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#the dawn court

The Courts of Prythian as: U.S. States, Pt. 1

The Dawn Court- New Mexico

***Photos are not mine***

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“Careful, High Lady. Even the birds report to Thesan here.”

The Dawn Court. Home of the Peregryn warriors. A palace in the clouds. The seat of the High Lord Thesan.

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acotar moodboards  ❧ the dawn court

“Veil after veil of thin dusky gauze is lifted, and by degrees the forms and colours of things are restored to them, and we watch the dawn remaking the world in its antique pattern.”

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I’m going to share a little headcanon I have because…well because I can and there’s no one to stop me :)

The Dawn Court is an oasis in the middle of an eternally temperate desert of white and peach sand. Its palace is surrounded by a grove of sun-bleached vines and overlooks a gigantic pink salt lake. The architecture uses high arches and gossamer curtains flowing between the indoor and outdoor spaces. The walls and floors are made of translucent crystal and shimmering stone that allows light to radiate into and within the entire palace. The grounds of the center palace and the city beyond are interspersed with courtyards and gardens in hues of purple, peach and skyblue, and the roof of the palace is made of glittering rose gold. The fae wear light fabric robes and gowns and do not fret with formality and restrictive wear or customs, but rather revel in leisure and the arts. One of the most sacred holidays is the sunrise ceremony on the morning of the spring equinox, where flocks of fae make the journey to the top of the highest ivory sand dune and watch the dawn appear over the pink-watered lake.

I really need to make an edit/aesthetic post of this soon…

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Prythian Courts: Dawn

“When you left me down, I got stronger
If you wonder ‘bout the lightning
I’m on the horizon
Well, I’m coming back with the thunder”
-Leona Lewis, Thunder

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A Court of War and Starlight
The Dawn Court - The Princesses

But then I saw the three sisters embracing, savoring their freedom. I saw Iria’s pink glow, complimenting Maristela’s quiet nobility and Léocadia’s fierce vigor. Together, they were the perfect sum of the nature of their court. Three sisters, one whole. And in them, for the briefest moment, I saw myself, Elain, and Nesta. Fighting for each other, even when the darkness tried to take us.

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She kept her stare locked on his as she let go of his face and slowly, making sure he understood every step of the way, tilted her head back until her throat was arched and bared before him.

“Aelin,” he breathed. Not in reprimand or warning, but… a plea. It sounded like a plea. He lowered his head to her exposed neck and hovered a hair’s breath away.

She arched her neck farther, a silent invitation.Rowan let out a soft groan and grazed his teeth against her skin.

One bite, one movement, was all it would take for him to rip out her throat.

His elongated canines slid along her flesh-gently, precisely. She clenched the sheets to keep from running her fingers down on his bare back and drawing him closer.

He braced one hand beside her head, his fingers twining in her hair.

“No one else,” she whispered. “I would never allow anyone else at my throat.” Showing him was the only way he’d understand that trust, in a manner that only the predatory, Fae side of him would comprehend. “No one else,” she said again.

He let out another low groan, answer and confirmation and request, and the rumble echoed inside her. Carefully, he closed his teeth over the spot where her lifeblood thrummed and pounded, his breath hot on her skin.

She shut her eyes, every sense narrowing on that sensation, on the teeth and mouth at her throat, on the powerful body trembling with restraint above hers. His tongue flicked against her skin.

She made a small noise that might have been a moan, or a word, or his name. He shuddered and pulled back, the cool air kissing her neck. Wildness-pure wildness sparked in those eyes.

― Sarah J. Maas, Queen of Shadows

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