandoned bunker as a gang faction gathered outside. Echo was doing his best to reboot the turrets while Tech worked on the doors, but unless it happened fast, you weren’t getting out of this unscathed.
You were peering out one of the broken windows with Hunter, Crosshair, and Wrecker picking off grunts where you could, but they had greater numbers and illegal firepower.
A shot from a bike mounted turret hit the wall above your lookout and the ceiling caved in, causing Wrecker tackle you, cradling you to him as he rolled away.
“You alright?” He asked, pushing off of you, his voice higher than normal.
“Yeah.” You said and Hunter swore as glass shattered behind you.
“Echo!! What’s the status on those defense systems?!”
“Same as you asked thirty seconds ago!” Echo snapped. “These circuits are rubbish! This place should have been scrapped for parts years ago!”
A light bulb went off in your brain and you immediately turned to Wrecker. “Give me a charge!”
“Trust me!”
He gave you a look you couldn’t read under the helmet, but dropped an explosive in your palm.
Immediately you started dismantling it. “I need a gravmag, some wires, and anything explosive we can spare. Oh and Echo’s arm.”
“What?” Said Echo.
You ignored him and started your hunt for parts as you snatched a screwdriver, a multipurpose laser tool, and pliers from Tech’s backpack, stripped a console, broke Crosshair’s gravmag off of his grappling hook, and took three more charges from Wrecker. You dismantled, screwed, and rewired before beckoning Echo over and having him weld it all together.
“(Y/N),” Wrecker asked as he fired off another shot. “What are you doing?”
You waved him off as you activated your new, shoddy weapon of mass destruction and bolted for the window, lobbing it as hard and far as you could.
“Hit the dirt!” You yelled and there was a large boom and the whole building rattled.
When the dust cleared, you beamed proudly at the clear landscape.
The gang that had been surrounding your hiding place was now lying unconscious having been thrown a good 50 meters in all directions at extreme speeds.
“What-“ Said Crosshair in his rare stunned tone. “What did you do?”
“Simply,” You said. “I reversed the polarity and made it into a big bang.”
Wrecker whooped and tossed his helmet aside, scooping you into a bear hug and peppering kisses all over your face. “THAT’S MY GIRL!”
You turned pink and he drew back from you enough to press a sweet kiss to your lips, which only served to fill your face with crimson.
There was an awkward cough from one of his brothers and Wrecker turned a similar shade of red, setting you back on the ground.
“Er-“ He said, patting your shoulder awkwardly. “Good job.”
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starwarschicken · 3 months ago
Imagine Hunter catching you singing a song to Omega to put her to sleep after a nightmare
I got this thought in my head by listening to People Help the People from Birdy
Tumblr media
(he’s so pretty)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 460
Summary: Omega wakes up from a nightmare and asks if you can sing a song
You turned your head when you heard Omega gasp while covered in cold sweat; shaking. She looked over to you with fear in her eyes, and that’s when you sat next to her on her bunk.
“You alright?” you furrowed your brows while brushing her back to try to comfort the young girl. No child should go through this. 
Omega shook her head and you pulled her close.
“C-can you sing?” she asked, “It’s alright if you don’t. I just heard that parents usually sing to their children and-”
“Of course I can,” you quietly replied, smiling before starting to sing a soothing song. Omega sighed and snuggled into you closer, smiling a bit as she rubbed her eyes. 
As you got lost in the music, you failed to notice the door sliding open to where Hunter was standing. He went to leave but he couldn’t move as he saw you with Omega in your lap, slowly falling asleep. 
In simpler words, he was mesmerized by you. He knew you were beautiful but hearing your voice soothe Omega made his heart flip. Of course he never told you about his feelings but that moment was when he decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. Maybe have some kids and just settle down somewhere quiet, away from all this mess. 
When your eyes looked up to the Sergeant, his eyes widened and he tensed up but you just sent a smile his way, making his heart race while heat washed all over his body as the words kept falling from your beautiful lips.
It was only when you carefully tucked Omega back into bed when you walked up to him, the medley still ringing from your voice. When you held out your hands, asking for him to dance, he felt himself get choked up.
“Um-I-I don’t dance,” he quietly rejected you, to which you pouted, taking his hands anyways and bringing him close to you before you started to dance around the barracks together. Hunter noticed that the more the two of you danced, the closer the two of you got until your chests were against each other, feeling each other’s heartbeats, which were leaping. 
As you got to the end of the song, the two of you stopped in the middle of the barracks, holding onto each other as Hunter felt the vibrations from your vocal chords fade away.
When you stopped singing, not one of you moved, just hugging each other in silence while Hunter placed a kiss to the top of your head before nuzzling into you more. You responding by looking up into his eyes before placing a small kiss on his lips, making the Sergeant putty in your hands.
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degreeinsimping · 2 months ago
Could I request a fluffy piece where the reader has feelings for Tech but thinks he isn’t interested but is just oblivious?
Tech! My boy!! I love him so much, so thank you for requesting for him!!
Oblivious (Tech x Reader)
Summary: You’ve fallen hard for Tech, but you think he doesn’t feel the same. Turns out, he’s actually just oblivious.
Word Count: 1,412 (I enjoyed writing this one a lot)
Tumblr media
For once, today The Bad Batch actually didn’t have a mission. It was a rare occurrence, but always a very welcome one. Days like these, you and the boys usually found some close by planet to relax on. You forgot the name of the planet you’re on currently, but it was sunny, warm, and beautiful. You loved it.
The boys were all doing their own thing; Wrecker was taking a swim in the nearby lake, laughing happily. Crosshair was sitting in the grass, back against the ship, fast asleep. Hunter was inside the ship, preferring the peacefulness in there over the loud bugs and animals outside.
And Tech? Well he was sat in the grass, legs crossed, armor and goggles sat next to him, tinkering away on a gadget.
You were sat on the steps of the ship, admiring the nerdy clone from afar. Truthfully, you ended up liking Tech a lot more than you ever expected to. What started off as a small crush, soon developed into genuine feelings, and now? You were head over heels in love with him. But how could you not be? He was perfect, everything you could ever want and more.
The others all knew of your feelings for Tech. They had found out over time, catching on to how you always wanted to be around their little brother, and the lovesick glances you’d give him when he wasn’t looking. You made them all swear to never mention it to Tech- he didn’t feel the same towards you, and you didn’t wanna make him feel awkward.
You sighed and moved to rest your chin in the palm of your hand. You wished he felt the same, it hurt to know he didn’t. But if the most you could get was a friendship, you’d take it, as long as you got to be with him.
“Maybe,” Hunter’s voice from behind you made you jump, placing your hand over your heart. Turning to look at him, he chuckled at your reaction before continuing, “Maybe instead of staring at him, you should tell him how you feel.”
You scoffed, “Yea right. Not happening, Hunter.”
“Why’s that?” He sat on the step beside you, giving you his full attention.
“Because I’d just make a fool out of myself. He doesn’t like me the same way, I know it. I’ve tried to drop hints for months, even flirted with him, but he always ignores it.”
Hunter laughed, “Yea, because he’s kriffing oblivious. Tech’s a genius when it comes to technical stuff, he can type away on a computer for half a second and tell you 30 things wrong with it, but he’s helpless when it comes to feelings.”
You frowned and looked out to Tech. He couldn’t be that oblivious, could he?
Hunter reached over and squeezed your shoulder reassuringly, “Trust me, kid, I wouldn’t lie to you. Tell him how you feel.”
“What if he actually doesn’t feel the same?”
“He does.”
“How do you know?”
Hunter smirked and stood up, dusting off his pants. “Because he talks to me. Now you, go talk to him. And that’s an order.”
You rolled your eyes and did a mock salute, “Sir, yes, sir, Sarge.” Hunter walked back inside and you sat there contemplating.
Hunter wouldn’t lie to you. He never had before, why would he now? And what did he mean when he said Tech “talks to him”? Does that mean Tech told him that he feels the same for you?
Knowing you couldn’t sit there and think on it forever, you stood and made your way over to Tech. Your brain was screaming at you to stop and turn around, but you ignored it.
Tech didn’t hear you walking over, too focused on his gadget, but when you sat next to him, he looked over at you. “Oh, uh, hi. I didn’t hear you come over.”
“Yea, I just thought you could use some company over here. That okay?”
“Yes! I-I mean, yes, that’s fine.”
“You sure I won’t distract you?” The last thing you wanted was to bother him.
He shook his head, “No, no, it’s very hard to distract me. Besides, I’m simply working out the bugs on this.”
You nodded, curiosity getting the best of you, “What is it?”
He nodded towards it and the screwdriver laying on the ground, “Well, If I can get this right we should be able to have music playing all throughout the Marauder whenever we want.”
“Music?” Last you remembered, Tech had never shown any interest in wanting music on the ship.
His eyes met yours and his cheeks began to flush red, the tips of his ears too, “Uh, y-yes, I remembered you saying not too long ago that you enjoy music. So I thought maybe you’d enjoy being able to listen to it whenever you want on the ship.”
You didn’t know what to say. He was so sweet, it blew your mind. You hadn’t even meant for it to be something he remembered, you had mentioned it so offhandedly, you barely even remembered saying it.
“Is- is that all right?” Tech was having a meltdown in his brain, afraid you’d find it weird that he had remembered such a small detail. He was afraid you’d find him weird.
You racked your mind, trying to figure out what to say to such a kind gesture. But Hunter’s words from earlier and your original intention of coming over here mixed with trying to find a reply, and you were speaking without even realizing it.
“I love you.”
You gasped, realizing what you had said, and Techs jaw dropped, his eyes wide.
“I-,” you tried to speak, wanting to take back what you said, but you couldn’t.
You felt like you were going to be sick, and suddenly you absolutely needed to get away from him.
Not even giving him time to reply, to reject you, you stood and ran behind the ship. You leaned your head against it, the cool metal doing little to keep you calm, and praying he wouldn’t come look for you. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.
“Y/N?” Tech’s voice called for you, sounding almost hesitant. When he came around the corner and saw you, your eyes darted to the ground, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes.
As he came closer, you began to ramble, “Tech, I-I am so sorry. I never meant for you to know, it just slipped out-“
“So you meant it?”
You slowly lifted your head to look at him, still refusing to meet his gaze. “What?”
“When you said you love me. Did you mean it?” His voice was soft, maybe even a little hopeful?
You hesitated, trying to decide whether to tell the truth or to lie. “Yes.”
Slowly, Tech smiled wider than you had ever seen him smile before, “Why- Why did you never tell me?”
“Well I wasn’t just gonna outright say it! I was terrified!” You took a deep breath, “You mean you really didn’t know?”
“No, of course not.”
“But- but I flirted with you all the time, Tech.”
“You did?” He seemed genuinely baffled.
You slowly mimicked his wide smile now, facepalming and shaking your head. “Hunter was right, you are oblivious,” you whispered it more to yourself, but Tech heard.
He was going to say something else, but you cut him off, “Wait. So does this feel the same?”
Tech walked closed to you, nodding. “I’ve had feelings for you for a very long time. I just never expected you to feel the same, so I never told you.”
You felt like you were on cloud 9. All this time, you could’ve been with him, if you had just been a little braver. You couldn’t help but to laugh.
“What’s so funny?” He raised an eyebrow, still smiling, and once again without thinking, you grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him in, kissing him.
His eyes widened and he froze, and just when you were going to pull away to ask what was wrong, he relaxed and slowly started moving his lips against yours.
He pulled away, face red and slightly out of breath, “I love you.”
“I love you too.” You whispered before reaching up, wrapping your arms around his neck, and pulling his lips back to yours. He placed his hands on your hips, pulling you as close as possible.
You’d seriously have to thank Hunter later.
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and-claudia · 6 months ago
Something to consider...
Tumblr media
So I was talking with my English teacher who has been in the military and is currently in the reserves. He has met his fair share of snipers in his time there.
He was talking about how snipers are usually very detached from their emotions and are typically very abrasive and stand off-ish. Much like our beloved murder toothpick, Crosshair. And after talking with him, everything kinda made sense and I realized that Crosshair was written actually very well and with a purpose. He’s not just a douchebag (a love label one though) for no reason he’s probably like that because he’s a sniper.
Now yes I understand that real snipers are trained to take out other humans, while Crosshair was trained to shoot droids (or that’s as far as we know, we don’t actually know much about the Bad Batch in all honesty and while it’s doubtful that Disney and the creators would take it in this direction because the show is “geared more towards a younger audience” it is possible that they are a special group with their mutations in order to take out living members of the Separatist) they get so used to their jobs that they have little to no remorse when they take out their targets. This would make sense as to why Crosshair is so stand offish towards the Regs, he’s been trained to be detached from his emotions.
In fact my teacher even told me that on of his friends asked a sniper he knew what does he feels when he takes down their target. To which the sniper shrugged and said “A bit of recoil.” And you can try to tell me that this response is not very Crosshair-like, but I would disagree.
This is just a thought I had and I wanted to share it. Feel free to add to the discussion.
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starwarschicken · 3 months ago
Imagine Omega finding out that you have feelings for Hunter
Omega seems very smart, so I decided to make a thing, and since she’s the closest with Hunter....well, you see where I’m going with this. Ngl, when I was proof reading, this made me feel things. 
Tumblr media
(Gif not mine)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 349 
Summary: Omega pulls a confession from you
As Hunter left you and Omega on the ship alone, you didn’t notice the way she was smirking at you as you were bluntly staring at him with a small smile. That is until she cleared her throat. 
“So,” she quirked an eyebrow, “You and Hunter...”
“What about it?” You furrowed your brows.
“Don’t play dumb with me. I saw you making heart eyes at him.”
As Omega said that, she chuckled at your shocked face while a blush crept up onto your face.
“Heart eyes? I don’t know what you mean...” 
“Oh I think you do,” she smiled. The Bad Batch’s personality was really rubbing onto her now, “I’ve seen the way you look at him. The way you giggle at his bad jokes and the way you try to avoid any eye contact with him when he’s just in his blacks.”
“W-well, I’m just not used to it, and...” you trailed off, glancing at Omega, to which she crossed her arms.
“And?” she was urging you to continue.
“You know what? Never mind,” you went to walk off, but she quickly followed you around the ship.
“Hey, it’s alright. I won’t tell him!”
“Yeah right,” you scoffed, “Just look at how giddy you are. I know this isn’t going to end well. It happens every time I have a crush.”
You cringed at the word crush, and of course Omega noticed.
“Well, maybe this one will have a different ending. If you don’t want me to say a word about it, I won’t, but just be prepared for some light teasing,” she winked. Your eyes widened at that, and you went to tell her off but she cut you off before you could even say a word, “Nope, not happening, I’m not giving up my one chance to make the two of you flustered. Let’s just say it’s giving the two of you a little push.”
“What good would that do?” you panicked, “He doesn’t feel the same way.”
Omega gave you a small smile before walking out of the Marauder, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
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melissa-kenobi · 6 days ago
Bad Batch Headcannon: Favourite Dresses on Reader pls 😊
Dresses [Bad Batch]
A/N: YEESS Anon, omg I love this idea, it sounds adorable already!!! May have veered off track for a few but nonetheless it is here :) xx
Tumblr media
Flowery dresses 🌼
Crosshair was an asshole about it at first. As usual.
He totally would not have cared about it in the first place until Hunter made a remark about how pretty you looked, which made you blush, causing Crosshair get slightly annoyed. So he ignored you as usual.
So at night, when you cuddled up to him, you could tell he was grumpy. "Hey, what's gotten stuck up your ass?"
Rolling your eyes you shuffled away from him, sliding to the other side of the bed making Crosshair whine in response. You were stubborn as hell and already knew what he was annoyed about, but wanted him to say it.
Crosshair could never sleep without your cuddles so he shuffled over to you, pulling your back to his chest, aplogising profoundly.
"I like it when you wear dresses."
A smirk etched onto to your face as you let him mumble his words into your neck.
"I like the flowery short ones."
The following morning you woke up before Crosshair, picking out dresses that he would like. So you quickly woke him up, placing kisses on his forehead to which he grumbled and kissed back before opening his eyes.
"Morning grumpy! Which one do you like more?"
"The yellow one with white flowers." He'd grumble, but secretly happy that you had asked him.
Throughout the whole day, Crosshair would tease you, commenting on your entire outfit. Making you blush while you slapped his arm playfully.
While sitting down his hand would trail up your thigh, playing with the ends of your frills, he wouldn't realise he was doing it till you playfully slapped his hand away, making him blush.
When you're alone or getting ready in your room, Crosshair loves to accidentally walk by and push the strap of your dress down before saying "Oh, I'm sorry. Shall I help you with that?"
This man would go from hating them to literally choosing your dresses for you each day.
Maxi dresses 👗
He loves anything you wear, you have style girl, but dresses... mmhhh Echo's already a gonner.
His favourite types of dresses on you are the long maxi type ones, the ones that are just about ankle length - a slit that cuts up your thigh with long flowy sleeves. The ones with a deep V neck that shows off your assets.
The ones you wear are mostly flowery and soft, they give off a casual but formal look that makes you the wonderful woman you are.
Echo loves how beautiful you look in them, sometimes you'll catch him staring at you from afar and you'll tease him.
Sliding your leg apart, or crossing them over to reveal your skin, making Echo blush like mad. You'll send him a small wink, accompanied by a bite of your lip to let him know what you want.
Later on the following night Echo would have to chase you around, just to get a moment to himself with you.
"Maker, you're a hard woman to catch."
"Don't I know it?"
Maker, Echo loves how effortless you look in them when you attend the Senators Ball. He can't never keep his eyes off you, he just want to sweep you off your feet and carry you back to the ship and make love to you all night.
"Mesh'la, I'm gonna have to get you some more of these dresses.."
Bodycon dresses ⏳
Oof, this man loves, and I mean loves a tight dress. He is literally in love with the way it hugs your figure, accentuating every single part of your body.
And the heels you pair with them, ahhhh, he's gone. He cannot stop touching you, his senses go into overdrive, the way you keep shuffling around on your seat to adjust your dress, making sure it doesn't slide up makes him want to rip it off your body right there and then.
Hunter would totally match his outfit to your dress, wanting to be the best matched couple out there. You'd even make a bandana for him that matched your dress.
His hand would be holding your hips the entire time, holding you infront of him to hide his hard on. Mumbling words into your ear, teasing ones about when he could rip that dress off you and take you like he wants to.
"Maker, mesh'la, I can't wait to get back... I'm gonna fuck you with those heels on.."
He'd get his way though. You love it. Maybe you'll wear these dresses more often.
Tight, off the shoulder💃
Now, Tech was a man who knows what he want. He's gone through several images of the dress he wants for you, visually taken your measurements in and gotten the perfect dress for you.
It was a special event, your 1st anniversary together, and Tech wanted it to be special. So he'd been preparing the dress for the past month.
Yep. He'd put so much effort into it.
So when he finally gifts it you, he sits there, all starry eyes behind his tinted goggles, watching as the dress fits snugly onto your body, accentuating your breasts making his eyes pop.
"What do you think?"
"Maker, mesh'la. I think we should cancel out reservations." Tech would mumble, his eyes couldn't remove themselves from you.
He loved the way the dress fell off your shoulders, the small ruffles he had chosen sprung around the top of your breasts while your neck adorned his other gift.
A stunning necklace that he had handcrafted for you.
"Tech I love it! How did you get it to fit me so perfectly?"
Tech would spring into a whole conversation about how tricky it was to get you in once place so he could visually measure your body, but ultimately it was worth it.
To see you all dressed up for him. Maybe he'd have to invest in some more dresses for you, now that he had your measurements.
Short pastel wrap dresses 🌸
Wrecker loves pastel colours on you, he thinks they suit your skin tone amazingly and the way your eyes shine even brighter when you wear them.
He would wake up before you and rummage through your outfits, searching for the one dress that he pictured you wearing in his dreams and would present it you in a rush because he was super shy about it.
"Please wear this mesh'la.."
You'd put the dress on, threading the wraps around your boys before coming out to ask Wrecker for his help with the bow.
"Baby, can you help me tie the bow?"
He knows you're teasing him but he doesn't mind, as long as he get his hands on you then he's a happy man.
Wrecker will take his time doing the bow, his hand trailing across your hip affectionately before he eventually does tie it up.
But you suddenly realise that there was no point because it would be coming off the minute he finished it.
That small glint in his eye told you so.
Omega [Bonus]
Ever since the young girl saw you wear dresses, she's been intrigued to find some too. She loves every single one of the ones you wear and would love to wear one too.
So one night, she rummages through your clothing, searching for one that could fit her. She comes across a bright blue dress, one with polka dots that would suit her perfectly.
So she tries it on.
And obviously it doesn't fit her.
So Omega would waddle her way over to you, her face all shy. But she's clever, she's only try and catch you and Tech together so you both could help her out.
"Yeah sweetie? What's up?"
Omega would fumble with her words before blurting out what she wanted, quickly shoving the fabric/dress into your arms before hiding behind you.
"Hey, what's this?"
Tech would curiously watching the two of you, his mind already rolling with measurements to make Omega her dress, while he figured out how much he would need to cut it.
"She wants a dress. I assume she's seen you wearing them and would like to follow your dress style."
Your heart would swell with warmth as you'd hug the little girl before helping Tech with his measurement.
Later on in the evening, you'd be helping Omega into her dress, swiping away any bad thoughts she may have.
"What if they don't like it?"
"They will. I promise you Omega."
Walking out first in a matching dress, Omega hid behind you, clutching onto your skirt, scared. But But you'd encourage her and she'd walk out.
Her smile only growing when she notices Wrecker holding a matching flower crown for her to put on.
All the boys would fill her with praise, calling her 'beautiful' 'looking like a real princess Omega' 'she looks good'.
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Bad Batch Taglist: @ahsoka1
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subbing-for-clones · a month ago
The Sound Of Your Voice On My Skin
Crosshair x Reader Soulmate AU
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2.25k
WARNINGS: FLUUUUUUUFFFFFFF as a treat because that last episode broke my soul apart
Prompt: Anything you write/ draw on your skin appears on your soulmate’s.
      It was out of fear of punishment that Crosshair had never dared to take ink to his own skin. He had heard whispered rumors from the other braver cadets that risked the wrath from the Kaminoans but after years of teasing and beatings from the normal clones he had developed an anxious complex and kept his mouth firmly closed around anyone except for his three other brothers. It was in the locker room shower after training that he strained his ears for any ounce of the forbidden information.
“I don’t understand. Every time I try to write my name or Kamino it’s like my hand spasms out and I scribble all over myself,” he heard a ‘reg whisper in agitation, “I can write it all down on flimsy just fine right before or right after but I can’t tell her.”
“Well that would make it easy wouldn’t it? I don’t think it’s supposed to be easy,” another ‘reg mumbled.
“Guys, stop. One of the trainers will hear you and we’ll get in trouble.”
    The Kaminoans had forbade any cadets from attempting to connect with their soulmates because they believed that it would inspire desertion or distract them from their duties. They were right of course. Why would anyone want to risk their own life, natural born or not, when they could be with the person they were universally linked to?
    Crosshair turned the water off and toweled himself off, preparing to meet his brothers in the mess for supper. When he met up with the rest of his batch, he could hardly focus on them talking about their prospective training. They had taken on specialized training years ago to better compliment each of their enhanced abilities. His being heightened eyesight, precision and focus. At the moment all of his focus was directed towards an incredibly valuable piece of contraband laying on the floor over by the trash cans. He had watched the pen fall out of one of the trainer’s pockets while they dumped their tray and now, something priceless sat rolled half underneath the bin.
    His hands twitched thinking about the faint ‘hello?’ that had appeared on his wrist months ago. One singular reach into the void made by his own soulmate, one he hadn’t been able to answer. He scarfed down the rest of his meal as quickly as he could; earning a raised brow from Hunter before standing and trying to keep a casual pace. He purposefully dropped his cup so he had a visible excuse for reaching down. He grabbed the pen and tucked it into his long sleeve in one fluid motion.
    That night as he lay in his sleeping pod with the internal light dimmer turned to the lowest setting he stared at his blank wrist, pen in shaking hand. He didn’t know why he was so nervous. All he had to do was write hello. Five simple characters. He knew he could wash the ink off before anyone could see. He inhaled deeply and brought the tip of the pen to his skin.
    Minutes passed staring at the letters he had written. He stared at them so long they started to look strange, almost alien; like when you look at your own reflection too long. He sighed and rolled onto his side, just as he was closing his eyes, he felt a slight tingling. He saw more writing appear below his own greeting. He watched each letter as it was being written in real time and his heart pounded in his chest when he read ‘you’re really out there?’
He jolted upright hitting his head on the ceiling of his chamber, cursing silently to himself.
‘I was starting to think you didn’t exist.’
‘I couldn’t answer before. I’m sorry.’
‘That’s okay. Is it night or day for you right now?’
    He was already running out of room on his arm so he rolled up his shirt and started writing on his stomach as small as he could, ‘it’s night, I’m supposed to be sleeping.’
‘Me too. What did you do today?’ He wanted to say more but he needed to keep space so he simply replied, ‘marksman training. You?’
‘My dad builds blasters and mods for them, he’s teaching me. Are you going to be a solder?’
‘Yes.’ His heart was pounding in his chest. He could fire a blaster his soulmate built one day.
‘Are you scared?’ He paused to think about his reply. He wasn’t actually scared of going into battle. He had been preparing his whole life for it after all and he would be graduating and sent off to fight next year. He had been mentally and physically prepared for it.
‘No. It’s what I’m meant to do.’
‘I’m sorry it’s very late and I have to be up early. Can I talk to you tomorrow?’
‘Of course. No arms though, I’ll get in trouble.’
‘You will?’
‘Yes, they don’t want us to meet our soulmates.’
‘Don’t worry, I’ll find you someday. Sweet dreams.’
‘You too.’
    Crosshair smudged as much of the ink off of his skin as possible but left ‘sweet dreams’ alone so he could see it. He thought about what his soul mate might look like, what they enjoyed spending their time doing. He fell asleep with a small smile spread across his lips and for the first time in his life, he felt hope.
    Two years droned on in a blur since the night Cross had been able to contact his soulmate. He had graduated and completed dozens of successful missions with his batch. He was only able to carve out a few minutes a night to write to her. He learned that she had been contracted by the GAR to work as a weapon specialist. Pride and excitement had swelled in his chest at the time, more so when he got to brag to his brothers about it. Despite the fact that they had never been able to exchange their names or their locations, he held out hope that he would meet her before the war ended.
“Cross, I know you have a grudge agianst the ‘regs and that’s fine but you have to play nice. This is our fourth transfer this year. They’re running out of places to send up for repairs and refuels.”
    Crosshair simply huffed and rolled his toothpick between his teeth bringing up his rifle and resting the broken barrel across his shoulders behind his back, brows furrowed. Tech piloted the Havoc Marauder into the base and landed in a hurry that sent every worker running for cover, “and that means you have to stop flying like a crazy person Tech!” The genius of the batch simply responded with a snicker making the silver haired sniper smirk.
“Tech, see about repairs with the lead mechanic here. Cross get your rifle fixed and Wrecker,” Hunter turned to his largest brother who was still looking guilty for snapping the end off of Cross’s blaster, “try not to break anything. While you’re not breaking anything, resupply the munitions.” The three bothers gave a lazy salute to their oldest brother and sergeant before exiting off the ship and going their own separate ways.
      You wiped your forearm across your brow to try to keep the sweat beaded there from dripping down into your eye while you listened to the ARC trooper before you plead his case as to why he deserved first dibs on the new blaster modification you were working on. The sight of a tall silver haired man walking into your blistering work room tore your attention from the clone momentarily.
“I’m one of the best you know. If you give me the mod, I’ll be able to show off your work to the higher ups and it’ll make me the best ARC in the GAR. It’d be a win-win.” You sighed and rolled your eyes, you liked Fives well enough but he bristled you. He was a fun drinking buddy when you were in the mood but gods above, he was too high energy to talk to sober for more than a few minutes at a time.
“Fives, I’ve told you before. This is a sniper modification, allowing the shooter’s bolts to be significantly less bright so their position isn’t as likely to be compromised. Therefor it’s not fitted for the DC-15S or your DC-17,” Fives lifted a finger and opened his mouth to rebuttal but you lifted your hand, trapping his words in his throat. “No, I will not attach it to your DC-15A rifle either. You hardly use it. Come back after it gets approved for production and maybe we’ll talk,” you slapped the face shield to your welding mask back down and waved your hand at him in a shooing motion praying he’d get the hint.
    Much to your relief he sighed dramatically when you lit up the torch and turned on his heel to leave. He smiled brightly at Cross before chuckling and pointing his thumb over his shoulder in your direction, “careful with that one, she’s the best but she’s fiery as all seven hells,” Cross grunted in acknowledgement before moving from his position leaned against the wall, watching the ‘reg leave with a scowl on his face.
    He made his way over to your work table, watching as you worked on a rotary canon. The barrels had melted to the rare point that they had to be cut off with a torch. It didn’t take you long to separate the melted barrels from the receiver. Cutting off the fuel to the torch and lifting the shield on your mask you turned your attention back to the lanky trooper you had never met before. You breathed out heavily while you removed your gloves and slapped them on the table, “how the fuck did they even manage to get rounds coming out of that thing long enough to melt it that badly?”
“Perseverance,” he snarked casually, bringing a genuine chuckle from your lips.
“What brings you into my humble little shop trooper?” flashing a wide smile that reached your eyes. He took the tooth pick out of his mouth and flicked it into a nearby trash bin before setting his rifle down onto the table that separated the two of you. You picked it up an examined it closely.
“Holy shit. This is a 733 Fire Puncher,” you grimaced at the fact that it was missing half of its barrel, “what did you do to it?”
The man crossed his arms across his chest defensively, “my brother used it to prop open the jaws of a Nexu after I drew my side arm.” Your eyes widened before doubling over in a boisterous laughter. “Can you fix it or not?” “Pffft can I fix it? That’s cute,” you fitted it in a vice and used a large wrench to start unscrewing the barrel so you could attach a new one. “My father works for Merr-sonn Munitions inc. y’know, the people who make this blaster. I’ve been working on them long before the war started, back when these were just concepts.”
    Cross froze and peeled his eyes off of your working hands to look up at your face. He knew someone whose father worked for that manufacturer. His tongue was frozen in his mouth as the possible realization lapped in his chest like gentle waves. Could it be?
    You discarded the remaining half of the barrel into your ever-growing pile of scrap and walked into the back room to find another. When you came back, new barrel in hand and a wistful smile on your face his heart started hammering in his chest. You were stunning. Nerves taking hold and seemingly stopping the flow of his blood. He watched as you threaded the barrel and used your wrench to screw it into place. He was already searching his pockets for a pen.
    You lifted the rifle to your eyeline to look down the barrel, ensuring it was straight, “I know someone who wields one of these beauties,” you stated proudly. “You are the first I’ve met though that has one that’s...” you felt a familiar tingling on the top of your hand and looked down to see frantic randomized scribbles appear on your skin, “… part of the GAR…” you looked up to meet the eyes of the man in front of you and watched as he scribbled nonsense on his hand with gleaming eyes and a faint smile.
    You almost dropped the blaster but managed to set it down somewhat gently before rushing around the table and taking his hand in yours and compared the markings. They were identical, you finally had him, right here in front of you. You looked back up to his eyes and watched how they softened under your gaze, twin smiles slowly growing over both of your faces. You jumped up to wrap your arms around his neck while he held you tightly to his chest spinning you around twice in joy and relief over finally meeting you.
“It’s really you,” you didn’t ask but acknowledged as shock wrang through your body. He grinned down at you before planting a soft and firm kiss to your lips, “yeah cyare.. it’s me.”
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naboosunset · 2 months ago
Seeing Red
A/N: ok, I personally have no experience with uh...ahem...being tied up, so this is what my wild imagination came up with. Tech also might be a little out of character. reference for the bondage pattern here, the middle image.
summary: After a mission on Canto Bight, you and Tech find yourselves alone for an evening. He's excited to show you some new purchases he made after his winnings in the casino, including a certain strand of red rope...
warnings: smut, unprotected p in v sex, bondage, vibrator use, oral (male and female receiving), consensual recording of le sex.
rating: E
words: 7.4k
Tumblr media
You’d never used the word “glamorous” to describe yourself before, but that’s how you felt in your dress. Blood red shimmersilk that seemed to change tones with each flourish of your skirt had you feeling, quite frankly, like a bad bitch.
After an evening of fun at the casino with your boys, you still felt like a bad bitch, just a little more tired.
Crosshair, Echo, and Wrecker had gone down to the racetrack--Crosshair to do some more betting (he had the eye for it) and Wrecker simply because he loved watching animals--Echo to make sure neither of them got into any trouble. Hunter had gone for a walk on the beach. You could tell that the sheer amount of people, sounds, and smells was getting to him, and he needed to be alone in nature for a bit.
That left you and Tech in the other room by yourselves. He was on you the moment the door shut behind you, hands roaming all over your body, squeezing and caressing like he couldn’t get enough of you.
“Honey,” you breathed between kisses.
“Hmm?” Tech murmured into your neck.
“I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere,” you said as his lips continued to nip at your jawline.
Your words seemed to still him, as he pulled back and looked at you with just a hint of surprise and wonder.
“I’m sorry,” he said. “I just...I needed you. All of them were looking at you like they wanted you. And I just…” his tongue darted out to quickly moisten his lips as he caught his breath, “I wanted to make sure you were still ours. Mine,” he said.
You reached up a gentle hand to cradle his cheek.
“Tech, my darling. You should know by now that I don’t want anyone else. Only you. And...the others of course. But right now, just you.”
Tech’s hand reached up to cover your hand on his cheek, as if to feel for himself that you were still there.
“I don’t mean to be this way,” he said softly, almost as if he were apologizing.
“What do you mean, Tech?”
“You are your own woman. A sentient being with free will. I should not…” he swallowed thickly and turned away from your gaze, “be so possessive sometimes.”
Your hand had fallen from his cheek when he turned away, so now you rested it on his shoulder.
“It’s alright for you to feel a little possessive. I’d be concerned if you didn’t feel it just a little. In fact, I like it. Makes me feel worthy.”
Tech’s head snapped back to regard you with a very serious gaze; one might even call it stern.
“You’ve always been worthy. If anything, I have never been worthy of an angel like you.”
The scientist was no good at flattery. He did not think it served a purpose, and he was not socially smooth enough to pull it off well, the way Hunter or Echo could. So when he told you things like this, sweet and beautiful words, you knew they truly burst forth from the deepest wellspring of his heart.
“No more sad talk, my sweet,” you breathed. “I love you too much. Just keep kissing me.”
Tech did not have to be asked again. His hands found themselves on your waist and pulled you flush against him as his mouth descended over yours once more. The two of you fumbled over to the edge of the bed, where Tech pushed you down gently and positioned himself over you, rucking your dress up over your hips.
After a moment he pulled back, looking down at you with his head cocked, his eyes studying your face.
“What is it?” you asked. He was putting together a brilliant idea; that much you could tell.
“Can we try something?” he asked, his face lighting up.
“Like what?”
“Well…” he crawled off of you sheepishly, and you had to hold back a giggle. In your frenzied kissing, you’d gotten red lipstick smeared all over his lips and cheeks. “You know how I like the color red on you,” he began.
“I do indeed,” you affirmed.
“I think we have ample time tonight. Crosshair was doing well in the casino, Wrecker didn’t seem like he’d be tired out anytime soon, and Echo’s with them.” The scientist was blushing quite hard as he explained himself, and you could only wonder what he wanted. “Hunter’s turned in. It’s just you and me, so…”
“So….?” you egged him on, propping yourself up on your elbows, making sure your chest was pushed out just a little bit.
“I wondered if...perhaps...I could tie you up. Like we talked about after our first time,” he said, albeit cautiously, as if he were afraid you might gasp in horror and berate him for such an idea.
You bit your bottom lip as you considered it. He was right. There was no telling when the other two would be back, but the night had been rather young when you, Tech, and Hunter had left the casino. And you could not deny that you’d been thinking about it for a while now.
“Tech, I’d love that,” you breathed.
“You would?” he asked, chest heaving with a deep exhale, as he was visibly relieved.
“Yes! I think it would be fun. But, what would you use? I don’t have anything, and I don’t think there’s anything in my medical bag that would work…” your voice trailed off when his sheepish smile slowly melted into a mischievous one.
“I have the supplies. I figured Canto Bight was the place to find instruments for carnal pleasure,” he explained.
It took a moment for you to process what he’d said. Tech had gone to a sex shop here on Canto Bight? You wondered how the poor dear had fared. But then you remembered...he was confident and open to all sorts of experimentation. He might not have found it embarrassing at all.
“Tech, what did you get?” you asked, eyes shining.
He grinned and adjusted his goggles with his fingertips. “You’ll find out soon.”
His mischievous tone and smile and the eagerness with which he looked at you had even more slickness pooling between your thighs.
“I’m all yours, Tech. Just tell me what you want me to do.”
That mischievous grin on his handsome face darkened lustfully. “Take off your dress and everything underneath it. I want it to just be you and the rope.”
Your heart pounded as a chill rippled all over your body. It wasn’t often that Tech got to take charge, and you were very happy to oblige. Ever since your first time with him, you’d kept that filed away in your mind. No one had ever expressed the desire to tie you up before. The prospect of it was intensely exciting.
As you undressed, you heard Tech rummaging around in his bag. He’d purchased some rope; that much was obvious, but what else had he found in a sex shop that would have been of interest to him?
When you were completely naked, he turned around, grinning, as he held the red rope in his hands. It looked more like a bundle of cord rather than rope that one might use on a waterfaring vessel, which you’d half-expected.
“There’s a book. With poses. We can look at those, if you’d like. I do have something in mind though, if you trust me.”
A delicious thought crept into your mind at his suggestion.
“I’m yours, Tech. Do what you want. It’s ok to be a little possessive of me,” you said, trying to make your voice sultry and flirtatious, but it came out more shy and breathy instead.
“Ooh, Stitches…” he breathed, his tongue darting out to wet his lips again, “you won’t regret it. I’ll make you feel good, darling.”
You did exactly as he told you. Evidently this was something he’d studied for a long time, and you quite liked the feeling of being small and fragile in his capable hands, even if you were not actually small and fragile in real life. Tech had that same hidden strength that Crosshair did. It was always the thin, wiry ones that surprised you. While his hands worked, weaving and tying the most intricate and beautiful of knots all around your body, he kept telling you that if you did not like it, you had to tell him. You in turn reassured him each time, telling him that it was alright. His touches were more artistic than sexual, but you could tell the sight of you all bound up for him was getting to him, as the bulge in his trousers grew more and more apparent. He even blushed when he tied the rope around your breasts, and you’d teased him just enough for it to be playful and sensual instead of mean.
Finally, when he had you the way he wanted you, he stood back and looked at you in awe and reverence.
“Oh...cyar’ika,” he breathed.
“Do I look pretty?” you asked, batting your eyelashes.
“Darling...there are no words to describe how utterly divine you look right now.”
“You should take a picture. Remember the moment.”
Tech grinned. “Actually...that was part of my plan. If you’re willing, of course.”
“My my. You’re full of surprises.” Had your arms not been tied behind your back, you would have reached out to cup his cheek and kiss him deeply.
“Will you allow me to do so? You look stunning and the view behind you makes an excellent background,” he explained.
He was right, too. At first you’d stayed on the ship when you first arrived, but after a night of successful gambling on Crosshair’s part and a little bit of help from your Republic paycheck, the five of you had splurged on a couple of nice hotel rooms, overlooking the beach. You were high up enough that no one could see in unless they were really looking hard, and the glittering lights of the city contrasted starkly against the serenity of the beach as the moon shone down on everything below it.
“I told you before, Tech. Make me yours.”
You thought you may have broken his restraint at those words, but he only smirked as he picked up his personal datapad and began to snap.
He directed you, telling you how he wanted you to pose, how he wanted you to look, and soon enough you got the hang of it, feeling incredibly sexy and gaining confidence as the bulge in Tech’s trousers grew.
“You should let me take care of that,” you quipped, nodding toward his trousers.
Tech blushed, almost as red as the rope around your body. You smirked at the idea that you could make him blush without even touching him.
“I have plans, darling. But when I’ve had my fun, I’ll let you do whatever you like,” he said with such an air of confidence, your pussy involuntarily clenched around nothing.
“Can I ask what those plans are?” you asked.
Tech put his datapad back in his bag and answered you as he rummaged around for something else.
“You may, and I’ll gladly tell you as soon as I find--aha!”
He turned around triumphantly, holding a small gold-ish colored tube that looked strangely like a bullet, but you knew immediately what it was. Your eyes went wide, and you wondered what else he’d bought at the sex shop.
“I won’t do anything without your consent, of course,” he reassured as he approached you, the front of his legs touching the edge of the bed. “My idea was to see how many times I could make you climax in the span of an hour, and then see if me, or this little thing,” he held up the vibrator, “would do it faster.”
Now it was your turn to flush with anticipation and lust. It was so Tech, to want to treat this like an experiment, but you didn’t mind. In fact, the very idea that he had been thinking of you like this, had thought about it and had planned it for so long, had you dripping. You could feel your own arousal on your inner thighs already.
“Oh Tech…” you breathed.
“Is that alright?” he asked, searching your face.
“It’s more than alright! Pleasantly unexpected.”
“Emphasis on the pleasantly?”
“Yes. I’ll do whatever you want,” you assured him, stunned by the sound of your own voice, coming out in a surprisingly sultry tone.
“Excellent. At any point if you do not like it, tell me, and I will stop.”
You nodded vigorously. “I will.”
He smiled, a wolfish smile that you had not seen on him before, and a delightful shiver ran down your spine.
“I estimate we have about an hour and a half or two hours before Echo, Crosshair, and Wrecker return. So, I’m going to set a timer for an hour, and I have my stopwatch here,” he said, holding up his other wrist. “We’ll see whether machine or man wins in the end.”
The prospect of this was incredibly intriguing to you. Tech liked to make these things a game sometimes, and you enjoyed being the subject of such attentions. It required a lot of thought and planning, which meant he was thinking about you, which made you feel desired and valid, in a roundabout way.
“Honey, you know you’re allowed to feel good, too,” you cooed.
“I know,” he said, adjusting his goggles with his free hand. “I said there were two hours until they returned. That’s why I’m setting the first one for only an hour. Afterward, we can do whatever you’d like.”
Cheeky little thing, you mused to yourself.
“You’re so good,” you breathed.
He grinned again. “We’ll see about that, won’t we? Are you ready?”
You bit your bottom lip and nodded, your vision already a little hazy with the promise of pleasure.
He set the timer on his watch, and without further ado, switched on the vibrator. You heard the little hum (familiar, of course) and gasped when Tech wasted no time in pressing it to your body. You were kneeling on the bed, arms tied behind your back, your legs spread just enough to give him access. The ropes on your thighs bit just a little into your skin, but you didn’t mind, especially when Tech moved the vibrator to your clit. He stood before you, still fully clothed, one hand holding the back of your head and pressing your cheek to his toned stomach, while the other was occupied with the toy. You couldn’t help the little moans and whimpers that spilled from your mouth. Tech praised you for each sound you made.
“Lovely girl, you’re doing so well, you look so beautiful like this, such a good job,” came his words after each of your moans.
You ground against the toy, and Tech adjusted it so that it was sitting on your clit just the way you liked. The pressure began to mount in your lower belly, and a few times, the toy even slipped in Tech’s fingers because of your wetness.
“Tech...hhh, Tech, I…” you gasped against his stomach.
“Nearly there?” he asked.
“Yeah, I-I’m close,” you stuttered, moving your hips ever so slightly to get a little friction with the buzz on your clit.
With that, he pressed the toy harder to your clit, and it didn’t take long from there. Soon the pressure that had built up in your lower belly released, and you came with a series of stunted gasps. Tech smoothed your hair at the back of your head, since your face was still pressed against his stomach, and kept the toy on your clit until he was certain you couldn’t take anymore. When your gasps subsided, he hit a button on his watch--the timer for this particular round.
“This was a good purchase, I take it?” he asked, setting the vibrator aside.
“Mmhmm. I’m impressed. How long was that?” you asked.
“We’ll review the numbers afterward. Remember darling, we only have an hour,” he said with a gleam in his eye.
“Love it when you talk nerdy to me,” you giggled.
“I am simply doing what I know best,” he stated.
“I know. And you do it well.”
“It’s my turn now, though. Here, can you…” he positioned you so that you were, for lack of a better phrase, face down ass up. Your arms were still tied behind your back, and you turned your face to the side so you could breathe properly.
“Is that comfortable?” Tech asked.
You wiggled around a bit to make sure, and affirmed that it was alright. The bed creaked as he got on it, too, and for a moment you thought you’d feel the head of his cock pressing against your folds. Instead, you felt his fingertips lightly grazing them, gathering the slickness that had accumulated there.
“So beautiful,” he breathed, just letting his finger glide up and down for a bit. You whimpered and wiggled your ass, hearing him chuckle at that. One of his steady hands rested on the globe of your ass to hold you still.
You didn’t have time to give a verbal response, as you felt his mouth descend on your pussy behind you, causing you to gasp aloud at the sensation. Perhaps you were already sensitive from your previous orgasm--had he considered that in the course of this experiment? Surely that was a scientific flaw...but in any case, you were already feeling the kindling of sparks in your core. The sound of Tech’s tongue lapping at your slit was deliciously crude. For a moment you wondered if Hunter could hear and/or smell what was happening from his beach walk--did his senses reach quite that far? You were almost sure he could...and you might have dwelled on that possibility, but Tech entered a slender finger into your pussy at that moment, and it distracted you.
“Ah! Tech,” you panted as he curled his finger at a rather sensitive spot inside you.
He said nothing in response; only hummed against you and continued his ministrations. The other hand rested on your ass cheek, squeezing every time you involuntarily clenched around his finger. You were desperate for more. You wanted to feel his cock stretch you; you craved the fullness of that, but Tech was methodical in his approach, and you knew it might be some time before he properly fucked you. When he inserted another finger, you cried out and tried to catch your breath.
“Doing so well, mesh’la,” he praised.
That did it. In a matter of moments, the sparks erupted and the flames of your orgasm burned through your body. You babbled incoherently as you came, Tech’s talented fingers and tongue only fanning the flame. When you’d stopped shaking, he planted a gentle kiss on your lower back and made his way to the side of the bed where your face was turned, so you could see him.
“That didn’t feel like it took very long,” you sighed.
He only smirked. “I’m not telling you the times until the hour is up. You’ll simply have to wait.”
You hummed appreciatively. “Maybe we should have got me a gag. I’m sure I’m being quite loud.”
Tech raised an eyebrow, amused at your comment. “Oh believe me mesh’la, I’ve thought about it.”
He didn’t give you time to reply as he repositioned you on the bed. Now, you were on your back, arms still tied behind you, but legs still relatively free.
“Is this alright? Comfortable?”
“Mmhmm,” you affirmed.
“Good. It’s the toy’s turn again. Are you ready?” he asked, looking down sincerely at you, as if to find any hint of distress in your expression.
“Yes, love. Remember, I’m yours.”
He reached over you to get the vibrator on the nightstand, and then repositioned you in a most interesting way. You were still on your back, but he dragged you down so that your ass was at the edge of the bed. He then took your legs so that they were straight up, and placed your calves on his shoulders.
“I thought it was the toy’s turn,” you quipped.
“Oh, it is. Frankly, I didn’t have enough in my budget to afford a spreader bar, so my shoulders will have to do for now.”
The fact that he was speaking of such a kinky thing like it was no more than an errand run to the market made your lower belly quiver. That was intensified when he inserted the small, bullet-shaped toy into your pussy and switched it on. He swiftly pressed the button on his watch afterward.
You were unprepared for the sensation, and let out a gasp.
“Now, I’m not going to touch you there, except to keep the toy in and keep your legs apart. I want to see if just this can make you cum.”
“Maker on high, Tech! You’re not making this easy for me.”
He chuckled. “Trust me, it isn’t very easy for me either.”
“You’re good for holding out this long,” you purred.
“If you’re trying to tempt me to fuck you, it won’t work. And remember, you’re the one who’s tied up here,” he teased. As if to further his point, he pushed the toy in just a little further. You hissed and tried to close your legs, desperate for some friction, but Tech placed his palms on your inner thighs and held your legs open, tutting.
You breathed out his name, more rambling rather than actual words, but Tech did not budge. His hands still held your thighs open, and he smirked as he looked down at you, helpless beneath him, your pussy gripping the vibrator.
That pressure was building again, glowing red hot. You wanted to squirm so bad; it was on the verge of feeling so good it was painful. Even though the vibration wasn’t directly on your clit, it was almost there, enough to stimulate you, and it had your thighs shaking against Tech’s toned torso. How he hadn’t cum in his pants already, you couldn’t fathom. You’d have to give him more credit in the future. Surely if the situation were reversed, you would not have near the control that he did in this moment.
Tears began to prick at the outer corners of your eyes, as you hissed and moaned. That molten heat in the pit of your belly was growing. Soon it would turn white hot and course through your body.
“You’re doing well, cyar’ika,” Tech cooed.
That did it for you, and soon you were gasping and shivering and clenching around the still-vibrating toy. If he hadn’t been holding your legs apart, you would have shut them tight in order to find some sort of relief, but he seemed to like watching you writhe beneath him. When at last your orgasm subsided, he took out the vibrator and set it on the bed, then pressed a button on his watch to mark the time.
Your chest was heaving with the effort, and Tech reached out a hand to hold a breast, made perkier by the rope around it.
“We still have a fair amount of time. Can you do more?”
“Yes, please!” you answered.
“Good. How do these feel?” he asked, tugging at the ropes on your arms.
“They’re ok. They don’t hurt,” you assured him.
He put your legs down, then helped you to sit up.
“Can you get on your knees again?”
“Actually…” you hesitated. You wanted to be good for him and go along with his plans, but being on your knees like that, even on the soft mattress, was beginning to make your thighs ache. “They’re hurting a little. If I can sit or lay some way, that would be nice.”
“Alright. I think I can manage that for my turn,” he said with a smile. He crawled onto the bed and sat against the headboard, propped up by pillows, then pulled you so that you were sitting between his outstretched legs, back against his chest again. He brought one hand up to your chin, turning your head to look back at him.
“Isn’t this wasting precious time for your experiment?” you teased as he kissed your jaw and cheeks.
“I always have time to kiss you,” he murmured against your forehead.
Even though the kisses were innocent and sweet, your pussy fluttered at his words. You were desperate for him to fill you in some way.
His hands traveled down your body as he continued to kiss you, stopping briefly at your breasts, to knead at them and pinch your nipples the way you liked. With your back to him like this, you could feel just how hard he was, and you marveled at his level of self-control again.
His hands came down to rest on your knees, gently nudging your legs apart and spreading them so they rested on the outside of his legs. Tied up with your legs spread as his own held them in place, you were utterly helpless, and you relished it. They left your body for a moment--presumably to start timing this session--but were quickly back, one covering your pussy and the other holding a breast. His dextrous fingers swirled your clit slowly at first, then sped up, responding to the way your hips bucked with every little touch. Your skin was hot to the touch, the pleasure already bubbling beneath it.
“Tech…” you breathed as he applied a bit of pressure while he rubbed.
“Mmhmm?” he murmured into the crook of your neck.
“I don’t...I dunno, I just needed to say your name,” you admitted.
“I’m right here, darling.”
And he was, holding you close as your climax burst forth, spreading all throughout your body, warming you from your fingertips to your toes. You squeezed your eyes shut and you would have liked to do the same with your legs, but Tech still had them spread out on either side of his own. You weren’t sure what you were saying, but he held you close and whispered sweet encouragements in your ear as your shaking body began to still.
“Tech...I really don’t know that I can handle much more,” you gasped.
“We can always test that,” he teased, both of his hands now on your breasts, squeezing comfortably.
“Honestly, I just want to feel you. No more experiments. Just wanna feel you, please?” you pleaded. When he didn’t respond right away, you wiggled just enough to feel his length  through his trousers, and he groaned at that. “C’mon, honey. I know you need it, too. Don’tcha think it would be hot for me to suck you off all tied up like this?”
You felt him gulp behind you, and the subsequent shiver that ran through his body.
“I have...I’m just…not sure I trust myself.”
“What do you mean?”
“I…” he gulped again, “wouldn’t last long, I’m sure of it.”
You sighed deeply and craned your neck to look up at him.
“Sweet Tech. It’s ok. You’ve just made me cum four times in less than an hour, presumably. I assure you, it’s ok to let go now.”
“If you’re sure,” he said.
“Of course. Now kiss me, and then pose me however you want for this.”
Tech obeyed, kissing you deeply, his tongue tracing the insides of your lips and exploring every crevice of your mouth. It sucked the breath out of you, and when he finally broke away, you were gasping almost as hard as when he’d made you cum. He looked fondly down at you afterward.
“You always have stars in your eyes after one of us kisses you,” he observed.
“Because you’re all so good at it,” you teased.
He kissed your cheek, then maneuvered the both of you so that he could help you sit at the edge of the bed while he stood before you. You expected him to take his cock out right then, but first, he pressed the buttons on his watch (stopping the timers, no doubt), then looked down at  you curiously.
“What?” you asked.
“You look lovely,” he mused. “Can I…” his face reddened as he struggled to get the words out, “Can I film you while you do it?”
You nodded vigorously, your own eyes wide with lust and excitement at the prospect.
He grabbed a pillow from off the bed and put it on the floor next to the window, and you realized quickly he meant for you to suck him off in front of the windowpane, where anyone could look up and see if they were looking hard enough. As you made yourself comfortable, kneeling on the pillow, Tech had gone over not to rummage in his bag, but to put on his helmet. You raised an eyebrow at that. He only shrugged.
“The camera’s good. And I figured this would be the best view if I wanted to watch it later,” he explained, as if telling you about a scientific theory.
You giggled. “You’re adorable.”
When finally he was standing before you, fully clothed with his helmet on, you felt a shiver run down your spine. It felt good, to be the helpless one, naked and tied up before him like this.
“Are you ready, Stitches?” he asked, and tapped the side of his helmet to start recording.
“Yes, honey. Please, wanna make you feel good,” you whined.
He didn’t say anything after that, quickly undoing his trousers and letting them fall to the floor, fabric pooling around his ankles. You took a moment to admire his cock when it sprung free, hard and already leaking. Since you didn’t have the advantage of using your hands this time, you’d have to work hard with your mouth--not that you minded, but he was big, and you couldn’t fit all of him in your mouth yet.
You started by swirling your tongue around his tip, and he groaned. Poor thing had been so patient. Part of you wanted to draw this out and be a little cruel, but part of you just wanted to let him finally release himself.
You decided on the latter as you flattened your tongue, opened your mouth wider, and bobbed up and down rhythmically, taking as much of him as you could without gagging. When you hollowed your cheeks for that extra bit of pressure, you heard Tech curse above you. One of his hands came down to rest on the back of your head, wordless encouragement for you to keep going just like that. You were surprised when he held the back of your head still as he thrust into your mouth--he’d never done that before--but when you began to gag and struggle to breathe, he ceased. He might have started again, but you craned your head so that you could suck on his balls instead. Tech let out a choking noise of his own at that sensation, as your mouth licked and sucked the sensitive spot where his balls met the base of his shaft.
Evidently he’d decided he couldn’t take much more of that, so he guided your head back to his cock, where you bobbed up and down like you had been before. His whole body shuddered and his cock twitched in your mouth, but he didn’t cum just then.
Instead, he gently pulled you off of him, admiring the sight of you beneath him with a trail of saliva between your mouth and his cock.
“Lovely girl,” he crooned, “I think we should cum together.”
He reached down and wiped the spit off your chin. You cleared your throat and nodded in agreement, mind too hazy and preoccupied with pleasure to really argue.
Tech helped you up and steered you back toward the bed, where he had you lay down on your back, bum at the edge, with your legs open wider rather than straight up. The vibrator still lay on the bed where he’d left it. To your surprise, he picked it up, switched it on, and held it to your clit.
“Fffuuuuck,” you whined, almost overstimulated.
“I’m close, mesh’la. I have to get you close, too, if we are to climax together,” he explained, his voice coming out smooth through the modulator. The fact that he was still recording all of this sent a delicious thrill through your body, and you involuntarily squirmed under him.
“Teeeech,” you whined, swirling your hips. You couldn’t tell if he was actually smiling, but his eyes crinkled beneath the visor, indicating that perhaps he was. He pressed the vibrator harder against your clit, and you moaned, much louder than you intended.
“Nearly there already?” he asked, his tone incredulous.
“F-four times first’ll do that,” you quipped. “Please, just put it inside me!”
Tech’s resolve was growing weak, you could tell--for you did not have to beg anymore after that. He switched the vibrator off and laid it next to you as he guided his cock into your pussy, hot and slick from all your activities. He still filled you so that it burned just a little bit, in that thrilling, delicious way. After just a mere moment to allow your body to adjust, he began to move, slowly, steadily, as he looked down, watching his cock slide in and out of you.
“No better sight than this, cyar’ika,” he breathed.
You whirled your hips to meet his thrusts in perfect rhythm, and he groaned deeply. In a stunning turn of events, he picked up the vibrator again, switched it on, and held it against your clit as he fucked you, his hips bucking faster and faster as your walls clenched around him.
“Tech! Aah--fffuuuck, Tech, shit…” you burbled, words no longer making any sense to you. The way your body reacted to all this was different. Usually there was a molten heat that bubbled up and burst forth like a volcano, but this...this was different, almost painful in a way. The molten heat was so hot--hotter even than white hot, you imagined--almost cold, as it built up inside you. Shivers ran all throughout your body, from pleasure or cold, it was hard to tell. Even your nipples seemed to stiffen more, which Tech noticed. One hand reached down to fondle a breast, while the other kept the vibrator directly on your clit. The edges of your vision began to grow dark and a little spotty, and you were not entirely sure you could describe what happened next.
Both of you came--Tech with an animalistic grunt, spilling himself deep inside of you, and you--tremors wracked your body as your blood ran cold with bliss. You squeezed your eyes shut and cried out, not expecting such an explosive reaction on your part. A shower of wetness burst from your pussy as you orgasmed, coating Tech’s still-clothed torso with evidence of your pleasure.
He encouraged you through it, rubbing your shaking thighs and murmuring about how good you looked, how pretty you were, how well you’d done for him that night. When you could finally catch your breath and regain some sense of composure, your cheeks heated with embarrassment as you regarded his now-damp shirt.
“Tech...holy shit, I--I’ve never done that before, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean--” you spluttered, but he tapped the side of his helmet, removed it, and leaned down to cut you off with a deep, searing kiss.
“Don’t apologize. I was wondering what it would take for you to do that,” he said, grinning. You’d seen this grin before--he did it when a theory he hypothesized had proven correct.
“You wanted that?” you asked, dumbfounded.
His golden eyes were still blown with lust.
“Of course. And darling, you looked absolutely beautiful doing it.”
“But I...I ruined your clothes,” you said in dismay.
“That’s alright. Entirely worth it. Now, we ought to clean up, before the others get back,” he said.
“Wait...Tech, after you untie me, can you just...lay next to me? I just want you to hold me,” you implored, bottom lip stuck out in a pout.
Who was he to deny the most beautiful creature in the galaxy of such a simple and intimate request?
His slender fingers worked quickly to untie all the delicate knots and intricate patterns he’d so painstakingly tied earlier that evening. You might have felt bad about it, but since he’d recorded everything and snapped some lovely images, your guilt was lessened.
When you were completely unbound, you heaved a deep sigh and flopped onto the bed on your stomach. Tech wound the rope up and put it back in his bag. He picked up the vibrator and inspected it.
You giggled. “I know I said I wanted you to hold me, but you should probably wash that before you put it away.”
“My thoughts exactly,” he concurred. “And I’m not entirely sure I want the others to find it.”
You laid on the bed, arms folded under the pillow beneath your head, as Tech cleaned up the evidence of your activities. You knew you should probably use the fresher and clean up your own body, but to be quite honest, your limbs felt too much like jelly, and you didn’t want to move for a good long while.
When Tech finally returned, shirtless and in just the trousers of his blacks, you smiled brightly and made grabby hands at him.
He took both your hands in his and kissed each of them.
“You ought to use the fresher. We tried a lot of new things tonight, and I’d hate for you to get an infection.”
It wasn’t particularly romantic, but you knew he said it because he cared for you, and his brain was thinking of science and bodily functions first. The fact that he cared for your well-being, however, was romantic in its own peculiar way, and you blushed.
“I don’t think I can move,” you whined. “And I just want you to hold me.”
“I know, darling. I simply want you to be well. Go. Fresher. And I believe I need to change the sheets, they’re a bit damp now,” he explained.
You looked toward the edge of the bed where he’d last fucked you, where there was a not insignificant wet spot. Mortification spread throughout your body at that, deepening your blush.
“I made a mess,” you said with a frown.
“Yes you did, but it was wonderful. Messy girl.”
You reached out and swatted his arm lightly. “Don’t tease me.”
“You like it,” he taunted.
“Yes,” you readily admitted, “but only from you.”
He slapped your ass lightly, urging you to go take care of yourself while he cleaned up the hotel room. Your legs were a bit wobbly, but you made it all the same. If this had been any other encounter with Tech, he would have drawn you a bath or started the shower for you, and perhaps joined you in it, but of course, this had been different.
The hot water felt good against your skin, as the blood began to flow regularly through your body once more. The ropes had been fine, but of course, tied up in so many positions for so long, you were bound (pun intended) to feel a little woozy.
After you’d taken care of everything you needed in the fresher, you wrapped yourself in a towel and headed out into the room. The others weren’t back yet, for which you were grateful. You loved all of them dearly, but after an encounter such as this, you wanted to relish being alone with Tech for a little.
Not feeling like wearing your own pajamas, you rummaged through Wrecker’s bag and found a shirt, quickly dropping your towel and replacing it with the garment.
Tech smiled at you from his place on the now-changed bed, and patted the space next to him. You needed no encouragement as you plopped yourself next to him, tucked the covers up to your chin, and snuggled close. One of his arms encircled you around your upper back, and the other traced the rope indentions in your arm.
“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked, studying the pattern in your arm.
“No. I would have told you,” you assured him.
“These marks might stay longer than a standard night,” he warned.
“That’s alright. Reminders of an excellent time.” You kissed his cheek and snuggled even closer.
The water crashed against the shore outside, the sound faint, mingling with laughter and the gentle hum of speeders and people hustling to and fro. Canto Bight was different than Pijal, but you found the soundscape relaxing nonetheless. You weren’t sure how long you stayed like that together. At one point, Tech had even closed his eyes, and you were sure the two of you would have dozed off into a lovely sleep, had the four of his brothers not burst in.
Wrecker was laughing about something, of course. Echo and Crosshair were arguing. Hunter hung back, looking grim as usual, but he straightened up quick, head snapping, eyes widening as he regarded the room.
Only Echo noticed.
“What is it?” he asked.
Hunter surveyed the room until his stern gaze fell onto you and Tech, cuddling under the covers. Everyone stopped talking at that, and even you froze, looking straight back at the sergeant like an animal caught in a trap, sizing up the predator.
“Stinks like sex in here,” he finally said.
Wrecker guffawed loudly at that, while the other two snickered. Hunter’s stern expression melted into a smirk.
“What’d you do?” Echo asked.
Your worried countenance also melted into a smile.
“If you’re good, maybe Tech will show you the recording,” you teased.
“You recorded it this time??” Wrecker asked enthusiastically, his face lighting up.
“Yes,” Tech said in a matter-of-fact tone.
“We should watch it now,” Crosshair said darkly, sitting on the edge of the other bed, flipping the toothpick to the other side of his mouth.
You chuckled. “No, boys. I’m tired. I don’t wanna get all worked up again. Some other time, k?”
They all seemed disappointed at that, but didn’t press any further. Echo switched on the holodisplay and flipped through the different frequencies, while everyone else did their own thing--Hunter went to the shower, Wrecker took off his boots and snuggled himself next to you so that you were between him and Tech, and Crosshair counted his winnings from the racetrack.
“You know,” you said, looking over at Tech, “you never told me the numbers.”
Tech raised an amused eyebrow and smiled down at you.
“Numbers?” Wrecker asked.
“We played a little game,” you said.
“I’ll go over details with you later, but I can share the summary. One hour. Five times,” Tech said proudly.
Wrecker looked from you to Tech and back to you in disbelief. “Five times?? Stitches, is he sayin’ he made you cum five times in one hour?” he asked.
The whole room ceased their activities at that point as they looked past Wrecker at you and Tech, their expressions stunned. Hunter came out of the fresher at that point, towel hanging low on his hips, while he used another to dry his hair.
“What’s happening?” he asked, surveying the room once again.
“Tech claims he made Stitches cum five times in one hour,” Crosshair explained, his eyes narrowed and boring into you.
You didn’t know it was possible for Hunter or even Crosshair to look so surprised.
“Is that true?” Echo said, muting the holodisplay and looking at you.
You nodded. “One hundred percent.”
“Damn, that’s more than me,” Wrecker said, visibly dejected.
“That’s more than all of us,” Hunter affirmed.
“Don’t worry, baby,” you said, reaching out to cup Wrecker’s cheek. “I’ll give you a chance to beat that record soon enough.”
“Best of luck,” Tech said with a cheeky wink.
“I won’t need luck!” Wrecker protested. You could tell an argument was about to ensue, so you pulled the big guy down and kissed him deeply.
“Hey. Like I said. You’ll get your chance, ok?”
“Ok,” he grumbled.
Echo unmuted the holodisplay and things returned to normal after that. You closed your eyes soon after that, sandwiched between two of the men who loved you more than anything in the galaxy, and dozed off peacefully.
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