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#the domesticity of it all
ssahotchswife · 19 hours ago
just read ur newest fic :((
so cute!!!!!
ehehehe imagine getting a swearing jar for aaron ask a joke but he does actually use it eheheheh
he wouldnt at first but when you're out running some errands with the girls for little baby hotchner, he's home with jack and jack hears him swear so he holds up the jar while giggling and aaron smiles and puts in a quarter ehehehe you come home with bags and bags of stuff (thank you, penelope garcia) and see like four quarters at the bottom of the jar and aaron's pouting on the couch while jack "lectures" him about swearing: "saying bad words is not nice, daddy!" and "be like momma, she doesn't say bad words!" to which aaron looks at you with a raised eyebrow because he could count many, many times in which all you were able to say were swear words, you glare at him before bending down to kiss jack's head and say "you're very correct, jack-o-lantern! i never say bad words and i'm super nice!" aaron rolls his eyes then goes to help you with the bags (aka take all of them and then helps you sit down and asks jack to bring you a water bottle) 🥺🥺🥰
hehehe i’m so glad you liked it!!! ILY V MUCH !!!!!!!
hehe little jack giggling so hard when he hears his daddy swear and running into whatever room aarons in with the jar so he can dump a quarter in there while aaron smiles down at his sweet boy who always seems to catch him swearing hehe and running up to you when you get home “momma, look!! daddy said F O U R naughty words when you were gone!!” and you laugh when you see your pouting husband who’s a dollar shorter than when you left him and you realize it’s because he was finally fixing the leaky faucet while you were gone being spoiled with baby gifts by fairy godmother penelope garcia and plumbing fixing always comes with swears akshsjajsa and the first time you slip up and say a swear (because baby hotchner kicked you right in the kidney) in front of jack he’s like “😧 momma!! you don’t swear!” “i know jackers 😓” and he just holds out the jar for you with his sweet little face akshsjshsja and aaron just smirks while you guiltily put a quarter in the swear jar hehe and that night you’re grumbling that he should have had to put a quarter in there instead because it’s his fault you have a baby hotchner in your tummy that likes to kick around all day long 😩 but aaron just smooches your head and says “don’t blame the baby for your potty mouth, angel” and your baby kicks again like she’s agreeing with him hehehehe
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lafdbitch · 8 months ago
ok but the way Buck went out of his way to spend money on a smart coffee maker that Eddie had mentioned looking at just for a prank that he planned WITH Eddies son
yea ,,, just the implications of that
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littleskrimp · 27 days ago
So after THAT scene between Dani and Gigi, did anyone else notice Dani left with different clothes on? Or at least a different blazer?
We really got Gigi and Dani sharing clothes already?!
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ktinaj · 4 months ago
Something about the two scenes in Chris' bedroom in 4x13 and 4x14...
Ana not fully entering the room, hovering at the door and looking like an outsider vs. Buck fully entering the space AND sitting on the bed in the same spot Eddie was sitting in the previous episode...the way Buck just fits and Ana just doesn't...
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spicychipsdemon · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
N’Chili 🌱 &  P’Cactus 🌵
Manner of Death
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omg-just-peachy · 10 months ago
ooh can you do Christmas prompt #30 for ironhusbands? or stevetony, if you prefer :)
30 / “My fingers are getting numb”
“You wanna put a little pep in your step? My fingers are getting numb down here!” Rhodey calls up to Tony from where he stands on the lawn, holding tight to the ladder as Tony triple checks the lights on the roof. 
But what his husband clearly doesn’t understand is that you can’t rush art, and that is what this is. Art. They were going to have the most festive, well-lit house on the block, and you simply cannot rush such greatness. 
“You can’t rush greatness, sugar plum,” Tony shouts down.
“Is this just because Rogers added the extra reindeer to their yard yesterday?” Rhodey asks, exasperation creeping into his voice. “If the answer is yes, you’re going to be finding your own way down while I go enjoy the nice, toasty inside of the house.” 
Tony sputters, put out, because okay, maybe it was the reason. His faux Christmas rivalry with Steve and Sam down the street only grows with each passing year, and now they have all eight of Santa’s reindeer adorning their huge front lawn, complete with a sleigh! The least Tony can do is add a few more strands of lights to the roof to complement the snow family and candy cane lane that blinks out from their own lawn. 
“Then no, that is definitely not the reason,” Tony replies. He has to admit though, it is freezing up here, his own fingers getting colder by the minute as he fumbles with the strands. 
“This competitiveness is a sickness,” Rhodey singsongs.
“Good thing you promised to love me in sickness and in health then!” Tony calls back, then laughs because he can just about hear his husband’s eyes roll. 
“If I promise to make you my famous hot chocolate, will you please give it up and come down here already?” Rhodey says finally, playing his trump card. It’s the one surefire way to get Tony to do what he wants in the winter, and this time is no different. 
Tony’s just about done though. He can always fix the rest later. He shuffles over to the outlet and plugs them in, reveling in the way the whole roof lights up, a Christmas beacon like something out of a movie. 
“How’s it look?” Tony yells down, immensely pleased with himself. 
“Amazing,” Rhodey replies, and Tony can tell he means it. “Now please, get your ass down here.”
Tony wastes no time making his way down the ladder and into Rhodey’s waiting arms. 
“So? Worth the wait, right?” Tony asks, beaming. 
Rhodey pretends to contemplate this before shaking his head and laughing. “Worth the wait,” he agrees, pulling Tony to him as they look up at the final product, their thick winter coats smushed together.
“Just wait until Steve sees this. He looked so smug about that reindeer,” Tony says, gleeful. 
“Come on, hot chocolate now, gloating to our friends later,” Rhodey says, tugging on Tony’s gloved hand with his. 
Tony agrees, because his fingers really are numb by now, and his nose is probably starting to look like Steve’s latest reindeer, and, well... hot chocolate on the couch in front of the tree with Rhodey isn’t something he’ll ever say no to. 
(christmas is coming prompts)
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b99peraltiago · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
they’re just… so married already
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mollypaup · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Images that make my teeth ache from how sweet they are.
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ratchetsboyfriend · a year ago
I have a very specific vision in my head of tfp Ratchet staying on Earth with the kids and his human partner and instead of staying in the base now that they're no longer part of a war, they buy a big piece of land in the middle of the desert and fence it off to discourage whoever happens to wander that far out from coming too close. So they just have this wide open space where Ratchet can fully stretch out and they build a home scaled up slightly from the average human house so a mass displaced Ratchet can comfortably fit inside with an additional building out back where he can do his work without being disturbed but of course there's little add-ons to make it more comfortable for his partner and the kids. There's an additional building adjacent to it that's always open to the rest of Team Prime whenever they come back for a visit as a comfortable place to stay and over time the home takes on aspects not just of Ratchet and his spouse, but of the kids and the other bots because it's just as much their home as it is Ratchet's.
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vivalamusaine · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Feuilly Week: The Domesticity of it all
Modern AU headcanon: Feuilly has terrible food stealing roommates and a bad landlord that does not maintain the questionable oven in his kitchen, Courfeyrac and Marius have a great kitchen but are useless at anything cooking related. They strike up a pretty mutual agreement that Feuilly has free use of all their appliances in exchange for pie. 
(A whole week late to @feuillyweek because life keeps hitting me with L’s)
My husband tells me that pumpkin pies don’t traditionally have lattice on them but Feuilly breaks all the rules
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alexburrows14 · a year ago
thinking about how when roussel went to hug louis domingue, someone yelled "get a room, you two" let's discuss their ship name 👁👄👁
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kittenscully · a year ago
remember when mulder kissed scully in bed in iwtb.......i’m going feral
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