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#the batman

Oh god that’s tough ahhhh omg… I love love cedric but… I’m gonna go with Battinson!!!

He seems like he can be reallt sweet and loving! Soemthing about his Bruce/Batman makes me 🥰🥰🥰 imagining the Halloween party with him, him always saving you while he’s Batman, then finding out he’s Batman. Idk Battinson just seems someone I’d go for then again Cedric as well but I wouldn’t be able to cope with his death :/

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i always find it funny that the joker is seen as a icon for white supremiscist magabros, when in all iterations of the joker would carve them like a christmas turkey instead of shaking hands with em. for those who know of the one time he threw hands with red skull because of tv tropes.


this wasn’t a one off time, he legit hates ALL types of nazis and bigots.


so yeah find a new icon neonazis and magabros. 

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Confession. I like DC (comics) more than Marvel. And I think their movies are better too now that they are doing stand alones. Certainly’The Batman’ looks like it will be better that any Marvel movie

(I love Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood and Tim Drake)

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