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#the dark knight
dontunderestimatemypoison · 40 minutes ago
I’ve taken a break from watching the new MK movie... I’ve started watching the Dark Knight Trilogy for one reason.
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valeriecosplay · an hour ago
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I think this is from WonderCon 2015? It was the one time WonderCon was held in the Los Angeles Convention Center because the Anaheim one was under construction.
Anyways I've been thinking of cosplaying a different version of Catwoman, the Michelle Pfeiffer version? Think it's a good idea?
Catwoman: @valeriecosplay (me)
Photographer: @roketsu
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MK finds out he’s going to be a grandpa to DMK’s spawn and goes through the stages of grief
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Dark Meta Knight: "Goonie- Ow, fuck!- You're kneading on me-"
Escargoon, sleepily: "Yeah... I need you..."
Dark Meta Knight:
Dark Meta Knight, choked up: "OK."
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meshlasolus · 3 hours ago
Cruel Irony
Bale!Bruce Wayne X Reader
Alright so I'm in my hotel lobby so hopefully the wifi will let this post I've been trying to get it posted for a few days but yk whatever.
Series Summary: Growing up on infinity Island, Moyra is taught very well in the art of assassination. As the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, she sits highly amongst the brotherhood known as the League of Shadows. When her father orders her to lure a stranger from the outside to be recruited amongst the mysterious clan, she will question everything she's ever believed.
Chapter Warnings: none
Tumblr media
The first night Bruce made an appearance in his new suit, it was only to talk to the officer Gordon from the GCPD. He came back with a bunch of bruises and a whole lot of blood. He made it known that he hadn't even gotten into a fight, and the injuries were only because he jumped onto a fire escape.
I patched him up as best as I knew how, with him cursing under his breath every few seconds. When I was done, he left muttering a quick goodnight. I'd realized he was bummed out about the suit he'd been given by Mr. Fox.
When I began my first day at Wayne Enterprises, my new supervisor had introduced me to the heads of every department. It was her job to show me the ropes of my job as well as teach me about the company and all the current events that are taking place within the establishment. She was wonderful to me, although a bit strict, and stern. She was a powerful machine of business, and if I were to be like her, I had a lot to learn.
The day after Bruce's first test, he drove to work with me, which wasn't a daily occurrence. He told me something about meeting with Luscious Fox again, and so I assumed it would be about his nighttime activities.
Alfred and I thus far were the only people who kmew about his ideas to become a symbol to the city and bringing justice to the criminals, but I had a feeling that Mr. Fox would soon be catching on.
When work was over, and my brain was just about tired enough to turn itself off for the next week, I carefully and sneakily grabbed a roll of paper from my desk before heading down to the car where Alfred and Bruce were waiting.
He had eyed the roll of paper when I stepped into the car, but didn't ask until we got home.
"So, what's that?" He nudged the paper roll, to which I reacted by pulling it close to me. He furrowed his eyebrows and reached for it.
"Nope, you can't see this. It's a surprise." I tried to sound convincing, and even added a smile, but my nervous nature was very unlike me. He was unsure.
"What kinda surprise?" He narrowed his eyes and gave me a side glance.
"The kind of surprise where you don't get to see it until I'm finished." I said more fluidly. It wasn't a complete lie. It would come out eventually.
He straightened his features and nodded with a small smile, rolling his eyes before replying.
"Alright... but if it ends up making a mess in the house you're in trouble." He said with a pointing look and a smirk before exiting the room and heading to his own. I followed behind him, needing to get to my own.
"I learned my lesson, no trees in the house." I replied, remembering last weekend's mishap.
He chuckled and closed his door, as did I. My night began by spreading out the plans onto my bed, sighing and digging into my drawer which I had kept the collected materials in the past few days. Bruce didn't need to know about this, even though he was confident in sharing his plans with me. This would only worry him.
The black sleeves that I'd been altering had begin to take the shape of the pattern. I was not a very crafty person, although I could get the job done if I needed to. I just hoped my fighting skills would be enough to compensate for my lack of gadets and fancy suit like Bruce. I hoped my wits and wisdom would get me even further.
The number of hours I'd spent working on this get up was far too many by now, and the fact that it still wasn't quite finished gave me a sense of frustration. I wasn't even sure what I was missing, but I knew it was something. A hood.
I went into my massive and oversized closet, filled with expensive and some priceless clothing items at every corner. I reached into the back to find the clothing I was wearing when I first arrived in Gotham. My old raggedy attire from my career in the league of shadows. I supposed it would be a sort of tribute to my old life, while helping me conceal the identity I had made for my new one.
I chopped up the old shirt, making sure it was the proper size for a hood before I began to put everything together. I was sure that Bruce wouldn't be bothering me tonight, for he himself had plans of his own. The batman would make his first appearance in the city.
I also would make an appearance, but on a much smaller scale... I didn't want to run into Bruce if I could help it, but I needed to start getting experience in this city, enough at least to prove myself to Bruce.
I swore to protect him, but I couldn't very easily do that from the Wayne Manor every evening.
Since I did not have work to attend to tomorrow, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to begin.
Standing in front of the mirror, I felt more confident in the clothes I was wearing now than the ones I wore earlier in the morning. They weren't a reflection of who I truly was, only a facade. This right here.... I felt as though I'd reached a peak moment in my life. I smiled, pulling up the tighter band of fabric over my face to form a mask that only showed my eyes. I tied my hair up quickly and messily, then pulled the makeshift hood over my head.
To say I looked lethal would be an understatement. I smiled at myself and nodded in approval.
I went to the window, looking back to make sure my door was locked before I opened the panels with a squeak coming from the hinges. I climbed out with ease, making the maneuvers down the side of the house, gently gripping the sconces to keep me from plummeting down.
When my feet hit the dirt, I sighed in relief, then looked out over the city. It hadn't dawned on me how much running I would have to do just to reach the narrows, but I shook it off. I would be fine.
With a glance back at the wonderous house I'd begun to call my home, I started off in the direction towards the city. I was lucky enough to approach a cab while I got closer to the more populated areas, so as quickly and quietly as possible, I jumped down from my place on the runnung path in the hill, landing atop the yellow vehicle on the balls of my feet.
My training had prepared me for many things, but never had I put my skills to use so thoroughly before. This was another level of territory I had stepped into, but it was too late to back out now. I needed to prove myself capable, and I knew that I could if given an opportunity, which, in the narrows, was not hard to come by.
The next morning, Bruce slept through breakfast... and lunch. Alfred wasn't quite worried about him, however he did come to the conclusion that perhaps he should check up on the young billionaire.
Alfred opened the curtains of Bruce's room, seeing that he was still peacefully resting.
"Bats are nocturnal." Bruce groaned and turned to the other side of his bed while pulling the sheets up.
"Yes, but Bruce Wayne is not... and even for Billionaire Playboys, I think 3 PM may be pushing it a little." Alfred commented, setting pain medication and a green juice down on his bedside table.
A bit of chatter took place, but Alfred was only anxious for Bruce to see the newspaper. The butler was not even interested in what was on the front page, though he felt it a great accomplishment for Bruce.
"I think you will find page three more interesting." Alfred remarked, though Bruce was confused, since he very obviously was the one who occupied the coveted front page. Still, Bruce's interest was peaked, and he turned to the third page and smirked a little, while also huffing a sigh.
The title of the article wrote:
Hooded 'Cobra' Prevents Bank Robbery
Bruce kept reading, partially aloud, even though Alfred had already spent quite the long morning reading it all already.
"The figure was tall and shadowy, leaving no traces of evidence as to who they might be. Witnesses have taken to calling the mysterious hero the 'Cobra', given the sneak tactics and their snake shaped hood and face covering. The figure fought off seven gunned robbers, while completely unarmed, sources say...." Bruce scratched his head on that one before laying the paper back down and standing up from the bed.
He figured the best way to beat the sore and bruised muscles he'd gotten would be to move them around. He dropped to the ground and began his push ups, and Alfred was surprised he hadn't said anything about what he'd read, yet.
"Alfred, could you call Moyra in here, please?" Bruce paused his afternoon/morning workout spell and took a moment to breathe.
"I would like to sir, but she's still asleep." He replied, standing and getting ready to leave. "I could wake her up, if you wish."
"No, I think I oughta do it myself." Bruce stood from the floor, thanking Alfred again on his way out of the room. Bruce neglected to pull on a shirt, and he thought nothing about it.
I wasn't really awake, but I also did not call the state I was in one of sleep. It was somewhere in between. I could faintly feel the presence of another being in my room, but I didn't pay attention to who it was or why it had come.
When I felt a familiar hand on my face, I calmy stirred into full conciousness. My eyes fluttered open and I saw the beautiful face of the man I loved. Although under different circumstances, I wished I could wake up like this for the rest of my life.
"Hey..." I whispered faintly, eyes still groggy and a bit puffy from the irregular sleeping schedule.
"Hey...." he trailed off, leaning a bit closer and examining a small bruise I had on my face from the evening prior. "I made the front page this morning....."
"That's great, Bruce." I smiled in content. He was doing his part, and I was doing mine. Perhaps I should tell him soon, so he won't be upset with me.
"You made the third." He said, quirking an eyebrow. My smiled dropped from my face and my euphoric state of waking up had immediately fled from my body.
"It wouldn't happen to be because of Wayne Enterprises?" I tried to cover whatever bades I had left, maybe none at all.
He shook his head. I mimicked him in a sense of defeat.
"No, okay.... so you caught me, huh?" I prepared for an earful of Bruce's reasons why I shouldn't be doing this, because it's too dangerous, but it never came.
"I did. And I'm proud of you." He said, rubbing up and down my arm to show he wasn't angry. I furrowed my eyebrows and sat up a bit, only now realizing his completely bare chest. It would be quite distracting, but I would endure it.
"I thought you said you didn't want me to-"
"I was wrong. Looking at what you did, and how easily you did it... I shouldn't be the one to hold you back." He admitted, his eyes locked onto mine and I could tell he meant every word.
I smiled again, for the dangers were past.
"Does that mean the Batman is getting a sidekick?" I chided with a side smirk, coaxing him into it cheekily, although I knew he would eventually bend.
"I think you should stick to the bank robbery type stuff." He retorted, but I wasn't bothered. I rolled my eyes and tried again.
"How are we supposed to protect each other from opposite sides of the city." I proposed, to which he heaved a sigh. He knew he was going to give in, if not now then later on... he didn't see the point in prolonging the inevitable.
"First you need an upgrade."
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skaelds · 5 hours ago
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Life can be hard when you’re a billionaire 👀
- Bruce Wayne
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witchespromise · 7 hours ago
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I think that she deserves A better line of work Than motherfucking vigilance
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