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tonystarksfabulousass · a day ago
when cap pisses julian off he goes and turns the volume on the tv to an odd number (that is NOT a multiple of 5) and it drives the captain Insane
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parttimesarah · 2 days ago
Maybe the most underrated bit from the bloopers from Ghosts (BBC). This is from the season two reel…
Ben: “Captain’s at speed.”
Tumblr media
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historicalsnail · 15 hours ago
Thomas: I think I speak for all of us when I say we don't want to watch the same documentary about tanks every time it is your turn to choose.
Captain: I think you should show a little more respect to someone from The Greatest Generation!
Thomas: *rolls his eyes* Will you stop already? You have been using that excuse ever since that man on television said it.
Captain: I'm sorry you feel jealous because you're not part of the people who fought so valiantly in the war.
Julian: *on the laptop* Actually, I just put your birth date into Goggle and it says you're part of The Lost Generation.
Captain: What? That cant be right, let me see!
Julian: Also, we all know that people my age are the best generation. Right Pat?
Robin: *rolls his eyes* Okay, boomer.
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thatgordongirl · a day ago
New Love: Young Captain
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thedeakyamp · 8 hours ago
Oh my god I’ve just had a 3000 IQ moment:
So in my last post, I said that Captain could have been bonked with a book, but
- We know his medals are on backwards
I don’t know if the reverse has anything to do with his death, but I think it’s telling us that the captain is linked to the cracked mirror we see in the titles.
The mirror could have been in the library before, and it could have been the weapon? Like I know there aren’t any visible signs like there would be but if he was hit on the back of the head with the back of the frame, but it would be enough to knock him out.
Giving the murderer time to sort out an actual way to kill him: poison.
The force of hitting Cap’s head would shatter the glass, explaining why it’s broken when we see it
If this is a load of tripe please let me know but I really want to find out how he died in s4
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evelinawood · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
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scarytat · 19 hours ago
Ok just had a thought. The captain is wearing medals saying he fought at the end of ww2 in battle. See this post. You don’t think… that Button House was some sort of hospital and that’s why people were laughing at and humouring the captain? He also didn’t have a weapon which would be odd in WW2 even on the home front for someone of his rank. He is portrayed in the flashback as being skittish and paranoid, but please don’t let this mean that Haver’s look towards him is one of pity? Is it that the scenario is a sort of Shutter Island deal where it’s part of his treatment to pretend he’s still a captain?
Horrible thoughts but wouldn’t put it past Ben and his sad writing.
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saffiyres · a day ago
They should be used to such hullabaloo in the house; the living brought with them all kinds of chaos, and yet he still wasn't sure he'd ever get quite /used/ to it. The Captain hurrumphed, frowned and muttered to himself indistiguisably as he half marched up the stairs to Thomas' rooms. /Intolerable, as if I should have to bally down with that complete nincompoop. I'll spend all night having to block out the sounds of his infatuation with Alison./ With a hurumph and a clearing of his throat, the Captain raised his left hand and knocked thrice, hard, on the wooden door, tapping one foot restlessly on the floor.
/Better not make me late for my morning walk,/ he thought, sniffing at the pure absurdity of it all. Him! Bunking with /Thomas!/Thomas! "Flighty blighter with his lights of fancy," he muttered under his breath, sniffling in disapproval although Thomas hadn't yet done anything wrong.
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lagoonnebula6523 · a day ago
The Captains Record Collection - 1: We'll Meet Again
Hello everyone, this is the first edition of a mini series where I share vinyl records that I think the Captain would enjoy.
This is the first one, We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn, from the record "Hits Of The Blitz". It's a slightly different arrangement from the one on my Captain playlist, and of course features the stunning vocals of Dame Vera Lynn. Enjoy!
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goombastomp · 2 days ago
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edgygayguy · 2 days ago
Some Hellsing headcannon that nobody asked for:
(Just a quick disclaimer, this contains discussion of race, if you disaggre you're 100% free to do so, it's just a headcannon after all, but don't be racist)
The Captain is Romani
Him being a part of that ethnic group is entirely based on the fact that in the anime his skin color is explicitly on the darker side, and it ties to another headcannon I hold: The Captain isn't with Millenium by choice.
Apart from the obvious (not killing Heinkel, literally giving Seras the silver she used to kill him etc.) his skin color could be another hint as to him being there against his will.
I always wondered why Millenium, a Nazi group, would have somebody with clearly dark skin and no aryan features with them. 'Cause you know, the Nazis we're historically very very racist.
The "he's just really tan" explanation wasn't really one I subscribed to, especially because he is the closest thing we have to a person of color (apart from some wild geese members who are background characters) in Hellsing. To me, Pip is tan but the Captain is a stretch I'm not willing to take.
So, the headcannon is just the good old "Millenium took him in, did some shit to his head and now he has to obey them but deep inside he still has some mercy left and he knows that his only way out of this hell is death" but with a bit more substance.
This is where the headcannon ends and a personal ramble starts so you can go now if you made it this far.
I had this headcannon boiling inside me ever since I watched Hellsing but I never shared it back in the day because there we're still some Nazi sympathisers in the fandom (I had the misfortune of colliding with them a lot because I like a character from millenium and because I'm Jewish/Polish and gay it went as you can imagine) and even though now they're (hopefully) gone from the fandom at large I'm still getting flashbacks to that.
Hellsing is and always was a form of escapism for me so I never really like to think about the darker (very ironic tbh xD) stuff, and on Tumblr a lot of people have Hellsing as their comfort anime so that's also why I'm kinda hesitant to have a more serious discussion.
I'm especially scared of the Millenium crowd that "fluff up" the characters, which most of these blogs take them out of their Nazi identity in the show (as they should), which aren't the bad ones but I know for sure there's at least one blog on here that would be pissed about me saying that their faves who are Nazis are racist so... hopefully it will dodge that niche group.
Anyway, as you can see I'm putting one of my dumb headcannons here and because I'm as emotional and sensitve as a rabbit who's heart is about to explode, and I had the misfortune of seeing the fandom at its worst I'm really anxious about the whole thing, but I'm starving for a conversation about hellsing that hasn't happened a million times already.
If you have some input it's more than welcome that you make a long post saying why I'm onto something/totally wrong or even shoot me a DM
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alex-ghosts-corner · 3 days ago
manifesting captain coming out in s4
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creaturecorpse · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I had to draw my favorite ghosts, I can't wait for season 4!!!! (click image on tumblr app to improve quality)
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epictalesofcufacts · 4 days ago
S1Ep2 (Fact #20)
Captain Underpants has the ability to “get down in his sleep.”
Tumblr media
This also translates to him being a capable sleep fighter.
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ldoesanartthing · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
They are so strong and powerful and they carry every crew member.
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pat-butchers-turntables · 5 days ago
bbc ghosts characters as out of context quotes from my friends and i:
Alison: “No ones allowed to moo, NO MOOING ALLOWED"
Mike: "no it's not time for a tum tum reveal"
The Captain: “That's a face that knows nothing about 54% increase in energy bills”
Julian: "When I think of you the first word I think of is cum and then Huge Ackman"
Mary: "wizards shaft geniune does equal shoulder nipples tho"
Thomas: "Just cause I am a hooker doesn't mean I have to advertise it on my morning tea"
Fanny: "I'd kill myself if I was a pasta made with almonds"
Kitty: "What if (touch tips) our dads were horny for each other"
Robin: “No food, just eat paint.”
Pat: (about eggs) "imagine if it was runny, I'd be shitting me pants"
Humphrey: "am I part of the injured club if I say I'm nonstop shitting"
context may be possible for some if asked
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