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#the breakup
somewhatsomelikepoetry · 21 hours ago
As hard it is to face, I know the love we shared don’t come around often. So losing that feels unbearable. The thought of having to search for love in another person seems pointless. Because no one will ever be you. No one is like you. Maybe that is for the best. But I will bring all the things you taught me and all the parts of you I kept into loving the next. But I will forever be yours
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curuvari · 5 hours ago
Actually sorry but can we talk about how one of King's first grand demonstrations of his magic was triggered by the intention to save Luz because I feel like this is overlooked character development/revelation right there
also the pretty pink light of love or whatever it is wasn't created by Lumity; it's King's powers/his affection for Luz/who knows what -- there is so much more warmth and greatness to and within him than we know, and I hope we'll learn more about it
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iamstrongallonmyown · 10 hours ago
If you really love a person, you give them infinite space. Your very being is just a space for them to grow in, to grow with. The mind interferes and tries to possess the person, then love is destroyed.
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compassionatereminders · 5 hours ago
I recently broke up with my partner who I loved more than anything. We had been together for 5 amazing healthy years and we'd always agreed to prioritise communication and try to work through any problem we were having honestly and non-judgementally, but then one day he just stopped talking to me and retreated further and further for months until I finally managed to confront him and he said he didn't want to deal with it so we broke up. It's been hitting me very hard, especially because I know if he just communicated with me we'd be able to work it out or I'd at least understand what changed, but I can't control his actions. I've been focusing on myself and my hobbies (I moved recently so don't really have a support network yet) and I just wanted to say your blog has helped a lot.
I'm so fucking sorry. I can't even imagine the pain of being let down like that by your partner through so many years. My heart goes out to you - and I am happy if my blog can provide some comfort.
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compassionatereminders · an hour ago
hey angel, if you've got a second i was wondering if you have any advise. since march i have known i have to break up with my long term live-in partner. it seems impossible though... i just started a new job and now i would actually be able to afford living on my own and it's really pushing me. i know the most evil thing to do at this point is stay with her because... how could i when my mind is constantly telling me to break up with her. but at the same time it would hurt her SO much.. the relationship is just draining for both of us. i don't even know what advice i need....
any idea how to lessen the blow? any dialogue i should use or avoid? low key need someone to tell me if i'm a shithead or not for this whole thing? idk... whatever comes to mind
Honestly? Let go of the idea of an easy breakup where no one gets hurt and just be honest with her about how you're feeling. Don't spend ages looking for the perfect words, just rip the bandaid off and get it over with. It's very likely that she'll get hurt, but if you can't be the partner she wants anymore, you're not doing her any favors by postponing the inevitable further.
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ghcsthouse · 21 hours ago
— i woke up with your hair in my mouth and your perfume on my sheets. i missed you, gorgeous. come back to me.
k.tb (7.10.21)
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nicollekidman · 23 hours ago
do think taylor is gonna be in any ‘relationships’ after joe ?
well i don't think she's gonna die alone if that's what you mean, but as to PR stuff i have no illusions i can predict anything at this point
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celinaa-rosa · 15 hours ago
The Man
We sat in his room, all dressed up in gold
With memorabilia new and old
The space encapsulated his heart and soul
A man so young but oh so old
Like stone, is hands unfold
Taking mine and feeling the pulse
Of my heart beating in my chest
Rapidly beating with each breath
I loved him and still do yet
I know this can’t be it
This man is not mine to ingest
But he has something over me
I must confess
I feel it when I look at him
I feel it, unbearably intense
As he smiles knowingly
I’ve become obsessed
He’s way too old for me
But this something I do best
Why did I have to fall in love
With a man
Who has nothing left?
Not even the words
He mumbles under is breath
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