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#the best for you
reneestjohn10 · a year ago
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Always want the best for you♡★
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by Alistair Begg | Believer, if your inheritance is meager, you should be satisfied with your earthly portion; for you may rest assured that it is best for you. Unerring wisdom ordained your lot and selected for you the safest and best condition...
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helloautumnn · a year ago
Uhm, mungkin lagu ini bisa menjelaskan semua perasaan aku saat ini. Tapi aku lebih berharap ga akan ada hari lain dimana kalimat “Kita” kembali. Aku cuman bener-bener mau yang terbaik aja buat dia. Dan ga kerasa udah dua bulan berlalu setelah memberanikan diri untuk menyudahi hubungan yang sudah tidak sehat, komunikasi yang tidak sehat, perasaan yang terlalu berlarut-larut dan semua pikira-pikiran yang membuat diri ini menjadi lemah. Aku memberanikan diri untuk mengakhirinya. Bagaimana rasanya? Buat semua orang yang pernah pacaran lama pasti tau rasanya. Kita akan kehilangan seseorang yang selama ini selalu ada untuk kita, pagi kita, siang kita dan malam kita ga akan lagi ada sosok itu. Tapi aku mencoba untuk membiasakan diri selama dua bulan ini, mungkin kadang sedikit rindu tapi aku segera mengalihlkan perasaan itu. Aku cuman takut, nanti aku berharap lagi. Mau dibangun komunikasi sebaik apapun, walaupun kita bisa jadi teman rasanya semua itu bohong. Semoga waktu segera menjawab, kapan aku bisa lebih tenang dengan perpisahan ini.
“ Somehow I still got love After all that you've done Swear no matter what we do I still want the best for you “
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bang-astic · a year ago
We support and love Kim Jongdae here!
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billiewena · 3 months ago
castiel supernatural is canonically in romantic homosexual love with dean winchester
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marisatomay · 3 months ago
cmon girlies we’re picking out a 10k+ single chapter fic on ao3 to read stomach down head turned towards our phones held next to our pillows as we move only our thumbs to scroll until our sedatives knock us out
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kindnessoverperfection · 4 months ago
everyone's all for disabled rights & anti-capitalism until your co-worker does the dishes slowly, or gets confused when given directions, or needs to be trained on how to do something that you think is fairly simple, or this or that or whatever lack of ability they have that makes you start to devalue them as a person and call them "useless" for not being a perfect cog in the capitalist machine
like sorry my existing makes your job harder but maybe direct your anger & aggression upwards instead of stamping down vulnerable groups who are just trying to survive and have gone their whole life being abused and screamed at for not being "good enough" or for being Inconvenient or a Burden
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malyen0retsev · 13 days ago
sometimes i think about how in 2012, when andrew garfield was asked which avenger peter would like most he said ‘idk but he’d hate tony stark, too arrogant, ethics are dubious, and peter's a man of the people, peter's the working class hero’
and how andrew got dropped from the franchise bc he refused to shut up and ‘bow down to homophobia’, and said multiple times that peter should be bi
and how in response to those things, marvel changed the contracts so all future incarnations of peter parker had to be caucasian and heterosexual. and then they made mcu spidey very much reliant on tony stark
which is a long winded way of saying that andrew garfield was the realest peter we ever had, and how angry it makes me the way that marvel absolutely shat on him and went out of their way to go against what he tried to fight for... and that there is a huge smugness in me that despite all of that, marvel couldn’t quash people’s love for andrew and they needed him and tobey for NWH, and that in the run up to mcu spidey 3, what i see trending every day on twitter is WHERE IS ANDREW GARFIELD and yk what it’s what he fucking deserves
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bauliya · 9 months ago
I know it's tough for everyone but please, please be extra nice and patient with little kids right now. they're going through so much, we're not going to understand the amount of worldwide trauma these kids have for years, but for context: a five year old who has memories only from the age of three has spent HALF their conscious life under quarantine. they haven't interacted with other kids in person. they've only seen people with masks. they've spent all this time in a home with distressed adults and little stability without truly understanding why. for a massive chunk of their conscious life. so if a kid comes up and talks to you just let them have your attention for a few minutes. don't snap at a child crying or having a meltdown in public, and don't make the parent feel guilty. it's not that difficult to be kind.
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