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Tumblr media Tumblr media
riddlebat summer before college / after hs
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12 & 17 eddie
A/N: Absolutely 😍 the fluff prompt list/info is here!! Enjoy!
Pairing: Dano!Riddler x reader (The Batman 2022)
Prompts: “I live to protect you, and I won’t have it any other way.” “If that guy keeps staring at you, can I murder them?”
Words: 525
Tumblr media
See, this is the exact reason why he doesn’t like taking you out to so late in the evening. The unwanted attention.
Edward knows the sort who lurk around corner shops and darkening streets, just waiting to pounce on the owners for more money and to cause more petty crime and chaos on Gotham’s streets. But how could he say no to you - how could he ever, anyway? - when you asked so sweetly if you two could go out to get snacks for your movie night.
You’d smiled so happily when he reluctantly gave in, and as you wander up and down the aisles, his grip on your hand is firm but gentle, Edward’s thumb absentmindedly rubbing against the back of it. He lets you put whatever you want in the basket and smiles fondly at your typical choices; and just as you’re paying, you feel Edward’s hold on your hand tighten significantly.
You look up with a small frown and follow Ed’s cold stare at a random thug-looking man hanging about near the doorway, though his attention isn’t really focused on the drinks stacked in the fridge to his left. He’s looking straight at you with a smirk that instantly makes you uneasy. You’re quick to look away, but Edward doesn’t, and a few moments later, he leans in closer to you to whisper.
“If that guy keeps staring at you, can I murder them?”
You try not to laugh as you finish up paying and stuff the snacks in a bag, glancing at the thug. “No, Eddie, it’s fine. We’re gonna leave, okay? Let’s leave.”
“Hey, man,” the shop owner calls from behind the counter, glaring at the thug, but not nearly with as much has as Edward’s, “you gonna buy something or what?”
That catches the man’s attention, and he narrows his eyes and stalks up to the owner in annoyance, fighting back at him. You take the chance to get out, pulling Edward along with you, and he doesn’t properly relax until you’re down the street and nearing your apartment.
“There’s so much wrong in this hellish place,” Edward says with a dark look, his arm around your waist now as he holds you close to his side. “There’s so much to do…”
“It’s okay, really, Ed,” you reassure him, hugging his side as best as you can while you both walk, “I’m alright, aren’t I?”
Edward lets out a large breath, looking at you with a soft smile and loving eyes as he squeezes your side. “Of course you are, angel. Because I won’t let anything get to you. I won’t. I live to protect you, and I won’t have it any other way.”
You smile back at him, unlocking the main door to the building and going in with him. “Thanks, Eddie. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
He takes the bags from your hands and kisses your cheek adoringly before leading you up the stairs, and the unwanted attention of before is long forgotten as you seal yourselves off from the rest of Gotham in your apartment happily together, for the rest of the night.
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shadows in the night
battinson!bruce wayne x f!reader
chapter two
summary: more than a year after the events of middle of the night, y/n and Bruce are happily engaged and working to lower the amount of crime in Gotham. However, a new killer calling himself the Riddler has other plans for their happiness…set during the events of the movie, mostly canonical, some changes made to fit the story
a/n: Yay time for another chapter! Going to try my hardest to stick to posting twice per week--I have about 8 more chapters written so far (still only 1/3 of the way through the movie, oops) so we should be good for a while! Once I finish writing the whole thing, I’ll probably post more frequently! That being said, I’m on vacation next week and I’m not sure of the internet situation! Ch 3 will be posted before I leave though! 
If you feel like supporting me further, donate to my ko-fi! You can get either a teaser for the next chapter (for lower donation amounts) or the entire next chapter (higher donation amounts). Find more info and the link to my ko-fi here! 
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Tumblr media
word count: 2645
“Thank you, Gordon. I mean it.”
He muttered something sarcastic about being grateful under his breath, but she was already gone.
It was still raining when Halloween dawned. 
“This reminds me of when we first met,” y/n mused as they ate a late dinner on Halloween night. “You need to be extra careful tonight. There’ll be so many teenagers who could push you off of a roof.” 
Bruce rolled his eyes. 
She was doing her best to try to distract him. He had something on his mind, and she knew it, but she wasn’t really sure how to help. They’d already argued briefly about her going out with him–it was too dangerous, according to him, but according to her there was too much potential for him to get hurt. She wanted to help. She needed to help. He couldn’t be everywhere. 
She wasn’t sure she had won the argument, but he had at least let it drop. 
She’d let it drop too, because the guilt of lying to him was still eating her alive. He didn’t know that she was already helping him. And she wanted to keep it that way. To keep him safe. To keep him from being distracted. To keep him from being pulled in too many directions at once.
“Just think,” she continued lightly, “You might not have a cute girl to save you this time. Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, etcetera.” 
“Are you ever going to let me live that down?” Bruce asked dryly as he rinsed off his plate. 
“Nope,” she said cheerfully. She stepped up behind him and rested her forehead against the warm spot between his shoulder blades. He huffed a laugh. They stayed like that for a few minutes. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed herself closer. “Please be careful. I mean it. Call me the second you need help.” 
“I will,” he said. He rested his hands over hers. “Please–don’t sneak out. Just–let me know. Alright?” 
She laughed, face still pressed into his muscular back. “Okay. But I can’t promise that I won’t leave. You can’t be everywhere. And don’t even think of hiding the Batmobile keys again. I had copies made.” 
He stiffened but didn’t argue the point. 
He finally turned around in her arms. She nestled closer and kissed him. 
“Please be careful,” she whispered. 
“I will. I love you.” He kissed her again, and then he was gone. 
She finished cleaning up dinner to distract herself. She had a bad feeling she couldn’t exactly place. The growing crime despite all they’d done, despite all Gordon and cops like him had done, was worrisome. Gotham was turning on itself, and she didn’t like it. She didn’t like what that meant for Bruce. For Batman. 
Maybe she could wait it out at the restaurant, pack her gear up just in case Bruce needed her. 
She was downstairs before she had fully decided. She picked up the extra earpiece he always left for her. 
“Bruce?” she asked softly as she put it in, grabbed her gear, and went back up the elevator. She couldn’t take the Batmobile to the restaurant, as much as she wanted to. Regular cars only, unfortunately. She had conceded a few months into their relationship and let him buy her a car. To compromise, it had been a used car, because she didn’t need him blowing money on her. Plus, he had six other cars already that for some reason he wasn’t happy with her picking from. He wanted to buy her one. 
His response was instantaneous. “Everything okay?” 
“Yeah, I’m just–I was going to go to the GP for a bit. Let me know if you need me.” 
He didn’t respond–probably busy already, she mused. 
He’d changed the earpieces a bit in the past year. He had something in his suit now that acted kind of like a bluetooth connection. He could connect to it with the push of a button and disconnect just as easily. That way they could both be wearing the earpieces without getting too distracted by constant noise. It made it a little easier to watch him go out each night.
As y/n drove through the rain into the city, her body thrummed. She was almost itching for a fight. She understood exactly why Bruce did what he did. Not only to keep the city safer, but because it was…exhilarating. 
She made herself drive straight to the Gotham Project no matter how badly she wanted to stop and put her suit on. Just this once, she would listen to Bruce. She’d rather wait on him to need her than be out somewhere, too far to help, when the call came. 
At least she had done some good already–she’d gotten the name of Derrick Smalls to Gordon, and it was only a matter of time before the man was arrested. She wished, briefly, that she’d done more than break his hand and punch him in the face, though. 
At the restaurant, y/n shoved her bulky backpack into her office and locked it behind her. The Gotham Project was small, but it was hers. It was actually two buildings next to each other. One was the restaurant and kitchen itself, the other was a sort of homeless shelter and supply store her manager Bryn ran for her. It didn’t hurt that Bryn had also been formerly employed by the Iceberg Lounge while she paid her way through school. 
“It’s me,” y/n called to the chef who ran things when she wasn’t around. His name was Ollie and he’d served ten years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. He was sweet, overly flirtatious, and honestly a better cook than she was. “I’m just here to check on things.” 
Things had been running incredibly smoothly for six months or so. Hiring Bryn and Ollie had been the final puzzle pieces, and things had started simply…falling into place. And with the attention that Bruce’s name got her, well, they did pretty well. They helped a lot of people. 
“Hey, boss lady,” Ollie called from where he flitted around the kitchen. Support staff and waiters danced around the space. Ollie currently had cat ears and a tail. Some of the other waiters had costumes, too, all simple and practical. “Busy tonight.” 
“That’s great.” She meant it–the busier they were, the more people they could help. People could come and eat like it was a regular restaurant, with the option to pay it forward for someone in need. And then the less fortunate or homeless could come in and have a normal, free meal before getting any supplies they might need from next door. People sometimes took advantage of it and tried to get a free meal, but her staff had gotten pretty good at keeping the assholes at bay. 
“Your cop friend is out there,” Ollie said with a flash of a smile. 
Gordon came to visit on nights he worked, usually because he was in the area. She constantly tried to get him to eat for free, but he always paid for himself and the next person to come in. 
Y/n thanked Ollie and pushed her way out into the dining area. It was busy. At the late hour, a lot of people were filling up before a night on the town. There were costumes everywhere. 
Gordon was at his usual seat at the bar, eating a huge plate of the night’s special, carbonara. 
“Hey,” y/n said as she slid into the empty seat next to him. “Can’t get enough of me?” 
“I’m here for the food, not you.” But there was a hint of a smile underneath Gordon’s mustache. 
She grinned. “That’s fair. Ollie’s going to have me out of a job sooner rather than later.” 
“Good thing you own the place, then.” Gordon winked. His phone started ringing in his pocket. 
“Good thing. I’m going to check on Bryn.” She patted Gordon’s arm. “Enjoy your meal.” 
He nodded as he fumbled for his phone. He frowned at the caller ID. 
She hovered for a second, overly curious. He shot her a look that said he knew she was eavesdropping, but he didn’t say anything.  
“Gordon,” he answered curtly. He set his fork down. Y/n watched as Gordon’s face blanched. His mouth parted, just slightly, before he seemed to realize he was in public. “Shit, I–Shit. Okay. I’m on my way. I gotta make a quick stop first, alright? Lock it down. No, I mean it. Lock it down.” 
He hung up quickly and slapped a twenty dollar bill on the countertop.
“What happened?” she asked, because from the look on Gordon’s face, it was bad. 
“I–It’s not good. I can’t say anything yet. I gotta run. Thanks, kid.” 
Gordon was out in a flash. Y/n quietly took the money and put it in the till, frowning. She hadn’t seen that kind of look on Gordon’s face in a long time. It must be bad, whatever it was. The bad feeling she’d been harboring all night grew worse. 
She got her confirmation not fifteen minutes later when the Bat signal flared to life overhead. 
It had been an utter coincidence that she’d chosen a spot with an almost perfect view of Batman’s signal. It had felt a little bit like fate, the first time she’d been in the restaurant and seen it lit. 
Something churned in her gut. 
Not good at all, if Gordon was calling Bruce in on it. Usually that meant something big, bad, or both. 
She picked up her phone and pretended to make a call while, over the earpiece, she said, “Gordon was here and got a call. He seems freaked out.” 
Bruce’s voice in her ear calmed her. “I’m on my way to him now. Are you still at the restaurant?” 
“Yeah, but–” 
“Stay there until I know what’s going on.” 
She sighed. “Okay.” 
She hated being kept out of everything. At least she could look over whatever Bruce had recorded for the night, both with the lens and within his current journal. 
Bryn was packing up a care bag for an elderly lady when y/n entered the other half of the Gotham Project with her master key. This side was a little bigger. There were a couple of rows of cots, a few small stalls with showers, and a huge, heavily secured pantry. Bruce had made sure all of the security was top notch, with alerts going straight to his phone, along with hers and Alfred’s too. He even paid for around the clock security guards, which grated on her nerves sometimes. But at least no one would try to take advantage of her generosity.
Bryn was a tall Black girl that ran the place better than y/n had ever hoped. She’d only seen her around the Iceberg Lounge a few times, and hiring her had been a huge stroke of luck brought about by Lena, who had officially introduced them. Y/n had actually tried to hire Lena first, to get her out of the club, but Lena had politely declined and sent Bryn her way instead. 
“How’s it looking?” y/n asked after the older lady shuffled away, back into the rain. The woman had declined one of the cots for the night. 
Bryn finished writing out the details of the supplies she’d given before answering. “Pretty good. Running low on umbrellas, ponchos, and trashbags, of course. But I already placed an order and it should be here by Saturday. Which means it’ll be sunny.” 
Y/n laughed. “Yeah, I’m sure it does. You know, between you and Ollie, I kind of feel useless around here these days.” 
“Hey, whenever you’re bored, just let me know. I’d love extra time off.” Bryn winked to show she was joking. 
“I’ll put in a word with the boss.” 
At that moment, her phone buzzed. She tried not to seem too eager as she yanked it from her pocket. 
“Don’t tell me–it’s your sugar daddy.” Bryn had been around in the days when y/n had first started working for Bruce, and she never let her forget it. She constantly teased her about it, about the GP’s funding, all of it. But unlike most people, Bryn didn’t mean a word of it. She adored Bruce and always gave him shit for not talking much, which y/n enjoyed to no end. 
“It is,” she said, but it was from Bruce’s “work” phone, not the man himself. His name in it was simply a dark circle emoji. “Because you always have dark circles under your eyes, makeup or otherwise,” she’d joked when he’d asked about it. 
Mitchell was murdered. 
Y/n’s heart stopped. 
The interim Mayor, Don Mitchell, Jr. The man who had replaced Mayor Williams after everything that had happened, and was currently running to be the actual mayor. The man who’d helped bring down Maroni. 
Y/n cursed colorfully. If Bruce was texting, it was because he was around too many others to speak out loud comfortably. “You know, Bryn, why don’t you take off early? I’ll finish doing the inventory and help anyone else who comes in.” 
“I was just about to quit due to being overworked. Damn. Maybe next week.” Bryn winked at her again. They shared a laugh.
Thankfully, she was joking. Y/n made sure her employees were happy, because she knew better than anyone what it was like to have the world’s shittiest boss. Bryn and Ollie were both training people, too, who seemed just as capable as they were. Y/n really did feel useless most of the time. She didn’t even really get to fill in for either of them much anymore. 
Which probably explained the uptick in her…other nighttime activities. 
After Bryn left, y/n busied herself doing what she’d promised while simultaneously checking her phone every thirty seconds. Next door, the noise of the crowd slowly died down. A couple of people came in to sleep for the night, so y/n left them and went back to her office, telling Ollie goodnight as he left. She checked in with the security team before locking herself in her office. 
The hours slowly ticked by. The bad feeling in her gut grew worse. 
It was almost four in the morning when Bruce finally texted again. She’d dozed off on the small couch in the office and woke with a jolt at the chirp of her phone. 
The dark circle emoji greeted her. About to head out. 
She was back at the Batcave within fifteen minutes. 
She flipped on the news first, then the feed for Bruce’s lens. 
“This isn’t good,” Bruce said in her ear a couple of minutes later. 
“What is it with this city and fucking mayors?” she cursed. First Williams, now Mitchell. She hoped this Bella Real lady proved tougher than she looked, because Gotham apparently had it out for anyone in the position. So if she won the election–however that worked with her competition now dead–y/n hoped the woman spent extra on security. 
“Serial killer, maybe. Sadistic at the very least, if he doesn’t kill again,” Bruce said. She could hear a clamor around him. On the screen, she watched him watch a growing crowd from a distance. 
Behind her, GC1 announced breaking news. 
“He left me a card,” Bruce continued as the anchors announced the death of the mayor. There would be a press conference shortly. The press conference setup was what he was watching. “To the Batman.” 
Y/n’s heart stopped again. “He–for you?” 
“It was a riddle. I’ll show you when I get back.” 
She cursed quietly as she watched two different perspectives of the press conference as dawn rose around Gotham. 
Not good. This was not good at all. 
She really had a bad feeling about this. Something was brewing in Gotham, and Batman was at the center of it all.
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─ million dollar man.
Tumblr media
premise: gotham’s princess wants gotham’s prince, what does she gotta do to get his attention?
pairing: bruce wayne (pattinson) x f!reader.
warnings: age gap (reader is around 20, bruce is 30). unprotected sex. teasing. dirty talk. implications of reader’s wealth.
a/n: it’s back!<3
Tumblr media
your silky white dress was complimented perfectly by the yellowish lights that adorned the great hall, charity galas were always a place where you could impress and be impressed, but you didn’t want to impress anyone who wasn’t him.
bruce wayne.
you had somehow managed to take bruce out of the gala with you, convincing him to go to the wayne tower, both completely sober, but minds deeply lost in each other.
you both sat on the pair of green couches on the principal living room, glasses of champagne in each other hands; a small talk turned into other, until you touched the subject bruce tried so hard to avoid when he was with you.
“you’re too young.” he said.
“mhm.. but i’m not.” you said, throwing your leg over his lap and saddling up on top of it, now sitting on his lap, your hands running through his straight hair.
bruce was 10 years older than you, and he had taken the role of a protector type figure in your life, due to your age.
your ‘friend group’ had a wide range of ages, but he was one of the oldest in it, he made company to you in those boring galas and often got the creeps away from you, and most importantly, wouldn’t give in to you.
there was undeniable attraction between the both of you, everyone knew it, but bruce always used the same excuse, ‘she’s too young’ he would say, he really was trying to keep it going, you would probably be more satisfied with a younger man; he liked crossword puzzles, he didn’t enjoy parties, he liked sleeping in on sundays, he liked coming home from his night activities and relax in front of the fire with a glass of wine.
you were fresh into adulthood, bruce had gone with you to buy your first brand new car, helped you move into your apartment and helped you understanding financial stuff better, he even helped you with your parents company, and while others would find those tasks boring and normal, you found it incredibly hot.
bruce was a man.
all man, his life figured out, his own collection of cars, a company on his name, a huge mansion, a tower and a couple of houses.
he wasn’t a player, he liked the same music you did, the same movies you did, he could dance and cook, he was shy, reserved, respectful, and that was exactly what you always wanted to have.
bruce always tried to avoid your flirting, but it was obvious to you it wasn’t because he didn’t want you, he stared too much, his eyes always lingered longer than the others, his touch went out of the way of a normal friend, you had even shared a kiss on new year’s, that he had said was a mistake, but you knew better.
“y/n…. please.” he pleaded. “you’re going to get bored of me.” he whispered, making you frown, you adjusted in his lap, leading his head to lean back so you could look into his eyes.
he should have known that accepting your offer of hanging out alone would end like this, his self control fraying like an old, weak thread.
“bruce..” you whispered, running your free hand over his cheek. “i’m not gonna be bored of you, i adore hanging out with you, i love you, so so much…” your voice went soft and sweet, leaning down and kissing his forehead, his eyes closed, a sigh leaning his mouth as he tried to recover but the action went straight to his heart.
“i love your lips… i haven’t been able to stop thinking about our kiss, your hands held me so tight, bruce, it felt right, and i think about it every single night when i’m all alone, i think about you every time i’m all alone.” your voice turned to a more sultry tone, kissing over his high cheekbone and down to the center of it. “i think about you all the fucking time, i know you do too.”
there was a debate in his mind and he was going to lose it.
“of course I do, princess, but you’re so young, you don’t want to have a family any time soon, you don’t want to have chess nights instead of parties and galas-.” you placed a hand over his mouth.
“who told you i didn’t want that?”
your words caught him off ward, his green eyes looking over your face, you were death serious.
“who told you i don’t want to come home to a strong, older man who can give me everything i want in a relationship?” you tilted your head in questioning. “hmm? who told you i like all those things to begin with? have you asked me, bruce? because the answer it’s not what you think.” you said, nose brushing against his.
he felt you take his hand and moved it around your waist, wrapping one of your arms around his neck while your fingers played with the ends of his hair. “go on, ask me.”
he took a shaky breath, the fingers at the nape of his neck sending chills all over his body. it felt like a dream, he licked his lips before he asked.
“what do you want?”
“i want you, i want to do all the things you do, with you. I know i’m young, but you don’t have a clue of what i want, i want a family, i want a man who will treat me with respect, a man who respects himself, one who has an extensive vinyl record collection… a man who sings nirvana at the top of his lungs with me…” you pecked his lips slowly. “i want a man who’s passionate, a man who has a deep and slow voice to whisper pretty, dirty things to me, someone who wants to protect me the way you already do.” another peck, your opposite hand cupping his jaw.
“i want a man who knows how to treat me, a man who has some experience in life.” your lips trailed to his jaw. “i want a man with big hands, hands that can hold me, stroke my hair and run all over my body like i know you so desperately want to, despite telling yourself you can’t.” your teeth nipped at the junction of his jaw and neck, smirking when you felt his hand smooth down her back and reach the bare skin of your thighs, where your dress had ridden up.
he was losing composure.
“i want a passion, someone who can hold me and give me the most intimate time of my life… and a man who can throw me down over the hood of his vintage car and pound into me like he doesn’t know how to do anything else, a man with dedication….” you lowered your hips and rocked them into his own. “i want you.”
a groan erupted from his throat, his other hand coming to clench down on your hip to steady himself, you were his weakness, and you knew you had this power over him.
“you say I’m too young, bruce. but i’m not, i know a lot of things.” you ground your hips against him, moaning softly as you felt the bulge in his pants press right between your thighs, he was big, as you knew, but it was something else entirely to feel it right against where she wanted it most.
“i know that i want you in my mouth, in my cunt, so fucking badly that i ache for it.” you whimpered, pulling his head back to rest against the couch. your eyes took in his moony eyes as he looked up at you in awe, this was a newer side of her that he hadn’t seen, but he was loving it
“i want you to make love to me any and everywhere, in every room of this tower and in every surface of my apartment, in any position.” your hand stroked through his hair, tugging lightly at the end of it, you could feel his cock pulse against you, making you grin. “mhm, like this” you lifted your hips, mimicking riding him, your breathing was heavier, pressing you forehead against his as you did so. “i want to ride you on this couch when you come home from work… want to climb right on and give you a a place where you can dump all of that stress to.” pulling back from his face, you tugged his hand from her hip and placed it on your ass.
“go ahead, feel it.” you taunted. he was at the end of his wit, drunk off of you alone and letting his large hand squeeze over it, he was going to give it to you so good as soon as he fully gave in, and you knew it. “that’s it, bruce. imagine it, we get along so good, spend so much time together, why can’t we move it to the next level? spend more time giving each other what we both really want?“
your case was solid, breaking through all of his barriers, you were exploding each and every excuse he could have, the guilt was washing away, he really had nothing to be ashamed of.
“god… fuck, y/n.” he cursed. “how do you do this to me? how do you make me feel this fucking good?” he pleaded, needing to know why you had this power over him.
“because you want me too.” you kissed his lips again, slowly, that was the end of his resistance, his mouth closing over yours, internally jumping for victory as you let the kiss run its course before pulling back with a satisfied hum.
“i do… fuck, i do.” he let the final string unravel, admitting it to the both of you, that’s all it took for you to unzip your dress, letting it pool around your waist, moving your hand towards your center, moving your lace thong to the side, exposing yourself.
“then have me.”
bruce had tried so hard to avoid this temptation.
you were younger than him and for so long he had viewed it as him being a dirty, creepy older man, but when you let him know just how badly you actually wanted him? it changed everything.
“please, please, please.” you whimpered. bruce’s cock ran over your soaked slit, watching in awe as the tip bumped your clit and how your hips would jerk up each time. “don’t tease, bruce, give it to me.” you pleaded, hand going to the wrist holding his cock, pulling it closer. “i want it inside.”
you flipped off of his lap to lay on the couch properly, bruce ripped the dress off your body, you returned the favor, you both needed this. months of avoidance had led to the pent up sexual tension that needed to be released.
“shh. i’m just….” he licked his lip. “just admiring, princess. we’ve got the whole night, as long as you want. this is only the beginning.” his teasing was cruel, perhaps, but he wanted a bit of the control action, you had it before, was dangling over him like a shiny toy he had been so guilty lusting after, and he wanted it all for himself.
“yeah. we have all night, so please put that fucking cock inside of me.” you huffed in frustration. “please. bruce, i need you.” your voice dropped to a hint of desperation, a bit raspy when you spoke the last bit, bruce would normally want to punish you for the demands and snarky tone but, how could he not give her what she wants when she speaks like that?
“watch how you speak to me, princess.” his hand smacked your thigh, making you whimper his sudden dominance making you feel needier. “you made me break all of that self control i’ve built up over these months, tried so hard not to be a dirty older man who wants the pretty, young thing in his bed, but you’ve managed to tear it all down and make me into exactly what i’ve tried to avoid.” his voice was low, pressing himself against your center, the slickness dripped around the head of his cock, making the deep red tip glisten.
“god, i tried so fucking hard to not look at you that way, tried to be nice, but you lure me in, with those fucking giggles and that pretty smile, those hugs that lingered too long and fucking crawling into my bed for a cuddle.” he scoffed. “felt so fucking guilty for getting up that new year’s morning and fucking my hand in the shower, cumming so hard with your face in my mind and name on my tongue, barely could look at myself, i’ve managed to not bury myself into this pussy before, and now look.” he leaned over, pursing his lips and letting a string of spit drool down and pool over your cunt, drip slowly to where his cock met your entrance.
“look at me, about to fill you up, fill you up to the brim, stretch you…” he slowly began to push forward, letting the tip press into her and the stretch that had both of them hissing. “shit, just like that.” the sight of it stretching open, his cock pulsing as he pushed in slow and getting a bit further in, stretching you up completely.
“this….” you whined as you felt the last of the head sink into you, your nails digging into his forearms. “is exactly what i always wanted, oh my god…” you panted, eyes looking at his wild expression, even just this bit had your cunt stretched and full, how he was going to manage to get all of that big, thick cock inside of you was beyond your mind.
but you wanted it more than anything.
“yeah, princess?” bruce cooed, pulling a hand away from his cock and dragging it down her stomach. “i should have known, the way you looked at me, the way you’d get possessive over any other woman talking to me.. should have known you were serious.” he admitted, reeling at the feeling of her cunt slowly swallowing him up.
“didn’t want them to fucking have you.” you spit, sitting up on your elbows as you looked down at your connection, the sight had your mouth dropping open. “look at us, do you think any of them could compare to this?” she stroked over the hand on her stomach before going to her sensitive cunt, fingers spread herself open further, exposing her clit as she watched his eyes grow darker. “do you think any of them can give you what i can? desire you the way i do?.” you moaned, circling your clit a few times and clenching around him, making him moan.
“enough.” he yanked your hand away. “didn’t fucking want them, believe me, i tried, but you’ve been haunting my dreams, have owned this cock before we even properly spoke, when you walked in… in that fucking black sundress, i wanted to grab you, keep you in my grasp.” he admitted. “selina told me how old you were… thought my chances were over, but i was wrong.” his chuckle was dark, pressing in further and getting a sweet moan from you. “you insisted on breaking me down, making me into what was afraid of being.”
you gasped as you lifted your hips, getting his cock in a bit deeper, sparks of pleasure lit up your stomach as the sting of his thickness stretched you. “uh huh. i wanted you to be dirty, wanted you to give me this, wanted you to stuff this cock inside of my young pussy and make me yours.” you revealed.
with each inch he sunk into you, the most wild you felt. never had you felt so full or needy but now. “i want you to be dirty, want you to show me how real men treat their women… want you to own me, bruce.” your voice was a sultry whisper, pulling his hand up to cup your cheek. “show me how those silly boys don’t know a thing about treating pussy.” your cheek nuzzled into his hand.
“god, you’re so deep…” her voice got a bit higher pitched. “don’t stop… i want more.” you whined, rocking your hips up and making the both of you moan. bruce couldn’t stop himself from grinding his hips into you slightly, the pleasure of a hot, soaked cunt squeezing around him, he couldn’t believe this was really happening.
“fuck.” he grit his teeth together as he felt himself get deeper than his slow pace had original anticipated. his thumb slipping into your mouth and lips puckering around it as you began to suck.
you were his sin.
“can’t get over this pussy.” his thrusts we’re shallow, getting used to the suction of your mouth and your cunt as you seemed to arch into him. “so fucking tight, dripping for me, just for me, right princess?” he asked, pulling his finger out of your mouth. you nodded.
“yes. is yours, bruce. all fucking yours. take it.” you pulled the hand to your throat, urging him to wrap it around. “fuck me, show me you own me, show me how much better you are, old man.” your dirty smirk and teasing finally broke him.
your body jolted as he finally got into it. he had started slower, the beautiful lead up had your squirming and eager. but as soon as he began to truly fuck into you, you knew you were fucked.
his body caged you in, one arm over your head and the other holding your throat, your legs wrapped tightly around his waist, keeping him locked in and his cock from fully pulling out, the couch was jerking and hitting the wall, but neither of you gave a shit about the potential damage.
“yes, yes…” you whined, nails dragging over his lower back as he thrust deep into you. “oh my fucking god, bruce.” he was showing her what sex had been about. “it’s so good, you’re so good, no one has ever fucked me this good.” you panted
your words stroked his ego, yes, but he was more fulfilled that he was ruining you, no one else would be able to give you this, this passion, this need, this tension you needed to fill up, each messy thrust coated his balls in your slick but he couldn’t help but revel in the feeling. the sting of your nails, how you arched into him.
it felt like heaven.
“and no one ever will, besides me.” he snarled into your ear. “you gave yourself to me, and now this cunt belongs to me.” that was an understatement, he wasn’t letting this giving into temptation be for nothing, not that he thought it wasn’t what you wanted, because obviously your feelings were both intense and heavy. but the reminder would serve her well.
“belongs to me alone, spread those legs for me… no one else can ever get between them again.” his hand tightened in your throat and you moaned, hips bucking into his heavy thrusts. “yeah… you like that, don’t you baby?” he licked over your jaw, where a few tears had fallen down. “you like being mine? of course you do.” he pressed his damp forehead against yours as he continued his deep thrusts, feeling each gasp for air against his mouth and the palm of his hand.
“uh huh…” you whined, eyes watery as you looked into his. “want to be yours, bruce, want… fuck, i want you to fuck me every single day.” you pleaded, tightening your legs against his hips, lifting yourself up so you could be closer. “want you to own me fully, be mine too.” you leaned up and pressed your lips to his own making him melt.
you wanted him to be yours too, that’s what sent him spiraling. “i’m yours. god… i’m all yours.” he whispered darkly, kissing your slick mouth and moaning at the taste, you responded the best she could, but being fucked like this was taking it out of her.
“gonna be my pretty, sweet little girlfriend… do all those things you promised.” bruce couldn’t help but find himself inching towards the edge at the idea of coming home to you and your affections, your body, you. “gonna let your older boyfriend spoil you fucking rotten… kisses, gifts, sex.” he cooed and you moaned. “yeah… got yourself an older man to take care of you, give you everything those boys your age can’t, gonna give you everything, soon you’ll have a pretty ring around your finger.” his promise rand through the room as he kissed you sloppily.
“and now i’m gonna give you every single drop of my cum.” he smirked, feeling himself begin to throb inside of you.
“fuck!” he had been hitting at just the right angle. your orgasm overwhelmed you both, clinging your arms around him as you wailed into the air, biting down against his shoulder to keep yourself from sobbing, the white hot pleasure running deep as you gushed all over his cock.
he couldn’t pull away, your cunt wrapped around him sending him into a flurry of frantic thrusts and sloppy sounds, but it was the bite to his skin that pushed him fully over, his mouth dripping open in shock as he buried his face into your hair, feeling his own hot cum fill you up, sweat making both of your bodies stick to each other’s, he couldn’t find any excuse that would pull him away.
Tumblr media
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lost-in-sokovia · a day ago
Feel free to ignore this if it’s not something you’re interested in writing but after the finding out about the pregnancy fic I need more pregnancy content like maybe first ultrasound, first kick, going into labor that kind of thing just Edward being excited to be a dad 🥰
anon i am ALWAYS down to write baby content you have no idea🥹
pregnancy headcanons
after eddie finds out you’re pregnant he’s even clingier than before
he giggles and turns a lil pink, sliding his hand over your belly whenever he can, nuzzling against your face and kissing you
“there’s a baby in there☺️ our baby in there”
he’s always hugging on you (which makes it a little hard for you to do things, but you don’t mind too much)
before you’re showing he’ll lay his head on your lap and talk about how excited he is to have a baby
“…and they’re gonna be so tiny, oh (y/n) imagine once we can hold it? o-oh goodness, my love…”
you take eddie to the doctor to get your first ultrasound
he’s holding your hand while you lay on the bed as the nurse spreads the gel all over your stomach, you shivering a little at how cold it is
edward’s big green eyes are staring intensely at the screen, and he gasps and squeezes your hand when the baby’s heartbeat begins to project through the speakers
when the nurse points out the lil fetus tears form in eddie’s eyes and he looks at you with a smile
“our baby,” you whisper. he leans over and peppers your face in kisses and you giggle, trying to gently push his face away so you can look at the peanut
later that night you and eddie are laying in bed cuddled up together, staring at a copy of the ultrasound
“baby’s first picture,” you whisper and nuzzle against eddie. he giggles and pulls you on top of him, you staring at his face as his arms wrap around your waist
“i love you,” eddie coos and kisses you
as your tummy begins to grow, you’ll often wake up to eddie kissing it and talking to it
once eddie realizes you’re awake, he’ll start saying silly things just to make you laugh
“…and your mommy and i are going to name you ‘telemachus’…”
you’ll giggle and sometimes he’ll blow raspberries on your belly
eddie ADORES kissing your belly and talking to it
the first time the baby kicks eddie absolutely loses his crap and starts crying
he’s got his head on your lap and you’re stroking his hair, discussing nursery plans, and suddenly he feels a small bump against the back of his head
you gasp and eddie shoots up immediately and looks at you
“eddie that was the baby” you whisper with a shocked smile
he immediately places his hands on either side of your tummy before placing his head on top and waiting for the baby to kick again
he lets out a breathy laugh when he feels it again, his heart going absolutely supernova
now that he can feel the baby interact and move, he’ll talk to it even more than before. or when the baby kicks, he’ll gently pat back and wait for it to kick again
when you find out the baby is a boy eddie is in tears
he’s so determined to give him the life he never had and give his son the father that eddie needed when growing up
the nicknames start off early… “buddy,” “precious boy”
as you get bigger eddie fusses over you more and more and you have to insist that you can do some things yourself
one night while laying in bed the two of you are discussing names
“eddie what are we going to name him? something edward nashton…” you think out loud. eddie’s breath hitches in his throat and he looks up at you from his place nuzzled against your belly. “you want to name him after me??🥺” he asks meekly
you smile and nod your head. “of course i do, love”
he is nearly in tears and kissing all over your stomach and you giggle at just how happy he is
you were eight months pregnant and a little behind on the whole naming thing. it was starting to stress you out but eddie assured that you’d find something, the two of you casually throwing out names every day mid-conversation
baby nashton was almost oliver edward nashton. cute enough but something just didn’t quite sit right with you
you were out baby shopping one day when you gasped, grabbing eddie’s shoulders. “august. august edward nashton.” when you saw the smile that grew on eddie’s cheeks you knew that was your little boy
you were induced when you gave labor because auggie decided he was going to be a breach baby
eddie was very nervous but when the time came for you to push, his demeanor changed and he became the rock you needed
you cried and squeezed eddie’s hand as the doctor was handling august and making sure he came out okay. eddie kissed your head, constantly whispering “you’re doing great, angel. he’s almost here… just hang on a bit longer”
eddie couldn’t help but giggle slightly when he saw the baby coming out feet first, his pale little wiggly toes the first part of his son he got to see
you groaned and eddie gasped as the doctor lifted august up, eddie letting out a small happy cry as the little pink newborn covered in stuff let out a cry
august was laid on your chest and you began to breathe normally again, the nurses rubbing auggie down and eddie kissing your lips passionately
“oh look at you,” eddie breathed at the crying baby. you kissed auggie’s little head before the nurse took him off to be weighed and fingerprinted, eddie quickly following as he couldn’t stop looking at his son
he stared at august and cried happily as he was being weighed, you wiping your eyes and smiling at just how in love your boyfriend was with your son
happy mommy, happy daddy, happy baby🤍
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angelofthenight · 23 hours ago
Last Man Alive Pt.26
Tumblr media
(Dano!Riddler x Reader)
(Link to list of chapters)
Warnings: Edward is a yandere, Dark themes, Mentions of stalking/spying, Second half is tooth rotting fluff, Reference to DID, Brief mention of suicide
Word Count: 2.3k
Edward Nashton sat on his uncomfortable mattress with his long legs crossing over each other and his back against the hard wall. His fingers fiddled with a square rubix cube in which he had been solving then mixing up just to solve it again for quite some time now. He got to have it due to his good behavior in the asylum. He thought it would give him the upper hand in the near future by having a good record. His neighboring friend, however, was the opposite.
He’s never met his face before, he’d always look for him in the courtyard and cafeteria and game room but he was never present. It turned out that his friend had those privileges revoked because he… had a way with words with guards. It never never seemed to bother his friend though, he acted as though he ran the whole joint.
Ed stopped his quick fingers once every side of the rotating cube was a solid color. He sighed through his nose, this was the 43rd he had solved the puzzle and it never seemed to get any harder for him. He set the cube beside his bed and shifted his body so that he was laying on his back, his hands folded on his flat stomach and his eyes slowly closing.
He needed to daydream. Just like he used to do in his apartment.
He shifted his mind to imagining his and (Y/n)’s future relationship. He began to continue the scenario he had been adding onto the past couple days.
He would shower her in metaphoric seas of compliments, by his observations of her with her past boyfriend he noted that it’d never be a challenge to fluster her. Her delicate features would be brushed on with roseate as she attempted to withhold her composure.
He’d draw her in close. A smile would settle upon her lips, one he hoped to be blessed to see for years to come; a gentle smile reserved solely for his eyes as he’d cradle her face within his hands. His touch would be delicate; holding (Y/n)’s face as though she were glass, ready to shatter. And sometimes she would truly believe that under his intense love, she’d crumble. And she would always attempt to reciprocate it in full, but it would be too hard to compete with his overwhelming conveyance of affection.
Then he’d crane his neck down to lock his lips onto hers. They’d both be shy about it, it in Ed’s natural nature and (Y/n) being too insecurely doubtful about the realness of his love. He’d ensure her by taking the first dominating initiative. The movement in his lips would be deep and slow and once she was convinced of the truth her whole composure would morph into the dominating role, dominating just in her natural nature.
She’d move her hand to the back of his neck to pull his lips down into hers harder, the movement of her lips speeding up and parting just to crash back into the kiss, wanting to taste his lips in every angle and direction. Their kiss would grow to be heated with fiery passion and Ed wanted nothing more than to smother every grain of her skin with his tongue-
A slow growing giggle filled Ed’s perked ears as his eyes snapped open in angered annoyance. Just when things were getting good in his daydream. But he knew that one day his soulmate would willingly engage in such lewd acts with him.
He sat up grudgingly, throwing his legs over the side of his bed to turn his head at the wall that separated their two cells. “You interrupted again!” He whined grumpily like a child.
The Joker said in between his fit of sick giggles, “Well tickle me pink, I’ve got great news for ya, pal.” Ed perked up in curiosity. “What is it?” He stood up and walked over to the wall just to slide his back down it to take a seat on the floor, his hands resting on his bent knees and his neck turned to look at the wall through a side eye.
“Hold onto your seat for this one,” Joker paused so his friend could prepare himself, “your twin flame is back in town.”
Ed’s eyes ceased their blinking and breath evaporated from his lungs all in fleeting seconds. He was shell-shocked but in the best way possible. Hope birthed the air back into his throat as he exhaled a breathy chuckle, a smile sharpening the corners of his parted lips. Every inhale came out as a stronger single laugh before he was a giddy giggling mess full of happy excitement.
He appeared content until unstable delight engulfed him within the confinements of his cell, his lunatic laughter echoing through the halls of the asylum. He knew she wouldn’t be able to stay away from Gotham. He just knew that she’d miss him once she realized her “freedom” felt more like empty torture. He knew he was too much of an intoxicating thrill for her to walk away from.
He basked in his own ripples of joy. “Oh (Y/n)~! I knew you'd come back to me!”
Even though Joker had restricted access to the majority of the asylum, he had already psychologically picked at some guard’s brains and secured their loyalty. They were his eyes and ears about everything happening outside the asylum walls. And once he got word that his good friend's object of dedication had returned, Ed asked him for someone to keep an extremely close eye on her and keep him in the loop of every little detail.
So for the next few months, Joker had someone do exactly as he wished. They would come to the asylum and relay the information and notes to Joker and he would relay it back to Ed. Joker purposely left out the major factor of her new lawyer squeeze. He needed Ed happy and willing for awhile longer, because the longer he was happy the harder he would snap at the end. And then he’d be right where he wanted him for the start of their escape plan.
The powerful adoration Ed had for his beloved was an enigma to Joker, difficult to understand how such a genius only used his skills to pursue a woman who didn’t love him back. But Joker was never one to judge the motivations and intentions of his fellow criminals.
Ed gushingly squealed every single time he got an (Y/n) update, but he wanted more. He needed more. He requested more photos and more detailed descriptions of her actions. He just wanted more of her, her, her! But he knew better than to be impatient. Joker promised him everything he had lost would be his again and be even better than how he last saw it. So he’ll wait. He’d wait a millenial for her; lifetimes. If it was for her, he’d do anything and everything. But for now, he’d settle on waiting.
(Y/n) and Harvey had been engaged in a relationship for six and a half months now and (Y/n) couldn’t describe it as anything other than incredible and it was going so much better than she thought it would. She thought she’d be too paranoid and skittish for him to handle due to her trauma but he handled her perfectly. He respected her space and all her boundaries and always made sure she was comfortable, and because of his respectful manners and playful attitude and endearing disposition she always was. That was one of the things she adored about him; the way he’d overwhelmingly underwhelm his affections so that she could handle them.
He was such a charming gentleman and he could never go a day without complimenting her in a way that made her feel like she was the only woman he’s ever seen in his life. He was honest with his thoughts and always made sure the promises he made were attainable and reasonable.
Although she hated comparing her relationship to her past one, she liked the change of pace from a bashful and reserved lover to a sensible and confident one. It was more thrilling and he was on the same level as her. They bonded in such a strong way that they could read each other close to accurate, and that led them to falling into love. She fell even harder when he got along perfectly with her best friend Bruce and they became very good friends, helping Bruce get out of his shell more.
But there was always a catch to someone as perfect as Harvey. He was a complex man. At first in the beginning (Y/n) suspected he just had anger issues that came and gone, but he eventually opened up about his mental health issues to his past with an abusive father that evolved into him having a dissociative identity disorder. That didn’t alter or reel back her love at all. He accepted the rageful anger side of her and she would accept both sides of him.
And his affection never seemed to cease; an eternal flame of his desire burning solely for her. And she was surprised to say that he’s surpassed her expectations constantly and had gently smothered her in a type of love she deemed foreign. The two didn’t necessarily live together but (Y/n) did spend more time in Harvey’s luxurious flat than at her home in Wayne Manor. The best way to explain her living situation was like divorced parents. She had most of her stuff at the manor but did have a great deal of her stuff at Harvey’s, either in her special drawer in his bedroom or just scattered around.
So it did kinda feel like they were roommates.
Just like now as (Y/n) cooked dinner on Harvey’s stove, waiting for him to come back from work. Right when she had the mind to text him if he was on the road yet to determine how soon she should begin cooking the side dish, the clicking sound from the door unlocking flicked at her senses. She listened as the door opened and closed before his voice called out, “Babe? You here?”
She teasingly remained quiet. “I can smell the food, y’know.” He said aloud again before he finally rounded the corner to find her in the kitchen, a smile catching onto his handsome face which contagiously spread to her. “You are so mean, you know that?” He said teasingly as he set down his briefcase on the nearby couch and began taking off his suit jacket as well as his tie. He unbuttoned the top two buttons of his clean dress shirt as he walked over to take a seat on one of the stools next to the island.
“How’s the prosecution for that serial killer going? Is the jury on your side?” (Y/n) asked once she placed the stirrer on the counter so she could give him her full attention. “You know what the fucked up thing is? I don’t think they are.” Harvey said with a bitter undertone as his elbows rested on the surface of the island with his hands up in a ‘can-you-believe-it’ way. “The defense lawyer is using the killer's past to make him seem pitiful. Like his parents died in a boating accident, he suffered from depression, he gambled as a form of grieving, he almost made a suicide attempt. Like yeah it’s a tragic story but the man fucking tallies his kills on his body and basically confessed to his crimes!” He exclaimed in exasperation.
(Y/n) leaned over the counter so their faces could be in a closer proximity. “It’s only the third day of the trial, there’s still plenty of time to work your magic and win. Just like always.” She said in an assuring tone and loving gaze. Harvey returned the smile in gratitude, knowing she would always be his personal cheerleader and his very own defense lawyer against the world.
He flinched from remembering a thought. “Oh, I almost forgot!” He scrammed out of his seat and from the kitchen for a few seconds before walking back with one of his hands behind his back, a cheeky smile plastered on his face. (Y/n) smiled skeptically and placed her hands on her hips as he walked over to where she stood on the other side of the island. Once their chests were centimeters away from each other Harvey pulled the hand from behind his back to in between them.
A big red rose twirled between his thumb and index finger, holding it out towards her as she widely smiled and sighed gushingly. “For the bearer of my heart.” He said smoothly before gently placing the fluorescent blossomed flower between her reaching fingers. Truly, it mesmerized her the sheer dedication he’s shown to someone like her.
She held the rose like it was a priceless artifact, despite this being a frequent occurrence of him bringing her flowers. She looked up at him with an infatuated smile and eyes that held such fervor. Harvey’s heart leapt like he was looking at her for the first time again. He raised his hands to place them on either side of her cheeks.
As he cradled her face within his hands, holding her like she was a priceless artifact, his ever-lasting love was laced within his eyes as they met hers. Thus, he enveloped her lips within his, pulling her in for a deep, serene kiss. Within that moment, time had slowed. The seconds ticked in subtle reverse as she savored the sensation of his lips atop her own, occasionally parting to overlap once more.
Within a tidal wave of pure passion, Harvey doused himself in the mantra of how lucky he was to be hers and have her as his. He would throw his lucky coin down a well if it would make his wish come true; for their romance to last longer than anything he’s ever had in his life.
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mustyrosewater · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: edward is presented with a familiar face in arkham and recalls some old memories of his time in the gotham orphanage
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: hints of abuse, medication, edward being a creep
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 5,770
                        · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
the metal seat was cold and uninviting as he was guided into the small room, a desk, and two chairs, all metal, all welded to the ground, leaving no possible chance of moving them; a precaution from the asylum workers in order to ensure the safety of their doctors and psychologists. safety precautions edward was certain were necessary. just not for him.
he was never much of a physically imposing person, the fights he’d gotten in as a kid he’d always lost, always ended up beaten to a pulp and with a series of bruises that would hurt for several days. 
his mind was his own personal weapon he’d trained himself to use in exchange for any form of brute strength that he was destined to never possess; it hadn’t taken him long to learn that being able to outthink your opponents was always the far superior option as opposed to physically beating them. 
the doctor. doctor lindenburg, a small mousy man who’d been seeing edward for the past 3 weeks since he’d arrived in arkham, was already sitting on one of the two chairs, shuffling around all his manila folders and pages of handwritten notes. no doubt beginning to pile up with all the possible diagnosis he’d been attempting to fish out to somehow give reasoning to the reason ed was the way he was. 
it was interesting watching the doctor work, sometimes edward could swear he could quite literally see the cogs turning as the man would stare back at him in silence after he’d answered yet another of his questions. 
he smiled at the doctor as he sat down, a guards hand on his shoulder, shoving him down more roughly than was necessary as per usual, yet another characteristic of his new life in arkham he was already well experienced in. it was strange how he picked up so many similarities of his childhood home within the walls of arkham asylum.
his reminiscing was interrupted by doctor lindeburgs voice. a european tinge to the tiny mans already squeaky voice was noted, though ed had still been unable to pin point exactly where.
“i believe we’ve been making some real progress here edward.”
the doctors optimism, though pleasant was sadly misguided. edward’s humouring of the doctor was partially based on a feeling of sympathy, knowing this man must have spent several years gaining his phD as well as several more years dealing with absolutely kooks who’d no doubt continued to give him more grey hairs each and every day. it was only natural that ed make his experience slightly less tortureous, besides, he liked talking to the doctor.
“that’s lovely to hear, doctor.”
ed’s voice remained perfectly calm, even bordering on pleasant, the small smile still having not left his face. even if doctor lin’s was strangely absent.
even when the doctor was in a bad mood, whether it be from the rain or his previous patient, he still would always manage a pleasant, albiet goofy smile to match edwards, adding to the pleasant interactions they shared.
something was different today, something about the way the doctor spoke to edward, there was no longer a pleasant tone in the air, there was an undeniable tenseness to the way in which the doctor didn’t look up at ed and only continued rummaging through his files, searching for something. 
ed’s brows furrowed, even if the smile remained, a look of somewhat curiousity forming on his features. 
“what is it doctor? lost one of your files?”
there was a teasing nature to ed’s tone, trying to alleviate the way in which the doctors seriousness was starting to peak his concern. doctor lindenburg often appreciated their little gests with one another, sometimes they’d even talk about things they enjoyed together, like literature. he’d tell ed about his dog, even if ed didn’t care to ask in the first place. it was ed’s way to continue to appear non threatening, all these little actions that could possibly lead to his upcoming trial being lightened based off of dr lindenburg’s statements, maybe a light insanity plea at the worst. 
still showing no signs of acknowledging his questions, ed could only watch silently as the doctor seemed to find what he was looking for, placing the small piece of paper down on the table, before using the tips of his fingers to spin it and slide it across the table for edward to look at as he leaned forward to see what exactly what on that piece of paper. 
as if a switch had been flicked somewhere deep within ed’s system, a small piece of paper was suddenly enough to make edwards blood run cold. any sense he’d had of keeping up the appearance of pleasantness had been thrown out the window in an instant as soon as his eyes were connected with the subject staring right back at him. 
the eyes of the girl in the photo were enough to feel like they were piercing into his very soul as she stared into the lens, her gaze still just as piercing as it had always been, like an animal’s eyes glowing in the dark, leaving a sense of dread as to what exactly was hidden behind those dark pools staring him down.
“who is she, edward?”
                          · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
he shouldn’t stare so much, because he knows that the more he stares the more interested in her he will become. edward had never had anybody scold him about how it was rude to stare, to explain to him the oh so inherent social taboo’s and common courtesy’s that were supposed to make you a functioning member of society; although, he doubts he would ever become a person that society would exactly welcome with open arms. not that he wanted to be. 
she’d arrived just under two weeks ago, kicking and screaming so much that whatever plan that they’d made to bring her in under the cover of night ended up being for nothing, it ended up waking everybody up anyway. the sounds of a girls aggressive screams accompanied by shoes skidding on linoleum floors and mens quiet grunts as they attempted to keep her within their iron grip. all he had heard was her screams, and yet they were already telling him so much about her. she didn’t sound scared, not in a traditional sense at least. no, she wasn’t crying or shrieking out of fear of being in a new strange place; it was bordering more on the sounds of a rabid animal, growling and shrieking like the bats he’d hear in the wings at night as they fought over what little bit of scraps they could gather, before tearing each other apart for the best pick.
he’d kept his eyes wide open as he lay in bed, listening to the sounds of this little animal being forced down the hall, growing louder as she was brought past the door of his dorm and fading just as quickly as it appeared as they continued to drag her down to the female ward, showing no signs of giving up, continuing to kick and scream, no doubt giving the workers a run for their money as he heard them cursing, urging each other not to let go, for fear of what she might do should she get out of their grip. 
never was there a series of sounds that stuck out to him so much, and now being able to put a face to the shrieking he’d heard the night before, his staring was something he found himself justifying. 
in a way, the sounds he’d heard fit her by all means, the wide stare as she looked around like a skittish animal, she almost reminded him of a feral kitten, shaking and curled up on the chair in the corner as she watched everybody go by. her body language read nothing but “go away” as the lower half of her face was covered by her arms, yet her little beady and glassy eyes observe everything, her ears seeming to pick up every little sound as her head flicked in the direction of said sounds each time. 
and yet, there was a softness about her, her skin, no doubt soft from what he could see, was crudely spoiled by red marks and bruises along her arms and face, a result of the rough way she’d been handled the night before. there was blood on her finger tips, likely due to digging her nails in the arms of orderlies who were simply trying to do their job, even if they were doing it god awfully. 
in the same way you don’t want to approach a feral kitten for fear of being scratched or bitten, edward finds himself unable to look away from the little animal, as he’d started referring to her in his own internal monologue. the time he’d spent staring at her had left his crossword shamefully neglected, still finding himself on the page he’d started when she’d been forced into the common room by an orderly, now only able to offer up a small grunt in comparison to the way in which she sung for him last night, her choir of shrieking and growling now a small and pathetic one man show. he wasn’t sure if this was because she’d given up the ferocity of her fight after an entire night of trying, or if the presence of so many more eyes commanded her instinct to avoid any and all peering gazes. 
his unfinished crossword puzzle was calling to him, warning him even, softly telling him that there were better things to do than stare at this little animal as if he were observing her in a zoo, an image that he could imagine clearly, him standing at the bars of the enclosure as he takes only a moment to glance down at the little warning sign, urging visitors not to put their hands through the bars.
if it weren’t for the fact that she was so tiny, maybe he’d find himself more scared of her, after all, even with his height, towering over so many of the other boys at the orphanage, he still ended up shoved in a corner and beaten mercilessly and taunted non stop. even now, those same boys in the room, were trying to avoid looking at her, maybe they were worried she would attack them, or they just didn’t want to look into her eyes, maybe they were scared she’d turn them to stone.
the utterly stupid thought, makes edward exhale softly through his nose, both at the image and the fact that out of all places that’s where his mind went, a stupid thought he now realises. 
so stupid in fact, that he should only now realise the little animals piercing stare has found its most recent target, the scrawny boy on the other end of the room fiddling with his pen and paying no attention to his crossword puzzle, the boy staring right back at her. 
he doesn’t know when she finally realised he’d been staring at her, but he does know that he’d been doing so for a long while, and that now, so does she. 
neither of them break the mutual stare, her expression completely unreadable, mirroring his to a key. it had now just turned into a silent observation of each other, shared only between the two of them. it was an interesting feeling, being caught staring, the embarassment it would normally bubble up into his stomach was completely absent, only now replaced by a soft murmur of his heart rate speeding up, only due to the alarm of realising he had in fact been caught, already slowing back down to his usual rate. 
the dark circles surrounding her eyes surrounding her eyes pointed to a lack of sleep, obviously, based on the way she’d come in kicking and screaming the night before, he’d have been more alarmed if she’d managed to actually rest. in a somewhat morbid way, she almost reminded him of the dropheads he shared his room with, the way she shivered and looked around frantically brought to mind the way he’d lie awake and watched the nurses disappear with a few of his bunkmates in trail, only to return in no longer than fifteen minutes without said orderly, now holding a fresh dosage. 
there was a part of him that found a somewhat sick curiosity in observing the lengths they would go to for a hit, he’d bet if you’d dangled a hit in front of them and told them they had to kill a man with their bare hands, they wouldn’t hesitate to try. 
yet he knew, looking at her, that wasn’t her, or at least not yet. no, she reminded him more of a stray animal on the side of the road, the sympathy bubbling in the pit of his stomach. there was an odd sense of admiration to be found, especially considering the fact that in all this time, she still hadn’t broken their shared stare, only continuing to try and break past the solid expression on his face. 
you could never have been able to tell what was going through their heads if you’d been a fly on the wall, just two people on opposite ends of the room, refusing to be the one finally cowers and looks away. 
maybe they would have stayed like that for longer, he doesn’t doubt they could have kept it up for hours, trying to break through each others blank expression if not for just one little peek into what could possibly be going through the others mind. 
the voice of an orderly on his left is what finally caused his head to whip to the side, only to be met by the sight of two hands, holding a glass of water in one and a transparent plastic cup with two pills in it. his medication.
he still didn’t know what the two pills were: one a sky blue and the other a red and white capsule. but for as long as he could remember he’d taken said medication, everybody did. he hadn’t been able to gage exactly what the medication even was, even now that he’d stopped taking it, he hadn’t noticed anything different about him now that he’d started hiding the pills under his tongue and spitting them out in the bathroom. 
staring down at the little cup he’d been given, the orderly stood by to watch him place the pills in his mouth and take a sip of the water, holding her hand out expectantly to receive the now empty pill cup and water. they were supposed to check and make sure they were actually swallowing the pills, but he knew they stopped doing it ages ago, they couldn’t really care less about doing their jobs properly, not with their payrate and what they had to put up with.
not that ed minded, the lack of care from the orderlies just made everything easier for him.
watching the orderly move on to whoever was nearby, his eyes quickly found himself back on the spot where she had been sitting, only now realising that the distraction from the orderly had indirectly caused him to be the loser of whatever unspoken staring content they had created, a fact that he couldn’t help but be disappointed by.
his stare regained itself, now fixated on her as she looked up at the orderly talking to her with those wide eyes. her concern was clear as she looked down at the pill cup she’d been given only to look back up at the orderly that was likely explaining the routine of the pills to her, take what you’re given every day, don’t ask questions, don’t make it difficult. it was a simple routine, yet he could just tell that somehow, it wasn’t a routine she’d have stuck to very easily.
it wasn’t a feeling he would have been able to explain if you’d asked him, not something he would have wanted to talk about either, but as she stared back at the orderly, her face unmoving and making no effort to give said orderly a response, the idea of her taking those pills which he’d made an effort to stop taking created a pit in his stomach. the same type of anxiety you’d get if you saw a child walking on the road, that bubble of fear slowly staring to expand as your mind would race with horrible possibilites. that was the closest ed could have gotten to explaining the feeling that was brought on by you holding the pill cup. 
was it fascination? admiration? he didn’t know, he didn’t want to know. know why it was that some part of him felt the way his stomach dropped at the idea of her in harms way. this little animal that could easily get herself killed in here. 
maybe that was why as the orderly grew tired of her unresponsive nature and simply chose to walk away, leaving you with the pill cup, he’d made a split second decision in that moment, devoid of any logic, no calculation surveying what would result from his actions, no thought as to what motivated him to do so.
when she turned her eyes straight back up to him, resuming the silent and ungiving stare, his eyes flicked down to the pills in her hand, commanding her attention to look down and acknowledge them, understanding that he was gesturing to them with his eyes alone, and that was enough for her to understand. even more so when she looked back up at him meeting his eyes again, just in time for ed to shake his head ever so slightly, such a small movement you wouldn’t have caught it unless you were looking out for it, and she was. 
that silent warning, the embodiment of a soft “don’t”, was all she needed, it told her more than she would ever hear, more than if he went over there and slapped the cup right out of her hand. this was a gesture.
she offered no visible response, only looking to observe if there were any eyes on her before pouring the two pills out onto her palm and squeezing it shut, even going so far as to take a sip of the water to really sell whatever illusion she was trying to present, even if the only pair of eyes on her were ed’s. 
she didn’t look at him again, maybe she was scared of him. no. if she was scared of him she wouldn’t have held his eye for as long as she had. if she was scared of him the same way the other girls at the orphanage were, she would have kept looking back and fourth, trying to be sneaky in the way they stared at him and failing miserably. 
he didn’t know why she didn’t look at him again, maybe a silent way of letting him know that their interaction was over, solidified as she stood up and left, her fist still tightly clenched, gripping the pills she was no doubt going to flush down the dingy toilets later on.
he kept his eyes on her until she disappeared around the corner, until he couldn’t see her anymore. only then did he finally look back down at the unfinished crossword puzzle, the little white squares left bare that were now silently mocking him, something he’d spent so much of his time doing had now been entirely put to the side due to his staring, his hyperfixation on the little animal and what little interaction they’d shared. 
the blue chicken scratch, his writing, made its way into the blank squares in a short matter of time as he quickly finished the crossword puzzle in no longer than 3 minutes. 3 minutes. and yet it had taken him an hour to actually do it despite the fact that the pen had been in his hand and the book had been in front of him, but he was too busy, focused on the little animal. 
closing the book. he stood, gripping it so tightly his knuckles went white, wasting little time leaving the large room and heading back in the direction of his shared dorm. as he paced through the large halls and his shoes tapped the linoleum floor, his mind was still racing.
for somebody who remarked himself for his own prowess in reading people, he seemed to be utterly failing at reading himself, unable to defend his actions with some ulterior motive that was going to serve him in the long run. no. he did it. he warned her. and he didn’t know why. 
a terrifying statement. 
                         · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
he was unsure how many times the doctor had said his name, just as unsure to why only now was he broken out of his trance. 
he didn’t know how long he’d been staring at the photo, staring directly into those eyes, silently refusing to break eye contact with the still image.
he didn’t verbally respond to the doctor, only now finally breaking eye contact with the photo to meet eyes with him. edwards once polite facade was gone, any semblance of the pleasant conversation they could have shared was thrown to the wind. only now replaced with a scowl as edward stared back at the doctor as if he was hoping that his gaze would cause the doctor to spontaneously combust.
“who is she, edward?”
the doctors insistence almost impressed edward, especially considering the way in which edwards demeanour had changed, something that at the very least had unnerved doctor lin, however, it provided no signs of intimidating the doctor, if anything only egging him on more based off of ed’s reaction.
still receiving no answer, the small man only sighed softly, now fully aware that this nameless figure obviously posed some significance. otherwise, edward would not have reacted the way he did, this he knew.
“she obviously means something to you.” the doctor tried, gesturing to the photo in an effort to gage some kind of response from his patient. already, the fear that what little progress they’d made had been tossed to the wind, leaving the doctors palms sweaty. 
“was she a friend? a bully? tell me edward, who is thi-”
“where did you get this photo”
the first words edward had said in the past 5 minutes, eerily calm as he stared down at the photo, as he had been doing the entire time. 
the sudden interruption left the doctor silent for a moment, his mouth hanging open from where he’d been talking when ed finally spoke, needing a second to gather himself and clear his throat. the tone in edwards voice now having changed from the polite and well spoken manner, now being tinged with a deep gravel. 
taking a moment to recoup, the doctor pulled at his shirt collar. up until now, ed had shown no signs of aggression or any possible desire to be violent, he had even bordered on pleasant throughout their visits. and yet, in this moment, edward nashton was looking at this man as if he had just thrust the greatest of insults in front of him. silently begging to be given a reason for the audacity he had just shown by pulling out this photo.
“the police recovered your journals, from your apartment.”
the doctor didn’t need to explain much further in order for ed to become aware of just how they had gotten this photo of her. 
it was the only one he had left, the one piece left of evidence of her existence that he’d managed to hold onto throughout the years. she was a ghost, a sullen reminder of his time at the orphanage and time he’d spent there, and yet alao served as a silent call, a plea to not be forgotten. in some strange and stupid way edward almost feared that if he were to lose this photo, that she would cease to exist. 
“no name, nothing written about her? who is she edward?”
the doctors continuous pushing only seemed to amuse him, while also peaking at his curiosity. why did they want to know so badly. he knows it’s them, the GCDP, they’d given the photo of her to the doctor in the hopes of pulling information out of him. this was obvious. 
it was fun to watch them flail, helplessly clawing at any piece of information they could gather on him, like cockroaches sprayed with bug spray, trying to squeeze themselves into any corner they could, their corners being all aspects of hs life, squirming and burrowing anywhere they could in order to gain evidence against him.
“did you kill her?”
if there was a word to describe the feeling you got when your blood runs cold but your face heats up all at once, it still wouldn’t be enough to describe the way in which ed feels when the doctor asks. no, accuses him of something so horrifying.
it seems as though the doctor understands the error of his ways, especially when edward lurches forward, only stopped by the handcuffs fastened to the surface of the metal table, causing his upper body to be wrenched forward but stop suddenly.
still, it’s enough to have the doctor falling out of his seat, looking up at edward with wide eyes as he scrambles backwards slightly as edward continues to fight against the cuffs, tugging them so much his skin is starting to go white from where the metal is digging into his wrists. 
“i’m going to rip your tongue out, i’m going to make sure you can never talk again.”
his words were eerily calm, a flash of excitement burning behind his eyes an intensity that blazed as the images of doing unspeakable things to doctor lindenburg flashed throughout his mind. 
even now as he struggled against the cuff’s and shook with rage, his face was still remarkably calm, save for the sickening smile that was now spread across his features as he continued to stared at the doctor, refusing to blink, even for one singular moment. 
edward knew that there were camera’s, he wasn’t surprised when two guards came bursting through the door, immediately surrounding him, yelling as one of them gripped the back of his neck and slammed his upper body onto the table.
his head rung as it made sharp and sudden contact with the table, the cool temperature of the metal stinging against his red hot cheek. 
despite his limited vision, he still managed to see out of the corner of his eye doctor lindenburg being hastily rushed out of the room, nearly falling down as he scrambled to his feet again. 
the pain of having his head slammed against a metal table was quickly causing a dull pulsing to start within his head, leaving his vision slightly blurry as his eyes adjusted and he inhaled sharply, his back heaving shakily as the guard held him down, no doubt resulting in some bruises showing up on his chest and the back of his neck by tomorrow.
this was all something he paid little attention to though, he was entirely focused on the picture now gripped tightly in his hand. as much as it hurt him to crease it by holding it so tightly, he couldn’t bear to live with himself if he lost it. not again.
                        · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
the orphanage was meant to be a place of hope, a promise that every single child there would be able to find a home, or at least be looked after in the mean time. how it ended up to be the complete opposite, everybody knew but never wanted to admit. 
anybody coming in from the outside would describe the place like a hospital in a horror movie, and yet to its inhabitants it was every day life, some knowing nothing but the rapidly crumbling walls covered in mold that drenched every room in an overall smell of decay. 
they all knew it, the orphanage quickly had gained the reputation as the dumping ground for all of gothams orphans and unwanted children. 
none of them knew which of the two she was though.
dropped off in the middle of the night in a car that looked far too polished and fancy to belong to anybody who couldn’t afford to look after a child, she’d been kicking and screaming the minute the door opened. 
and now here she was, significantly less skittish than when she had arrived three weeks earlier, and yet had still refused to speak a word to anybody.
he couldn’t help but stare in fascination from the opposite end of the hallway as she sat on the window sill, head turned slightly to lazily trace the back of her fingers over the bar’s welded to the window; yet another feature that added to the overall depression and prison like aura of their so called home.
the heavy rain outside provided a dull pattering on the roof and windows, making it difficult to actually make out anything other than the occasional passing car lights on the road past the gates against the thundering water droplets constantly rattling against the glass.
and yet, she still stared out the window, at what he wasn’t exactly sure. maybe she was waiting for a car to drive in and take her home, explaining that her being dumped here was some miraculous mistake and now she was going to be whisked home and taken away from this hell.
even though he was sure that she knew that wasn’t true.
he didn’t know who she was, maybe he never would. yet there was a semblance of pity he couldn’t help but feel for her. 
it wasn’t the first time he’d been witness to a kid being dropped off here by their parents, and he was certain it wasn’t going to be the last. and yet, whoever it was that had left her here, they’d deemed it shameful enough that they had to do so after hours.
and that peaked his curiosity. 
maybe she could tell his eyes were on her, or it could have easily just been timing. but her head turned from staring at the window, only to make direct eye contact with him. and so began another of their infamous staring contests. 
they had yet to say a single word to one another, and yet they spent a considerable amount of time staring at each other, holding eye contact for several minutes before one of them would either be distracted by something else, usually him, or simply walk away, usually her. 
they’d shown no desire to speak yet, these little sessions of eye contact being enough from them, even if it was across a hallway.
it was interesting, the way in which ed could never gage anything from her face. no fear, no discomfort, no sadness. there was just nothing.
utter and complete radio silence.
he’d listened to gossip from the orderlies when they thought he wasn’t paying attention, sometimes they didn’t even know he was there, standing around corners in the dark when he was supposed to be sleeping. he had a way with using the corners and lazy staff to his advantage, finding that being caught wasn’t necessarily something he’d had to worry about.
“i heard she tried to set the nursery on fire, nearly killed her baby brother.”
“god, no wonder they wanted to lock her up and throw away the key”
even if a name was never spoken he somehow knew that they were talking about her. he couldn’t quite explain it, but somehow he had just known it was her. 
he stared at the little animal no more than ten meters away from him and silently wondered if what they were saying was true.
while at the same time brimming with images of her standing in front of the raging fire, he could even imagine a smile on her face as she watched it burn. he imagined her with a pretty smile, innocent. yet disturbing.
a bang caused his head to turn out of reflex, a shrill sharp clang in his left ear causing him to whip his head in said direction, his long hair lightly slapping him in the face due to the sudden motion.
he hated how long his hair grew, but they only cut their hair every 3 to 4 months, leaving it to grow rather unkempt in the meantime.
as his eyes looked at the cause of the noise, an orderly dropping a food tray along with everything else on it due to being nearly knocked over by two children running past, all in the same moment he turned back, suddenly coming to the realisation that in turning to look for the noise, he’d lost once again.
and now she was gone again, leaving only an empty window sill and the rain pattering against it behind.
                       · · ─────── · ? · ─────── · ·
having her back was a luxury that ed had not known he was going to be afforded during his time in arkham, the stiff and thin mattress didn’t even bother him as he laid on his back, smiling up at the photo he held in his hands, hesitant to even blink should her photo somehow disappear from his grasp.
the sounds of the other inmates yelling, the muffled talking of the guards as well as they’re crackly radio, he paid attention to none of it, now that he had all this attention to give back to her. now she was safe again with him. 
even if the expression on her face didn’t mirror his closed mouth smile, he didn’t mind, just being able to look into her eyes, even if through a photo was more than enough for him, as much as he longed to inhale her scent again, or hear what little she would occasionally speak.
he would have burned the world to get her back, he’d nearly drowned gotham after all. he wondered if she’d seen it on the news where ever she was, if she even owned a tv or got reception.
there was no dread to whether or not she would judge him for what he did. he knew better than anybody had she been able to she would have been with him every step of the way, he just knew it. 
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baewix · 2 days ago
Could I request a (Batman 2022) Riddler x reader where the reader was trained from a young age to fight really well? She can also speak a few languages, but is very shy and reserved. Thank you so much!! :D
a/n: it's uh giving uh motomami (motomami: a spanish term of a strong but sensitive female, it mixes the word mami, which means mommy, something normally deemed as sensitive and moto, motorcycle, something strong.), sure i'll do your request, request continue to be closed!! i'm not in the best place mentally so here's this small headcanons, i apologize for this being mediocre, it was the best i can do rn.
pairing: riddler (paul dano) x strong!shy!multi language!fem!reader
summary: a skilled fighter, y/n, a girlboss, who is very reserved, and knows a lot of languages, with her simp, edward. i'm sorry for not being too active, i'm 14 and still in school, i gotta reinforce some subjects.
Tumblr media
edward nygma who loves you like a simp, even though he looks like an incel, he absolutely adores you, from your head to toe, you could give him a good jab into his face and he would still kiss your feet whenever you walk. your personality of a shy and reserved person and his, a quiet person with strangers but very loud with you clash amazingly.
edward nygma who loves to hear you speak in other languages, even if you aren't fluent, he loves it, and loves to hear you talk in any form.
edward nygma who accompanies to your trainning sessions, like a cheerleader, he watches from afar, but sometimes passes you weights or gloves, and feels so useful.
"here's it dear."
"thank you, edward honey ^^"
whoever said that men have to be stronger than their partner???? nah, edward nygma likes and wants you being stronger than him, even though it triggers his insecurities, for him not being 'man' enough, he's fighting demons fr.
edward nygma who isn't a good listener, but tries his best, on the other hand, you are a very good listener, he can ramble to you about anything.
edward nygma, who can't live without you, just because he's obsessed with you and he doesn't need to worry about your safety! you are scary enough with your silence and your skill.
edward nygma who makes riddles in different languages to keep your brain sharp, and also asks for your help sometimes with dealing with politicians.
who said women that fighting can't be "feminine" according to society's standards???? not edward nygma, he absolutely thinks your fighting is amazing.
and with more of multilanguage stuff; edward nygma wants to learn more languages with your teaching, not in a serious way, he wants to be smarter than anyone, knowing a language must be in his list of course.
who's the boyfriend who will order food for you in delivery? edward nygma, of course, he knows how shy you are, so he takes the sacrifice everytime you order food, so you don't need to suffer.
edward nygma who loves cuddlying you, eve though you freeze up because of shyness; he will hug you and press his face against yours.
in resume, edward nygma adores you, no matter how reserved you are, or how strong you are. all of your qualities make you the amazing person he loves.
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mytownhasariddleroad · 2 days ago
👀👀👀 okay I have an idea. If you haven’t done it already.
Eddie realized his roommate does a true crime podcast about the riddler and it really draws his interest
Edward with a Soon to be S/O with a TC Podcast!
You and Eddie had been roommates for a while, not too long but you weren’t newly moved in.
Your schedules were pretty much so that you didn’t see much of each other. He worked his 9-5 and then went out most nights and you had a job with relatively strange hours and a night shift basically every night he was home. Sadly this meant you didn’t get to talk or hang out much but when you did, you got along quite well.
During the nights when you were home and Eddie wasn’t, you got to indulge in your favorite hobby. Working on your True Crime Podcast! You had a decent sized audience that’s been growing, especially with your latest topic of interest. Gotham’s very own Riddler.
Eddie’s plans for tonight had been canceled so he just decided to go home. When he unlocked the door he saw you at the table. You had your headset on, your laptop out, and a notebook that you were reading off of.
“Well, that’s all for tonight! Next Thursday we’ll be covering some of his more recent streams. As always, thank you for listening and stay weird!” You smiled up at Eddie as he set his things down.
“So, the Riddler huh? What a, what do you think of him?” You cleared your throat a bit and looked away with a slightly red face. “I appreciate what he’s doing and he seems to be pretty interesting. I wonder what he’ll do next…” He nodded with a small smile and went to his room.
Later in bed that night, you two were unknowingly on the same page. “I should hang out with them more…”
I hope you liked it! So sorry this took so long! As always, love y’all and please feel free to send in ideas and requests!
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Tumblr media
A note from Lucy: A series? How exciting! What to expect; Angst, slowburn, fluff in the most delicate of sprinklings. Maybe a happy ending? Maybe not. Complicated pining!!!! SO MUCH COMPLICATED PINING?!?!?! Blackmailing. Canonical levels of violence. Sexy fun times eventually. Sexual tension but make it angsty. A gala (what is a battinson fic without one though), of which passive aggressive dancing will take place. Too many skeletons for one person's closet. A cameo from a certain flightless bird…maybe more canonical villains. Who knows? Oh yeah. And I combined a soulmate au with slowburn because ahahahah…fuck rules. In this house there are none!  Also, I am posting this early knowing full well I have not written nearly enough to start posting chapters. Oh and would you look at that- its in my usual poetic style. Aren’t I good with big words? NO I AM NOT. SHUT UP, LUCY! Anyway, on with the shitshow. You are getting front row seats to me being back on my bullshit.
A Bat And Mouse Game: Prelude
Bruce Wayne x (F) Reader
Full Series Soundtrack
Tumblr media
The ‘Soulmate Shift’ is a rare but interesting phenomenon. Research suggests a traumatic event or just change in one's being can cause their soulmate to ‘shift’, as it were. Permanently. However, statistics point to the chances of the likelihood being every 1 in 10,000 people and no one on record has experienced the shift more than once. 
Not one study has given us a reason for this miraculous, yet intimidating, event. All we know is that one day our digits may be reset for good and a new identity’s emotions may well become our own.
This will not be an event to be taken lightly by its victim. It should be something to be feared greatly, for life without ones soulmate is as if condemning oneself to the lions den. The universe shall make its word known. It is not to be disobeyed or ignored or cast aside. It is not folklore, not an old wives tale told at night to children before bed.
A half a soul shall waste away. Wither within short time, leaving too much of a space as the universe’s ways are not for mans meddling or selfish whims to dictate. There is a punishment for such actions, a debt to be paid in the form of ones sanity, grace and even life on a rare occasion.
The soulmate bond is not an ultimatum or choice. It is universal lore.
C.G.Lauryent - The Soulmate Bond and Other Universal Phenomena, Chapter 19, The Soulmate Shift, Lines 6 to 30.
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That eye contact  between selina and batman was so hot...I know her uterus was ready to party. 
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Annika who? break my back papi !!
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nothing else matters besides bruce and his berries
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Hi'ya can you do prompt 11 with Riddler. Please and thank you in advance. 🍏💚
A/N: Literally every anon has been asking for this 😂 enjoy!!
Pairing: Dano!Riddler x reader (The Batman 2022)
Prompt: "Awh, sweet thing, are you shy?"
Words: 200
Tumblr media
It’s almost ridiculous how much Edward loves it, loves you, loves this - seeing you squirm and blush in his tight embrace while his lips attack practically every inch of your face. The affection, the love, it’s suffocating, but in the best way, and you can’t help but melt every time he smooches and pecks your lips and cheeks, stopping occasionally to nuzzle against your flushed skin.
Edward’s light bronze lashes graze your cheek as he presses a long kiss on the corner of your mouth, sighing contentedly and watching your reaction. You feel his fond stare and look down in embarrassment, and Ed giggles gleefully, tickling your sides to make you squirm more and hide your face.
“Awh, sweet thing,” he coos at you, softly prising your hands away from your face, “are you shy?”
You can’t respond, can’t find the words, but know that Eddie can tell you love every moment of this. So he keeps on going, rocking you slightly in his arms like a baby and only stopping to rest his head in against your neck blissfully.
“It’s so adorable,” he mumbles with a dopey smile, squeezing you against him tighter, “you’re adorable, my little angel.”
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Okay so yes Battinson should get a Robin but hear me out- what if the next movie he starts out getting Cass instead.
Like, in this dark gritty edgy boi Gotham, an ex-assassin would fit a lot better than a circus brat (Dick Grayson) would originally, and Cass would be skilled enough I could reasonably see a reason Battinson would let her help him. Her backstory isn’t particularly linked to any other Batkids like Tim or Duke (both heavily rely on the previous existence of Robin), and like I said, she fits the general tone better so there’s less of an abrupt jump between movies. At the same time though, she’s still a kid - a very traumatized one yes, but a young girl. You can probably have scenes of her braiding Battinson’s hair or doing stupid tricks once she gets a bit more comfortable being treated like, well, a person, to make the tone a bit less um... not-Robin-y? so there can be a greater focus on Robin next movie without it seeming out of place.
Plus, Cass would really vibe with Battinson. Like, he’s a pathetic rat man who probably hides under his bed covers eating shredded cheese after having to look at a person for one (1) second. He doesn’t like talking, neither does she. No eye contact? Ay, this assassin child gets you! Plus, Cass is a link to the League of Assassins, which could give Battinson a connection to Talia al Ghul or at least establish them as a threat to foreshadow Damian.
Cass still fits with The Batman movie’s themes about orphans and helping those who have nothing. Cass was homeless for a number of years, underwent extreme parental abuse, and you could probably add in themes of racism given she’s Chinese. Since TB had a focus on systemic issues and how they make broken children, Cass would be a cool way to see that. Not as clearly as mob violence and Dick or poverty and Jason, per se, but still.
So we get Cass, we get them bonding, and we get Battinson gradually learning how to be open as Bruce and not just a stinky rat hermit. We can also connect this to him dealing with the corruption in his own legacy as Bruce Wayne, the civilian, and not just Batman, and him starting philanthropy and stuff. We also get this small assassin child coming out of her shell and being adorable, and we could probably get more of a focus on Cass (she tends not to get as much).
And then at the end, Bruce holds up two tickets for Cass to see - Haly’s Circus. When she looks at him curiously, he recalls back to when Alfred mentioned he used to be affiliated with a circus and Cass had said she’d never gone to one. He’s taking her to one now, if she wants, but if not that’s okay there’s still some cheese in the freezer if she-
Cass giggles and they go, sitting amongst spectators, ready to relax and watch the show and not be on high alert, for once.
The trapeeze act. They both see it seconds before it happens, but it’s too late anyway, because the movie ends with their horrified faces as the Flying Grayson’s hit the ground, with a last shot of a small boy’s face from on top of the platform, looking down at their dead bodies, whispering “...Mom? Dad?”
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Hope 🌇
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for the future
Tumblr media
warnings: cursing, angst, fluff
you left him screaming in that goddamn cell.
it was insane how you could still hear edward’s desperate yells echo through the corridor as you walked further and further away from him. the only release you got was when the thick metal door to the prison was shut, trapping the pained cries inside.
you wiped your eyes and sniffled, the chilly air hitting your face and blowing your hair back as you looked around the flooded city. your next objective was to stop by your apartment to grab a few last minute things before hopefully get on an evacuation helicopter to join your son upstate. you’d hoped august was there already, safe and with your friends. you’d hoped august had remembered to change his last name. you’d hoped nobody would see edward in the face of your son.
you were able to catch a boat to your apartment located around downtown gotham, which made it a trick to get into. a few windows from a floor up were opened of people who managed to evacuate and they were now used as entrances as the main entrance was flooded. you managed to uncomfortably climb through the window, letting out a deep sigh as you looked at the gold key in your hand. you weren’t going to edward’s apartment, no. you were going to yours. despite being in the same complex you had been basically living with eddie ever since you got pregnant with august, and only stopped by your apartment every so often. it was difficult paying rent for two apartments solely on eddie’s salary, but he had insisted you kept this apartment as well.
“incase things don’t go as planned one day,” he had reasoned, holding your hands.
more tears brimmed your eyes and you shook your head, ridding of the sentimental thoughts as you walked slowly through the damp apartment. most apartment complexes smelled sort of damp and old, but with all the extra water in gotham it smelled terrible in the stairways and hallways. you marched up the stairs until you reached your level, scanning the doors for your number. when you finally reached your door you pulled out your rusting gold key and unlocked the door, sighing as you opened it to the relatively empty apartment. a couch, a tv, a few of auggie’s old baby things like his pack-n-play and crib that were too big to fit in eddie’s apartment, and a couple of other boxes sat in the living room. you sighed.
your apartment was mostly used for storing extra things now, just like auggie’s old baby things. you kept a fireproof safe there with copies of important information concerning you and august, and you felt that would be important to bring with you.
you trecked down the small hallway to your bedroom, looking sadly at the blank walls that once held pictures of you and eddie. there was no need for the pictures since you’d been living with eddie, but the emptiness still tugged at your heartstrings. you opened the door to your bedroom, looking around at how plain everything was. you frowned and scrunched your nose, thinking that this simplicity is what some asylums must look like. it definitely looked like a hospital.
you shook your head, chasing away the thought of auggie’s father as you crouched on the carpeted floor to reach under the bed, grabbing the safe. after moving your hand around a few times you finally felt it, snatching it up quickly as the sudden urge to leave hit you. get out of this apartment, get out of this city, get to your son. you hoisted yourself up without a second thought as reality continued to wash over you. you shut the door and walked back through the empty hallway, taking no thought to the walls this time.
before locking up and leaving, you stopped to glance around at auggie’s baby contraptions once more. his old baby carrier that eddie used to carry him around in. his old pack-n-play that eddie would play peek-a-boo with him through. the bassinet that used to sit right next to you and eddie’s bed. the little chair with the wheels that auggie would move around in, eddie chasing him and making the sound of auggie’s little baby laughs reach every corner of the apartment. the blanket that used to be used for tummy time, eddie laying on his belly right across from his son as the baby stared at him with big green doe eyes, eddie making faces until he earned a laugh from august.
it was difficult leaving the city you’d raised your child in and made so many memories with eddie in. though you hoped you weren’t leaving permanently, you never knew what was about to unfold all because of edward’s actions. raising august in gotham with the circumstances you were already in was hard enough, and now you were basically single-parenting him and not on great terms with your now-ex.
you didn’t notice the sad look that had grown upon your face as you reminisced on when august was a baby and times were easier. you simply rubbed your eyes and sharply pivoted, making your way towards the door and making your exit.
• • •
by the time you had made it to new york you were exhausted and it was evening. the helicopter ride was hell, so was trying to bring all your luggage and carry-ons squished in with people on that tiny aircraft. you’d taken a cab to katie and rachel’s apartment, and you wanted to rip your eardrums out when the driver went on and on about the riddler. you finally greeted katie and rachel in their nice little apartment, thanking them for picking up august before your poor crying boy ran into your arms and nestled closely against you. you melted into auggie’s grip, closing your eyes as you picked him up and shushed him gently.
“he’s been crying pretty much since we got him,” katie explained hesitantly. auggie whimpered into your neck as you stroked his light chocolate locks with your free hand, slowly rocking him side to side.
“baby boy,” you whispered, continuing to hush him lightly as his crying died down. his arms were wrapped around your neck for dear life, afraid that if he let you go then you’d go away like eddie. rachel frowned and cooed at auggie, you walking over to sit on the couch with him as he sniffled.
“mommy’s here, i’ve got you august…” you cooed. you didn’t mind the weight of his little body against yours as you relaxed into the couch, letting your eyelids close once more. holding your son felt familiar. it made you feel relaxed, despite him being just five years old he was one of your biggest comforts in the world. as august began to hiccup you began to hum a song to calm him down, rubbing his back slowly.
“if you’re tired we’ve got your room set up, y/n,” rachel offered. katie nodded.
“this couch pulls out, but we assumed that august would want to sleep with you?” katie verified. you nodded.
“yeah, he doesn’t go away from home very often so he’ll be with me,” you whispered in reply.
“i can put your bags in your room for you,” katie offered again. “let me help you set up, you must be exhausted. you scoffed as you continued to hum, doing your best to keep auggie calm.
“you guys are sincerely the sweetest, thank you so much,” you gushed. you let your stress fall off your shoulders as your friends helped you get unpacked and settled in so it would be easier for you to take care of you and august. you still needed to shower and give august a bath, you still needed to get some sort of food in the both of you, and you needed to make sure auggie got to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. poor baby had had a long day, and you knew he was going to be uncomfortable for a while until you were able to take him back home.
“come on, auggie. let’s go get cleaned up, yeah?”
auggie was quiet and teary-eyed the entire first night. you’d elected to take him in the shower with you, holding him in your arms underneath the warm water as you rocked him back and forth. you’d tried asking him about the helicopter ride, wanting to know if it was as bad as yours and if he was scared. no response. you asked if he thought katie and rachel were nice, telling him how they were always there to look out for you. no response. you sighed as you washed the shampoo out of his thin hair, humming a song to him.
when you offered him food he simply shook his little head and buried his face in his arms at the table. your heartstrings felt like they were being ripped apart from your heart as you tried to hold back tears.
“august edward, please, baby. you need to eat,” you begged gently. auggie didn’t move and katie came up behind auggie and lifted him into her arms, him placing his head on her shoulder. you hid your face in your hands as you began to cry, rachel kneeling down beside you and rubbing your shoulder. katie carried august out of the room, whispering something about watching a movie for a little bit which allowed you to breakdown not in front of your son.
“i don’t know what to do, rach,” you cried, sniffling and rubbing your eyes. she enveloped you into a tight hug and you let out a sob. “he’s not like himself…”
“it’s going to be okay,” your friend reassured lovingly. “he’s in a new place, he just left an incredibly stressful situation…” she trailed off uncomfortably for a moment. “…his father is in prison…”
you shook your head and wanted to rip all the hair off of your head. you were so over the impact eddie had over your thoughts and life even when he wasn’t around. katie and rachel knew that august was edward’s. they now of course knew that edward was the riddler, yet their care and love for you was unwavering. that wasn’t to say, however, they knew the whole true story. as far as they knew, you didn’t know edward was the riddler until he got thrown in prison. you didn’t know what he did at night. the lies you had to tell to keep people in your life to help you out weighed on your conscious every day. now that you were broken up with edward, it was difficult to know that you were with him even when you knew he killed people. he had completely human morals and reasons for fighting that you agreed with, but the way he got around trying to carry them out was completely wrong.
“he’ll come around, i promise,” rachel said. you inhaled and nodded, trying to pull yourself together. she gave you a light pat on the shoulder. “just because august isn’t eating doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. come on, let’s put some food in you before you go to bed.”
after eating and thanking rachel for the support, you found katie and august in her room. august was fast asleep in a little ball on katie’s lap, her running her fingers through his drying hair. the animated “robin hood” played on the tv, the light helping to illuminate the dimly lit room. katie looked up to you with a smile as you stood in the doorway, taking in the scene.
“he fell asleep pretty quickly after coming back here,” katie whispered as you walked towards the bed. “he’s a tired boy.” you cautiously lifted august up into your arms, thanking katie for watching him. you bid the girls goodnight before heading to your guest room where you were set up. you placed august down gently on the bed, his little body curling up once he felt the room of the mattress. a single lamp let off a warm glow in the room as you dug through one of your bags of luggage. you pulled out the brown dog stuffed animal eddie and gently placed it near auggie’s arms. the little boy immediately accepted the soft stuffed dog and hugged it tightly to his chest. it wasn’t all of his friends, but you felt slightly accomplished as a mother being able to bring at least something that would make things easier for august.
you fell asleep with your arms around august, his back pressed firmly to your chest as you nestled your head into his tiny shoulder. you were too exhausted to cry anymore. you hoped that august would begin to be happy again, your little ball of sunshine that could bring light to any situation. you needed your baby’s positivity. you hated to admit it, but he was stronger than you. august could find the good in anything and anyone. august is what was going to get you through this situation.
over the next few days, august began to open up once more. he would still get sad and occasionally cry and need to be held until he fell asleep in your arms, but that was to be expected. his appetite was still small, but the fact that you could get any food in him was a win for you. he was still shy around katie and rachel, but he would let them pick him up and sit on their laps quietly as they talked to him and watched movies with him. (your friends did the best they could to gain auggie’s comfort and trust. they wanted to help you out as well as make august seem less uncomfortable and alone.)
you heard your son’s giggles when you made funny faces at him once more. you heard him hum songs nonchalantly (and never pointed it out to him, because once rachel asked him curiously what song he was humming and he turned pink, clammed up, and didn’t hum for the rest of the day). when he was alone in the room the two of you shared, you heard him talk to his dog about how much he missed his other friends, and wondering when he’d get to go back home.
august beginning to let down his guard which therefore allowed you to relax, letting you find some positives in the situation and enjoying time with your friends. august would sit at your feet and play with his dog on the carpet as you, rachel, and katie sat around the living room talking and laughing. auggie would be doted on as his little feet pitter-pattered through the hardware floor, katie and rachel saying “hello” to him brightly every chance they got. rachel even told you about a nearby park and you were able to take august there, transforming him to the kid he used to be for a small while. the full-fledged sound of his laughter nearly moved you to tears as you pushed him higher and higher on the swing set. he slid down the twirly plastic slide more times than you could count, every single time yelling “mommy! watch me!” as if you could even take your eyes off of him.
his smile was like a treasure to see and the pink flush of his cheeks wasn’t from crying, instead from running around and being a kid. it had been a week since first arriving at katie and rachel’s and things were finally beginning to look up.
you hadn’t given any thought to eddie since the first few days of being in new york. your son was your main priority, and what did you care about your ex who was sitting in arkham? thinking about how he had completely left you and august in the dark made your blood boil, so you quickly left edward and gotham behind in your brain. not to say you hadn’t spent the first couple nights crying while holding a sleeping august, but you decided you’d cross that bridge when gotham was safe enough to return to.
that was until august began to question.
one night on your bed as you brushed his thin wet locks after a bath, august asked where they were.
“we’re in new york, auggie,” you chuckled, slightly taken aback at the question considering he full well knew he was in new york. he continued to play with his little stuffed dog and he let out a frustrated sigh.
“i know, but… why are we here?” he pressed further. you hesitated for a moment as you brushed his hair, eyes narrowing at his sudden curiosity.
“well, gotham is flooded, remember baby? it’s not safe there right now, so we’re here,” you explained gently. you set the brush aside and auggie turned around to look at you, his green eyes wide.
“well, why isn’t daddy here with us?” he asked. your heart froze for a moment and you blinked. you suddenly pulled him into your lap, tickling his belly.
“you ask too many questions,” you teased with a smile as auggie squealed happily. you tucked him underneath the covers and kissed his little lips, him making the happy little “mwah!” noise he liked to make. “goodnight august, i love you and i’ll see you in the morning,” you whispered, turning off the lamp beside you. he quickly snuggled into bed and his little breaths regulated, his chest rising up and down as his long eyelashes occasionally fluttered.
your mind raced as you watched your son sleep. you were hoping this was the only time he would ask about his father, because that was a topic that his little five year old brain was not ready to handle. you were soon to settle yourself into bed as well, placing your mind in a better place than thinking about edward.
unfortunately for you, that was not the last time august would ask about his father. some days were easier than others to skirt around the topic, depending on what was specifically being asked and whether or not you could quickly divert his attention. some days it was “where is daddy,” to which you’d remind him he was back in gotham, in a relatively safe place, and assure auggie that eddie was fine. others days it was “why is daddy not here,” or “when can we go home with daddy” and you began to feel overwhelmed as it became harder and harder to tip toe around your son’s questions.
eddie became the only thing august would talk about. he’d gush about eddie bringing him home stuffed animals and talk about all the stuffies that he had at home. he’d talk about eddie picking him up and carrying him around throughout gotham when he got to go outside. he said he liked the way his daddy’s hair felt when he played with it and stroked it when being held. he’d laugh when talking about eddie’s big clear-framed glasses and how when auggie tried them on they were too big. one time rachel gave august a bath for you, and she said that the whole time august just talked about edward and tried to teach rach the songs eddie would sing to him when giving august a bath.
your stomach flipped around every time august discussed edward. you didn’t want to discuss it. you couldn’t discuss it. how were you going to tell a five year old his father was a murderer and was in prison? how were you supposed to explain that he was the reason the city was flooded and why the two of you had to evacuate? how were you supposed to explain that you didn’t know how long his father would be in prison and that mommy and daddy weren’t together anymore so either way august may never see his daddy again?
it drove you nearly to a breakdown every time you thought of it and you had to place your mind on other things, not letting the uncertainty of the future weigh on you too harshly yet.
it was a rainy afternoon when you were walking around the apartment, calling for august. he was always with one of you and never by himself because he didn’t like to be alone. you walked slowly down the hallway and hear little sniffles coming from the room the two of you shared.
you hesitantly pushed the cracked door the rest of the way open to find august laying on the bed, his little green eyes puffy and and tears wetting the area near his head. you frowned, closing the door and quickly scooping him into your arms as you sat on the bed. you listened to your baby sob as you gently rocked him and rubbed his back, wondering what could’ve provoked this.
“oh auggie baby,” you cooed sadly. he was grasping onto you and it took you a few minutes to help him regulate his breathing and calm him down. you cradled him in your arms and pushed little wet locks out of his face as you fussed over him, running a thumb over his flushed little cheeks.
“why are you crying, sweet boy?” you whispered. auggie’s wet little lips quivered and you frowned at him. “tell mommy what’s wrong.”
august hesitated, his watery eyes not breaking contact though as he slowly opened his mouth.
“i want d-daddy…” he whimpered. you sighed and held him closer to your chest, looking up and asking anybody who was listening to give you strength.
“i’m sorry baby,” you said sadly, rocking him as usual. a few more tears came out and his breathing began to get choppy once more but you took his little hand and breathed slowly with him, calming him down so he could talk.
“y-you and daddy d-don’t love each other a-anymore,” auggie blubbered. your soul felt as if it had just left your body as you listened to your son say those words. your mouth opened and you felt your eyes get salty too.
“n-no, baby… oh auggie no no no,” you tried desperately, trying to stop his crying and prove his accusations false. “no…” you whispered again, still in shock.
“you don’t t-talk about him,” auggie added with a broken little voice. “you d-don’t call him… mommy, you and d-daddy don’t love each other!” he sobbed again. this time you couldn’t help the few tears that rolled down your cheeks as you held your son closed and gently hushed him. every kid’s worse fear was coming true for auggie. he wasn’t going to recognize the low-income status he grew up with until he was older, but something like this could stick forever.
and the saddest part is that it wasn’t even true.
you pulled august away from your chest so you could wipe his tears and look at him as you talked to him.
“august, i love your daddy s-so much,” you said as firmly as you could muster. something in your heart mended when you said that, putting the thoughts and feelings into words. eddie put you and august at risk, yes. he was a murderer who flooded the city of gotham and made the lives of all the middle and lower class people who lived there difficult and or killed them. you felt so much anger for him recently, but the reason you couldn’t allow yourself to think too much into the future was because you knew after all this and however it mended, edward was going to be there with you and august.
“daddy has made some mistakes,” you explained, sniffling. “daddy is being held right now in that place we went to visit him. i-i know it’s hard baby, and i’m sorry,” you continued, wiping your eyes as auggie’s glossy eyes stared up at you intently with a little frown on his lips. “i don’t know for sure what’s going to happen, b-but i promise your daddy and i love each other very much, and we’re going to w-work everything out for you,” you promised. you let out a small sob as auggie nodded, wiping your eyes like you did his.
you let out a small laugh as his little fingers caught the tears and he wiped them on his tear-stained shirt. you kissed his head and exhaled shakily, your heart beating for edward once again for the first time in weeks. you felt instantly regretful for breaking things off with edward before leaving him. you were going to have to talk with him about everything he had done, but you knew he was yours and you were his for life. august edward nashton was your little baby that you and edward had to consider as well, doing your best every single day to give him the life he deserved.
“i know i haven’t done a very good job of showing it lately, but i do love your daddy. and he loves us,” you said gently. you saw eddie in august’s eyes and you gave him a slight squeeze, trying to pull yourself together again. an idea popped into your head and before you could really consider it or think it through, you blurted it out.
“should we see if we can call daddy?” you asked. august lit up and nodded vigorously. you grabbed your phone which was when the regret set in, your stomach beginning to twist. would arkham even let him talk to you? what if eddie didn’t want anything to do with you anymore? even if he didn’t want to talk to you or the idea didn’t work, you had to try for august.
you looked up the number for arkham and called, an excited august looking up at you hopefully in your lap. the line rang for a moment and your heart jumped when someone answered.
“hi, yes, i was wondering if i could speak to edward nashton?” you asked nervously. the woman on the other end of the line laughed at your request, you biting your lip as she asked if you were being serious, mentioning that he was the riddler and all.
“yes, y-yes ma’am i know. please- just, can i speak to him?” you asked once more. the woman was silent for a minute and the anxiety rose in your stomach.
“one moment,” the woman replied flatly.
you glanced to august who gave you a huge grin, you trying your best to return it as anxiety ate away at your every nerve. you stayed on the line and heard a noise, your eyes widening slightly and you quickly put the phone on speaker, august looking down at the screen.
“hello?” a familiar voice asked tiredly. a hand flew to your mouth and august gasped happily.
“hi daddy!” august screamed joyfully. you heard edward gasp and you let out a small laugh.
“hello, my love,” you greeted gently. you heard eddie’s breath hitch in this throat over the line before he let out a relieved laugh, then sniffling audibly.
“oh my loves, oh how i miss you…”
this was a MAMMOTH and im so glad to finally get it out here. thank you for sticking it out and waiting for the end of the trilogy to come out :) thank you for your support of the auggieverse, this never would’ve happened without you guys.💕💘💖
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everblossomtrails · a day ago
Sorry if this is a bit weird but Ed Nashton with a s/o who’s leads a graffiti gang and can do really good street art promoting the riddler 🎨👏
the art behind the man
pairing — dano!edward nashton/reader
warnings — mentions of past violence
a/n — i’ll be honest, this concept went through five different paths because i couldn’t settle with one. BUT I FINALLY HAVE!! i hope you peeps enjoy :]
Tumblr media
The car ride was silent. Edward drove, hand tight on the wheel as his other held a cigarette. He was tense, you could feel the hatred rolling off of him in waves. His eyes were stuck on the road and you tried to not look over at him. You felt like you couldn’t bare to see him be so angry.
You would’ve never put him in that position if you had the choice. Yet you would’ve never thought you’d get caught and arrested.
You sat in the passengers seat, eyes downcast as your fingers fumbled with each other. When Edward came to get you, you trembled as you apologized. You hugged him, and he barely pat your back.
It was awkward. You were embarrassed, you felt like you failed Edward and his cause. But you knew he wasn’t upset with you, his distaste was with the police department. With how they treated you. He didn’t expect any less from them and it only made his blood boil.
You didn’t notice the car suddenly stop. The thought of being slammed into the hood of the police car replayed in your head. They called you a freak for your art. You threw an empty can at them, hoping to distract and make a run for it. They almost shot you, and you never felt fear paralyze you as it did then.
Edward unbuckled himself and got out while you messed with the beanie on your head. The soft fabric brought you some comfort in that moment whilst Edward popped open the trunk and grabbed something. You couldn’t see it, not until he came over and opened your door.
He held your black bag—your backup bag, mixed with new and old sprays along with a respirator. Edward offered you his other hand, which you took. After stepping out, Edward reached to close the door for you.
From what you could make out in the dark, Edward was doing better. He still had a cig poking past his lips but you couldn’t judge him based off that. Edward lead you into the alleyway near by, where you were before the bust. He was still quiet, but it was pleasant. You held his hand as you were engulfed in darkness.
The job wasn’t nearly done. The police caught you and your gang early, who successfully got away. Someone had to stay and deal with the officers. That was your responsibility as leader. Now here you were with Edward.
He stomped out his cigarette before placing the bag down and digging in. Edward pulls out your respirator out from the top. Zipping it back up, he turns to you and tenderly kisses the crown of your head. He rested his forehead against yours after, gaze soft upon your face. “Finish what you started.”
You were doubtful. Your gang was home, safe and warm. Edward was there to watch your back, but no one was there to aid you. His presence alone made you feel invincible. Yet…
“It’s going to take a long time.”
Edward pulls away to look at the painted wall. It was huge and unfinished. He believed it could be finished, even if you only had yourself.
“I’m here.” he encourages as you look up at the brick wall. He was only a blob of green with white to outline his glasses. Part of his left was purple and red. His right was completely bare.
Edward lightly pulls your beanie back where it’d stay as you moved around. You made up your mind as he touched you, he knew.
You go over to your bag and began to search through your selection. Edward pulled out another cigarette as he looked at the wall. It was going to be beautiful. Tomorrow morning, Gotham would be welcomed by your masterpiece and those damn authorities will be annoyed with themselves.
Gotham was lazy and gritty. They wouldn’t search for either of you, despite demanding how the graffiti needs to be put to an end. What you and him were doing was for the greater good. The Riddler wasn’t going to let anyone keep you from doing what you loved, and from rallying more with your creativity.
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propheticpotato42 · 10 hours ago
Battinson!Bruce returning home for a gala that went on for way too long being talked to by reporters: Um yes well it was very pleasant thank you very much.
*shuts door walks up stairs and falls on to Selina*
Bruce: it was so horrible
Selina: Oh I know baby.
Bruce: they asked me so many questions and looked at me
Selina: Oh no kitten, wanna listen to music, light candles, and rewatch planet earth?
Bruce: yes
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fanishdaj · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drew some superhero dudes whose shows/movies I've recently watched.
Featuring: David Haller (Legion) Bruce Wayne (The Batman) Steven Grant (Moon Knight)
[twitter] [instagram]
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azaleabushes · a day ago
— stargirl , part 1
Tumblr media
prologue | part 1 | part 2
Tumblr media
summary : the elusive batman saves you one night, and he can never seem to leave you alone after that. unfortunately, its his fixation on you that attracts the attention of the riddler during a city wide murder mystery, and it leads you to getting dragged far deeper into gotham than you could ever want.
tags : stalker bruce but its non invasive, pining, some fluff?
note : prologue not necessary to understand this series!
Tumblr media
october 29, 2021.
the batman watches you in your apartment as he crouches on the rooftop of a nearby complex. you were out, late again, he notes with annoyance; but finally, after finishing a long shift at the iceberg lounge, you’ve returned yourself back home to safety.
of course, you were only safe because he had knocked every criminal and street thug along the way out comatose.
he knows that he shouldn’t be as invested in you as he is. every moment he spends watching you, observing you, tracking you – every moment that he is distracted by you is a moment he loses to stopping crime in gotham. he should – no he needs – to stop fraternizing with a civilian.
but he can’t, and every time he tells himself that it’ll be the last time, he always finds himself following you back to your apartment, watching diligently for any threats to your safety. every time he tells himself, ten minutes and that's it, he'll still find himself trailing your every step an hour later. since that day he stopped that man from assaulting you in the back alley, he has the uncontrollable need to know whether or not you're going to be safe.
through his binoculars, he looks at you conducting your everyday affairs. he's seen you do it a million times – go to the fridge, pick something out to eat, chat with your roommates (annika and selina, he remembers), then disappear into the bathroom and emerge ready to sleep. if asked to testify in a court of law, he could recite your routine to the jury with full accuracy front to back, no hesitation.
so if he knows everything about you, why can't he leave you alone?
you laugh at something that your blond haired roommate, annika, says, and stand up to throw your wrapper away in the trash can. he recognizes it from your latest grocery run – a chocolate chip larabar, pack of 5. this one was your fourth one, and judging by how fast you got through the box you would need to go shopping soon.
you're already in the safety of your own home, but he still continues to watch you do something he's already seen. why? why does he feel like the two of you are attached by strings? every time he gets far, the string inevitably goes taught and pulls himself back, back to you.
moving the binoculars away from his face, the batman lets out a sigh. this is a dilemma he is truly stuck in, one without any conceivable way out of it seems, either.
that's when he notices his bat-signal pressed onto the clouds, bright as a lightbulb, calling him to work.
he doesn't know how long it's been since it started shining, but he knows gordan's going to give him hell for being late.
"shit," he whispers to himself, hastily packing all his stalking equipment back into his bag.
october 30, 2021.
"so do you think this one? or maybe this one?"
you hold up different articles of clothing up to your body, clutching them by their hangers and switching them every so often. the sequins and the glitter make a magnificent sparkle underneath the lights of your room.
the batman stands on the fire escape, and with your window open the two of you have found a way that you can make conversation. he is outside, peering in on you while keeping guard, and you are inside, wishing that he would cross the threshold of you window just once and step into your room. instead, he is ever the gentleman, straight backed and stiff as a rod; but he has always been friendly and willing to talk to you whenever you need him.
he doesn't respond – he just stares at you, eyes tracking the lines of every strap and curve of the clothes with heinous precision.
you sigh and drop the two hangers on your bed. "or... maybe this one?" you prance over to your closet, stepping over the piles of clothes on the floor, and pull another piece out. "i don't know, it's kind of new."
the batman lets out a disapproving grunt. “don’t you have anything more conservative?” he asks. with his mask constantly furrowing his brow, it really adds to the strict, stern look he’s going for.
“come on,” you whine. “tomorrow’s halloween. all the big tippers are coming.”
this is when bruce would've yank the hangers out of your hands, sweeped the sparkling clothes off your bed, and pushed every scanty shirt out of your window. he would've looked right into your eyes, grabbed your face, and cried, “don’t worry about it. i’ll buy anything you could ever need, if it would mean you never have to go back to that stupid bar again or walk that stupid walk back to your apartment and stay at home, safe.”
but he is not bruce, he is batman – and he knows how the world works. how impossible that is.
“just be careful,” he says instead with a sigh, glancing away from you and towards the cityscape.
“i know, i will.”
when he looks back, he finds that you’ve walked several steps closer to your window, closer to him. enough for him to see the reflection of your room lights in your eyes as you look up at him.
"don't worry about me so much, you know i can take care of myself," you remind him gently.
he wishes you would stop looking at him like that, so trusting and vulnerable and so you.
"i know," he says.
he watches as your irises shift off of him and onto some undefined space behind him; as he turns around, he finds what you were looking at – his bat signal, stark and bright, branded onto the cloud cover.
"looks like you have to go," he hears you murmur, and when he turns his gaze back he sees you looking back at him with those endearing eyes.
he swivels around immediately, not trusting himself to not drop his nightly duties in a heartbeat, just for a few extra minutes with you.
"i'll be here tomorrow," he announces, already swinging himself away.
october 31, 2021.
you're hyper aware, in a very not creeped out kind of way, of the batman trailing you on your way to work. but other than the fact that you know he's following you, he gives no other indicators that he's even there.
he is completely silent, moves invisibly, and impossibly fast – the batman certainly lives up to his title. now, as you pass by alleyways identical to the ones where he saved you from, you feel much more secure knowing that he's guarding you.
you didn't even notice when he overtook you, but when you start approaching the iceberg lounge you spot him tucked away into an alleyway waiting for you. it was almost comical, seeing such a tall and bulky figure trying to hide himself behind a trash can between the sides of two building.
practically sweeping yourself into him, you join him in the alley with a smile. "thanks for walking me," you say, adjusting the jewelry you have on underneath your coat. even in the dim lighting, and under a thick rain coat, your whole bar outfit manages to gleam like gold.
"be safe," he tells you every time he walks you to your job, saying it like a command – as if you had any control over whether or not it would happen.
"i will," you always respond, and today is no different.
the tight squeeze the alleyway puts you in wasn't really a problem until you notice the way his eyes rake viciously over your extra...showy attire. the simple action makes the two feet between you feel like two centimeters, and now you're conscious of every bit of fabric covering you; or lack thereof.
he immediately notices the way you shrink into yourself, overcome by shyness, because of course he does. he always does.
"you look beautiful," he mumbles. you wouldn't know it, but underneath his cowl his ears go pink.
however, he can very clearly see your own ears go pink in response. "thank you," you breathe out, your smile spreading wider.
you see him hesitate. that look is on his face every time he has to leave you, that look of wanting to hang back; even though you know he tries to hide it, he never can.
is it selfish to wish he would stay? after all, there is a whole city that he's pledged his protection to, and to keep him from fulfilling that would be unfair. your own desire to stay with him is trumped by the magnitude of others who really need him.
but, still...
"go, it's okay," you assure him.
in a blink, he is gone.
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