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#the devil all the time

When silence is best friend & darkness is the partner.

When the roads don’t have destiny but they remains dynasty.

Tears are frozen in summer and winter have warm gesture

When Luna knows all you had have never told anyone…you passes in time but time doesn’t passes…

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note: here it is :) this is partially edited because it’s very late and i’m tired. this is the longest part i’ve written, so i hope it makes up for the waiting! you guys are seriously all so great, thank you so much for reading !! i hope you enjoy part three !

warnings: r*cism, creepy old men (like, seriously creepy), police brutality, harsh language, light sexual themes (the word s*x like one time)

“Now if you have any problems whatsoever, you’re to tell me immediately,” Arvin said firmly, his hands still not leaving the girl’s shoulders. Y/N nodded softly and turned her head to look out of the passenger window of Arvin’s car. There sat the little diner, one of the only diners in town that hired colored people.

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Thanks for the request!

And I gotta say I love Lee requests.


Originally posted by pedropcl

(GIF not mine)♡

(Dark-ish)Lee Bodecker x little!reader

Warning: use of safeword.


♡You’ve been bratty all morning, refusing to eat breakfast, not wanting to wear any clothes, not that Lee is bothered but you were going out to the park. You also decided to throw your ice cream on the ground and pout all day.

You were currently home from being at the park, and the whole car ride you kicked Lee’s seat.

Once Lee took his jacket off, he grabbed your forearms and dragged you to the dinner table, and sat on one of the chairs. He unbuckled his belt and circled it around his hand. He took your arm again and threw you across his lap, your head almost banging the side of the table.

“You ungrateful brat,” He harshly pulled your dress up and yanked your stockings down as his hand landed on your bare bum. “You’ve been behaving allʼ wild today.”

Without warning, he brought the belt down brutally.

“Daddy! T-t-that hurts!” Your voice was high pitched, so much that a wine glass could break.

“Good!” He did it again and over and over, giving you no hesitates to breathe, only shout. “You’re. So. Fucking. Spoiled!” He said each word with the belt.

Lee’s loud voice boomed in the house and you got scared of him. The fear that he wouldn’t stop, the fear that the way he was behaving was unforgiving.

“Stop it! Daddy! Stop!” Your tears fell and your sobs made it difficult for you to breathe. “D-D-Dada! R-Red!”

He stopped, breathing heavily, and dropped the belt on the floor. His hand came to your bum, rubbing it softly, but you couldn’t feel it because it had gotten so numb. The tears continued to fall and your sobs hadn’t stopped.


You fell on the floor before he could catch you, curling up as you were shaking.

“Angel…please answer daddy…” He was shocked, heartbroken to see his little girl sobbing like this and he was the one who caused it. He should’ve listened to you.

Lee got down on his knees behind you, picking you up from the floor, and went to the bathroom to get some lotion with you still in his arms crying. He kept mumbling apologies in your ear and walked to the couch, where he laid you down on your tummy. Pulling your dress up again, he winced at the dried up blood from the small bruise.

“This will make you feel better, pretty girl…” His voice was quiet, scared to make you feel afraid again.

You didn’t say anything, just hid your face in the cushions.

He applied the cream on your sore bum and you jolted, the coldness and staining made you whimper.

“It’s alright, darlinʼ. Daddy isn’t hurting you…” He scowled at himself for even thinking about going that far with you.

Once he finished, he sat on the couch, placing your head on his lap as you were still on your tummy.

“Angel, talk to me, please,” Lee begged, rubbing your back softly. He felt as if he could cry any second.

“It hurts…daddy.” Your words slurred slightly and you felt tired.

“I know, sweetheart. Is there anything you want me to do? Anything at all.”

“Cuddles, dada.” You slowly got up, wincing at the pain. He quickly helped you on his lap, laying you sideways so that your bum wouldn’t touch his pants.

“Daddy’s gonna give you as many cuddles as you want.” He sighed in relief that you wanted to touch him and not push him away. Not that he’d let you anyway. “You want some ice cream, darlinʼ? Or- or a milkshake? Sandwich?”

“Cuddles…” You mumbled against his neck.

“Only cuddles?”

You nodded weakly.

♡Lee hated that he had you say the safeword and he will never forgive himself for a long time.

||| date: 28/11-2020

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Taglist: @navegandoaciegas @getcmpunked @13dwarveswalkintoabar

Fluff Alert

Lee never had a big Thanksgiving dinner with his family. He had no family to celebrate with.

But with you, he didn’t know what to expect. It was your first year with Lee, first real holiday with him.

He walked in to the smell of Cornish hens and saw your silhouette dancing through the kitchen. There were bowls of potatoes and stuffing with gravy, and you were dolled up in a flowing mauve dress. He let out a low whistle as he leaned against the door.

“Who’d you get all pretty for?”

You looked up at him with a smirk.

“There’s this real dime of a fella that works down at the station. Sheriff I think.”

He stepped closer, taking off his hat and before he knew it you pulled him in for sweet kiss.

You tasted like sugar and cranberries. God, he’d never forget that taste.

You were breathless when you pulled away, leading him over to the table.

“Happy Thanksgiving, Lee.”

He stared back at you as you took your seat. Maybe this year he had something to be thankful for.

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Thank you for the request!

I just love Lee so much rn😈


Originally posted by missbuckyinmydreams

(GIF not mine)

Lee Bodecker x little!reader

That dirty mouth.

♡You’ve been needing Lee for a while now, but he simply won’t commit to your needs.

“Pretty girl, if you don’t stop your little act, I’ll make sure to wash that mouth of yours with soap.” Lee pointed a finger at you in disappointment. You were on his lap, grinding as you tried to get some friction.

“Daddy! I wanʼ you!” You whined and bounced on his lap, begging him to take his pants off but he refused. He was on lunch break and he decided to come home to spend time with you, what he didn’t know was that you’d be behaving like a bitch in heat. “Wanʼ your cock…”

“That’s it!” He was furious, but couldn’t hide the fact that he’s turned on. He grabbed your arm and dragged you to the bathroom, you stumbled a bit at his rapid pace. “That dirty mouth of yours is really troubled, isn’t it?”

He sat you on the covered toilet and grabbed a new bar of soap, unwrapping the plastic that was thrown on the floor. Your eyes widen, not thinking that he’d actually wash your mouth out with soap.

“Stick your tounge out.”

Your eyes watered and lip wobbled. “M'sorry daddy, please!” Your words slurred a bit as you rubbed your eyes.

“How will you learn if I don’t give you a punishment?” He hummed, raising an eye brow as he had his hand on his hips. “How ʼbout this, tell me what you did wrong and I’ll give you another punishment.”

You nodded and hiccuped. “I-I was teasing you dada…”

He nodded, crossing his arms with the soap still in his hand. “Go on…”

“I was a bad girl…I s-said diwrty things to daddy…”

“You did…” He rasped.

You couldn’t come up with anything else, so you stayed quiet and cried.

Lee sighed and placed the soap on the sink counter, he crouch down and gripped your thighs, looking up at you. “If I ever hear those words come ʼoutta your mouth without my permission, you’ll be tasting soap on your tongue for the next few days. Understood?”

“Yes…” You sniffled.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes daddy…”

He got up with a sigh and stood you up to kiss your tears away.

“Now…” Lee took you back to the couch and he sat down, but he placed you on your knees in front of him. “You’ve started a problem, now you gotta fix it pretty girl.” He said as he unbuckled his belt.

♡And you were happy to help. At least you got what you wanted.

||| date: 26/11-2020

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Thank you for the request!

And I’ve been getting a thing for Lee lately 👀


Originally posted by pedropcl

(GIF not mine)

Lee Bodecker x little!reader

I’m proud.

♡When Lee went to pick you up from the Campus, he couldn’t help but to notice a large grin on your pretty face. Once you got inside, you told him that the finals went great.

Lee watched his little angel munch on the club sandwich. You were next to each other in a booth, there weren’t many in the diner aside from a couple of old folks.

“Doing alright there darlinʼ?” He asked, wiping the side of your mouth with a napkin. He had already finished his food, patiently waiting for you because he knows that you like to take your time.

“It’s good, daddy.” You smiled up at him, holding your stuffie who was squeezed under your arm.

“Well, you deserve it. You did well on the finals and I’m so proud of my girl,” He cut the sandwich in pieces when he saw you struggling to eat it. He stabbed a piece to the fork and held it to your mouth. “You’re getting ice cream after this, angel.”

You bounced on your seat and grinned.

“Can I get banana flavor?” You asked.

“ ʼcourse you can, dollface.” Lee fed you the last bite and placed a kiss on your nose.

♡He was so going to brag about this in the office.

||| date: 25/11-2020

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Thank you for the request! And I was really excited to make this!


Originally posted by missbuckyinmydreams

(GIF not mine)

Lee Bodecker x little!reader

Work day.

♡Lee adored you. You’re an Angel in his eyes, just pure and loving. He’s very protective of you and is always there when you need him. But now he decided to bring you to work, just to get a look at his life outside from home.

“Angel, you don’t have to be all shy. Daddy’s here, aren’t I?” Lee held your hand as the both of you walked inside the building to his job. “And I won’t go anywhere, alright?”

You just felt so nervous meeting all of your daddy’s co-workers. You’ve only met the ones closest to him, but never the others. Lee liked to have you in the house rather than going out without him or his permission. He likes to know where you are and with who.

“M'sorry, daddy. I’ll be a good girl.” You wore a baby blue dress that came down to your knees, ruffled along the chest area, and middle sleeved. Your makeup was minimum to what you usually wear, but Lee insisted that you had red lipstick.

“You’re always my good girl.”

You made it to his department and there were people around talking, working, taking calls, and such. You began to feel the same shyness coming back and you hit behind Lee’s shoulder.

“Hey, sweetheart. I told you not to worry, don’t you trust daddy?”

Your head immediately popped up.

“I trust you, dada.” You slurred a bit, pouting.

“Good girl.” He said before greeting one of his co-workers.

You introduced yourself to the men, shying away a bit, but still managed to get your words out.

After greeting everyone, Lee got you a couple of cookies and milk to go with and took you to his office.

“Here you go, angel.” He placed a sheet of paper under the cookies and put them on his desk.

“Thank you, daddy.”

Lee grinned and sat on his chair on the other side of the desk. He continued telling you about his work, which you were excited to hear about. But once he finished, you began to slowly, slowly feel sluggish. He noticed how your head has been bouncing a bit, eyes half-lidded as you ate your cookie very slowly.

“Sweetheart, you sleepy?” Lee leaned forward on his desk as you nodded.

He motioned you to get over to his side and you got up to do so. You sat on his lap sideways and rested your head on his comfy shoulder. You preferred to sleep on his tummy.

“Even after all that sugar, you feel sleepy?”

This time you responded with a soft snore, and Lee wrapped his arms around you.

♡Lee can’t wait for you to wake up so that he’ll take you around town in his car.

||| date: 25/11-2020

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Part One

18+ ONLY


Summery : She didn’t think she was anything special. So when the intimidating Sheriff takes an interest in her, she can’t help but feel a little unsettled. Her boring life is about to get a little interesting. 

Pairing : soft!dark!Lee Bodecker x shy!reader

Warnings : explicit language, slow burn, lengthy start, drug / alcohol consumption, age-gap (reader is of age), mentions of death

Word Count : 5.2k 

Notes : Takes place in the late 60s. Reader is in her early 20s. Intended for mature audiences. This is considered a dark!fic. Please proceed with discretion.

There will never be racism or animal abuse in my stories. I try to make the reader as ambiguous as possible. Any tips / constructive criticism on how I can improve is greatly appreciated.

Each part will have specific warnings. See Masterlist for more details. This story will eventually have non/dub-con smut.


She moved to the small town Knockemstiff, Ohio when her grandma got sick. Her parents were unfazed by the news, too wrapped up in their own lives and drama to be bothered. Y/N, however, wasn’t able to sit by knowing her grandmother was alone as she died.

She remembered visiting her when she was a child in the summer, when her parents were happy and still in love. But when she entered junior high, her relationship with her parents changed. Her father got a new, better job, requiring them to uproot their lives in Mead and move further from Knockemstiff. That’s when she remembered the tension beginning to grow between her parents.

Her father had more responsibilities at work, being called to the office more often. Y/N knew her mother was lonely. To keep her mind busy, she turned to booze, then infidelity. Being the only one around, her mother began to lash out at her only child, viewing her as a burden. Arguments were frequent and the chance to rebuild their once loving relationship seemed impossible. Perhaps it had always been like this and Y/N was too blind and naive to see it.

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