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The dub issue

I don’t know much tv production and that kind of stuff. Maybe Leigh can help to discern some things about that because I definitely have questions. But I’ll write about the issue first.

What the fuck?

In the eng version Dean says, “don’t do this”.

This is a plead. He’s pleading, begging Cas. I believe that given the context of the scene he still wasn’t sure of what what’s happening while it was happening. You can denote his confusion in his words not so much in his facial expression which it’s just blank IMO.

Ok, now going from

No hagas esto, Cas -> Y yo a ti, Cas.

In what universe are these the same? They don’t relate what so ever. It’s a 180 degree turn.

With that line he is effectively reciprocating what Cas just told him. It’s an affirmative statement that leaves no room for interpretation. He is telling him he loves him back. Plain and simple. It’s an acknowledgement of Cas’ feelings, it’s a yes, it’s everything.

So now comes my questions: who is in charge of the translation of the eng script to the Spanish one? Who approves it? Are they proof read? Once the dub is done, who gives the ok to be aired? No one checks if everything is correct?

For the sake of the integrity of the product -and network I would hope that this wasn’t done on purpose. And if so, I think it makes them look so bad that they need someone to be held accountable. Although that’s unlikely. It’s just creating an unnecessary internal conflict and it leaves fans confused and feeling scammed.

Latin American fans get destiel canon but US’s don’t? That’s absurd. I also wonder about the spa subtitles, do they keep the same meaning as in eng? I guess so. But the dub deviates so much from the original that it really changes everything, it changes what they meant for each other.

I would say this a fuck up on WBLATAM end but not on the dub actors who just read what they’re given, it’s not their fault. It’s so unfair and I’m happy people are raising their voice cos having this “error” after 10 years of queerbaiting? C’mon don’t be a dick CW.

It’s insulting.

Ps: when you say I love you too to another person you not just acknowledge their feelings but yours as well. You let them be.

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Like if you think the viewing audience for Supernatural and the viewing audience for those slick, shiny pretty people sneering at each other shows have I got news for you. The audience they courted for Supernatural is so much different. Is there crossover? Sure. And they realized that enough to try to wave over at those crossover fans here and there but in the network’s mind this show’s was a Gen-X/Boomer crowd who liked bacon, bullets, and boobs. So gong banging about how their other show shit rainbows is missing the whole point about this one. They didn’t want bi Dean. They didn’t want their leather coat wearing, gun toting, man’s man badass to be queer. Full stop. Riverdale’s got nothing to do with it.

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I’m at work as of writing this so I don’t have much chance to write something decent about the destiel dub issue. I just saw the videos of the original eng version and the latin american dub and I have some words and some questions as well…

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listen here

i have NEVER not once seen a single ep of spn

nor do i intend to watch 15 seasons of a show i know the ending of


this past month has been a NIGHTMARE seeing so much spn stuff on my dash and im starting to care abt a faithless man who finds religion in a flawed angel

and i dont care for any of that feeling shit at ALL

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At the end of 15x19 Jack says his whole goodbye, Sam hugs him and asks about Eileen and the others, and Jack says they’re all exactly where they were before they vanished.

Dean, standing behind Sam, asks about Cas.

Jack sadly says that he can’t go in the empty, but he can make a door for Dean to go and try to get him.

Sam and Dean look to each other, both knowing they have their own things they have to do, Dean going with Jack to get Cas, and Sam going to reunite with Eileen.

15x20 starts with Jack and Dean somewhere, Jack making a door and Deans getting ready to go through. Jack wishes him luck, and Dean takes a moment to try to apologize and mend things with Jack. Jack vanishes, and Dean opens the door, walking into the empty.

Cut to black, now we see Sam wherever Eileen last was before vanishing. He stands there, looking for her but he doesn’t see her, then he turns around and there she is. They have their reunion, romantic music swells and they kiss.

Back in the empty, Dean’s surrounded by darkness, no sign of anyone, calling out Cas’s name. Finally he sees Cas from a distance, running to him but as he approaches you see his smile fade and his face hardens. It’s the Empty, looking like Cas. He points his weapon at it and asks where Cas is. The empty laughs and says how it finally got Cas to shut up, there’s no way he’s letting him out. Dean says how he’s never going to stop trying to get Cas and if it kills him, he knows the ‘new god’ and he’ll just keep coming back, over and over again. The Empty gets angry but realizes it will never get to sleep if it doesn’t give Dean Cas. The Empty says fine, but under one condition. Deans about to ask what it is, but the Empty is gone. Dean goes off looking for Cas again, and eventually he finds him, lying on the ground, Dean yells ‘Cas!’ in that way he does, and runs over, grabbing him by the shoulder (same spot as Cas had grabbed Dean) and he lifts him to his feet, cradling his face as he holds him up. Cas slowly gains consciousness and looks to Dean confused “Dean?”

Dean does his whole, ‘come on buddy let’s get you out of here’ and then half carries him. As they walk, Cas says he feels different, he thinks the empty took his grace. Dean looks pained but keeps going. They get out, and outside the impala he looks Cas over. Cas is avoiding eye contact, he didn’t think he’d have to face Dean after the confession. Dean holds his face again, getting him to look at him. “Dean you don’t have to say anything.” “Shut it Cas, I thought I lost my chance to say this, so I’m going to now. I love you too.” Romantic music swells, they kiss.

The next shot is the bunker, a cheesy montage starts, it shows hunters, ones we know, ones we don’t, coming and going from the bunker, some in the bedrooms, some eating together, some looking over lore. The bunker is now offered as a home for any hunter who needs a place to do research or rest, a place to call home. The boys know they’re leaving it in good hands. Next we see Sam and Eileen carrying boxes up a driveway to their new home, they smile at each other and then Sam looks to the right, Dean and Cas have boxes too, walking up the driveway of the house next door, the dog following. Next we see Dean flipping burgers in one of their backyards, Sam walks over with more meat, Cas is sitting at a table with Jack and Eileen, we see her run her hand over her pregnant belly. Later we see Sam and Dean running around their front lawns, playing with Sam’s toddler, the dog chases them. Dean catches the boy, lifting him and giving a tickle attack, smiling as he glances over at Cas, who is standing on the porch with a cup of coffee next Eileen, smiling and watching as well. We can see holidays, birthdays, Jack dropping by, and whatever else, but one thing we know for sure, is that everyone’s happy.

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sometimes i’m like “why didn’t sam just call 911 ?? if dean had enough time to make that speech, surely the ambulance could get there in time” and then i see people saying that dean actually killed himself because he knew that he couldn’t give up hunting and he wanted sam to have a normal life and i just start sobbing.

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