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This boy right here has completely captured my heart. He busts my chops, sends me on wild goose chases and lets me know the MINUTE it is time for me to leave so he won’t do more work 😂 his communication has been so amazing and grown so much. Fuller sentences, showing me his ipod if i dont understand what he’s trying to say and me profusely thanking him for trying and trying when I dont get it right away. I never want hin to give up trying but I could never understand how frustrated he gets sometimes. Todays been our longest day together with no one else around and he has kicked its ASS!!! I am so proud. He did show me his muscles a few times, his way of saying keep pushing and I’ll use them, but we talked it out. Even now, trying to get him to change over the clothes and have dinner. He was watching a video and didnt want to. But I asked him again, and he pinched himself. So I redirected him and said hey listen talk to me don’t hurt yourself, do you want to finish the video? Yes Kristen. Okay buddy just tell me hold on I want to finish. When that one was over, he picked a new one and went kristy finish the video please!! So we did high fives for communication!!!

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WAB the eternal….. original songs…. festa really is that bitch

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YES! 😍 That is totally my brand of torture! 💕

Also…I’d play their favorite kind of porn in the background, too…so they can have added sensory stimulation. 😈😇

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How cute can someone be? I don’t deserve so much kindness oof. You’re so—- you’re just everything 🥺🥺🥰💖💖💖

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Disclaimer - All recognisable characters belong to their original owners. I do not make a profit from writing this; I simply do it for my own amusement. No copyright infringement intended.

The Best

“You truly are the best…” Luke told her down the phone.

“Really?” He could imagine her face lighting up, glee spread across her features at the compliment.

“Available!” he finished, laughing as he hung up the phone. He just wished he could be there to see her face.


Penelope stared at the phone after Luke had hung up.

“Newbie.” She uttered it like a curse word. How dare he? She was the best - she knew that. He was the new guy!

Anger brimmed under the surface but then Penelope got an idea. A grin spread across her face. This was going to be good.


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baths where you can literally feel all the toxins leave your body, your skins red and steaming, and you feel like a new re-energized bitch>>>>

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