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#the child
comic-art-showcase · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The Mandalorian by Declan Shalvey
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aurelac-heart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gods I'm insufferable. I just finished this puzzle and then just sat here gawking at it, and with my fullly grown adult mouth I said,
"He's just so cute and he loves his papa so much!!"
I'm so sorry to anyone who has ever had to spend time with me.
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zapsalis-d · 2 days ago
Narudar: Chapter Twenty-Eight—The Dragon
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: With the citizens of Mos Pelgo on board with the plan, the fight against the Krayt dragon is free to begin—although something quite strange to you begins to occur.
WARNINGS: Canon-typical violence, angst, depictions of wounds and injuries
THE REMAINDER OF THE JOURNEY RETURNING TO MOS PELGO THE FOLLOWING ROTATION WAS SPENT IN PURE SILENCE AND INCONVENIENT DISCOMFORT. Mounted on your own speeder bike, you remained a short distance behind the Mandalorian and the Marshal who were riding their own bikes as well. Normally, you'd prefer to be straight in the front of the group, but considering Din was here, you'd prefer to be capable of controlling the space between you and him. The trip was going sorta alright, save for the fact that the Child was staring at you and occasionally grinning from where he was, traveling on the Mandalorian's speeder. That only expanded your desire to reacquaint yourself with the infant, but as you constantly reminded yourself: you can't.
It was as if, despite your moment the previous night, the Child still couldn't fathom the fact that you were here with him, in person, after so long, after you'd left without offering him an explanation. You couldn't blame him, because, after all, you and Din had encountered the baby together (maybe Din had met him a few unimportant minutes before you, but that was besides the point) and had equally attached yourselves to him during those several months on the run. But as much as you despised having to separate yourself from him, he could quite possibly distract you from what you were wholeheartedly focused on—and that was finding that Jedi (if there were any left in the galaxy).
Forming bonds would undeniably result in attachment. The Child could very well cause that unwelcome darkness to return, swamp and dominate your mind—precisely as it had back on Nevarro...
Which was why you were hell-bent on finding a Jedi. You needed to learn to control these intricate and threatening powers, considering you were never capable of completing your training when you had left the Jedi Order... You still weren't completely sure whether that decision was a mistake or not, and whether you would have survived the Great Purge was unknown. You shivered simply thinking about the dark side of the Force that could so easily control you. Remaining in the Order may have saved you in one way but in reality could've killed you... or perhaps doing so never saved you. Because here you were, still struggling with the abilities that had the potential to wipe out anyone in your sight if not restrained in time.
Finally, the sight of Mos Pelgo in the distance pulled you out of your thoughts. Within a few minutes, your speeders were parked out in front of the cantina owned by a familiar Weequay. "They attacked us less than a year ago," Cobb Vanth spoke up, explaining the rather difficult situation they found themselves in. Everyone dismounted their vehicles as they talked. "Killed half a dozen of us by the mining camp. I'd say I took down about twice as many Tuskens."
"The town respects you. My guess is, they'll listen to reason," Din answered. While that could be true, it would certainly take plenty of insistent persuading to gain the citizens' trust and affinity.  Getting them to volunteer for this rather hazardous mission would prove to be significantly tough, but in the end, it should be worth it. Still, you weren't totally on board with risking their lives against the Krayt dragon. Either this plan goes well, or it could completely backfire and result in a bloodbath.
Cobb winced upon hearing what the Mandalorian thought. "I wouldn't be so sure."
As soon as your group entered the cantina, Cobb managed to gather around the entirety of the small town, congregating them within the designated building. It didn't take much given there were roughly about twenty to thirty citizens in Mos Pelgo. When they arrived, they each occupied the available seats besides the several tables, and you were among them as well. The Marshal and the Mandalorian stood side-by-side to each other, the vacant bar right behind them. You leaned back in your seat, awaiting for them to start talking, which would eventually and undoubtedly lead to the people downright disagreeing with the idea—you were utterly certain of that.
"This here is a Mandalorian," Cobb started first. "You know what that means?"
"We've heard the stories," someone speaks up.
"Then you know how good they are at killing," the Marshal continued, bluntly. "Now, this one's got a problem."
Your eyes landed on the Mandalorian's familiar beskar-clad figure, discreetly appreciating the way the light that leaked into the cantina from the partly open doors had done wonders to the silver steel smothered in dust from traveling through the Dune Sea. The luminosity reflected quite admirably off the beskar, causing it to shine a deep, gentle glow of orange. And the way his gloved fingers hooked through his belt didn't go unnoticed by you, nor were his shoulders—they'd always been so broad—adorned by the lustrous pauldrons with the new addition of the Mudhorn signet on the right one, ignored by you in any way. As much as you detested him, he was quite the sight...
Cobb had continued to explain to the town, although you couldn't find the attention-span to actually listen. Because you were... what exactly were you doing? You certainly had no idea, but the worst part was, you'd been so caught up in whatever you were doing a few seconds ago, that you failed to realize that the dark visor belonging to the Mandalorian was trained on you as well. A strange fluttering erupted within your belly and chest, uncertain whether that were the cause of your heart beginning to accelerate and pound rapidly within your ribcage, or if seeing Din's gaze on you had frightened you... or perhaps it was both? Either way, your eyes were averted in the blink of an eye and you instead attempted to concentrate on whatever Vanth was saying, but found that to be pretty damn difficult, considering what had just happened. How long were you... staring? No, you wouldn't call it staring. It was not staring.
A delicate fuchsia tinted your cheeks—one you hoped nobody noticed, but much to your dismay you couldn't control it. The fact that your mask was currently absent made it all worse, causing you to lift your hands and pull your cloak around your head again, hopefully distorting the pinkness on your expression. You wished you could simply pretend it was chilly within the building, but considering this was Tatooine and night hadn't fallen yet, absolutely nobody would believe that excuse. Instead, you leaned back into your seat, crossing your arms and concentrating your gaze on Cobb, attempting to tune back into his words.
Until the gentle tug of what was unquestionably the Child had interrupted you. He pulled softly against your boot, trying to gain your attention. As you leaned forward to peer down and over your knees, you couldn't help the deep sigh that escaped your mouth, teeth gnawing at your bottom lip. The kid always seemed to find you, one way or another. Vaguely, you gestured with your head, a brief jerk that meant go! but either he couldn't comprehend the unclearness of this gesture, or he simply didn't want to listen. Nevertheless, he raised his little grabby claws up, beckoning you to pick him up.
You whispered a hardly audible "fine," because how the hell could you resist that adorable, squishy, little face?
The infant was lifted upon your lap, and he instantly took a hold of one of your fingers with one  entire palm. The ghost of a smile appeared on your lips as you watched the baby you had longed to carry for what felt like an eternity, now feeling wholeheartedly content with him under your protection. With that, you were able to focus on the Marshal again, though then there was also the gaze of the Mandalorian on you again, undoubtedly watching the Child who'd found his way to you again. He didn't seem to pay much attention to it, though.
"Well, that settles it," another person said.
"There's more," Cobb stated. The realization that he was on the verge of dropping the bomb to them dawned on you, and you slightly cringed, recognizing the reaction these people would have to finding out they would need to team up with the people who'd killed dozens of them in the past. "We can't take on the Krayt dragon alone... Now, the Sand People are willing to help."
Cobb was hardly able to get that last word out when an instant clamoring and bouts of disagreeing words were heard, people shouting insults towards the Tuskens such as they raided our mines! and they're monsters! Those were facts you couldn't entirely agree with. While the citizens definitely hated the idea equally as much as you did, they neglected it for a totally distinct reason. You, on the other hand, simply didn't want to place them at risk against the colossal beast hiding within its cavern and waiting to devour the entire town whole. It could quite possibly slaughter each and every one of them, along with the Tusken volunteers.
Upon hearing this, Din took an initiative step forward. Surprisingly enough, you paid true attention to his statements (seriously, what is going on with you?) Then, "I've seen the size of that thing. It will swallow your entire town when the fancy hits it. You're lucky Mos Pelgo isn't a sand field already. I know these people. They are brutal. But so is the Dune Sea. They've survived for thousands of years in these sands and they know the Krayt dragon better than anyone here. They are raiders, its true. But they also keep their words... We have struck a deal. If we are willing to leave them the carcass and its ichor, they will stand by our side in battle and vow never to raise a blaster against this town until one of you break the peace."
The Mandalorian's little speech in an attempt to convince the citizens seemed effective against them, because within a few seconds, there were nods of agreement exchanged between each other, positive whispers and murmuring audible. You'd hoped they would continue to disagree, but perhaps this truly was the best option. More people and volunteers meant a higher chance of success and survivability. Maybe you should've listened to Din instead of argued with him..?
No. No, you definitely weren't changing your mind about this, nor was your opinion on this going to be altered whatsoever. Whatever was happening right now, this strange thing you couldn't find out how to control, wasn't supposed to occur. That was something of the past—something you'd prefer to forget about. That blush? That fluttering in your chest? That was supposed to be long gone by now, forced and exiled out of your emotions since months ago. What happened back on Nevarro was unforgivable, and you would never allow yourself to excuse what he'd done. He didn't deserve any of your forgiveness, nor your attention, and definitely not your compatibility...
And what a tragedy that sort of thinking would turn out to be.
Because you couldn't fathom the true and unrevealed purpose behind the Mandalorian's attempt in separating himself from the person who made him feel ultimately complete.
It wasn't until the following day that all the necessary equipment—weaponry, explosives, detonators and such—were  packed. The trek to the Krayt dragon's cavern had proceeded for another few hours, until finally everyone had arrived, prepared, equipped, and utterly anxious.
From a relatively safe distance away from the dark den ahead, the entire group consisting of the Tuskens and the citizens of Mos Pelgo were gathered around, awaiting further instructions. The group was temporarily secure here because, as soon as that dragon was lured out, there was no telling what it could possibly do afterwards, but you were certain it would be near impossible to find protection from it.
A lone Tusken approached the cave, though this time he lacked the company of a bantha. The masked figure crouched low onto the ground beneath him, tan coverings draping against the similarly-colored sand. Setting a gloved hand on the ground, he remained completely still, as if listening intently for the slightest of sound or rumbling from within the cavity. As you stood idly between Din and Cobb, the air gradually filled with apprehension and the concern that this plan could go horribly awry. After a moment of extended silence, the Tusken rose, turning, and lifted his hands to start signing in his own language. Even with how far the Tusken seemed, Din was capable of understanding his statement—"He says its sleeping. If we listen carefully, we can hear it breathing."
Besides you, Cobb was again handed over a repulsing black melon, the chieftain once more attempting to persuade him into drinking from it so their trust could ultimately be established. As the Marshal finally decided to deal with the sickening fruit, an abrupt ripple of nausea engulfed your senses, its revolting smell causing bile in your throat to rise. The reaction was unexpected, though you assumed it was due to the fact that you'd already tasted the flavor of its distasteful milk and your body did not want to go through that again. Instead of focusing on that any further, you attempted to listen in on the dragon's nearly silent snoring. Although no matter your efforts, you couldn't pick out any noise whatsoever.
"Let's get to work," Din finally stated.
You glanced to your left, watching as Cobb, with an expression of pure disgust, tossed the melon away straight after taking one big gulp. You winced behind your mask, offering him a thumbs up. He returned the gesture, albeit still struggling to maintain the contents in his stomach.
Action was immediately taken afterwards—incendiary devices were transported nearer to the cavern with  banthas mounted by various explosives strapped to their furry backs alongside them. The Tuskens had informed that the Krayt's belly was its sole weak spot, so striking it from below was imperative to kill it, or at the very least harm it. Even if it doesn't manage to slay it on the spot, it's stomach would become frailer and significantly delicate, signifying an easier kill. With that being said, charges were buried directly in front of the opening of the cavern. So, as soon as the dragon emerged from its den, it would slither straight unto the explosives, which could then be activated on command. When the beast becomes sufficiently aggravated for it to charge forward, then the detonator will be hit, and hopefully the result will be a dead dragon.
Hours on end were spent working alongside the Tatooinians and the Tuskens. Eventually, a break was required for you to be capable of continuing. With the twin suns blaring down on you and overheating your scarlet cloak, you decided to stop by your speeder, remove the cloak and mask so you could cool down.
With the ration bar you'd packed earlier held firmly within your grasp, you watched as everyone undertook their assigned tasks a distance away, whilst you occasionally nibbled on the flavorless snack. It didn't really have any flavor at all, but it was supposed to be healthy and would recover your energy quicker..? Well, you hadn't stored it because of that, but more due to the fact that you hadn't had much time to pack anything more tasteful since you had done so as soon as you'd seen Din arrive at Mos Pelgo. So, you'd simply stuffed that into your satchel, although considering Cobb had convinced you to stay... it wasn't worth it.
Gentle babbling and pattering was heard coming from your right, causing you to divert your gaze from the workers and catching sight of the Child heading towards your direction. "Patoo," was his instant greeting, or... whatever that meant. He seemed bored and disinterested in everything else surrounding him, and you couldn't blame him, given that he was an infant and couldn't exactly be tasked anything around dangerous explosives.
You chuckled lightly. The  word he spoke repeatedly was amusing to you. "Kid, what does that even mean? Hi? Or..." you pointed to yourself, "Am I... 'patoo?'" His ears only flicker up in response, dark eyes watching you curiously before particularly landing on the ration bar in your hand. Your arms crossed over your armored chest upon realizing what he wanted. "Go ask Mando to give you your food."
Those pointy ears flattened, face adopting a dismal expression as he merely stood there and waited. You glanced over to the Mandalorian, still working on arranging everything correctly (although the preparations seemed to be on the verge of completion), before a sigh escaped your lips and your eyes landed on the Child in front of you, his eyes begging you to share your food with him. "Here—" you tossed a small portion of your bar to him, to which he'd managed to catch within his three-fingered palm surprisingly well. "—Din's busy anyway... I-I mean, Mando." You watched as the Child stuffed the piece into his mouth, not quite enjoying the sustenance but not rejecting it either.  "It doesn't taste too good, I know."
Once it seemed the whole plan was ready, you redressed yourself in your cloak and returned the mask to your face, since it seemed that was the only thing preventing you from becoming too uncomfortable while being in Din's company. Then, you started heading where the fight against the Krayt dragon was about to begin, stealing another bite from your tasteless ration bar as you walked. But then a soft pitter-patter sound halted you in your steps, causing you to spin around and watch as the Child trailed right behind your cloak, which flowed precisely over the sand. Your tinted visor stared down to him, before allowing him to take the last chunk of the food bar. "There. I don't have anymore food right now. Now, I don't want you anywhere near the fight, alright?"
The infant complied exceptionally quick, turning around and already beginning to step away to the spot Mando had elected for him to remain a safe distance from the fight. You chuckle softly, hands on your hips as you watch him act surprisingly obedient, though you could only hoped he stayed where he was supposed to. Finally, you whirl around and head towards the Mandalorian and the Marshal, who were at a further range than the rest of the team due to the fact that they needed to maintain their space from the dragon so they could see when was the perfect moment to utilize the detonator, which was currently in Cobb's grasp.
There was a silence brimming with restlessness and suspense as you waited besides the two men, eyeing the Tuskens that were nearing the dangerous cavern, equipped with lethal rifles in their grasps. Surrounding them were all sorts of artillery and bombs prepared for their ambush against the Krayt dragon, and directly below them were the charges that could easily be activated by Cobb in this very moment. The group of Tuskens bellow loudly, its low sound echoing throughout the entire cave and unquestionably awaking the snoring dragon inside. Then, a deep, resonating growl was heard, alerting the Tuskens that it was time to run away or else they'd be devoured in the blink of an eye. Everyone else stiffened up, bracing themselves for the fight that was about to come.
The beast glided through the sand, coming out of the darkness of its colossal den, presenting its mammoth-scale size in front of everyone. From here, they truly did seem like tiny pebbles compared to the dragon's size. It opened its maw, exhibiting its razor-edged fangs accompanied by a turbulent, ground-shaking roar. Initiative was taken thereafter, mortal weapons such as blaster rifles were fired repeatedly, over and over again, although they hardly caused any damage to its rough skin. Giant crossbows were utilized as well, launching arrows attached to long ropes which would either reflect off its tough scales or strike its perfect spot, penetrating itself into the spaces between its scales. Much to your dismay, the weaponry didn't seem to be doing sufficient damage, and it wasn't long before one of the Tuskens were swallowed by the dragon.
You cringed when it seemed to be retreating to its den, sliding back inside the security of the cavity in the mountain. It realized it wasn't ready to battle against so many people injuring it, and that its best option was to draw back. Din muttered a string of curses under his breath as he examined the scenario with the miniature telescope he came equipped with. People were yanking on the arrows that had damaged the dragon from the ropes, beckoning it to emerge further, but failing against its immense strength. They were pulled forward with a jerk of the Krayt's head, thrown around mercilessly, before once more attempting to slither back into its home.
"It's retreating," Din noted, earning a deep sigh from you.
"Hit the detonator," you told the Marshal. Although this wasn't exactly perfect timing, and the dragon wasn't in its necessary place, you reckoned that if it successfully retreated, then the outcome would be far worse. It simply wouldn't come back out again, and the charges would've been put to waste.
Cobb Vanth's thumbs hovered over the button, still indecisive over it. Din's voice had interrupted him, "No, wait. We only have one shot. We've gotta get it out."
Incendiaries were hurled towards the beast, undoubtedly aggravating it even further. It howled—whether it be for its pain or due to its wrath, you weren't sure. The rifles continued shooting frequently, streaks of incredibly rapid red and blue were visible, effectively striking the dragon and slightly luring it forwards. Its jaws split open again, aggressively snarling as it tried to free itself from the arrows pulling it forward. Once more, it fought against the force, attempting to return to his den again, which earned a "Now?" from Cobb.
"Not yet," Din informed. "It's gotta come out further."
"Mando, if we wait too long we're risking too many people's lives," you voiced your trepidation.
He continued staring through the telescope in his one hand. "We're risking even more lives if we don't get this right."
A deep breath escaped your lips, eyes examining the people being tossed around ruthlessly and eaten by the dragon, explosives being thrown and rifles continuing to fire. It was complete chaos that had broken loose, and the urge to head down there to help had become overwhelming. Yet earlier Din had asked if you could stay behind temporarily, so you'd complied momentarily. Again, the slid forward, lifting its head, and—
—spitting sizzling stomach acid and saliva onto the ground, searing anyone in its path.
A gasp escaped your lips as your eyes widened, taking a hesitant step forward, mind racing to come up with a decision. You needed to help, but—
Din's request caught you off-guard, earning a glimpse from over your shoulder. Your visor met with his. You stood, slightly puzzled, although eventually you came to the conclusion that maybe... maybe, he was worried about your well-being. But perhaps that was simply you assuming facts that weren't feasible. Either way, you had a feeling that the detonator would be put to use pretty soon, so you decided it was best to wait that out prior to assisting anyone who was injured.
"Almost..." Din said. Long and grueling seconds passed, filled with anxiousness and the sounds of the clashing of bombs, the shooting of blasters, the roars of the dragon, and the yells of the hurt filling your ears, all overwhelming you. Until finally... "Now!"
With that, Cobb pressured onto the button with his thumbs, causing the charges to activate directly underneath the dragon's belly, unquestionably striking its most vulnerable spot. A deep resonation echoed through your ears, the ground seemingly quaking as a result of the violent eruption. Sand billowed up in aggressive waves, before gradually settling back down after the effects of the explosion had ceased. As the dust came down, you couldn't spot the carcass of the dragon, much to your surprise. It was as if it had vanished... possibly heading back underground and hiding there?
You had a kriffing feeling your efforts had been in vain, that none of this had worked out.
Cobb's familiar voice spoke up first, "...I don't think it's dead."
"Me either," came Din's agreement.
Commotion emanating from above caused your head to snap up, craning your neck to be able to see the Krayt dragon emerging from the top of the mountain, right above its cavern. It bellowed furiously, now seeming significantly irked and more displeased than ever. With wide eyes, you watched as it sent out the contents from its stomach, deadly acids pouring down on everybody beneath it. Anyone found below yelled amongst the panic and mayhem that dominated the land, instantly singed by the scorching greenish-yellow liquid dripping down on them.
"It's picking us off like womp rats!" Cobb exclaimed, already preparing himself to personally brawl against the dragon.
"We need to fight back!"  You shouted through all the noise and clamor. The men had swiftly taken action and grabbed a hold of their weapons nearby, before blasting off into the air with their jetpacks. Times like these you longed to obtain a true jetpack, not these small-scale rockets built into your armor. Instead of dwelling on that any further, you briefly made your way to assist anyone who was capable of surviving yet were injured, leaving the fight with the Krayt to the Marshal and the Mandalorian.
There were a mere couple of beings still alive, though they were writhing on the sandy ground, afflicted by several burns and bruises. The nearest one in particular was a Tusken, who was thankfully already capable of standing up. He clutched onto his arm with his hand across a tear that had ripped through the fabric of his outfit, although with his palm covering it you couldn't perceive the skin underneath it nor the condition it was in. You anyway aided him to be able to stand up straight as he still seemed to be wrapping his mind around the fact that he's nearly been killed by the beast that haunted them for cycles.
"You're alright, just get back to safety," you spoke gently, releasing your grip on him. The Tusken's answer was a grunt, although you couldn't possibly understand what it meant, so you nodded. He returned the thankful gesture before turning to head towards a more secure spot.
Another wounded person caught your attention, this time being a young woman—her tanned skin and short, dark, curly hair were smothered in sand as she put in her utmost effort to rise back up before the Krayt decided to attack once more. A shout of agony escaped her lips as she collapsed to the ground roughly, which deemed her to be in worse shape than the Tusken. As you weaved through the bodies that were found unmoving on the sand, you sprinted towards her before immediately urging her to stand. "Where are you hurt?"
"I-it's my leg," she replied with a pained wince as you swung one of her arms over your shoulders, allowing her to support herself against your weight. "The acid burnt through it. I don't— don't think I can..."
"You're gonna make it. We'll get that taken care of once this is all over,"  you assured her as you continued walking away from the particularly dangerous zone. Stealing a glance over your shoulder, you catch sight of the Krayt dragon, opening its muzzle again preparing to spit out acid again, even despite the Marshal's and the Mandalorian's efforts to stop it. Curses escaped your lips as you tried to speed up as swiftly as possible. "Okay, we're gonna have to pick up the pace!" you stated with panic audible in your voice.
The youth mustered up a terrified cry when she saw the fast-approaching acid, beginning to rain down on them. It was tedious increasing your momentum when there was an injured person weighing you down, though you wouldn't dare release your hold on her and give up. The whole reason you didn't want to go through with this plan was because of the several people that could lose their lives due to the fight, and you weren't going to permit her to die as well—not when you're able to prevent it from occurring.
Taking initiative, you shoved the girl to the ground (rather harshly and definitely unexpected for her, but you needed to act quick—and you'd have time to apologize for that later) and shielded her with your body. You tried to cover the back of your head the most you could with your hands, although once the acid started colliding with the earth, it also happened to strike your hands and singe the exposed fingers. The scorching liquid hissed aggressively as it struck the beige sand, and you felt the drops beginning to fall upon your back as well. Luckily for you, your cloak dissolved a portion of it, although it still penetrated the material and leaked through your shirt until it met with skin again. The backplate of armor constructed by Zillo beast scales had been beneficial, so nothing would be capable of getting past the protective covering. Still, your lower back was exposed to the acid, earning a pained grunt each time the liquid seeped through your clothes or made contact with your knuckles.
Finally, everything surrounding you was engulfed in a deafening silence. No more fizzing of the acid, no more snarling dragon, no more blaster noises. Lifting your head, you glanced around and watched as the beskar-clad men returned to the ground, with no luck of a dragon carcass in their wake. You sighed with immense vexation, wishing for this grueling battle to end already. Urging yourself up, you helped the young woman up before aiding her to a nearby rock, to which she could easily reach the group of people nearby, who had managed to stray away from the danger. It seemed someone had recognized her, because another lady had arrived to assist her—possibly her mother, because they definitely had similar appearances, though she seemed a bit older. She spoke her brief thank you's for bringing her daughter back alive, to which you responded with a nod of acknowledgement before heading back with Din and Cobb.
You'd opened your mouth to speak, but a familiar rumbling had interfered your words. It was then that you realized the monster was traveling through the sand again, and could possibly pop up literally anywhere it desired. Despite the ache in your muscles and the burning sensation that seared through your skin, you grabbed a fallen rifle from the ground and prepared it for battle. Although you never truly enjoyed working with rifles since they were larger and more difficult to maneuver around with, you reckoned this would do much better rather than your blaster, which wouldn't penetrate the dragon's scales whatsoever. Breathing heavily with a heaving chest, you glanced towards your two companions, "Any idea where it might come out from now?"
The three of you shifted into a back-to-back position, on high alert and focused on any signs as to where the Krayt could possibly emerge from now. You were facing the cavern in particular, half-expecting it to emerge through there again, though you couldn't be entirely certain about your assumption.
A crackle was audible from Din's vocodor as he sighed deeply. "I don't think its in the cave anymore..."
The boisterous sound of it appearing behind you had completely disregarded what you'd assumed. "Up ahead," Cobb spoke with reluctance tinging his tone, evidently as fed up with the dragon as you were.
"I've got an idea," Din stated, grip tightening on his pulse rifle. "Get its attention."
Within a few seconds, Cobb had aimed and fired the single missile strapped to his back, resulting in a thundering explosion that immediately enraptured the dragon's attention, its venomous gaze shifting towards its strikers. "I got its attention! Now what?"
"You still have that detonator?" Din asked. Still, neither you nor Cobb could manage to comprehend the plan he had in mind.
"What's the plan?" you asked, watching as the Marshal handed the detonator over.
The Mandalorian's dark visor switched from the Krayt, to focusing solely on you instead. His helmet tilted to the side, beskar-clad chest heaving with a reluctant breath. "You're gonna take care of the Child."
"What—!" There was absolutely no time remaining for you to further react or wrap your mind around his words when he'd shoved you without warning into Vanth, who'd subconsciously captured you within his arms with a surprised grunt. Din then roughly thrust the rear of his rifle into Cobb's jetpack, causing the rockets to spurt into an unstable flight, propelling the two of you into the air.
You couldn't suppress the sudden yelp that escaped your lips as you held onto Cobb for your life. His jetpack lasted for a mere few miles before unexpectedly refusing to function any further, causing you both to plummet uncontrollably. No matter either of your attempts to get the rockets working again, you couldn't seem to do so, what with the sickening feeling of plunging to your death distracting you. As you noticed the ground was nearing far too rapidly for comfort, you ignited the twin rockets built into your calf armor, which further slowed the speed at which you fell—still, when you'd both collided with the earth, it wasn't exactly pleasant. The two of you stumbled a couple feet away from each other when you'd struck the sand, pained groans coming from the both of you. Quickly, you rolled yourself onto your back and urged yourself to stand up...
...just in time to see Din, being the brisk and clever man he is, be swallowed whole by the Krayt dragon, alongside a bantha that had been equipped with explosives.
And you couldn't help but freeze incapable of coming to terms with what had just happened right in front of your eyes. Did he actually leave the Child behind with you, recognizing full well that you were preoccupied with other occupancies and were trying your best to forget about the infant? You weren't sure what the hell you were even supposed to feel—whether you should be unhappy or angered, or what. Either way , you couldn't help but feel the slightest bit of regret for what you'd previously done and said...
Apparently, the Krayt dragon had disappeared back into the sand. Yet you somehow couldn't bring yourself to care, because you, with your hood fallen back, hair and face sprinkled with sand, couldn't do anything other than stand there, staring at that specific spot in utter disbelief and shock... Until the beast had reemerged from the sand again, spitting out the familiar Mandalorian from its jaws, with veins of electricity from the pulse rifle shocking the dragon and making it vulnerable to the detonator that was activated a few seconds later, ultimately destroying the entire dragon and ending the burdensome battle against it.
The Mandalorian managed to land a safe distance away from the collapsing dragon, billowing up sand as he made contact with the ground. From where you stood, you could see the disgustingly green stomach acids dripping off the silver of his beskar armor. Everyone else was ecstatic, cheering about their successes against the Krayt dragon—but not you. Not when the thought of the Child nearly being left without his sole protector was the only thing on your mind. Now you were utterly certain of what you felt—exasperation. You were so tired of continuously finding yourself in an argument against Din but it seemed whenever you were around him, disputes were inevitable.
"Are you out of your mind?" you muttered lowly to him as soon once you were close enough to him. Your voice was near to a whisper since you wouldn't want to ruin the mood of the moment, considering everyone was downright cheery and delighted now that the Krayt dragon was officially gone and dealt with. Din's only response to your words of aggression was a tilt of his helmet, which you recognized meant nothing other than the fact that he was already becoming irritated with this new argument sparking between each other. "Y-you were gonna leave the kid with me while I have plenty other responsibilities! I can't take care of him anymore!"
"You're the only person I trust to be capable enough of caring for him. It seemed fair."
Taking in a sharp breath, you compelled yourself to calm down. "That was not fair—not to me, not to the Child! You were abandoning him."
"I wasn't—" he took a step closer, his figure now looming over your own, voice gradually lowering into a gentler tone. "I would never abandon him."
"Is that so?" Bitterness dripped from your voice as your face contorted into a glare, although it was concealed behind the shrouding of your cloak and mask. "You've abandoned me before. I wouldn't be surprised if you did it again."
You could tell Din seemed taken aback by the mention of that tormenting day that plagued your mind. Yet it seemed his patience with this conversation had long disappeared and that he didn't want to discuss this any further. Which was completely fine because you were already fed up with the constant disagreements that existed between you and the Mandalorian. Without speaking another word to each other, you split your separate ways, with you hoping that you'd never have to debate anything with him ever again.
Though you couldn't possibly realize that this was only the beginning.
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Grogu eating luchables just gives me life idk
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Laundry day 👕🧺
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Din himbo Djarin knowing nothing about Star Wars
What do you know of the Jedi? Nothing.
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uomo-accattivante · 12 months ago
A five-year-old child, Carver, sent Baby Yoda to firefighters in Oregon to thank them for all of their efforts.
Tumblr media
They now take him everywhere:
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Thank you, firefighters! 🙏
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Il materiale di origine: Baby Yoda fights fires (Facebook)
This is the most wholesome thing I have ever seen. 🥺♥️
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I would sell my soul for more content like this
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Grogu loves...
Original comic by middlefish
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I find it hilarious that the relationship between Grogu (who can’t talk) and Din (who doesn’t talk much) has been built almost entirely on the body language/facial expression between a HELMET and a PUPPET and we’re all ride or die for it anyway
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The Mandalorian, 2x05.
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Sharing his snacks 🥺🍪
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the mandalorian is best when din djarin has no determined mission but is rather passed along on favours and errands between random strangers like the galaxy’s shiniest ping pong ball. also a child is there
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