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Thanks !

He’s actually been available in a few places - GameStop, through Funko, through shopDisney, but Chris was able to order him from Amazon. That thing was sold out for MONTHS (it was released last fall) and I could never get my hands on it, and we werent about to pay scalper prices on eBay.

There’s a GIANT Grogu too, but like all of the other funkos, he’s just a little too pink for my liking (the one from Ms. Dumpsterfire was hand painted to remove the pink around his eyes and on his face, and he looks SO MUCH better) … so I can’t justify the price because I don’t like how he looks right out of the box.

But, Mando finally went back up, and he was my Valentine’s Day present.

He’s super shiny, and his head is super bobbly so I keep him safely in the package, but I did take him out to look when I got him!

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Daycare Chronicles: My Country

L: My name is Lucas and this is my country the Philippines, and I made it at night so there is black, and I used the colors for the letters, purple, green, yellow, blue my favorite, pink, red my mommy’s favorite, brown, and red again, and orange, oh yeah, that’s my daddy’s favorite, and yellow.

T: what are those other colored things under the words?

L: These are the lights, they are green, and…


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The Child must be achieved by the Mother and Father. Not only shall this aeon be successfully achieved and embraced by the divine recognition of the Goddess (both spiritual and physical via women) but the true God (both spiritual and physical via men) as opposed to the slave Gods.

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mandalorian ships ranked by me for no reason other than i’ve seen posts and now i’m overthinking this :D

din/omera: 3/10 

this ship is 7/10 in theory, but 0/10 in terms of the show itself. omera is a threat to the plotline; her and din getting together also means din would have to choose to stop being mandalorian and abandon his religion and culture. they had excellent chemistry, but this ship necessitates din cutting his adventures, and therefore the show itself, short. and, again, it hinges on din abandoning his way of life and his religious beliefs

din/boba: 6/10

a good ship. there’s nothing wrong with this ship, it’s just that we’ve hardly seen boba and din interact. boba and fennec stick to themselves and there’s simply no chance for us to see if there’s chemistry between din and boba. it’s a good ship, but it comes from fanon and has no discernible base in canon. if you don’t follow certain blogs, you won’t even know this ship exists

din/cobb: …….i hate myself for saying this, but 6/10

i want to give this ship 0/10 ): i really do ): i dislike the corn cob man and i can’t believe i’m ranking this above din/omera. but i’m trying to be practical and unbiased and here’s the thing, they had an scene where they practically flirted the entire time (specially cobb). the banter was, sadly, very good. and then they worked together the rest of the episode and proved to be an excellent team. they also gained a lot of respect and trust in each other. the reason this ranks so low still is that while din hangs out on tatooine a lot and cobb obviously has no problem taking a vacation to go on adventures, cobb is no mandalorian and also has a job that requires him to stay put. these two couldn’t really get together unless cobb became a mando, which i can’t see him doing

din/luke: 2/10

luke and din as grogu’s co-parents, of sorts, is the only reason this ship exists. it’s also the only reason it gets any kind of ranking whatsoever. they don’t interact on screen, and their ways of life are contradictory. but they are both good dads to grogu (well. we’re assuming luke will be based on what we know about him) so - this ship exists. that’s all i can say about it. but i can see why people like it so much because - mando and jedi co-dads. it’s got soft!jangobi vibes written all over it

…if you can’t tell, i don’t really ship din with anyone in the show XD

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It may not have won the Golden Globes.

But I think it’s still a winner to me.

Thank You ‘The Mandalorian’ for giving us an iconic Father-son duo I will never forget.❤


Originally posted by max--phillips

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Chapter 3: Exploring Intentions

Summary: After the events of Cel’s miscarriage, Cel and Din have a heart to heart about what they want for the future.

A/N: Chapter three!!! Thank you to my wonderful co-author @edgyvege for helping me create this and for creating the beautiful art for each chapter, and to @pedro-pascal-love for helping me with Star Wars lore!

Warnings: Miscarriage, loss of child, grief, mentions of medical procedure

Word Count: 2112

Happy Reading!

Art by @edgyvege


Cel was given more medication, and as time went on she sat more upright. Color gradually returned to her face and she blinked without her eyelids dragging so slow over her eyes.

As Mando and Cel sat while she recovered, Doctor Caddel reentered the room, “I was hoping to share a bit more information with you both, if you are ready to have a discussion.”

Cel looks to Mando and nods.

He begins to share very useful information about Sirens and how they can better thrive in their human form. He shares a recipe for a salve that can help sooth her skin and gives them a list of planets that have natural bodies of water that would be safe for her to visit.

“Sirens are still very well equipped even in their human form from quickened healing, incredible strength and fast speeds, to their pheromones-”

Mando tilts his head and interrupts, “Pheromones?”

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Did anyone else find Bo Katan a bit snooty? Idk, like the looks between the crew and the part where she basically was like “Oh, lol he’s apart of a cultish mando group hahaha”


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my sister made me a crochet baby yoda and loki is like dafuq 😂

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The Child - cut paper collage (!!) by Pedro Oliva

I adore the constellations on his little nose 💕 He has prints available for sale as well.

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Chapter Eleven: The Battle

SUMMARY: The inevitable battle against the raiders finally arrived, and you can’t help but feel worried for the safety of the others – especially Din.

WARNINGS: Fluff, canon-typical violence, mentions of death



Each rotation passed by flying and were filled with training and training, until finally came the day you decided was going to the attack in the raiders. You wouldn’t admit it but your nerves were getting the best of you, each night you found yourself restless and unable to sleep. But Din was always there for you, and whenever he found you weren’t sleeping he’d crawl in next to you with your permission. At least it offered some consolation, feeling someone beside you who cared for you and let you know everything was going to be alright.

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Request for @ironbabey, im sorry it took so long! Life’s been hectic and I wanted to make it good and not rush it. Hope you enjoy :)

An angsty fic, insert reader no y/n and im pretty sure its gender neutral!

Warnings: mentions of injury and blood, angst, Mando is angry acts like a Scary Man™ at first but he doesn’t do anything drastic

You had never, in all your time of knowing Mando, seen him well and truly angry. Not like this. Not angry enough to tear through everything in his path. Not enough to be yelling. He never raises his voice, always keeps it low and firm and steady, especially around you.

“You just fucking /left/. I didn’t know where you were, or if you were safe, I knew-” he knocks over a chair, unaware of how much space he takes up in this small kitchen, “-fucking /nothing/!”

Cara has appeared somewhere from another room, attempting to diffuse the situation, if only to salvage her kitchen furniture.

You weren’t scared of him. You had a blaster that you were well versed in using if it came that, though you doubted it would. You were just furious.

“Mando, stop-”

“You just left! You were injured and you left, the kid was terrified, he’s cried every night since you’ve been gone!”

“Last time I checked, I wasn’t obligated to tell you what I was doing or where I was going-”

“Guys-” Cara tried

“You could have been /dead/, or bleeding out somewhere and I would never have known!”

“QUIET” Cara’s voice broke through the onslaught of chaos and the two of you fell silent. “You people really need to get your shit together, okay? Stop yelling for two kriffing minutes!”

Mando’s visibly heaving under his armor, and you notice your hand hovering where you keep your blaster on your thigh.

“You’re going to /talk/ about this, and im gonna take the kid and leave you to it, ok? But you have to promise not to kill each other”. Neither of you answer her, so she takes her leave.

It was you who broke the silence, as usual.

“You should leave.”

“No.” He’s basically growling. You can’t tell its to cover up the waver that threatens to break through.

Your eyes don’t leave his visor, hoping half-heartedly that you could intimidate him into giving in.

“No, of course not,” you sighed. “Stubborn asshole.”

He knows he should stop. You have every right to be mad at him right now, even scared, with the way he was yelling and pushing things and generally being intimidating just moments ago. But you show no signs of fear, as always. Always so stupidly brave. He would never hurt you, but others would. And have, he thinks, as his eyes fall to your bandaged side. An image of fresh blood and grunts of pain and trembling hands flash through his thoughts before his eyes clench shut and he tries to turn his attention back to your face.

“I’m sorry.” Its all he can think to say, all he /wants/ to say, now that the dust is settling. It feels like too much and not enough all at once.

“For what? For treating me like a child? For getting mad at me for, I don’t know, doing my job and protecting the kid?”

“You were being reckless, you could have died-”

“I was doing. My. Job. You told me when I first came on that the kid is our top priority. I agreed. I made sure he was safe, Mando”.

It was the truth. Maybe you were reckless. Maybe there was a better way of getting the kid out of range of that asshole’s bullet. But when things happen fast you do stupid shit, right? Like jumping infront of a bullet to stop it?

You couldn’t admit that it was stupid, because then you’d have to admit that you didn’t always care if you got hurt, or that you kinda just wanted to know if Mando would give a shit.

“That was before.”

“Before what?” You demanded, fists clenched and jaw tight.

“The nightmares.” You’ve never heard him so exasperated. “You bleed out in every nightmare I have.”

You don’t know what to say. You can imagine that pain; you imagine him bleeding out infront of you enough to know that it feels like hell, feels like being crushed under the weight of the whole galaxy at once. But he can’t possibly feel the same way about you, right?

“I try to stop it-” his voice breaks. No, it doesn’t. It can’t. Not Din. “I do everything i can. It’s not enough”.

“Din-” his true name bounces off your lips in an unprecedented moment of sincerity.

“I can’t stop that much blood.” You definitely hear his voice waver now, and your throat closes in at the sound. /fuck/. You never even considered, never thought it was possible, for him to worry like this. Not about you, at least.

He’s defeated. His greatest weakness is revealed. /You/. He could say so much more but it wouldn’t make a difference. He could have made up so many excuses; how the kid would miss you, how he wants you so badly to hug him every night, and it wouldn’t have even been a lie. But it wouldn’t have been the whole truth either, would it? No. You were too damn smart for that.

The truth was this: losing you would be a big enough wound to ruin him. The kind of wound that festers, rot taking him slowly, creeping into every vein, every breath, into the very marrow of his bones.

He didn’t know how to say this. He says ‘I’m sorry,’ and the breath is still caught in your throat so he says it again, and again, until you finally remember how to exhale and shoot up and wrap your arms around the cold metal of his body. And then you are shaking with the effort of silencing a sob.

“I love you,” you whisper. “I can’t help it. I didn’t want to. It hurts.”

“Why? Why does it hurt?”

“Because I can’t imagine you think the same of me.”

“Of course I do. I am not metal all the way through,” He chuckles softly and the sound melts the tension lingering in your body.

“Then say it. Please?”

He thinks he might choke on the words but he complies anyway.

“I love you,” he says. “I love you, I love you.”

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Characters: Din Djarin, Grogu, Greef, Cara, Cobb & townsfolk of Nevarro

Chapter wordcount: 4.596

Total wordcount: 40.904

Chapters: 7 out of unknown

Story summary:

Din is struggling with being alone. Grogu is struggling with missing his dad. There has to be a way for them to fix this, right? Maybe Din could just… join them?

Chapter seven (7) summary:

Din worries some friends and visits some other friends. Maybe this is just what he needs?

Link to the first chapter

Link to the 7th chapter

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