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#the capital building

i just need to point out that the area 51 raid was a bit similar to the capital riot but very VERY opposite energy, and the fact that they actually managed to get inside

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hot take (tw: the entire capital situation):

agent 9 would defend the capital better than the government did IF you told him there were rhynocs invading (and they were disguised as normal people)

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I’d like to make it very clear that what happened in the capital, if it happened in maybe a weaker country it would have been a successful coup. Please do not let people laugh this off or sweep it under a rug, this was a serious attack on democracy and domestic terrorism

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Hi it me, obviously.

wanted to say sorry for the inactivity! needless to say I’ve been busy 😭 I’ll be returning soon with more old net content.

With everything going on I hope you’re all safe. I can’t do much, but I’d you have:

- a GoFundMe

- small businesse

or have any informative posts in regards to the terror attack the United States is currently experiencing please reach out here or to my personal tumblr @666-irl

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The US capital currently looks like an area from Dark Souls

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He is inciting terrorism to our own country right now and I know nothing will happen to him because of it. These terrorist will probably not be arrested for taking over the capital building, and he will get away with all of this and it makes me so fucking angry.

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Its like trump supporters live on another plane of reality separate from us. Im sad that lady got shot but why are they breaking into the capital building and breaking windows and doors and rifling through official documents putting their feet up on the desks, why is that one dude dressed like a viking. 

Im most upset about the rifling through official documents. the staff are barricaded and a afraid, and the interruption of a traditional ceremony. I know I dont like the american government but damn, people!

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It’s weird how all of this advancement in science and technology was done to reduce human effort and save our time and yet we feel that we are lagging behind at all times in this fast paced world.

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The original pricing ideas were all really based around the notion of car pricing - with luxury, expensive Box Boys with custom orders being a million USD or more, while less exclusive brands or ‘off the lot’ non-custom selling cheaper takes for low five figures or even less.

There’s some disagreement on that, and every writer really uses their own ideas on pricing. Mine are all WRU and so higher pricing is definitely standard, since my WRU more or less posits itself as the 'ethical’ company where you pay more for better quality.

Romantics definitely cost most, followed by Combinations, followed by Platonics, followed by Domestics.

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