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maulgirl · 2 months ago
everything about the clones’ existence makes me so unwell. it’s like. you are a copy of a man who is a killer but he is also a father and he is whip-smart and tough but he’s a simple man and he asks for one thing when he agrees to be cloned and it’s a son. and you grow up to look just like this man but you are not his son you are his paycheck
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jessescoldbrew · a year ago
2003 Clone Wars was on something completely different
I can't with this I'm actually crying
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rskacreates · 2 months ago
Some Sketch Story request from Instagram-Also a bonus notes drawing- Enjoy!!! I will not give context- GOODBYE
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metalhusbands · a month ago
My Clone Headcanon #3
Clones numbers are actually quite long - and what they use is a shortened form
They actually have 16 digit numbers, not unlike credit cards
For example, maybe Five’s number could actually be CT-5555-6565-5551-5555
They just use the last 4-digits of their number hence Five’s ‘official’ number is CT-5555
Because, think about it - if clones only had numbers with only 4-6 digits as their official designation, that means within millions of clones there are at least 100 others that share the same number
That means 100 more Five’s
(And Rex doesn’t deserve that)
Kaminoans probably assign them a 16 digit number (giving them trillions of numbers to work with)
The start of numbers might have to do with batch numbers, cloning dates, etc. etc.
And if two clones have the same last four digits within a battalion they can use the last 6 instead - or the first four
Might explain why Echo’s number ‘changed’ - maybe his full number contains both 21-0408 and 1409
Maybe his number ended with 21-0408, but it starts with 1409
Maybe he was trying to say his full number during that one season 7 episode...
Also imagine commanders getting very angry at a trooper and using their full number and name like an angry mother using middle names
“CT-6713-1334-1204-1524, Scoop.″ 
“Oh kriff...”
Anyway... just my thoughts after realizing that millions of clones having 4-6 digit numbers was a clerical nightmare to deal with...
... So in conclusion, clones are like credit cards.  Or something.
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thecodyagenda · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[cue laugh track]
(i still haven't decided if I'll do it in this format or through epistolary style snippets of social media)
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howtheworldcouldb · 3 months ago
look sometimes it's about the fact that Star Wars is a tragedy and a war and the genocide of so many peoples and sometimes it's about a mentally ill college kid, his funky little mentee, and their three million brother figures with varying impulse control
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padawansuggest · 2 months ago
There is a very fine line between ‘I’m taking a calculated risk, but it might result in injury’ and ‘that was def a redneck move right there, but it’ll be a delight to share with the cousins over a beer’ and if you put a Mandalorian and a Jedi in the same room it’ll always be the latter.
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I made a uquiz while half delirious, enjoy
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rentenpolitik · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Fox: „the AUDACITY of this bish“
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circadianx · 5 months ago
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my tutorial for the clones!
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creme183 · a month ago
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Just Rex n Gregor sketches from twitter.
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maulgirl · a month ago
ok so the clones are mandalorian because jango fett was mandalorian and jango fett was mandalorian because he was a foundling and boba was a mandalorian because jango was a mandalorian and because jango raised boba to follow in the mandalorian way of life but nobody raised the clones that way but they’re still mandalorian because jango was mandalorian and they keep the little bits of mandalorian culture that they get clutched close to their chests like names and symbols and songs but mandalore is gone now and they never had a dad to tell them stories or teach them what the word aliit meant and they’ll never get to wear beskar but they still treasure the armor they do have and they still defend each other to the death because that’s what a clan does and they still fight with honor because this is the way
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brother-genitivi · a month ago
so I made a uquiz :) answer some questions and I'll assign you a clone trooper to kiss you on the forehead
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darthbooks · a month ago
Tumblr media
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metalhusbands · a month ago
My Clone Headcanon #1
Clones can tell apart Clones
They can tell clones apart visually even if they look identical to anyone else
They can tell apart the sounds of their voices even through muffled coms or their helmets (Think Rex in Season 7 recognizing Echo’s voice despite it being monotonous and garbled)
Yes, that means two clones that look, sound and act identically to anyone else Rex could walk up to and tell who is who.  Any clone can.
Clones try to trick each other by wearing each other's armour, or inflect each other's voice, but it doesn’t work for long
They were shocked when Jedi could tell them apart
No seriously it shocked them - because all other natborns (Kaminoans included) can’t tell them apart at a glance and Jedi just can
Even better than clones are able to
Which immediately endeared Jedi to them because they felt more like people when around them and not identical products
But also frustrating because they too can’t be tricked by switching armour or trying to impersonate each other.  Even that one time when one trooper dyed their hair blonde and tried to see how long it took Anakin to notice that he wasn’t Rex. (He lost a bet)
Anakin was just focused on battle strategies and wanted the trooper’s opinion and the trooper thought he had tricked Anakin until he was addressed by name, “Thanks - Scoot, is it?  I appreciate your insight - now... why are you wearing Rex’s armor, and wasn’t your hair blue before?”
So dying their hair, getting tattoos or painting their armor isn’t about not appearing like one-another, but loving and owning their individual personalities and showing it off
In short Clones can tell Clones apart
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thecodyagenda · a month ago
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maul isnt there because he kept vandalising the sign and refused to cooperate with the others. he formed his own biannual “we hate kenobi” meeting in retaliation. 
ventress is annoyed her emo-in-crime isn't there to complain about the old guys with her
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howtheworldcouldb · 3 months ago
maybe it's not about the Jedi being evil, or wrong, or corrupt. maybe it's about the slow compromising of values in the face of bigger threats until you are trapped in a universe that does not love what you want to be. maybe it's about how duty and responsibility you take on because your morals said you should eventually forces you to compromise those morals. maybe it's that the republic was too big and the war too hard and the chancellor a Sith Lord. maybe there's more than one way to commit genocide.
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padawansuggest · 2 months ago
You know those tiktoks like ‘when you and your siblings come home from college and have to hang out with the accidental baby who’s still in elementary school and don’t know what to say to them’?
Yeah so I feel like that is CONSTANTLY how grown up Padawans feel. The new babies are always around 7-13 while they’ve been legal to drink for a bit now and it’s. So. Awkward. Some of them like Obi-Wan would delight in a tiny new brother to spoil with tea and learning to make Anakin’s favorite foods and coddling him with oversized blankets and such, but people like Dooku might be awkward with suddenly getting a little sibling after Master claimed he’s not having anymore. Suddenly 11 year old Luke is looking up at his closest Padawan brother who’s fucking 100 years older than him exactly, like ‘you got games on your comm?’
Dooku’s considering falling to the dark side at this point but his annoying son is here to badger him into taking his hip meds and coming to tea with the grandpadawans. At least it’s sweet baby doe eyed Luke, and not… you know… the ankle biter Leia who once bit a man to the bone. She’s just like her daddy. Horrible lil goblin creature. Obi-Wan loves his Padawan to death.
The clones (who exist for reasons outside of being an army) also admit they consider their tiniest vod’e the same way. Who said Buir (usually Plo or Shaak deciding to steal another one) could adopt a child that small???? Can it even hold a blaster yet???
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2001hz · 4 months ago
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The Neptunes: Presents… "The Clones" Photographed by: Sacha Waldman (2003)
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leon-anna · 29 days ago
Is no one going to talk about the absolutely amazing live-action clone trooper we got in part 2 of the Kenobi series?
Tumblr media
I NEED TO KNOW WHO HE IS! also does this mean Cody? Please let it mean Cody is going to make an appearance!
(what's his name do you think? I'm kinda vibing with it starting with a 'T')
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