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#the earring's on the wrong side but 🗿
xybi · 20 days ago
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↳ timeskip!osamu x gender-neutral!reader
↳ never again are you entrusting osamu to take care of triplets. especially when you only took a short nap as you were exhausted from work.
↳ 500 words
↳ fluff, domestic life with osamu and adopted 2-year-old triplets who are all boys, mentions of food, and so on.
↳ [insert cool taking care of babies tip here], actually, i got nothing to share this time 🗿
↳ hq masterlist : the adventures of being parents series msterlist
Tumblr media
"are you really sure that you could watch over these troublemakers?" a small yawn escaped your lips as you gazed upon your significant other, who was currently tackled down on the floor by your adopted triplets. coming home from work today was exhausting to say the least, and osamu suggested that he would take care of the kids while you get some proper rest. you were reluctant of the idea; knowing that these little musketeers are quite troublesome to deal with.
osamu only hummed at you, swiftly picking up the two while the other clung onto his legs. "of course, i can. yer underestmitatin' my parentin' skills, love?" he lightly laughed as you rolled your eyes at him. "we'll be in the kitchen if you need anythin', get some sleep, [name]." osamu placed a small kiss on your forehead before exiting the room, the triplets wobbly following behind their father attentively.
"nom nom?" one of his sons asked, his gaze fixated on the cookie jar on top of the kitchen counter. his brothers happily walking by his side. "nommy! 'ookie!" the other remarked boisterously. osamu chuckled at this; what could possibly go wrong while the kids are under his watch? it's not like he hasn't taken care of them before, it'll be a piece of cake, he thought to himself.
okay, he was wrong. he was so, so wrong.
the kitchen was an absolute mess.
a light layer of flour coated the children's faces, chocolate smudges on their newly bought clothing, crumbs of pastry stuck on their little hands, and never-ending screams that made his ears ring painfully. "oh- shoot, careful there, buddy," he released a shaky exhalation. "now, wait a minute." once he noticed that there were only two children running around, worrying completely took over him.
"where's ta other one?"
he looked everywhere, all while watching the other two. unknown to him, the youngest one quickly waddled his way just to wake you up; for cookies, the youngest one woke you up to share his cookies with you. "hold on, baby. we have to clean your hands first." you sighed, finally catching up to your son as he obliged to your statement—extending his little chubby hands to you while you cleaned them with some wet baby wipes.
in a blink of an eye, your son was already wobbly running to find his brothers; with you trailing behind him intently, so much for some shut-eye. "oh my, why are baby ghosts running around?" you commended, as all three of them clung onto your legs, all giggling from the mess they've made, "it seems that my dear husband can't take care of three little troublemakers. and now, there's four."
"okay," he sighed in defeat, grabbing a wash cloth to wipe off the smudges in the kids' faces, "okay, maybe taking care of three kids was a little hassle."
"a little?"
"okay, t'was a lot of trouble."
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