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Hey guys, it’s been a great nine years, but I physically cannot take social media anymore. Between what’s wrong with the world and what’s wrong with me, it’s too much right now.

I’m gonna be deleting the app. Haven’t used my password in years, I don’t remember it anymore so I don’t know if or when I’ll be back, but I have to go. Please take care of yourselves, each other, and keep fighting. I’m going to miss some of you.

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Paris | Shawn Mendes | Masterpost

When your parents decide to travel with your best friend’s family that you haven’t talked to in a while, who you have a massive secret crush on, what could go wrong, right? Right?! (best friends to lovers)

*Posted: December 7th, 2019.

*Status: complete.


Day One

Day Two 

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Full Length (coming soon)
     read as a long fic with bonus scenes and dialogues.



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currently doing summer exams and since I didn’t follow online school/lectures I’m really struggling with it and I miss Bristol and the library so much :( wishing everyone else luck on online schooling/exams

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👀👀👀 ok so i..ive been watching animation and anime since i was like 3? i have TASTE.

atla if i remember correctly was the combined work of three different animation studios, and lok (except for a brief stint for the first half of book 2 with studio..pierrot?) was studio mir!!

i would say that atla’s animation is on that zone of “you can tell it’s dated but it’s so gorgeous and it still holds up with movements/backgrounds/expressions” — like sailor moon, full metal alchemist brotherhood, any ghibli movie, cardcaptor sakura. like you KNOW it wasn’t made recently but the quality of everything blows even the most recent animation out of the water (lowkey why i cant stand anime anymore—if the animation isnt good, i can’t stomach it and i really hate how modern day animes look lmao)..i would say for atla in more filler eps you can kinda tell the difference in animation from studio to studio but overall from the beginning to the end,, there’s a MASSIVE difference and it’s like..damn the beauty of animation..

lok is..visually, it’s STUNNING, GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL..whatever ur thoughts on it are, i think we can all agree. studio mir did a REALLY good job in mimicking atla’s style. like even from ep 1 of lok the backgrounds? the fluidity of motion?? there’s this specific shot im thinking of is korra practicing airbending through this one air nomad contraption…if anyone can find a gif of it please let me know because UGH… The use of colors especially in the end of book 2 and book 4..god i cry.. the snow scenes.. it makes sense tho just like..the industry changes and the techniques that have been developed from atla ending to lok starting that brought SUCH a massive difference.

what’s cool is that studio mir also did voltron (i know i know bear with me) and the jump of quality from lok to voltron is also equally as staggering (ok like..voltron was good until s2 and then i hated how they treated the canon-in-the-western-sense east asian characters lmao). i know they have a new project which i’ll probably check out just to fawn over the animation lol

tl;dr atla’s animation is STILL superb and beats a majority of recent western animation + animes. lok’s just that much better.

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Well, this was suggested by my friend @casualneonglitterpainterposts , she asked me to do her AU of Livian (2003) along with another Megaman character, and then it occurred to me to draw Iris. Both have red-armored ruthless robots as their love partners, both were attacked by them (in the 1980’s Livian was accidentally attacked by Atlas), and because both are waifu material. Uwu

Anyways, I hope you like it!

Please mention characters you want me to draw with the Astro Boy characters, I’ll be delighted to draw some for y’all.

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i whole heartedly agree anon i am full of love for him and him only 🥺 I’m so proud of him look at what he’s achieved his titles, his legacy I’m gonna cry I love him so so much… also his smile?? hes soft baby and he deserves hugs and happiness and all the bestest purest things

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Elaborating on this

(Warning: this may come off as whiny if you don’t care about these characters, so feel free to stop reading at any point)

So I’ve been trying a lot to remind myself Steven Universe is just a cartoon (at the same time it’s also not tho?) but I’ve been really passionate about these characters for years and I got a lot of big feelings so oops here we go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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because @jobooksncoffee​ instantly reached out to me – when I posted my Five Favourite Fics – and asked: “But what is about London Gods????” 

QED: My readers are the best :) I looove this fandom <3


London GodsSherlock Holmes is a jinn who does not grant wishes. However, when Dr. John H. Watson, recently returned from the war in Afghanistan, gets into his cab by “accident”, it might not even need magic to grant both men their deepest wish: love. (BBC!Johnlock, explicit, 11k, COMPLETE)

It’s an BBC Sherlock AU set in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. 

Beta read by @elwinglyre​ and @irisbleufic​​. 

Fic rec by @swissmissinghere.


fanart by @khorazir

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