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#the devil judge
uweiy · a day ago
Rightful place
Yohan had wanted to explore more of the president's YouTube channel, to look for clues or other things they could use, but Gaon had insisted on following the no work after work on Tuesdays rule he had gotten Yohan to agree on a few days ago.
Therefore, they are seated, as ever so often, on Yohan's incredibly comfortable couch, each a glass of 1874 Scottish whiskey Yohan has poured them earlier in front of them, watching mindless TV.
However, unlike every other evening, Yohan is not seated cross legged in his separate armchair, establishing invisible boundaries between him and the rest of the mortal world. Instead, he has chosen the seat right next to Gaon on the couch that is big enough to hold at least four people comfortably, his arm leisurely lying on the backrest behind Gaon. Yohan is wearing a knitted sweater and his hair is down and he looks so goddamned soft which is unfair, really.
Gaon is thankful that he doesn't actually need to pay attention to the screen, because his senses are hyperaware of the ways their bodies are brushing together, the clean scent of Yohan's aftershave, the soft tapping of Yohan's fingers and just. He can't focus at all. He definitely wouldn't be able to tell who is saying what kind of gibberish on the screen.
Gaon may look naive but he's not stupid. He knows how to read the fleeting once overs Yohan used to give him. Knows he didn't imagine the meaning behind "it must be hard... living alone." while he was pinned against a wall less than 5 cm away from Yohan. Gaon didn't really do things like one night stands or... Hookups between colleagues, not to mention between boss and employee, but if he did, and well if Kang Yohan had been someone less dangerous than Kang Yohan, he's pretty sure they might have had one.
Even up until the whole giving-you-clothes incident, that had left Gaon's nerves raw and his knees weak, before the awful mess the rest of this evening had been.
But since then a lot of things had changed. Things had become a lot more loaded, and Elijah was involved and somehow every touch and every gaze seemed to come with it's fair share of implications. Yohan seemed to have had no problem with more or less explicitly offering uh ....physical closeness, but once Gaon had stubbornly established himself as part of this house it had all come to a halt.
Although Yohan seems to be more open to conversation, as their frequent late night chit-chats can testify, he is also more careful with his gaze and its meaning, and in recent days he seemed to avoid letting it linger too long, keeping his thoughts to himself. More guarded.
Thus the dwindling appreciative glances.
Guarded means vulnerable, so much Gaon has come to understand during his life. Is Yohan vulnerable, around Gaon ?
That's not unlikely.
Even when they were not trying strangle each other – more Yohan trying to strangle Gaon, really, Gaon was more one for old fashioned punches –  they seemed to excel at pushing knives in where it hurt the most.
Furthermore, what future did they have, in a world Kang Yohan was trying to burn ?
But somehow, on quiet evenings like this one, it felt like everything was alright.
"Mmh ?" Gaon answers innocently, trying to sound not as jittery as he feels. Yohan is looking directly at him, his expression carefully neutral. It's so intense, still, that Gaon falters and pretends to turn his attention back to the TV. He can kind of guess what is happening but alas, he is also a coward.
He hears Yohan sigh.
"Gaon-ah." Yohan repeats in a pointed way.
Gaon hesitantly raises his gaze to meet Yohan's and forces himself to not look away.
Yohan studies Gaon’s face for a few seconds, before he uses his hand that was lying behind Gaon's neck to lightly grab Gaon’s neck and draw closer in one swift motion.
He stops mid-way.
Gaon, surprisingly hasn't blinked. He is not breathing either.
Yohan is not the type to ask people what they want. He just gets what he's after, by any means necessary.
There is no grey area with Yohan. Stand in my way, or stand beside me. But even if, and Gaon refuses to believe no part of it is genuine, if everything Yohan does is to get him to join his side, or out of another obscure motive, he has always left the ultimate choice to Gaon. This time it's like he's giving Gaon an opportunity to run away.
Could he walk away from Kang Yohan, after having known him like this ? Gaon isn't so sure.
Maybe, just maybe, his place is right here. Shielding the word from Kang Yohan, shielding Kang Yohan from the world.  
He doesn't move away.
Yohan takes it as an answer and – finally, Gaon thinks – leans in all the way.
Gaon isn't sure where the few seconds in between have gone but one moment he is tracing the outlines of Yohan's face with his eyes, the other he is fervently kissing back, his hand slightly trembling as it settles against Yohan's neck, against his jaw.
Yohan's kiss is bruising. He kisses like he wants to steal all the air out of Gaon's lungs, like he wants Gaon to have no choice but to gasp for air to breathe. He kisses with possessiveness, and with something akin to utter desperation. Yohan’s teeth clench down on Gaon's bottom lip hard enough to draw blood when he momentarily breaks away – just as long as necessary to adjust the angle – like he can't bear to part without leaving marks on Gaon's lips. It doesn't seem like he will get enough.
When Gaon finally pushes Yohan back, just a little, he is still human, he needs air goddamnit, he finds Yohan looking a tiny bit roughed up, wide-eyed and looking so, so young, almost like a wounded animal, and Gaon's heart does a flip in his chest.
They stay there, just breathing in each other’s space, while Gaon is trying to make light of Yohan’s expression. Maybe, just maybe – and he surprises himself for daring to think that –  like with anything precious to Kang Yohan, it’s loss Yohan’s afraid of.
People feel greater pain when something they had is taken from them.
Gaon opts for a small smile, aiming for reassuring and gently moves his finger over Yohan's cheek.
I'm not going to disappear. He tries to convey, and hopes Yohan understands.
Gaon really is weak, when this man is in pain.
Yohan's haunted look is gone so fast it’s as if it were never there, replaced by his usual generally smug-but-i-know-you know-I'm-cute attitude, as he settles back against the couch. Gaon has to fight an urge to roll his eyes but dear lord he lo– is willing to put up with a lot for this man.
"Ah. Well." Gaon clasps his hand together.
He pushes himself off the couch. "It's getting quite late, I should go to bed."
"Alright." Yohan closes his eyes briefly as he tilts his head in aknowledgement, a slight smile playing on his lips.
He looks peaceful for once.
"See you tomorrow." Gaon says, and he makes sure to make it sound like a promise rather than like a question.
He's not going anywhere. Simply, it seems like a good place to leave them, for tonight.
"Mmh." Yohan hums. Gaon assumes he got it.
"Don't sleep here."
Yohan doesn't bother to reopen his eyes and just vaguely waves his hand as if to say shoo shoo.
Gaon does rolls his eyes then. But he smiles all the way back to his room.
A.N : Gaon is not a coward, he just thinks he is one :( I'm also thinking about the fact that none of the times ever he has found himself being strangled or smth he showed any fear of what might happen to him up until 'if you want to kill me, do as you please' like BBY please 🥺 need to explore that.
Anyway this little fic, ficlet thingie has prequels, sequels, anything you like. How it's going to turn out in the end and what I'm going to post idk yet ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭ we shall see what the future holds
Might also change the title
Now if my phone would stop autocorrecting Gaon to "gain" that'd be swell
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thedevildeer · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Everything is to protect you. I exist in case you need to be protected. / Jonathan Safran Foer
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I know that you’re busy rn. So you can write this headcanon anytime. I just want to ask for a confession au that Yohan and Elijah received an invitation to attend Gaon’s wedding in Korea. Yohan would have some insecure thoughts. maybe he misunderstood Gaon’s feeling. Maybe Gaon had feelings for him but he moved on. He’s devastated but he needed to be there for Gaon. Gaon is his family. But it turned out the whole wedding thing was just Elijah’s plan for 2 idiots be together.
Tumblr media
Yohan and Elijah are chilling in Switzerland when an invitation arrives in the mail
When Yohan opens it and reads what the invitation says, his eyes widen and he nearly drops the invitation out of his hands. Elijah, who's usually with him whenever he opens the mail (because sometimes she gets something from friends back in Korea), wheels over to him and plucks the invitation out of his hand
"You are cordially invited to...Kim Gaon's wedding?"
She then looks up at Yohan in confusion as Yohan stares off into space, a look of pain and confliction on his face
"Gaon's getting married?"
Yohan shakes himself out of it and clears his throat before he looks down at her
"It seems so"
Elijah then raises an eyebrow
"So? Are we going?"
Yohan bites his lip. On the one hand, he doesn't want to go because Gaon is...his. Gaon is his. And he doesn't want to see Gaon move on to...someone else. To quote Taylor Swift "Please don't be in love with someone else".
On the other hand...if Gaon sent him the invitation, he wants him there. He still feels that Yohan is important enough and worthy enough to be at his wedding, even though Yohan left him
Yohan blinks in realization that he never answered Elijah's question, so he looks down at her and nods
"We're going"
Elijah grins before she turns and heads out of the study and wheels herself to the elevator which she then rides upstairs to her bedroom to get packed because Gaon's wedding is in a few days
While Elijah is excitedly packing, Yohan is sitting in his chair behind his desk, staring at the invitation in one hand and the two tickets to Korea in the other, feeling incredibly conflicted. However, since he already told Elijah that they were going...they might as well go. Besides, it'd be nice to see Gaon again. Even though he's marrying...someone else
The next day, Yohan and Elijah hop on a plane and head back to Korea, spending most of their time on the plane. When they arrive in Korea, they quickly take a cab and head to a hotel so that they could get some rest before they went to the wedding the next day
The next morning, Yohan and Elijah get all dressed up and head to the venue, a rather small and private botanical garden. When they arrive, they see Gaon dressed in a white tuxedo standing before a gazebo; Jin Joo standing behind him and holding a picture of Soohyun while on the other side, Lawyer Ko stood holding a framed picture of K
Yohan looks at them in confusion
"What's this?"
"Your wedding"
Yohan's eyes widen and he turns to look at Elijah, who just smiles cheekily at him
"My what?!"
Elijah just chuckles as she gives Yohan a shove towards the altar, Yohan stumbling before he walks towards Gaon, who's just smiling the fondest smile at him, and he feels his heart clench. How could he leave this man?
He then stands before Gaon as Elijah wheels over to them and pulls out a small velvet box, opening it to reveal two silver bands
"You two are going to need these"
Gaon and Yohan look at the wedding bands in shock before Yohan looks at Elijah
"How long have you been planning this?"
Elijah just smiles
"Since we left"
Gaon and Yohan's mouths fall open as Elijah holds up the box, giving Yohan a look. Yohan sighs before he reaches out and takes the rings, handing one to Gaon. Gaon takes it and looks at it before he reaches out and takes Yohan's hand, slipping it on his ring finger. Yohan has to restrain himself from crying before he takes the ring in his hand and slips it on to Gaon's finger
"I now pronounce you husband and husband!"
Gaon and Yohan blush as Lawyer Ko chuckles
"I'll have your paperwork for you by tomorrow"
While everyone is celebrating them, Gaon and Yohan look at each other and smile fondly as they give each other's hand a squeeze. Now they were together forever. Till death do them part
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Tumblr media
Jisung & Jinyoung with the child actress (who played Elijah)
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Kang Yohan: have i told you how wonderful judge Kim Gaon is? *Starts presentation about how wonderful judge Kim Gaon is*
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yohangaontdj · 12 hours ago
It's about 100 days since The Devil Judge ended on 22 Aug. How's everyone doing?
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xxcaribbean · a day ago
yall we dont talk about this soft spoken ‘kim gaon’ from yohan enough??? 🥺
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surii · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
DRAMAWEEN 2021: october 30th ➝ villainize     ↳ The villain is the character that the people remember.
Seo Moon Jo in Strangers from Hell (2019) Jung Sun A in The Devil Judge (2021) Jang Han Seok in Vincenzo (2021) Queen in Kingdom (2019-) Lee Rang in Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020) Baek Sung Mi in Taxi Driver (2021) Seo In Woo in Psychopath Diary (2019) Ki Yu Ri in Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020) Do Gang Jae in My Name (2021)
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mymycorrhizae · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Devil Judge scenes that make me go hmmm
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killerandhealerqueen · 15 hours ago
Headcanon ask :
Hacker Kim Gaon x Chief Judge Kang Yohan (Also Elijah & Gaon are you know, hacker friends. Since Elijah is also a good hacker) Yohan seeks help from gaon and they sort of become friends? And you know........
Ik you're busy due to your finals? Finals right? So, you can do this headcanon anytime. I'm totally okay with it.
Btw, all the best on your finals. (Fighting!!)
Ah, thank you. My last final is next week, so I have some time this week to just sort of relax
Kim Gaon is an incredibly talented hacker...probably the best in Korea. He can hack into any network he wants without leaving a trace...and can also shut down networks if necessary (especially if he feels like the people behind the network are corrupt)
He never leaves a calling card or like a "name" so no one really knows who he is, save for one little girl named Elijah, who somehow hacks his computer camera/skype and is now talking with him face to face. Or screen to screen
Gaon freaks out because how the fuck did this kid find him and hack him and Elijah just laughs and teases him, saying that he's not the greatest hacker in Korea, she is
Gaon's then like...should you be talking to a stranger like this and Elijah's like "oh I hack people's web cameras all the time to see if they're really who they say they are". Gaon's a little bit more afraid of this teenager than he was a few seconds ago
Elijah then explains that she only accessed Gaon's web camera because she's lonely and wants someone to talk to because no one understands her hobbies and hacking...they just think she's weird and creepy for hacking into other people's servers, systems, networks, etc.
Gaon feels bad as he knows what it's like to be lonely so he decides to befriend Elijah and they talk almost every day. They get along quite well and Gaon notices that Elijah smiles a lot more than the first day he met her
Then one day a man walks into Elijah's room when she's on a call with Gaon and Gaon pauses because he doesn't know if the man is a family member or what but Elijah assures him that this is her uncle, Chief Judge Kang Yohan. Gaon blinks in surprise and Yohan greets him politely before he asks Elijah if she'd be willing to hack a network for him
Elijah nods before she looks at Gaon and soon both of them have their fingers flying over the keys, Yohan watching with a raised eyebrow as they work. Soon they have what he's looking for and Yohan hums before he thanks both of them and leaves
After that one instance, anytime Yohan needs some hacking done, he asks for both Elijah and Gaon's help because having two hackers is always better than one, in his opinion
And sometimes he stays, sometimes he doesn't because he's busy with other things. If he does, he asks Gaon about himself and how he met Elijah because you know, she's his only niece, she's practically his daughter, he's a little protective of her
Gaon just assures him that he's not a creep, it was Elijah who connected with him first. He does tell him a little about himself, but like...not everything. Since he doesn't know Yohan that well, he doesn't need to know everything
Over time, the three slowly become closer until one day when Gaon calls Elijah for their daily video calls, Elijah doesn't answer, Yohan does
"Kim Gaon"
"Sir? Is there something wrong?"
"It's Elijah. I think something happened to her"
Gaon frowns
"But Elijah doesn't...leave the house, right?"
Yohan huffs and pinches the bridge of his nose
"Normally she doesn't, but she was meeting up with some school friends that came to visit Korea so she wanted to hang out with them. I let her go but then when I came to pick her up, she wasn't where I dropped her off and she's not answering her phone"
Gaon nods before his fingers fly over his keyboard, searching for Elijah's location before he smiles and looks at Yohan
"I'll send her your location and meet you"
Yohan blinks in confusion before his phone buzzes and he looks at the location Gaon sent him as Gaon ends the video call
Gaon then gets ready, quickly changing his clothes into something nice and brushing his hair before he heads out, catching a cab to the location he sent Yohan
When he arrives at the park, he finds a black Escalade waiting in the parking lot and the minute he gets out of the cab, Yohan steps out of the Escalade and walks over to him, eyeing him up and down
"It's nice to meet you in the flesh, Kim Gaon"
"I could say the same thing about you, Kang Yohan"
Yohan chuckles before he huffs
"Where's Elijah?"
Gaon smiles before he motions for Yohan to follow him as they head through the park until they find Elijah laughing with a few of her friends that she made from school
Gaon then looks over at Yohan and smirks
"See? She's perfectly fine"
Yohan huffs before he walks over to Elijah, Gaon following him, as Elijah turns and smiles at them
"Yohan!" *sees Gaon in person* "GAON!"
She then wheels over to Gaon and hugs him tightly, Gaon laughing as he pets her hair
"Hello Elijah"
Elijah then pulls away as she looks up at him
"I've always wanted to hug you and now I can!"
Gaon laughs and gives her another hug as Yohan watches them with a fond look on his face. When Gaon and Elijah pull away again, Gaon smiles
"Take your time. Your uncle and I won't be too far away, k?"
Elijah nods and lets go of Gaon as she turns and wheels back to her friends while Gaon takes Yohan's arm and guides him to a park bench that's not too far so that Elijah and her friends are within their sights
As both men sit and watch Elijah with her friends, Yohan looks over at Gaon, eying him up and down, causing Gaon to look back him with a raised eyebrow
"Nothing. You're just much more handsome in person"
Gaon blushes and Yohan chuckles before they go back to watch Elijah laugh and have a good time with her friends
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themthistles · 2 months ago
love when a show hands me a seemingly normal protagonist who becomes a little more morally grey and a lot less heterosexual as the story progresses and then sprinkles in lies, murder, manipulation and yearning
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kimgoeun · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Devil Judge (2021)
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