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#the bau
hqtchner · 2 hours ago
emily giving the bau team a house tour
emily, gesturing to her weapons collection: behold, my stuff!
derek: should I be concerned?
emily: I am particularly fond of these two knives
emily, picking up the knives: I even named them, des and troy.
reid: wha-
aaron: *sighs knowingly*
emily: you see, when you put them together, they DESTROY!
penelope: that is GENIUS!
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hotchshoney · 3 hours ago
if u make a women of the bau edit & exclude penelope and tara but include cat adams, im side-eyeing you.
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qvid-pro-qvo · 8 hours ago
i never not laugh in lo-fi when everyone looks at kate joyner and just... the mental processing when everyone realizes “oh so hotch has like a TYPE type”
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locke-writes · 10 hours ago
HCs for unsub!sister!reader being a pickpocket and taking the BAUs stuff when bored
Tumblr media
In the unsub!sister!reader series: This Imagine l Stolen Trust l Second Chances
It had been a habit for as long as you could remember
Built up to help you when you were younger and jut shoplifting it became something you resorted to when bored
Honestly the first time it happened with the team you hadn’t even realized it
You’d just gotten off the plane and were heading towards your desk when you reached to grab something of Spencer’s desk
There was know recognition for what you had done, as if the pen had always been in your grasp
You uncapped and recapped it constantly, not at all paying attention to whose pen it was nor of the looks that the rest of the team had given you
Spencer was the one to speak up and you laughed at what had occurred, handing the pen back to him
The next time it was deliberate
You’d been summoned to a meeting regarding the next case and you were paying attention but found the attention was slipping
Derek was sitting next to you and it was too easy to reach for his wallet
He made no indication that he had felt anything so you held on to the object throughout the entirety of the meeting, surprising him by handing it back at the very end
From then on it became a game to see if someone could catch you
You’d remove items from bags, desks, pockets, wherever you felt wasn’t going to be noticed and you waited to see how long it would take the team to guess the item that you had taken
Sometimes they even would plant something specific for you to take, trying to see how large or loud an object could be before you were caught
The game made for good practice and a helpful skill on cases although the team didn’t like you using it unless was absolutely necessary
You joked once that they were trying to turn you back into the criminal you once had been
Making you quicker with your hands and better at breaking and entering
No one disputed it and the game continued on
Sometimes you ended up wrapping items that you’d taken from them as gifts for birthdays or holidays
Tag List: @opalsandlacemain / @andreasworlsboring101 / @ofthedewthesunlight / @lotsoffandomimagines / ask to be added
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fjareau-prentiss · a day ago
Tumblr media
the usual conversation between hotch and his children every time they are asked to help out on a case
Hotch: i want everyone to be in their best behavior, okay?
Prentiss: whatever
Reid: yes, dad!
Morgan: you got it big man
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hotchseyebrows · a day ago
the bau as these beautiful dogs!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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madswonders · a day ago
As a Harry Potter AND Criminal Minds fan, may I present to you my (possibly extremely inaccurate, but incredibly fun) sorting hat attempt:
Gideon: Ravenclaw
Hotch: Hufflepuff
Derek: Gryffindor
Spencer: Gryffindor
Elle: Slytherin
JJ: Slytherin
Penelope: Hufflepuff
Emily: Slytherin
Rossi: Ravenclaw
Seaver: Slytherin
Alex: Ravenclaw
Kate: Slytherin
Tara: Slytherin
Luke: Hufflepuff
Stephen: Hufflepuff
Matt: Gryffindor
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0nerd-at-heart0 · 2 days ago
Stuff I am working on
Even Through The Darkest Times : Aaron Hotchner x reader ( requested)
This Is My HeartBreak Song : Spencer Reid x Reader (requested)
Morning With You : Aaron Hotchner x Reader (requested)
Dance With me: Mikealson Family x !Daughter Reader ( not requested)
I Know The Feeling: no specific character (not requested)
(Rewriting All the Wrong Reasons because I feel like the story is going nowhere )
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emmyraebird · 3 days ago
Can we talk about how attractive everyone on this team is.
If I worked at the BAU I couldn’t get anything done because I’d be too busy staring all the time
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Quá trình sử dụng viên uống canxi có thể nổi mụn khiến các chị em rất hoang mang lo lắng. Nguyên nhân bà bầu uống canxi bị nổi mụn là gì? Loại canxi nào uống không mọc mụn và bà bầu uống canxi bị nổi mụn phải làm thế nào để cải thiện?
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hqtchner · 4 days ago
hotch: *sees the empty bullpen*
hotch: garcia, where are prentiss, morgan and reid?
penelope: they’re playing hide and seek
hotch: and where are they?
penelope: I don’t think you understand the concept of the game
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youbuyme-orangejuice · 4 days ago
random bau headcanons off the top of my head
these are fun to do. enjoy !!
Spencer and Penelope share fidget toys and Penny will lend hers to Spencer if she sees him struggling (he always forgets to give them back so he has a growing collection at his desk)
Hotch is scared of birds (i’m not elaborating)
Derek makes fun of Spencer’s fear of the dark but he’s very claustrophobic (the team only found out because Emily accidentally locked him in a supply closet and he wouldn’t talk to her for days)
Emily loves JJ’s hair. like a lot. JJ let’s her braid it when she’s stressed.
when Spencer had longer hair it would constantly get in the way and overstimulate him so the team learnt to carry extra hairties for him (boyband hair reid is so superior *screams*)
sometimes on days off, the team go to the park and have a picnic and play football. JJ’s team always wins bc she was a football girl n i love her <3.
Rossi is scared of horses - “they’re so big, nothing that big should be trusted.”
Derek likes strawberry smoothies and someone on the team always leaves one on his desk when he’s noticeably stressed. (he doesn’t know who it is but he suspects it’s Penelope. it’s actually Hotch).
hhhhhhh i love them so much!!! add more if you like!!
reminder that my asks are open for headcanon requests!!
part 2 below
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criminalmindsfanfics · 4 days ago
Lost and Found Ch 12
I have no idea why it took me so long to moody this, the fic has been done for a while now. Sorry for such a long delay.
Emily finished styling her hair and putting on her makeup, just a few minutes before she and Derek had to leave. She called out for Derek but heard no response. Annoyed, she walked into his room, but he wasn't there. 
She had only known Derek a few months but she knew he didn't make his bed this neet every morning. He probably hadn't even slept in it. Something caught her eye before she left. As soon as she picked it up, Derek appeared in the doorway.
"Hey, what are you doing in here?" Derek asked.
Emily pocketed the item, "I was just looking for you." She smiled nervously.
Derek raised an eyebrow, "Alright. I'm going to wait in the car."
Emily tried not to think about the object in her pocket. She was only successful when she saw John walk into her third hour. He sat down next to her so they could work on their project and all Emily could think about was what she'd seen the night before.
"Why did you want 'say goodbye' to Derek last night?" Emily asked as soon as he sat down.
"We're on the football team together." John replied plainly, "I'm his mentor. I'm helping him get on the varsity team."
Emily couldn't help but scowl at the boy, "Oh, so that's why you were kissing my brother? So do all seniors care that much about the freshman? Or is this just the two of you? I don't think most mentors find it appropriate to kiss their mentee."
John almost froze, his face was almost afraid, "You... You must have seen wrong. I didn't kiss him."
Emily didn't believe that for a second, "Well, that's sure what it looked like." She snapped back.
"Nothing happened last night." John replied, enunciating each word clearly, but quietly.
"Emily, John, could you work more quietly, please." The teacher called out.
Emily couldn't just ignore this, but for the remainder of class she tried to focus on the project. If she couldn't finish it here John would have to come over again. Regardless of whatever his relationship with Derek was, she didn't want him coming back to the house.
The school day drug on. All she could think about was John and the object in her pocket. Everything circled back to Derek. She needed to talk to him. She needed to talk to Derek today, she wasn't going to let her questions go unanswered.
Derek was choking back sobs as he waited for John to leave the locker room. As soon as he heard the door close he shakily dug through his bag. He couldn't find it, his pocket knife wasn't in his bag. He rushed into one of the stalls, emptying the contents of his stomach.
Derek jogged out of the locker room to the front parking lot. He searched for Dave's car but he didn't see it. He knew Aaron wasn't off of work yet, so Dave must have just been late. Dave had never been late before, and Derek was late getting out. He was still coming. Was he not coming? He probably wasn't.
After what had happened last night they were probably going to send him away. After he'd run off in the middle of the night and then kept them up with him. Dave and Aaron didn't want to handle a runaway. He wasn't ready to start over again. He wasn't ready to leave Penelope, Spencer, JJ, and Emily. He wasn't ready to leave Aaron and Dave. He wasn't ready for that, he couldn't handle that.
Derek jumped at the sound of a car horn. He realized after the scare that he'd been hyperventilating. The car horn sounded again and Derek finally looked up. It was Emily. He ran over and got into the car. He didn't look at Emily. He didn't say anything. His mind was still going a million miles an hour.
Emily nudged Derek in the shoulder, "What's that look for? Not happy to see me?"
"Just that Dave normally gets me." Derek replied quietly.
"I told the old man that I wanted to pick you up from practice." Emily explained.
Derek didn't understand, Emily never wanted to do anything but sit in her room, "Why?" He asked.
"Because we need to talk." Emily sighed, "I know there are things going on with you Derek, and you won't talk about them. You're just going to make things worse by keeping it in all the time."
"There's nothing to talk about." Derek mumbled.
"Bullshit. I know you're keeping all of your crap inside, I know that you aren't telling us what's going on up there." Emily thumped Derek's forehead, "If you aren't ready to talk now, then I'll wait. I've got plenty of time. You like ice cream, don't you?"
"Yeah." Derek nodded, he only hoped he could stomach it.
"Then we're getting ice cream." Emily smirked.
Emily handed Derek his ice cream and sat across from him at the small table. She took a bite of her sunday, hoping Derek would start the conversation. Derek stabbed at his ice cream with his spoon, avoiding eye contact with the older teen.
"Derek, I want you talk to me." Emily whispered.
"I just..." Derek sighed, "Promise you won't tell anyone?"
"I won't tell anyone." Emily promised.
"Before my mom and sisters died I used to play football for a community center. The coach... he..." Derek found himself trailing off, he could force the words out.
"Derek? What happened?" Emily asked, trying to keep her voice soft and comforting.
"He liked to take me up to his cabin and..." Derek couldn't stop the tears from sliding down his cheeks, "He liked... He liked to do things to me."
He couldn't talk anymore. Every time he tried to form words they got caught in his throat. He felt like he was choking. He didn't feel like he was choking on his words, he felt as though he were physically choking. As if something was making to so he couldn't breath.
"I swear to God I'm gonna kill that bitch." Emily cursed.
" 'm sorry." Derek finally choked out, once he got the words to start again, they wouldn't stop, "I thought he was trying to help me, but then he... I hated every second of it. I hated it, Goddamn it! But he didn't stop and I never said anything. He kept telling me to man up and look up to the sky."
"I can't imagine what you must have gone through." Emily returned to her original gentle tone, "You told me not to tell anyone and I'm not going to, but you need to talk to someone about this."
"I just told you." Derek mumbled.
"I'm sixteen, I'm not all wise and knowing when it comes to this stuff. I have no idea what kind of things you had to go through and I don't know how to help you get better, but other people do. I'm not going to push you to tell someone, but I want you to think about it." Emily the explained, "Anything you need me to do to help, I'll do it. Just tell me."
"I don't know what I need." Derek admitted, finally looking up at his foster sister.
"Come here." Emily pulled Derek into a hug.
Emily was already a few inches taller than Derek. With the platform boots she wore she could rest her chin on the top of his head. In this moment, Derek was grateful for that. He wouldn't have to look at her directly, but she could still just hold him in her arms.
Emily didn't release the shorter, "You might not want to trust me, but I'm here for you if you ever need anything. Anything you tell me will just be between us unless you want someone to know." She told him, "I swear I'll kill that asshole who hurt you, but I won't tell.”
Emily heard Derek snicker at her last comment, "Thank you."
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emmyraebird · 4 days ago
Just finished the episode zugzwang
I was prepared yet somehow not
Why do they like hurting our boy so much 😭
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moreidsdaughter · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
aaron hotchner as a teen
aaron hotchner was quite the guy when he was young. funny, charming, and not deathly quiet as he was later on. he went to boarding school and played soccer! aaron wanted to go pro, but that never happened. he was the type of kid who snuck out a lot to meet people, specifically haley. eventually he got caught a couple of times and his father was very upset. he pulled aaron out of soccer and crushed his dream with no hesitation. and there aaron was, no dream, no friends, no motivations. he graduated school to later on go to college and then law school. in the back of his mind, his dreams still existed, but he settled with what he had.
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dudeitiskarev · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spencer Reid and his beautiful facial expressions (S6E9).
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