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#the distortion
clownbuckle · a day ago
basira & daisy meeting michael for the 1st time: so, what're your pronouns?
michael: it/its, he/him, they/them, she/her, spiral/spiralself, door/doorself, xe/xem, ze/zir, zae/zem, ae/aer, not/notself--
jon & martin, used to it: this is gonna take a while.
michael (cont.): --fake/fakeself, self/selves, illu/illusionself, mor/moreselves, hall/hallways, distort/distortion, lie/liar, knock/knockself,
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aroalucard · 20 days ago
just found a vid from my unfinished distortion minecraft map and i think i can safely say this is one of the worst minecraft experiences in the known universe
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karnivil · 2 months ago
I miss Michael unu)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm not happy with Michael's fcuking face but my spine hurts so here we go :(
EDIT: I put this up on Redbubble if you guys want to get it as liddle print (or postcard or sticker etc) : LINK
Credit if you repost. Reblogs are appreciated!
Edit: I just want you all to know that your tags have genuinely cheered me up ;u;) Thank you all so much!<333
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bagof2780teeth · 4 months ago
a friend sent me this post on instagram.
Tumblr media
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arakhae · 17 days ago
Old sketchy thing. I like to think that their styles are a bit opposite 🤭🤭
Tumblr media
Gerry wears an MCR t-shirt because why not??? (okay actually I know this is banal)
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manicpixelboy · a month ago
Tumblr media
poor, disposable Michael
ID under cut!
ID: a digital drawing of Michael Shelley from the Magnus archives prior to being merged with the Distortion. Michael is a thin white man wearing a green sweater and a white button down tucked into black and white high-waisted plaid pants. He has long curly blonde hair in a ponytail at the nape of his neck and his bangs are pinned back on the right side with two pink hairclips. His nails are painted pink. He has brown eyes and a septum piercing. He is holding open a bright yellow door, from which spills multicolored spiraling shapes. Behind the door is a lush jungle faded into bright green shapes. He is looking over his shoulder with a fearful and perplexed expression.
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jondarling · 2 months ago
blacked out and made an 18 question tma themed uquiz. anyone wanna try it
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danikatze · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Inktober day 22! Prompt: open
That is pretty exactly how I imagined Michael and it doesn't happen often that I get it right in one go :))
[ID: two images of an Indian ink and watercolour drawing of Helen Richardson and Michael Distortion from the Magnus Archives. The second image is a close up of the first. It shows a scene from episode 47, where Helen opens a door that's not supposed to be there.
Helen and Michael stand in an open doorway. Helen stares through it, entranced, and appears to be taking a step forward through the frame. Michael stands next to her, and with a gleeful, slightly crazed smile on his face, looks through the doorway as well.
The space behind them does not match up with what is on the other side of the threshold. The door frame stands in the middle of a hallway with swirly green patterns and many picture frames on the wall. /End ID]
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dudeiwannasleep · a month ago
michael shelley was affiliated with the eye before sannikov??? guess you can call michael distortion a…hall monitor
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sunny-skulls · 11 months ago
“omg i can’t believe helen was a Tory”
you fools that’s the whole point of the distortion
friends who are nice to your face but vote against your rights? family that hates everything you stand for but still gets you nice birthday gifts? coworkers who accept you as “one of the good ones” but think others like you are immoral and disgusting? finding out someone you admire is a bigot?
it’s called the distortion bc it distorts your worldview around these types of people. ever catch yourself making excuses for people you know, even if you condemn the same behavior in strangers? That’s Distortion Baby
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