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#the dEED IS DONE..

@dragcnsden​​ | @ducktales-wco-oo​​​ said: “Thanks for the sex, homie!” And he’s just slapped the gander on the ass… Nice. - (Panch @ Glad - ‘cause how could I NOT? XD )


The gander was lazed over the covers, flipping through a few magazines while the radio played dully in the background. A casual afternoon of affection led to a nap and lounging session, but now the busy-bodied rooster was back up and recharged. Panch’s yawn was loud and sprawling, and even from behind his blindside, Gladstone could feel him stretch before the mattress plunged down, popping back up as the rooster exited the bed. 

The whap! wasn’t a surprise, ( Gladstone would be more surprised if Panch didn’t give his butt a smack after sex, hell, he got it when he just passed him in the kitchen after getting a drink… ) Nevertheless, his eyes bulge on the sharp contact, his tail hiking up in shock. He nods slowly, feigning disgust, even if on the inside, he’s laughing. “Oh. Uchhhyou pig.” Hands droop over the edge of the bed as he drops the magazines with pretend ‘offense,’ the papers fanning out messily onto the floor below. The gander turns on his elbow to watch Panch move around, but he keeps his own nakedness partially modest, as he stays flat on his stomach. He’s watching the rooster march around arrogantly, plucking one article of clothing up after the other to redress, and shakes his head, ticking his tongue with fake disgust.


“You SCANDALOUS prick, I’m going to kick your filthy ass back over the Rio Grande! I’ll have you know I’ve gotten better treatment for far less. How daaaaaaaaare you talk to me like some cheap trick,” He nods matter-of-factly at the rooster as he passes him again. “I’m an EXPENSIVE trick.”

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—  tag  drop  4.  Virgil    &    Caroline.

#*β™”. β€” let me be your guiding light ( ic: virgil sydtangen. ), #*β™”. β€” streaking colored lights across the floor ( aesthetic: virgil. ), #*β™”. β€” a voice in the sky says everyone you knew is dead ( about: virgil. ), #*β™”. β€” suddenly i've changed; faces all disappear ( musings: virgil. ), #*β™”. β€” not bad for a simple maintenance core ( face: virgil. ), #*β™”. β€” time & time again ( verse: virgil. ), #*β™”. β€” & so the core i became ( verse: virgil. ), #*β™”. β€” you will always be my friend ( verse: virgil. ), #*β™”. β€” deviant in word & deed alike ( verse: virgil. ), #*β™”. β€” you are my olympian ( virgil & mel. ), #*β™”. β€” i'll be seeing you ( virgil & wheatley. ), #*β™”. β€” what doesn't kill me makes me ( virgil & aegis. ), #*β™”. β€” the sin i will confess to release myself ( virgil & glados. ), #*β™”. β€” we do what we must because we can ( ic: caroline. ), #*β™”. β€” goodbye my only friend ( musings: caroline. ), #*β™”. β€” when there's science to be done ( about: caroline. ), #*β™”. β€” blinking lights flash a symphony ( aesthetic: caroline. ), #*β™”. β€” as always one more time ( caroline & rick. ), #*β™”. β€” we're still doing science sir ( caroline & cave. ), #*β™”. β€” cara mia addio ( caroline & chell. ), #*β™”. β€” this was a triumph ( verse: caroline. ), #*β™”. β€” an ending comes upon us & this is not it ( verse: caroline. )
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“Yo, Lanchan! Sorry for the wait!” Well, he wasn’t too sorry, since he was grinning from ear to ear. But man, he was just too impressed with how Korwa and Lyria helped coordinate his costume! He looked so good in plaid, and how they ripped the jeans and did up the boots to make them look like scary claw paws — The only little embarrassing thing was the ears and snout drawn on his nose. “The girls really went all out to get people into the spirit with their costumes…So, what do ya think?”

Unprompted || always accepting (feel free to turn into threads)!

                                                             ★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ― ☽ ― ★ ☆ ✮ ✯

   Fingers tug at the hem of the gloves his hands have been shoved into. He’s not unused to the thick fabric rubbing against his palms from his own armor, but this pair is a bit…gaudy for him. He, admittedly, enjoyed Halloween more than he would let on to most, but the costume aspect of it was still something he was getting used to  - even if he had agreed to let Lyria and the other children dress him up without a fuss. But if he thought armor was uncomfortable when he had first started wearing it, he had severely underestimated the scratchiness of pleather or the additional drape of the scarlet and black cape that hung from his shoulders - the one that licked at the floor whenever he walked because it was clearly too long for him. And the thick collar of that cape brushed against his jaw whenever he inhaled against the crisp air. It might have been popular to dress up as a vampire, but he a part of him wishes they would have chosen less…flashy outfit for him (ignoring the fact that the armor he can be found in more often than not was a rather eye-catching shade of blue). He felt ridiculous, and he’s more than certain he looked it even though he had only been brave enough to glance at his reflection for a moment prior to coming out on the deck to wait for the others to finish their ‘make-over’ sessions with the children.    

   He’s still fiddling with his outfit when he hears the clamor of feet against the deck, and his gaze lifts from the hem of his shirt to greet Vane with a smile to dismiss the apology. Yet, It might just be the wide grin plastered across the other’s face, but he suspects Vane isn’t sorry at all for taking so much time getting ready. Compared to him, it showed anyway. Lyria and Korwa had done an excellent job coordinating the pieces of the other’s costume - from the plaid topped that mixed perfectly with the ripped jeans to the boots that had been crafted into a pair of claws. The snout drawn on the other man’s nose does make his lips quiver, and he tries, to the best of his ability to not to laugh at the sight, but he lifts up a hand to cover his mouth in an attempt to stifle the chuckle that vibrates against his throat. The ears he finds more endearing than humorous, if only because he can almost imagine them perking up to match the curve of his smile. 

    “So it appears, but that means we’ll have to match their enthusiasm when it comes to putting their hard work on display.” For someone who had been so apprehension about his own getup a moment ago, he seems to have changed his mind on the matter rather swiftly. He has always been the type to allow the emotions and energy of others to bring him up or knock him down, try as he might to now allow it to impact him as much as it once had. This time; however, he doesn’t think it a bad idea to allow Vane’s holiday cheer to infect him a bit. He’s always enjoyed Halloween, and he can’t think of a better time than now to get into the swing of things, even if he’s trying to maintain just a bit of his image (barely). His hand falls away from his mouth, exposing the grin that stretches out across his own features.  


     “You look good, Vane. They did an excellent job picking everything out. You might be the best looking werewolf in the Skies.” he answers without hesitation, even if Vane is, arguably, the least intimidating werewolf he’s ever seen - not that he’s seen many to begin with, but he has a hard time believing anyone could pull off that hand-drawn snout while keeping striking fear into their enemies. “That snout really suits you.” He can barely say those words without chuckling, and the heave of his chest is enough to indicate that he’s desperately trying not to. “However, I believe one of your ears might be crooked.” Is it actually? No, not at all, but it’s not Halloween with a few harmless tricks here or there. So, he reaches out to fiddle with the right ear nestled in the other’s hair, tipping it to the side enough to make it appear visibly lopsided before retracting his fingers and admiring his handiwork for a moment before flashing the other a smile to conceal his own amusement. “There, now it’s perfect.”   

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Prefixes and parishahs are the technical terms of the scriptures. These words are used in a typical typical sense.

There are thousands of such prefixes and parishapradhan stories in Jain Agam texts and Jain history. The prefix is ​​such a terrible hardship that can even lead to death. When the prefix comes from Devakrut, Manushyakrut and Tiryanch (animal-bird-insect), the seeker has become a traveler of Atmarthi Mokshapanth who has achieved Zzumi victory over the prefix with equality.

In the town of Sravasti, Kanakketu Raja and Malayasundari Rani had a maiden named Skandak and a maiden named Sunanda. Sunanda was married at an appropriate age to King Purush Singh of Kanchinagari. Skandak Kumar Acharya Shri Vijyansensuri was disgusted to hear of the country and with the consent of his parents he took restraint. Studying all the scriptures with the Guru, getting the Guru’s command. Accepting Jinalpipanu, he started walking alone.

Arriving at Kanchipuri, the sage started walking in the village for grazing at noon. The king and queen were sitting in the courtyard of the palace. At that time, Sunanda’s gaze went to the sage who was begging. His body was crucified through penance. In the summer season, tears came to the queen’s eyes when she saw her brother wandering for Gauchari in such heat.

When the king saw that seeing the sage brought tears to the queen’s eyes, the thought came to the king that there must be some evil relationship between the sage and the queen. The king became angry with the sage because of prejudice. He called his servants and ordered them to remove the skin from the monk’s head to his feet and kill him.

As soon as the king’s order was given, the servants grabbed the muni who was going to beg and with a sharp weapon removed the skin of the muni from head to toe. At that time, even though the sage suffered from Mhaveda, he did not blame the king, the royal servants or anyone else, but blamed his own deeds. Koshi was whispered.

Skandak Muni, who became introverted after meditating on the Ksapak series. Achieved achievement. The queen found out that the sage who was killed was his brother Muni. She began to cry profusely. The king knew the truth. He also became very remorseful when he killed the sage just by guessing.

Once the wise Guru waited there. The king went to pay his respects. After listening to Dharmadesh, when the king asked why it was a sin to skin the sage of his Grihasthashram, Gnani Guru replied. In the one thousandth bhav before this bhav, the life of Skandak Muni was as a prince and the soul of the king was as Kothimba. The prince took the coriander and peeled the coriander with his friends and made himself proud of his skill.

As a result of that pride, he revolted against the life of the prince along with the life of Kothimba. That vengeance came after a thousand bhavs. The soul of that prince is the sage Skandakumar and the soul of Kothimba is the king. When he peeled the pomegranate, his skin was peeled off by the king in this birth. The deeds done do not leave anyone. Pilgrims also have to suffer. That means never taking revenge on anyone. Hearing this sermon of the wise Guru, the king-queen became disillusioned, took initiation and did self-welfare.

Contemplating this story of Skandakkumar, it seems that the karma done before thousands of bhavs can rise at any time. Moreover, the pride of having done that deed with an evil deed results in a detached karma, so the karma that must be suffered terribly ceases. Moreover, the vibrations of goodwill are like a feast of inspiration as the hasty decision without knowing the full details is just a conjecture.

- Quality Barwalia
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In general it can be hard to remember that it’s okay to fuck up, and it’s actually completely normal, it’s normal to sometimes hurt people without meaning to, we make mistakes and speak from anger and clash with people even if we love them and it doesn’t make you some irredeemable monster it just makes you human. You don’t have to be perfect to be a good person, you just have to try your best to be your best self, atone for your mistakes and try to be a little better every day

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Apologies for not answering many questions today, I was busy painting a birthday present (which I will share once it’s dried).

In the meantime (shameless self-promo) my personal blog is @cheeky-da-monkey and my writing blog is @the-hidden-writer if anybody’s interested!

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APHRODITE. laughter-loving,     sweet  smiles,  dressed  in  silk  and  satin,  flower  in  their  hair,    sees  the  world  as  a  runway, unapologetically  sexual,   the  sea  washing  their  ankles,     in  love  with  love,  stirrer  of  passion, cunning  concealed  by  painted  lips,     secret  daggers,   doves,   revolution  in  their  kiss,    delighting  in  the  waves,    flirtatious  winks,    strolling  along  the  beach,   staring  wistfully  from  a  balcony,  this  is  how  to  be  a  heartbreaker,     wants  to  be  adored,     gets  turned  on  by  danger.

APOLLO.   glitz  and  glamour,   art  galleries,     turning  the  volume  up,     being  made  of  gold,     neatly-organized  music  sheets,     notebooks  filled  with  poetry,    bathing  in  the  sunlight,   the  powerful  urge  to  create,     collecting  vinyl  records,     beautiful  cover  of  Wonderwall,     playing  multiple  instruments,   tasting  like  sunshine,     healing  touch,   speaking  in  prophecies,   smile  mingled  with  wrath,   shunning  lies,     sporting  shades,     hanging  out  at  music  festivals  with  their  friends,     sleeps  naked,  arrow  to  the  heart,     paint  brushes,     probably  has  a  Tinder  account.

ARES.      armed  for  battle,    wants  to  raise  a  dog  with  their  significant  other,   soft  spot  for  children, gives  piggyback  rides,    scarred  body,     blood  on  their  hands and  face, willing  to  fight  the  world  for  the  ones  they  love,     fights  against  injustice,    warm  hugs,   well-worn  combat  boots, boxing gloves,   bandages  wrapped  around  bruised  knuckles,   fist  raised  in  protest,    ignites  revolutions,  fear  is  a  prison,     more  sensitive  than  what  their  tough  shell  would  have  you  think,   exhausted,   damaged  goods,   force  to  be  reckoned  with,   red  roses,   curses  under  their  breath.

ARTEMIS.     keen  sense  of  a  hunter,   freckles  like  constellations  on  their  skin,   piercing  eyes,    disheveled  braid,  moonlight  peeking  through  the  shadows,     the  calm  of  the  forest  at  night,     lying  on  the  grass  and  staring  at  the  stars, mother  doe  and  her  fawn,   protecting  their  kin,   the  moon  shimmering  on  a  still  lake,   quiver  full  of  arrows  resting  against  the  bark  of  a  tree,   running  with  wolves,   bonding  while  circled  around  a  campfire,     not  being  much  of  a  people  person,    arrow  hitting  a  target,     popping  egos,   patience  on  3%,  touches  heaven  and  returns  howling.

ATHENA.     discerning  gaze,    unreadable  face,   quiet  museums,   owl  perched  on  their  finger,     armor  that  intimidates,     eye  for  architecture,   plays  the  sims  for  the  sole  purpose  of  building   houses,     studied  the  blade  while  everyone  else  was  busy , big  fan  of  logic,     loves  brain  teasers,     ancient  buildings,     sweaters  in  neutrals  and  cool  colors,    hair  done  up,     can  kill  you  with  their  brain,     heads  to  the  library  often  to  research,    sharpened  pencils,   abs  that  can  cut  steel,    stoic  statues,     pottery classes.

DEMETER. soil-covered  hands,   smile  that  can  bloom  flowers,     skin  loved  by  the  sun,     being  the  mom-friend,     can  lift  you  and  your  friends,  flowers  kept  in  the  pockets  of  overalls,   takes  pride  in  their  beautiful  garden,   speaks  to  their  plants,    leaves  rustling  in  the  wind,   stalks  of  wheat,     picking  fruit,     greenhouses,   heart  as  strong  as  a  mountain,     values  simplicity,   daisies  dotted  across  a  collarbone,     curls  crowned  with  flowers,     folded  pile  of  sweaters  in  warm  hues,  pulling  out  fresh-baked  bread  out  of  the  oven  and  the  smell  wafting  through  the  air.

DIONYSUS. drunk  shitposter,     on  their  sixth  glass  of  wine  before  you’ve  even  finished  your  second,     seductive  smirks,    untamed curls,     rich  fabrics  on  dark  skin,     sleek-furred  panthers,     theater  masks,   stage  productions,    receiving  a  standing  ovation,     rose  caught  between  their  teeth,     being  the  baby  of  the  bunch,     wild  parties  that  last  from  sundown  to  sunup,     creeping  vines,     inspiring  loyalty,    grand  opera  houses,   masquerade  balls,   rolls  of  film,     shattered  chandeliers  with  broken glass  scattered  across  the  wine-spilled  floor,     pouring  champagne  into  flutes,     lives  for  the   applause.

HEPHAESTUS.     the  calloused  hands  of  someone  who  knows  labor,    sweaty  brow,   flame  burning  in  their  eyes,    inventive  mind,    broad  shoulders,  steampunk  goggles,     nuts  and  bolts  stored  away  in  little  boxes,     ashes,     striking  a  match,     blueprints  for  future  projects,     fixing  up  a  busted  up  car  and  giving  it  cool  upgrades,    wrestles  with  bitterness,     work  boots  have  seen  better  years,   wrinkled  plaid  shirts,   iron  melted  in  blazing  fire,     huge  jackets,   crafting  masterpieces,    greased-stained  overalls,     fascination  with  robotics,    pain  is  fuel,    stack  of  weaponry,     even  their  muscles  have  muscles.

HERA.   resting  bitch  face,    dressed  to  the  nines,    cows  grazing  on  a  pasture,   cool  rain,     loving  and  hating  fiercely,    hand  clutching  a  string  of  pearls,     large  chandelier  with  glittering  crystals,  plays  the  sims  for  the  sole  purpose  of  killing  off  their  sims,     romance  to  realism,    pictures  of  the  sky  while  flying  on  a  plane,  downs  glasses  of  wine  as  they  relax  with  a  scented  bubble  bath  and  netflix, like  their  selfie  or  you’re  grounded,   knows  57  convenient  ways  to  murder  a  man,  dark  eyes  that  penetrate  your  soul,     marble  and  gold.

HERMES.     devil-may-care  smile,     always  up-to-date  on  the  latest  technology,     will  steal  your  french  fries,   does  it  for  the vine,     shitposter,     puts  googly  eyes  on  everything,     meme  hoarder,    long  drives  on  the  highway,    ma  and  pop  diners,     spontaneous  road  trips,     folded  maps,   fingers  dancing  across  the  keyboard  of  a  laptop,    shooting  hoops  on  the  basketball  court,     chatting  up  strangers  as  you  all  journey  to  your  own  destinations,     goes  jogging  in  the  morning,   mixes  redbull  with  coffee,     menace  on  april fool’s,     hoodies  and  sneakers.    

POSEIDON. storm  with  skin,    colorful  coral  reefs,   waves  crashing  against  the  shore,     stroking  the  soft  fur  of  a  cat,   their  heart  pounding  as  their  horse’s  gentle  trot  speeds  into  a  gallop,     tousled  locks,     clothes  smeared  with  paint,    owns  several  sketchbooks  yet  always  yearns  to  own  more,   leather  jackets, fondness  for  diy  projects,     handwriting  that  flows  across  the  page,     nimble  fingers  playing  the  strings  of  a  violin,     velvety  singing  voice  that  haunts  your  dreams,     mood  as  ever-changing  as  the  sea,     the  roar  of  a  motorcycle,    compass  with  a  spinning arrow.

ZEUS.    thunder  in  their  heart,     running  on  coffee,   flash  of  lightning,    natural  charisma, eloquence,    badass  in  a  nice  suit,  aficionado  of  history,    force of nature,     lenny  face,     nightmare-filled  nights,     proud  arm  around  their  lover’s  waist,  high-rise  buildings,     planes  soaring  through  a  cloudless  sky,     technician  on  the  piano, maintains  order,   strong  handshake,    juggling  multiple  events  on  their  busy  schedule  with  ease,  expensive watch.

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The exaggeration of your given numbers is apparent, but I understand your meaning behind it. Still, my service to the Empire is one of devotion and understanding, and I hardly require acknowledgement for it. In many ways, I prefer it goes unseen.

While well under thousands or even hundreds of people, those who do feel gratitude are better off improving themselves or extending that service in kind to Her Majesty’s cause. Whether that’s by directly enlisting or supporting her ideals by liberating others from oppression, a gesture of that kind is a far more productive expression of appreciation for anything I might have done.

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“Hey Lancey~ did you know I like it when you swing your swords~?” he teased the knight while getting closer to him (Personal space Belial) and to be honest Belial has his eyes on the captain and he was sure handsome and the fallen well wants to know him better. (To Lancelot)

Unprompted || Always Accepting (feel free to turn into threads)! 

                                                        ★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ― ☽ ― ★ ☆ ✮ ✯

     It wasn’t unusual for him to join the Captain on missions from time to time, nor was it strange for him to find a secluded spot upon the deck of the Grandcypher to train as the ship soared through steady skies to their destination in. Ever diligent, it seems he simply couldn’t stop to take a break even when all of the preparation at hand had been completed. And, so, he found himself near the edge of the deck - swords held firmly within calloused palms as the gentle clank of his armor filled the quiet air as he brought each blade down swiftly and with a skilled ease from years of use. A motion repeated over and over again - thick boots remained firmly planted upon wood, and eyes were narrowed in concentration though not fixed on any one object or location. Lips pursed into a thin line as the breeze kicks up silky stands of black hair that are made damp from the sweat that clings to his skin. He’s lost count of the number of repetitions he’s done, but knows it’s well into the hundreds from the slight ache of his muscles. But it’s not enough to make him stop.

     What is enough to make him falter; however, is the sound of footsteps behind him. Instinct makes the hair on the back of his neck rise up, and his back goes rigid as he turns around. Brows are quick to pull together and a frown mars his pretty features as his gaze lands on the fallen angel. He doesn’t lower his blades. If anything he grips them just a bit tighter. He can’t fathom the Captain’s reasoning behind allowing the other to join the crew after all of the pain he’s caused, but given that he’s not truly a member of the crew, he can only question them in passing. And he had not personally fought Belial, but he is wary of him regardless. He won’t soon forget their struggle against the Watchers and that hooded figure, or what had happened to the other archangels. And the nickname makes him tense when it’s spoken in that tone from that mouth. 

      “I will ask you to refrain from calling me that.” His tone is stern, but it maintains the composure one would expect from the Captain of the Order of White Dragons. “And -” words die upon his tongue when the other steps closer - too close, for his liking. And he takes a step back without thinking about it - shifting slightly so that the blades he still holds are nestled between their bodies to keep the other from trying to draw too close again. The implication of the other’s words isn’t lost on him - it would be impossible not to notice how the other chooses to speak to them, but he refuses to give the other the reaction he suspects he had wanted. 


       “I have no desire to cause trouble for the Captain, so I would ask you to keep your distance as well.” He inhales, and allows the mild burn of his muscles to help him maintain focus as he addresses the other once again. Now, is there a reason you’ve sought me out?” He has the gut feeling he’s not going to like the other’s answer, but reminds himself to keep his temper in check just in case the Captain had sent the other over for some reason he simply can’t imagine. 

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