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#the crystal miracles

Crystals are powerful gems that can help you get balanced in any aspect of life. They can align chakras, amplify positive energy and protect you from negative vibes.

🔮Purify with sage or palo santo
🔮Set your intentions clearly
🔮Touch your crystal gently
🔮Charge during a full moon
🔮Place in the appropriate room

❣️Beware of direct sunlight
❣️Research your crystal first !


#crystals #crystalhealing #chakra
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Day by day, the feeling of deterioration that has been present in his soul a long while ago worsened. Like a flower in bloom that no longer has anything to sustain it which has no choice but wither away. Even though he raised as a phoenix so many times, Ace feels himself still covered in ashes, waiting for the day that there is nothing else to burn from them so he may rest in peace. If such power was in his hands and he had the opportunity to choose, that would be his answer. Alas…

What sins must he pay for? Why is he not allowed to have a much needed respite he craves for?

Within what little remains in his heart, he knows he cannot do that. By fate or by luck, he was given a chance to redeem himself as the closest person to Agito that failed becoming such. The weight of the very world is upon his shoulders and he’s on his knees— with the underlying uncertainty of whether he can succeed or not. Something has changed, regardless. From Milites’ incapacity to invade Akademeia as they almost did the past time, partly thanks to his protection so everyone could use their magic to Izana and Kurasame’s survival. And yet, even if this far he seems to cause a positive change in this cycle and that he’s forcing himself to keep going, his wounds are too deep.

Blueberry irises reflect onto the window, almost devoid of life and the light they accustomed to carry within them that everyone related to gentleness despite his cooler persona. Within the twilight rain in summer and the darkness byproduct of the lack of luminous sources granted by the celestial bodies, there is nothing that particularly attracts his attention as he sits on the window sill and supports his temple against the cool glass. Another sleepless night. Memories are extremely fragile in this world that manipulates them so, albeit carrying the whole weight of so many traumatic moments that reflect the most in his dreams at night made the former Class Zero loathe to sleep. He who enjoyed so greatly to have multiple naps per day, uncaring of where he could fall asleep.

Silent footsteps carry the other inhabitant of these chambers to sit before him, close enough that their knees touch. Ace’s first reaction is to flinch in a jerk movement, an involuntary reaction he hates for it is a telltale of his vulnerability before heaving a sigh and directing his eyes to Kurasame’s viridescent ones without muttering a single word. Don’t look at me that way, he’s tempted to say. But all his courage disappears when the man’s hands reach to cup each side of his face, thumbs caressing with a delicate touch his accentuated eye bags. Fair eyelids flutter closed as he forces himself to remain still, to bask in the softness that has been such a rarity in all his past lives.


If you don’t do it for yourself, then do it for me. Kurasame’s statement no, plea makes him open his eyes to find the other’s sincere ones. Despite being cognizant of how little importance he gives to words (they hold no relevant meaning in a world where they can be forgotten so easily, worst case scenario), Ace knows what he means without the need of further explanation.

Live like you mean it.

Ace’s weary eyes soften in silent understanding, and so do Kurasame’s. It is hard to wish to do such a thing when being granted an eternal rest sounds like a much better bargain. Nevertheless, the blond’s kindness wouldn’t allow him do that. Not now, when things seem to start changing for the better. And truth to be said, he feels like something has been changing in him too. This fervent wish of being selfish again being the first time when he wanted to linger beside Kurasame and take care of him in hopes to see him happy, ultimately pouring all the love of his eternal soul onto him as soon as he realized that from all the people, he chose him as the target of his love. A love that perhaps is the dimmest light alive in the Heavenly King of old’s eyes, but a love that knows no bounds nonetheless.

Slowly, his own hands rise to hold Kurasame’s wrists in a weak grip, fearful that he might draw back desperate to feel his warmth when he feels so cold in life as a certain light begins to flicker within the depths of his cornflower irises and thus he leans gently to press a lingering kiss atop his lips. ❝…Marry me.❞ Within his usual lack of facial expressions, he takes notice of the subtle way his eyes widen just a tad and his warm fingers touching his pale skin twitch slightly. It hasn’t been long since the indigo haired professed his love for him, he knows. Still… ❝I cannot stand the thought of being separated from you once more by the whims of this damned world. Not again.❞ Although he has always been acting certain in everything he did, there is an underlying fear getting the best of him which he hardly shows a fear he never allowed himself to express.

Like now, just as he closes his eyes and supports his forehead against his temple scared that he might not want to commit in such a deep level with him. Scared that he would not want to partake in this horrible selfishness of his. ❝f I am to live any longer in this world… I want to rest assured that our souls are bond together. That no matter what happens, we will find each other.❞ He gives him a small rub with his forehead, albescent eyelashes fluttering open just a tad. ❝Marry me, Kurasame Susaya.❞


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