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#the cruel prince
schemingfaced · 2 days ago
Cardan: *Practically starts a war to get Jude back from The Undersea*
Jude: Cardan hates me :(((
Jude: *Literally almost dies while trying to stop several attempts on Cardan’s life*
Cardan: Why won’t Jude fall in love with me :(((
Vivienne: *crying* Omg they’re just so damn stupid
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clockworkbee · 2 days ago
Jude and Cardan went from
This ↓ (the cruel prince)
Tumblr media
To this ↓ (the wicked king)
Tumblr media
To this ↓ (queen of nothing)
Tumblr media
Talk about an enemies-to-lovers relationship development!
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revvs-trash · 2 days ago
the court of shadows
Tumblr media
tagging people to curse <3
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jurdanhell · a day ago
jude: stop buying plastic skeletons for halloween. it’s terrible for the environment. locally sourced, all natural skeletons are much more environment friendly
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sydneymack · a day ago
Tumblr media
Jude and Cardan - The Cruel Prince
Artist: @drawwda
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kyliezenik · a day ago
someone please grant me special permission to start calling jurdan: cardude because i saw it somewhere and it hasn’t left my head since
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gimmiepizzaaaa · 2 days ago
stan cardan greenbriar for clean skin ✨
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schemingfaced · 2 days ago
Your family tree might be confusing, but it will never be as confusing as Oak’s family tree.
Imagine having to explain to this kid that Cardan is his uncle and also brother-in-law, Locke is his brother and brother-in-law, Taryn are his sister and also his sister-in-law, and Jude is his sister and also aunt-in-law.
Which only gets more confusing when you explain that - thankfully - neither marriages has any form of inc*st.
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littlepeninsula · a day ago
Are we just sitting on the fact that Cardan, the High King of Elfhame has watched Knives Out???!!???
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eerna · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I can’t tell which of us he’s laughing at.
this was formulated listening to bardcore 
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