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Abuela Alma: Is anyone going to tell me what's going on in here?
Dolores: It's kind of complicated, but Mirabel—
Abuela Alma: Got it. Forget I asked.
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harryspet · a year ago
sweet sister | peter parker
Tumblr media
[Warnings] dark peter parker x innocent reader, reader is extremely innocent, manipulation, male/female masturbation, somnophilia, stepcest, hj, vaginal sex but not really? 
A/N: This is based off a request I got for a innocent reader where Peter teachers her about sex. Reader is 18 and Peter is around 21. DARK THEMES SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
In which you’re May and Happy’s foster kid and Peter takes advantage of your innocence. 
Like, reblog and let me know what you think!
word count: 2.9k
You came home from school like it was a normal day. Walking up the steps to your family’s brownstone, clad in your school uniform, and loud music blaring in your headphones, “May!” You shouted too loudly, walking down the hallway towards the kitchen, “Did my package come?”
You stopped in your tracks as you saw three figures standing in the living room. Happy, May, and … some kid you didn’t know. Your eyebrows raised in confusion at the young man standing with your foster parents. 
“Y/N, this is my son Peter!” May smiled, trying not to be awkward. She approached you, urging you forward. Now you recognized him and your eyes widened because of how easily you missed it. He was in all the photos on the mantle but, now, he looked a bit older. 
You were not what Peter expected, at all. By May’s description of you, he thought you might be a middle schooler. His eyes trailed over you, the way you filled out your uniform … Peter snapped out of it, moving forward to hold out his hand to you.
“Hi, I’m-” Interrupting him and surprising him at the same time, you went in for a hug. Peter hesitated for a moment before hugging you back. You noticed he had a strong grip. 
“She’s a hugger,” You heard May whisper. 
You pulled away and offered your hand for him to shake. He took it, smiling, but still a little confused by the long greeting, “I’m Y/N. You look just like May! I mean, you’re very pretty like her.” Happy always went on about how pretty May was and you always agreed. 
You watched as his cheeks reddened. Was it something you said? ''Thank you very much, I haven’t heard that one before.”
You looked back at May who seemed to improve the interaction. You smiled, worrying that you had made him nervous, “Peter finally has a break from his busy schedule to come see us. He’ll be here with us for at least a week. May and I thought this would be a good time for you two to get to know each other.” 
May had taken you in two years ago but this was the first time you were officially meeting Peter. He was always halfway around the world fighting crime and could only stop at May’s work every once and awhile. You never thought you’d ever have a full family like all the people on the television did. 
“That sounds like a lot of fun,” You heard Peter say and your heart did a little backflip. Your very own big brother.  “What’s this about a package?” 
“Oh,” Your face fell, “Uhm, they’re just books.”
Peter gave you a look of inquiry, stuffing his hands into his pockets, “You like to read? What kind of books?”
You opened your mouth to make up some excuse but Happy interrupted you, “I put your package on your bed, sweetheart. Why don’t you show Peter his new room?” Right, you had taken Peter’s old room. 
“Okay!” You perked back up, glad the subject of books was over, “Follow me, big brother!”
That was easy, Peter thought. She didn’t seem to give a second thought about accepting him which was endearing but scared Peter to a certain extent. How trusting was she exactly? May had warned him that she was a little eccentric … and a little emotional. 
Peter tried to keep his focus up as he followed you up the stairs. A part of him was a little let down that you were wearing shorts beneath your plaid skirt. 
“May says you have like a sixth sense. And that you can sense when danger is near. She talks about you a lot, you know? You call it a Peter tingle, right? I thought that was a really cute name but I’m not supposed to bring it up around you apparently-” You were rambling, as usual, and had passed your bedroom but you noticed that Peter wasn’t following you anymore. 
“You made it pink,” You heard Peter say as he peeked into your room. He adjusted the black backpack on his shoulder and you couldn’t help but notice his muscles. He was like the boys you read about in your books but … he was technically your stepbrother. 
You walked toward him, “May said I could decorate it how I wanted. Do you hate it? You hate it, don’t you? I’m really sorry. It’s just that it’s my favorite color and-”
“No way, I like it!” He quickly assured you, not wanting to see what happened when you finally ran out of air. Peter walked inside and you followed him. There was no twin bed anymore but a regular-sized bed with a white canopy. 
There was a pile of stuffed animals in the corner that Peter noted, “You have a lot of stuffed animals …”
“Those are the ones they give you in family court,” You explained to him before pointing over to your bed, “I keep the ones Happy and May give me on the bed, those are my favorite.”
“I see,” You spoke so casually about being in family court that it made Peter wonder what your story was. There were at least ten stuffed animals there, “Which one’s your favorite?”
You liked that question, smiling wide, as you walked over to your bed. Peter watched you carefully as you bent over to grab a gray penguin, “I like penguins a lot. My first Christmas here, May got me this and a penguin puzzle. I’ve done it a million times now but we could put it together if you wanted.”
“I can’t imagine anything better, Y/N.”
You were going to be very fun to get to know, Peter thought. 
The family had gone out to dinner that night and had been the rest of the evening putting together a hundred piece, penguin puzzle. It was one of the best days of your life and, as you expected, having a family was wonderful. Having Peter was just an extra bonus. You wished he didn’t have to leave. 
The next day, as you walked down the steps that lead from your school, you didn’t expect to find Peter waiting for you. You ran up to him and hugged him, of course, and you savored the moment when his strong arms were around you. Some girls you didn’t know gasped and practically swooned as they watched you two. 
“I have strict orders to take you straight home so you can start right away on your homework,” You frowned until Peter continued, “But I think we should stop for ice cream.”
You were practically bouncing with excitement as Peter grabbed your hand and lead you down the street. 
At the small parlor, you licked at a cone of chocolate ice cream while Peter stuck his spoon into his ice cream sundae. Peter’s eyes wandered over to your mouth, imagining your wrap your lips around his-
“You never said what you liked to read, Y/N.”
You blushed, your nose wrinkling, as the embarrassment filled you, “It’s silly … you don’t want to hear about it.”
“I do,” Peter insisted, “I won’t tell anyone, don’t worry.”
You took a breath, “They’re … they’re romance novels. It’s a series one of my friends at school told me about. She thinks I’m too … too babyish. Apparently, there are scenes in it ... “
“Scenes like what?” You blushed even more. 
“Bad scenes,” you whispered and Peter pretended to think the subject was taboo, “She wants me to learn about … dirty stuff. These guys are taking us to prom and she wants … she wants us to have our ‘first times’ together. I don’t even know what that means! But I can’t tell her that or she’ll think I’m even weirder than I already am to her.”
Buried treasure. Peter had stumbled upon pure gold.
“Y/N, you’re talking about sex?” Peter narrowed his eyes at you. 
“Sex?” You spoke the word like it was completely foreign on your tongue, “I think that’s it. Sounds gross, right?”
Peter couldn’t help but chuckle, “It’s kinda gross if you think about it too deeply but it’s not meant to be gross. It’s not as scary as you think. It’s quite beautiful, actually.”
Her eyes went wide, “You’ve done it a bunch, haven’t you?”
Peter shrugged, “A few times but only with special people. If the guy who’s taking you to prom isn’t special then you definitely shouldn’t give him your first time.” Peter would have to do some research on this guy and make sure he didn’t even think about coming near her. 
You looked solemnly at your melting ice cream, “I must be a total weirdo then …”
“You’re not, Y/N, trust me. Eighteen is still young.”
You leaned forward, whispering, “I haven’t even kissed anyone, Peter. People do that in middle school.”
Peter leaned forward next, entrancing you with his eyes, “Do you really want to get some experience? Because … I could help you. I’m probably better than those trashy books.”
You raised an eyebrow, “Do brothers and sisters normally talk about stuff like this?”
“Don’t you want to be friends too?” You instantly nodded, “Then I can help you out, as a brother and a friend. But if you want to read your books-”
“No, no, you can teach me!”
And you easily stepped into his trap. 
That night, Peter slipped out of his room clad in his pajamas. Your door slowly creaked open and you sat up in your bed. You rubbed the tired from your eyes as Peter peaked in, “My room is freezing … and I can hear Happy snoring through the walls.”
You pulled back your comforter, patting the spot next to you, “You can sleep in here with me,” Peter entered all the way before slowly shutting the door. 
“Really? I can sleep on the floor …” 
You shook your head, “It’ll be like a sleepover.”
Peter moved in the darkness, climbing in beside you. You pulled the covers over him and you both lay down. Peter watched as you turned over before tiredly murmuring, “Goodnight, Peter.”
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
Peter waited a good hour before moving closer to you. In a slow movement, he had pressed himself against you, taking in the scent of your hair, as he admired the lines of your body. It was a risk but he touched your waist, his hands trailing over to your stomach. He felt the soft skin of your back as well before reaching into his pants. 
He touched himself to the thought of you and he almost panicked as you moved. You turned to your other side, not facing him. Watching your sleeping face sent Peter over the edge and he muffled his grunts with a pillow. 
He wasn’t in your bed when you awoke the next morning. 
Happy had surprised May with a romantic dinner that night so Peter and you were left alone that evening. You were brushing your teeth in your jack and jill bathroom when Peter walked in suddenly. You looked over to see him only wearing a pair of basketball shorts. 
You blushed, looking back at the mirror before spitting out the foam in your mouth. He stalked closer to you and you noticed something different in the look in his eyes, “I was thinking something, Y/N, about what you told me at the ice cream shop.”
You put away your toothbrush, turning off the sink before wiping your mouth with a hand towel, “I thought you had forgotten …” 
Peter smirked, “Far from it, actually. I was thinking about how you said you want more experience. With kissing boys and things like that, right?”
You nodded slowly, growing nervous. 
“I think the first thing you should learn is how to pleasure yourself before you learn about pleasuring someone else,” He held your hand, rubbing soothing circles into your palm. 
Peter nodded, “Sex is all about pleasure,” Peter held your hand it slowly brought it against his crotch. You felt something hard and flinched away, “It’s okay, don’t worry.” 
It was such a weird feeling. Only recently had you learned that boys and girls even had different parts. 
“Right here is where guys can feel pleasure,” Then Peter reached out to touch you. Through the fabric of pajama pants, you could feel his fingers brush against your folds, “This is where girl’s feel pleasure. Let me show you.”
He assured you that everything was going to be okay as he slid down your shorts. Before you could step out of them, Peter swiftly lifted you onto the counter and you yelped at the sudden movement. 
He took your hand and pressed your fingers against your crotch. He tried to guide you as best as he could, standing between your spread legs, “Oh my stars …” You breathed out, savoring the foreign new feeling. You wanted to run away from it and run to it at the same time. You looked at Peter with frightened eyes as he slowly moved his hands away.
“That’s it, good girl, keep rubbing,” He praised you, loving the sight of you discovering your own body. You kept going, rubbing circles over that sensitive area through your light pink panties. You leaned back, lifting a leg on the counter, so you could get a better angle.
“Is this good Peter?”
“You’re doing great, Y/N. Doesn’t that feel good?”
You nodded, practically whimpering. You looked at Peter differently than before, you didn’t see the boy you saw before. You thought about how handsome he was and how sweet he’s been to you all week. You felt the wetness growing beneath your legs and you blushed as you look down, “Peter, I-I  think I’m peeing …”
Peter gave you an amused smile, “That just means that you like it, Y/N. That you’re aroused,” Peter grabbed your hand and moved it away from your crotch. You found yourself missing the feeling and you watched as he slid off his pants and underwear. The sight of his manhood felt foreign but aroused you at the same time. 
Peter slowly palmed his manhood as he leaned into you. You practically froze as his lips touched yours. He didn’t even have to speak because as he slowly left soft pecks on your lips, you started to lean back into him. Your hands touched his neck as you started to move your lips against his. You liked it … No, you loved it, “Your lips feel squishy,” You gushed and Peter laughed, turning his head as the kiss became more passionate. 
You let your leg fall back over the counter and, as it did, Peter slowly slid off your underwear. Then suddenly, he lifted you. You wrapped your legs around him as he carried you into your room. He sat on your bed, leading you to straddle him. 
“I want to try something,” Peter said before pecking your lips again. 
You were all in. 
He laid back on your bed, and you sat on his legs, “Touch my cock,” You thought the word was silly but you could tell what he meant. It felt harder than you expected and as you gripped it on your hand, a guttural moan exploded from Peter, “Spit on it.”
“It’s okay, it’ll feel better that way,” He tried to assure you and you hesitated before pulling your hair back. The trail of spit fell onto his member and you felt gross for a moment until you saw his reaction. 
That sound he was making you even wetter. 
Peter grabbed your legs, pulling you up more until your private parts were positioned right over his, “I want you to rub yourself against me, can you do that?” Peter asked. With all his fantasies coming true, he wasn’t sure how long he’d last. 
You nodded. You held onto Peter’s chest as you slowly dragged your private parts against his. His cock was pressed against his stomach and your lips moved up and down his length. You felt it then. That pleasure and his pleasure mixing. You kept going, starting to feel something building up in your core. 
You bit down on your lips, liking the feeling of when his tip rubbed against your sensitive bulb. Your wetness acting as even more lubrication, you thought you were making quite the mess but Peter didn’t seem to mind. 
You moved faster, Peter’s groans encouraging you and your curiosity of that thing building up inside you kept you going. Your toes curled as you got the feeling of a waterfall rushing off a cliff. Your mind went blank for a moment and your body shook as that damn finally broke. 
You moaned, riding out the feeling and that's' when you felt Peter convulsing. You felt his cock twitch as white spilled from the tip of his member and onto his stomach. Peter’s head rested all the way back and you couldn’t help but smile as you realized that you had both reached your tipping points. 
“Well, was that it? Did I do sex?”
“Sort of,” Peter said, completely out of breath. The eagerness in your eyes wasn’t something he expected, “You have a lot more to learn, Y/N.”
“Then can we do it again, Peter?”
Hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to check out my masterlist for more Peter fics! There is a short sequel to this! 
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organic-guacamole · 7 months ago
Anyone else feel like Rini has been off all season (so far)?
Like we started off with 'Something in the air' where Rini is all lovey and happy and "We'll never break apart".
Then we find out that Nini has been hiding the fact that she's moving, until the literal night before she leaves,
”I'm leaving for Denver in t-minus 13 days, on New year's Day"
proceeds to wait until midnight New year's day to finally spit it out, even after the whole perfect gift scene.
Then Ricky blames himself??
"Can you blame her? The last time she said she was leaving, I said wanted to take a pause"
Ricky, baby.
It. is. not. your. fault.
The last time it was her going to summer camp for the summer, this time it's her leaving for an entire year or more at a whole new school at a whole new city IN A WHOLE NEW STATE.
Then it seems like Ricky's the only one actively trying to make their relationship work. I get that Nini's at this new school and it's hard work and all but like, Ricky's moving houses, dealing with his parents' divorce, and as he literally said to nini "you're my rock".
He needs Nini a lot, she's the only constant in his life and as of right now, it seems as though she's being a bit self absorbed.
Nini is trying to find her future while wanting to hold on to her current/past relationship dynamic, when it's not going to stay the same, when everything about the circumstances are different.
In even when/the best part, I noticed that Ricky has a line that goes, "I'm never giving up on us", while Nini has a line at the same time that goes, "I'm never giving up on you".
i think it represents both of their goals in a way. Nini just wants to keep Ricky but at the same time she knows she's changing and growing in her own way. While Ricky is scared of change and needs "his rock" to be there with him through his growth.
Obviously, Nini isn't supposed to be there holding Ricky's hand, helping him cross every road he comes across, but I think that Ricky and Nini have very different idea of how this relationship is going to progress.
In this new episode, Nini is in town all day yet neither of them makes any real effort to see each other.
Rini's facetime calls in episode 3 (summarised) /s
R: "see you after school?"
N: "yeah no, mama c sprained her ankle"
R: "oh ok dinner time then?"
N: "yeah....but actually no cuz it turns out her ankle is actually broken so for some reason I gotta stay here in the hospital waiting room for my mother that is literally a grown woman instead of going to meet my boyfriend that I haven't seen in a month and a half"
R: "oh I could just come see you in the hospital but nope, imma just disappear for the rest of the episode until we decide to sing songs on voicemail at the very last minute"
To summarize this post:
Rini needs to have a serious talk about what they want from this relationship.
Ricky needs to work on his extreme dependency on Nini.
Nini needs to choose what working towards her future really means, does she want ricky in that future or not.
Ship caswen cuz at this point, it's the only thing that's gonna make Ricky happy. /hj
(ignore if the "quotes" are not accurate, I'm tired and can't be bothered to find the correct quotes rn)
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touipus · 9 months ago
I wanna share sum of my thoughts of Season 2 (warnin spoilers) of Solar Opposites (i already watched it like a couple of days ago tho lmaoaoa)
Ep 1: Definitely my top 3!! I loved the Rich Aliens especially Kabronious💕i’m glad we get another Fem-presenting Alien other than Teri/Vanbi and Jesse, i LOVED the end; family moment with everybody hugging the Pupa ((also, I loved Derryl- him eating Lunch with the aliens and him with Yum laughing and looking at memes made my heart,)) the only part i really didn’t like was Korvo saying that he always wanted Terry and Jesse saying they’re pieces of shit and need him around :// mehh that didn’t feel like the Korvo we knew from S1.. but the rest of the episode was rlly good!! 6/10
Ep 2-4: OKAY definitely all my top favorites, Ep 2 leaning towards the lil Tervo kiss; Ep 3 mostly bc of the lil moments between Alt Terry and Yasmine and Ep 4 because irdk i just enjoyed it a lot :]] My flaw with Episode 3 though is Korvo manipulating Younger Terry into changing to become the “perfect” Shlorpian for him which definitely isn’t what S1 Korvo would do.. with Episode 2 it would be Korvo making Dinner parties illegal even though he knew Terry enjoyed them a lot:/Though it did make up for it ((kinda)) and had an explanation with Korvo just wanting to spend for time with Terry. I can’t say i was disappointed with Episode 4 though- i was only upset at the fact it didn’t involve them actually going to camp lol - ep 2: 8/10 , ep 3: 7/10, ep 4: 9.9/10
Ep 5: 😟😟 i can’t say i rlly liked this episode too much but it made me laugh the most lmao, i LOVED Chris sm 😩💕💕 and Jen [they were a power couple😎yes i’m gonna make them overrated heheh 😼🤙 /j ] I’d say my biggest complaint with the episode would be when Korvo and Chris had [[sex]] 😟 the replicants side story was okay for the most part - 5 1/2 outta 10
Ep 6: it didn’t feel like a full ep imo?? It just felt like a random idea they managed to fit into a 22 min ep :// it was really just them accepting that they’re “bad ppl” and honestly ? 2/10, 3/10 at most
Ep 7: i’m not a big fan of the wall but oh boy did i enjoy The Wall plot S2 !! Cherie being alive made me so happy bc she dragged The Wall plot 😌 and i kinda got a soft spot for The Duke/Ringo,, just when he died too :( 8/10 - 9/10 bc I LOVE LIGHTNING MCQUEEN >:]
Ep 8: definitely the most disappointing one.. 😟it would’ve been so much better if
They actually gave a fuck when Terry died
They didn’t go trying to kill each other bc of some stupid points
If Jesse didn’t brag on how fullfilled she felt after killing Korvo..
The fact that nobody cried for Terry when he died compared to when Terry couldn’t stop crying when he thought Korvo died and when he suggested to work on the ship for Korvo
The only good parts about it was the beginning where they were trying to get fulfilled (would’ve been better if they were trying to get full-filled together as a family😥😥) and the end where they all became Trees :] that scene was aesthetically beautiful 💕💕 but GOD i would literally k!ll (/hj btw don’t attack me) who ever wrote the plot for the Finale like wtf? 😟 BUT from interviews they said that the Christmas special coming at the end of this year is gonna be the actual Finale for Season 2 so i really hope that the ep redeems the so far Finale. 2/10 since it was good up until the end 😟
Overall: Korvo was extra mean this season :( he was mean last season but it made up for his redeeming qualities and still was occasionally nice to Terry and the family- it felt domestic snd nice, Terry didn’t get enough development this season. It sorta felt like they didn’t know what to do with him so they made him the punching bag :/ He did nothing wrong other than being a lovable himbo. Yumyulack definitely got the most development:] but.. bde. Ew. JESSE!! i LOVED her this season and the Father - Daughter (kinda) moments her and Terry hadd; it all fucked up in the finale though. Pupa? Pupa was amazing 💕💕i loved him sm and he forever has my heart
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somebodytoolove · 12 months ago
mutuals as taylor swift songs?
🥺 thank you for sending this 🖤🖤🖤
i love taylor’s lyrics so much, so i decided to pick specific lyrics from the songs i chose that remind me of the person based on personality/overall vibe or both! i had a lot of fun with this 🥺
@ecle-c-tic rach— Out of the Woods
the night we couldn't quite forget, to move the furniture so we could dance / you took a polaroid of us. then discovered the rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.
@freddie-moments kathrin— August
but i can see us lost in the memory, august slipped away into a moment in time / remember when i pulled up and said, "get in the car" and then canceled my plans just in case you'd call?
@trinikins— Cardigan
chasin' shadows in the grocery line. i knew you'd miss me once the thrill expired, and you'd be standin' in my front porch light, and i knew you'd come back to me
@is-this-a-queen-of-magic julia— New Romantics
we are too busy dancing, to get knocked off our feet. baby, we're the new romantics. the best people in life are free.
@whitequeen-ofwillowgreen J— Gold Rush
with your hair falling into place like dominos, i see me padding 'cross your wooden floors with my Eagles t-shirt hanging from the door. at dinner parties, i call you out on your contrarian shit.
@speciallyred anna— Wildest Dreams
say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress staring at the sunset, babe. red lips and rosy cheeks, say you'll see me again. even if it's just pretend.
@mistiermistshazierdays phoebe— 22
it seems like one of those nights we ditch the whole scene and end up dreamin' instead of sleeping / we're happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way. it's miserable and magical.
@killerqueenoftheclouds austen— Blank Space
nice to meet you, where you been? i could show you incredible things. magic, madness, heaven, sin. saw you there and I thought "oh, my god, look at that face.”
@mazzell-ro ro— Daylight
i wanna be defined by the things that i love, not the things I hate, not the things that I'm afraid of, not the things that haunt me in the middle of the night. i just think that you are what you love.
@liljamess emma— Cornelia Street
windows swung right open, autumn air, jacket 'round my shoulders is yours. we bless the rains on Cornelia Street, memorize the creaks in the floor. back when we were card sharks, playing games.
@aprilaady dor— This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
and there are no rules when you show up here, bass beat rattling the chandelier. feeling so Gatsby for that whole year.
@hazypoppy pati— Style
i got that red lip, classic thing that you like. and when we go crashing down, we come back every time 'cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style.
@eusuntgroot hj— Look What You Made Me Do
but i got smarter, i got harder in the nick of time. honey, I rose up from the dead, i do it all the time. i got a list of names, and yours is in red, underlined. i check it once, then I check it twice.
@heyjonesey ella— Me
but one of these things is not like the others, like a rainbow with all of the colors. baby doll, when it comes to a lover i promise that you'll never find another like me.
@some-major-ishues izzy— How You Get the Girl
i want you for worse or for better, i would wait for ever and ever. broke your heart, i'll put it back together. i would wait for ever and ever.
@drivenbybri sofie— The 1
i had this dream you're doing cool shit, having adventures on your own. / we never painted by the numbers baby, but we’re making it count.
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anepiphany · a year ago
okay wait everyone is doing these cute posts about their moots and so i’d like to write out what havoc a team of one of my mutuals and i would wreck if we were in the bau:
(this is me being dumb at 2 am and i’m definitely going to make some cute sort of post too but i felt like doing this)
((also this took me forever to do lmao so if there’s anyone i forgot i swear it is nothing against you i just did moots i felt like i knew well enough to explain this for))
@ellegreenawy : y’all celie and i would be an iconic team because we come up with so many good ideas but our best ideas are always in the middle of the night. so you best know if reid ain’t solving the case, celie and i crack it at 2 am. also, celie is definitely rossi’s favorite. she’s the only person he lets cook with him regularly, and i’m the one who definitely got distracted and forgot to put water in the pasta pot so i ended up setting the pasta on fire so i am banned from the kitchen most of the time (it’s not that i can’t cook, it’s that i got distracted that one time and rossi refuses to believe me). oh and her and i would definitely write a book together the way rossi did. and we’d guest lecture together too.
@babyblockcolorcat : fabs and i would def be in seasons 8-9 of cm together and we would get nothing done because this girl would not be able to function around alex blake. but also faby would rock a blazer. her and em definitely share a closet. faby around alex is like reid around practically any girl in the early seasons, and it’s kind of adorable but also the rest of us (me and the team) are standing around like “why the fuck is alex so oblivious” (of course this is an au where alex isn’t married). i mean the whole “good morning, faby!” from alex and then faby accidentally walks into a pole and spills her coffee
@reidsemily : bro bekah and i would be an elite partnership. we definitely spend our free time with penny and morgan because i feel like the four of us would be iconic together. also if we’re called in for a case in the middle of the night her and i are definitely the ones that show up and chug five cups of coffee before we can even say a word. and then someone (probably jj) is going to point out that my blazer is inside out and that bekah is wear two different shoes and we’re just going to drink another cup of coffee
@linguinereid : i would love to hear conversations between bee and reid because i’d probably learn more from them than my entire school life. bee is definitely a major part as to why we can solve all these cases, and i feel like her and i interrogating a suspect together would be interesting. i’d probably talk enough to bore the unsub to death, and then bee would just say things and psychoanalyze the suspect until they broke
@ssaemilyprentits : okay so i feel like steph and morgan have been in a prank war since she started working at the bau and somehow i got involved in it and now we’re just this chaotic mess of “ok ani wait you distract morgan and i’ll go mix salt into his coffee” and “steph keep derek busy so i can go and stick this sign that has his phone number and ‘call me for foot massages’ written on it on the back of his car”
@whiskey-fluent and @jenniferxprentiss : i wholeheartedly believe that h and ash would be the most sarcastic and upfront agents. like straight up would make the suspects tremble during interrogation. and they’d always be sent to do stuff together; they’d be the dream team. i know technically i don’t fit into this equation but like their energy together as fbi agents would be immaculate so i needed to talk about it. like that one episode where the unsub is morgan’s cousin’s husband who forced her to marry him and jj and emily walk into the interrogation room and are conversing about will and henry? yeah, that’s h and ash. i’d probably be penny in the trio.
@heat-waveee : ok i think lb and i would honestly be a very productive duo during work. like she’d def keep my procrastination in check on paperwork days and we’d be good at finding info together during cases. and lb would be great at talking to eyewitnesses and friends/family of the victim(s). but when the case is over? we’d be insane. like at dinner parties with the team, nights out at the bar- we’d be going crazy. oh also we’d be crushing on em so much
@apologetically-apologetic : so abbie and i would be great at coming up with theories because in the short amount of time i’ve talked to her we’ve had so many genius ideas. i think we’d observe crime scenes and just piggyback theories onto each other until we figure out a fairly solid one and then use evidence we find later and adjust or expand our theory and then we’d solve cases really well. also, i think if we ever got like trapped with an unsub or like taken together by an unsub we’d definitely come up with a good plan and there’s like an 85% chance that we’d be fine
@reidemandweep : roo and i would just be an organized mess tbh. our desks are for sure next to each other, and whoever comes in first makes coffee for themselves and the other person as well. we’d probably hold off on paperwork till the very last minute but turn it in right on time. i also think roo and i would make a great team when interrogating a suspect. like that one episode where jj and morgan pretend to be a couple and talk to that white supremacist guy? yeah roo and i would be the gay poc couple to annoy the unsub if they were bugged by that. also, we’d definitely be caught trash talking strauss. like “ugh she’s so annoying and messes stuff up for us a lot” and then everyone’s quiet and we’re like “she’s right behind us isn’t she”. we’d also tease rossi about dating her but in the end i don’t think we’d hate her completely because we’re nice enough to understand she’s doing her job but also we’d be like “no <3″ to most of the stuff she says
@eusuntgroot : hj and i would honestly be very nice people together i think. well, hj would be my better half. she’d be really good at talking to families of the victims, because she’s great at being empathetic and she’s so caring. the two of us would probably be sent to speak with victims and eyewitnesses because we’d be good together at calming them down and being there for them and trying to get information. also, hj and i would be great at talking an unsub down together if necessary 
@agenthotchner : honestly i feel like snow and i would be really badass undercover. like i get very “entropy” vibes from the two of us. like tara and morgan vibes in that episode. snow and i would most definitely find an unsub while undercover at a bar, lure him outside, and then threaten to hit him in the face with a pair of heels as we handcuff him and lead him to the cop car
@davidrossi-ismydad : sammy and i would have such chaotic energy during paperwork days- hanging out with penelope, locking jj and emily in a room until they got their sexual tension out of the way, sammy hanging out in hotch’s office doing god knows what. sammy and i would definitely make everyone laugh whenever they needed to but sammy would also come up with some of the most genius ideas that the others wouldn’t think of. he’d would definitely be the character that at the 30 minute mark of the episode is like “maybe we’re thinking this part of the profile wrong” and coming up with the correct profile and we’d be like “yes you’re onto something”
@cinnamon-rroll : okay jemma and i would be great at stakeouts. like we’d have the snacks ready and would have the most interesting conversations while watching our surroundings from the car with binoculars. i also think we’d be good undercover, too
@spideyspencer : listen avery would also be so good at interrogating suspects. like so amazing. she’d just be so good at intimidating them and not taking their shit whatsoever. and when we’d be chasing an unsub i’d definitely chase after them and she’d find an easier route and be standing there waiting for us. she’d be putting handcuffs on the unsub and i’d be wheezing and half out of breath like “how *wheeze* did you *wheeze* get here *wheeze* so *wheeze* fast?”
@prentiss-dinozzo : i feel like noelle and i would probably be like tara together: badass but also good critical thinkers and smart. and i think we’d do similar things to what reid did: go through case files, make geographic profiles, that sort of thing. and i also think we’d be good at guest lecturing together
(not me being dumb and forgetting caitlin because i did this at literally 2 am ugh!!)
@themetaphorgirl : okay caitlin gives me very much garcia vibes and i for sure think her and i in the bau would be best friends with penny. we’d be hosting parties/dinners and coming up with fun ways for all of us to hang out and we’d just have elite energy. we definitely convinced the bau to have a family bowling night and family game night and things like that. i think we’d also be good at talking unsubs down and definitely would be the ones talking to the friends/family of the victims. also, i have a feeling that caitlin would be good at making negotiations too! 
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clowned-prince-selfship · 7 months ago
Chucky x Poe, Chucky x Tiffany
Word Count: 1499
Tag List: @fangedwife @heavenshipped @the-schizotypal-cryptid @ghostlyvenus-selfships
Summary: I’m rewatching Bride of Chucky at the moment and wanted to incorporate my s/i into those first scenes of Chucky and Tiffany reuniting / Tiffany being turned into a doll herself. I might rewrite some other scenes as I get deeper into the film? Not sure yet.
Warnings: Smoking, murder, Chucky being the ungrateful piece of shit he tends to be in this film (unfortunately I love him though /hj /lh), beer is mentioned but not consumed.
Like my writing? Please consider Reblogging 🔁 or leaving a nice Comment 💬 when you can! Thank you!
The trailer door rattled open as a flash of lightning lit up the inside of the trailer. Tiffany and Chucky quickly turned their attentions to the uninvited guest…
“So. You finally got him.” Poe mused as they closed the door behind them, an unlit cigarette in one hand and a six-pack of beer in the other.
“Poe, I… didn’t expect you to come over tonight,” Tiffany spoke sheepishly. Chucky forgot all about the fool he was smothering to death, scrambling to the edge of the bed.
“Poe, baby!” He called out gratefully. “Ah, look at that… my two favorite beauties in the same room…”
“I wasn’t expecting to come over, either, but I was driving by and I had just stopped at the liquor store…” They set the beer on the counter. “Thought we could have a nice night together, but I’m feeling a little stung that you didn’t tell me what you were up to. I’ve been waiting, too. Watched you take care of Damien through the window… ah, he would’ve been cute if he wasn’t so dumb.”
They strode past Tiffany and over to Chucky, whom they engulfed in a long hug. He hesitantly stroked their hair. They had helped him find Andy a third time, but they hadn’t had true contact with each other until now. By this point, Tiffany had busied herself with plating the dinner she had prepared for Chucky’s return; Swedish meatballs, his favorite.
“Please, stay for dinner… I’m sorry I didn’t even think to tell you, really, i-it slipped my mind.” She apologized as Poe brought Chucky to the couch. Poe shrugged, still clinging tight to their fiancé, until he wriggled out of their grasp to sit beside them. She served dinner, sitting on Chucky’s opposite side and excitedly launching into a discussion about the ring.
“What ring??” Chucky looked at her with a confused expression. Poe quickly shifted further down the couch, already knowing what was coming.
“The ring you left on the mantle, I haven’t taken it off…” She showed it to him.
“Oh, that? I got that off Vivian Van Pelt, it’s worth five or six grand, easy.”
“You know, that lady I dumped in the river.” Chucky seemed very nonchalant about the whole thing, while Tiffany looked more and more hurt. “What, did you think I was really going to marry you???”
Chucky laughed cruelly as Tiffany stood and stepped away from the situation.
“Oh boy…” Poe muttered. “Chuck don’t-”
“The real kicker is, I actually proposed to Poe the night before I was shot.”
“You asshole, you haven’t changed!” Tiffany hissed to herself.
“Chucky!” Poe scolded.
“What?? What did I say??” Chucky looked to them, oblivious to the energy in the room. He shook his head dismissively. “Anyway, we’ve got to get me out of this body, once, and for all!”
“Actually, you know what? I think I prefer you like this.” Tiffany hummed, turning back around. “You’re like a little baby! Is the little baby ticklish?”
She began to tickle Chucky’s torso and he couldn’t help but laugh, even as he tried to push her away. Poe busied themself by taking the dirty dishes back to the kitchen while Tiffany picked up Chucky and dropped him into a child’s playpen, shoving him under a table.
“Awh, c’mon, Tiff! Alright, I get it, you’re still hung up on the domesticity thing… once I get out of this body, we’ll get hitched!”
“I don’t like short guys,” Tiffany told him bitterly before puffing smoke in his face and laughing.
“Poe, c’mon. No hard feelings, you’re the one he proposed to.” She took Poe’s arm and dragged them back to her bedroom, closing the sheer curtains behind herself.
“Y-you sure??” Poe asked, feeling like they had gotten on her bad side.
“Mm-hm! Here, let’s get Damien off the bed and we can cuddle and not think about what a horrible night this has been!” Tiffany’s voice cracked as she tried to keep her composure. Poe helped shove Damien’s body in an empty trunk before cautiously laying on the bed beside Tiffany. She turned on the radio and clutched her pillow, turned away from Poe, who awkwardly laid on their back, staring at the ceiling.
They supposed this was the price for who they loved and what they did. Poison can only breed poison.
The next morning, Tiffany took Poe on a quick shopping spree, hitting up flea markets and thrift shops.
“What’re you looking for??” Poe asked, silently praying Chucky wasn’t trying to find a way out back at the trailer.
“If Chucky’s so suddenly serious about marrying both of us… let’s get him a bride.” Tiffany smiled mischievously as she found the perfect doll. Similar in height to Chuck, dressed as a beautiful, blushing bride, with brunette hair done in a bun in the back of her head, and striking green eyes.
“Oh, well… okay…?” Poe was bewildered by the statement, but felt it wasn’t their place to do much intervening at the moment. After all, this really was between Tiffany and Chucky. Poe had no issues within the relationship at the moment.
When they returned to the trailer, Tiffany got a muscly young man who also lived in the trailer park to help her with the trunk that held Damien’s corpse. Once that was dealt with, the two went back inside.
“Y’know, Chucky. I’ve been reconsidering this whole thing… I still want to get married.” Tiffany spoke as Poe carried in the gift-wrapped doll.
“Really? That’s great! I-I’ll treat you like a princess… Poe, what is that???” Chucky scrambled to his feet.
“Just know I have nothing to do with this,” Poe spoke warily.
“I’m glad you asked!” Tiffany took the box and shred the wrapping paper, removing the bride doll and setting it inside Chucky’s pen. “It’s your bride!~ Oh, isn’t she beautiful?”
Chucky regarded the doll with disgust.
“Well, you two kids probably want to be left alone!” Tiffany threw some rice in the pen and disappeared to her bathroom with another cackle. Poe exhaustedly sat on the floor beside the pen.
“She’s going to kill us both…” they exhaled.
“I won’t let her do shit,” Chucky assured them, “now help me out of this thing already!”
Poe shrugged and pulled a switchblade from their pocket, working at the wooden bars of the pen. Eventually, they snapped two in half, giving Chucky enough space to wiggle out of it, dragging the bride with him.
“You wanna help me get revenge?~” He cooed, holding up the bride. Poe instantly knew what he wanted to do, excitedly hopping to their feet.
“More than ever, baby. I’ve been itching to kill with you again… it’s just not the same on my own.”
Chucky chuckled. “Just what I like to hear.”
Poe snuck Chucky over to the bathroom, flicking off the lights.
“Poe, what are you doing???” Tiffany’s voice came from inside the tub, irritated though she had plenty of light from candles and the TV. Poe tip-toed inside after Chucky had dropped the bride on the floor, shoving the TV into the foamy water. Tiffany screamed as electricity jolted through her. The lights flickered and buzzed as Chucky howled with laughter, Poe eventually joining in, too, as the rush caught up with them. They picked Chucky up and spun him around as they giggled.
After flicking the lights back on, Chucky began the ritual. At first it had seemed like it didn’t work, but soon the bride sat up, and screamed. And it was certainly Tiffany’s scream.
“What did you do to me?!” She barked. Poe picked Chucky up again.
“Now you’re really mine forever,” Chucky hummed cruelly as he tossed the ring that came with the doll to the floor. “Because without me and Poe, you’re stuck in that body forever, raggedy-ann!”
Tiffany huffed, hiking up the gown and hobbling to the living room. Poe followed, handing her the Voodoo for Dummies book.
“Thank you. I’ll figure it out myself!”
“Oh yeah? Check page 217.” Poe set Chucky on the counter, lighting a cigarette. They had a feeling this was going to be another long few months.
“The Heart of Damballa?? What’s that?”
“It’s an amulet! And without it, we’re getting nowhere!”
“Alright, so where is it??”
“I was wearing it when that fucker gunned me down. It’s probably buried with my corpse, back in Hackensack, New Jersey.”
“Then let’s go!” Tiffany closed the book triumphantly.
“Oh yeah? Who’s gonna drive us? Poe? The cops would be on us like an alley cat on tuna. Er, no offense, doll.”
“None taken.” Poe sighed as they puffed on the cigarette.
“Wait, I know someone!” Tiffany went to her phone.
“Who??” Chucky asked.
“My neighbor, Jesse. He’s young, he won’t ask questions if I pay him enough. I’ll tell him that Poe can’t drive, but I’ll make up an excuse as to why they need to come with him when he transports us.”
“You better hope this works…”
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chippp29 · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
forgot to do this the first few days WHOOPS
day 1: I don't quite remember, but I remember I had just watched The Owl House and I was trying to get back into the world of cartoons. I saw everyone talking about Amphibia after season 1 ended of ToH. I saw people talking about how sad Hopping Mall was and other stuff. Randomly decided to watch it and now here we are.
day 2: not sure why, but I really connect to Marcy.
Tumblr media
She's really spontaneous and gets really into the things she likes, which is literally exactly like me. My entire personality revolves around my hyperfixations LMAO. She can infodump on things and MAN i can do that. Theres various other reasons that I've thought of before, but I literally cant think of any of them rn-
if i had to say, probably wartwood. it has such a homey feel and its such a nice little town </3
but my love for big cities also keeps telling me to choose Newtopia. tbh i'd love to wander around Newtopia.
day 4: oh wow my favorite episode? I absolutely loved The Third Temple, Reunion, and Marcy at the Gates. tbh all the temple episodes could fit on here they were all GREAT. The third temple specifically was so good cause they were all together for the first time and it set the scene for the next two episodes (technically one cause we didnt get the other😀). Reunion was great, when i say i watched the sword fight everyday,,, i literally made both of my parents watch that scene. lean on me in the background really added to the PAIN. marcy at the gates because, cmon, its marcy. ALSO hopping mall was MM pain. battle of the bands and the dinner were cute too, heartstomper and no big deal have been #1 in my spotify on repeat (along with train to nowhere) for two weeks now-
day 5: as with literally everything else im extremely indecisive, so i can think of a few. the story and lore are really getting to me now. i was never too into looking into lore (i mean in steven universe times i did get real into some light theorizing but pffft) but now im like looking for every single detail. i also really ADORE the character design and soundtrack. amphibia ost WHEN. art book WHEN /hj. but yeah the story over all is just amazing
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wherearemyglassesbro · 2 years ago
i think a good fruk au would be one where england is frances guardian angel disguised as a normal person, and at first hes pretty charmed by france and hes like "man why does this guy need a guardian angel?" but then as time goes on he realizes france is a fucking IDIOT and literally almost dies at every turn because he never thinks about the things he does before he does them thank u for coming to my ted talk
Arthur’s up in heaven doing hjs thing when he gets a new assignment. His latest person died of old age so he’s been on break but now it’s back to business! He reads Fran’s files and he seems like...A normal dude...Oh well, this’ll be an easy job then
He skerts on down to Le Havre and dang...Fran’s kinda hot. He watches him from afar in his human form for a few days and only when he starts to get up close does he see that this guy is almost dying on a daily basis. He looks at his phone while crossing the street, his shoes come untied and he doesn’t notice, he has an expensive bag out in the open so he’s just asking to get mugged! Oh lord!
After a few months of watching he decides to become friends with him so he can go into his apartment physically! Usually he just goes as an apparition and not in a physical form so it isn’t as easy to move things...Or to advise Francis not to let his dog lick his mouth...fuckin gross
After being friends for awhile Art is TIRED!!! This bitch can’t stop almost dying!!! Fran wanted to make him dinner so they chatted while he was cutting up veggies and AH!!! He sliced his finger nearly off. Both of them screamed and in a panic, Arthur wave a hand and shouted ‘SLEEP!’ And Francis fell right to the ground! And when he fell his arm hit a pot and that fell and hit him on the head!
^^^Queue Arthur screaming more cause oh god!!! There’s blood everywhere! Oh Jesus! He miracles Francis’s finger back on and gets rid of the bruise on his head, putting him in bed and using another miricle to make him think the whole thing was a dream. He cleaned the mess and watched over him while he slept, still fairly rattled up cause in all of his time as an angel he’s NEVER had someone be so persistent when it comes to death??? Like just enjoy your life, damn???
One day they’re walking down the street and a manhole is uncovered on the road so he just screeches “AH!! FUCKIN!! UH LID!!?!?” “Ah! Hey don’t scream like that! What’s wrong with you?!” The lid did appear though and Art was PEEVED cause all day he got a lecture about not making a scene in public. Stupid...I saved ur life...
Arthur leaves him alone for literally ten minutes! Ten minutes! He went to get himself a magazine from the corner store and left his blonde idiot on the street corner!! When he came back he found him with a dislocated shoulder cause he was pacing and then slipped on the ice! In a panic he yelled at Arthur that they need to go t the hospital but the angel just sighed, grabbed his arm and just. Fixed it with miracles. “How did you do that?” “What?” “How did you- my arm! It’s fine!” “You’re just dramatic. C’mon, I’m trying to read about the royal family” “????”
Art becomes very attatched to him and because of thjs he has to see him less and less cause y’know...Fran is extremely mortal while he’s an immortal being of god y’know? But he continues to follow him all the time, yanking his shirt collar when he isn’t paying attention or knocking roofied glasses off of bar counters or stopping his appendix from bursting :) he’s always there for the good times too like birthdays! But even there he has to stop Francis’s hair from catching on fire from the candles
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k-dramalaland · a year ago
Hyena Ep 16 ( Spoilers!)
Guys this is what I call a fantastic finale! I love love this couple and they have given us so many sweet moments:
From YHJ rushing the moment he heard JGJ have a nightmare to JGJ leaning towards him and let’s not forget we are blessed with the scene of them sleeping next to each other :’) I am squealing with happiness here. Although, they did not clearly show JGJ admittedly saying she still love HJ, her actions says otherwise. I choose to believe they are together and in the end married. From the credit scene, it seems as if they are bickering like husband and wife?? So yes, let me live in this fantasy. I’m a tiny bit disappointed there were no kiss scenes in the end but I’m still satisfied with this so it’s all good!
Also , let’s not forget that this duo is the power couple of 2020. They freaking tear Song Pil Jung into pieces just like hyenas and it is so damn satisfying!! I’m also so so happy all the OG members gathered and have dinner together. Even Yumi and Attorney Ga is there:’) It’s like a reunion , I’m actually tearing up here😭 I will really miss the cast and I’m sad that I will not have the excitement of waiting on friday and saturday for new episodes of Hyena 😢 But also , this drama has been concluded well so at least I’m happy on that!
It has been such a rollercoaster ride and I can say I definitely enjoyed this drama. Overall rating: 4.5 / 5 ✨
Favorite Characters/Group
Jung Geum Ja
I love JGJ okay , she is the epitome of a badass and very competent character but at the same she has vulnerability because of her past. For every cases, I was rooting for her to win. At the end, I believe she has finally moved on from her past and living happily with YHJ. And let me say Kim Hye Soo gave this character justice, she portray JGJ perfectly. I have to say no one can take this role other than her. I cannot picture anyone else. I have always been a fan of her ever since signal and she always have good chemistry with her male partner. She is the main reason why I watched Hyena.
Yoon Hee Jae
I love YHJ, he is the character who has convictions and he stood by it. He is also a very competent lawyer especially when he make his arguments in the trial, my goodness what charisma!! He loves passionately and is so expressive of his feelings that he almost seems like a kid sometimes. When I see a jealous Hee Jae, I always want to laugh . The way he always chased GJ and worry about her has made me really like YHJ. I mean he is so transparent isn’t he? And I find that very endearing. Plus this turn me into a fan of Ju Ji Hoon so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for his future works. This man can act and I thoroughly enjoys his varying expressions in this show!
Supporting Team H/Choong
I love this group dynamic. Everyone has their own skillset and even if they are just supporting characters, we did get to know them quite well. Love how they go from undermining JGJ ability as team leader to respecting her and even joining her firm and leaving the so called best law firm in Korea, Song & Kim. In the end, I really liked all of them even Attorney Ga who did betray HJ, but he redeemed himself also. So, it’s all good to me . From the Team, we get to see Attorney Boo being badass on the outside but a nervous mess in the inside, attorney Kim’s love for pork tripe, Ji Eun loyalty to JGJ and GPS provider to HJ, Attorney Na cute drunk habit and seemingly the maknae of the team, Attorney Ga supporting HJ and their strong friendship, and Park Joo Ho constant support in obtaining the evidence illegally for their cases hah XD
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dangermousie · 2 years ago
This is here because I love Hwi with long hair:
Tumblr media
But what I really love is the return of his bun! (Not so much love for return of blood on face. Let the man have peace and clean skin for at least a day, world!)
Tumblr media
Stop hurting him, drama! But the symbolism of him at such a low point, and the sword with the ribbon out of his hands is !!!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Especially when it’s mirrored later by his getting the ribbon back and regaining his spirit and sanity.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I mean, he finally even washed his face!
Tumblr media
There was this awesome scene between Bang Won and Seon Ho, full of tension. And I especially love that Bang Won swings his sword and you expect him to kill SH (even SH expects it) but instead he cuts his ropes and lets him go.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bang Won and his fan! And his dinner with Hwi! I love that relationship.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I admit I loved the scene of the doc taking off his girlfriend’s gisaeng wig because she’s no longer a gisaeng but his (wife? gf?). Even the comic relief is making me misty today.
Tumblr media
FUCK YOU WITH A RUSTY SPIKE, KING PSYCHO!!!!! You are so awesome, sending goons to kill a bunch of women. (At least with attack on Hwi and his group, they are fighting men, whatever, fair enough.) You are trash and will always be trash and someone should take you to the dumpster. I admit I freaked out the bodyguard was going to die but when Hui Jae jumped in front of him, I freaked out worse and then audibly gasped when Hwi showed up like an avenging angel. I am sure HJ is going to be fine; unless you are Yeon, people in this story survive insane wounds, plus she’s in the preview, but I feel awful that Hwi, who started to thaw and smile and become human again, won’t be allowed to drop his sword yet and walk away. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, poor poor baby!
Tumblr media
Meanwhile, Seon Ho got himself a Jurchen army. When that boy snaps out of his funk, he snaps out of it!
Tumblr media
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santoteez · 2 years ago
A Manhattan Tale - Seonghwa (7)
Tumblr media
Parts: 7 of ?
Masterlist HERE
Genre: Chef!Seonghwa, FormerDrugdealer!Seonghwa, FormerKingpin!Hongjoong, Bad boy/ Good Girl kinda??
Warnings: Love interest is a Black Female, mentions of death, mentions of betrayal, Angst, Mentions of drug dealing, Small mention of cheating, Use of the N-Word
Requested: yes
NOTE: This fic does NOT, in any way, shape, or form, portray the way I view any member of Ateez nor does it depict their true personalities or actions. This AU is just that. An AU. All family members are FICTIONAL.
ATTENTION: There is *one* use of the N-Word in this chapter. So I should emphasize: I am BLACK. And so is my character who said it. I will never make a nonblack character say the word. It was used to add to the anger and tension of the scene, and it’s literally there once and never again.
“Alright, let’s put together what we know,” Hongjoong said, closing the door after paying the Pizza Hut delivery guy. He set the pizza on the kitchen counter, placing the soda in the freezer. A week had already passed since Minjoon’s attack, and he was now safely back home. His bruises were now almost gone and his anxiety was being monitored and he was ordered to cut down on drinking, as this could heighten the possibility of another anxiety attack. He was allowed to go back to school, but due to his injuries, Coach’s concerns, and Dr. Park’s weariness of stress levels, he was benched for the rest of the football season. Minjoon was heartbroken but understood it was for the best. Because of this, he was even more determined to help figure out who they were dealing with. Which is why he found himself in the current situation. At the dining table with Seonghwa and Hongjoong, discussing the next move. Santana and Zelie took Soojin out for dinner so she didn’t have to overhear what was said.
“One-Eye is definitely behind this. First, the rock at your doorstep. Then, Ray-Ray and Spider popping up at the restaurant. Zelie getting shot at; her apartment getting vandalized. Minjoon’s injuries, resulting in an early season-ending for him. What I was trying to tell you that night, HJ, is that Nunu works at the Parkchester Applebee’s.” Seonghwa said.
Hongjoong raised his eyebrows in surprise. “From selling drug supplies to serving chicken tenders. Did he say anything?”
Seonghwa nodded. “He was pretty shaken up when he first saw me, but when I paid the bill, he came up to me with his hot ass breath. Telling me how he’s not afraid of me anymore. How One-Eye was gonna deal with me, you, and even my missus.”
“Meaning Zelie?” Minjoon asked.
Seonghwa nodded. “He even said that next time the bullet will do more than just graze her. Something tells me he’s the one that followed us that night.”
“That’s a big possibility. So, One-Eye has Ray-Ray, Spider, AND the Claremont Twins on our case. Lil Mike gave us the address last associated with him, although no one has seen him outside for years. He has all his little minions do his dirty work.” Hongjoong set out a plate of pizza in front of each guy, before getting some for himself. “He also said someone told him that it could be because of some unfinished business with Chungho.”
“Dad?” Minjoon asked. “What business could they have? He killed Mom, and he’s the reason Dad is in there in the first place. Hasn’t he done enough?”
“Guess not.” Hongjoong shrugged. “I want to go talk to him about it. You up for it?” He asked Minjoon.
“Should you even be going? What if you find out something that triggers your anxiety?” Seonghwa asked, concerned.
“Sitting around doing nothing gives me anxiety as it is. I’ll go.” Minjoon answered as the other two guys nodded.
“Maybe I should go with you. Finally meet him for myself.” Seonghwa suggested.
“What about Zelie? You can’t just leave her to fend for herself. Especially now since she went from your crush to your actual girlfriend.” Minjoon said.
Seonghwa rolled his eyes, his cheeks tinted pink. “She wasn’t my ‘crush.’ Don’t be so childish. But I guess you’re right. I shouldn’t leave her alone. Her arm is fully healed finally, so we shouldn’t take any chances.”
“I still don’t see how Ray-Ray and Spider fit into this.” Hongjoong said, resting his head in his hand. “The twins are cowards that cling to whoever they think can protect them, but what does Ray-Ray gain out of this?”
Seonghwa shook his head. “I have no idea. We’re gonna have to figure it out.” Just then, his phone rang. He answered as Zelie and Santana walked in with Soojin. Hongjoong sent her to the room.
“Hello?” Seonghwa said.
“It’s Bree. Those skin cells you brought in? I got a hit.”
“Some guy that was arrested back in 1980, then never heard from again. There’s no legal name, just the name One-Eye.”
Seonghwa’s eyes bulged out. “Are you serious?”
“Sounds like that name rings a bell for you. He’s a highly sought-after kingpin, so I’m not surprised.”
“Thanks for the help, Breana. Now we’re even.”
“What are you doing, Dragon? Why is this guy after you?” She asked, suddenly concerned.
“I’m hanging up now.” Seonghwa said, ending the call.
“What did she say?” Hongjoong asked. “Who attacked Minjoon?”
“I can’t believe it, but it was One-Eye himself.”
“What? That’s impossible.” Hongjoong shook his head. “He hasn’t been seen in public in years. It couldn’t have been.”
“If he hasn’t been seen in years, by now he probably looks unrecognizable, making it easier for him to slip out under the radar, so is it really that impossible?” Zelie asked.
Santana nodded. “Yeah, he could’ve lost or gained weight, dyed his hair, anything. Plus, the only people who’ve been attacked directly are Zelie and Minjoon. Two people who weren’t involved with the warehouse. I mean, Minjoon literally went there once! And Zelie came after the dissolvement. So, if anyone would be attacked by the man himself, it would be Minjoon. He doesn’t know anything about the business, so he definitely wouldn’t know One-Eye.”
“The same guy that killed Mom beat me up? I was face to face with her killer and I didn’t know it.” He said, his voice a whisper.
Hongjoong got up and squeezed his shoulders. “You okay?”
Minjoon nodded. “I think I’m just gonna go lay down.”
The group watched as Minjoon walked out of the dining room and down the hall, hearing the soft click of his door closing.
“Poor Minjoon.” Zelie sighed.
“He’ll be okay. He’s a strong kid. Always has been.” Seonghwa said.
“Reminds me of someone.” Zelie said, nudging his shoulder and causing him to smile.
“Zelie’s managed to tame the Dragon.” Santana said, visibly impressed.
“An impossible feat, indeed.” Hongjoong said, stifling a laugh.
“Can both of you shut up?” Seonghwa said, grabbing another slice of pizza. Just then, there was a banging on the door.
Seonghwa furrowed his eyebrows. “You expecting company?”
Hongjoong shook his head. “Just you. And definitely not anyone knocking like that.” He crept up to the door, peering through the peephole.
“It’s like déjà vu.” Santana rubbed her palms together. “This is exactly what happened when HJ got arrested.” She whispered to Zelie.
Zelie hugged her. “I’m sure it’s not that.”
“What the fuck?” Hongjoong said, turning to Seonghwa. “It’s Ray-Ray.”
“Ray-Ray? What’s he doing here?” Zelie said.
“Only one way to find out.” Hongjoong said, swinging the door open.
“HJ, for a retired kingpin, you sure shit still act like one. Creeping up to the door, your second in command right behind you. You can take the player out the game but not game out the player. How you doin, Dragon? Oh! I’m sorry. Chef Park.” He laughed humorlessly.
“What you doin here, Ray-Ray?” Hongjoong asked.
“I can’t come visit an old friend?” Ray-Ray said, stepping through the threshold. “You doing better for yourself than I expected. This place is nice.”
“We were never friends, Ray-Ray. If anything, I irked you. How I wasn’t fit to be kingpin, how Seonghwa should have the position. Why the hospitality now?”
Ray-Ray attempted to sit on the couch, only for Santana to sit first, extending her legs across.
He laughed. “It’s fine, I’m a man. I’ll stand. Zelie, long time no see.” He turned to the slim girl, who had cowered into the corner.
“Not long enough.” She muttered.
“Leave her alone,” Seonghwa said harshly.
Ray-Ray’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. “This your bodyguard? The drug dealer turned chef? That’s who you chose?” He turned to Seonghwa. “You prolly don’t even know who that is. She ever mention family?”
“Drop it.” Zelie said.
“See how defensive she got?” He stepped closer to Seonghwa, who tensed up. “It runs in our blood.”
If Seonghwa was confused, he didn’t dare let it show.
“You got yourself a little boyfriend and didn’t mention your big brother?”
Santana turned to Zelie. “Brother? But you’re from Seattle. How is your brother a Brooklyn kingpin?”
Zelie sighed. “I was born here. When our parents divorced, my mom wanted to move to Seattle, but Rayquan refused. He wanted to stay with Dad, and Dad didn’t want him to leave either. So they split us up. I moved back here for school.”
“Yet you haven’t even looked for me. You never gave a shit about anybody but yourself.”
“Nigga, if I wanted to see you I just turn on the fucking TV. You always on the Wanted List.”
“You talk like your man ain’t doing the same shit.”
“He changed. He says he’s not like that anymore. I believe him” She shrugged.
“Doesn’t change what he’s done!” Ray-Ray shouted, expecting Zelie to flinch. When she didn’t, he scoffed. “You not so high and mighty as you claim to be. Fucking your boss. Throwing yourself at him at the restaurant. You think I ain’t see your slutty ass? And he fell for it. Pathetic.”
“Did you come to slut-shame or is there purpose to your visit?” Hongjoong said, having heard enough of the back and forth.
“I’m here on One-Eye’s behalf. He’s inviting you to the Get Down. Day after tomorrow.”
“He can’t come tell me himself? He decided to attack my brother on his own accord.”
“I’m just following orders. Formal attire. Kids are allowed, but they stay in the play area for most of the event. I get he’s probably the last person you want to see, but you’ll have a lot more problems if you don’t show.” Ray-Ray reached into his leather coat, pulling out a laminated invitation.
“You can kick me out now. That’s all I came for.” He turned to Zelie. “See you around, sis.” He said, pure venom in his words. He turned to Seonghwa. “Make sure to invite me to the wedding, in law. I’m sure catering is already taken care of.”
Seonghwa glared in response.
“Did you tell her the real reason I hate you? Probably not. I bet you ‘spared’ her the details, right? I thought you were fit to be kingpin, but you’re both a bunch of pussies.”
“I think you’ve overstayed your welcome, Mr. Carter.” Everyone turned to see Minjoon standing at the door, Soojin clinging to his thigh.
“If it ain’t the baby brother! You heal up nice, kid. Sorry to hear about your football season. That team won’t make it without you.”
“They will. A captain is no better than the team he leads. It was nice seeing you, Ray-Ray.”
“I hope to see you at the Get Down.” Ray-Ray said, walking out of the house.
“I’d never missed the opportunity to see you, Ray,” Minjoon said sarcastically, shutting the door. He turned to Zelie. “Seriously? You’re related to that guy?”
“Yeah, Zelie, next time it might be a good thing to tell me you’re related to a guy that doesn’t like me and hates your boyfriend for some reason I still don’t know.”
“I know and I’m sorry. I didn’t know what he did until I came back here. I haven’t spoken or seen him since I was five. I saw him on TV one day, realized who he was. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want anyone to see me as a bad person because of who my brother is. I should’ve told all of you, and I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it. You never had any bad intentions as far as I can tell, and it’s obvious you were shocked to see him. I’m sure Seonghwa understands, right?” Santana said. “Seonghwa?”
“He just flew out,” Minjoon said. “He was talking to himself and when I asked what was wrong, he just ran.”
Zelie sighed. “What if he hates me the way he hates my brother?”
“I wish it were that simple.” Hongjoong said. “But something tells me what’s troubling him is something worse.”
Seonghwa flew out of the condominium, the cold air hitting him in the face. He tensed up, having run out in just a hoodie. He walked across the street to Central Park, sitting on a bench near the water. He stared at nothing in particular, listening to the busy streets of New York City.
“You look like your head’s going to explode.”
Seonghwa jumped at the sudden interruption of silence. He turned to see Minseo walking towards the bench.
He groaned. “I didn’t think this night could get any worse. Then you show up.”
“Where’s the girlfriend?” She asked.
“Where’s the husband?” Seonghwa retorted.
“Probably with his girlfriend. The divorce was finalized the other day.” She said, smiling sadly when Seonghwa turned to look at her.
“I’m sorry.” Seonghwa said in a small voice.
“Don’t be. He was dating her the whole time. Married me for the image. I changed everything about who I was to be with him; she didn’t. That’s why I got the ring and she got everything else. Knocked me up and kicked me out. She’s pregnant too.”
“Bastard,” Seonghwa said.
“Right? It’s okay. I always made my own money, so I got a little apartment on Fifth. It’s way smaller than the mansion of a house we had on the Hamptons, but it’s enough for me and my baby.”
Seonghwa nodded. “Fuck him. You don’t need him. Never did.”
“Thanks. Enough about me. What are you doing out here in 50-degree weather with nothing but a Champion hoodie on?”
He shrugged. “Some bullshit.”
“Girlfriend bullshit? Life bullshit? Work bullshit?”
“Somehow, it’s all three. I did some fucked up shit, and I have to tell my girlfriend, but if I tell her, she might not be my girlfriend anymore.”
“It can’t be THAT bad, right?”
“I wish I was exaggerating. It’s life-changing bad.”
“It’s times like this I regret not helping you when I had the chance. I wanted to go look for you after that day, but Connor always told me not to. And like a dumbass, I listened. But I’m happy for you. When I saw your picture in the New York Times, in front of your restaurant, my heart swelled. I was so happy and I jumped for joy in the middle of the office. All the other doctors couldn’t understand why it meant so much to me, but I’m glad you found your way. I’d say, if whatever you have to tell your girlfriend is something that happened in your past, tell her. She’ll understand it’s not who you are anymore.”
Seonghwa nodded. “Thanks, Minseo. I’ll do that. You should get home. It’s cold.”
She smiled. “Take care of yourself, kid. I’ll see you around.” She said, walking back the way she came.
Seonghwa got up, walking back to Hongjoong’s building. His heart got quicker the higher the elevator went. He chose to take the personal elevator; save himself the trouble of having to knock on the door.
The elevator dinged, and the doors opened, Seonghwa stepping into the living room.
“Seonghwa! What happened? Are you okay?” Zelie said, immediately by his side.
“I’m fine.” He sighed.
“Hwa. Talk to us. What’s Ray-Ray talking about? What are you hiding from us?” Hongjoong asked.
“I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything. It’s not pretty. It’s also not the person I am anymore.” He turned to Zelie. “But it’s the reason your brother hates me.”
“Seonghwa, just tell me. It’s okay.” Zelie said.
Seonghwa took a deep breath. “Your father is dead. And I’m the one who killed him.”
Stephie Here! Are y’all ready for the comeback?? I’ve been so very sick, but I’m 100% and ready to continue this story for y’all! Please, don’t think I’m trying to make Seonghwa out to be a bad person. He’s more of a good guy that makes bad decisions and suffers consequences. This is, of course, an AU, and this version of hwa does NOT exist. He never will. But the next chapter will explain his actions. Thanks for reading!
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winstons-wonderland · 5 months ago
Can I just talk about how much I love Frederick Chilton's character? Just a collection of some of my favorite scenes with him because he's literally one of the funniest characters in the show.
- When he has the audacity to go in front of Hannibal, AFTER HE WAS CONVICTED OF EVERYTHING, and call him "Bitchy" for writing a paper that disputed his own.
- When he was at the dinner party with Jack and said "I wouldn't want to be perceived as a threat" in reference to fraternizing with the police in front of Hannibal. This fucking RAT OF A MAN saying he doesn't want to be seen as a threat is enough to make me break a rib laughing.
- Just his entire talk with Will after being framed by Hannibal. Like the "Will... What have you done?" Gets me every fucking time. Just the sheer "no. The fuck. You didn't." On his face- (BONUS: WHEN WILL FUCKING /LAUGHS/ AT HIM WHEN HE PULLS OUT THE GUN- GOD ID BE HUMILIATED)
- Just the lines " I am grateful that I have trouble digesting animal proteins as the last meals I have shared with Hannibal Lecter have all been salads." AND "Hannibal once served me tongue and then made a joke about eating mine. It would be narrow to not at least consider it." Both give me life.
-Him being turned down by Will when he's put in the hospital. Like Frederick did all this shit to finally have Will in his hands and Will just fucking goes "No <3"
Join me next time on why Bedelia Du Maurier is a fucking Chad /hj
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forcravity-blog · a year ago
Tumblr media
Hyeongjun's Album Purchase Challenge
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How Seongmin makes a bracelet for Minhee
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The Birth of "IRON-MO"
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Jungmo's Magic Class
JUNGMO vs HYEONGJUN for Mini-games
HJ's Archive (Photo by Hyeongjun)
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'Flame' MV Reaction
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Jungmo & Wonjin’s Mukbang Picnic 2020
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Brand Of The Year 2020
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REAL, SO REAL! C-REAL #8 - Daily life of 'HYEONGJUN'
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If CRAVITY goes to a first birthday party?
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Come and enjoy dinner with MH & SM
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lobstersinlove2018 · 4 years ago
Simmer Saturday Ideas
Here is a list of ideas of things on Patrick's bucket list when Emily is controlling the rock n' roll; You can employ any of this and I'll go nuts. Or you can get me worked up by just talking about doing them. That is the beauty of fantasy, you don't actually have to do them!
If you aren't interested in doing some of these things, that's fine and totally understandable! Just wanted to put them on paper for you.
Some links Reddit /r/sex guide: Female Domination Top 10 things to do Reddit /r/sex: Wife's guide to female led sex
Part 1. Things you probably already know I like and we have done:
Loove being tied up. To the bed (face up/down), chair, etc. Love being restrained and simmering while Emily cooks dinner or takes a tub. Love being blindfolded. Would also like to be gagged sometime too. Could be as simple as your balled up used panties and I'm not allowed to spit them out ... or else... You can pretty much do everything on this list while I'm tied up.
Maybe I've been naughty and need to be punished a little. Maybe I've done some unauthorized hanky panky. It's OK to be really mean to me! I have a high pain tolerance. Spanking, nipple pinching, biting, scratching. Squeeze balls. Riding crop, paddle on tush and thighs.
Pokey things - skewers, knitting needles.
Hair pulling.
Pinwheel (yea we have one .. check the toybox...)
You can even use the riding crop on my balls/penis.
Teasing. Edging. Get me close to coming multiple times. Check in to see how close I am. Mouth, tongue, hands , feet, breasts. Materials - silky scarves, panties, leather gloves. Other implements - feather, makeup brush. Use a vibrator or vibrating ring. If I have an accident then there will be punishment (see above or maybe locked up for a long period of time?)
Don't let me finish during playtime, and order me to re-lock back up right after. Or just don't unlock me.
Using me as your Fuck toy. Ride my face. Put numbing cream on me and a condom. Better yet two condoms to desensitize! Its not about me here. Grab my hair and make me go down on you. Order me to pleasure you with dildo or vibrator. Have me fuck you but don't allow me to finish. Make me wear a strap on for piv sex while locked up.
Looove going down on you. Oral sex gets me very worked up.
Outfits - bra/panties, lingerie, anything silky, stockings, naughty skirts with no panties, leather gloves, satin gloves, heels, boots
leather jacket with nothing under it with panties
naughty skirt + stockings ...mmmm
Wear a naughty skirt around the house in the evening (before we go upstairs or maybe not even on a night where we have playtime just to tease me and drive me insane)
blindfold me, wear something really naughty that gets me worked up. Give me the option of staying blindfolded and not being able to see or touch you (make sure to describe in detail what you are wearing) and finishing - or being able to see and touch you but not allowed to finish.
Part 2. Racier things I've never told you about:
Make me eat my own cum. Or threaten and to make me do it. Make me lick pre-cum off your fingers. Make me clean you out/go down on you after I finish inside you. Have me finish on your breasts, legs, feet, boots and make (or threaten) me to clean it off with my tongue. Give me a BJ and intermittently kiss me - or share it with me after I finish in your mouth
Teasing where I'm not allowed to finish, but if I do have an accident I have to consume my own cum as 'punishment'.
Wear a pair of your panties in the bedroom. It is hot because who doesn't want lacy silky fabric on their nuts? And it is super taboo too. Tease me with your panties. Have me finish in a pair of your panties and clean them up after. Probably want a pair you don't care about :)
Bootjob - pretty much what you'd expect. Or make me hump your boots.
Blowjob with lipstick. Get to watch you put it on. Bonus points for red lipstick!
Interrogation scene. Tease me and get me close to cumming. Don't let me finish unless I confess to other naughty fantasies. No confessions? Too bad.
Nurse Emily. Break out the latex gloves and some lube for an examination. Prostate play and latex glove HJ.
Try to make me cum with no direct penile stimulation. Vibrator on balls or similar area.
Leave me tied up with a vibrating ring on my penis.
use an authoritative name in the bedroom. Miss Emily, Ma'am, Mistress Emily (swoon).
The 'just kidding' - if I'm tied up stewing upstairs, you show up later with an ice pack and put it on my genitals and cool me down without any hanky panky. Then I get locked up again. Guess we will have to try again another time.
Wear a full hood for sensory deprivation ... Yeah we have one.. Check the toy box...
Pleasure yourself with a vibrator while I watch
Learn to lock and unlock me
order me to do pretty much anything
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