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Just because we need to laugh a little tonight:

Tweet from Cameron:  I work at Little Caesars Pizza. How do I fix that?

Dan:  Why would you ever want to fix that?  You work at Little Caesars, that’s paradise.  I literally once hugged an employee there because they had my pizza ready when I showed up to pick it up.  I was also having a bad day, but we hugged nevertheless.


I guess hugging the pizza guy during a pandemic is out, but maybe pizza will make waiting for the election results better?  I mean, if all else fails, at least you had pizza?

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Chasten Buttigieg’s Embarrassing Moment with President Obama

Author/teacher Chasten Buttigieg told Ellen about the time he and his husband, former Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg, attended a White House Christmas party, and Chasten ended up having an embarrassing moment with President Obama. Plus, Chasten discussed his new memoir, “I Have Something to Tell You,” plus how his life changed when Pete decided to run for president, and the heartfelt moment when he came out to his grandmother.

October 21, 2020

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But how fucking mad is Ellen’s husband because they let John fucking Winchester in heaven? How mad is Ellen and Jo?! I bet they won’t even allow him near the Roadhouse. I bet Cas is there all the time, cause him and Jo are good friends, and he has threaten John for coming near the Harvelle’s.

“I am letting you stay for Mary’s sake but if you go near my friends again I won’t hesitate to drag your ass back down to hell. And as a warning, the Queen doesn’t particularly like you much either so I promise you it won’t be as pleasant as your first time around.”

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