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#the court of dreams

I love how everyone thinks Rhys and everyone else in the Night Court are complete monsters.

Now although everyone in the Court of Nightmares seems to be an ass, all that Rhys wants is to protect the happy citizens of Velaris, look at the stars and have snowball fights.

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Thought I would touch more on Fae hairstyles and meanings as well as tattoos found among the Fae!

Hair is a big deal to the Fae: they use elaborate braiding to show off how many battles they’ve won, elaborate hairstyles are seen in their weddings, there’s even styles to show if they’re commoners or nobility. Each court has it’s own thing they do to make themselves stand out, but universal things for hair and braids include having hairstyles meant only for married women and men, braids to determine how many battles you’ve won, and even if you’re in mourning or not. Hair isn’t cut short unless someone is in mourning, usually mourning the loss of family or their mate or child.

The Court of Stars Fae braid bones into their hair. Finger bones to be specific. If they kill a Blood Fae in battle, they’ll cut the pinky finger from the body and bring it to the armorer to have it properly cured and cleaned so it’s ready for them to braid it in. Danica, the princess, currently holds the record for most bones braided into her hair. Sometimes the Star Fae will paint the bones to make them stand out for holidays such as Yule or the Spring Equinox. They also boast gemstones, rings, and beads to decorate their hair as well.

The Court of Dreams focuses more on tattoos than adding anything to their braids to make them stand out, though some of the warriors have been seen braiding scraps of fabric they’ve taken from fallen enemies to add into their braiding.

The Court of Death will paint their braids gold, however it isn’t to symbolize how many kills they’ve achieved as they are a neutral court that handles the spirits of the Fae who have died in battle. They paint their braids gold in remembrance of those lost and who they’ve helped guide home.

The Court of Bones focus more on fashion than actual fighting, besides the infighting amongst themselves, so their braids are done more for fashion. You’ll see colorful dyes and fabrics used in their hairstyles, each Fae trying to outdo the others with how colorful they can get.

The Winter Court will dye their braids and weave leather strips into the hair, each color having a specific meaning that’s only known to the Ice Fae.

The Court of Ashes will take dragon scales from dragons they’ve killed and braid them into their hair as a way of keeping track of how many and what kind they’ve taken down.

The Blood Court boasts rings and beads crafted with the dates of their victories in battle and wear them in their braids. The more a Blood Fae has in their hair or beards, the more fierce a warrior they’re considered.


Tattoos hold a very special meaning to the Fae. You’ll see warriors boasting sigils of protection and wisdom, sigils for being a warrior, bravery, etc. on their bodies. Medics and healers will have sigils of protection and healing tattooed on their bodies as well. Other tattoos you’ll see among the commoners are Fae Hunting Hounds, dragons, and other thing along those lines. All of their tattoos are done in Old Futhark, their written language, and are done entirely by hand, not machine. In the Court of Dreams, there’s an order to tattoos: the royal family boasts intricate tattoos done in gold ink, similar to these:


Ashlyn, their princess, is covered head to toe in tattoos and more are added with each victory she wins in battle. It’s forbidden for anyone outside the royal family to wear tattoos like theirs and gold is reserved strictly for them. The nobility wears silver ink with their tattoos while the warriors have taken blue as their colors. Anyone who marries into the royal family is fully expected to sit through the tattooing process to receive their marks to show that they belong to the family and it’s considered a great insult to refuse.

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