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#the devil in my heart


Flirty characters who get way too easily flustered when someone who they like does something “cute” is SUCH a good trope, I love it so much, it’s like. My favorite trope with Asmo-

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this thing inside my chest hurts so much
though i know that it’s over
i still want you
and we cannot be together again
i want to feel like i once did

it’s hard because i know
you’re still there
and you always will be, this i know
these hands that once held 
mine in them like we were special 
are not anymore

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i once knew a devil

she told me how she used to be an angel

how she broke her halo

by growing horns

and rage for a lover

her eyes once blue,

how they blackened in color

she spoke of dead wings

that still had an urge to fly,

and lack of a beat to her heart,

but she found purpose in her lies

her head in the clouds,

but stuck in a dream,

as she would never forgive,

the sound of her angelic screams

and to this day she waits

alone with her halo

taped into place

but chaos is a lemon

the gates of hell,

hold a devil,

a fallen angel from heaven

// Ophydia


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“Show me what places you like being touched and I will kiss them, show me the places you want to be kissed and I will lick them, and if you show me the places that you want to be licked.. I will bite them so softly, gnashing my teeth just a hint of the breeze. I want to tantalize you..”

I want to kiss you all over, well, except when I am licking you up and down.. then the kisses become licks - eUë

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If watching horror films is cathartic because it provides a temporary feeling of control over the one unknown factor that can’t be controlled (death), then wouldn’t it make sense to assume a crazy person would find relief in onscreen histrionics?

— Kier-La Janisse, from House of Psychotic Women: An Autobiographical Topography of Female Neurosis in Horror and Exploitation Films.

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‘It is really your fault,’ he said. ‘I would have taken care of it all without much trouble— but I let it all go, have been so preoccupied with you, [my problems] grew like the heads of the Hydra.

— Hanns Heinz Ewers, tr. by Joe E. Bandel, from Alraune; Chapter XI.

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—she was a true phantom, an unreal thing that had no real life of her own, a shadow creature that reflected the ultraviolet radiation of others back at them, causing them to do the things they did. 

— Hanns Heinz Ewers, tr. by Joe E. Bandel, from Alraune; Chapter VIII.

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rewatching the devil wears prada in 2021 and realizing that emily blunt and anne hathaway’s characters could have been a great enemies to friends to lovers trope

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OMG! Can I just tell you how much I fangirled over Pandora? Because man did I fangirl and hard! I just connected with her character a lot and loved her and then there’s Gabriel and family which are just fun but my heart was all about Pandora and her free will, her wordplay, and her witty sense of humor. . . .

IG: Mariakureads

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#ok but actually i find it so funny bc everyone hates some signs right#but most ppl are pretty chill about it. some joking roasts or comments here and there#but when ppl hate water signs its always this Immense burning passionate hatred like#if someone hates a cancer or pisces especially they have like a personal vengeance#like someone dislikes an aries and theyre like 'ugh yeah theyre so bossy and loud i dontl like them'#but someone dislikes a cancer and theyre like 'cancers are the devil incarnate. fuck all cancers. they will spit on ur grandpas grave'#ITS ALWAYS SO SPECIFIC WHEN THEY HATE WATER SIGNS PLS#i mean i get it. when someone hates any sign i get it bc i kno all the undeveloped traits and manifestations#but the anger towards water signs is so funny😭#but also so bad :/ stop being so mean to cancers and pisces theyre sensitive#i hope all cancers and pisces know i love them and will protect them#😌✨#i made four new friends recently and three are pisces and one is a cancer..i love it here#i will say idk if i could be friends with someone thats water sun And moon.. or like any scorpio but#my one best friend is aqua sun/cancer moon and i can barely handle her emotions#i love her but its like whew i gotta sit down when we get into the emo talks#my other best friend is taurus sun/scorpio moon but he's Too scorpio moon so he doesnt show his emotions JLFKDJFD#i gotta rip them out of him like im doing heart surgery#anyway what am i saying ok back to writing readings and posts#im so out of it today like the past few days ive had some weird sickness or something..idk what it is#but i feel like a cloud. thats the only way i can describe it#no thoughts head empty but body hurt#anyway the point of this post is that all my best best friends w/ the exception of like three throughout my life#have always been other water signs with chaos moons 💌 my bf included
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