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#the clone wars

rerewatching clone wars…and god damnit. yoda. i cry. music always gets me

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I just watched Season 5 Episode 15 “The Lawless” of The Clone Wars for the first and last time. I wasn’t expecting it to hurt that bad.

Seriously, I am not okay.

Ugh, stupid feels.


Originally posted by duchess-of-mandalore


Originally posted by duchess-of-mandalore

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it’s very exciting talking to my friend about clone wars because she 1) is watching it for the first time with no spoilers and 2) recently watched episodes 1 - 3 but she doesnt know about the chips.

she’s starting s5 right now and she’s trying so hard to figure out why cody and the rest of the clones turned against the jedi and where rex and ahsoka are for the last movie meanwhile im screaming on the inside because it wasn’t their fault they had no choice but to turn against the jedi so externally i’m smiling but internally i’m sobbing because i can’t defend my boys

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@peacefulwizardfox sorry it took me so long to respond hun, I just got off work a few hours ago. Also, they ARE under appreciated!

Fuck, Marry, Kiss with the Commanders??? 👀

Oh boy, here we go. 😏

Kiss, Commander Fox. He’s a stressed workaholic with a no nonsense kind of attitude, so in my mind his kisses are: sleepy and sweet, OR they are: all consuming, takes your breath away, I’m dizzy and need to sit, kind of kisses. No inbetween.

Fuck, Commander Doom. He just looks so intense in all of his pictures. His arms are always crossed like he’s in deep thought, and I’m sorry, but his armor is sexy! He just gives off the vibes that he knows what he’s doing in the bedroom and he will show you a good time.

Marry, Commander Ponds. If I had to choose a clone to spend the rest of my life with, I’d choose Ponds in a heartbeat! From the little screen time we’ve seen of him we already know that he’s caring and considerate of others. I also like to think that he’s a quiet and patient person, which would really balance my hyper and energetic personality. Plus if we’re married doesn’t that mean sex and kisses for life? So… yeah that’s a bonus too. 😂

Thank you so much for asking me to join in the game! This was fun! 😄

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*Rex, Echo, Fives, Jesse, Kix, Tup, and Dogma standing around a broken coffee maker*

Rex: okay…. who broke it. I’m not mad I just want to know who broke it.

Echo: I did. I broke it Rex-

Rex: No. No you didn’t. Fives?

Fives: Don’t look at me! Look at Jesse.

Jesse: What? I didn’t break it!

Fives: That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?

Jesse: Because its sitting right in front of us and broken.

Fives:*leans in close to Jesse* suspicious.

Dogma: If it matters, Tup was the last one to use it.

Tup: Liar! I dont even drink that crap.

Dogma: Then what were you doing by the coffee maker?

Tup: Everyone knows I use the honey for my tea!

Echo: Okay, let’s not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it Rex.

Rex: No. Who broke it?

Jesse:*leaning closer to Rex* Rex, Kix has been awfully quiet-


*All arguing loudly over who broke the coffee maker while Rex speaks to Anakin to the side*

Rex: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it.

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the bad batch got a release date, the loki series got a release date, the official title for the spider man movie got announced, avatar studios got announcedas well as a bunch of other stuff we got well FED today

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It didn’t even take Fives a second to realize that that was Echo almost falling out of the pod. He didn’t look the same, but that didn’t matter. Overwhelmed with his feelings Fives screams as the tears of relief rolled down his cheeks pulling his brother into his arms. Thinking he was just becoming another mistake left to the masses, left Echo’s mind as he gripped onto his brother with his now only hand.

“I thought—Fives I really thought…”

“That I was just going to forget about you? You’re my brother. I’m not walking away from this war without you”

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Here it is! It’s not exactly a “sick fic” but it is taking care of someone so it counts!

Anakin hadn’t been able to talk with Obi-Wan once he’d returned from his unauthorized mission on Mandalore before the Council had summoned Obi-Wan for a meeting. Instead, he had walked towards Obi-Wan’s rooms and put the code of the door in before entering the place. 

Hours later, the door of the rooms opened again, revealing an exhausted looking Obi-Wan, his shoulders dropping and his expression withdrawn. 

He looked up in surprise when he heard Anakin moving around his kitchen, clearly not expecting anyone to be in his rooms, but he didn’t say anything, just sat down on his couch and hung his head. He felt numb, finally allowing himself to grieve the death of the duchess and to analyze the events that had happened in Mandalore. 

Anakin stepped into the sitting room, putting two mugs of freshly brewed tea on the low table. “I made tea.” He said, before sitting next to Obi-Wan, their sides pressed against each other. He could feel Obi-Wan’s turmoil in their bond and desperately wanted to offer some comfort. 

“I lost the Twilight.” Was the only thing Obi-Wan said. “Sorry.” 

Anakin recoiled, a bemused expression taking over his face. “Uh… No problem.” He said. He hadn’t even known Obi-Wan had taken the Twilight with him. “I heard things didn’t go, uh, well.” He tried, wincing at his understatement. He was trying hard not to put his foot in his mouth, unsure on how to act around Obi-Wan at the moment. “Do you want to talk about it?” 

Obi-Wan sighed and he raised his head, leaning forward to pick up his favourite mug. “I would rather meditate after, if you don’t mind.” 

Anakin ignored the pang of hurt and quietly nodded. He moved, grabbing his own mug. “I’ll leave you to it, then.” He said, quickly gulping down the tea, wishing he could have enjoyed it a bit before Obi-Wan basically kicked him out. 

But when he was about to raise from his place, a hand grabbed his wrist and stopped him where he was. Obi-Wan was staring at him, looking like he was at loss. “You don’t have to leave, Anakin.” He said gently, letting go of Anakin when the Knight fell on the couch again. 

“I don’t want to be a bother,” Anakin insisted, fiddling with the cup in his hands. “You know I’m not good at still meditation.”

“You’re not a bother, Anakin.” The weight of Obi-Wan felt firmer against his side. “You must know I find your presence comforting, it’s nice having you here with me.” 

Warmth blossomed in Anakin’s stomach and he pressed himself more against Obi-Wan. “I shouldn’t have drunk the tea that fast.” He mourned, a pout taking over his face, quickly replaced by a small smile when Obi-Wan chuckled next to him. 

“No, you shouldn’t have.”      

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Here’s a picture instead of a tiktok. I’m much more active on there now.

My eyes are dilated….ow..

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please let ahsoka be in the bad batch please let ahsoka be in the bad batch please let ahsoka be in the bad batch please let ahsoka be in the bad batch please let ahsoka be in the bad batch

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why did they make everyone in tcw so wrinkly

like i know that show added a decade to MY life but anakin was out here slathering on Just For Men’s medium-dark-brown comb-in and doing lines of crushed werther’s originals off of rex’s chestplate at 21.5 years old and for what

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Things I hope to see in the Kenobi series:

  • Obi wan training a young Anakin
  • Just them being happy together in flashbacks
  • Young Obi Wan getting trained by Qui Gon
  • Maybe some flashbacks of Obi Wan with his friends??? (Garen,Bant,ETC)
  • Satine flashbacks
  • Like when the first met would be so interesting
  • Obi Wan and Owen arguing over Luke
  • More about Cody and Obi Wan’s relationship
  • Obi wan dreaming about what would have happened if Anakin never turned (this would hurt but I want it)
  • Clone wars flashbacks (which we definitely will get)
  • Flashbacks of Obi wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka being great together
  • Obiwan talking to Luke
  • Force Ghosts
  • References to Mortis would be cool
  • I’ve seen rumors about Korkie?????? Might be neat
  • Maul
  • Maybe an overlap of that Rebels episode??
  • Other Jedi who made it out and seeking him out
  • Obi wan looking Jedi
  • Clones who aren’t part of the empire and don’t wanna kill him

I honestly don’t know what to expect but I know I will love it. I know my list is probably what most people have already said but I was just thinking about it again. Tell me what you guys think and what you’re hoping for! I’d be interested to hear what you all have to say:)

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I am really looking forward to all the inevitable fan videos of fake openings to the Bad Batch series with the title cards all saying “starring Dee Bradley Baker”, “Dee Bradley Baker”, and so on and so forth.

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halt! Who're you?
Rex, visibly panicking and flailing
Rex, suddenly straightening up with sudden conviction
Jango Fett :)
what do you mean no???
I have no idea who you actually are, but that was the worst attempt to lie I've ever seen
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“I used to believe that being a good soldier meant doing everything they told you. That’s how they engineered us. But we’re not droids. We’re not programmed. You have to learn to make your own decisions.” Captain Rex


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If Riyo Chuchi where a jedi or grey jedi and hypothetically had two lightsabers made out of gold, what would the blade colors be? This is hypothetical of course. Asking for a friend’s dog

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“Sir, I’ll think you’ll be needing this.”

“Thank you, Cody.”

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If Maul survived being chopped in half, Palpatine survived being thrown into a reactor core, and Echo survived an explosion (and Obi-Wan took vitals suppressors to fake his death), then Fives could easily still be alive. 


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Yeah so… obviously I didn’t stick to my weekly update schedule 😅 But hey, Chapter 7 is already halfway done!

Kaminoan breakfast was not to Riyo’s taste. It was all raw fish, squid, and shellfish chopped up and mixed together with some kind of acidic syrup and, as a native of a marshy moon with no oceans, Riyo found it disagreeable. Still, she dutifully slurped down the food and nodded along to Prime Minister Lama Su’s unhurried conversation.

“As you can see, our facilities are state-of-the-art, and the Republic is reaping the benefits of our skilled army,” he said.

Riyo nodded and picked up the last spoonful of her breakfast, hesitating only a moment before putting the tentacled mystery in her mouth. The food they fed the clones at the cafeteria had looked different, like a nutritional paste or some kind of fortified starch. This seafood hash was no doubt a delicacy meant to honor her visit, but she’d honestly prefer the paste.

“This is quite an impressive operation you have here, Prime Minister,” she said. “I look forward to discussing the future of the Republic’s relationship with Kamino at the summit.”

She set her spoon down and left her napkin on top of her plate, signalling that she was done with the meal—finally. She’d spent most of the previous night making last-minute preparations with Maja, and she didn’t think she could handle another moment of small talk and crustaceans.

Lama Su inclined his long neck. “Shall we?”

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