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#the blackthorns
dru-and-ash · a year ago
Blackstairs Headcanons
Emma and Julian decides to move to their own place around the time they were going to turn 20 thinking they should start their own private life
Aline was a little reliefed coz they just adopted a little girl and she doesn't consider youngsters making out in every corner of the Institute as a good example for a toddler
Off course she's also sad coz they like spending family time together and help each other in every Institute business as well as taking care of their huge home
Helen is emotional about it even though she knows Julian grow up so fast she still sees him as her twelve years old brother she had to stop from eating wax
Emma and Julian are busy trying to find a place they'll be comfy and that'd fit everything they have
It's hard to find a house big enough to have a training room and dressing room for Emma and art studio for Julian
Emma wants to live in Venice Beach where she was raised by her parents
Then Tavvy makes one 9 years old boy size of stand against the idea putting out all the negative effects moving out may bring on their family Ty and Dru may or may not help him in preparation of this speech
Both Julian and Emma are like "Oh no what were we thinking it already took us years to meet under the same roof!"
However carefree new Julian may be he's still a home boy and can't argue with his youngest siblings very well planned points such as *How do you plan to fit all your paintings in one place Jules and Emma's clothes?!*
On top of all during Tavvy's speech Haline's little girl comes and sits on Julian's shoulders very determined not to let them leave
They're both super soft with the wave of love coming from small cute kids and they start laughing together
A few days later on the weekend when Dru and Ty come to visit the family youngest three of the Blackthorns (plus Ghost Livvy) make a siblings council and congratulate Tavvy on his victory
Even though Ty and Dru don't live at the Institute any more they didn't like the idea of not having whole family when they return for brief visits (Mark and Tina already moved out to NY but Dru can see them from time to time)
In the end Livvy's Ghost says "Thank you for thinking this scheme Drusilla, I'm sure under different circumstances Julian would be proud of you."
Dru feels her words for a brief moment like leafs whispering with wind and replys "I wish I could see you and make you proud too, I missed you Livvy."
I know this ended up not a Blackstairs thing but it's still Blackthorn Family fluff, right?!
Requested by @mademoisellemurders for Follower Celebration
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sergeant-j-barnes · 2 years ago
Me, halfway through Lady Midnight: Nothing better happen to my precious Blackthorn children or I swear to god—.
*Reads a spoiler on this hellsite*
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cityofcorrectquotes · 2 years ago
Blackthorns and Kit on a road trip together:
Kit: Road work ahead??
Kit: uH yEaH I sUrE hOpE iT dOeS.
Everyone: Please make it stop.
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demonssanctuary · 2 years ago
Thank you Julian Blackthorn
Thank you Julian.
I know it was hard for you.
And it is still hard for you.
I know it, together with many other things, broke you.
Made you have to grow up faster than you should have.
But thank you.
For being the one thing that holds all of them together.
For being the parent they all needed.
When they needed it.
Thank you Julian Blackthorn.
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soveutism · 2 years ago
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a friendly reminder
the first time Ty ever hugged Julian in the whole TDA series was when Julian was emotionless, and Julian didn’t know how to respond to the situation and didn’t return the gesture.
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herondaletrauma · 2 years ago
I just want to read again TDA, to fall again in love with Julian and all the characters
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mostawesomepineapple · 2 years ago
So when Kit gets back in touch with the Blackthorn's and he Skypes regularly he's always has little sister on his lap showing her off
SDDVIM9SDOMJSRV AND THE BLACKTHORNS FIND IT ADORABLE (Julian thinks that Kit showing off baby carstairs is a mood tbh,,, he too does it with tavvy)
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julesblackthorns · 2 years ago
happy pride! every member of the blackthorn family is queer i don’t make the rules
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tyblackthorn · 2 years ago
it's hard to remember julian didn't give birth to ty, livvy, dru and tavvy himself
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notsorocksolidpanda · 2 years ago
I wonder if any of the Blackthorns, other than Helen of course, will be introduced? On a similar note, I’m not sure if I want them to be… I feel like there won’t be enough time to throw seven characters in at the very end.
But, we’ll see, I guess?
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I just really love all of the Blackthorns so much (including Emma because she's a Blackthorn, FIGHT ME) they are all so perfect and amazing and I just ugh my BABIES
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reallyfatcutepug · 2 years ago
People were made up of all sorts of different bits, Dru thought. Funny bits and romantic bits and selfish bits and brave bits. Sometimes you saw only a few of them. Maybe it was when you saw them all that you realized you knew someone really well.
Cassandra Clare, Queen of Air and Darkness
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nerdygamer27 · 2 years ago
Jaime x Dru ship Things that made me say aww in QoAaD: (spoilers)
when they both ran and hugged each other at the beach
when Jaime called Dru ‘princess’
when Jaime kissed her forehead and said he’ll think of her in battle
when he wanted to walk with her toward Emma and Julien (when they were giants)
when he said he hoped to see Dru at the new Shadowhunter school
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