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#the end is fast approaching and friends i don’t think i’m ready yet
wooloo-inc · 7 months ago
Hi! I wanted to make a request about the reader being a god who lost his memory and is now the father of the teenagers (Tubbo, Ranboo, Tommy and Fundy) and how would be the reader's relationship with the true (or responsible) parents of their children (like, Philza, Wilbur, Jschlatt and Sam)
(if it's all right can I be the anon 🎃 or 🧁?)
 I hope you don’t mind that I just made it bullet points for their reactions, this was already getting quite long, and welcome to the club anon :P I saw the message about Techno, no worries   
Gods weren't meant to interact with humans. It was one of the many rules created to protect the mortals and immortals. Nothing ever went well when the two formed relationships, for their species were too far apart: in power, intelligence, abilities and values. And that rule is why you’re here today. You scowl as you are forced to kneel amongst the council of gods. They stare down at you, faces impassive, their wear far more elegant than your own. As a smaller level god, you did not have the power the council has, or the status they carry. But you too, are still subject to the rules. 
“We are here to discuss the case of The God of Nature.” A guard, one of the many lowly grunts that filled this place gestures to your figure. “They have been found having relations with a human.” Numerous gods begin to chatter amongst themselves when that news is given. You find yourself tugging against the restraints, not enjoying the feeling of being scrutinized. A booming voice silences the gossip and increases your nerves. 
One of the True Gods, a being from what was considered the beginning looms over you, their shadow encasing a large area of the room. They stalk closer, lifting your chin with a giant finger before stepping away. You don’t attempt to hide the anger on your face, openly displaying your distaste for the council and their rules. The god walks away, pacing the room slowly, their cloak trailing behind them gracefully. 
“We do not show mercy to those who break our rules.” They start, their voice dripping with power and authority. “Gods who do not obey are often deranked for a couple centuries as a punishment.” They stop, turning to face you once more. “But, I can see that will not dissuade you. If you want to be with these humans so badly, then so be it.” With a nod to the council, they have made their decision. 
“You will be stripped of your title, abilities and memories. In return you will be sent to the human realm to live the rest of your life amongst the mortals.” The crowd shouts, voices overlapping each other. Jeers and cheers alike aimed in your direction. With a wave of the god’s hand, you feel their powers constricting your figure. You collapse forward, not letting out a single sound as you fall. 
When you awake again, you find yourself lying in the middle of a forest. A few curious animals approach your body. You groan feeling immensely tired and sore. For some strange reason, you can’t remember why you feel so tired or really anything. You remember the logics of this world and some basic knowledge. But, nothing to yourself except a name. Pushing yourself up, and stumbling a bit, you look around the area. It seems that you are in a rather large and thriving forest. After a couple of hours of exploring you have discovered that the animals won’t stray far from your side and plants seem to lean towards your body. Ignoring the strangeness of the situation you begin surviving. 
It takes weeks of hard work to construct a house in the depths of the forest. With the clean river and lush soil, you easily create a rather large garden full of vegetables and herbs. Your house, although humble, is more than enough for you to live in. At first, you struggled to move about, your body weak and fragile. Yet, as you fought monsters and constructed buildings from the ground you began to get stronger. 
It has been a month since you woke up in the forest. At this point, you are used to the strangeness of the forest, finding no point in questioning the unknown. A few deer explain that there is civilization with humans, like you, only a couple hours from the forest. However, you do not attempt to reach out to the humans, feeling a sense of dread when the topic is mentioned. 
You have a routine, you follow quite often. Getting up after spending too long in bed, water the plants inside and outside, complete the chores for the day, prepare some food and spend the rest of the day relaxing however you went. One would think it could get repetitive, yet every day brought warmth to your chest. Everyday was the same and you enjoyed that. Until it wasn’t. 
On a rather rainy day, you are simply enjoying the sounds of the storm inside your house, when a commotion is made from outside. At first, you ignore it believing it is just the storm picking up in strength, but a few light knocks on your door reason otherwise. Cautiously, you open the door, a sword by your side in case the person would attempt to attack you. A tall teen stands under the awning, purple particles surrounding his body. He seems uneasily looking at the rain, his long ears flicking back. 
He’s a hybrid of some sort. You muse to yourself, taking in his strange appearance. His different colored eyes shift to yours, looking flustered to see someone in the doorway. 
“I hope I’m not intruding. I wasn’t expecting it to rain and well I can’t travel in it without armor.” He ducks his head, mumbling to himself about forgetting to wear armor. You are hesitant to let the stranger into your house. But, when a drop of water lands on his head and he flinches, you usher him inside. 
He looks around uncomfortably, which is understandable since neither of you know each other. Walking past the teen, you head down the hall, returning with a towel for the boy. He graciously accepts the fabric, drying off his hair and patting down his clothes. 
“I don’t think the storm will clear up, at least not until tomorrow.” You state, giving a look out the window. His ears flick at the news and his eyes cast downwards. Sighing almost inaudibly, you run a hand through your hair. 
“I can make some food in a little bit, is there anything you won’t eat?” He shakes his head ‘no’ looking surprised by your hospitality. He continues to stand stiffly in the middle of your house, his tail swaying slowly. 
“You can make yourself comfortable, I don’t mind. I’ll grab you a change of clothes since you’re soaked.” He nods, taking a seat on the couch. After he changes, you hang his original clothes aside to dry and get ready to make some food. Over the course of the night, the teen gets more casual around you, introducing himself clumsily as Ranboo. Despite not interacting around other people as often, you find yourself enjoying his presence. The pair make jokes together, discussing their journeys and interests until the lanterns dim. Knowing that you do not have the heart to make the kid sleep on the couch, you let him rest in your bed for the night. 
When morning rolls around, you let the boy sleep in, preparing a small breakfast for him before going about your chores like normal. He appears later in the morning, thanking you then heading out. You didn’t think that the teen would continue to visit, popping in every few weeks. Sometimes he would just chat, other times he would help you take care of the garden. You don’t mind his visits, enjoying his company and comments a lot. You would have thought of Ranboo as a younger brother, until the day he accidentally called you ‘dad’. 
You blink owlishly at the boy then smile widely. He rushes forward to give you a hug, your feet lifting off the ground with his height. After that point, he started spending more nights at your house, eventually building his own room connected to the building. You told him about your connection to the forest, and how you forgot your entire past. In turn, he told you about his own fading memories and his friends. 
His friends, however, were noticing his frequent absences for most days. He’d leave for hours on end and return looking happier than before. His small shack in the tundra even lost some of its items, a sign of moving out. With curiosity, Tubbo and Tommy decided to follow their friend. Their mouths dropped when they saw the teen rush to a strange man, pulling him into a hug. They couldn’t think straight when they heard ‘dad’ tumble from his mouth. 
Tubbo accidentally stepped on a twig, giving away their hiding spot. Ranboo, recognizing the bright red bandana and horns behind the bush, laughs then invites them over. Tubbo is excited to talk to you, sparkles practically surrounding the boy. Tommy is more brash, unadmittedly being protective of his friends and questions you profusely. In no time, they too realize why the enderman hybrid enjoys spending time with you. And, in a matter of months they decide to move in with you. It's a rush, in your opinion, but you don’t dare tell them no. 
The teens are already wild enough around each other but still help you sometimes with chores before they leave. You don’t ask where they go every day, simply trusting that they’ll stay safe. Sometimes, they return with injuries and you’re fast to scold the group. Being the unofficial father of three boys was more than enough work for one person. It becomes even more work, when the boys bring back another friend. This one is older than the rest and a fox hybrid. He looks shy and slightly uncomfortable as introductions are made. Yet, he is quick to relax when you offer him some food. He too, eventually decides to move in. Although he is less trouble than the other three, he still enjoys pulling plenty of pranks. 
There’s a few things you have learned while taking care of the boys. The first, is that they have had horrible or at least neglectful parents. Not only are they all touch-starved but they each turn to blame themselves when something goes wrong. Save for Tommy, who becomes extremely defensive. They all seem to thrive at the smallest compliments or gestures you do for them. Leading you to believe that their parents must have not done too much for them. 
You don’t push for the boys to explain their pasts, simply accepting the fact that they rely on you now. Not only for a place to live or for food, but also for love. You did not think you would become a father while hiding out in the forest, trying to regain your memories. But, you’d push off regaining your memories forever if it meant one more second with the teens. 
It is an early Saturday and most of the boys are resting in their rooms. You’re naturally awake, forced to be an early riser even if you don’t like the mornings. Ranboo is the only one who did not stay the night, saying he had other business. You are leaning against the counter, sipping on a cup of coffee when three light knocks hit on the door. Setting down the cup, you go to open the door, curious as to why the boy didn’t just let himself in. 
You can see exactly why, when you open the door. Craning your head up, you spot five men standing behind Ranboo. A few of them have weapons drawn, pointing at your body. Ranboo looks upset, shyly waving a hand from behind the cloak of one of the figures. 
They look familiar. You hum drowsily to yourself, not really understanding the situation at hand. The men’s stern looks falter at your nonchalant state, dropping more when you yawn loudly. 
“Who’s at the door, dad?” An abnormally quiet voice grunts from behind you as Tommy emerges from the living room. He rubs at his eyes tiredly, obviously not being awake yet. 
“Dad?” The blonde one with wings repeats angrily, his feathers fluffing up behind him. Another blonde, this one holding a trident, stiffens at the sight of Tommy. His eyebrows furrowing in confusion. Tommy, now fully awake at the sound of his dad’s voice, stumbles over his words messily throwing an excuse and dashing down the hall. At this point, Tubbo and Fundy have left their rooms from the commotion, watching with awkwardness at the sight of their biological parents at the door. 
“Look, we don’t want any trouble.” The piglin hybrid talks calmly, his voice deep. “We just want to know why all the kids are staying with you.” He glares at you, as if to make a point, his tall stance making you feel miniscule. 
A curse drops from your lips when you realize who the group of men standing in front of you are. With multiple apologies, you let them inside offering drinks while they gather around the table. You feel uneasy, sensing the scrutinizing gazes of each of the characters. In the distance, you can spot Tubbo, Tommy, Ranboo and Fundy talking amongst each other, sometimes looking over at you. 
It takes a couple minutes for you to compose yourself and explain yourself. You discuss how you met each of the boys and how they eventually decided to start living here, leaving out unimportant details. They seem less threatening than earlier, now realizing that you aren’t a bad person. You feel relieved and almost change the topic until it crosses your mind that these men are the reasons why the boys took a stranger in as their own dad. 
Like a switch has been flicked, you begin angrily ranting to the men, even scolding them at one point. They seem taken back by your response, most of them sinking into their seats. When you are done, you let out a huff and sink back into your chair. Your coffee is cold now. 
It is nearing noon, by the time you are all done talking. Sam calls over the boys to ask a question. It is a simple one, when he asks if they are happy here. They all nod rapidly. With that, Sam leans back into his chair and tells the rest of the group that he is fine with them staying here. The kids cheer, running over quickly to hug you. With all four of them hugging you, the chair topples over and you all land in a group pile on the floor. Despite the weight of all of them, you continue to laugh, ruffling their hair in the hug. The rest of the parents and father-figures smile at the sight, feeling relieved in seeing their kids happy. 
At first, he sees red
Not only did you force your way into their lives, but you somehow had his son, his grandson and Ranboo under your care
He knows that he was not around for Tommy, but for you to take the others as well? Who do you think you are?
He is still upset when he sits down at the table but cools down while you talk
You laugh at the smallest of details, smiling when one of the boys interrupts and just look so happy 
When the boys pull you into a hug and you return the affection immediately, well Philza realizes that perhaps you are a good person for the boys to have in their lives
He is kinda jealous, that you are able to handle the four boys so easily 
Philza is still cautious however, he recognizes your name and looks from one of his books
You are a god, or at least were one as it appears you lost your memories
He tries to hint at his knowledge of your status but you don’t respond well, looking lost 
When you admit to losing your memories, he can tell that he can trust you
You aren’t just some deity stringing along the boys because you can, you actually care for them
He still wants to be around for the boys, so he will try to help when he can
Offering to help you on weekends or days off, perhaps cooking while you manage the garden
He won’t admit his faults but he will try to be there for his boys more frequently, feeling guilty that a stranger had to take his place 
He isn’t angry, but he will be pouty for a while
He knew that he was neglecting Fundy for a while, but he didn’t think the fox would ditch him completely 
Wilbur is watching your every move, trying to find some sort of fault 
And yet, you’re oddly perfect at everything 
He can’t manage to keep a single plant alive and you have twenty in the house 
He wants to find a reason why the boys shouldn’t be staying with you, but he really can’t 
The teens seemed so worried when they had arrived at the door, the sight going straight to his heart 
When he saw Fundy’s ears turn back and tail drop, he couldn’t help the scowl that reached his face 
He wants to yell at you, but you make it so difficult to hate you
You’re so vibrant, when you talk about meeting each of the teens
He can easily tell that you love them and that they love you too 
Wilbur feels like he can’t compete with you, but will try his hardest
He will hang around longer, giving more attention to Fundy then his job and offering plenty of gifts
If that doesn’t work he will ask for advice, although he grumbles through the process 
He hates you, or at least that is what he tells himself 
He did not like the idea of you at first, especially since you were basically taking care of his kid 
Schlatt knows that he has not been around for Tubbo too much, but he didn’t expect the boy to go and find a new dad 
He feels a bit offended by that and on the trip here he wanted to punch your face in
But seeing you smile so fondly at Tubbo, and seeing how Tubbo looks back at you
Well his heart breaks a little
Sure, it is a cute scene but he doesn’t want his kid to replace him 
Schlatt is happy though, that Tubbo found someone so nice 
He plans to try a lot harder for the boy, knowing he has a lot to make up for 
He wants to get to know you more, to try and find out what is so great about you
He considers himself to be Tommy’s father figure, knowing that Philza wasn’t around often 
What he didn’t take into consideration was that there could be another father figure for the boy that he didn’t know about
He is protective of Tommy, the teen has already been through so much in his life
So he wants to make sure that you are a good person before letting down his guard
Sam sees how you fuss over each of the boys, taking care of them with ease
He admires how you have been taking care of all of them, the feat not normal 
When Tommy initiated the group hug, he knew he could trust you
Tommy isn’t one to show affection, especially so openly
So for the boy to drop his guard and tackle you into a hug; well that just shows how important you are to the teen
He will gladly help you take care of the boys, stopping by to check in or give gifts
Four boys are a lot of work and he doesn’t want you to get overwhelmed 
Techno doesn’t like much of this affection garbage, only really tagging along because the group wanted muscle
Although he does express some brotherly fondness for Tommy and Ranboo
When he saw that Ranboo was practically moving out of his tiny shack across the lawn, he was worried that the boy got into some trouble 
He never would have thought that the boys were hiding away a father figure 
He didn’t want to trust you but the voices are so calm, practically silent around you
The few that did chime in, didn’t even want to kill you but instead protect you
He saw how you would smile at the boys, they meant so much to you
Techno knows that they also care for you immensely 
He drops his cool act, listening carefully to each sentence you said 
While he doesn’t trust you completely, he knows that the kids are safe in your care
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bubblebeom · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Cherry Bomb [M]→ Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Fem!Reader Tags: 7k, AU, Bartender!Kook, Cocktail Waitress!Reader, Fluff, Humor, F2L, Smut. Summary: You’re a cocktail waitress in a high end nightclub and you’ve been mutually crushing on one of the bartenders. Tonight, one of your customers oversteps boundaries and when Jungkook gets involved, you’re ready to toss your ‘no dating co-workers’ policy out the window. 
Warnings: Language, bar setting/alcohol, physical assault/violence/bar fight (mild/brief), injuries/blood (split lip), explicit sexual content, unprotected sex (m/f), discussion of testing & contraception, oral (f), so so so much crack-filled dialogue during sex, friends to soulmates kinda vibe, maybe a collective 10 seconds of dom energy from JK but he can’t stop laughing, club owner!Jin, bouncer!Joon.
Tumblr media
Being a cocktail waitress came with few perks and several more headaches. The money was great and customers were typically pretty laid back in your club but having rude, inappropriate, drunk patrons every so often was inevitable and tonight was one of those nights. 
“Over here, sweetheart,” You hear the head of one of your tables holler at you as you’re busy delivering another patron’s drinks.
You roll your eyes, plastering on a friendly face as you weave through the crowd with a tray full of drinks. The club is packed tonight and you’ve been absolutely slammed running drinks between tables but the money at the end of the night will make up for the pain in the soles of your feet from sauntering around in platform heels for hours on end. 
When you approach him, he notes the irritation in your mask and has the audacity to patronize you. “Aw, don’t be like that,” He whines loudly, tipping his beer back and draining the bottle before speaking again. “Be a good girl and bring me another beer, huh? I’ll be sure to give you a real big tip, baby.” 
Another rich jerk who thinks he can say whatever he wants.
You scoff loudly but the noise of the club drowns it and you make your way back to the bar, tapping your pen irritably against the counter while the bartender finishes serving someone. Jungkook turns around to see you standing across the bar, absolutely fuming, and his smile falters as he walks over. 
“What’s wrong, angel?” He furrows his brows, following the direction of the pen you flick over your shoulder toward the table you’d just left. 
“Big shot and his friends over there are seriously getting on my nerves,” You roll your eyes, picking a cherry from over the counter to pop into your mouth before Jungkook can stop you. You’re giggling in delight when he narrows his eyes at you playfully. 
“Quit stealing my cherries you little thief,” He chuckles, snapping a wet rag in your direction and just barely missing. 
“Yeah, yeah just give me another beer pretty boy,” You taunt, waiting for him to turn around so you can take two more cherries while he’s looking away. 
Jungkook turns toward the cooler and you make your move but as soon as you reach your hand across the counter he whips around and grabs your wrist causing you to squeal in surprise. 
“I might be pretty but I’m not dumb,” He laughs and you try to wiggle your fingers free but his iron grip is not budging and you huff with impatience even though you don’t mind his hold one bit. You quite like the way his tattooed fingers look on your skin. He smirks at your half-hearted struggle before releasing you and patting your hand lightly. 
Jungkook really is pretty. He is the actual definition of too pretty. When he first started working at the club, he piqued your interest immediately and you had swooned over his face, and his perfect hair, and all the tattoos, and his ridiculously appealing physique. However, work was work and you had a habit of not mixing business and pleasure so you weren’t going to break the rules for the hot new bartender either. 
But damn, was he doing a good job of breaking through your resolve. He flirted every chance he got, addressed you in pet names out of habit, which you adored, and had become one of the main reasons you enjoyed showing up to work each night. Though you routinely brush off his advances, he didn’t care, he knew it wasn’t because you were uninterested.
Your silent stare down was broken by an obnoxiously loud whistling and both your eyes look toward your table where you’re being summoned by catcalls and waving hands. You turn your head back toward Jungkook, rolling your eyes for only him to see but he is still watching over your shoulder, a hard look on his face. 
“I assume limp dick is getting impatient,” He comments, annoyance written clearly all over his face. You noticed a small tick in his jaw that makes your heart skip a beat. Oh.
Okay, so agitated Jungkook has entered the chat and he’s...extra hot. 
“As I was saying, the faster they get plastered, the faster they leave,” You sigh, accepting the cold beer from his outstretched hand, eyeing his crossed arms while trying not to go cross-eyed at the sight of the taught muscle. 
“Let me know if you get tired of his shit,” Jungkook growls and you quirk a brow at him, surprised with his tone, but he doesn’t bend in the slightest, just cocks his head and adds, “I’ll happily deliver that for you if you’d like.”
You chuckle at that, “It’s fine kookie, I don’t really think you’re his type and a girl has bills to pay.” You move away from the bar, back into the crowd and Jungkook watches you go, weaving in between tables expertly. 
You put on your best customer service smile as you approach the table, purposely stopping at the opposite end but as you moved to set the glass bottle down, the man tsked loudly.
“Sweetness, that’s just too far away,” He whines, making a show of leaning back in his seat when he could easily reach forward to grab the bottle, “Why don’t you bring that drink and that sweet little ass over here,” He challenges and the internal rage you feel is oh so close to bubbling to the surface. 
You snatch the bottle up with a little more force than you anticipated and move around to stand beside him and he made an obvious show of scanning your side profile, your ass in particular, as you bent over and placed his bottle before him. 
“That’s better,” He pauses to lift the beer and you move to walk away but he catches your arm before you can move, “Where are you going, baby?”
You stiffen under his hold, “I’m sorry, did you need something else?” You ask through gritted teeth. 
The man loosens his grip just to slide his hand down the length of your arm and you fight the urge to physically shutter as he slides a finger beneath your palm to hold it lightly, “You’ve been gone a while and my friends are awfully thirsty. Why don’t you bring another round for everyone and put it on my tab. Ok, angel?”
He releases you then and when you turn away, he reaches out and slaps your ass, hard. Within a second you’re whipping back around to let him have it when someone tugs you back by the waist and tucks you behind their body and your confusion triples when you realize it's not Namjoon, the bouncer, but Jungkook instead. 
“You’re not getting shit. Pay your tab and get out,” Jungkook says icily, glaring at the man still lazily seated at the table. 
“Oh, come on,” He laughs loudly, “We’re just having a good time, isn’t that right princess?” He leans to look around Jungkook but he sidesteps and keeps you behind him, hidden from sight.
“You’re done talking to her,” Jungkook deadpans, “Pay and leave.”
The man wipes his hand over his face in exasperation as he stands from his seat, and holy shit you hadn’t realized how big he was. He is now standing directly before Jungkook, several inches taller and you begin frantically searching for Namjoon but he is nowhere to be found. Jungkook doesn’t move an inch. 
“Why don’t you fuck off and go clean some glasses huh?” The man taunts, moving closer to Jungkook who stares back with an unimpressed look, “Better yet, she can stay here while you fetch the drinks, bitch.”
The situation is getting increasingly worse and you’re close to panicking now. You place both your hands on either side of Jungkook’s waist, snaking one around the front as you try to walk him backward, “Jungkook, let’s’s not worth it.”
The other guy chuckles at the sight of you pulling Jungkook away and as he’s turned away briefly to earn a laugh from his friends, Jungkook leans his head back to whisper, “Step back for me, ok baby?” as he starts pulling your arms away gently. 
You do as he asks and watch as the guy turns back to Jungkook, “Go on, run me my drinks, bartender,” He taunts again and those are his last words before Jungkook chuckles then cocks his fist back and hits the man so hard in the face, he rocks back against the table, sending glasses shattering to the floor.
You can’t even believe what just happened as you stand there with your hands covering your mouth in shock. Everyone is looking now and your panic skyrockets when the guy’s friends start to get up. One goes to help him back up but two of them are staring at Jungkook with rage in their eyes and you shout at the other waitresses nearby for them to go find Namjoon and Seokjin, the club owner.
You watch in horror as the two men advance on Jungkook, fists raised and furious and you almost look away as the first one strikes but instead you stifle a gasp as Jungkook dodges the blow and uppercuts the man hard, sending him stumbling a few steps back. Unfortunately, he isn’t fast enough to miss the fist thrown by the second assailant and Jungkook takes a hit to the face, the corner of his lip now trickling blood. 
Jungkook touches the tender flesh and ticks his head as he sees the blood on his thumb. A shaky smile takes over his lips before he lunges at the man, driving his fist into the man’s gut so hard he keels over immediately and Jungkook throws him to the floor just in time for Sarina to come back with Namjoon and Seokjin in tow, as well as two other guys from the security team. Namjoon and his team intervene while Seokjin tries to assess the scene. 
You rush over to Seokjin’s side, grabbing his forearm to get his attention, “Jin, it’s not his fault- that guy has been harassing me all night and he touched me. Jungkook only stepped in to protect me.”
Seokjin pats your hand and looks you over briefly, making sure there isn’t a scratch on your skin. He’s very protective of his employees, but his girls in particular. “It’s ok, I believe you. We’ll handle this. Take Kook into the back and get him cleaned up ok. You’re sure you’re alright otherwise?”
You grimace at the thought of the man’s hands on you and how you’d likely have a bruise from how hard he’d smacked you but you offer Jin a half smile, “I’ll be fine, thanks boss.”
Jungkook is still panting, staring down the group of men but the instant he feels your hand slip into his he stills, glancing down at your joined hands and then up to your face. “Come on,” You whisper, leading him away from all the noise. 
He follows you into one of the few employee bathrooms and leans against the sink while you raid the cabinet against the opposite wall for the first aid kit. You finally find it and set it atop the cabinet, rifling through for something to clean him up with and an antibiotic cream. 
“Are you okay?” Jungkook’s voice is quiet but you hear him clearly and smile at him over your shoulder. 
“I’m okay,” You sigh, grabbing your supplies and setting them next to him on the bathroom counter as you come to stand between his legs, “More worried about you.”
Jungkook looks down at you and chuckles, “This is nothing, I promise. I’ve had it a lot worse.”
You try to hide your smile as you grab some clean gauze pads and reach around him to soak it with a little warm water, “You got a history of getting into bar fights?” You cock your brow at him playfully and he grins. 
“I’ve been told I have a very punchable face,” He admits, a little flush coming to his cheeks despite his jesting as you frame his jaw with one hand and press the gauze to the side of his lips with the other. 
“I happen to like your face,” You whisper, not daring to meet his eyes as you dab at the blood on his lips.
Jungkook says nothing in return and his silence causes you to glance up at him curiously. Your eyes lock onto each other for a brief moment, but that’s all it takes to decide. The dirtied gauze falls from your hand as Jungkook’s hands slip around your waist, pulling you close enough to pin your hips between his thighs. 
“I like everything about you,” He breathes just centimeters away from your lips and you can’t stop yourself from pushing up on your toes to close the distance. You slot your lips against his and immediately melt into his embrace, nothing but his strong thighs keeping you upright, his hands trailing up and down your spine leaving a tingling sensation in their wake. 
It’s so tentative at first, neither one of you really believes that it’s happening, but when your hand falls to his side, fisted into the material of his shirt, it flips a switch and suddenly he’s sliding off the counter and crowding you back against the cabinet. He kisses you hard, head tipping back as he reaches for the backs of your thighs and picks you up, setting you atop the wooden surface. 
Your arms wind around his neck and his hands dig into your hips dragging you closer to the edge before grinding himself between your legs. A loud moan tears from your lips but he’s quick to swallow it down, growing harder in his jeans from the vibrations you emit, passing from your tongue to his before it ricochets through his body. 
You tug on his hair as you nibble his bottom lip and suddenly the spell is broken when Jungkook leans back, eyes wide as he stares at the smear of blood on your bottom lip. Both of you had seemingly forgotten about his split lip and in the heat of the moment, you had reopened the wound and it began to bleed. 
“Oh,” Jungkook chuckles, grabbing a clean gaze and dabbing it over the mess on your mouth, “That’s unsanitary, I’m sorry. I didn’t even think about it.”
You smile without thinking and he grabs your cheeks in one hand to make sure you sit still while he works. The position of power he now holds does absolutely nothing to quell the ache between your thighs. 
He finishes cleaning you up and you in turn, wipe away the fresh trickle of blood from his mouth and apply a bit of antibiotic cream to help it’s healing. Jungkook kisses the tip of your finger with the uninjured side of his mouth once you're all finished and suddenly the room is blanketed in silence again. 
“Thank you,” You tell him, catching his eyes and making sure he really hears you, “Thank you for having my back tonight. Well….every night,” You laugh and he smiles back down at you.
“We should go see Jin now before we do something...stupid,” You say sheepishly, ducking your head so he doesn’t catch the blush in your cheeks. 
“Like, make out in the employee bathroom during business hours?” He laughs and your head snaps back up. 
“Or worse,” You counter and that makes him shut up. He steps back a bit, adjusting the front of his pants before helping you down and taking your hand to lead you out of the bathroom as he curses, “Yeah...let’s go see Jin.”
Tumblr media
Seokjin’s office is on the second floor and you hate going up there specifically because you’re typically in platform heels and you don’t fancy breaking your neck on the way up or down. Jungkook watches in light amusement as you carefully place one stiletto after the next and you choke out a gasp when his hands slip around your waist from behind. 
“What?” He looks up at you with an angelic smile, “Just trying to help, princess.”
You huff out a laugh, “Mhm, helping.” The only thing he is going to do is give you a heart attack. You try desperately to ignore the gorgeous tattooed hands holding you and the equally smoking hot man they belong to. 
You’re still giggling quietly when you make it to the top of the stairs to find Namjoon smirking down at you. “Aren’t you both cute.”
“Not a word, Joonie,” You chuckle, smacking his hard chest and jokingly shaking your hand as if you struck steel. Namjoon laughs and rolls his eyes before looking up at Jungkook who still hasn’t fully released you, one hand still at home on your right hip.
“Sorry I wasn’t there right away,” He apologizes to the man behind you, “I was dealing with some shit outside before Sarina grabbed me.”
“It’s all good,” Jungkook offers him a small smile, “Unless I’m getting arrested or fired. That would suck.”
“Absolutely not,” Comes a fourth voice from the doorway behind Namjoon. Seokjin waves you both in and you take a seat next to each other, the absence of Jungkook’s hand leaving a cold, biting feeling. 
“Everything is on tape of course and those guys will be banned from the club, no police involvement,” He adds looking at Jungkook before his gaze drops back to you, “Unless you want to press charges, sweetheart. I will be more than happy to provide video evidence of his actions.”
“No, no. It’s okay, thank you for your support,” You tell him and he is quick to assure you that you would always have it. 
“Why don’t the two of you take the night off,” He says, more like an order and not a suggestion and the two of you nod and excuse yourselves. 
No one says a word about the way Jungkook’s hand automatically lands on your lower back as you leave the room. Seokjin does however turn to Namjoon as soon as the door closes and asks, “Do you think they’re sleeping together?”
Namjoon laughs and grabs the door handle, ready to head back down and check on things, “He just quite literally fought for her honor. If they weren’t fucking before, they definitely are now. They’ve been making googly eyes at each other for months.”
“Am I just getting less observant as I age?” Seokjin grimaces, running a hand over his face tiredly. 
“Ahhh, you’re doing great old man,” Namjoon chuckles, “I mean, BOSS.”
Jin’s half full water bottle hits the door with a dull thud as Namjoon shuts it behind him, leaving his boss laughing and shaking his head.
Tumblr media
A few of the girls surrounded you in the dressing room, fussing over you and making sure you were unharmed from the earlier altercation. You were busy undoing the straps of your heels to change into more comfortable clothing while Sarina brushed out your hair and Janelle touched up your slightly smeared makeup even though you were only headed home. 
“I was so worried about you!” Sarina whined, setting the brush down to run her fingers through your hair, “Sometimes this job is so not worth it.”
“It’s okay guys really,” You tried to brush off their worry. In your mind you knew it could have been much worse than an aggressive slap on the ass but you knew that just because it could have been worse, didn’t mean that what happened was okay. 
“It’s a good thing Jungkook was there,” Janelle said, eyes wide as she re-tells the scene from her point of view, “He stepped up so fast like, ‘Yo, don’t touch my woman’,” She puffed out her chest and mimicked a man’s voice and you all double over in laughter. 
“He did not say that!” You chuckle as you swat for her thigh. 
“Oh yes he did!” She tells you, “It might not have come from his mouth but it came from his body language and the way he took on not one but three guys for you. That man is in love with you.”
You were a blushing mess now, hiding your face in your hand as the other girls giggled and gossiped right in front of you. “You guys! We’re just friends!”
“Mhm,” Sarina purses her lips, entirely unconvinced, “That man has had heart eyes for you since his first day and he is one thousand percent your type.”
She’s right of course. He’s tall but not too tall, he’s in great shape, he has long fluffy hair, he has several ear piercings, several more tattoos, and he wears all black as if he’s never known another color in his life. You know that if you were to build your perfect boyfriend, Jungkook checks every single box. 
“He’s cute and he’s really nice,” Is all you can manage as a response and Janelle damn near sputters. 
“Cute? Girl, he’s fine as hell! And literally obsessed with you!” She playfully grabs your shoulders and shakes you, “Lock! It! Down! Secure the bag, bitch!”
“Well,” You started and they both move closer, hanging on your every word, “We did make out in the bathroom earlier.”
Sarina and Janelle are near hollering at this point and you’re trying desperately to hush them as they fall over each other in hysterics. “Oh my god, I can’t wait to be the rich, single, chaotic auntie who gets to tell the story of how you guys fell in love to your future children,” Janelle cackles. 
You’re all laughing to the point of tears when Felicia comes in with wide eyes and a grin, “Um, girl, your baby daddy is waiting for you outside.” She sticks a thumb out toward the door and your eyebrows shoot up in surprise. You didn’t think that he’d be waiting for you. 
“Go, go, go, GO,” The girls are suddenly pulling you out of your seat and thrusting your belongings in your arms, not letting you get a word in edgewise as they practically push you out of the dressing room and into Jungkook's shocked and waiting arms. 
“She’s ready,” Sarina says quickly, shoving you further into Jungkook’s chest while Janelle spins the two of you around toward the back exit. 
“Make sure our girl makes it home safely, kook,” Janelle adds just before she forces you both out the back door and slams it shut with a smile. 
You're suddenly left standing together in the cold and you pull your sweater around your torso, never having gotten the chance to change out of your crop top. Jungkook pulls you closer when you shiver, and you tuck your chin against his chest to look up at him. “Hi,” You murmur quietly. 
“Hi,” He smiles back down at you, “I forgot how much shorter you are without the shoes.”
“Yeah, it’s the Cinderella effect,” You chuckle, pulling back only slightly, “I take off the clothes, shoes, and makeup and then it’s poof, back to reality.”
“Gasp,” He says audibly, making you roll your eyes, “You mean your eyelids are not actually gold? Are those even your real lashes? What do you wear outside of work? Sweatpants?!” He teases you and you playfully shove at his chest. 
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You laugh, hiking your bag further up your shoulder, and a second later, Jungkook takes it from you, slinging it over his shoulder instead. 
“I would actually,” He says with a small, shy smile, “Not trying to push my luck or anything, but I was hoping that we could maybe...hang out tonight?”
The smile falls from your lips as you stare at him a little too long. “What did you have in mind?”
Jungkook messes with his hair out of habit, running his hand through it and scratching at the top. “We can go to my place and just like watch a movie or something?”
“So you wanna Netflix and chill?” You quirk your brow and he immediately sputters. 
“I- no, that’s not what I- Like yes, theoretically if we were to, um- That would be great- really good actually...BUT that’s not what I meant!” He gestures wildly at his hands and you double over in laughter with your hands on your knees and Jungkook couldn’t be more in love with you if he tried. 
“You’re awful,” He chuckles, shaking his head behind his hands. 
“You’re adorable,” You respond, laughter finally dwindling and allowing you to breathe properly again.
“Mhm,” He hums, trying his hardest to not show his grin, “I’m leaving, are you getting in the car or what?”
“Yes, don’t leave without me!” You say, running to catch up to him in the parking lot and Jungkook looks up to the heavens to hide another broad grin. He’s hopeless.
Tumblr media
To be fair, it should be noted that you both managed to make it at least twenty minutes into the movie before Jungkook pinned you to the couch and really, you were the one who started it. 
He’d tried so hard to stay on his side of the couch, keep his eyes on the screen instead of you but it was nearly impossible with the way you had subtly shifted closer and closer until you were tucked against his side with the excuse of it being a little cold in his apartment. 
It wasn’t until you laid your hand on his thigh that he’d cracked, moving so quickly you were flat on your back in less than a second as he stared down at you, “Are you trying to drive me insane or do you really have faith in my continued restraint?”
“I appreciate your nobility but I was really hoping to be naked with you by now,” You smirked, confident in thinking you had the upper-hand to get him flustered. 
Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek, stifling a wicked grin before he stood and you watched with utter fascination as he reached over himself, grabbing the soft fabric of his black shirt, and tugging it over his head. It was entirely possible that you short circuited at the sight of his torso, corded with lean muscle and black ink. 
“I thought the hand tattoos were enough,” You whispered unabashedly, “I was wrong.”
Jungkook’s face scrunches up in laughter and you're reminded that the most attractive thing about him wasn’t physical. You liked that you could say stupid things and he’d laugh right along with you. Being hot was like the cherry on top. 
“Wanna see the rest?” He smirks, hands falling to the button on his jeans. 
“Wanna have your kids,” You quip back, eyes glued to the sparse trail of hair on his abdomen like you’d never seen something so god damned alluring in your life. 
One minute Jungkook is pulling you up off the couch and the next he’s swept you right off your feet, your thighs hooking around his waist on instinct as he kisses the side of your mouth. “It’s about time.”
You’re not even sure how you make it to his bedroom in one piece considering your lips hadn’t detached from one another then entire walk there. You’d felt your calf skim the wall at one point and neither of you realized you were a half step away from smacking right into the door frame but you made it regardless and Jungkook tightens his grip on you as he crawls into bed, settling your body beneath his with barely any room to move. Not that you’d want to. 
His skin burned beneath your fingertips, your nails setting a trail up his spine until they reached his thick hair, weaving between the soft strands and tugging lightly. His lips gradually fell away from yours only to place hot kisses over your jaw and down your throat. A sharp gasp escapes your lips when his hips roll against you and from the way he’s positioned between your legs, you feel every solid inch of him. 
The feeling of his tongue gliding over your collar bones loosens a low moan from your lips which abruptly turns into a sharp whine when he pulls away, sitting back on his heels as he takes a deep breath, swatting your thigh with a grin at your petulance. 
“Patience,” Jungkook says lightly, grin never leaving his face until you drop a firm ‘no’ and his hand on your thigh squeezes at your flesh, smile gone in a flash before he softens again. 
“Now is probably a good time to talk about...preferences,” He says, tone dipping in a way that peaks your interest, “I can sometimes be...rougher than some people are into but I can tone it down if that’s not your style.”
“Guessing by the death grip on my thigh, I feel like you have some dominant tendencies. Would that be a fair assumption?” You quirk a brow at him and he nods with a bit of amusement, “I can work with that as long as it stays in the bedroom. No bossy boyfriend shit. Got it?”
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” His face scrunches up in mirth as he loosens his grip on your leg and strokes your skin gently, “Boyfriend sounds pretty nice.” 
“Shit,” You prop yourself up on your elbows, “I meant like-”
Jungkook smirks and bends down to kiss you languidly, his plush lips kissing away any bit of lingering doubt you had left before he pulled back out of reach making you pout again. The smile on his face was a clear indication of how much he loved the way you behaved when he parted from you.
“Can’t change your mind now, I have a strict no return policy,” He teases, laughing when you try to cover your face in embarrassment.  
Jungkook leans over you, pulling your hands away from your face and pinning your wrists to the mattress, “Listen, if it wasn’t abundantly clear by how hard I simp for you on a daily basis, you should know that I’ve wanted to date you since my first day on the job.”
“You can’t say shit like that while you’re shirtless and pinning me to the bed without fucking the absolute daylights out of me,” You complain, hips canting up in protest but he swiftly pins those down too, pressing his length against you to shut you up.  
“Safe word?”
“Pineapples,” You shoot out and you can clearly make out his nostrils flaring as he attempts to hold it together. He’d thought in that moment that he couldn’t possibly love you more but fuck, you weren’t making it easy for him to look all intimidating and sexy right now. 
“Fine,” You stick your tongue out at him, “Red. It’s very cliche you know.”
“Mhm,” He shakes his head, biting back a laugh as he releases your hands and sits up, still close enough to hover over your body, “Stick your tongue out at me again, see what happens.”
The second you open your mouth two long digits press down against your tongue and your body jolts in surprise. “Close it.”
He doesn’t need to instruct you further because you immediately comply, enclosing your lips around his fingers but you can’t move because he’s still pressing against the wet muscle even as it strains to free itself.
“Now, if you stop giving me a hard time, I’ll let it go and you can show me how talented that wicked tongue actually is,” He taunts you and for the first time, you have no inclination to make a joke. 
After a few moments, he finally eases up and you start sucking his pretty fingers, your tongue tracing the tattoos inked along them. Jungkook eyes darken, his cock straining in his pants when you grab at his wrist with both hands to keep him from pulling away. 
“You’re enjoying this way too much,” He murmurs, eyes never leaving your face, “Do you know how difficult it is to not get hard behind the counter when you’re stealing all my fucking cherries. Popping them between your lips and leaving knotted stems behind for me to find.”
The urge to smirk is almost irresistible but you manage to stay focused and you’re left panting when he finally pulls his hand away. He reaches for your shorts, unbuttoning the material before dipping his fingers beneath the hem and pulling them off your legs, to reveal the small pink, cherry patterned thong you wore. 
“You’re kidding me right now,” Jungkook huffs out a laugh and you giggle right along with him. It certainly was not intentional but the universe works in weird ways. It’s not like you knew this would happen when you put them on this morning. You really just liked cherries. 
“This isn’t what it looks like. I swear,” You laugh a little harder, when you can physically see Jungkook grappling for control and honestly, it’s a losing battle at this point. 
“Let’s pretend that it is,” He tosses all notion of sanity to the wind as he dips his finger under the thin straps and pulls it down, “I am convinced you wore these for me and I’m keeping them.”
Your brows knit in protest when you watch him expertly slingshot the material into the laundry basket across the room, “Hey! Those are my favorites!”
“If you want them back you’ll have to replace them with another pair,” He smirks, one hand sneaking down to smack the side of your ass, “Until then, I’ll hang onto those.”
“This is a hostage situation.”
“Shall I tie you up then?” He counters, one brow peeked curiously. 
“Not this time, thank you.”
“Next time, got it.”
Your crafty retort dies on your tongue the second he grabs your thighs and drags you down the length of the bed before spreading your thighs and dropping to the floor. When he buries his tongue in your pussy for the first time, you stop breathing for a solid minute, quite possibly the longest you’ve ever held your breath, and the choked exhale burns your lungs. 
“Maybe a fucking w-warning?” You pant, fingers automatically finding a home in his soft hair and tugging when he chuckles against your core, the vibrations making your eyes roll back. 
“You think you’re the only one with an oral fixation?” He asks smugly, not waiting for an answer before he dives back in, coating your clit in saliva before sucking it between his teeth. 
This is it. The beyond. Beyond the beyond. You think you may see the pearly white gates of heaven lingering in the distance because that is how good he is. You’re almost ashamed at how quickly you come apart. It has to be a new record. You have never achieved an orgasm with someone or on your own in less than ten to fifteen and he’s won the gold medal in about five minutes. 
You're sunken into the mattress, staring blankly at the ceiling when he stands up and takes in the sight of you shivering and spaced out, laughing at the mess he’s made of you with minimal effort. “Are you okay in there?” He asks as he brushes the hair off your face. 
“Where the fuck did you learn how to do that? What school did you attend?”
Jungkook is shaking with laughter when he flops down on the bed next to you, “I don’t think there’s a school for eating pussy.”
“If there was you would be the fucking headmaster,” You whisper, squinting hard at the blank ceiling to clear your fuzzy vision to no avail.  
“How do you still manage to make jokes when you’re barely lucid?” He laughs, propping himself up on his side to watch you. He picks one of your arms up and then releases it, snorting at the way it drops like dead weight. 
“All I have are jokes and big tiddies, Kook. I have to play my strengths,” You laugh breathily, pushing yourself into a sitting position, with Jungkook’s help of course.
“Hmm...Big tiddies you say?” He laughs in a way that exposes his lack of innocence, “I never noticed.”
His joke makes you smirk lazily as you play along, “Mhm, wanna see?”
“I suppose it’s only fair since you’ve seen mine.”
“Literally tit for tat then, huh? I like your game, kook.”
Jungkook snorts but the sound gets caught in his throat when you pull your shirt and bra over your head and your breasts drop, bouncing once or twice for good measure. The way he freezes with his eyes glued to your chest makes you swell with pride and you’re quick to point out that since he’s also gotten you out of your pants, it was technically his turn to strip. 
Jungkook stands from the bed and you watch from the edge as he flicks the button and zipper open before shoving his thumbs into the waistband and dropping his jeans and briefs to the floor in one swift motion. Later, you can be embarrassed at the way your jaw hangs open at the sight of him fully nude before you, but for now you could care less about the smug smirk playing about his lips. 
“Okay, comedy hour is over,” You say absently, your head tipping to the side in awe when his cock jumps at the sound of your voice, “I am politely asking you to fucking rail me with that thing.”
“How am I not supposed to laugh at that?!” He all but shouts, tackling you back onto the bed, his body shaking with laughter, “Do you know how weird it feels to laugh when your dick is this hard?”
“Can’t say I do,” You mumbled before his lips cover your own, effectively shutting you up in the best way possible. 
As your hands wrap around his shoulders, he uses the opportunity to hook you around the middle and the unladylike squeal that tears from your lips when he uses his upper body to maneuver you on the bed so you were more comfortable made him chuckle once again. 
Jungkook sits up between your legs and it takes a second for your eyes to focus on him again, “Condom?”
You scrunch your face up in distaste, “I tested negative after my last partner an embarrassing amount of months ago and I have an IUD.”
“I’ll one up you,” Jungkook smiles, “I tested negative after my last partner almost a year ago and I definitely can’t get pregnant.”
“A whole year?” You quirk one brow, “You remember what you’re doing down there?”
“Must you always bust my balls?” He throws his head back in defeat, a breathy laugh escaping just loud enough to reach your ears.
“Yes,” You answer, reaching out a hand you rub up the side of his strong thigh, “Don’t worry, I’ll kiss them better to make up for it.”
“You’re going to be my ultimate undoing, I just know it.”
“Yep,” You hum in agreeance, using your heels to urge him closer and he obliges, finally lining his cock up and pushing in slightly. The stretch makes you release a sharp breath you hadn’t even realized you were holding and Jungkook laughs at your sudden silence for the first time that night. 
He presses a kiss to the inside of your raised calf as he sinks into you, watching your expression switch from playful to shocked to impatient. He moves before you have to vocalize your needs and the way his cock drags along your walls makes you whimper, hands burying into the pillows beneath your head. 
His strokes are deep and precise leaving behind no doubt that he absolutely knew what he was doing and If you hadn’t known any better you would think he was a god-damned professional. As if on cue with that thought, he falters, too entranced with the way your breasts bounce every time he slams his cock into you and the distraction makes him fall out of rhythm for a moment. 
“You’re so beautiful and funny and f-fuck you feel so good,” He praises you, picking the pace back up as he bends down to capture your lips. He goes deeper in this position with your bodies pressed together and you can hardly keep your lips connected as the wanton moans take precedence over kissing. 
“Kook, I-I’m,” You voice breaks off when he slams into your g-spot, stars swirling behind your lids, “I’m not going to last long.”
“Thank fuck,” He pants against your throat, nipping the skin there between his words, “I was going to be super embarrassed when I inevitably blow my load in less than two minutes.”
When you think back on the moments you found yourself hopelessly falling for Jungkook, that memory would stand out among the rest. 
The laugh that leaves your lips immediately morphs into a deep, unbridled moan when you come apart around him without warning and poor Jungkook has no chance, none at all when he feels your walls clenching around him. He grunts suddenly, teeth sinking into the flesh of your left breast as he emptied himself inside you with reckless abandon. 
“Oh my god,” Your voice comes out more coarse than intended and you both let out a winded chuckle, still trying to catch your breath, “Five star review.”
Jungkook’s quiet chuckle evolves into a full belly laugh and you swat at him until he rolls of you, his softened member slipping out of you with little effort, “If you thought it felt weird to laugh with a boner, imagine how it feels inside me post double orgasm.”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” He grins apologetically, kissing the sides of your face repeatedly, “You can’t say shit like that and expect me not to laugh.”
You sniffed dramatically, pulling the sheets over your naked bodies as the chill begins to prick at your damp bodies, “I’ll forgive you if you fuck me in the shower.”
“When is it appropriate to profess love?”
“Well, after we shower, you should totally drive us to DQ for milkshakes. That would be a good time, I think.”
“Extra cherries?” He asks as he pulls back the sheets and gathers you into his arms to carry you to the bathroom, kicking open the door with his foot. 
 “I think I might love you already.”
Tumblr media
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midgardianweasley · 4 months ago
The Royal Ball
The Royal Ball
Loki laufeyson x Fem!reader
Summary: There is an Asgard ball being hosted in the palace, Y/N is yet to find a date to accompany her. She’s disappointed when a certain God doesn’t ask her, however, what happens when he sees someone else getting a little too close for comfort throughout the night?
Warnings: lil bit angsty, self doubt, JEALOUS LOKI, fluffy ending
Word Count: 3.3k
Message/ask if you’d like to be added to the taglist!
Requests are open loves <3
Y/F/N - Your Friend’s Name
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful autumn’s day, crisp brown leaves were falling off of the large trees in the courtyard and scattering the cobbled ground. Loki and I had been wandering around for some time now, discussing everything from the books we’ve been reading to the dreams that have come to us in our sleep.
“And then this huge ghost thing was chasing me around the halls! and if that wasn’t weird enough, you popped up-”
“Ah, seeing me in your dreams are we, darling?”  Loki chuckled, taking great pleasure at the fact that he had made an appearance in my subconscious, completely ignoring my distress at being chased by a supernatural being.
“Funny you should say that, right after seeing you, I woke up. The sight must’ve given me quite the scare.” I scoffed, a smile unable to stop itself from making its way onto my face, eyes meeting his, face etched with shock. With a hand to his chest, he spoke again in disbelief.
“You have truly offended me, love. I never knew you had this side to you.”
“What can I say? I’m a woman of many talents.” I winked, nudging his side slightly with my elbow.
“Really? Can you produce illusions?”
“Look inside other people’s heads?”
“Well, no, but-”
“Turn yourself into a snake to scare your eight year old brother?”
“I still can’t believe you did that”
“My greatest achievement yet.” He smirked, the memory never failing to amuse him.
His stories always had me in awe of his capabilities, even if it was to give his brother a long-term fear, it was still an incredible talent. Whenever he tells me of his latest adventures or tricks, I always think of how well his title fits him. God of Mischief. Maybe that’s why I liked him much more than what a best friend should, not that I'd ever admit it. Not to him anyway.
We soon found ourselves standing next to one of the windows of the hallway, the crystal clear glass giving a beautiful view of the city of Asgard. From here, you could see the Queen’s gardens, full of flowers in all different colours and types, grass cut to perfection. You could see the families in the town, walking around the different buildings, children playing. It was lovely to watch, seeing everyone enjoy the seasonal weather and the light bounce off of the windows, it was ethereal.
“I never get tired of this.” I sighed, voice only slightly above a whisper
“Tired of what, love?”
“Just, this. This view, this kingdom, it’s incredible.” I looked up at Loki, trying to see if he was seeing the same beauty that I did. He was already looking at me when I met his eyes and upon seeing the way they sparkled, I assumed he did.
“Actually, speaking of the Kingdom, I have something to tell you. There’s-”
Abruptly stopping him from continuing his sentence, voices were heard from the other end of the hallway, though we couldn’t make out the words until they came closer. We gave each other a quick look of confusion before turning to see where the commotion was coming from, hearing the quick and heavy footsteps before being able to put names to the faces.
“Loki! Y/N!” A deep voice bellowed. Was that Thor making all of that noise?
Before I could process any more information, a blur of a pastel pink dress was in my face and hands were placed on my shoulders. I smiled down at the slightly out of breath figure using me as a support stand, it was Y/F/N.
“Wow, Y/F/N, you sound much different than when I spoke to you yesterday, did you drink something funny?” I chuckled, receiving a glare from my friend and a quiet laugh from the God beside me. Thor soon appeared next to Y/F/N, hands on his hips and head thrown back as he tried to compose himself.
“My God, Y/F/N, you run fast.” He pants.
“Care to tell us why you’re both running like madmen through the palace?” Loki speaks, one eyebrow raised in curiosity and what looked a little like concern.
“We..had to..tell you..there’s a week.” Y/F/N spoke, a bit more stable now, but still in between breaths.
I felt my eyes widen, a ball? I didn’t know Asgard held balls.
“Father is opening up the palace next week to neighbouring kingdoms, in hopes to be closer with them, open Asgard up to more trade opportunities, build relationships and whatnot.” Thor explained, emitting a loud sigh to come from Loki.
“I was just about to tell her, brother. Thank you for interrupting.” He rolled his eyes, half joking, half serious. I reached up and patted his shoulder gently, a small smile on my face.
“Maybe next time Lok” He nodded in response, I didn’t get a chance to comfort him much more before I was being pulled away by Y/F/N. With a small huff of surprise, I gave Loki a glance, silently apologising for our conversation being cut short, receiving a shake of his head in reply, affirming me to not worry about it.
“So.” she begins. “We need to find you a date and a dress. I’m thinking blue. I’m wearing purple so it’s probably best to avoid that one. Hmm. let’s see..oh! I know! we could- Y/N? You listening?” I snapped my head around, not missing the sly smile that was plastered all over my friend’s face.
“Y/F/N, don’t-”
“Loki! He has to be your date. You could wear green and match! If he’s even going to wear green, I'm sure I can get Thor to find out, I assume they’ll get ready together. And black accessories! I have so many ideas.” She clapped her hands, over-excited about the opportunity to plan this evening for us. Except for one minor detail.
“That sounds great, Y/F/N, it sounds wonderful, you’re just missing something.”
“Missing something? Oh, if you mean our hair then i’ve already-”
“No, not our hair. Loki hasn’t asked me, and I doubt he will.” I spoke, the second half coming out more as a whisper, my heart dropping a little at the thought. He’d never really expressed having those kinds of feelings for me and I'd always seen him be close with different girls around the palace, he’ll probably ask one of them.
“He might ask you, you never know what’s around the corner.”
“I guess so, we’ll have to wait and see.”
And that was the last we spoke of it before she went into full planner mode again, while I continued to ponder over all of the thoughts running through my head. I mean, he could ask me, right?
He didn’t.
After talking about it with Y/F/N, I had a glimmer of hope that maybe I was wrong, maybe I hadn’t noticed something that she had, that Loki would approach me and ask me to be his company for the evening.
I spent the next couple of days with him, hoping he would ask me, everytime a pause would appear in conversation, maybe he was finally going to do it. And everytime, a little bit of the hope I had, had fizzled out.
I’d even considered other reasons as to why he hadn’t asked, maybe the King didn’t want him and Thor to have dates so that they could mingle with members of the other kingdoms. Of course that theory had flown right out one of the Palace’s windows when Y/F/N told me that Thor was going to be her date. I was right then, he wasn’t wanting to go with me.
I guess I understood, I’m the best friend, we’d always been that. I think a part of me just thought that maybe he, like me, wanted something a little more. Clearly, I was mistaken.
Y/F/N and I had been getting ready for a while now, our hair was styled to perfection, our dresses were on and both of us were fully accessorized. We were looking at ourselves in the mirror, doing spins and curtseys and gushing over how good the other looked.
“You look amazing tonight, Y/N, really. Loki is missing out.”
“Thank you, and I'm sure his date is beautiful.” I spoke, fidgeting with the fabric of my dress, trying to avoid the subject and the twisting knot in my stomach at the thought of him with someone else all night. “You look incredible! You were right to pick purple, it’s definitely your colour.”
“Y/N’s right, you look gorgeous.” Thor declared, leaning against the doorway sporting a black suit and a dark purple tie, the perfect match with his date’s dress. I could feel my eyes light up when seeing how happy the simple, yet effective comment had made Y/F/N. Rushing over, she engulfed Thor in a hug before leaning up slightly and giving him a peck on the cheek.
“Ah and can’t forget, Y/N, you look stunning tonight.” He gestured to me, arm almost scanning me up and down.
“Stop, you’ll make me blush.” I laughed. “You both head off, I’ll catch up.”
“Are you sure? We don’t mind waiting?” Y/F/N questioned.
“Don’t be silly. You guys go on ahead, I'll meet you there.”
With a nod and a wave, they were off. They really did look like a perfect match tonight. I continued to look at myself in the mirror, fixing any stray hairs, flattening any kinks in my dress. Realistically, I was probably trying to prolong leaving for as long as I could. I was excited, but I was turning up on my own while everyone else had someone, it was a bit nerve-wracking. I still wanted to look my best though.
“Stop trying to convince yourself that you look good, you could literally blow an army of men away by looks alone.” A voice spoke, I spun to see who was speaking, the flash of green was enough to decipher who it was.
“You look lovely tonight, darling.” He grinned, the pet name had set off butterflies in my stomach.
“Thank you. As do you.”
“Well, I did put in an effort, nice to know it’s appreciated.” He joked, a breathy laugh left my lips, entertained by his words.
“Yes, well, I'm sure plenty of others will too.”
“The eyes will never leave me, I'm sure. Unless they’re on you, then I'd be surprised if I get even so much as a glimpse in my direction. Someone is a very lucky guy tonight, that’s for sure.”
“Why do you say that?” I asked, confused by his statement.
“Well, they get to be beside you all evening, it’s a beautiful view.” He winked.
It could’ve been you, I thought. I knew he was joking, however that didn’t stop the fire in me from igniting.
“I could say the same for you, someone is a very lucky girl.”
“I’ll be sure to let her know if she ever thinks otherwise.” Joking, again.
So he had asked someone. Albeit disappointed, I'm happy he’s happy. Though I still wish I was the girl in question, I couldn't stop him if he was interested in someone else. That wasn’t fair.
Giving him a brief nod and a tight lipped smile, I picked up the front of my dress a little bit and made my way out of the room and downstairs to the ball. I could still enjoy myself, the night is young, I've got this.
“It was crazy! And let me tell you, my dad was so angry with me. He didn’t let me serve Turkey again after that year.” Charlie, a guy that I had met an hour or so ago, finished his story of the Christmas horror he had, allowing me to relax for the first time that evening. Up until now, it had felt like all I’d seen was either happy couples, or stares from across the room. Usually the second and usually Loki. The same Loki who had a girl’s arm linked with his and was looking at him like he held the world in his grasp. I broke the gaze, finding it difficult to look at the pair for any longer, as I turned back to Charlie so he could have my attention again, a lazy smile was present as he took a sip of his wine.
“I don’t blame him, really, it sounds like you started a riot!” I exclaimed, sending us both into a full on belly laugh, thinking back to the story. This continued for another five or so minutes, laughter turning into a low chuckle, as if we were about to be told off for how loud we were being. Just as my hand had reached his arm to help hold me up, saving me from laughing myself into the ground, Loki and his date had made their way over.
“Enjoying ourselves, I hope?” He beamed, taking one look at me before giving his full attention to Charlie.
“Yes, yes we are, thank you. How about the two of you?”
“It’s been fine, yeah, good. So, what’s your name then?” Loki interrupted, his date having no choice but to leave him to respond instead.
“I’m Charlie Fernsby.” He held his hand out, greeting Loki. A gesture that was very awkwardly not reciprocated as he let his hand fall back to his side before Loki spoke up again.
“Charlie..Charlie, now, isn’t that a girl’s name?”
“Loki!” I scolded, giving him an evil side glance, what was he doing?
“No, no it’s okay. Yeah, it can be used for girls too, but it's common for boys to have the name Charlie.” Polite as ever, he responded. A mischievous look made its way onto the God’s face. Oh no.
“So, I take it your parents wanted a girl?”
“I- I’m sorry?”
“I assume your parents wanted a girl, considering they’ve given you a girl’s name?” I rolled my eyes, this teasing was unnecessary.
“Charlie, let’s go and get a drink.” I tried to tug him away, only to be halted by another sentence leaving my best friend’s mouth.
“It was only a question, I'm sure he doesn’t mind answering, do you Carl?”
“That’s what I said.”
“You said-” I tried to interject, but he was quick to stop me
“I know what I said, Y/N, but I'm speaking to him. Let him answer the question.”
Loki’s date was long gone by now, she’d left to speak to another group of people, presumably another few couples, leaving us three to have this discussion, thing, whatever you would think to call it.
“I’m just saying, maybe they would’ve preferred a daughter, seeing as they’ve very obviously made that clear.” He beamed, expecting me to join in and agree with him, I don’t find this funny. At all.
“Can you excuse us, Charlie? Loki, A word.” I pointed to the door, giving him a look implying for him not to test me.
“I’m in trouble. Wish me luck Carlos.”
“I know, that’s what I said.”
I pushed him all the way out the door, into the hallway and round the corner so as not to disturb everyone else’s evening. When I’d made sure there was no one else around, I looked up at the Asgardian, my arms crossed, eyebrows furrowed, I wasn’t impressed anymore.
“So, are we out here for some hide or seek, or?”
“What the hell was that in there?!” I raised my voice slightly, his need to always make everything a joke wasn’t working this time. He had his night, his date, he didn’t need to come over and insult mine.
“What was what, darling? I was making conversation.”
“You were making fun of him.”
“No, I showed some concern about his parents choices, that’s all. Friendly advice if anything.” He looked a bit more frustrated with me now, as though he was stating the obvious and it was going over my head. I wasn’t having it this time.
“No, Loki. You weren’t and you know you weren’t. You had your date, she was fine, you were fine-”
“Let me finish. Everything was fine. Until you caught sight of me having a friendly conversation with another guy who wasn’t you. But guess what Lok, I’m allowed to do that! I’m an adult, I can speak with whoever I like!” My arms were all over the place now, my frustration was starting to show itself, it seems I had a bit pent up.
I saw his lips move, I heard something, but it was so quiet I couldn't make it out.
“Speak up, Loki. I can’t hear you.”
“I said, if you think he was just being friendly, you’re clearly out of your mind.”
Is he serious?
“Are you- Loki, you have no right to make a judgement on who and how and why I interact with other people. Not that it should matter to you anyway, you’ve spoken to other women before and I've never said a word or tried to stop you. Why does this matter so much?”
“No, please, go on, tell me, enlighten me as to why this bothered you so much tonight, because trust me, I'm dying to know, truly.” I was shouting now, I just wanted answers for his behaviour, I didn’t think it would be this difficult.
His hands had made his way into his trouser pockets, eyes looking everywhere before settling on mine. He looked conflicted, I wanted to drop it when I saw his troubled gaze, but I couldn’t go back in there without an explanation.
“I like you, okay? Is that what you wanted to hear, love? That I was so uncomfortable seeing some you get close with some guy that I had to embarrass him in front of you? Something I'm sure my father won’t be so impressed to hear, but there, you’ve got your confession.” His voice had gone much louder than mine, taking me by surprise, so much so that it took me a minute to process what he had said. He liked me?
He turned to leave, I assume because I hadn't said anything for a matter of minutes, but I gently grabbed his arm, tugging him back towards me. I looked up into his eyes again. I was so close that you could see the specs of different colours spotted in them, they were flawless. This view beats the Asgard view anyday.
“Why didn’t you mention this before?”
He shrugged, “I don’t know. Worried I guess. We’d never spoken of moving past friendship and I didn’t think you’d be interested.”
“I’m more than interested, Loki.” I grinned, my smile meeting my eyes, never leaving his.
“Not Chelsey?”
“For the love, it’s Ch-”
I couldn’t say his name, a certain pair of lips had stopped me from doing so. As they molded against mine, my hands went up to tangle themselves in his hair, his hands falling to my waist and pulling me closer, I didn’t even think that could be possible. We pulled away when we needed to catch a breath, foreheads falling against each other, smiles painted on both of our faces.
“I bet I'll be in your dreams again tonight.” He whispered.
“I bet I'll be in yours.”
“Always are, Darling. Always are.”
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hstyles-1994 · 5 months ago
Pretty Please
in which harry has baby fever
a/n: soooo...i started this blurb almost two months ago and i completely forgot to finish it. it’s not great but it’s quite cute, at least i think so. enjoy bbys <3
1.6k words
Tumblr media
For the past week you and Harry have been spending time at his home in Holmes Chapel, with his family. Anne had organised a family get together a little while ago, and of course you and Harry had to be there. You had no complaints. You absolutely loved spending time with Anne and Gemma. Although you haven’t been with Harry for too long, you still see them as family. You absolutely adore spending time with them, and you've been extremely happy here the past week.
When you arrived, just under a week ago, you were pretty shy meeting everyone. There were some people you’ve never met before, but over time you felt comfortable enough to talk to them. Two people in particular you spend most of your time with are kids. When you all arrived one of Harry's close family friends arrived with his two kids, Jack and Lily, Jack being 5 and Lily being 4. The whole week they spent everyday attached to you. They would constantly want to play games, run around the garden and just spend time with you. And that really took you by surprise.
On the first day here, all of the family were sitting outside in the garden talking about work and some other random things you couldn’t really remember. All the while, Jack and Lily were running around the garden with each other. Although after a while they would bug everyone about playing with them, to which they all said no. You were the last person they came up to about playing with them, only because you’ve only met today and they didn’t know you very well. When they approached you they were super quiet and asked you super sweetly to play with them. And you couldn’t say no to their little faces.
For the past hour you’ve been chasing the little two around the garden playing tag. Everytime you caught them you would pick them up over your shoulder and pretend to throw them in the pool, which would make them scream and giggle. If you're being honest you were having more fun with Jack and Lily than you were sitting with the adults. You absolutely enjoyed playing with them, although you feel bad that everyone else said no to them. The two of them attempted to tackle you to the ground many times, which you let them win of course. And eventually you ended up on all fours with them on your back, while you crawled around the garden.
“That poor girl, what are they doing to her?” Anne laughs, pointing to the three of you. “Oh god, is she okay” their dad, Adam, laughs. “Yeah she’s fine” harry chuckles. If Harry was being honest he absolutely loved seeing you with kids. He would do anything to have kids with you. Something about you playing with kids really warms Harry’s heart. He’s never seen you with kids before and the sight in front of him is really fuelling his breeding kink.
He now wants nothing more than to make a baby with you. The thought of being a father right now excites Harry so much. And it’s not like you haven’t spoken about have babies. The only push back is that you’ve only been together for a little over seven months. So your slightly concerned that having kids early on might cause problems in the future between the two of you. Whether that be you start to drift and don’t last, which right not you don’t think you’ll ever separate. Another being that your still young. Your only twenty-one and your not entirely sure your ready to take that step just yet.
By the end of the week you were absolutely exhausted. Every day Jack and Lily would come wake you up around 10am to play. When you told them that you needed a break they would get pretty upset and start to cling to you. And by that point you just gave in and played with them. Everyday you would either play in the garden with them or spend the day inside playing with the huge amount of toys they brought with them for the week. You and Lily even made little friendship brackets with some beads and string Anne had lying around in her craft room.
When it came the time for everyone to leave they became extremely clingy to you. They would constantly want cuddles and to be with you, which you had no complaints about. The plan was for everyone to leave late Friday morning, but plans slightly changed. Jack and Lily begged for you to come with them, but you had to go back home. They spent the morning cuddled into your sides, shedding a few tears too which absolutely broke your heart.
“I don’t know how we’re supposed to leave” Adam sighs. “They’re so attached to y/n” he adds. “I know, they really love her” harry smiles. “It’s just, I don’t know. They’ve never had a mother like figure in their lives” Adam starts. “And I’m not saying they see her as a mum, but they’ve not had female attention since Abbey left three years ago. They miss it” he adds. “Well they can always come visit us whenever we’re free, we won’t mind” harry suggests. “They’d love that, thank you Harry” Adam smiles.
While the adults were talking in the kitchen, your cuddled up with the two kids in the living room. They begged for you to watch Tangled with you, and you definitely could not pass up on that opportunity. Once the movie had ended the group of adults made their way into the living room. They look at you three all cuddled up and go into awe. Adam hates to tell the little ones that they’re leaving soon. But it has to be done.
“Hey guys, how was the movie” Adam asks, picking up Lily in his arms and kissing her head. “Good, can we watch another one, please daddy” she pouts. “I’m sorry sweetie, we have to go home soon” he sighs. Immediately, Jack and Lily burst into tears. Lily jumps out of her dads arms and into yours, holding tightly onto you arm. And jack does the same. They cling to you for dear life. “I’m sorry, but you can see y/n again soon. I promise” he says, hoping to cheer them up.
They beg and plead to stay with you for a little while, that’s until you promise them they can see you again soon. You arranged to take them to the park sometime the following week, and that instantly put huge smiles on their faces. They agreed to be good and get ready to go home soon. Once they had their shoes and coats on, bags all packed in the car, they come to say their goodbyes too you. They give you a huge hug, accompanied with a kiss on the cheek, then leave with their dad.
Once they’ve left you and Harry leave soon after. You say goodbye to everyone and then begin the journey back to london with Harry. The drive back is a few hours, so you decided to take a little nap considering how energy draining this week has been. By the time you’d made it back to Harry’s house you were fast asleep. Harry decided not to wake you up, and that he’ll just carry you inside.
Harry makes his way round the car to your side, quietly opening the door and taking off your seatbelt. He lifts you up bridal style, making sure your head is on his shoulder and in a comfort position then carrying you to the front door. He pulls his keys out as quiet as possible, unlocking the door and carrying you inside. He softly lays you down on the couch, covering you with your favourite blanket, then returning outside to grab all the bags from the car.
Once he’s carried everything inside he makes his way back to the living room to see you walking up. He makes his way over to you, sitting on the edge of the couch and holding your hand in his. “Sorry baby, I didn’t mean to wake you” he whispers, leaning down and placing a kiss on your forehead. “S’okay, i don’t want to sleep all day anyways” you yawn, sitting up and stretching your arms.
“I had so much fun this week harry, I can’t wait to see your family again” you smile, wrapping your arms around harry. “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself baby, they all love you” he smiles, kissing your head. “Especially Jack and Lily, I loved seeing you with them” he adds. “They’re so cute, I can’t wait to have my own kids one day” you blush, looking up at Harry. “Me too” harry smiles, placing a kiss on your lips.
“Y/n, when can we have a baby” he asks shyly. You heart begins to race, a huge smile spreads across your face, and you want nothing more than to have a baby with Harry. “I want a baby with you, but is a baby going to be a good decision now? Your working a lot of the time so will you have time for a baby” you ask. “I can take some time off, we can try for a baby and if it happens then it happens” he smiles, tears filling his eyes. “I want nothing more than to have a baby with you, princess” he adds.
“I love you so much harry” you sniffle, wiping the tears from your eyes. You jump at Harry, sitting on his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. He keeps a tight grip on your waist, kissing your jawline making you giggle. “I love you more than anything, and I can’t wait to have a baby” he smiles, kissing your lips.
“Let’s go make this baby”.
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starryhyuck · 6 months ago
pride. (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: sugardaddy!xiaojun x reader
words: 4.7k+
summary: stacked with two jobs, tuition bills and rent payments, an opportunity falls into your lap that leaves you wanting more.
genre: fluff, smut
warnings: creampie, breeding kink, semi-public sex, oral sex, degradation, overstimulation
It all started before you hit rock bottom.
When you enrolled in college and decided to study music, your parents refused to pay for your tuition as they had hoped you would pursue law instead. You’ve been passionate about music since you were younger, and financial burdens were not going to hold you back from pursuing your dreams.
You spend most school nights working a low wage job, and switch to a different low wage job on the weekends. You hardly had time to balance studies and work, but in order to make ends meet, you fill your body with caffeine and call it a day.
You’re in the middle of wiping down the counter of the campus’s local ice cream parlor, ignoring the email you received from your landlord minutes ago. It was yet another warning notice to pay last month’s rent, a task you’ve been putting off for weeks.
There’s barely anyone who comes into the shop this late at night on a weekday, only a few who have a midnight craving they have to fulfill. You’re surprised when Doyeon comes barging into the shop at half past midnight, dressed to the nines in her custom Versace gown.
She sighs and throws herself down on one of the parlor chairs. “I feel sick to my stomach. Is it possible for your intestines to hurt so much from champagne?”
You laugh at her. Doyeon was your first friend when you came to campus, and you were blissfully unaware of how wealthy she was until three months into your friendship. Her mother recently remarried and Doyeon despised her stepdad, but she never had any complaints about the money he carried with him. Doyeon’s offered to pay off some of your loans so that you wouldn’t have to work two jobs, but you always turned down her offer. You couldn’t take money from her — you had to have a little bit of pride.
“What happened now? More sleazy old men hitting on you?” You question, leaning over the counter to ask her.
“You know me so well,” she sighs, her curled hair styled perfectly down her shoulders. She removes her heels for a bit so she can breathe. “And Doyoung was complaining the entire time, pissing off my mom. You know how my brother is.”
You’ve met Doyoung once or twice, and he was very similar to Doyeon — confident, smart and not afraid to speak what’s on his mind. Doyoung had a very difficult time adjusting to their mother’s new beau.
“You know what would be nice?” Doyeon asks, eyelashes fluttering at you. “If you come with me next time.”
“You know I can’t,” you decline, moving to check on the tubs of ice cream. “I’m too busy with work and school. Can’t leave for a night of luxury.”
“But you can,” she whines loudly. “Just let me pay your rent for last month and we’ll call it even!”
You roll your eyes. “I hardly call that even, Doyeon.”
She huffs. “Please? I can’t stand to go to another one of these things and listen to those snotty people tell me how lucky I am that my mom found that douchebag. You would make it so much more fun, and save me from a night of torture.”
For the first time, you’re contemplating Doyeon’s offer. You’ve known for a long time now that you’re running low on funds, and you’re scared that if you don’t find a way to pay your landlord, he’ll end up evicting you. Your eyes glance up to meet Doyeon’s, who has her puppy dog gaze turned on.
You sigh. “Just one event. That’s it.”
She squeals, and almost jumps over the counter to hug you.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you, thank you!”
You awkwardly pat her back. “Yeah, yeah.”
Doyeon failed to tell you that the event she was dragging you to would actually take place within a week.
You scrambled to find a dress and how to style your hair, knowing that if you showed up in an off-brand name, you would immediately look like an outcast. Doyeon saved you from the humiliation, shoving you into a Valentino dress that had your eyes rolling out of your head at the price tag. She also hired a hairstylist on the day of to come over and fix you up, which you clearly disagreed on until Doyeon told you it wasn’t up for debate.
And now, here you were, standing in the middle of the most luxurious place you’ve ever stepped foot in. Doyeon leans over to whisper to you while you’re eyeing the waiters and waitresses walking around with trays of champagne.
“Just smile and act like you only care about money.”
She tugs you forward and you try your best to match her pace. A girl approaches you two first, nails wrapped around the stem of her glass. She’s wearing one of the most beautiful gowns you’ve ever seen, a Chanel piece her mother imported for the event.
“Hyojung, you’re way too young to be drinking anything,” Doyeon scolds.
“Calm down, mom. No one’s snitching except you. Who have you brought?”
Doyeon beams and loops her arm through yours. “This is my friend from college.” She gives Hyojung your name and you offer your best smile.
Hyojung returns your grin. “Nice to meet you. Where do your parents work?”
Doyeon opens her mouth to tell Hyojung the truth, but you stop her.
“They own a few chain businesses in our hometown. Nothing too grand,” you inform. Hyojung nods in agreement, eyes darting somewhere else.
“Well, Chanwoo is here. I’m going to get the gossip that he owes me from last time.”
When Hyojung leaves, Doyeon frowns at you. “Why did you lie?” She questions.
You shrug. “I would rather not be a fish out of water here more than I already am. It’s better if people think I’m at least middle class.”
“Okay,” she says slowly. “You know I’m not ashamed of you, right?”
You giggle and pat her cheek. “Of course I know.”
“Finally!” You hear someone exclaim, and you turn to see Doyoung rushing over to the two of you. “Where the hell have you been? Mom’s going to murder you for showing up so late.”
Doyeon rolls her eyes. “Relax. We took a long time getting ready.”
Doyoung smiles gently at you before tugging his sister away. You feel even more awkward, hands folding together as you sway in the middle of the room. The people around you are talking animatedly and you can faintly hear the sound of the violin in the back of the room. You wonder if you should pretend to go to the bathroom or find somewhere to sit-
“Never seen you here before.”
You turn to see a guy your age, dressed in a full Armani suit and Rolex watch shining under the sparkling chandelier. You awkwardly clear your throat.
“Uh, yeah. My friend brought me. Do I look that weird?”
He chuckles, running a hand through his chestnut locks. “You look beautiful. I’ve just been to plenty of these galas before and I’ve pretty much memorized the guest list.”
Your heart lingers on his compliment and you avert your gaze.
“My first one. Are they always like this?”
“Boring, you mean?”
You laugh and he joins in. You swear you feel butterflies frantically flying in your stomach.
“So, what’s your story? Also have rich parents?” You ask.
He nods. “My mother owns half of the city’s major businesses. I’m Xiaojun, by the way.” You give him your name and he smiles, motioning to the back of the room. “Want to talk where it’s a little less loud?”
You agree, smiling and taking his arm as he leads you to the less chatty part of the room. You both sit on a luxurious velvet couch, a piece of furniture that most likely costs more than your entire apartment. Xiaojun hands you a glass of champagne, his smile taking your breath away.
“Tell me a little bit about yourself,” he muses, eyeing you carefully.
You laugh. “Is this a job interview?”
He shrugs. “Could be.”
Your eyebrows furrow at his answer, but you figure rich people were always weird and vague like that. “I go to the same college as Doyeon, and I’m studying music. Not really much to say, I spend most of my time working.”
He nods, and you can’t place what the look in his eye is for.
“Music, that’s interesting. What made you decide to take on such a daunting major?”
“Daunting as in it’s not law or business?” You counter, giving him a look.
He holds his hands up in surrender. “Hey, no judgment here. In my world, I haven’t met anyone who isn’t a law or business major. It’s nice to have a change of scenery.”
He challenges your gaze, and you feel a warmth in your stomach you haven’t felt in months. You jump when you hear the shriek of your name and Doyeon comes charging towards the two of you.
“There you are! Jesus, I had to hear Doyoung fight with my stepdad for almost ten minutes.” Her exasperation turns into surprise when she sees Xiaojun seated next to you. “Oh! Hey, Dejun. Didn’t see you there.”
He offers a smile. “Hi, Doyeon.”
“Do you mind if I pull her away for a bit?” Doyeon asks, but she’s already looped your arm through hers. You slightly protest when she tugs you away from Xiaojun, but you’re immediately distracted by her next question. “What the hell were you doing talking to him? You know what Xiaojun is famous for, right?”
You frown, looking over your shoulder again to see him, watching as his line of sight carefully follows you and Doyeon.
“No, I don’t. He seemed nice. What’s the issue?”
Doyeon rolls her eyes. “He’s a sugar daddy. Always looking for new sugar babies to satisfy him. He’s been blowing through girls like the wind for the past year. He’s not good, and I don’t want you in his company without me.”
You try to process that the man you were just talking to was, in fact, scoping you out to get a potential new sugar baby. You can’t wrap your mind around it, even when Doyeon drags you to the corner of the room, where Doyoung and her stepdad are still fighting.
Your eyes linger on Xiaojun’s table, but he’s already long gone.
“Nice shop you got here.”
You practically jump out of your shoes at the sound of the familiar voice, almost spilling a cup of ice cream down your front. You nearly get whiplash with how fast you spin around, eyes widening at the sight of Xiaojun standing in the middle of the ice cream shop. Your manager, Seojeong, raises an eyebrow at your skittish nature.
“Is there a problem here?” She questions, but you immediately brush her off.
“No, no problem!” You squeak. You immediately rush over the counter and push Xiaojun out of the shop. “Seojeong, I’m taking my 15!”
“Um, okay?”
Once you’ve got Xiaojun on the street, you take notice of what he’s wearing - another dark Armani suit, same Rolex watch, and hair styled in a way that’s meant to make your panties drop. You push back your thoughts and whisper harshly to him.
“I know why you’re here.”
He raises an eyebrow, smirking. “Do you now?”
“Yes, I do,” you state confidently, tilting your chin up. “Doyeon told me about your little sugar daddy scheme.”
He laughs. “Ah, is that what they’re calling it now? Didn’t realize I was such a bad guy for wanting to help out girls in bad situations.”
You scoff. “Do you get off on this? Lowering yourself to the underprivileged lives of the poor? Pretending to be the hero that saves the damsel in distress?”
He snickers at your line of questioning, shoving his hands in his pockets and eyeing you. He leans down so that you’re face to face, and you falter as he becomes closer to you.
“And if I do? What if I like giving you money so you don’t have to work two jobs?”
“How do you know I have two jobs?” You inquire.
“You looked so lost at that gala. I told you I’ve memorized the guest list — you’ve never been on it. It became relatively easy to discover the rest of the details. It must be exhausting doing this everyday, haven’t you ever wanted a break?”
You fold your arms across your chest and take a step away from him. “What’s in it for you?”
He grins. “The pleasure of your company.”
“What kind of company?” You ask, doubting him. You won’t lie and say the offer isn’t intriguing to you. You still have pride, definitely, but the weight of two jobs has really taken a toll on you lately. Plus, Doyeon said Xiaojun breezes through girls anyways. You could get a break from paying your rent for a few months and before you know it, he’ll move onto the next charity case he wants to help out.
There’s no harm in that, right?
Your thoughts are blown through the window, however, when his smirk grows wider. You’re sure there’s a large damp spot in your underwear right now.
“Whatever company you like, little one.”
You’re fucked.
You keep the relationship with Xiaojun quiet and under wraps. You know Doyeon would have many thoughts about your choice, and she would probably convince you to let her pay your bills instead of Xiaojun. You couldn’t place that burden on her shoulders.
Surprisingly, Xiaojun doesn’t ask for much. He swings by the ice cream parlor once a week, drops off a $1000 check, stays to chat for a little, and leaves. Seojeong doesn’t raise any questions, albeit you’ve seen her glance at the envelope you leave in the back room. You would’ve thought that Xiaojun is the type of guy who invites you over to his penthouse apartment to get to know him, but he’s been quite reserved. He never crosses the line with you, and his questioning stays on the topic of your classes and work. You continuously wonder how to captivate his attention and if the other girls before you failed to do so.
About a month into the deal, your patience wears thin. You’re not even really sure why you’re frustrated in the first place. Anyone would love a no strings attached deal like this, getting $1000 every week with barely any commitment. You quit your other job because you don’t need both paychecks now and you’ve been able to keep up on rent. However, a part of you expected to be close with Xiaojun in some way at this point, especially considering the way he was flirting with you when he first propositioned this.
You’re fully prepared to confront him on Friday night, the same day he usually drops off the check and chats with you for a bit. You practically throw yourself over the counter when he takes a step inside the shop, yelling over your shoulder to Seojeong that you’re taking your break.
Xiaojun laughs at your eagerness, allowing you to tug on his suit as you pull him outside.
“Someone’s excited today. Need the check that badly?”
You frown at the accusation and exhale. “No, as a matter of fact, the money you’ve given me so far could probably cover me for a year.”
“Then what’s with the frowny face?”
“There’s a catch here, Xiaojun, I know there is. You’ve been too nice,” you say, waving a finger at him.
He smirks. “Have I been? I told you, little one, all I need is your company. You’ve given that to me every week, haven’t you?”
You scoff. “Barely. We talk for a few minutes while I’m making orders for other customers and then you leave. I would hardly call that company.”
He gets even cockier, if that was humanly possible. Xiaojun has to know what he’s doing to you — the mystery of his true personality starting to make you curious.
Similar to your first meeting, he leans down until he’s a few inches from your face, eyebrow raised. “Didn’t mean to neglect you, little one. Did you want more from me?”
You shift awkwardly, tension building in your stomach from his words. He was clearly teasing you and his patience was stronger than you previously believed. He waited a month just to have you desperate like this, wanting something more than a few minutes of his time. You’re so wet at this point that you’re definitive Xiaojun knows.
To prove your point, his smirk grows wider. “What are you doing after your shift?”
“U-Um, I have some homework to finish-“
“Great, I’ll pick you up after work and you can finish it at my apartment.” He doesn’t give you any time to protest, moving closer to you, his breath hitting the shell of your ear. “Next time, little one, just tell me you need more attention. Daddy will gladly give it to you.”
You’re a nervous wreck when Xiaojun’s expensive Rolls-Royce pulls up to the curb after your shift has ended. His car looks terribly out of place on the streets of your dirty campus, but he doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest. You quickly get in and ask him to go before anyone can recognize you.
The ride to his apartment in the upper part of town is filled with silence, making you even more jittery. Xiaojun, on the other hand, is calm and collected with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the console. You try to swallow your nerves and reason with yourself.
This is just Xiaojun — son of a multimillionaire, heir to many respective companies within the city. This is just Xiaojun — the man who’s been giving you $1000 every week with no strings attached, the man who’s clouded your dreams for the past month on more than one occasion.
Unfortunately, you don’t have any more time to dwell on your thoughts when Xiaojun pulls up to the parking garage of his complex. The both of you exit the car and he hands the keys to one of the valet drivers. His fingers fall to the small of your back as he guides you inside.
You try to avoid the blatant stares from other residents. You’re still dressed in your work clothes, a simple t-shirt and pair of jeans, but you couldn’t look more like a fish out of water. Xiaojun doesn’t seem to mind, walking into the elevator and pressing the top floor button. You ride the elevator in silence, and your eyes nearly fall out of your head when you reach the penthouse.
The apartment is straight out of the movies. The decor is extravagant, and you’re afraid if you touch anything, you’ll have to pay a fine. Xiaojun leads you to the dining room, pulling out a chair for you, despite your confusion.
“You can finish your homework here. I’ll be in the study upstairs.”
“Wait wait wait,” you stop him, placing a hand on his chest. “You’re leaving?”
He grins. “Did you want me to stay?”
He was really going to make you beg for it. Your eyes narrow and you feel a burst of confidence run through you. You tilt your head up until you’re a few centimeters from his mouth.
“You said Daddy would give me more attention if I asked for it.”
He growls, eyes darkening. Before you know it, he has you pinned to the grand table, staring at you as if you’re his last meal. It’s your turn to smirk as his control snaps, fingers digging into your hips roughly.
“Think it’s fun to test me? The other girls before you were more behaved,” he hisses, eyes wandering to the valley of your breasts.
“But you don’t like that, do you? You like it when they disobey,” you murmur, pulling him closer to you. “You like giving them their punishment.”
Xiaojun’s lips are pressed to yours before you can even fully register what’s going on, his body locking you against the wood. You whimper, hands gripping his forearm to keep steady. It’s messy and frantic, and you can see all of the built up tension starting to show.
“What would Doyeon think of you whoring yourself out for money?” He snickers, making you feel small under his gaze. “I bet she would be so ashamed. Little one gave up her pride for a few thousand dollars?”
You whine. “It’s not like that.”
“But isn’t it?” He questions you, fingers unbuttoning your jeans and sliding them down your legs. You wish you had worn a sexier pair of panties today but Xiaojun seems satisfied nonetheless, snapping the elastic against your skin. “Can’t wait to get a taste of this cunt. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it, little one?”
You probably look pathetic like this — half of your body sprawled across Xiaojun’s dining table, pants around your ankles, and a large wet spot ruining the fabric of your underwear. You pitifully nod in response to his question, eyes locked on the bulge straining against his expensive trousers. He chuckles when he follows your line of sight.
You fall into the role so easily. “Yes, Daddy.”
He directs you on your knees, the cold marble floor sending a shiver up your spine. You eagerly watch him unbuckle his belt and exposing his leaking cock for you. The tip is red and angry, demanding to be touched.
“Go ahead, little one. Make Daddy feel good.”
You wrap your mouth around the tip, nearly moaning at the taste of him. You haven’t been intimate with someone in so long and his cock has your mouth watering.
“Good girl,” he soothes, pushing his cock further down your throat. Tears immediately spring into your eyes when he ignores your gag reflex, hands gripping the back of your head as he guided you. “Shh, doing so well for me, little one.”
You allow him to fuck your mouth, trying to brush aside the tears falling down your face and saliva pooling at the sides of your mouth. It’s filthy and you love it — you haven’t been used like this in months and you never realized how much you missed it.
“Your mouth is so perfect, fuck,” he groans. “I’ll pay for anything you want if you stay on your knees like this, all pretty for me.”
You gasp when he lets you breathe, pulling his cock away. He chuckles at you, fingers returning to stroke himself as he watches you regain yourself. He tugs you back on your feet, overlooking your wobbly legs and pushing you into the living room. You’re about to question him on what he’s doing until he’s shoving you up against his glass window. You gaze downwards, seeing a plethora of people passing by on the street and cars honking to one another. It’s a view you only see in the movies, and you know Xiaojun’s eager to fuck you into the fantasy.
His fingers slide into your underwear, breath hot against your neck. “Look at all of them down there, little one. Bet they want to be just like you, fucked so good for everyone to see. Even better when I cum inside you, hm?”
You freeze. “D-Daddy,” you whisper frantically. “I’m not on the pill.”
He’s silent behind your figure before you feel him playing with your folds, your wetness coating his hand.
“Isn’t that nice? What do you think of getting knocked up, little one? This entire place could be yours, you would never have to step foot in that ice cream shop again. All the wealth you never imagined, you could spend all day in bed with me while I stuff you full. You would look so pretty on Daddy’s arm. I wonder how many times we could sneak away from the crowd so I could fuck my cock into you. Wouldn’t that be a dream?”
You gasp, growing wetter by the second. He easily slides a finger into your heat and all common sense is thrown out of the window.
“Please fuck me, Daddy,” you beg. “Please please please. I’ll be good for you, I promise.”
He laughs at your desperation, pushing another digit inside. “Even though you’re not on the pill? How filthy of you, little one.”
It’s sick. You barely know this man but all you want is his cum inside you. You can imagine the headlines now — Millionaire’s Son Gets Poor Girl Pregnant. But you want it. You want it so badly.
You hear the tearing of your panties but you couldn’t give a fuck what happens to them, pushing yourself further into him. He laughs again at you, tip lining up to your entrance.
“Beg for it.”
You cry. “Please, Daddy! I want it, I’ve been so good for you! I’ll let you cum inside me and everyone can watch. I want them to see who I belong to.”
“Fuck,” he growls at your submission. You nearly scream when he pushes into you, his girth bigger and thicker than you’ve ever taken before. On top of that, you haven’t had sex in months and the stretch is almost unbearable. Your head rolls back but Xiaojun grips your chin and forces you to look outside the window. “Look at all those people, little one. They’re about to get a nice show.”
He gives you no time to adjust, thrusting into you like he wants to break you. His fingers tangle into your hair and he pulls roughly, causing you to yelp at the pain. You’re past the point of coherent thinking, Xiaojun’s cock fucking you so good you can barely talk.
“Good, little one?”
“Mmf,” you gurgle, gasping at the force of his movements. You can feel him in your throat, and it’s as if he’s waited all these weeks just to spill his seed into you.
You tumble over the edge when he pinches your clit, whispering the dirtiest confessions into your ear. “Needy whore,” he laughed sinisterly. “Probably can’t go a day without my cock after this. Going to be begging me for it, wanting me all the time now. I can’t wait to take you everywhere and anywhere I please. I’ll buy you so many cute outfits, little one. So many skirts that make it easy for me to slide right inside and fuck you until you’re crying for me.”
You clench around his cock and fall over the edge, your wetness spilling down your thighs.
“Daddy,” you breathlessly hiss, body going limp in his arms.
“You came so much for me, little one. Your slutty cunt is so good for me, isn’t it?”
“Please, Daddy,” you plead. “Please, Daddy. I want to feel your cum.”
“Yeah?” He grunts, the sound of his balls repeatedly slapping against your pussy echoes around the room. “You wanna get pregnant? All baby wants is a big fat cock to stuff her full of cum, hm?”
“Yes, yes, yes,” you cry out, not even caring how pitiful you look at this point. “Want it so badly.”
Your desperation snaps the cord inside of him and he spills every last drop into you. You whimper at the warm feeling, some of his cum starting to drip out and coat the inside of your thighs. You both attempt to catch your breaths, your legs feeling like jelly.
You’re about to move away from him until Xiaojun keeps you pinned to the window, stopping you from leaving.
“W-What are y-you doing?” You ask, still out of breath from the fucking you just received.
“I don’t think that was the one,” he muses, eyes locked on where you two are intertwined. He offers an experimental thrust that has you scrambling.
“No, no,” you sniffle, trying to move away from him again. “I can’t, I can’t.”
“I think you can,” he chuckles, enjoying the way your cunt wraps so nicely around his cock. “And you will. Haven’t gotten you pregnant yet, little one.”
You spend hours fucking like bunnies with Xiaojun taking you on almost every surface of his apartment. You don’t even care that you’re impregnated, allowing him to use you in any way he pleases while the sun falls under the skyline.
Your pride didn’t matter that much anyways.
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dreamingofaizawa · 5 months ago
Alpha! Hanta Sero x Fem! Omega! Reader
***18+ Fic***
If you are under the age of 18 please vacate the premises.
Warnings: A/B/O, smut, knotting, marking, breeding kink (sorta? idk it comes with the A/B/O territory), a hint of pregnancy kink, a bit of blood
Word Count: 3.6 k
Author's Note: Ohhhhkaayyy so this has been sitting in my google doc for AGES. I think I started this in...October of last year? It's been sitting there for months and I've lacked the motivation to finish and post it but then I sent in an anon ask to @reinawritesbnha and, being the absolute queen she is, she became the little push I needed to do it. I DID IT FOR REINA!!
Also, this is some of my earliest writing and I only skimmed and edited a little bit of it so if there's a little bit of weird pacing or a strange cutoff where the writing styles clash it's because I haven't touched this piece in months.
Anywho, enjoy~
It had to happen when you were surrounded by alphas.
Your suppressants flaked out, again, and your scent wafted through the air on the street. Normally It’d be fine for an omega to let their scent float freely around them. But your scent is particularly...potent, even when you weren’t in heat. Not only that, but you weren’t mated yet, your scent glands still bare, and you still didn’t have a pack. To make matters worse, you’re quirkless.
You hadn’t realised what was happening until your path was blocked by an especially large male alpha. You turned around, and there were two more behind you. Fuck. This isn’t good. You took in your surroundings and searched for an exit, but you couldn’t find a way out. There's no way you’d be able to outrun the three very large male alphas.
Probably the worst part is that more alphas are turning their head toward you, taking notice of your lavender honey and rain scent that slowly began turning to a sour swamp. You dared to hope that change would ward off the three cornering you, but they’d already got a whiff of you. Several distressed chirps sounded from your chest, voicing your discomfort, and you glared pointedly at the three alphas as they edged closer to you.
You hate when this happened. Why’d you have to be cursed like this? Your growls only grew, baring your little omega fangs. There’s no way in hell you’d let some stranger scent you, let alone one of these creeps. They wouldn’t take the damn hint and just crept closer to you, calling out to the ‘pretty little omega’ to ‘come have some fun’.
You’re scared now, the involuntary chirps in your chest coming more frequently. None of the other alphas or betas on the street were big enough to face the three, making you a sitting duck and a ragdoll if they wanted you to be. Your claws are small, nowhere near ideal for this situation, but you’d use them if you needed to. With a final low defiant growl you dropped your bag against the wall behind you and readied yourself for a fight.
Suddenly a large body dropped in front of you, his back to you. His scent alone hit you like a freight train, orange zest, mint, tree bark and something earthy. It had your head spinning, nearly sending you into an early heat. He growled, low and powerful, the sound rattling in your chest and making you sink further into the wall behind you. The other three alpha’s scents together were still overpowered by the new alpha before you, and they vanished faster than they appeared.
He turned around and stepped away from you, giving you space to breathe. He kneeled down enough so he was eye level with you, his hands reaching out clearly in an attempt to comfort you, but kept from touching you.
“Are you okay?” The question barely registered, still delirious from his scent, and you’re having a hard time recovering. Large hands grip your shoulders and shake you lightly, your mind beginning to clear with the soothing pheromones he’s releasing.
“Omega.” The command snapped you to attention, your gaze fixated on his own dark irises.
“Are you okay, omega?” You blink, swallow down the lump in your throat, take a deep breath.
“Yeah...I’m okay. Thank you, alpha.” But you’re not quite okay. You need to get home. Fast. The alpha seemed to catch on, probably by your scent that still hadn’t returned to normal. He stands and slips off his jacket, draping it over your shoulders and wrapping you in his scent. It’s a comforting gesture.
“Let’s get you home.” With a nod you set off, the man walking next to you with a strong, warm hand on the middle of your back.
“What’s your name?” You introduce yourself, and he does the same. His name is Sero Hanta, and now that you’re calm again, you take in just how handsome he is.
Raven hair is pulled back into a small bun, showing off his undercut and strong, sharp jawline. Onyx eyes shine with kindness and playful mischief, and a beaming grin reveals pearly white teeth. He’s incredibly toned, his muscles calmly rippling under the t-shirt that stretched over his chest. You vaguely noticed the strange shape of his elbows, but disregarded it as his quirk. The omega in you is howling, begging for this alpha, his scent invading your senses. But you suppress it quickly, reminding yourself you’d only just met this man.
As you reach your apartment you exchange phone numbers, and he tells you to keep the jacket and use it when you go out to ward off any unwanted attention. You thank him again for helping you earlier, and he waves to you as he walks down the hall and enters the elevator, the doors closing in front of his handsome smiling face.
Despite meeting him only ten minutes earlier your instincts trust the alpha, and you hold the jacket close to your face, breathing in his scent. It’s wonderful, and your inner omega is in love. You find yourself wondering when you’d see him again.
The next few days are riddled with work and calls to your doctor about the strength of your suppressants. You work from home as a secretary for a small company. It’s a miracle you’d found it, too. Nobody wants an omega, let alone a potent one. It’s an alpha’s world, you guess. When this job opening popped up you were ecstatic, so you took it and have been working from home with decent pay for the last five years.
The calls to your doctor were not going as smoothly as your job, though. You leave a message every four hours until she finally calls you back. She was concerned since the suppressants she’d prescribed are the strongest out there, and if your scent was overpowering them they were either defective or your scent glands were overproducing. It wasn’t an immediate threat to your health, it only meant you’d be drawing more attention than you wanted to. Still, it’s annoying and makes life so much harder than it needs to be.
After she prescribed twice the amount, she said she’d look over your tests from the latest visit before she hung up the phone. You groaned once the call ended. You seriously needed a break from your second gender. Taking the prescribed double dose of suppressants, you got ready to go out to the corner cafe to read and drink coffee. Hopefully the new amount will keep steady. You really don’t want to deal with any more aggressive alphas this week. For good measure you pull on Sero’s jacket, allowing his scent to cover you, then grab your keys, phone, wallet and a book and begin the walk.
When you arrive at the cafe you order a hot mocha, curl into the small corner booth and crack open the book. You got lost in the ink and your mind floated along the adventure, putting yourself in the shoes of the main character and leading the mission to take down the corrupt queen who’d framed you for killing the prince of a neighboring kingdom. You were ripped from the fantasy world when a bright, enthusiastic blonde came up and tapped you on the shoulder, making you jump. His smile was as bright as his hair.
“Sorry to scare you cutie, but I couldn’t help but notice that jacket of yours smells an awful lot like my friend Sero!” You smile softly at the blonde.
“Well if we’re talking about the same Sero Hanta, then your nose would be correct. This is his jacket.” His eyes widen as he nods.
“Oh my gosh you must be the omega he keeps talk-” The blonde’s words became muffled by a large hand. A hand that belonged to the very man you were talking about. Sero smiles apologetically down at you as he shoves the blonde back to where you assume they’re sitting.
“Sorry about Kami, he’s… extroverted.” You smile back at him, mostly because you’re happy to see him again.
“It’s no problem at all. He recognized your scent on me.” He looked down and only then realized you’re wearing his jacket, and he beams at you. Then he takes a glance at the booth you’re sitting all alone at, his smile falling just a bit.
“Do you wanna come sit with us?” You take a moment to think about the offer, then agree with a nod. Your omega couldn’t pass up more time with him.
As you approach the booth you notice there are more people with Sero than you anticipated. There were four other people sitting there. Sero introduced all of them from left to right. Bakugo Katsuki, Kirishima Eijiro, Ashido Mina, and the happy blonde from earlier is Kaminari Denki. You introduce yourself and when Sero slid into the booth, you followed after him.
These five are a tight pack, and you learn they all met in high school. Bakugo’s brash personality made you wary at first, but it didn’t take long to realize he’s just like that with everyone. He makes a bit of a snippy remark, which you easily counter, and he smirks while the rest smile or snicker. It would seem they like you.
You can’t tell what their second genders are, and you mentally kick yourself for even wondering in the first place. Their genders are none of your concern, but you can’t blame yourself when you’re constantly alert because of your own stupid second gender. As it turns out, you don’t need to wait very long to find out.
This time you smell your own scent as it permeates the air around you. You swear under your breath at the stupid suppressants that obviously can’t so their job, and the others snap their gazes to you. You sigh.
“Yeah, that scent is me. My suppressants flaked again. Sorry about that.” They all nodded, seemingly understanding. Sero must have told them about the other day. Of course, it would soon repeat. It didn’t take long for an alpha to take notice of your scent. The man -- why is it always the largest males??? -- strides up to the booth with a cocksure grin and leans down to inhale your scent. You duck away from him, into Sero, and let out an albeit small warning growl that was drowned in Sero and Kirishima’s. He ignored them all the same.
“Hey there little omega, you smell real nice. You wanna come hang with me instead? We can have some fun together with my buddies, what do you say?” The others stayed quiet. They’re going to let you defend yourself before they do anything in case they end up escalating the situation. You turn your head and lift your shoulder, hiding your scent gland.
“I’m not interested, thank you. Please leave me alone.” You hoped to whatever deity watched over you that the man would leave. Before anyone could react the alpha grabbed your wrist in a vice grip, yanking you roughly from your seat. You chirp, your scent turning sour and the entire pack abruptly stands, baring their fangs at the man. It barely registered in your head that Kirishima and Bakugo are alphas, Mina is a beta, and Kaminari is an omega, their fangs giving them away.
The man tightens his grip on your wrist and you cry out, your bones creaking under the pressure. With no other options you did the one thing that would get him to let go, and sank your fangs into his wrist. You jump back into Sero, who wraps an arm around you protectively.
“You bit me, you bitch!” He raises an arm, clearly about to try and hit you, but a large hand grabs his wrist. Surprisingly enough it’s Bakugo, and his growl is laced into his words.
“Leave now, or you lose a hand.” Sero speaks up from above you.
“You might wanna listen, amigo. That’s Dynamight.” The alpha rips his arm from Bakugo’s hold and looks down at you, and you growl at him as he scoffs and walks away, apparently not ready to fight the #2 pro hero over an omega.
You all sit back down and you pull up the sleeve of the jacket to inspect the already forming bruise on your wrist. Your nose wrinkles with a half-angry half-pained snarl. Tenderly, Sero takes your wrist and lightly squeezes the sides of your forearm, against your bones, and your lack of reaction tells him nothing’s broken. Still, he growls at the offending bruise.
“I’m gonna kill him.” You shake your head and put a hand over his.
“It’s not worth it Sero. He’s probably long gone.” You turn to the rest of the pack.
“Thank you for protecting me.” Kirishima is the first to speak.
“Of course! That dude was a jerk. I just hope he doesn’t go around doing that to other omegas.” Bakugo, surprisingly, spoke next.
“Obviously we’d protect you. You’re a potent omega and quirkless, so you attract unwanted attention without even knowing or wanting to. Besides, if you’re gonna be Sero’s omega there’s no way in hell we’d let some extra handle you like that.” The implications make your face burn, and Kirishima smacks the blonde’s arm with a ‘Don’t just say that kind of thing, Katsuki.’
After an hour or two of talking, and shockingly no other aggressive alphas, they all walk you home to your apartment. Sero wanted to check on your wrist again, so you invited them all in, but they all had something else to do, so you were left alone with Sero. The fact that the one alpha you desperately wanted to be around is alone with you in your apartment is both great and terrible. Thankfully, you have self-control and his own suppressants are working perfectly fine.
He inspected the darkening bruise on your wrist, his large hands gripping your arm tenderly and turning it gently as he prods at the skin. It doesn’t hurt too bad, so you assure him you’ll be perfectly fine. Eventually he leaves with a hug and you sigh once the door is closed, relieved that you were able to keep your omega at bay and your hands to yourself.
A couple days later you get a text from him and the two of you text often, asking how each other’s day went, if anything interesting had happened. You didn’t leave your apartment unless you needed to, since your suppressants clearly weren’t working, so you made sure to cut grocery trips short and keep away from any alphas that seemed a bit aggressive. Sero invited you to hang out with the pack at their house, and you obliged.
They lived in a huge house all together. Most of the rooms were sealed so no scents or sounds could go in or out for ruts and heats, and there were several spare rooms that were empty and waiting for more pack members. It was a fun hangout, filled with video games and good conversation, and even better food which Bakugo cooked. Sero had an arm around you whenever he was close, and you definitely didn’t mind. Your suppressants flaked in the middle, again, and Sero insisted he walk you home. With him walking you home there weren’t any alphas trying to get you this time. You ended up going over to hang out with them a lot when you weren’t working, and eventually Sero began to court you.
Obviously, you accepted, and after a few months of dating and scenting, your overactive scent glands seemed to mellow out, Sero’s scent mixing with it. Your suppressants are lasting much longer now, which is a good sign. Now that you’re Sero’s omega, he often helped you with your heats and you’d help him with his ruts, and he was strong-willed enough that he hadn’t marked or knotted you in the middle of things.
About a year and a half into the relationship you realize you really love him. Sure you had arguments, but everything was settled through calmed discussions over coffee or tea, and you came to understand each other well enough that arguments became few and far between.
You’re happy with Sero, so when your heat came around early and he was there to help, you were going to let him know just how much you loved him.
You texted him once you felt it starting. He was there within half an hour, and you pounced on him once the font door closed, smothering him in hot, wet kisses, eager to feel him inside you. He carries you to the bedroom, and you two are quick in shedding all of your clothes. He lays you on your back with a hand on your throat as he growls into your ear, making a hot shudder roll down your spine.
“Are you ready for me omega?” You whine and nod, your slick already dripping down your folds. You want him so bad it hurts.
“Please alpha, I need your cock.” He growls again, satisfied with your answer, and he presses into you, bottoming out with one firm thrust. You chant his name like a mantra as he set a bruising pace, rutting into you recklessly, wet skin slapping on skin the only other sound beside your whimpers and his growls. His teeth nip at your shoulder, sharp fangs testing your skin and claws digging into the fat of your hips. His cock is so deep, hot swollen tip kissing your cervix with every full-bodied thrust and sending you into a euphoric haze. Your own claws are sinking into his back, leaving little trails of red and blood beading down the lines. It drives him wild every time.
“That’s right, little omega. Mark me up, I’m all yours. Fuck you’re so pretty underneath me like this.” His hands grip behind your knees and press them into your chest, folding you nearly in half as he plows into you further. The angle knocks the breath from your lungs and your eyes roll back. You can feel his knot beginning to swell, feel how his thrusts are getting more controlled and his grip on your thighs tighten from the sheer concentration it’s taking for him not to breed you. You have other plans. Between wheezed breaths you squeak out.
“H-hantaaa~” He slows to a near snail’s pace, grinding his slowly growing cock into your sweet spot, a smirk stretching across his face as you splutter from the sudden change. He’s enjoying making you squirm.
“What is it, sweetness? Tell your alpha what you need.” You pant, chest heaving as much as the position will allow.
“Want your mark, want your knot~ Wanna be bred Hanta! I want your pups!” He stills completely, claws digging into the fat of your thighs with enough force to have drops of blood falling to the sheets beneath you. You’d never said anything like that in the heat of the moment. He can’t have heard you correctly...right?
“Princesa, do you know what you just said?” The seriousness in his tone has you sobering, but even before you knew exactly what you were saying. You nod frantically, wiggling your hips to get him to move again.
“Yes! I know alpha! Please, give me your knot~” His growl makes your bones shake, and with no warning he drops your legs around his waist and leans down so his face is buried in your neck.
“Fuck, I’m gonna trust you with this baby girl. I’ll give you exactly what you want.” His fangs sink into your scent gland just as he picks up his brutal pace, and the euphoria makes you cum hard, your whole body locking up and mouth falling open in a silent scream. He plows into you as you regain your breath, and you bite down on his own scent gland as hard as you can, tearing into his skin with every intention of leaving a pretty scar for the world to see.
His knot swells more, and he’s pushing it into you with every ounce of power he can generate with that gorgeous body of his. With one final snap of his hips he locks his body to yours and cums hard, ropes of hot seed filling you to the brim. He collapses on top of you and laps at the wound on your neck and you do the same. After a few minutes he leans back and cups your face in his hand, gazing down at you like you hung the moon and the stars.
“Are you alright?” You nod, nuzzling into his palm.
“I’m sorry. I was gonna talk to you about it, but my heat came early.” He kisses your forehead gently, brushing the strands of hair from your face.
“It’s okay, pretty thing. I trust you know what you’re getting yourself into.” You giggle and wrap your arms around him.
“Of course I do. I love you, Hanta.”
“I love you too.” You lay there, tangled in each other’s arms until his knot goes down. You whine at the loss when his cock slips out of you, clawing at him to come back because you’re still in heat. His hand gently wraps around your neck, a low chuckle on his lips.
“Relax, we’re far from done.” His already hard erection rubs up and down your glistening folds, barely stimulating your clit, teasing you until tears prick your eyes and you’re beggin him to fuck you again.
“When I’m done you won’t be able to walk for days. I’m gonna breed you so well, You’re gonna look so pretty all big and round with my pups.” He groans at the image he’d conjured in his head and you squeal as he slams his hips into you.
You’re in for a wonderfully long night.
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ddarker-dreams · 10 months ago
Yan Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Zhongli, Beidou & Ningguang / Courting Darling.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Stalking, implied blackmail, kidnapping, and gaslighting. Note: this is a bit of an amalgamation from different asks i’ve gotten, put into one thing bc i thirst for these six characters so hard .
Tumblr media
“What’s life without a little adventure? You can stand to miss work for a day or two, it’ll still be there waiting for you when we get back. People have even gone so far as to say I’m an absolute joy to be around. You want to know who said that? Sorry, that source is staying a secret.” 
Childe is an erratic whirlwind of highs and lows. You never know what to expect from him, and he likes it that way, always keeping you on your toes. He doesn’t bother with having his friendliness appear genuine. If you want to doubt his goodwill, then so be it, he won’t stop you. It just makes it all the more interesting to keep you around should you be wary of his presence. 
He doesn’t care for the traditional conventions surrounding romance. It isn’t his thing, and he’s used to being considered the odd one out of every crowd, so why stop now? Childe doesn’t tone down any aspects of his bloodthirsty personality in your presence. It’s difficult to tell how serious he’s being since most of it takes the form of jokes or other lighthearted jests. In his mind, the fact he’s even spending so much time with you should make it obvious he’s interested. Whether that’s good or not. 
You’re going to be dragged all over the place. Childe’s stamina is seemingly an infinite well, as he takes you from activity to activity. By the end of the day, you’ll be exhausted. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take no for an answer, weaseling his way into your schedule despite your protests. Childe is particularly fond of getting into situations where a fight is inevitable, purposefully taking you to areas with monsters to show off his combat prowess. 
“Did you get a look at that, [First]? Aha, I haven’t had this much fun in ages! You already want to head back? Hm, I don’t know, the night is still young. Stop dragging your feet or I might just have to carry you. Not that I’m complaining, should that be the outcome. It’s up to you. Oh! Now that’s the spirit! I’ll try not to be hurt by how fast you’re moving now.” 
“Ah, [First], I take it you’re doing well. I couldn’t help but notice you eyeing this book at the market earlier. I’ve had a copy of it for ages, but with how busy things are, rarely do I have time to read. I’d be appreciative should you accept this and give it a better home.” 
Diluc is self-assured in many areas of his life, romance is not one of them. He knows how to carry himself in the company of businessmen, staying polite and vigilant, but this rigid method doesn’t work in his favor when it comes to wooing you. To soften the blow on his side, Diluc tells himself that it was never about a relationship anyway. That his main priority was and will always be to ensure your safety. He tells himself this, but... isn’t sure if he really believes it. 
He’s a perfect example of pining from afar. Subconsciously, he’ll drift towards areas you tend to linger around, hoping to spot you amidst the bustling crowds. Each time he tells himself that this’ll finally be the time he approaches you. The opportunity is set before him, waiting to be taken advantage of, but he rarely follows through with his desire. 
It frustrates Diluc to no end how easily others flock to you. He’ll stand there, still as a statue, eyes boring into whatever pest currently holds your attention. This would be the push to finally send him your way. It’s a surprise to you both when Mondstadt’s wine tycoon materializes by your side, politely asking to speak in private. Truth be told, he just can’t stand the thought of another person holding your attention that isn’t him. 
“I apologize for my abruptness back there. There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you about for some time, and well... would you consider having dinner with me tonight? I’d appreciate your company.” 
“It’s a funny thing, really. How we keep bumping into one another like this. Ah... that suspicious expression, it wounds me deep, sweetheart. When did you start looking at me like that, I wonder?” 
There’s no doubting Kaeya’s interest in you, from the first time he sauntered over to you and started a conversation. The problem you have is deciding how genuine his advances are. While Kaeya might not be the textbook definition of a heart-wrenching playboy, you’re familiar enough with the many rumors surrounding him to be wary. It doesn’t help that he’ll point this out to you when guessing the source of your apprehension. 
His methods are, oddly enough, effective. Kaeya balances the various aspects of seduction with ease. He reveals just enough about himself to draw out your attention, before focusing the conversation back onto you. You’ll never get to stop and realize how little you know about the man sitting in front of you, he makes certain of that.
Kaeya might hide certain aspects of himself, but his dubious morality is never concealed. He has you entirely wrapped around his finger, words validating his actions falling from his lips with the utmost ease; he’s a force to be reckoned with. You’ll start a conversation heated about something you’ve learned, only for it to end wondering why you were ever upset in the first place.
“Now, now, there’s no need to get all riled up over something like this. Don’t you trust me by now? When have I ever given you reason to doubt me? You need to take a look at the bigger picture. Hey, take a seat. I’ll sit here all night explaining to you if it’s necessary.” 
→[More underneath the cut].
“There must be something that I can assist you with. It may not look it, but I’m familiar with many fields of work, even obscure ones. Please allow me to lend a hand.” 
Zhongli, despite having been around for many centuries, is somewhat clueless in romantic pursuits. He’s aware of his fondness for you, but doesn’t know what to do with it. This leads him to becoming your shadow for some time. He focuses on what he knows best: observation and processing new information. Your every little movement will be analyzed and tuck into the back of his mind for later usage. 
Zhongli’s soft over the idea of you coming to rely on him for everything. He prides himself on his wealth of knowledge and work ethic, believing it a strong appeal, one that he puts on full display when you’re around. It’s not rare for you to overhear neighbors and friends speak highly about Zhongli. They’ll mention in passing how they were having difficulty with something, only for Zhongli to come around and help without asking for anything in return. 
This is exactly what he’s been hoping and waiting for. Zhongli has patience and sets himself up to be a desirable partner in your eyes, the efforts from his labor coming into fruition. Before you even speak to him for the first time, you’re likely to think highly of him, having heard all the ways he’s helped people close to you. Now that the stage is properly set, he’s ready to make his interest in you more evident. 
“I’ve heard a lot about you, [First]. Oh? You can say the same for me? Well, I hope I can live up to your expectations. I had just been on my way to Yanshang Teahouse, would you care to join me? My treat, of course.” 
“You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a voyage with my crew and I. I’ll set up a nice cabin just for you, how does that sound? Hm? Special treatment? Don’t worry your pretty little head about that, lass.”  
Beidou’s attention is overwhelming and oftentimes dangerous. Traditional social conventions are nothing but a waste of time for her, meaning that common courtesy is disregarded in favor of always speaking her mind. Which might not be so bad if she wasn’t so amorous. Even the most oblivious person couldn’t miss Beidou’s overt favor towards you.
This reverent display of affection is only exacerbated when she’s drunk, face flushed and an arm swung tightly around your shoulder. She doesn’t care who sees, who’s judging, or what gossip will be born from her actions. Beidou makes a point of showing everyone in the vicinity that even if you aren’t officially partners yet, a claim has been staked on you. 
Whether it be coercion or some other unsightly method, Beidou is intent on bringing you on her ship at least once. Or that’s how she initially phrased it to you. Imagine your surprise, that when you finally caved so she’d drop the subject, her crew was untying the ropes keeping the boat at port. 
“The fun’s just getting started, you haven’t seen anything yet. Don’t get all teary-eyed yet, sweetheart, I know you’ll come around. This’ll be a story sung by sailors for generations to come.”
“If I’m being honest, not many are given the opportunity to speak to me outside of business-related ventures. I never thought I’d find it this... pleasant. I hope you’ll continue to entertain me as you do now.” 
Ningguang starts off her wooing in a subtle, almost coquettish manner. She is confident in her charm and brilliance. Not many have been gifted in the art of conversation to the same extent Ningguang has, her silver tongue paired with quick intellect making it difficult for you to escape. She’ll corner you verbally without you even noticing it. 
Ningguang finds amusement in how you stumble over your words, pure of heart and not chained down by special interests. Your forthright but considerate demeanor intoxicates her. She’s used to people cowering in her presence or trying too hard to pursue their goals. You might even earn a rare compliment or two, disguised as politeness, that doesn’t register for hours. 
She is a lady of fine taste. The sky’s the limit when it comes to her wealth, which is unrivaled throughout Tevyat, and you’ll be quick to notice this. Ningguang is most partial to sending you traditional Liyue adornments, believing the rich culture behind each piece suits your beauty. She’s also fond of the fact that when you wear her gifts, everyone in the vicinity will know it’s from her, due to its extraordinarily high cost. 
“Do you like my latest gift, little dove? It was made custom with you in mind, an unrivaled display of craftmanship, if I may add. Wear this and carry me with you... always.” 
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ladyfallonavenger · 5 months ago
Don't Trust Him
Andy Barber x Reader, Ari Levinson x Reader
Word Count: 6638
Warnings: NSFW 18+ Minors please shoo, dark characters, abduction, possessiveness, controlling behaviour, mentions of murder, arson, violent behaviour, arguments, emotional and mental abuse to some extent and relative Stockholm syndrome signs. I’ve tried to cover everything I can think of that could trigger people.
Summary: Best friends have their friendship turned upside down when Andy Barber comes between them.
Prompts: “Shhh, sweet girl, it’s ok, I promise you’ll learn to love me” & “I can’t stop thinking about you”
This was written for Siri’s 5k Soft Dark Challenge. It’s definitely been a challenge for me as I’ve never written anything purely or solely for Chris’ characters before. This isn’t beta read and all mistakes are my own. So I hope you enjoy it and feel free to like, comment and/or reblog. Feedback is always appreciated.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The bell rang and the teens just poured out of the classrooms marking the end of another day. Y/N tidied up her classroom a little and then settled at her desk to grade some papers. She’d been teaching in Boston for three years but was still considered the baby of the English faculty even though she was in her early thirties. There were a lot of old traditional teachers still working there. Not that she minded as it was helpful to work with people with years of experience.
“You’re always grading or planning, come and grab a coffee with me Bubala” Ari said standing in the doorway of the classroom, leaning against the frame and with his arms crossed. She looked up and smiled shaking her head. He walked over to her and perched himself on the corner of her desk. “Bubala, you’re ignoring me” he almost sang extending the word Bubala.
“Ari I’m trying to grade these papers” she protested looking up at him. The grin on his face was infectious.
“That’s what Sunday night panicking is for” he teased.
“Ari you’re such a bad influence for someone who is supposed to be my friend” she mock argued.
“Hey, this bad influence was your mentor and got you through that first year remember” he laughed.
“Yes, I know. I owe my teaching excellence to you Ari Levinson” she faux gushed conceding and standing up to grab her bag.
“And don’t you forget it Bubala” he draped an arm over her shoulder as they left her classroom.
The drive to the coffee shop on a Friday afternoon was liberating because it meant the weekend was here and they had some downtime. They’d gotten around using the weekend for planning by coming up with the units of study and resources over the first summer she had there. Ari studied Y/N’s actions, he knew she was still thinking about work. She had trouble switching off at times no matter what he taught her to get around it.
“Your brain is still ticking but we’ve left, what’s the rule?” he told her.
“I know, I buy the next coffees. Ari I was thinking about the Poe unit we’re doing and I wondered what you thought about bringing in the local historian and Poe expert to talk to the kids about the context to his poetry and tails” she sipped her cappuccino wincing a little at the heat.
“No” Ari shut her down as he took a bite out of his chocolate éclair.
“No? That’s it?”
“Exactly. No” Ari replied.
“Look Bubala, you’re my best friend here ok. I don’t want you putting yourself in danger because you don’t know the history of the people here” he remarked as he stirred his latte. Y/N looked at Ari with confusion.
“What danger?” she pushed further. Ari gave off an irritated sigh as he dropped his spoon on the table. Rolling his eyes, he looked up at Y/N.
“Five years ago Andy Barber’s wife and son were murdered quite horrifically. It was all over local news. He was arrested, put on trial as the main suspect but was acquitted, evidence was just ‘circumstantial’” he told her.
“It’s doesn’t mean he did it Ari”
“It doesn’t mean he didn’t, murderous tendencies run in his family,” he explained further, “look, the guy is bad news. I know you want to do more to make lessons interesting but there are other ways and none of them involve Barber” he tried to look at her with pleading eyes and she nodded sitting back in her chair and looking disappointed.
Saturday morning, Y/N was up early and ready to visit the Poe museum. She was really excited about it. Walking around the place she felt so in awe. Edgar Allan Poe had been her favourite poet since childhood. This was a dream come true for her. She stood in front of a painting that was a summary of his most romantic poem.
“But we loved with a love that was more than love, I and my Annabel Lee” a velvety voice spoke behind her.
“With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven coveted her and me” she grinned not looking back.
“Let’s see if you know your stuff,” the voice aired, something about it made her tingle and she hadn’t even seen who it was yet. “And neither the angels in heaven above, nor the demons down under the sea…” he quoted stepping towards her slowly.
“Can ever dissever my soul from the soul of the beautiful Annabel Lee” she finished the lines turning to him. His lips curled up into a gentle smirk.
“Andy” he introduced holding his hand out.
“Y/N” she replied going to shake his hand, but he brought it to his lips and kissed it in chivalrous way. Y/N couldn’t help but blush at this tall, handsome fine specimen of a man. After introductions, they struck up a conversation as he gave her a tour of the museum. As it came to an end he invited her for lunch, an offer she took up immediately. He followed it up with showing her around some of Boston’s best hidden gems. It was nearly six in the evening when they were walking in the park, her arm tucked in his. She’d not enjoyed herself this much in such a long time. She put her head on his shoulder as they sat on a bench watching people as they walked by. He rested his head lightly on hers.
“I’ve really enjoyed today Y/N” he confessed, “a lot of people avoid me like the plague”
“Because of five years ago?” she mused. He sat up and turned to look at her with surprise in his eyes.
“You… You know?” he stuttered.
“Of course I know”
“But… but you’re still here and spent the day with me” he was stunned. He’d been living a very lonely life following the acquittal. Most of his old friends stopped talking to him. It was hard to make new friends in a place where gossip was the assumed truth.
“You were acquitted. Andy I don’t go by what people tell me. I’d rather find out for myself and I’ve really enjoyed myself today” she assured. Tears welled in Andy’s eyes as he hugged her. It felt good for someone to see beyond the rumours and lies.
“I have to go soon, Andy but can you put your number in my phone?” she asked. He nodded and did as she asked. She rang him and he saved her number. As he walked her back to her apartment they discussed meeting up again. She agreed to go on a date with him as there was something endearing about him that she couldn’t quite explain. As they got to her block he kissed her on the cheek, thanked her for a wonderful day and watched her enter the building. She was bursting with excitement inside. Andy Barber was nothing like Ari described him and wondered if it was just Ari being over protective as always. As Andy walked away from the building he looked at a selfie they’d taken that day and ran his finger over the image of her face slowly. Maybe he’d found the one and this time she was perfect.
Days passed quickly, Andy often shared texts with Y/N. Sometimes it was jokes, other times it was deep and meaningful. She invited him over to talk to him about something she wanted to work on and make it interesting in class. He agreed instantly that they would meet Friday evening after work. Friday approached really fast. As her class left at the end of the school day, she sat at her desk to get on with grading new work for one of her groups. Like clockwork Ari turned up at her door to tease her and get her to join him for their weekly coffee date.
“Bubala why do you insist on keeping me waiting by overworking every week?” Ari teased. Y/N laughed standing up and popping her planning book into her bag.
“Sorry my lovely but I have plans tonight”
“What? Oh you’re breaking my heart” he chuckled putting his hands over his heart. “So what is so special that you’re ditching me for Bubala?” he rested his hands on his thighs as he sat on her desk.
“I have plans” she responded being cryptic. He frowned a little.
“With?” he laughed at her mysteriousness. She huffed. There was no easy way of saying it. She was about to say something when there was a knock on her door. She turned to see Andy standing there in his suit and long woollen coat.
“Hey, sorry if I’m a bit early, I was told to come down here to find you” he beamed. Y/N went over to him greeting him with a kiss on the cheek. Ari folded his arms and just stared at Andy as Y/N led him into the room.
“I’m just putting stuff in my bag now, give me two minutes” she paused and spun to look at Ari who was seething under his cool exterior and she knew that look only too well. Usually when he was pissed at the upper level management putting pressure on staff with impossible targets or ideas. “Ari, I’d like you to meet Andy Barber, Andy this is my best friend, mentor and reason why I got through my first year here, Ari Levinson” she introduced.
“Hi, pleasure to meet you” Andy extended his hand. Ari stood up and rubbed a hand over his beard before reluctantly shaking Andy’s hand.
“You too” Ari flatly spoke. He passed Andy and exchanged a primal look, one of a pack leader whose status has been threatened. Narrowing his eyes at Andy, Ari nodded slowly almost trying to summarise him in one glance. “I’ll call you tomorrow Bubala” Ari said to Y/N as he left. She called out after him to say thanks and then walked towards Andy. Giving her an uncomfortable grin, she apologised to him and explained that Ari was overprotective, especially given the history of Andy.
“And do you still feel ok around me?” he asked.
“If I didn’t feel ok around you then I wouldn’t invite you to mine for dinner. Andy, I told you before I feel safe around you” she spoke softly. She held out her hand, “C’mon we have dinner and work to do”, he felt reassured and laced his fingers with hers as they left.
Dinner had consisted of pasta, jokes and comfortable conversation. Both had really relaxed in each other’s company and were enjoying themselves. After dinner, she went through her unit of work with him explaining that, this year, there were some students who had optimum learning through very different styles. He showed her everything that the museum, and he, could offer. She sat there making notes as he read the scheme of work, he stopped to glance at her. A heart-warming curl of the lips fast appeared on his face while she remained oblivious as she carried on working. She realised he was staring.
“What?” she asked confused.
“Nothing, it’s stupid” he replied realising he’d been caught.
“It’s not stupid if it matters to you” she offered. He pressed his lips into a thin line and with a nod he sighed.
“I’ve not experienced something like this in a long time. You know, the whole sharing time with someone while you both work together in the same vicinity. The feeling of being completely at ease with someone” he confessed. Facing him, she placed a hand on his arm.
“Do you miss her?” she quizzed.
“Yeah, even though she was cheating, she was still my wife. I mean I had a life, a family with her and I was expected to just move on”
“It couldn’t have been easy. I mean being arrested and stuff. How are you expected to go through that without it changing you somehow?” she asked him.
“I had a lot of nightmares about it” his words were mixed with pain that broke her heart.
“I’m sorry you went through that” she apologised barely audible. A few tears rolled down Andy’s cheeks.
“You’re the only one who has ever listened to me” he admitted. Y/N hugged him, surprising him. He embrace her tightly. She shifted back to look at him, his eyes were glassy. He looked at her lips then up at her, suddenly they were kissing deeply with a tenderness she’d never experienced before. His tongue sought permission to enter her mouth which she granted instantaneously, shifting from her chair to his lap where his arms protectively wrapped around her. As their lips parted, both panted slightly from the intensity of the kiss. He looked up at her apologetically but she soothed his worries with light kisses to his jawline. Usually she wasn’t this bold or brave but something about Andy made her feel that way. She stood up slowly and took his hand, the look in her eyes told him everything he needed to know. He followed her lead to the bedroom.
Once they were in there, lips melded with more force than before, Andy pulled her to him. He sat on the bed pulled her on to his thigh so that she straddled his leg. He pulled her top off with force making her gasp into his mouth. He cupped her breasts in his hands and she whimpered with need. She made quick work of the buttons on his shirt pushing it off him. She began to rub against his thigh as he kissed her breasts through the bra. In a move so smooth, he discarded her bra and got her to stand between his legs. Undoing the fastening of her skirt, he watched it pool around her feet and pulled her closer to him. He splayed kisses over her stomach as she carded his hair. He hooked his thumbs under the elastic of her panties and dragged them down slowly while maintaining a locked gaze with her. The desire in her eyes growing as she stepped out of the silky offending material, parting her legs for Andy nuzzle against her thighs, she shuddered in excitement as her sensitive skin reacted to his beard brushing against her. He stood up to remove his clothes and placed his lips on hers again.
“I really want to taste you and savour it but it’s been five years sweetheart, I need to have you now!” he rasped in her ear. She smirked and backed up onto the bed, spreading herself open for him. He crawled over her and ran his lips over her collar bone into the crook of Y/N’s neck. His beard tickling her and simultaneously sending sparks of excitement through her. She was wet and full of need. Andy lined himself up with her and started to push into her. Stopping a couple of times for her to adjust to his size. His moans of delight as he pushed right in indicated how touch starved Andy was.
“Andy I need you to move” Y/N breathed. He didn’t need telling twice as he pinned her wrists to the mattress and above her head. Lips connected, tongues danced and thrusts increased into a steady pace. She arched her back as Andy hit spots she never knew existed. She’d had a couple of relationships but sex was never like this.
“God sweetheart, you feel so good. I need you” he uttered as he continued to thrust.
“Fuck, Andy you have me, I need more, faster” she punctuated her words with breathless gasps at how big he was. She knew he was stretching her like never before as he continued each measured and powerful thrust. Her walls started to constrict around his cock bringing them both closer to their climax. “Y/N, I… Jesus, I’m gonna cum” he almost cried out as she began to milk him. Both in tune with other as their orgasms hit like tidal waves, their euphoric, sinful sounds filling the room. He collapsed on to her as his thrusts became more irregular as he slowed down and completely emptied into her. His breathing was heavy as he looked at her, that blissful afterglow of sex surrounding them. She craned up to kiss him again. He did so but softer this time, almost like she was fragile and he wanted to protect her. It was loving, it was warm. It was Andy.
They snuggled up together, legs tangled and the sheet covering them. His breathing pattern was still a little off as they calmed down.
“I’ve not felt like this in a long time, thank you” he spoke taking her hand and pressing it to his lips. She looked up with a demure smile.
“No one has ever made me feel so good Andy. I should be thanking you” she insisted.
“Y/N, is this a one off or something else?” his voice quivered with uncertainty, vulnerability awash on his features. She ran a finger over the side of his face, back and forth over Andy’s beard.
“What do you want it to be?”
“More. You’ve given me something I’ve not had in a very long time. Trust and love”
“Then we’ll make it more. It’s too early to decide what right now but I know that if you walk out of my place wanting nothing more, I’m scared that I’ll never feel for anyone else the way I feel when I’m with you” she admitted. Andy cupped her chin and tilted her head to look at him, he placed a chaste kiss on her mouth and curled his lips up into a smirk. He knew this was where he wanted to be. She fell asleep on him very quickly, he snuck out of bed to grab his phone then climbed back in careful not to wake Y/N. Unlocking it, he went into his contacts and found exactly who he was looking for.
Andy: Hey Nicholas, when will that cabin be ready?
NF: Three weeks
Andy: What? Why?
NF: Quality takes time.
Andy sighed chucking his phone aside while deep in thought. He couldn’t make it happen any sooner, he’d just have to wait another three weeks.
It was Sunday evening and Y/N was sat with Ari going over some work and just catching up in general while eating pizza. There was a slight tension in the air and she knew why. Ari was mulling it over in his mind and not asking her. Ari tried to avoid commenting on the marks on Y/N’s neck. He knew that there was something going on between her and Andy and it bothered him. He just had a bad feeling about him and was worried about his best friend. He didn’t want to have to identify her in a morgue somewhere because of Andy’s bloodlust. He still couldn’t believe the guy got acquitted in the first place. He huffed again as he wrote a grade on a page. Y/N rolled her eyes and looked up at Ari. Suddenly her phone beeped. She grinned and now it was Ari’s turn to roll his eyes.
Andy: I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop thinking about Friday night. Miss you baby xxx
Y/N: I can’t either. Miss you more xx
Ari coughed as if to get her attention. She glanced up at him.
“Let me guess… Andy” Ari spoke with sarcasm as Y/N shook her head at him.
“And if it is?” she challenged.
“I don’t get it. I warned you about him” Ari tried to refrain from shouting at her. He threw his work on the coffee table in front of him. Standing up he began to pace and run his hands over his face.
“Ari, I appreciate the concern. I really do but I just don’t think it was him. He’s a lovely guy and I would appreciate it if the two most important men in my life got on” her voice was pleading. Ari shook his head.
“I just don’t trust him, usually you trust me and my judgement. Why aren’t you listening to me now?” he asked sounding like he was scolding her. Now Y/N threw her paper’s down and stood up to go to face to face. She didn’t like how he was treating her like a child. She grabbed her bag and jacket. Ari watched in amazement at how she was acting. She’d never been like this with him. “Where are you going?” he asked.
“Home” she reached his front door and felt his gaze bore into her. She turned to look at him, “you’re being dramatic Ari. When you realise I’m not a child, your project or a brain dead bimbo then maybe we can talk” she spat before leaving and slamming the door behind her. Once she was away from Ari’s place she text Andy asking him to meet her. Right now she just needed him.
The following day, the school day had passed so quickly, Y/N avoided Ari and focused on her lessons. Ari was furious, not with her but with Andy for coming between them. Their friendship had always been solid. Now when he saw her, she looked tired. She’d been crying, that had been obvious. But she was also not willing to relent because she believed in Andy. Ari was going to talk to her after school ended but she wasn’t there. He wondered if she’d left already when he spotted her talking to the principal. The conversation looked deep but at the same time not like it was bad. Smiles and a handshake were shared. She was patted on the shoulder and thanked before parting ways. She adjusted her handbag and walked in Ari’s direction. He was about to speak to her when one of her senior students ran up to her. The weird thing was it was one of her more reluctant students and a well-known jock. He was showing something he’d done and she congratulated him. It was the first time Ari had seen Daryl Jones smile at an English tutor. Y/N watched as the student left her to run back to the gym. That’s when Ari approached her.
“Y/N” he spoke quietly. She eyed him warily and started to walk ahead, “I don’t want to argue” he called after her. She nodded to her classroom and he followed.
“Make it quick Ari, Andy’s waiting for me” she said in a no nonsense tone.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t sleep last night ok. I was out of order. I hate this animosity and I know it was my fault ok” he confessed surprising her. Ari never liked apologising or admitting he was wrong.
“I’m sorry too Ari. I just wish you’d let me make my own choices and trust my judgement” she sighed.
“I do and I will, seems like Mr Heston was pleased with you Bubala” he genuinely smiled. She nodded excitedly.
“Yeah Daryl told him that he thinks he’ll graduate thanks to the new ways I’m doing this unit with him. I’ve found some breakthroughs thanks to Andy and if it means no summer school for students like Daryl then I’m happy because he has been a cause for concern for a while” she explained.
“That’s fantastic news. I’m really happy for you. You realise that Heston will be calling on you to talk with other faculties on how to approach these students right?”
“He already asked me but he also thinks that I should have an extra-curricular class for students like Daryl so that they don’t fall by the wayside. He’s even prepared to pay extra for it if it brings targets up” she beamed proud of herself.
“I’m so proud of you Bubala. I should let you go. As you said, Andy’s waiting. Look let’s do coffee this week and catch up, I promise I’ll be good and you can invite Andy too” he offered. Y/N agreed and hugged Ari before leaving. Ari went to his classroom and looked out at the carpark from his window. He spied Andy waiting for Y/N and observed as she looked at him like he was the most precious thing on earth. He pressed his lips into a tight line and clenched his fists as Andy pulled her to him and kissed Y/N with deep passion. Ari wasn’t ok with it. He’d never be ok with it but he didn’t know how to tell her without losing her. He’d just have to be there for her. He had a really bad gut feeling about Andy and he never ignored his instincts.
A few weeks had passed. Andy and Y/N were seeing each other practically every other day. She was developing strong feelings for Andy and felt things were heading in the right direction. The biggest issue Andy had was Ari. He had that same lack of trust for Ari that Ari had for him. It was the only thing Andy and Y/N had argued about. He didn’t like how Andy would call her ‘Bubala’. He also didn’t like how he’d text or call her at the most awkward of times even though he’d seen her a few hours earlier. Andy told Y/N that he was falling for her but something would have to be done about the amount of time she saw and spoke to Ari outside of work because Andy’s biggest insecurity was being cheated on. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Y/N. He just had no trust for Ari. He felt he was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. After another argument that had Andy in tears, Y/N conceded. She knew if he was working with one woman all the time then seeing or texting her after work, she would hate it. She knew if she wanted that future she could see with Andy, she’d have to work on spending less time with Ari. It was a no brainer. It didn’t sit well with Ari when she’d explained that it was important for her future with Andy but she was his best friend and he didn’t want to tell her that he thought the behaviour was controlling especially when she asked if he wouldn’t call her Bubala around Andy. Ari didn’t care that it made Andy uncomfortable. It was how he’d say sweetheart. It was his nickname for her and had been in all the time they’d been around each other. It was just another way that he was getting under Ari’s skin.
Another two months passed rapidly. Y/N was now a specialist in the school for struggling students. She was also the go to teacher for advice on lesson and resource planning. Things were so busy now that she only saw Ari while at work, even then it was never the way they used to be because they were both so busy. Spring break was coming up, seniors were going into their final stretch and it was crazy all round. Plus senior management were observing staff to see how they were meeting new standards they’d put in. Occasionally Y/N and Ari would have a meet up on weekends or have a longer phone call but that was it. Andy would remind her by pointing at his watch when she was on the phone. Ari hated this space between them but he was always there regardless. Because that’s what best friends do. She’d been there for him when he got together with Barbara (the school receptionist) but she dumped him because of his friendship. He didn’t want Y/N to go through the same heartache if he could help her avoid it and, even though it killed him to admit it, Andy made her happy.
It was the night of the Literary Gala, Andy had been looking forward to this night for some time as the museum was getting an award for excellent standards. Andy looked extremely handsome in his black suit. His breath hitched when he saw Y/N step out in her burgundy halter-neck silk dress. It hugged her curves like a koala on a tree while ensuring nothing looked out of place. Her matching kitten heel slingbacks completed the outfit. Her hair danced over her shoulders as she moved with ease towards him. Andy felt like he was on top of the world and it had taken a long time to feel like that again. People came over to them, speaking to Andy like his past never existed, the acceptance, the smiles and all because she’d helped build him up and made this second chance possible. They were five minutes away from the award presentation when Y/N’s phone started ringing. She looked at it, it was Ari. She excused herself and moved to the wall as Andy watched her, unimpressed. He could see the way this conversation was going and made his way over to her.
“Sweetheart, we need to take our seats in a moment” he reminded her. She covered the mouthpiece of her phone. Looking at Andy apologetically she sighed.
“I need to take this call outside in the foyer. Ari has an observation tomorrow morning and needs to just run down his inclusion resources. If I don’t make sure it’s right I am in the line of fire too. My job is to ensure these things are in place”
“And he chooses now to call you? Convenient” Andy grimaced.
“Andy I won’t argue with you, give me five minutes ok” she kissed him on the cheek and left the hall.
Andy sat at the table. He explained to others, asking where Y/N had gone, that she helping another teacher with preparation for an observation. They nodded, some saying they understood because of their partners. Five minutes passed, she was still not back in there. Andy’s leg bobbed up and down nervously as he tried not to get angry. Ten minutes, nothing. Andy was now being called up to accept the award. He took it graciously and began to make his acceptance speech. Y/N slipped in halfway through and sat quickly making as little disruption as possible. Andy noticed. He held the lump in his throat as he finished his speech and made his way back to the table. Y/N kissed him but felt his frosty response. She tried to ignore it.
After the gala, the ride home felt long. Andy said nothing the whole journey. The look in his eyes was impossible to read and Y/N didn’t want to argue. Yes Ari’s timing could have been better but it was genuine. It wasn’t an excuse for a friendly catch up. She wanted to say something to Andy but the atmosphere was colder than Elsa’s castle in Frozen. She closed her eyes, pinching her nose slightly. Why did she have to be caught in the crossfire of two of the most stubborn men this world had to offer?
Andy pulled up in the driveway. He got out slamming his door shut and Y/N closed hers quietly watching as he locked it and stormed into his house. Y/N followed him not sure what to expect. That’s when it kicked off. Andy started shouting and hollering at her backing her into a corner telling her that he always felt like Ari was the third person in their relationship and that she was always putting him first. She tried to plead her case but he shoved her onto the sofa. He swept his arm across the fireplace shelf, sending the ornaments crashing to the floor. Y/N stood up, tears in her eyes she picked up her things.
“Where the hell do you think you’re going?”
“Home. Andy I’m not going to talk to you like this”
“Like what? Someone telling the truth? I’m not letting Ari come between us anymore!” his temper was out of control.
“You just did” Y/N muttered leaving the house in tears and calling for a cab.
An hour later Andy sighed. Looking around the room, he knew what he had to do and grabbed the cabin keys as well as his car keys. He was going to do what he should have done a week ago.
The school had been thrown into chaos the following morning. Ari’s observation cancelled as something more sinister had been thrown at them. Y/N hadn’t shown for work. Her phone was going straight through to voicemail and the police had been called in to check on her. When they turned up at the school, they asked to speak to Ari and the principal. Ari sat there feeling sick, unable to speak as the tears flowed. Her apartment had been ransacked. It looked like a struggle had occurred, there was blood that they were testing at this point and finger prints on the blood stained fabric. The principal and Ari told them everything they could that might help them, including of her relationship with Andy. They were both asked if they had alibis for last night and gave details. It didn’t surprise them as the police had to cover all bases. The principle gave Ari the rest of the week off and spring break as the police said it didn’t look good.
As Ari drove home he listened to the local news, the talk of Y/N missing was now hitting everywhere and the police were treating it as a possible murder. When he got home he paced like a caged animal. He wanted to be out but knew the police were doing all they could. That’s when the news of Andy’s arrest hit the airwaves. Suddenly his whole past was being dredged up. Ari didn’t want to listen to it and shut the news off.
It was about 9am when the police phoned Ari to let him know that not only had his alibi cleared but Andy was being charged with the abduction and suspected murder of Y/N. His finger prints and Y/N’s blood checked out on the fabric as well as Andy’s home security footage of the argument. They’d taken the keys he had on him and were investigating the cabin that he had bought recently despite him pleading that the cabin was going to be a surprise romantic getaway.
Ari couldn’t stay and listen to the news, it was too constricting for him. He asked the officers if he was free to travel because he couldn’t be around reminders of his best friend as it was too painful right now. They apologised to him and told him they had no further questions for him leaving him free to escape the place that was too much for him right now, everywhere he turned there was a reminder of her. As he drove out of town, the news reported that a cabin belonging to one Andy Barber had been on fire and a body was found inside barely recognisable.
He’d been on the road for six hours as he pulled off to an unmarked road. He pulled up in the driveway of a cabin by a private lake. He was met at the door by a man he knew only too well.
“Levinson,” the bearded long haired man greeted.
“Rogers, how did it all go?” he questioned.
“Like clockwork, but next time you need me please don’t ask me to work with someone who puts up so much of a fight. I don’t like having scratches on me that don’t belong to Nat” he advised.
“Sorry, she is a bit of a spitfire”
“Yeah, you got that right. Did you send the money?”
“Yes, your friend Barnes collected it on the night, great alibi” he beamed. Steve nodded.
“Well my job is done. See you around Levinson” Steve said dropping cabin keys into Ari’s hand.
He took his bag from the car and put it inside the door as he walked into the cabin. He made his way up the stairs to the master bedroom. There she was, tied to the bed in her underwear and fast asleep. His heart sped up at the sight of her there, all for him and no one was going to come between them now. He quietly made his way towards her and sat next to her on the bed. The movement woke her immediately. She gasped in relief seeing Ari there.
“Ari, you came to find me” Y/N spoke in relief.
“Of course Bubala, I’ll always find you” he spoke. Something in his tone seemed off. Y/N’s eyes panned.
“No Ari, please tell me they were not… Ari you have to let me go. Please. Let me go and I won’t say anything” she began to cry. Ari untied her arms and held her to him.
“Shhh, sweet girl, it’s ok, I promise you’ll learn to love me” he insisted before pressing his lips to hers, forcing her into a kiss. She was too weak to protest. As he loosened her leg ties and then took his clothes off. He climbed into bed with her. Her mind and body in total shock that her best friend was responsible for her abduction.
“Please Ari… people will ask about me… Andy…”
“Will now be doing time for your murder Bubala. Your body has been found and all evidence points to him” he was almost singing as he told her. He sounded blissfully happy as he moved into position of big spoon and held her to him, his arm’s vice grip like that of a boa constrictor.
“Why?” she asked, her voice muffled by her tears.
“You’re my Bubala and he tried to take you from me. You and I have something special. I love you and I know you will learn to love me in the same way because we have that connection already” he cooed in her ear pressing light kisses to the side of her head.
“You love me?” she asked in disbelief.
“Bubala, I worship you. You are my everything” he whispered. She tremored in his arms, her face almost drained of emotion, not knowing how to feel. Did she love Ari? Did she ask for this in some way? She had always been close to him, slept at his numerous times. Was it something she’d done? Or was Ari right? Was she going to learn to love him? She’d always felt empty without him there. Hated the restrictions Andy put on their friendship. Then there was the way Andy terrified her. Something in his eyes scared her that night, that cold, murderous stare. The threat to make sure Ari was not in her life again. Suddenly she felt so vulnerable and lost, and only Ari could make that better. She closed her eyes and turned in Ari’s arms to look at him.
“I’m sorry Ari. I… I should have listened to you. I was so stupid, now I’m here sobbing in your arms like a mess and it’s all my fault. All you were trying to do was protect me” she cried into his shoulder. He cupped her chin in his hand and tilted her head up to him. He kissed her softly and broke the kiss not allowing it to become deep and confusing for her right now. He gave her a warm smile.
“You are not a mess, my sweet, sweet girl. You are gorgeous. But you’re going to be even more beautiful when I breed you, fill you up and make you mine forever. Bubala you will look ever more the goddess with your belly swollen with my children. We’re going to be so happy here” he told her kissing her tenderly.
“Yours forever” she sighed into the kiss holding onto him not sure whether it was her heart talking or her brain as a result of the trauma of the last few days. Either way, she felt like she was in a safe cocoon and right now the only place she wanted to be was in Ari’s arms.
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lovekeigo · a year ago
Change Of Plan
Hawks | Keigo Takami x Reader
Warnings: Breeding, Soff!Hawks
Word count: 8,000+
Commission for: @buttchan 
After meeting a lovely single mother and her son, Hawks realizes his deepest fear is also his greatest desire. 
Tumblr media
The muffled unknown pop song playing in the speakers was the only thing keeping the small gas station store from being completely silent. The hum of slurpee machines and hotdog ovens were almost louder than the music. This time of the day was Hawks’s favorite, towards people’s bedtimes. There weren’t as many fans to follow after him, fewer eyes on him. The only downside being crime was less numerous, and more serious. Instead of constant robberies and petty threats to the city, the true scum of the scrap came crawling out from the blackened corners of every alley. They brought with them heinous offenses, the kinds that used to keep him at night during his younger years--which were not too long ago, in truth. 
Hawks loved his job. Well, he loved aspects of his job. Saving lives may be a common task, the hero occupation a dime a dozen, but it didn’t make it any less remarkable. He was happy to protect the population. The honor being Number Two brought was unlike that of being an olympic athlete, or a war soldier. No, there was a heavier burden to carry, the pressure of having to uphold both your image and reputation--it wasn’t as easy as he made it look. 
Flashing a toothy smile to everyone who called out his name, it put them at ease knowing someone like him was at the top of the billboards. Even the cashier he greeted on the way in seemed assured upon seeing him enter.
While sifting through the different snacks he hears the high - pitched ding of the bell, his mind already geared up in preparation for an interaction. A young boy’s voice was ushering his chaperone inside, giddy with the desire to buy something as indicated by his plethora of snack requests. 
“Yes, yes. Go pick anything, as long as it's not candy. It’s late enough, okay?” A feminine tone answered, the fast tapping of the boy’s feet rapidly approaching the aisle the Winged Hero stood in. 
Hawks was ready to give the usual routine; turn, smile and greet. He always preferred child fans over adult ones. At least they were more fun to interact with. 
The boy bounces his way into the chips aisle, light up shoes screeching to a halt at the sight of Hawks. The pro hero cocks his head to the side with a big grin, and like a reflection the child mirrors him. 
“Are… Are you real?” The boy asked quietly, frozen in place. 
“I don’t know, am I…?” Hawks lifts a bushy brow, raising a hand to his chin as if to actually question his own existence. 
The two are silent, until he notices the boy's eyes wander towards the red feathers. 
“Can… Can I touch your wings?” 
“Sure you can!” Hawks happily outstretches his wings, beckoning the boy over. 
The kid prances over to him, both hands petting the hero’s wings as if he were petting an animal. He giggled, taken back from how soft they felt. 
“What’s your name, champ?” Hawks questioned, reveling in the child’s enjoyment. 
The boy gleefully told the hero his name, proud to have it.  When Hawks repeated it, his eyes shined so bright they resembled stars, “Are you here to buy a nighttime snack, too?” 
“Definitely! Heroes get hungry while working, and I’ve been dyin’ for something salty.” Hawks says, looking over the different colored bags of snacks. “What kinda chips do you like?”
Satisfied after having ruffled the hero’s feathers the child goes up on his tippy - toes to reach for a bag of Lays, sitting on a shelf a tad too high for him, “Uhm--... I like Lays! Mama says they’re really unhealthy, but we eat ‘em anyways cause they’re the best.”
“Ahh, good taste I see!” The hero jokes, helping to grab two bags of Lays. He hands one to the boy, smiling down at him in such a friendly manner the kid would have thought they’ve met before. But they haven’t. Hawks was just that warm of a person. Talking to people, especially kids, was easy for him. Whether it was instilled in him since he was young or it was just in his nature, he just had such a way with the child audience one would think he had his own. The idea may have crossed his mind. 
In the corner of his eye Hawks spots you, stepping into view at the end of the aisle. You bat your eyelashes, eyes darting from him and whom he assumed to be your son. His pupils slitted, dilating to take your appearance in. He thought you were rather pretty. 
“Is he yours?” He jut his head in the direction of the boy, who adorned the biggest smile you’d probably ever seen. 
You blink several times, a common reaction. Bashfully, you walk over and grab your son’s hand,“Y-yes, I’m so sorry! Baby, don’t bother him.”
 Hawks let out a hearty laugh, waving his hands in a reassuring manner, “Hey, it’s alright! He was just telling me about his favorite chips.”
“Mama, feel his wings! They’re like a puppy’s fur,” Your son pipes up, pulling on your arm in excitement. 
You place a gentle hand over his head, quieting him, “No... He’s busy, honey--” 
“Awoh, it’s fine, really!” Hawks interjected, “Got anything you want me to sign? I’d be happy to give your boy an autograph.”
Your mouth is open to speak, yet nothing comes out. 
“Yeah! Can you sign my shirt?” Your son lets go of your hand and runs back up to him, stretching out the hem of his shirt. 
“You sure? That’s such a nice lookin’ shirt, I’d hate to ruin it!” Hawks pulls out a pen, clicking it. 
“It’s okay, I don’t care about this shirt. But I will after you sign it!” 
Hawks squats down and grabs hold of the child’s shirt, signing his name in practiced handwriting, “Okay, let’s see. To my good pal…” 
“Thanks, Hawks! You’re so cool, all my friends are gonna be jealous. But I can’t bring this to school, someone might steal it from me!” He admires the autograph forever marked on his shirt, hugging his own body with delight. 
“Ooh, good idea. Hang it up on your wall in a giant picture frame,” the winged hero jokes, earning a fit of giggles from the boy. 
You come up behind your son, hand resting at his shoulder, “Hey, don’t go giving him any ideas. He’s rather resourceful for his age.”
Standing up, he keeps his pen at the ready, “What about you? You want me to sign something for you?”
He likes the way your eyes grow wide, visibly unprepared. Your hand fishes through your bag, sifting through what sounded like papers and an assortment of other items. A small, square journal is taken out, colorful tabs sticking out in between pages. He watches you flip through to an empty page, and takes it from your hand. 
He signs it slowly, “To my gorgeous fan…?” 
You tell him your name, and he signs it carefully after you clarify the spelling. 
“Pretty name for a pretty girl,” he says, winking at your son when he sniggers. 
“You must say that to all the moms,” the side of your lips quirk up in a lop - sided smile. 
“Just the pretty ones.” 
There is a hint of a frown on your face, the smile still present, “Even if you don’t know their marital status?”
“I don’t see a ring on that finger,”  The smirk on his face is dangerously teetering towards flirtatious. Though he often tried his best to keep things good-natured, some fans were just too cute to not play around with. “Besides, nothing wrong with a compliment is there?” 
You held your hand out for your son to hold, his grip tight on your fingers. He couldn’t take his eyes off Hawks, who couldn’t seem to take his eyes off you. 
“Thank you for the autograph, Hawks. You just made his night,” you say with a very appreciative tenor. 
He winked again, at you this time, and walked past to go to the fridges. His gloved hand papped your son on the head, his wings brushing against you purposely as the ends trailed on the floor. 
This particular gas station didn’t have the type of iced coffee he wanted, so he took a little while deciding which one was better. The calories didn’t matter, he was more focused on the taste. He sighed and picked up one that he hadn’t tried before, opting for a new taste. 
“Don’t pick that one, it’s downright bland,” You warn, your son dragging you past the drinks section. 
Hawks perks up, “Oh yeah? What do you reccomend?”
“Try the one in the glass bottle! It’s my favorite,” is all you say before disappearing into another aisle. 
He slowly closes the door, not letting go of the handle for a moment.
Don’t. She has a kid. 
By the time he went up the cash register, you were already there, scanning some chips and other treats. You didn’t notice him yet. You went to reach for your wallet, but he was faster. He hands the cashier some bills, your surprised reaction completely worth it. 
“Oh! Hawks, what are--”
“Relax. It’s on me,” he says, expression soft. 
You’re so completely taken aback, you are unable to say anything. 
“You should close your mouth before something goes in there,” he brings two fingers up to your chin, closing your jaw. 
 You slap his arm, voice lower than a whisper, “My son is right here.”
“What? I was talking about a fly! What were you thinking?” 
You attempt to stifle your laughter, covering your son’s ears despite his protests. 
He grabs the bag of items he bought for you, captivated by the glow in your face as he hands it to you. Before leaving, you give him another one of your sweet smiles and gratefully thank him. Your son waves him a fervent goodbye. 
“Toodles!” He farewells to you both, watching you walk out the door. He kept thinking, debating if he should’ve given you his number. The cashier hands him the receipt and suddenly, after a short contemplation, his mind is made up. 
He manages to catch you before you get inside the car, calling your name out so casually like he was your neighbor, or even your friend. He glides over, wings blowing small waves of wind, “You forgot your receipt.”
You take it from him, glancing down to see that he had written his phone number with the words, ‘CALL ME,’ a big winky face etched next to it. You scoff, your disbelief countered by the thrill in your eyes, “You’re way too friendly with civilians, you know that?” 
He shrugged nonchalantly, “So I’ve been told. Not gonna stop me, though.”
You shake your head, and open the car door, “That’s a kind offer, but I don’t have time to mess around.” The way you gesture towards the backseat tells him that you were looking for something more serious nowadays. 
Well, maybe he was too. He was just having… a hard time, so to speak. 
“You can bring him, if you want. Let me take you guys out to a nice lunch.” He isn’t smirking anymore, the lids of his eyes lowered. These smaller changes gave him a more affable presence. 
You take one last look at the receipt and fold it into your pocket, “I’ll text you.” 
He gives a little wave as you drive away, twiddling his fingers at the little boy in the backseat whose hands were pressed up against the window to stare. 
It’s not when you leave his sights does he let his posture droop. 
A single mother. Really? What’s the matter with you, she needs support not a dick appointment. 
This was completely unlike him. He knew better. 
Perhaps this was because of the little internal turmoil he had last month after deciding to lessen up on the hook ups. He told himself he shouldn't keep letting different faces come into his bed.  Knowing deep down he feared getting involved in a serious relationship, getting attached was risky! The possible risks, dangers--the consequences…! 
Of course he wanted to get serious. In the back of his convoluted mind he wanted nothing more than to settle down and have a family. He just didn’t think he'd realize how much he wanted it, standing outside a gas station during nightfall of all times, right after meeting a lovely woman and her son. 
Oh, Keigo, what did you get yourself into?
Your heart was still racing. 
It was one thing to get to meet a prohero. It was an entirely different thing for a prohero to volunteer taking you out for lunch.
Hawks was so casual in asking you out, it was unbelievable. You suspected he wasn't serious, this type of encounter a usual thing for him -- or so you’ve heard in the magazines. He joked about it in interviews. So at first you took his little invite as a one time date. He was a massively popular hero, and he just met you. Yeah, he was bored. Or he felt like being charitable, wanted to make a single mom and her son feel special. 
The situation just struck you as surreal. Whatever his motive was, you weren’t going to pass up such an opportunity. Your son would have so much fun! The three of you could snap some pictures, record the little tike asking one of his favorite heros every question imaginable. It’d make for a good memory. On the other hand part of you wanted to see it as a date, like a dream come true. It seemed like it was the hero’s initial intention after all, since he gave you his phone number. Hawks was a very attractive man, easily the most good - looking man you’ve ever seen. His charm, his charisma, could a man be any more perfect? It was hard to believe someone like him actually wanted to get involved with a family. 
Maybe the man who was too fast for his own good wanted to finally slow down. 
Don’t get your hopes up. Take it as it is, a fun lunch. 
When you got home, you stayed up with your son curled up on the couch an hour past his bedtime, watching your shared favourite tv show. It may have been a tad too mature for him to really understand, but he liked it enough to beg you for a bedtime extension. You spoiled your son to a degree, bending the rules every now and then as long as he was good. 
Around nine he brushed his teeth, as per your order because you knew if he fell asleep before doing so he’d throw a fit. Right as the mother you were, he had fallen asleep on your stomach clutching the Hawks action figure he insisted on having with him for the night. You tucked him into his soft, Best Jeanist comforter, pulling the thick blanket up to his collarbone. You gave him the gentlest of kisses on his forehead, smiling at his resting form. Tomorrow was going to the best day of his life(thus far), and you were excited for him. You were too, as guilty as it felt. 
Hey, you need a break. This will be both for both of you.
You sit back down on the couch, a glass of water in one hand and your phone in the other. In your lap lay the unfolded receipt with Hawks’ number, his words on constant rewind. 
Just do it, already. Don’t deny your son -- or yourself -- a good time. Where was the harm in any of this? 
You swallow your apprehension down, all doubt washed away by the water until the cup was empty.  Typing in his number you checked it, then checked it again. 
‘Hey, It’s me. The woman you met at the gas station. Where were you thinking for tomorrow? :)’
Your lips were sucked into your face from how nervous you were, fingers tightening around the empty glass as you waited for his response. Hawks replied right away. 
‘Oh, man. I was worried the hot mom was going to bail on me. ;) There’s a real nice place uptown I think you’ll like. Popular for families. Your little chicklet will have a hard time choosing from the menu.’
His cheeky demeanor was readable even through text. A smile creeped up on you. 
‘I hope it’s not too expensive, no offense. :p I gotta take it easy on the wallet.’
‘Lol. Cute AND funny. Don’t worry about the dollar bills. Meet me at 1 PM? It’s called Sally’s BBQ.’
Your eyes fluttered closed. He was hospitable, you heard, but he already paid for your snacks earlier. When you looked back at the phone you noticed he had sent you directions on how to get there with the fastest route. There was no backing out. 
‘You’re too much... See you there, Hawks. :)’
The time was five minutes past one. Hawks was patiently waiting for your arrival in a reserved, private dinner room. It had a sliding door to prevent peepers from being too nosy, and a beautiful view of the city from an enormous wall - sized window. He made sure to pick a room on the upstairs level, farther away from the people. It was better for you as well, in case you were the type to be put off by stares. Or worse, though rarely, targeted. 
It wasn’t until when ten more minutes had gone by did he hear a knock, wings stiffening as his head turned towards the opening door. There stood you and your son, who clung to your leg like a koala. The little tiger’s attitude changed when he saw Hawks, immediately leaving your side to run up to him.
“Hawks!” He exclaimed, waving his tiny hands up at the hero.
 “Your guests have arrived, Hawks. Your waitress will be right with you,” The hostess says before leaving the three of you alone.
The man of wings waves his bare hands, then holds them still for the kid to double - highfive, “Hey, kiddo! Go take a seat, you hungry?” 
“Yes, and I love BBQ food!” He says, going to sit up on a chair. 
Hawks turns his attention to you, pulling your chair out for you, “Hey you, get over here! Take a look at the menu, pick whatever you like.”
You sit in your seat, next to your son, thanking him quietly, “This place is huge, I felt like I could have gotten lost on the way up here. Really neat design though, it’s cozy.” 
“Oh yeah, but it ain’t famous for its interior. The food here is top - notch, well - cooked and super fresh.” He takes his place across from you, handing you a menu. A kids menu is slid over to your son, along with a pack of crayons. 
You held the menu in your hands, occupied with marveling at the layout of the room. He didn’t say anything to you as he observed your wonderment, giving himself a mental pat on the back for picking the venue. Your behavior gave the impression that it was to your liking. 
“You look nice,” he compliments, having looked you over. 
A beautiful set of eyes locked with his, much more clear in this lighting compared to the crude, fluorescent lights of the gas store he saw you under. Even then, he thought you were a sight for sore, avian eyes. 
“Who, me?” You looked down at your outfit, suddenly shy, “It’s nothing special, just my usual wear. I think you look quite fashionable, though.” 
Hawks followed your gaze to his pricey watch and many rings, “Oh, please, cutie. Just a white t-shirt and jeans, I only look fancy ‘cause of my jewelry.” Opening up his menu, he turns to his go - to page, “So, you want any suggestions or you feel like bein’ bold?”
“Hmmm, I’ll take a look-see first. If I’m still unsure, I’ll let you pick something for me,” you take your time browsing through the choices, silently relishing at the images of truly delectable dishes. 
His eyesight is too perfect; he can tell you’re looking at the prices beside each platter’s description, darting to another choice, changing your mind out of guilt. His visage flickers to your boy, finding something adorable in watching the innocent little thing read the information under every photo of food. The wings on the hero’s back could pick up the swinging of his small feet under the table, he was calm and comfortable here. Wanting to engage in a little conversation with him, Hawks reaches across the table and taps a finger on a picture he seemed to be fixated on. 
“That one is really yummy.” He encourages. 
“Like, really really yummy? How yummy on the yummy scale?” The boy asked, already willing to try it if Hawks liked it.
“On the yummy scale, huh?” Hawks prop his arm up on the table to rest his face against his hand, “If one was totally not yummy, and ten was the yummiest… Eleven!” 
“Hawks, that’s not even on the scale!” The cutest of reactions plastered the boys face, jaw dropped dramatically. 
“That’s just how good it is. You wanna try it?” Hawks peers at you from the corner of his eyes, not attempting to hide the upturns in the corners of his mouth when your son gives a vigorous nod. 
You’re fighting back your own smile, and failing horribly. Your reluctance to pick something on the menu eventually faded, and you picked a meal that appealed to your tastes. From the point of waiting for the food, to eating it, he noted how your modest front slowly disappeared to reveal a more lively version of you. He figured you were being humble because, well, of him. It was a reality he chose not to acknowledge, hoping that if he simply ignored your politeness you would loosen up.Thankfully, that’s just what happened. 
Exchanging in playful banter, talking a bit about work(as much as he could), you got to know each other more. You were invested in the short stories he told about patrolling, the times in which he thought were the roughest missions. There were even a few quips about how lazy he actually was. He then got to hear from you the struggles of being a single mom, without sounding like you were calling for help. Even still you apologized right after, telling him you didn’t mean to sound so weak or whiney.
“I’m so sorry, it’s not very appealing for me to be moaning about my life, is it?” You breathed a soft type of chuckle, lowering your gaze to your plate. Your ability to keep a smile could challenge some heroes he knew. 
“You kiddin’?” He’s truthfully blown away by how much you’ve endured despite having no help. “I thought I was a hero. You’re a true Superwoman--no, Wonderwoman! Taking care of that sweet little fella must be tough all on your own. I don’t know if my opinion really matters but uh… I think you’re doin’ a fine job.” 
Your mood lifted. He watched as that faint smile blossomed and spread like a butterfly. His one compliment had you shimmering with delectation. This had a bigger effect on you than the compliment he gave you last night. 
Has no one ever given you a bouquet of parenting praises before? What kinda men have tried courting you? 
 He hoped you had gotten to see him as less of a celebrity, if it were possible, and more of a chill guy who only wanted to lounge around for hours on end. That was impossible for your son however, in the kiddo’s mind Hawks will always be someone extraordinary. It was understandable, he was a child after all. 
In between conversations, you took pictures and videos of your son and the hero talking, laughing at how effortlessly Hawks socialized with him. The waiters coming in would have believed you were his secret family, whispering to each other about how odd this was for their usual customer to bring in a mother and her child. He trusted, or rather highly counted on, the workers not to spread anything around the city. If so, he expected it. He’ll handle it when it comes down to it… If you wanted to see him again.
In all honesty, he really liked you. The maternal traits you bore, your gorgeous face and tender - like personality had him by the wings. You were already a mother of one, meaning you were ripe and fertile. It stirred up the family - seeking instincts buried deep down in his soul, the ones that only manifested during his ruts, when he couldn’t hide nor control them. You were perfect. 
“Hey, pardon miss,” Hawks called for the female waitress before she could leave again, handing her his phone, “Mind taking our picture? All three of us.” 
Your son seated himself on your lap, grinning wildly at the camera. Hawks felt himself smile the most sincere smile he’s ever made in front of a camera, not that all of them were plastic. Some were genuine. It felt real this time, unrehearsed and natural. It’s why he may have looked at his own face first when he retrieved his phone back. You looked joyful, doting arms draping over your son’s torso, both of you smiling so wide it reached your eyes. 
After the waitress left and Hawks had paid, it was just the three of you again. Neither of you said anything, your son the only one okay with the silence, not finding anything odd about you two staring at one another wordlessly. He wanted to tell you about how different this was from his usual dates. The women he hooked up with, he hardly ever bonded with so quickly, the depth of the fondness and attraction he had towards you was like exploring heights in his dreams. A heaven he didn’t think existed. What a hidden gem you were.
“Uhm--...” You check the time on your phone. “It’s about time for me to go about my day. Mom duties, errands, all that…”
Your son deflates, hands grabbing for Hawks’s hands across the table, “Awwuh, Mama! Do we have to leave now?”
Hawks clasped his hands together with the boy’s itty bitty ones, “Don’t be so upset, kiddo. Who knows, maybe we’ll see each other again…?” 
“Yes, I think we’ll definitely get to see you another time,” You affirm his disguised query. Your hands joined the ball of hands in the middle of the table, adding warmth. “Thank you for lunch, Hawks. This has been the absolute best date I’ve ever had. Even if you are a hero, I feel so… at home? I don’t know, you’re folksy and informal. I didn’t expect this.” 
He removes one hand from the pile and places it above yours,, “Keep in touch with me, yeah? I’ll message you later. We can plan something.”
Leaving was something heartwrenching for your son, his innocent, eyes welling up. Tears beaded up at the rims, threatening to spill over down his pinchable face. He managed to keep a steeled face, sniffling here and there as he gave his beloved hero a hug. Moved by the dramatic display, Hawks lifted the boy up in his arms, carrying his near weightless body at his durable side like a father would. 
“Baby, don’t cry!” You stifle your giggles, rubbing his back soothingly, “You’ll see him again soon!”
The child’s glossy focus is centralized on Hawks’ unique set, circular pupils forming into slitted ellipsis, amazed at this new ability he never knew the birdman possessed. He kept dilating and shrinking them, seeing as it distracted the boy from falling into a sobbing mess, “Ew… Hawks, what’s wrong with your eyes?” 
He laughed a hearty laugh, “They help me see things better! Just a lil’ somethin’ for you to remember ‘till the next you see me.”
A soft pair of lips lands at the man’s cheek, sinking above his chiseled jaw. His avian pupils shrunk into pinpricks, swimming in pools of white. He stares at you, mouth dropping at the unexpected, yet sweet, gesture. Hawks was hardly ever a blusher, being the type to make other’s gush at him. Your kiss got him red in the face, closely matching the hue of his feathers. Had he actually won you over? Or maybe, it was the other way around. 
I am head over heels for this chick. 
“That’s a little something for you to remember me by,” You tittered into his ear, “Come on, sweetie, we’ve got to go. We still have to go get groceries, remember?”
He could have chased your parting breath as you stepped back, allowing the kid to stand on his feet. It could have chased you away though, so he resisted and returned the favor with a simple, signature smile, “See you soon, Wonderwoman.”
You saw Hawks countless more times for several months after that date. In fact, after the first month you allowed him into the comfort of your own home, where no viscous paparazzi would threaten to snap a photo of you two. Luckily, he’s been able to keep you hidden under his large wings, figuratively and literally, refraining others from seeing who this mystery woman was. No one could confirm it, making it as plain as a rumor. Against his words, normally golden and evertrue, the public media attempted to prove that the hero was seeing someone. Some eyewitnesses denied seeing you, some traitorous fans would spill the tea and others just blatantly lied, the seedlings of those rumors. 
Hawks was so good at keeping things wrapped up, people eventually gave up. He was so bored by interviews, visibly annoyed at reporters and talk show hosts, no one wanted to pursue it any longer. 
The only worry was your son. He was a bright boy, understanding of the situation after you compared it to revealing a hero’s biggest secret: their weakness. Just like how if people found out about All Might’s kryptonite, if people, even his classmates, were to know of his mother’s relationship to the Number Two Hero--she or him would get whisked away! You thanked God the boy was mature enough to get the picture. 
You were also worried about how he’d take to you dating Hawks once he caught on to it, your long kisses and peculiar hugs tucked away in the kitchen plenty clues for connecting the dots. It wasn’t until one night when you overheard him and Hawks talking did you realize you’ve underestimated how cognitive he was about it. 
You were just behind the counter, chopping up veggies, carefully eavesdropping on the two as they watched television. 
“Hey Hawks,” He had said, cupping his mouth as if it would muffle his loud whispering, “I have a secret to tell you…” 
Hawks leaned over, “Oh yeah? Cross my heart and hope to die, please tell me!” 
“I think my mom likes you. Like, really likes you. Like, has a crush on you!” He says it like it was a treasure from his mind only he had, sharing it so sacred. 
Hawks feigned a small gasp, covering his mouth when the boy shushed him loudly, “What, no way…! Can I tell you a secret?” 
He nodded wildly. 
“I have a crush on your mom, too!” Hawks says, finding a great deal of comfort in how tenacious his reaction was, like he was relieved from a certain stress. He didn’t just like Hawks as a hero, but he also gleefully accepted him as your new lover. 
This then brought about the child’s question the next day. Alone in the house, just the two of you eating dinner, he asks you the million dollar question you had been waiting for. 
“Mom?” He said, swallowing his food.  “Is Hawks gonna be my dad?” 
You set your utensils down, “How would you feel if Hawks was going to be your dad?”
“I think it’d be cool! Are you gonna have a big wedding?” He asks it so passively, so uncomplicated. 
“--! Uhh, not quite sure yet, baby.” You respond, picking up your fork to stab at some food. 
“Oh okay. Does this mean I can call him ‘Papa?’” He freezes at your sudden coughing, “Mama! Are you, okay?!”
You tap at your chest, shakily reaching for your glass of juice, “Hrk--! Y-yes, baby, I’m fine! Food just went down the wrong way…”
He waits for you to stop coughing, frowning in worry. Your reassuring tap on his shoulder doesn’t completely render him convinced. Nonetheless, a few minutes pass and he asks again, “So can I…?” 
You pause, meeting your son’s curious gaze, “...You know what? I think I’ll ask him for you, and I’ll tell you what he thinks. How’s that sound?”
“Okay! Do you think he’ll let me?”
“Yeah, I think so,” you brush the back of your fingers on his full cheek, relieved. The question may have been an innocent one, but it revealed that he was wholly ready to accept Hawks as his father figure. 
You had to admit, the man was no longer just a boyfriend. Taking turns sleeping over at each other’s houses, him providing for you two--taking care of your son--the passionate fucking. It’s a talk you’ve danced around together, neither quite willing to submerge into that pool of gravity. You both desperately wanted to share thoughts about it, though at the same time there was mutual fear of not meeting the other’s wishes. It was obvious Hawks was taking this relationship very seriously. There was just something inside you that had you worried he may be the type to ditch and flee when the authenticity of the relationship was spoken. 
There were way too many men in your life that abandoned ship the moment you brought up sealing the deal, and asking them how’d they feel about joining your family… Helping to raise and support your boy--they’d all leave. It seemed to you that most men, young or old, nowadays just wanted just fuck and go. They wanted you, and merely tolerated your son as a result. In fact, they didn’t know how to handle a kid. It wasn’t right. 
You decided maybe that talk should happen tonight. 
The unlocking of the front door alerted you of your lover’s entry. It was his usual time of coming ‘home,’ should he ever choose to stay the night at your house. He greeted you merrily in the kitchen, giving you a long desired kiss. 
“Hi pretty bird, you want some leftovers? They’re only a day old, I can pop them in the microwave,” you offer, turning the faucet off and wiping your wet hands on a hanging cloth. 
“I love your home made leftovers more than anything. Unfortunately, I already ate a big meal an hour ago and I’m still just about to pop,” he removes his visor from atop his head, placing it on the kitchen countertop. “Kiddo’s in bed?”
“Yup, he’s fast asleep…” You slowly turn around, resting back against the edge of the counter, “Y’know… He actually asked me something a while ago…”
He was in the middle of removing his gloves, sliding them off and looking in your direction. He caught wind of the slight increase in your heartbeat, the faint, somber tone laced in your voice. His face remained calm, in light of his concern, “Oh? What’d he say?”
Your fingers rapped against the marbled surface, “He asked if he could call you ‘Papa.’”
Hawks’s lashes fluttered as he blinked, feathery brows raising up at the news. His wings fruffled and beat hard enough it blew a wave of air towards you. He was overcome with happiness at the prospect of being a “father’ to your lovely little boy. He already did in the best ways he could without overstepping boundaries. It was nice to hear that the kid was recognizing that. Your mood didn’t seem to reflect his own feelings, however. He was suddenly tormented with the idea that this relationship wasn’t supposed to reach that point. 
“D-Dove, that’s adorable, that’s so heartwarming,” he laughed breathlessly. “Why on Earth are you so gloomy about it? Is… Is that not a good thing?”
His reaction lifted a huge amount of anxiety off your already tired shoulder, you felt free as a feather. You let out a long sigh of relief, slumping against the counter, “Oh, thank goodness…!” 
He walked over to you, hands grabbing at your sides,  fearful of you falling over, “Jeez, baby, what’s wrong?” 
You sagged your forehead on his hard chest, smelling his faint traces of cologne, “I was so scared you’d be tipped off…”
He had to physically restrain his vocal chords from elevating to levels that’d wake your son, “What? Baby, no, absolutely not…! What would make you think such a thing? I thought I did a good job at hinting I had no qualms about helping to raise your son. I’ve squeezed myself into your little family, and quite aggressively sometimes if I do say so myself.”
“I know, I know…!” You stand up straighter, wrapping your arms around his waist to make the embrace more intimate. “I was just… I don’t know, I was just afraid.”
His hand meets the back of your head, nuzzling you closer to him, “I stayed here by your side this long, didn’t I? I’m not like some rat who’s gonna scamper off just ‘cause they’re too scared to be attached to your boy. I love that precious tyke, just as much as I love you. Don’t you know that?”
Such sweet words uttered by him, one of the sweetest things he’s ever told you. It beat all the sweet nothings he whispered in your ear at night, all those passion-filled ‘I love you’s.’ You looked up at him, his eyes glowing even in the dim lighting of the kitchen. His pupils were expanded largely to soak up your image, your beautiful face. 
He presses a loving kiss to your forehead, “Hell, I’d love that kid to start calling me his Pops. Makes me feel like a real father, heh… I’m a real family man, if you can’t tell by now.”
“Maybe… Maybe in the future we could… expand the family?” Your voice trailed off at the end of your sentence, meak and unsure. “I’m sure the little boy could use a brother, or a sister--... or two…?”
If you were implying that you wanted to have another kid, one that was of his… Oh, what a thought that was. All this talk of family, and children… Making children. It was getting him a bit worked up. Voice low and husky,  his hand tightened on your hip, the other sliding down your head towards your neck, “Expand the family, huh? I’d love to have a child with you… How far in the future you thinkin’?” 
You could hear the desire dripping from his words, thighs closing up, “I’m… I’m ready whenever you are, Hawks...”
That cranked the dial up by many notches, his breathing heavy on your face. His thumbs knead into the sides of your stomach, traveling to the space just below your belly button,  “Yeah? Think you’re ready to… get knocked up again?”
His wording had your knees weak. You pulled his face close, lips lingering, “I want you to knock me up, Hawks…”
You hit the bed with a quiet thump, hands groping and grappling at bare skin, having removed them on the way to the bedroom. He’s straddling you, muscles thighs keeping you in place. His lips were on yours, worming his tongue along the inside. He devoured your mouth, thin dribbles of saliva dripping down your chin and wetting the scuff of his. He creates a path of kisses down to your breasts, the soft plush, pieces of fat that he loved to suckle on. One rough hand cupped one breast, relishing in the weight of it, forefinger and thumb pinching at the rapidly hardening nipple. His other hand went to the unoccupied breast, gathering the sensitive bud up into his warm, awaiting mouth. 
“You’re worse than an infant, I can never get you off those things,” You squirm, hands pushing and pulling at his head, unsure if you want more or less.
He pops off one breast to respond, moving to other right after, “Just you wait ‘till you start getting all milky, then you’ll really have a problem…:
He lapped at your breasts for minutes on end. The wetness between your legs was growing, as was your neediness. You could feel his aching cock through his tight briefs, trying to tear out and enter any wet hole of warmth it could find. You pushed at his chest, and he fought against you, trying to pin your arm down on the mattress as he sucked away at your overstimulated nips, “Baby, I want you… Let me take care of you…”
It was a struggle to get him to unlatch from your sore chest. He let up, letting you roll him over so you were laying on top of his lithe build. He half-sat up, leaning back against the headboard so his wings had some space to unfurl out the sides of him. 
You mouthed at his hard pecs, tonguing his small nipples, oscillating and nibbling. He grunted, head thrown back at the small waves of pleasure you provided him. He whined, closing his eyes. 
“Not so fun when you get the same treatment, is it?” You tease, creating a path of kisses down his abdominals, stopping short of the briefs. They hugged his hips, exaggerating every curve and bulge in his pelvis. His cock was ready to burst at the seams of his underwear, a dark spot blooming from where the tip of cock rested. “Mmmm, aren’t you excited… You had a long day at work, let me help you…”
“Like I said, I’m a family man. You want a kid, I'll gladly give you one, baby…” He swallowed thickly as he watched you tear the waistband of his briefs down so that it cradled his balls nicely. Plump and round as always, hanging snugly just below his cock that stood leaky and thick. 
You gave his sack a good polishing, sucking with obscene, slurpy sounds. He spread his legs wide, wings copying them. Your tongue so wet and gentle against his throbbing testes, thrumming with life and sperm. You sucked one ball in, stuffing it into your cheek, rolling your pink muscle around it to lather it in excessive amounts of slobber. His wings thumped happily against the wood of the board behind him. The intense longing could only be relieved by the occasional stroke of his member, becoming immediately unbearable as you rubbed a thumb into his plush taint. Between the suction on his balls paired with the careful massage of his sack, he couldn’t take it anymore. 
Your lover had to yank you away from his balls, the heavy musk having taken you hostage. He was panting, his head resting at the headboard, “As much as I love seeing your pretty face down there, I don’t wanna waste this load. ‘Sides, I think I oughta repay you for that…?”
You blink up at him, letting him guide you atop him. He slides down, lying flat on his wings. 
“Your wings…!”
“I’m a big boy, I’ll be fine… Just want a small taste of you, that’s all…” He pats his chest, smug in the face. “C’mon, come take a seat on your hero’s face.”
You feel the heat in your face at his request, laughing lightly, “Yes, sir, right away…”
Both hands on the headboard, you settle yourself to hover just above his face. He held fast to your thick thighs, not wanting you to budge an inch. He blew cool air into your otherwise hot pussy, delving deep into your wet walls with a skilled tongue. Eating your sweet cunt could have been a daily ritual for all he cared, nothing compared to your scent and taste. So fertile, and accepting. The hold he had on you was stoney, but you still managed to squirm and lift off from sensitivity. 
“Stop runnin’ from me…” He murmurs between your soft thighs, bringing you back down. He lapped and sucked at your folds, flicking at your clit with his tongue. He gave quick sucks to each labia, kissing here and there. The moans you let out were music to his ears, every note going straight to his still aching cock. He didn’t stop until you were gushing all over his gorgeous face, and his wings were knocking on the bed, red feathers falling everywhere. 
“Nghh--!! Fuck, that’s so good,” you covered your mouth to stifle your louder sounds, afraid to wake your son. It was harder to do when he was still lapping at you through the aftershocks, the muscles in your thighs twitching uncontrollably, “P-Please, that’s enough…!”
“Heh… Sounds good to me, you’re all slicked up ready to ride me, yeah?” He says, smacking your ass. You wince, despite the soothing rubs he gives. 
You climb down, straddling his waist. From your upward view, you’re able to take in his adonis of a frame. From below, he sees nothing short of a marvelous caricature. 
A tough grip on your hips with a single hand, he guides his engorged tip to your entrance, letting it sink past your folds. He’s muttering himself, slowly losing his mind. You cry out, the stretch a painful bliss. With both hands back on you, he didn’t dare wait any longer. He forced you down on his cock to meet his bucking hips, loudly wet and punishing. Balls-deep, every thrust. You cried out, slick running down past your folds and creating a lovely layer of cum on around his base. 
“Fffffuck, baby, you’re so tight around me,” he huffs, eyes rolling up at the pleasure. His wings were getting crimped up, but he didn’t care, “Ghh, feel so good bouncin’ on my dick…”
You were choking on your moans, barely able to keep up with him. You held on to his shoulders, letting him take the pace and control, slamming you down on his cock to hit every deep sweet spot. Your walls clung to him, not wanting him to leave your warm, sloppy pussy. Trying to match his pace was difficult, the force at which he slammed you down on him too great to stop. 
You mumbled something that fell on his deaf ears, his mind too hazy with lust to quite understand. He was too focused on the tight grip around him, “--Wha…? What baby?”
“B-Breed me,” you babble, falling forward on his chest.
The word itself has his avian pupils constricting again. A thought tresspasses of his own volition; yes, he wants to breed you and give you his young. All those pent up emotions and repressed instincts from seeing you mother that sweet boy, he wants to see you do the same to another--one of his own. 
The man of wings rips you off his cock, wincing at the lack of wet warmth. You’re whining at the emptiness, confused and disappointed when you were so close. He pushes you onto your back, your vision landing on the ceiling until he’s above you. He rolled his shoulders, relaxing the muscle. His wings twitched and fanned outward, a pseudo - umbrella that offered protection, hiding you from the rest of the world. He wanted you to think of him as your world, maybe even shelter you. Let it be just you and him, his cock and your gushing cunt.
Legs up over your head, kneecaps bumping your shoulders, he pressed down on the backs of your thighs. You were effectively folded in half and with his weight on you, his thighs upon yours, you weren’t moving any time soon. 
“You’re such a lovely mother,” he coos into your ear, prodding your entrance, streaking your folds in his clear fluids. He’s repeating it like a mantra, “...such a good mama, so good…”
“F-fuck a baby into me, pretty birdy,” you say back, clenching around nothing but his seeping juices. “Put that cock back in me and I’ll make you a father of as many kids as you want--!”
His cock pushed back into you, sunken in deep until he was nudging your unprotected cervix. He was at it again, pumping into you, fucking you into the bed so hard the springs creaked. Balls sticking and unsticking to your ass he pulled out and quickly filled you back up, moaning hot in each other’s faces--it was a vulgar display of mating.
It was hard to breathe, but completely worth the effort. You were being fucked by a man who was trying to make your cunt a home for his cock, for the sole purpose of nesting his cum into the deepest parts. Your nails were marking small, crescent moons into his back, raking down whenever your grip faltered. The guttural moans he released were a teller of how much he loved it. 
“Your boy… He looks an awful lot like you, don’t he?” He says, panting, “If I spray enough of my DNA into you, God damn--... I wonder… if the next one will look like me? Wouldn’t that be nice?”
You only muster up an ‘uh-huh,’ at a loss for words from his purposeful breeding. He’s at this for a while, trading moans and spit whenever he leans down to kiss you. Your toes are flaring and curling, an orgasm finally taking over you. You’re cumming all over his cock, dragging him with you over the edge. Staying still proves difficult as your cunny milks him for all he’s worth, siphoning directly into your womb, an ongoing stream of his load. His balls are tingling, shuddering against your skin, dumping load after load. 
He gives a few more shallow pumps, sticky head smushing against your battered cervix, “Gotta--hng…! Make sure it takes…”
It’d take regardless considering how fertile you were and how much of a virile stud he was. He just liked going above and beyond because it rocked his socks off. It surely did something to you, nails inching towards his wings, flapping zealously as the last of his spurts finally dripped out. Stuffed and brimming with white, creamy goodness, he pulled out slowly, an audible popping sound heard. It was like unplugging a stopper from a stopped up sink, too full to contain any more. His cum poured out, running down your crack,  along your puckered anus. 
The tuckered out birdy fell back on his haunches, his legs giving out quickly. He fell on his ass, forearms keeping him up, bed rocking. Blinking slowly, he stared at the mess he made, “Oh man… What a sight, look at that pretty creampie…”
You couldn’t move, muscles laxed and weakened. Laying in your lust - filled daze, hand on your stomach, you felt the bed rocking some more. The mattress shifted on your side, your lover and hero coming to occupy the empty space beside you. In the crook of your neck, he slid his head into, cheek adhering to your sweat-glazed skin. You feel full and happy, like in the way you do after consuming a big meal and wanting to nap right after. Thankfully, Hawks had turned off all the lights with the use of his feathers before reaching the room. The only one that remained was the lamp on the side of your bed, which too switched off as a red feather zoomed out of his back. 
“I can’t go to bed like this,” you speak slowly, sleep threatening to take you away. 
“Like what?” He asks just as languidly, hand moving to cover yours where it rest upon your belly, as if he could already feel the life growing inside. 
“There’s cum… all over my thighs… and sheets,” you clarify, attempting to muster up enough strength to go to the restroom and clean yourself. “We should go take a shower…”
His wings shoot up despite being completely worn, “What? And let all my efforts go down the drain? Literally?” 
You laugh at him, adjusting your hand so that it could be intertwined with his, “Fine, fine… We’ll give it a moment…”
He intertwined his legs with yours, closing his eyes, “Y’know… I really meant every word I said. Might’ve been a bit horndogged but… I don’t know if I say it enough. I really do think you’re a wonderful mother, I’m blessed to have found you. And your son. I can’t wait to take care of more… Gonna have a gazillion lil chickies runnin around--or flyin’! We’ll see…”
You turn your head to look at him. He’s so pleasantly relaxed, eyes closed and lips upturned in a sweet smile, fantasizing about your future family. Little do you know, he’s also pondering about the day he can finally tell you his name. But such a decision should be saved for another day. A day when he didn’t think telling you his name would put a curse on you. A day when he was completely confident in himself to protect you and your family. For now, he would continue to love and devote himself to you, because to him it shouldn’t quite matter(yet) that you know his real name. 
Whether he was Hawks or Keigo, you were his family. And he loved that. 
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starlight-loki · 7 months ago
The Risks We Take (Loki x Reader)
Or, That Time Loki Nearly Lost You (and was also in denial about his feelings for you)
Request: any chance i can request a loki x reader where the reader gets really hurt on a mission with thor (this pisses loki off bc thor should’ve been watching her back & he couldn’t be there bc the team doesn’t trust him)? loki & the reader are relatively close friends that refuse to admit their true feelings for one another -- Requested by anon
Warnings: violence, reader gets held hostage/at gunpoint, severe injuries
Word Count: 2.9k
A/N: despite how angsty this is (there’s fluff at the end to make up for it, I promise!), I’m really happy with how this turned out! Thank you again for the request anon :) 
There’s a brief reference to the reader having powers from this fic i wrote, but i try to keep all my fics as independent as possible if you don’t feel like catching up on previous ones ;) 
Tumblr media
Looking back on it, maybe you should have listened to Loki when he said going on this mission wasn’t a good idea.
Considering some of the other foes that the Avengers had fought in the past, this was next to nothing: word had leaked out that HYDRA had begun stationing underground bases throughout North America and Europe in preparation for a siege. Steve and Tony had agreed that the ‘Divide and Conquer’ method would work best to knock out all bases at once, quickly and effectively. 
Tony would be taking the rest of the team to Europe, as they had six different bases to take care of on that end. You and Thor, on the other hand, were being flown to Washington DC where the only North American HYDRA base was said to be located. This way, Steve had told you earlier, if anything were to go wrong you’d be close to home.
“Thor can do this by himself,” Loki hissed as you sat on a bench in the hangar, strapping on your boots as you prepared to leave. As soon as he heard you were going on this mission, he wouldn’t let you out of his sight. Everywhere you went, Loki was hot on your heels, attempting to talk you out of the mission as you packed your bag.
He was the only one who wasn’t allowed to come -- on this mission or any mission for that matter. Trust was still thinner than ice between the Asgardian and the rest of the Avengers. Until feelings changed for the better, Loki was, essentially, grounded.
“These are weak human spies, he’s fought much stronger enemies than that. One-handed, even.”
“Are you saying you don’t think I can handle this?” You challenged, raising an eyebrow at Loki as he stood glowering in front of you. 
“Don’t put words in my mouth, of course I’m not saying that.” The tone of his voice was icy, but his eyes were warm -- an unspoken symbol of the friendship the two of you shared. “Surely there’s other work around the Compound that Stark can assign to you. Can’t you just... stay here?”
Your heart softened at Loki’s words, and you couldn’t help but smile at the way he nearly whispered those last two words. Almost as if he was afraid someone else nearby would overhear his vulnerability. That was for your ears, and your ears alone. 
“I have to go, Loki.” You replied as you shrugged your bag over your shoulder. “I wouldn’t be here in the first place if I wasn’t willing to do this. Missions are just part of the job.” 
Loki clenched his jaw, his gaze growing fiery as he glanced over your shoulder at Thor, who was busy preparing the quinjet for the two of you. 
“I made him promise to watch over you.” He muttered curtly. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, earning another glare from Loki.
“Thor doesn’t need to protect me!” You exclaimed with a laugh. “You worry too much. Look, I’ll be back before you know it. Tonight even, if things go according to plan. So... just relax. I know how to defend myself. Okay?” 
The only answer you got was a skeptical eyebrow raise. You sighed exasperatedly.
“Hey, you said it yourself, these are weak human spies we’re dealing with. It’ll be a piece of cake, I promise.”
Loki pressed his lips together in a thin line, glancing down at the floor and mumbling something about ‘stupid Tony Stark’ and how ‘this wasn’t fair’. 
Shaking your head, you stepped forward and wrapped your arms around Loki’s torso in a hug. You felt him soften in your embrace as you rested your head briefly against his shoulder. Perhaps it was just your imagination, but it almost felt as though he held you tighter -- and closer -- than ever before. 
“Try not to have too much fun with me gone.” 
Your words earned a smirk from Loki in response, but the mischief didn’t quite hit his eyes. “Y/N, nothing is ever fun without you-”
“Y/N! Are you ready to go?”
You looked over just as Thor approached, the bright smile on his face an extreme contrast to the bitter mask Loki wore. 
“Your first mission.” Thor grinned, patting your shoulder proudly. “Tony Stark couldn’t have put you in better hands.”
"I beg to disagree.” Loki scoffed. You stiffened in surprise as you felt him ever-so-lightly place a hand protectively on your back and draw you closer. 
“Oh please, brother.” Thor chuckled. “You’ll get your own mission... one day.” 
“Remember your promise... brother.” 
Thor’s half-hearted smile vanished and he glanced first at Loki, then at you, in mild confusion.
“Don’t worry about him, Thor,” you dismissed Loki’s icy comment with a wave of your hand and shot him a warning glance. “He’s just a little worried about me.” 
Thor shrugged, and started towards the quinjet. Just as he nodded for you to follow him onboard, you took one last glance at Loki and managed your best smile in an attempt to try and get your best friend to calm down.
Don’t worry, you mouthed. I’ll be fine.
You even gave Loki a thumbs-up for emphasis, but the Asgardian definitely didn’t look convinced.  
It vaguely occurred to you as countless HYDRA soldiers surrounded you three hours later that you might’ve jinxed yourself with the whole thumbs-up thing. Things were definitely going downhill... fast.
Thor had gone to infiltrate the base, while you kept watch outside. You weren’t exactly sure how -- maybe it was because Thor stuck out amongst the enemy agents like a sore thumb, with his hammer and armour and all -- but less than five minutes after you had begun standing guard, you were being held at gunpoint from all sides. Sweeping your gaze across all the agents, who had already begun to close in on you, you quickly considered your options.
You had trained for countless hours with Steve and Bucky in hand-to-hand combat, but this was definitely going to be too difficult to get out of just by throwing punches. That was out of the question.
The gun that you had come armed with was also a bad idea. Sure, you’d be able to knock out a handful of HYDRA agents, but you’d definitely be shot before you’d be able to take all of them out. 
You still weren’t completely in control of your powers yet, so using them to knock out all the agents at once was a dicey idea. If you missed even one agent, there was the risk that -- just like your previous two options -- you’d get shot as a result. You didn’t trust your powers enough to take that chance. 
You raised your hands in surrender, trying to reassure yourself half-heartedly that the trembling in your hands was from the cold, not the fear. 
This was no place to be afraid. This was supposed to be an easy mission, after all. 
“Hey Thor?” You whispered into your earpiece and prayed the Asgardian would hear you and come to your aid... fast. “Do you copy?”
A roar bellowed in your earpiece, followed by the thwack of Thor’s hammer. Whatever was going on in there, he was definitely doing better than you. 
“I copy!” You winced as Thor yelled into the earpiece. There was another thwack in the background. “Are you alright?”
“N-no.” Okay, so that was definitely fear that was making your hands tremble. The intensity of your heartbeat was a dead giveaway. “I’m compromised on all sides. They’re everywhere, Thor. I don’t think I’m getting out of this one.” 
“Stay where you are!” Thor shouted. “I am on my way!” 
Where else do you think I’d go, you idiot? You thought bitterly, but held your tongue. You’d been hanging around Loki for too long, and even in a life-threatening situation like this, his mannerisms and tone of speech were rubbing off on you. 
There was a deafening clanging noise from behind you, and before you could even blink, Thor had taken out every HYDRA agent with a single throw of his hammer. 
You whipped around just as Thor approached you, beaming proudly at the giant hole in the building that now gaped open as a result of his hammer crashing through to take out the agents. 
“That was simple.” He remarked, blinking in surprise. “If you used your powers, Y/N, I’m certain you would’ve been able to-”
“I’m not using my powers,” you cut Thor off abruptly. “I don’t want to take that risk just yet.” 
“Why not? Now is as good a time as ever-”
“Yes, but I was being held at gunpoint Thor! What if I missed? What if I couldn’t control it and end up taking out the entire base and you with it!?” 
“I’m sure I could withstand a magic blast. I remember once as kids, Loki blew up my room and I...”
Thor trailed off, his eyes widening in alarm as he turned his gaze to just behind your left shoulder. Before you could even ask him what was wrong you were yanked backwards, and an arm wrapped around your neck in a chokehold. A chill ran up your spine and you could have sworn your heart stopped altogether as you felt cold metal press up against your temple. 
“Surrender!” The HYDRA agent barked at Thor. “Surrender now!”
Thor’s eyes darted from the agent, to you, and back again. 
“Let Y/N go...” he replied slowly, keeping one hand on his hammer while curling his other into a fist. You swallowed nervously. 
“Take one more step forward and your friend dies!” 
The sound of the gun cocking echoed in your ears, and you watched as Thor froze at the sound as well. 
“Drop the hammer!” 
“You listen here-”
“I said drop it!” You winced as the grip around your neck tightened. “Now!” 
“Thor, do what he says!” You ordered, your voice coming out more as a squeak than a command. Sighing, Thor bent down and placed his hammer gently on the ground. 
“I apologize for this, Y/N,” Thor whispered almost unintelligibly through your earpiece. “But it’s for your own good.”
There was a flash. A fire started in your shoulder, and you briefly registered an earsplitting bang before everything went black.
You weren’t sure how long you had been out for -- seconds maybe, even minutes at most -- but you were certain it wasn’t for a long time.
When you opened your eyes, however, you were no longer at the HYDRA base. 
You winced as everything assaulted your senses at once: the sting of the fluorescent lights, the strain that accompanied the ringing in your ears, the ache that flowed through your entire body as if you had gotten hit by a truck ten times over, the burning in your shoulder. 
It was all too much, too fast. 
You took a deep breath as you closed your eyes, letting yourself slowly adjust to your surroundings. As the ringing in your ears began to fade, you could just barely make out two voices somewhere nearby. 
“You promised you would protect Y/N-”
“I brought us both back in one piece, brother-”
“I don’t think this qualifies as one piece!” 
The voices belonged to Loki and Thor, you knew that much. 
Wasn’t it just you and Thor a moment ago, on the mission?
“Loki, we were not expecting to be ambushed the way we were-”
“Clearly not, since things wouldn’t have gone this badly otherwise!”
“I did my part, did I not?” You squeezed your eyes shut as Thor began to yell. “I kept my promise, like I swore on the Nine Realms I would-”
“You hit Y/N with one of your stupid lightning blasts!” Loki yelled back. “Enlighten me, brother, how is that keeping your promise?”
“It was either that, or the gun! I knew what I was doing!”
“Did you? Leaving the newest member of Stark’s stupid team alone outside while you go and play hero? Did you not think in that useless little brain of yours that the base would be protected on the inside and outside?” 
“Loki, why does this matter so much to you? It’s done now. The important thing is that we’re safe, it’s over.”
You heard a crash as something heavy clattered to the floor. 
“Safe? This is your definition of safe? You witless oaf, Y/N got shot, hit by lightning and was minutes away from death and you have the audacity to say this is safe?” 
Your voice felt foreign in your throat, and for a moment you weren’t sure if you were even the one who was speaking in the first place. You opened your eyes slowly, and felt your head pound as you took in your surroundings. 
“You’re awake.”
Thor was the first one to approach you, rushing to your side to help you up into a sitting position. You winced at even the smallest movement, the ache echoing through your entire body, as though you were being punched from the inside. 
“Thank you, Thor.” You whispered, reaching out and placing your hand gently over his. You caught Loki clench his jaw out of the corner of your eye. “You saved my life. I owe you.”
Thor smiled sadly, and shook his head. “You owe me nothing, Y/N. I’m... I’m sorry about the lightning.”
You managed a small laugh, despite the pain. “At least I’ll have a cool story to tell everyone at dinner now.” 
Thor joined in on your laughter, only to trail off moments later as Loki glared at him icily. 
“I’d like to talk with Y/N.” Loki interrupted harshly. “Alone.”
“Brother, now is not a good time-”
You dismissed Thor with a small wave of your hand. “It’s okay. I don’t mind.” 
Thor glanced skeptically between you and his brother, before finally nodding hesitantly. 
“Very well. I’ll be in the hall if you need anything.”
“Thanks, Thor.”
As soon as the door closed, Loki rushed over to your side, nearly tripping over the debris strewn haphazardly on the floor from the table he had knocked over in anger moments ago. He gripped your hand tightly, hostile composure gone. 
“You’re alive,” Loki eyes roamed over your face desperately, as if he were trying to commit your features to memory. “Norns, Y/N, I was certain I lost you.”
You shook your head, a small smile forming on your lips. “It’s going to take a lot more than that to take me out for good.” You let out a laugh, which quickly faded when Loki didn’t join in on your dark humour as he usually would’ve. Your heart nearly broke on the spot when you saw the pain and heartbreak in his eyes as he gazed at you.
“Hey,” you whispered, bringing your hand up to gently cradle his cheek. “It’s okay. I’m okay. You don’t need to worry about me.” 
Loki closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, sighing shakily at your words. 
“I don’t know what I would’ve done if Thor hadn’t brought you back in time.” He whispered, his voice breaking near the end of his sentence. You stroked his cheek softly with your thumb, feeling warmth flutter in your chest at how intensely Loki was gazing at you. 
“Luckily,” you whispered just as softly in reply. “We don’t have to think about that anymore.” 
You leaned forward, biting back a wince as the pain bloomed all over once more. Brushing a strand of hair out of the way, you kissed Loki gently on the cheek. 
As you began to lean away, Loki stared at you with an indescribable intensity, his gaze flickering down to your lips. He leaned forward, grabbing your shoulder to pull you close and bridge the distance between you and him.
You cried out in pain before he could move in any closer, and he immediately let go of you. As you gently cradled your wounded shoulder in an attempt to soothe the fire that had begun running down your arm once more, you caught Loki take a few steps back. The warmth in his eyes extinguished as quick as a candle flame, and the cold mask he often wore came into place again.
“I’m so sorry.” Loki uttered stiffly. “I forgot, please forgive me-”
“It’s okay.” You smiled at him, to try and bring some of the warmth back, to show him he could never hurt you, but Loki remained as rigid and distant as ever.
Silence settled between the two of you, and your heart sank at how quickly Loki had changed. 
“Right,” he began, nodding to himself as he stepped towards the door. “I should let you rest.” 
“Okay.” You barely managed a whisper. “Thank you.”
You received nothing more than a half-hearted nod as Loki quickly spun on his heel and stepped out of the room, leaving you in nothing but a state of confusion.
What... was all that? 
You sighed to yourself as you recalled how angry he had been when he was arguing with Thor. He was angry for you. You had never seen him become so passionate about anything before. 
And then there was that entire situation when you kissed his cheek.
Surely you were overthinking things, right? You and Loki were just friends, that’s all you were, and that’s all you ever would be.
Taglist (please let me know if you’d like to be tagged!) : @startrekkingaroundasgard @delightfulheartdream @justasmisunderstoodasloki @marvels-mischief @k8obr @pastyoverlord265​
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smileysuh · 11 months ago
Break : Haechan
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: Demon Haechan always gets what he wants. A bartender should be easy enough to get into his bed... except that you aren’t. Haechan hates that. 
⇢ Pairing: demon! Haechan x reader 
⇢ Genre: smut, slow burn
⇢ Warnings: Haechan kills a demon, oral (f/m receiving) fingering, orgasm denial, thigh riding, restriction, dirty talk, ‘kitten’, a lot of teasing, super dom haechan, begging, fucked stupid, shoe fucking?, he just is a complete asshole, slight corruption kink?, unprotected sex, some cum play stuff, it’s dirty
⇢ Word Count: 8.5k
⇢ Tropes/AU’s:  demon nct, supernatural nct, non-idol au, 
Tumblr media
You push the door open to your boss’s office, ready to fight for yourself and explain why you’d been ignoring the spoiled rich guy in VIP all night, (he’d asked you for a drink three times, getting more and more annoyed with each offer and rejection) but you stop as soon as your eyes land on the man sitting at your boss’s desk.
It’s not your boss sitting there.
It’s the man you’ve been ignoring.
And the smile on his face tells you he’s quite pleased with himself.
He says, “no name tag, aren’t those mandatory?” 
“Who are you?” you ask, “where’s Kai-”
“He’s not your boss anymore, I am.” the man stands up, hands smoothing over the desk in front of him,
“That’s impossible, Kai would never sell the club-”
“Everyone has a price.” the man sighs, face flashing with annoyance, “what’s yours?”
“I’m not for sale.” you cross your arms over your chest, mirroring your new boss’s attitude. 
He tilts his head at you, assessing, eyes dragging over every inch of you, “next shift, if you don’t have a name tag, I’ll give you one, understand?”
You roll your eyes, “yeah,” you agree anyways, as if that was much of a threat. After a moment, he turns his back to you, and you leave the office, going back to your station behind the bar.
When your shift ends, your new boss is back in the VIP section, surrounded by the rich elites who pass around a bottle of vodka that costs more than you make in wages for an entire week. 
His eyes watch you, and you can feel them burning into you as you pour the final drink of the night, brushing off the flirtation but accepting the tip from the man sitting in front of you. 
“Rich prick.” you whisper to yourself as you leave the bar to head home, eager to shower off the griminess of the night. 
Your new boss has left an odd taste in your mouth. You consider quitting, but after a moment you realize that you already work at the most expensive club in the city, and the tips you’re making are worth it.
You can deal with working for some rich kid who bought the bar to rub your rejection of his advances in your face. 
Tumblr media
The collar is immaculate. a soft baby pink with a heart tag that reads ‘kitten’. The man pushes it towards you, “I told you to wear your name tag.”
Kai never enforced these rules, but you do have to admit that they’re written in your contract. 
For a moment you consider the collar, looking at it. Then you reach forward. Your boss’s eyes flash with happiness, and the demon thinks he’s won. Instead, you grab a sharpie from your pocket. 
“What’s the deal with you anyways?” you ask, looking down as you write your name directly onto your exposed skin, right under your collarbone.
Your boss licks his lips, watching your movements, “Y/N.” he says your name, “what a pretty name kitten.”
You roll your eyes at him, having no idea the effect your name is having on the man in front of you.
Haechan is a demon. Names are sacred. His own name is hidden, Haechan being a name he gives out. Humans can be so stupid, he thinks to himself, you give your name so willingly, branding it across your skin without a second thought. 
He could have just asked for your name from Kai instead of black mailing the man into giving him the club, but Haechan had wanted to earn the right to your title. 
Now he has it.
“And what do I call you?” you ask, crossing your arms over your chest and ignoring the collar that’s still offered on the table.
Tumblr media
Haechan’s eyes stay fixed to you the entire night, he watches you work with a disinterested look on his face. 
“Why are you so obsessed with her?” Mark asks, he's a regular here, having been friends with Kai for a while. Mark’s not too happy about Haechan having forced Kai to sell him the club, and Mark wants an explanation.
Haechan’s eyes move to Mark, “I’m not obsessed.”
“You are.” Mark insists.
“The real question, is why isn’t she obsessed with him.” Johnny points out, having always been able to see through the younger demon’s games. 
Mark considers it for a moment, catching onto what Johnny has already worked out. “oh.” Mark says, his attention moving to you.
The men watch you work, being nice to patrons while still holding a wall between you and them. You’re unavailable. You’re uninterested. And it’s intriguing. 
Haechan has never had to work a day in his life. The woman kissing his neck proves that. She is listening to Mark’s words, trying to prove herself as she throws a leg over Haechan’s lap.
He doesn’t even acknowledge her. 
“Daddy,” she whines in the youngest man’s ear, earning a few sneers from his demon buddies listening, “let me make you feel good.” 
Her hand moves to grab his cock, kneading it through his dress pants. Usually public sex excites him, but Haechan pushes her hand away, making a noise of annoyance. Johnny grins, grabbing the girl by her waist and pulling her to his chest instead, “he’s being mean today,” Johnny coos, “how about you let me break you instead?”
Johnny is quick to disappear with Haechan’s usual fling, one of the many gorgeous women he keeps around for whenever he gets bored. Humans do have a few things they do well, and Haechan is always on edge and ready for a warm mouth or eager hand. 
But not tonight.
“This really makes you mad huh?” Mark sighs. He and Haechan are close, even though they sometimes have their differences. 
“Why don’t you just kill her?” Yuta asks, speaking for the first time since he’d shown up an hour ago. Yuta likes to watch, he’s not one for small talk on nights out, because every night out is a hunt for demons like Yuta. 
Haechan stiffens as Yuta’s predatory gaze narrows in on you, unaware of the danger you’re in as you make a cocktail. 
“I want to break her.” Haechan mumbles, turning to look down at his drink, his back to you. 
Yuta understands Haechan’s need, breaking pretty girls is a favourite pass time of his as well. 
Mark takes one last look at you, deeming you as good as dead, he only wonders how long it will be until you’re wrapped around Haechan’s finger, “have fun,” he muses.
Haechan shoots his drink, “I will.”
Tumblr media
You’ve always heard rumours, working at a top club in the city. Your old boss, Kai, and now this new man, Haechan, have reputations. Gang connections. And there have always been stories about the gangs in your city.
The brutality here, well, it’s not like other places.
The satanic imagery, upside down cross graffiti every block or so downtown, it’s too religious to be meaningless. 
Red eyes glowing in alleyways, none that you’ve seen yourself, until tonight.
Haechan’s face is unmistakeable, eyes a deep crimson colour as he shoves your attacker against the alley wall. 
It had happened so fast. You’d taken the trash out, and someone had grabbed you from behind, Haechan had appeared out of nowhere, tearing the man from you.
“Sir-” the man in your boss’s grip opens his mouth to explain, but Haechan doesn’t want to hear it, a blade flashing in the limited lighting as he whips it out of his pocket and across the man’s neck.
A scream leaves your lips before you cover your mouth with your hand, backing up as Haechan turns to look at you. 
His eyes are still red, but the blood splattering his cheek is black, blending into his suit, but the white shirt underneath betrays his deed. And yet, he still looks beautiful.
The body seems to melt, turning into a black puddle that merges with the water in the alleyway.
Without another word, you turn and run back into the club, slamming the door shut behind you and locking it. 
Tumblr media
Haechan’s in a new outfit when he joins the VIP table again. Most of the club is empty, it being after closing time. There are few people left, bouncers and workers, although you’re the last bartender. 
You can’t help but watch Haechan, leaning forward and whispering with the two men at VIP. They’re both gorgeous, and you wonder if they’re demon’s too. Black eyes watch you over Haechan’s shoulder and you look away, feeling your skin get warmer. 
Haechan is telling them about the alteration in the alley.
What now?
You should have run when you had the chance, instead of just going back to your tasks. You must be crazy. Your boss is a demon for God’s sake. 
Haechan wonders if you’re stupid, crazy or just insanely brave, so do Doyoung and Taeyong.
“Kill her.” Doyoung states, watching the younger demon grit his teeth in anger.
“No, she’s mine.” Haechan says with just as much conviction, “She won’t say anything.”
“What makes you sure?” Taeyong asks.
“I bought her a collar on her second day and she didn’t quit,” Haechan points out, “she needs the money, everyone has a price remember?”
Doyoung rolls his eyes at the saying, having always hated the younger demon’s arrogance. Haechan assumes he can buy anything, and Doyoung prefers more ‘class’. 
“Leave.” Haechan says, standing, “the club is closed.”
Taeyong laughs at Haechan’s brattiness, grabbing Doyoung and dragging him from the booth. The bouncers watch the two VIP’s leave, and one look from Haechan tells them they’re dismissed as well.
Soon it’s just you and your ‘boss’. He loudly walks down from VIP, and you try not to look up as he approaches the bar. He sits down, leaning forward, and watching you.
“Do you want a drink?” you ask, unsure what else to say.
Haechan smirks at you, “Whiskey, top shelf baby, two shot glasses.”
You sigh but follow through, setting the bottle and the glasses down in front of him. Haechan pours two shots, holding one out for you.
“You’re my boss.” you tell him.
He shrugs, “so?”
“So this is inappropriate.” 
“I bought this whole fucking club just to be able to have a drink with you, and now you say I can’t because it’s inappropriate.” Haechan scoffs. 
“I-” You don’t know what to say. You’d assumed he’d bought the club to be a dick to you like this, but hearing him confirm it is something else. For someone to have that kind of money-
“If I’m not your boss, you’ll have a drink with me?” he asks, tilting his head at you in an almost submissive way, “or maybe I can give you something else?” 
You lick your lips, mind jumping ahead of yourself, imagining what he could be offering you... 
Your boss smirks, able to sense your sinful musings, but instead he takes the conversation in a new direction, not wanting to risk being rejected again, “answers to questions?” he suggests, pulling the knife from his pants and setting it on the bar top. The blade is clean.
You swallow thickly, unsure how this man can make you feel so many different emotions in such quick succession. Annoyance, arousal, fear-
“You’re a demon.” you say.
Haechan grins, “that’s a statement kitten.” he picks up his knife, pointing it towards you and tapping your name tag where it’s pinned to your shirt, “wish you’d worn the collar instead.”
Your heart is racing in your chest at how unpredictable this man is. But, he’d saved you outside, so that meant he won’t hurt you... right?
“What do you want from me?” you ask.
Haechan smirks, “right now, I want you to have this drink.” he pushes the shot towards you.
“And later?”
He shrugs, “later you can go home. But tomorrow, you’ll stop treating me like your boss, and I’ll reinstate Kai, be less... hand’s on.” his eyes rake over your body and he raises his shot, waiting for you to toast with him and agree.
Kai. You feel bad he sold the club just because you had drawn Haechan’s eye. 
“Fine.” you say, lifting your own shot glass.
The alcohol burns as it runs down your throat, and Haechan enjoys the small face of disgust you make. 
“One last thing,” Haechan says, drawing your attention, “admit you like me.”
You scoff, shaking your head.
“I’ll give you a raise.”
“How much?”
“Double it.” he answers.
“I like you.” you say, monotone as you go back to cleaning the bar. 
Haechan smiles as he watches you, enjoying the view, “don’t tell anyone about the alleyway or I’ll have to kill you.” he says, “Doyoung wanted me to earlier, but I told him no.”
You’re frozen, the atmosphere having changed too quickly for your liking, although Haechan’s voice is almost wistful. He can talk about life and death so easily, as if you’re continued survival is just a simple choice for him. 
You hear him take another shot and stand up, “I’ll break you soon enough.” Haechan says, “get home safe kitten, see you tomorrow.” 
Tumblr media
Your friends have dragged you to a club, not your own, thank god, and they want to have a wild night. You stand near the bar with them, nursing your drink. Some of the men are attractive, but for whatever reason you can’t stop thinking about Haechan.
It’s been a week since you found out Haechan is a demon, and he’d promised to see you the next day... only he’d never shown. You can’t stop thinking about him, even though there are plenty of men who would jump at the chance to dance with you.
“Y/N,” your best friend yells over the music, forcing a shot into your hand, “let’s go dance!”
You soon find yourself lost in the music on the dance floor, hips swaying rhythmically. You feel free, hands thrown up above your head, a huge smile on your face.
A body presses up behind you, and you turn your head, brows furrowing, ready to fight whoever is touching you. “it’s just me kitten.” Haechan’s hands roam over your hips, fingers digging in so he can force you to move the way he wants you to. 
You can feel his cock pressing against your ass, and you reach behind you, lacing your fingers in Haechan’s hair. His lips are so close to your neck, you can feel his breath, but he simply smiles, refusing to kiss you.
He wants you begging for it, after making him work so hard for you. He’s never had to lift a finger before, but for you? He bought a whole club and killed one of his workers. 
You press back against him, realizing two can play this game, and you can get him just as needy as he’s getting you. Haechan turns you around, grabbing a fistful of your hair and forcing your head back, exposing your neck to him as his thigh pushes up between your legs.
His other hand wraps around your throat and you grab at his wrist pathetically, enjoying the closeness, enjoying the danger, “beg for it.” Haechan growls, his lips nearly brushing yours.
You smirk, “no.” 
Haechan’s eyes narrow and for a moment his grip on your neck tightens, you feel his thigh flex where it’s buried between your thighs. Your lips part and now it’s Haechan’s turn to smile, “I can feel how fucking wet you are kitten.” he tells you, his tongue dancing across your jaw lightly, sending goosebumps across your skin.
You stay quiet and Haechan laughs, releasing you completely. He doesn’t even say anything, just leaves, and you’re left breathless. Your body is cold, missing his heat, pussy throbbing around nothing. 
No matter who approaches you the rest of the night, you can’t shake the need to find Haechan, although it’s obvious he’s gone. You’re left unsatisfied, fingers nowhere near as fulfilling as you imagine Haechan would be.
Tumblr media
You clean slowly, hoping that Haechan will come out of the office to say something to you. You haven’t seen him since the club incident, and you’re shocked he’s still in the club now, having sent Kai home early for whatever reason. Is Kai even your boss? Is Haechan? Everything feels muddled. 
You consider going to his office to say goodnight, would it go against your pride?
You look up and notice Haechan looking out at you, his office has a view of the entire bar. His suit jacket is missing, his hands shoved into his pants, he looks relaxed, but still alert. 
When you’re done cleaning, you grab your purse, putting your head down and deciding to follow your instincts. Haechan is waiting for you in the doorway to the office, arms crossed over his chest, a smirk on his face, “need something kitten?”
“Did you follow me to the club on Saturday?” you ask.
Haechan laughs, “you think you’re that important?” he turns his back to you, going back to his desk.
“Yeah. I do. I’m not sure why though.” you answer, confidence flaring through you. Haechan’s body is stiff and you know you’ve touched on something.
“Me neither.” Haechan says, taking a seat and putting his feet up on the table, his hands moving behind his head, then he smirks, “Did you make yourself cum that night after trying to fuck my thigh kitten?”
You’re shocked by his vulgarity, and you swallow thickly. You nod, looking down with shame. 
Haechan laughs, “Bet it wasn’t enough though was it?” he asks, standing and resting his palms flat on Kai’s desk.
You shake your head, “no, needed you.”
“Then come here kitten.” Haechan holds out his hand for you, “don’t make me ask you again.” his eyes darken and you’re reminded of the danger.
He’s so close to having you, his skin hot with anticipation. Each step you take brings him closer and closer to getting what he needs-
You stop and Haechan’s hand closes, falling to his side, a growl rising in his throat.
“You come here.” You say.
Haechan grabs your waist and drags you to his chest roughly, turning you and throwing you onto the table. With one harsh movement he shoves everything off of the surface, then grabs at your jeans, unbuttoning them, “tell me to stop.” he says gruffly, eyes darting up at you.
You say nothing, lifting your hips to help him pull your jeans and panties off of your legs. 
Haechan is not the type to ever give without expecting, but for you? His eyes dart to your core, and he licks his lips- for you, he’d do anything. 
His fingers dig into your thighs, pulling you to the edge of the table as he sits in the chair, his face level with your core. 
“Please-” it’s a small whimper, barely audible, but it’s enough to send Haechan into a frenzy. He loves making you ask for things, loves it when you break down for him.
His face dives into your pussy, free hand pushing your chest so you land with your back on the table. You’re fully spread for him, and Haechan couldn’t be happier, his skilled tongue lapping at you messily. 
You reach for the man between your legs, grasping at his hair. A tingle of pleasure runs through you when he moans, enjoying the tug of your digits through his messy locks. 
You can tell he’s enjoying this, and it makes the whole thing even sexier. 
His hands move to your hips again, holding you down as he builds your orgasm, thumbs smoothing over your skin. His tongue is deadly flicking your clit, lips suctioning around the sensitive bud and making you whine louder. 
“I’m gonna-” You begin to warn him of your impending orgasm only for Haechan to pull his face away from your core.
“Going to cum without permission?” he tuts, tone dark.
You shake your head, “please?”
Haechan laughs, slipping two fingers into your core and watching with interest as they come out coated in your slick, “no.”
“No?” you sit up on your elbows, looking down at the demon. He offers his fingers to you and you suck them off greedily, waiting for further instruction.
“You rejected my offer of having a drink three times, so I think I’m going to do the same.” Haechan tells you, “but,” he slips his fingers from your mouth, sitting back in his chair and smoothing his hands over his thighs, “you can always make yourself cum.”
“It won’t be the same-” you begin to argue but it just makes Haechan smile wider.
“I know that kitten.” 
Your pussy twitches at the pet name, body screaming at you to chase your release. 
You follow your instincts, ignoring the way your skin flushes with shame as you get up and move to straddle the demon. His hands settle on your hips as you situate his thigh between your legs, his grip forcing you down.
“So wet,” Haechan breathes, one hand snaking up to your neck, forcing you to meet his eyes, “so messy.”
You whine when he bobs his leg up and down, urging you to begin to move. Your clit throbs as you press it against the fabric of his pants, hips shuddering. You’re so close, so worked up from the teasing. 
Haechan watches you with a look of amusement, his lips so close- 
You realize you haven’t even kissed him yet, although you’re half naked and riding his thigh. Your eyes dart down to his plump lips and you whine. Haechan can read you like an open book and he smirks, “does kitten want a kiss?” he asks.
You nod, moving forward to press your lips to his- but his hand on your neck keeps you just out of reach. 
“You don’t deserve it.” Haechan growls. 
Everything happens quickly, and you guess it has to do with his demonic strength and speed, which are utilized to lift you and turn you around. Your back is suddenly to his chest, his hands on your hips as he forces you down onto his thigh. He smiles against your neck when you begin to mewl, one of his hands moving up to pull your bra and shirt down, releasing a nipple that he pinches roughly. 
The stimulation of all of these things throws you over the edge, and as you whine out Haechan’s name- he stops, pinning your hands in his grip at the front of your body. Your body freezes for a moment before your hips begin to move on their own accord, doing the only thing you can to prolong the orgasm without use of your hands, but not satisfying you the way his motions had. You ride his thigh pitifully, his breath hot against your neck as you whimper and whine your way through your orgasm. 
When you finally stop moving, chest heaving with each breath, you’re disappointed. Haechan releases you from his grip, “what’s wrong kitten?” he says, voice teasing.
“Need you.” you whimper, too overcome by endorphins to really be thinking coherently. You can feel his cock straining against his pants behind you, and your mouth waters at how big he feels, you can’t wait for him to just slip inside of you-
“Three rejections.” Haechan says, pushing you so you’re on wobbly feet, your hands bracing yourself against the table. Haechan stands behind you, it would be so easy for him to just take his cock out and- “You’re going to be begging for my cock, crying for it, and then, maybe if you’re good for me, I’ll give you what you need.”
His fingers ghost over your pussy, collecting your wetness before pushing it back into you, a moan leaving your lips. Haechan removes his fingers and a smack lands against your ass, another sinful sound leaving your lips, “now get dressed and go home, try not to miss me too much when you make yourself cum on your small fingers tonight, we both know they’ll never be enough.”
Tumblr media
You can’t even think of anything else, eyes darting to VIP with every free moment. Haechan is ignoring you, and it’s just making the ache between your legs get worse.
How long does he think he can make you wait? 
How many nights are you going to go to sleep, having cum on your fingers or a toy, but still left unsatisfied? 
He makes you blood boil.
Haechan finally looks over at you when you’re nearly done with your shift, his gaze lingering. When he goes to his office, you can’t even fight with yourself, following the demon and shutting the door behind you.
“Your work was sloppy tonight.” Haechan says from where he’s standing behind the desk, a glass of rum already between his fingers.
“I need you.” you tell him, leaning back against the door, waiting for rejection number two, maybe if you just get these small ‘rejections’ over with, he’ll finally fuck you.
Haechan’s eyes scan over your body and he takes a sip of his drink, “you want to cum princess?”
You nod.
Haechan shrugs, coming around the front of the desk. He leans against it slightly, then looks down at his shoes, leather, expensive, “you ruined my pants last time with that filthy pussy of yours, so if you’re so desperate to cum today, I guess you can ride my shoe.”
“Your shoe.” you repeat his words back to him. 
Haechan smirks, “unless you don’t want to cum?”
You approach him quickly, meeting his gaze and that shit eating smile as you undo your jeans, wiggling free of them. “keep your panties on princess.” Haechan instructs and you do as you’re told, getting on the ground once you’re nearly half naked.
You swallow thickly, and then decide to challenge Haechan. You can deal with these ‘rejections’, you can deal with his attitude, hell, you can even deal with getting yourself off on his shoe if it means he’s going to split you in half another time... but you can’t deal with being so close to his already hard cock and just expected to ignore it.
Your hands go to his belt buckle and Haechan immediately grabs you, stopping your motions, “what are you doing?” he hisses, control gone.
“I want to make you cum too.” you tell him, looking up at the demon with your best pouty face, “I need your cock, please-”
Haechan licks his lips.
You look so fucking good. Kneeling on the floor, ready to get yourself off on his shoe, and now needy for his cock? 
Haechan lets go of your hands, saying nothing as you continue your task. His cock strains against his briefs, and when you finally release it, Haechan let’s out a soft sound. Your pussy pulses in reaction and you lick your lips, inspecting his gorgeous cock. 
He’s bigger than you expected, and thicker too.
You start by licking a stripe from the base of his cock up to the tip, noting how Haechan’s grip on the table intensifies, knuckles turning white. He watches you with interest, “you love cock huh?” he asks.
“Just yours.” you answer.
It’s true to some extent. You’ve never been this needy before, never wanted to make a man putty in your hands the way you want to make Haechan melt. You wrap your lips around the head of his cock and the moan he releases goes straight to your pussy.
Your free hand moves between your legs, fingers meeting your clit. Your own moan sends vibrations up Haechan’s cock and he shivers, his hand reaching out so his fingers can latch to your hair, forcing you farther down on him. 
You relax your jaw, suctioning your lips as best you can as you swirl your tongue around his head.
Haechan pulls you off of his cock and you take a deep gulp of air, Haechan watches the saliva bridge connecting your lips to his hard on, and he groans. He loves sloppy head, loves it when a girl worships him, and you’re checking all of his boxes, although he’d never admit it to you.
As soon as he’s satisfied that you’ve had enough air, (with humans he can never tell, you’re all so fragile), he slips his cock back past your lips. 
Haechan’s head lols back and he allows a few sounds to leave his throat, eyes closed as he enjoys you. Has he ever had head like this? He’s been blown more times than he can count, but there’s something about you and your mouth- he can’t explain it, can’t possibly account for it.
“Bet you’re just gushing on your own fingers huh baby?” Haechan asks, looking down at you again, “how many fingers are you fucking yourself with? Ine? Two?” you moan and Haechan smirks, “add a third, they’ll never be enough, I’m a lot bigger than your three tiny fingers kitten.”
You groan around his cock, knowing it’s true. You can barely fit half of him in your mouth, your right hand gripping his base and working him up and down with what you can’t reach with your tongue. 
Your third finger is a snug fit inside of you, and you don’t even know where to focus, on Haechan’s cock, or on your own digits working yourself closer to orgasm. You’re so wet, panties inhibiting the motions of your fingers, everything is sticky, sinful and dirty.
Haechan angles his foot up, leather brushing your fingers where they’re buried in your core, panties haphazardly pushed to the side to accommodate your hand. 
“When you cum, you’re going to cum on my shoe, not your fingers, do you understand?” Haechan asks, his own orgasm nearing completion as you suck diligently on him.
Another wasted orgasm, you don’t know if you can even take it-
“Fuck,” Haechan groans, grabbing your face so he can fuck into you at his own pace, chasing his orgasm, “and you’re going to swallow all of me like the good kitten you are.”
Your throat spasms around his cock when he goes particularly deep, and it is in that moment that both of you explode. You don’t take your fingers from your core, plunging them faster to match Haechan’s pace as he fucks your face, ropes of his cum running down your throat.
When he pulls away, he clicks his tongue, “you didn’t follow my rules.”
You remove your fingers from your core, looking up apologetically at Haechan who does up his pants, eyes dark as they stare you down. 
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t-”
Haechan reaches down and tugs you to your feet. For the second time this week, he throws you onto the table, situating his face between your legs.
You’re sensitive from your orgasm, and a scream leaves your lips when he attacks your clit with his tongue. Your fingers thread through his hair, hips lifting only to be held down by Haechan’s strong hands.
You’re quickly worked to the edge again, Haechan’s tongue alternating between flicking your clit and teasing you by just dipping inside your core.
“I’m gonna cum-” you pant, grip tightening in Haechan’s hair, “please make me cum-”
Your eyes snap open when his grip latches onto your wrists. He stands up quickly, bending over the table, pinning your hands above your head, then two of his fingers enter your core, unmoving.
“Fuck my fingers princess, make yourself cum.” Haechan instructs.
Your hips begin to move and you try to get some friction. You teeter on the edge for a few moments, so close to your release. All you need is a bit of movement from him, if he would just fuck you a little- 
Haechan laughs, pulling his fingers from your core and leaving you empty, pulsing around nothing, “not fast enough.”
“Please.” you feel tears in your eyes, “please fuck me, I need you, I need to cum-”
Haechan looks at you, and it takes every inch of self control in his entire body not to tear all your clothes off and fuck you until you’re screaming his name for the whole club to hear.
“No.” the word hangs heavily in the room, breaking the sound of you trying to catch your breath.
Haechan watches more tears leave your eyes, more whimpers and pleas escaping your lips, your hands clutching at him, trying to pull him closer-
Haechan removes himself from your grip, “when you’re ready, get dressed and go home, you don’t get to cum again until I say so.”
Your pussy clenches at his words. You’re not sure how long he’s going to make you wait, only that you’re going insane. Masterbation hasn’t been the same since you had his lips on your core, since he made you ride his thigh, your fingers aren’t the same. 
Haechan leaves the room, and after a little while, you collect yourself. Leaving the club, skin still flushed, tummy tight, you try not to look at Haechan, who has rejoined his friends in VIP as if nothing ever happened.
Tumblr media
His laughter is obnoxious, and it sets your teeth on edge as you finish up your work. You try not to look up towards the VIP section, but it’s hard not to. 
One of Haechan’s friends had shown up with models.
You can feel the anger boiling in your body, and you’re ready to practically explode. Haechan has two cute girls with him, one under each arm, and when you’d looked over, one had been kissing his neck.
“Done for the night.” you tell the bartender who’s staying on until closing.
“Plans?” she asks.
You look out at the crowd, “I’m going to dance.” you tell her.
You’ve been working at this club for months, but you’ve never actually danced here. You’ve kept a clean dress in your locker all this time, and never had a reason to use it, but you do now.
Inspecting yourself in the staff bathroom mirror, you note how the dress hugs your curves. Then you look down at the Kitten collar, it had shown up in your locker a week after Haechan had initially tried to give it to you, and now, it’s looking awfully inviting.
You fasten it around your throat, noting at how the pink sets off your skin. Even you have to admit that you look amazing.
When you get onto the dance floor, you don’t bother to look towards VIP. You can feel Haechan watching you, and it just pushes you to be more provocative with your movements, hips swaying to the beat. 
Hands quickly land on your hips, and you don’t even bother looking behind you. It’s not Haechan, but it still feels nice. If he wants to be a tease, rubbing models in your face while you’re at work, you can be a tease too.
Lips press against your neck, the first kiss you’ve had in what feels like months, although you had Haechan’s cock in your mouth just two days ago. It feels nice to be wanted, and you push back against the man who has a hold on you.
The hands let go of your waist and you wait for him to do something, when he doesn’t, you turn, eager to see who you’ve been grinding against, and you’re shocked to be met with red eyes.
Haechan is standing there, having pushed the other man aside and taken his place. The man who had been touching you is gone, and forgotten, you’re lost in Haechan’s dark expression.
He looks upset, eyes narrowed, and he licks his lips. 
You’re not sure who moves first, but suddenly your lips are pressed together. Haechan’s hands wrap around your waist, pulling you flush to his chest, his tongue pushing into your mouth and making you gasp. 
Your fingers dig into his hair, and even though you’re as close as you can be to each other, it’s not close enough. “more,” you whine against Haechan’s mouth and he smirks, one hand snaking down to roughly grab your ass, “fuck me,” you breath, pressing eager kisses against Haechan’s pretty neck as he laughs at you.
You’re practically humping his thigh, which has once again found it’s way between your legs, and you’re holding onto him like he’s your last hope at survival. Haechan is living for the feeling of power coursing through his veins.
“Where do you want me to fuck you kitten?” he asks, grabbing your face roughly and forcing you to look at him, “on the bar? Where everyone can watch?” his gaze slides to the metaphorical wall that you’ve been hiding behind, your work space, “or maybe my office,” his considers it, “how about VIP? Bet you’ve never been up there before baby. But you’re going to let me fuck you up there, you know why?” his fingers dig into your hair, pulling and making you mewl, “because I own you, Kitten.” his gaze momentarily moves to the collar on your neck, “like I own this club. Like I own these people.” he waves his hand around, “mine.”
“But what kitten?” he smirks, “you don’t want everyone watching me ruin you?”
He wouldn’t actually follow through with it. Now that he thinks of it, Haechan wants to be the only one who can look at you, the only one who can touch. He considers closing the club early. All it would take is an order and he could kick everyone out, but one glance at the clock tells him the club closes in an hour anyways. He can find things to do for an hour before he bends you over your bar and fucks you until you can’t walk.
Like the third rejection, he is entitled to one more denied orgasm. He could have you begging for it-
Haechan turns and moves off the dance floor, not even reaching for you, but some invisible tether drags at the collar on your neck, forcing you to follow the demon. You had had no idea the collar was demonic or you may not have dared to put it on.
Haechan takes you up to the office, a place you’re beginning to love. The blinds are closed, giving the two of you some added privacy, but the flashing lights flood through, illuminating the space in purples, blues and pinks. 
The moment the door is closed behind you, he has you pressed to it, his lips once again on yours. 
You’re not sure where to touch him, wanting to feel everything; his hair, his shoulders, his cock stiffening against your waist-
His hands dig into your thighs, lifting you and pinning you to the door. He grinds against your core, panties exposed by your dress now shoved up to your bum, Haechan’s fingers kneading the flesh there roughly. 
Haechan growls against your neck, sucking a mark into your skin just above the collar and under your ear. His teeth hurt as they scrape across your throat, but you don’t even mind, gasping at the shocks that run through you. 
You’re so wet, because you know tonight is the night. He’s kissing you, he’s letting you in, he’s going to fuck you. Nothing else has ever mattered more. You’re desperate, mind fuzzy at the mere thought of him finally fucking you, and Haechan knows it. 
He’s broken you.
But why does he want to burry his face between your thighs? Why doesn’t he want to chase his own release and revel in your worship of him? The thought of your pussy makes Haechan lick his lips, and then he’s carrying you to the table. 
“Please fuck me,” you whine, already knowing where this is headed the moment he sits down in his chair, his eyes glued to your core.
“I will.” he says.
“Now,” you clarify, pouting down at the man who’s been driving you insane.
“After.” Haechan shoves the material of your dress up, fingers hooking in your panties and tearing them off your legs. You note how he puts them in his back pocket and you moan, eyes closing as you prepare yourself for his mouth.
The smallest of kitten licks makes your legs shudder, the chord of anticipation snapping through your body, grip tightening where you’re holding onto your dress as your waist. Haechan laughs, his breath fanning across your entrance and making you mewl. 
“So sensitive.” he coos. 
A month ago, you wouldn’t have been fucking him.
A month ago, you wouldn’t have nearly came just from a lick.
A month ago, you would have fought back and told him that this was his doing. That it was his fault for not making you cum all week, that he’d ruined masterbation for you, and that you are afraid you are going to be addicted to his cock even though he hasn’t even blessed you with it yet. You have already dreamed of what it was like to suck him off; the pretty sounds, and the way he looked with his head lolled back-
“You’re dripping.” Haechan draws you out of your day dream.
“I’m gonna cum.” you tell him, ashamed that you’re on edge from simply having his attention focused on you. 
A small chuckle leaves Haechan’s mouth. He can’t keep this orgasm away from you. You’re a mess on his desk, completely submitting to him. “you’ve been so good for me.” Haechan breathes, licking his lips.
For the first time in his demonic life, he shows mercy. 
You grab at him as Haechan’s face moves between your legs, and he laces his fingers with yours, pinning your hands to your hips to hold you still as his lips wrap around your clit. His entire mouth covers your pussy, tongue and lips moving as he devours you.
Your body spasms, orgasm smashing into you. The scream that leaves your lips shocks even you, and you’re sure someone has to have heard it over the loud house music out on the dance floor bellow. Your legs squeeze around Haechan’s head, fingers grasping his tightly, but it only seems to push him to go harder, his attention focusing on your clit even as waves of pleasure course through you.
You try to push him away because of the sensitivity, but Haechan won’t budge, and your body screams at you. Tears fall down your cheeks and you hold onto Haechan’s hands like they’re your life line.
When he finally pulls away from your core, you slump against the desk, chest heaving. Your mind and your body are completely numb.
Haechan looks down at you. He’s always found humans to be frail, and he’s never enjoyed breaking one the way he just enjoyed making you cum until you cried. 
Haechan’s eyes move to the clock.
You hear Haechan mutter a curse word, and you hear his footsteps as he leaves the office. You can’t even bring yourself to care, pulling your dress back down to cover yourself.
You think you pass out, for a few minutes at least, but your eyes open when you hear someone enter the room again. 
It’s Haechan, his suit jacket gone, a glass of water in his hands. He approaches you and you sit up, inspecting the pristine looking man who just gave you the best orgasm of your life. 
Haechan notes the dark spot on your neck that he’d marked earlier. Your eyes are lidded, and you accept the water he gives you without a second thought, sipping it and taking deep breaths. 
“Thank you.” you say once you’ve collected yourself, “for letting me cum.”
Haechan laughs, shaking his head at you. He doesn’t say anything. He wonders if you know how dangerous you are. How much control you have over him already. 
He decides you don’t really know how much he likes you, and he intends to keep it that way. Besides, Haechan enjoys being a dick to you, he’s a demon after all. 
Haechan moves to the windows and you realize the light in the room is no longer disco coloured, but just regular light from above you. The blinds move up when Haechan hits a button, and you look out at the now empty club.
“Did I really pass out for that long?” you ask in confusion, standing on wobbly legs and setting the cup of water down to join Haechan by the glass.
Haechan shakes his head, “closed early.”
“Because,” Haechan turns to you, “I told you I’m going to fuck you in VIP.” He moves quickly towards the door, and just like earlier, the collar around your throat tugs you with him. You stumble forwards, almost falling to your knees, but you catch yourself. Haechan doesn’t look back at you as you walk through the empty club.
When you reach the stairs leading to VIP, a literal raised platform for only the most elite members of the club, you notice how fast your heart is racing. Haechan takes a seat on the center couch, his arms and legs spreading as he gets comfortable, eyes on where you wait near the top of the stairs.
“Is kitten shy now?” Haechan asks, and your collar tugs you forward.
You’re not shy, not exactly. You’re just remember Haechan sitting here with two models while you worked. 
Haechan notes the shift in your eyes, the emotion, and he laughs, “Angry? about what? Didn’t I just make you cum so hard you passed out?”
He has a point. Haechan makes a come hither motion, and you’re pulled towards him, falling with a final harsh tug that has you landing in his lap, straddling the demon. He looks up at you with dark eyes, “weren’t you just begging for my cock?” he asks, forcing you to rub down on his length, he’d taken your panties earlier, and your core directly presses to his pants, your clit catching slightly on something, and you whimper, still sensitive from his mouth.
Haechan smirks, “that’s what I thought.” 
His hands go to the bottom of your dress and he pulls it up, tossing it onto another couch as his hands go to your hips. All this time it’s been half nudity, tearing at each other’s clothes, being too lazy to take everything off, too in the moment, but Haechan wants to savour this. He wants to see you.
You’re breathing deeply, watching Haechan lick his lips as he looks at your boobs, still covered by a bra. You remember that Haechan likes forcing you to do things, or likes to be begged into motions, you don’t feel like begging this early.
You push down against his cock, rolling your hips as your hands steady you on his shoulders. A small groan leaves Haechan’s lips, and one of his hands snakes up your back, unclasping the bra quickly. You remove it and as soon as it’s gone Haechan latches his lips onto your nipple.
Your fingers find his hair and your hips continue to rock while he nibbles on your sensitive nub, making you moan loudly. 
“Haechan, please fuck me.” you moan, tugging at his hair to make him look up at you. 
His lips are pouty and you can see the lust in his eyes, it’s the most vulnerable he’s ever looked with you, and it makes you even wetter.
Haechan stands up and flips your positions, laying you with your back on the couch as he quickly discards his shirt, undoing his belt next. You watch, biting your lip impatiently.
As soon as his cock is free, you grab at him, pulling him down on top of you before he can even get his pants off, “fuck me,” you whine in his ear, lips latching onto the golden skin of his neck, legs wrapping around his waist to pull him closer.
You feel his cock slide against your pussy and shiver just from that, giving Haechan enough room to reach between your bodies and-
He smacks the head of his cock against your clit, dragging it along your entrance and coating it with your slick but not pushing in, “maybe you don’t deserve it.” he says.
“Please.” you feel tears welling in your eyes again, “I’ll do anything-”
Haechan takes one look at you, already breaking down for him, no fight, just immediate submission, and a wave of euphoria surges through his body. He lines himself up with your entrance and pushes all the way in. 
He’s big, and thick, the stretch making you dig your nails into his shoulders, a scream on your lips as your pussy clenches around the new intrusion. Haechan’s lips are on your neck, his breath warm, making you tingle. He pulls almost out of you and then snaps back in, getting a grip on the couch as he begins to plow into you.
Sounds leave your lips with each thrust, and you feel the wetness around your entrance, you know you’re dripping onto the sofa but you don’t care. Haechan can pay for it.
You pull at Haechan’s hair and he groans, lips moving from your neck to your mouth, his tongue invading eagerly. HIs teeth bite down on your bottom lip and a sinful sound escapes you, your pussy throbbing around him. He feels so good, better than you even imagined.
He’s so big, filling you in every way your fingers never could. You can feel each vein, and each drag of his cock against your walls has you panting, nails digging into Haechan’s shoulders as you hold him tighter.
You’ve been needing him for so long that your embarrassingly close just from the mere size of him. He’s right, your fingers will never again compare. 
“Cum for me baby,” Haechan says, pulling away from your mouth so he can pin your head to the couch with a hand on your throat.
Your eyes close and you focus on the pressure of his hand, your body pulsing with each heart beat, Haechan filling you up over and over- 
The chord in your stomach snaps and your body shakes, Haechan’s grip tightening on your neck and taking away any noises as your pussy clamps down on him.
Haechan wants to hold back, to keep fucking you, to make you cum over and over again- but your pussy is too good. Too tight. Too everything he’s been needing for weeks, he lets go of your neck and a large moan leaves your lips-
Haechan’s head lolls back as he cums, hips aggressively smashing into yours with every thrust as he rides it out, the sounds you’re making just edge him on, until his hips come to a stop. 
He’s breathing heavily and he looks absolutely angelic, but when he opens his eyes, they’re red, and you’re once again reminded of the being in front of you.
There’s something soft in his eyes though. You look at him and he looks at you.
Haechan pulls out of you, grabbing you his dress shirt to throw on while he does up his pants and collapses onto the couch next to you. “tell me something about you?”
you laugh, “something? anything in specific?”
Haechan shakes his head, a small smile working its way onto his lips, “nothing specific. I want to know everything.” 
Tumblr media
If you liked it, please let me know in the tags! I read all of them and they make writing so much easier :) 
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sinner-as-saint · 8 months ago
‘Till We Bleed Out - 5.
Vampire!bucky x reader AU
Part 5 of this series. 
Run-through: Your car breaks down on a deserted road on a rainy night. You have no other option but to seek shelter from the nearest house you could find; the mansion, which happened to be the talk of the town for its mysteriousness along with its equally mysterious owner, Mr. Barnes. The universe can be tricky sometimes but the fact that you found yourself at that mansion’s doorstep at that time was no simple coincidence. That one night changes everything forever - quite literally. True love, past lives and creatures from folklore; turns out it’s all real. 
Themes throughout the series: vampire!bucky, fluff, smut, angst 
a/n: So this is it, the last part of this series! Thank you for your loving words and support my babies, I love all of you!!!
Tumblr media
You woke up with a smile on your face. 
You felt Bucky’s cold face pressed against yours, his lips kissing along your jaw. “Morning, sweetheart.” He mumbled. 
You opened your eyes and found yourself staring into bright blue ones. “Hi.” You whispered. You noticed he was dressed and ready for the day already. 
“I’ve got a surprise for you.” He said with a smirk. You gently caressed his face, not wanting to leave the warm bed just yet. 
“What surprise?” You asked, knowing he wouldn’t tell you obviously but trying your luck anyways. 
“Get dressed. It’s waiting for you downstairs in the kitchen.” He winked at you, making you think harder on what the surprise could be. He kissed the top of your head and walked out of the bedroom with a devious smirk on his face. 
You got ready as fast as you could and stepped out of the room. You saw Wanda at the end of the stairs and when she smiled at you, you couldn’t help but rush to her and give her a hug. “I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you.” 
She ran her hand soothingly down your back. “I knew you wouldn’t. But you’re back now, and that’s all that matters.” She gave you a warm smile. “Now go, they’re waiting.” 
You smiled and walked towards the kitchen, thinking back on what she said. They’re waiting… who was ‘they’? 
As you approached the kitchen you could hear multiple voices, you slowed down just to hear a little more of the conversation they were having. You picked up multiple voices; some speaking over others, some silly banters, some trying to calm them down, Bucky and other voices speaking in hushed tones.  
“I can hear her.” 
“I can hear her heartbeats.” 
“She always smells so good, doesn’t she?” 
“Have you spoken about turning her yet?”
To that question Bucky responded, “Yeah, we’ve talked about it. But I want to give it some time.” 
“Does she remember us?” 
“Did you hear a word he said? Yes, she remembers all of us.” 
“Uh guys, can we eat please?” 
“Pete we’ve waited over a century, can’t you wait a little longer?” 
“No the kid’s right, I’m getting hungry.” 
“What are you talking about, you ate on our way here?” 
“Guys, shut up.” 
“Tell me, was she irritated by my little trick?” 
Bucky responded again, chuckling “No, she understood it was important.” 
“Did she-,”
Whoever was about to say something, stopped at once when you stepped into the room. You could hear your heartbeats ringing in your ear. Before you, gathered in the spacious kitchen, were all your friends. You felt your heart getting heavy as you tried to process everything. 
“Hi.” You couldn’t say anything else, your voice was getting shaky. Your lips started quivering as you began tearing up. Your friends, the family who had your back no matter what, they were here. You were all here, under the same roof. 
One moment they were all staring at you in shock and the next you were being almost tackled to the ground as the result of a gigantic group hug. You held onto a broad shoulder to prevent yourself from falling, lifting your head up you saw that it was Thor. 
“Hello, Y/N.” his deep voice greeted you, teasing you of course. 
A rather extensive round of hi, hellos and ‘we missed you’ later, you heard Bucky’s voice speak up. “Try not to crush my wife.” 
You heard a collective round of sighs. “She’s not your wife yet.” Tony pointed out and at the sound of his voice, you rushed to him for another, proper hug. After your family cut ties with you, Tony was the closest thing you had to a father figure you had. “Hey kiddo, I’ve missed you.” 
You felt his cold arms around you. “I’m so glad you’re here.” You pulled away and his brown eyes reminded you of all the times he was there for you even when your own father wasn’t. 
“I believe I need a hug as well.” A smooth, very familiar voice spoke up from behind you. You turned around and smiled bigger than you had all morning. 
“Steve!” You jumped in his arms. 
Hug after hug, multiple ‘we missed you’ and ‘don’t you dare leave us again’ later, everyone gathered around the table. It was one of the best mornings you’ve ever had, now finally reunited with those who meant so much to you. 
While most of your friends were busy having a silly banter over something like they always do, you looked up and smiled at Bucky who sat on the other side of the large kitchen island. He smiled at you, staring deep into your eyes. He knew what you meant. 
You tried to eat but there was this lump in your throat, as happy as you were; you were also an emotional mess. In a good way. You were used to your life being this perfect, but here you were. 
For the rest of the morning, you all caught up with one another. Your friends told you about all the new members who had joined your inner circle, promising you that you’ll meet them soon enough. 
“We’ll be around. We’ll always be just one call away.” Tony spoke on behalf of everyone as they all stood at the front door, putting their coats back on; getting ready to leave. “We’ll visit again. Soon, okay?” he opened his arms and you rushed over to him and hugged him tight. 
When they all left, the house was quiet again. You closed the large wooden front door and stared at it, with a soft smile on your face. You felt warm inside. You felt surrounded, safe and complete. 
You turned around and Bucky was standing at the foyer, hands stretched out for you to take. You approached him and leaned in for a hug. He hugged you immediately, tightly. “You okay, baby?” 
“Yeah,” you replied, your eyes watering just a little. “I’ve missed them. So much. I missed everything, I-,” you choked on your words as the tears fell down your cheeks. “How did you do it? I wouldn’t have survived so long without you.” you held him tighter, your hot tears wetting his cold skin. 
“Hope. And your memories kept me alive I guess. Still, I died everyday. But I knew you’d come back again, someday like you promised.” He gently stroked your hair. “And you did, that’s all that matters.” 
You stayed like that for a while, just letting him hold you. After some time you spoke up again, “Thank you, Buck.” 
“What for, sweetheart?” 
“For bringing me home.” 
You put your book down on your lap as you leaned against the headboard of the bed. You looked over to find Bucky fully focused on his newspaper; sat on the couch by the bed. 
“You’re staring.” He said without looking up. 
You chuckled and walked over to where he was sitting. You snatched the paper out of his hands and settled down on his lap instead. He smiled, spreading his legs apart slightly just so you’d be more comfortable. 
“Turn me.” you whispered and watched how he went from playful to serious in less than a second. He was hesitant, you could tell. In the past years, you brought up this topic quite a lot of times and each time his answer would be the same - ‘no, not now.’ 
He opened his mouth to talk, but then shut it because he couldn’t figure out the right thing to say. 
“I spoke to Nat a few days ago, she’s willing to do it if it makes you uncomfortable. Buck, I understand, it’s okay I-,”
He cut you off. “No, I’ll do it. Just…” he sighed. “I’ve held your lifeless body once. It killed me.” He closed his eyes and pushed his face into the crook of your neck. “I’m not sure I’m strong enough to watch you die again.” 
You cradled his face, giving him a kiss on top of his head. “It’s not the same Buck.” He groaned upon hearing that. “Hey, look at me,” you said softly, pulling away to look down into his ocean blue eyes. “I’m not going anywhere this time. I’ll be here, forever.” 
It took a moment, but he finally said, “Okay.” 
“So it’s a yes?” 
You smiled and leaned in for a quick kiss. But he wasn’t planning on letting you go, Bucky pulled you closer and kissed you senselessly, deeply, passionately for God knows how long, but you could feel your underwear getting completely soaked.
“Buck…” you pulled away for a moment, wondering if he was trying to avoid doing what you asked him to. 
He gave you a soft look, “I need to hear your heart race when you cum for me. One last time. Please?” He mumbled against your skin as he kissed along your jaw. 
You giggled and gave in, inching closer to him again while your lips found his. He kissed you softly, his kiss slowly getting more and more needy. You found yourself being pushed down onto the couch with him hovering above you. Your clothes were off your body and carelessly thrown onto the bedroom floor in less than a few seconds. 
“I love you,” he mumbled, “so much.” His hands ran down your thighs and reached your knees. His eyes remained focused on your face as he parted your legs, settling in between them. His hand ran down your legs and your skin felt tingly at his touch. His hand reached out and he ran his knuckles along your wet folds, making you shudder at his touch. 
His eyes grew darker as he watched your squirm under him as he lazily played with your clit. He leaned in and pressed his lips to yours again, slipping his tongue back into your mouth, eagerly. You felt his tongue stroke the top of your mouth, and his hands touched you wherever he could; your breasts, your waist – leaving trails of goosebumps wherever his fingers touched your skin.
Pulling away from the kiss, he stood up again and took his shirt off, and his pants; leaving him just as naked as you were. He climbed onto the couch again and lowered his body until he hovered just inches above you. His strong arms supported him above you and your hands gripped onto his broad shoulders.
He looked into your eyes for a brief moment then his head dipped into the crook of your neck, biting your skin playfully and making you squirm and giggle under him as you felt his sharp fangs grazing your skin lightly. 
You felt his body pressed down against yours, and everything was right in the world. “You drive me crazy…” The tip of his nose ran along your throat and right to your ear, where he whispered all his obscene thoughts, making you all hot and bothered.
“Fuck me, please...” you whispered, running your fingers through his hair and he lifted his head and stared into your eyes again. He saw the desire and lust, but also the love. The love which had transcended through time and found its way back to him again. 
With a slow, steady push, he inserted his length into you. You shuddered as you felt all of him, his stubble tickled your skin as he kissed your lips repeatedly. You heard his ragged breaths right by your ear as he removed himself out and pushed himself back into you again.
You moaned out loud, unable to hold back the sound which escaped your lips. “Let me hear you, baby” he whispered into your ear and kissed the skin beneath your jaw. 
You let out a loud moan as he found your sweet spot, and you felt him smirk against your skin. You moaned again and again as he bit and licked the skin beneath your jaw, all while slamming into you relentlessly; stretching you and pounding into you like his life depended on it.
Your nails sank into his skin as you felt a pressure forming around your lower region. Bucky quickened his pace and pounded into you harder than before; the sounds of your skin slapping one another resonated around the bedroom. 
The tip of his cock touched your most sensitive spots and your back arched off the couch – your chest pressing against his. “Fuck…” his voice cracked as he whimpered in your ear. His moans always messed you up in a good way.
You feel your walls clench around him, and tighten around his thick member; making him swear out loud.
“Cum for me, sweetheart. Come on,” he panted in your ear, kissing the side of your face and gripping your jaw with his hand. 
He didn’t slow down as you felt your orgasm wash over you, he kept pounding into you as your eyes rolled back and you moaned out his name as you came – hard. You whimpered at how he kept slamming into you even after you came, and your face burned as you felt the knot forming again right at your core.
Bucky fucked you relentlessly; not even stopping even for a second. He panted and groaned at how good you felt and wished for this moment to last forever. Unable to form coherent sentences, you moaned as you felt your second release approaching. Your legs were numb, and your body moved along with his. 
You felt your mind clouding with lust again. He gently bit down on your shoulder as you lifted your hips to meet his thrust; chasing your release. Your body trembled under him as you came again; gushing out around his cock while he still pounded into you. 
He pushed his face into your neck as he came right after, moaning and panting as you gently ran your fingers through his hair. He kissed along your throat, making you giggle uncontrollably. 
“Hey, you promised me something.” You reminded him. 
He sighed and got up from the couch, grabbing his clothes and putting them on again. “Wait here, I need to go get something. I’ll be back in a bit.” He kissed your forehead and walked out of the room. 
You showered in the meantime, wondering what could he possibly need. When you walked out, you found him pacing around. 
“Hi,” you walked over and wrapped your arms around his torso. He relaxed once he felt your touch. “Where did you go?” 
Instead of answering he handed you a little vial of some sort, with a dark liquid inside. “Drink up.” 
“What’s this?” you questioned, taking it from him.
“It'll make you a little drowsy. You won't feel the pain,” he gently caressed your face. “And when you wake up, everything will be fine.” 
You nodded. Taking a deep breath as you emptied the vial into your mouth. You cringed as you swallowed. “It's bitter.” You pointed out. 
Bucky smiled softly, pulling you closer and kissing your forehead, letting his lips linger on your skin. “I know baby.” He mumbled. 
You stayed there, in his arms and noticed that your vision started getting blurry. You held on to him tighter. Your heart began slowing down as well, he could hear it. You felt his lips along your jaw, kissing you gently as though coaxing you into something. He kissed down your throat, and you felt his fangs against your neck. 
“I love you so much, sweetheart.” He mumbled, nipping at your skin gently; still a little hesitant. 
You got a little nervous. He noticed as your grip tightened around him. “Buck, I…” 
“Shh, don't fight it.” he mumbled against your skin. He kissed his way back up to your lips again. “Let go baby, I'm right here.” he whispered against your lips. 
And that was that last thing you remember before everything went black. 
You woke up feeling different. A good kind of different. You felt energized, well-rested. You blinked a few times and took a few seconds to reorient yourself. You were in your bedroom, the one you and Bucky had shared over the past years. 
You sat up and noticed that you were hyper aware of your surroundings. The light was too bright. The birds chirping outside were loud, you could hear the winds bristle against the branches. You immediately felt your pulse. You had none.
You heard footsteps. Moments later Bucky opened the door. He walked into the room with a lovely smile on his face. "Hello sweetheart. Welcome back."
Just the sight of him filled you with unexplainable joy. You jumped out of bed and rushed to hug him. “Bucky!” in doing so, you knocked the two of you down on the floor. 
He laughed and held on to you, "I forgot how strong newbies were." He kissed the top of your head, “Hi, baby.” 
You straddled his waist, pulling away from the hug to kiss him. “I've missed you.” you whispered. You figured you must’ve been gone for a day or two. 
“I've missed you too.” He replied, kissing you back. 
You got back up and pulled him up as well. “We have to tell Nat! And everyone, they-,” 
He cut you off, chuckling as he ran his fingers through your hair. “Don't rush sweetheart, we have all the time in the world now.” 
You slowed down, realizing he was right. “Yes we do.” You leaned in for a hug, just wanting to be close to him. He wrapped his arms around you, swaying the two of you gently. 
“Can you promise me one thing?” he asked. 
“That you won’t leave me alone for so long again.”
You sighed, trying to imagine how hard it must’ve been for him to be alone for so long. “I promise.” You pulled away to look into his eyes. “I’m not going anywhere now. I’m here.” 
He smiled softly. “Do you remember what we used to promise each other when we first got together?” 
You giggled, remembering. “That we'll stay together forever, until we bleed out?”
He chuckled, remembering how young you both were when you made that up. The promise/ inside joke was that neither of you could physically die from bleeding out therefore by saying so, you were promising each other forever. 
“Yeah.” He smiled and leaned in for a gentle kiss. He pulled away moments later, pressed his forehead against yours and whispered, “Together, ‘till we bleed out.”
a/n: to everyone who showed their love and support for this series, ily!! 
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httphopewrld · 7 months ago
I Don’t Know What to Call This | (f/m/a)
Tumblr media
Just Friends? Friends with benefits? Dating? Questions swarmed your mind when one of your dear friends, Allie, asked about you and Hoseok’s relationship. The truth was you didn’t know. You and Hoseok were close, knowing each other since elementary school, and considered each other friends. However, as you two grew older, maturing into separate professions—you a well-known fashion designer, and Hoseok a famous musician and dancer—you two had engaged in some intimate activities (sex—lots of it.) After Allie’s simple question, you had to confront your feelings. But were you and Hoseok ready to be more than close friends and f*ck buddies?
Pairing: friend/lover/bfhoseok! x female reader
Genre: slowburn fluff and SMUT
Rating: 18+ because there’s swearing and pretty detailed smut
Warnings: swearing and SMUT (one of the most detailed smuts I've written, and there's more than one sex scene.) Smut includes: switch!reader and switch!hoseok, grinding and thrusting, protective sex (USE CONDOMS, I cannot stress that enough), lots of kissing, ass-grabbing, dirty talk, a wee bit of choking on both sides, squirting, male and female oral, fingering and handjobs, vibrator use, cyber-sex, the reader uses dildo, slight degradation, and just lots of filth—YOU'RE WELCOME FELLOW FILTHY ANIMALS. Oh, and spoilers for the horror movie Hush. It's on Netflix if you haven't watched it yet. It is GOOD.
  Word Count: 16, 465 (wowie)
A/N: Thank you for waiting! It’s rushed, so expect some little mistakes here an there, but I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope y'all enjoy it! Also, Y/L/N means "your last name."
  Taglist: @kirbykook​ @kleritata​ @taestannie​ @jenotation​ @hemmos-obrien​ @zeharilisharaban​ @speed-of-wind​ @kawaisoraya​
⊱ ────── {⋅. ✯ .⋅} ────── ⊰
“You can move those over there,” you gestured to the left corner of the windowed room, where a pile of boxes waited. The move was going to take longer than you expected because the movers arrived a week later than your assistant, Rachel said. I really need to talk to her about this. You stressed in your mind, rubbing your temples. “Are you okay?” You looked up, vision resuming its focus on your friend, Allie. Allie, your friend for as long as you could remember, offered to help you move to your new building. She would help you manage everything, including the movers, tracking your company's items, and the layout you gave to her for said things while managing the company. “I’m just irritated at Rachel,” you noticed her confusion, “my new assistant.” She nodded, remembering, “Right. Why is she still employed?” “Because she’s new, and being an assistant is a tough feat. She’ll get it soon.” You reassured, “Rachel is a fast learner, and this is her first mistake. We’re prepared for the next show, though, because Westley's helping me organize it.” “Remind me who Westley is?” Allie asked. You sighed. “West is like my second brain. He helps organize the fashion shows, hire the models, find the venues, and secure the guest list. He has other people help him too, but he’s the brains of that. I create the fashion, and he finds a way to present it.” Allie nodded, “Gotcha.” Your phone rang, and you answered. “Y/N.” “Y/N!” Rachel chimed on the other end. “It’s Rachel. I’m so sorry about the mix-up on dates. It won’t happen again, I—” “I know it won’t, Rachel. You’re new, so I expected to slip up. I’ve gotten it taken care of,” you nudged Allie’s arm, and she smiled. “We’re luckily prepared for the next show in Vancouver, so you don’t have to worry about the mess up. All I need you to do now is make sure that my fabrics are coming in.” “Yes! They’ve arrived at the studio.” Rachel replied. "Fantastic. Thank you. That'll be all for now. Check on West if he needs anything." You ordered. “Will do, Y/N. Talk to you soon.” You hung up. The Vancouver show was in five months, giving you and your team enough time to design the clothes for the production and move to the new building. The show's theme was natural bodies of water and nature, a nod to Canada's landscape. The clothing catalogue would include various icy blue shades to represent waterfalls and warm emerald tones like flora and fauna. These colours would be encapsulated in elegant gowns and suits, worn by different body shapes, genders, and colours. The materials would be made from recycled fabrics from your previous shows and from your fellow artists. You were known for designing elegant attire, so it was best to keep to it. However, it was rare to see different sized, coloured, and gendered models on a runway; because of having to customize clothes to those models. Additionally, making clothes from recycled fabrics would be tough. “Okay,” you began, “I need to talk to my design team and plan out the gowns. Can I leave you here to deal with the movers?” Allie gave you a thumbs up. “Thank you,” you smiled, hugging her, “if you need anything, please call me or Rachel, or both. We’ll be back to help.” Before you left, a thought struck you. You turned around to face Allie. “I should just hire you.” She chuckled, “Why?” You scoffed, "Because you're here all the time!" You walked back to her. "Listen, you're the best manager I know. You can be my third brain. You already are, outside of work, so it would make sense." Allie seemed unsure. “I already have my job at Youth and Hope.” You grasped her hands. “You would be given a great wage, not just because you’re my best friend, but because you’re going to be busy with lots of work. You would be handling the management tasks, like West. You’d be given a good amount of vacation, trips for shows and meetings would be paid for—you could get that loft you always wanted downtown.” You wiggled your eyebrows, and Allie laughed. “Don’t I have to go through an interview process?” You brushed a hand through the air. “I can get someone to interview you and officially hire you. Once that’s done, you’ll start getting paid.” You checked your watch, and a quick rush of panic ran through you. “Shit, I’m going to be late. Consider it, alright! Let me know your availability, and we’ll schedule an interview!” “Okay!” She shouted back as you left. . . The coffee had become bitter. You weren’t sure if it was the roast or the fact that this was your fourth cup of the night. It had been a month since the fabrics arrived. Thanks to Allie, your friend and now employee, your move to the new building was complete; however, your designs weren’t translating as smoothly as you wish. "Fuck," you cursed, resting your head in your hands and rubbing your temples. The sketches waited in front of you—the measurements and ideas raking at your confidence. Your designs are redundant. You’ve done something similar last time.                                                                       Boring. Plain. You turned back to your mannequins, still bare. The theme was in your mind, and your design team reassured you that your sketches were fine, but it all felt fuzzy. “Y/N,” Rachel peered into the studio from the door, “there’s a gentleman here to see you.” “His name?” You asked, still looking at the mannequins. You heard footsteps retreat into the front lobby, then come back to the door. “Jung Hoseok?” You turned around, trying to contain your excitement. “Please send him in.” Rachel nodded, jogging back to the lobby. You heard a muffled “thank you” before heavy footsteps approaching your studio. Hoseok reached the doorway, beaming his signature smile. He wore acid-washed jeans, a baggy white sweater that matched his chunky light sneakers. His dark hair was slightly wavy and parted in the middle. A tote bag was slung over his shoulder. “Y/N!” He cheered, opening his arms wide. “Hoseok!” You replied, running into his arms and hugging him tightly. You couldn’t remember the last time you saw Hoseok—a year or two? “Fuck, how long has it been?” You asked him. He pulled away, thinking. “About six months?” Totally off. “Seriously, it felt longer than that.” You argued. Hoseok pulled out his phone and scrolled through his calenderer and photos. He made a ‘tsk’ sound. “Ah, see here,” he showed you a few photos of you two with his friends, who were also his bandmates, “six months ago, you joined us on tour for a couple days before coming back here. I have it also marked in my calendar.” He showed you the dates, which were marked with ‘💚Y/N’s visit💚.’ “Can Namjoon or Yoongi confirm this?” You crossed your arms. Hoseok mimicked your body language. “I can call them right now,” he challenged. You two stood in competitive tension. You succumbed. “You win this time, Jung Hoseok.” He playfully chuckled. You realized that Hoseok doesn’t live around here. “Wait, why are you in town. Shouldn’t you and the others be in Korea planning another album or something?” You speculated. “Our company gave us a month for vacation because we spent most of the year touring.” Hoseok sighed. “So, I decided to come to visit.” You hugged him again, happy to see someone who wasn’t your employee amidst this chaos of stress. “How long are you staying?” You asked, muffled against his chest. He paused. “Maybe a month?” You pulled away from him, shocked. “A month? Here? That’s all your vacation time.” “Yeah,” he replied, as if that wasn’t a big deal, “I didn’t want to travel to a bunch of places because the group and I have been doing that for almost a year—and it’s pretty chill in this area.” He sighed. “Besides, I don’t think many people would recognize me. The airport wasn’t busy, and I haven’t been swarmed by fans yet.” “Do you have a place to stay?” You asked. He nodded. “Yup! I’m staying at a fancy hotel. I got the suite at the top floor,” he made a gesture with his hand, indicating how high up his suite was. You playfully elbowed his side. "Wow, look at you, Mr. Famous. You can afford a top suite now. Are you sure you don't want to stay with me, though?” Hoseok dismissed your offer with a wave of his hand. “It’s alright, Y/N. Thank you, though.” He peered over your shoulder, “It looks like you’re busy anyway, so I think I’ll just stick to my suite.” He walked past you, over to the bare mannequins. “Are you preparing for that show in Vancouver that you told me about?” You nodded, relaying your theme and ideas to him. He smiled. “That sounds really cool,” he pointed to the mannequins, “but don’t you need some clothes for the show, then?” You rolled your eyes, chuckling at him for being a smart ass. “Yes, I do. I’m brainstorming some ideas right now, but I’m coming up with nothing. I have the design team coming in tomorrow with drafts, but I’d like to bring my own thing to the table, you know? I’m the main brain of this operation, and it’d be embarrassing if I come in with zilch.” You leaned against one of the tables, facing the mannequins. "The tough part is designing gowns that fit the right people, you know. Sure, you can make a collection of clothes, but they won't look good if they don't fit the models." You shook your head. "Maybe it's just tougher to design clothes for different bodies. I should just stick to one type of person and leave it at that." Hoseok walked up beside you, leaning against the same table and facing the figures. “Why don’t you find the models and then design the clothes?” You looked at him, surprised. “But wouldn’t that take a long time?” He crossed his arms, “Well, how many models would you need?” “We’re thinking around seventy. There’s going to be two changes within the show.” Hoseok nodded, and you could see him brainstorming. “Well, you have four months left, right? You and your team can make some drafts, cast the models, and finalize the ideas with said models. Which would take about a couple of months? You could do that while planning the show?” He paused, appearing to notice your hesitant expression. “Think about it. You’ve trained your team well enough to work on its own, right? That’s what you did for your last show, which was a success. You came in every day for a couple hours to make sure everything was in order, then focused on other things.” Hoseok grasped your hands. “You’re great at multitasking, so do it. It’s scary, but you can check on people every day to make sure everything’s alright.” You bit your lip, “I-I don’t know, Hoseok. That sounds like a lot of work—” “You did it last time, and it worked out just fine,” he gently squeezed your hands, “and I’m here for a month. I can help out whenever you need me. I’ll simply clean things up and fetch coffee if that’s what you need.” You laughed, “Like my intern?” “Yeah! I don’t know how to design anything or plan a fashion show, but I’ll do what I can.” He smiled. “You’re so much more than you think, Y/N, and if you need reminders, I’ll be here.” You smiled back at him, so grateful to have him here. “My god, you’re fucking sweet,” you scoffed, taking your hands out of his. Hoseok laughed. You pushed yourself off the table and faced him. “How did we even become friends?” You questioned. He actually gave it a thought. “You joined by dance club in elementary school, when no one else would.” He laughed so hard that he teared up. “I think we actually took club photos, and it was only you and I posing.” You laughed with him, remembering those days spent trying to breakdance to hip hop and presenting dance routines to your parents. “Yeah, that was before you joined that Music Academy in grade four, right?” He nodded, and you sighed, surprised you still remembered. Your mind came back to the present. “So, you’re actually okay with helping out?” You checked. “Why would I ask if I didn’t want to?” Hoseok replied. You tapped your index finger against your temple, “true.” “So, how much do you want?” Hoseok looked offended at your question. You chuckled. “Well, you’re going to work for me, so I need to pay you.” “It’s only just a month, though.” “Yeah, but—” “What about we see how much you have me do before you pay me?” He interrupted. “I might just have to fetch coffee, so you can just give me money on the spot.” You thought about it for a minute. Hoseok yawned. “This work talk is making me tired. Do you want to go out for dinner?” He looked around you, “Unless you have more work to do. I can always wait in the lobby for you to finish.” You brushed your hand through the air, “Nah, it’s okay. I’m pretty brain dead anyway. I need to be energized for tomorrow’s draft review.” Hoseok pushed himself off the table and clapped. “Awesome! Where do you think I’m taking you for dinner?” You bit your lip, trying to guess. “Sushi?” “Sushi it is!” He beamed. You grabbed your things and followed him out of the studio.
Both of you sat towards the back of the sushi restaurant, to Hoseok’s request. The waitress placed you two in a concealed booth, with drapes covering a small entrance.
You two had to take your shoes off before sitting down.
“Why did you say, ‘sushi it is?’” You asked, taking a sip of your water.
Hoseok opened his can of sprite, “What do you mean?”
“You asked where I thought you were taking me, I responded, and you said, ‘sushi it is!’” You reiterated.
He took a sip of his soda before responding, "It's a trick I learned from Instagram." He set his drink down. "You ask someone, 'where do you think I'm taking you for food?' dinner or whatever, and then take them to a place with that food. It's easier than asking 'what do you want to eat?' because people can't decide."
You nodded, making an ‘aaahhh’ sound. “Smart.”
You two caught up while eating your meals. Hoseok chatted about his bandmates and the tour, and you talked about your move to the new building.
Most of it was just adding more details about your lives because you two texted lots during the week and sometimes video chatted. You'd get to see Hoseok and his friends, and he'd get a view of your life on the other side of the world.
To others, it looked like both of you were dating. Both of your friends would tease, singing, "Y/N and Hoseok sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G." Many of his fans, ARMY, would theorize your friendship, pointing out the matching bracelets you two wore—which was later proved normal because Hoseok went live on Vlive making bracelets for his bandmates.
And you two would continually clarify that you two were strictly long-time friends. Nothing more.
Girls and boys can be friends. Simple as that.
You and Hoseok finished your meals. You two shared a few rolls and a bento box and were full.
“That was really good.” You commented, rubbing your stomach.
Hoseok chuckled, copying you, “I think I’m pregnant.”
You laughed, “Shut up! You’re so fit.”
“You’re right,” he replied, pulling up his sleeves and flexing his arms.
You both laughed as he flexed his muscles, which were significantly more prominent than your remembered. You were slightly jealous of his lean athletic figure.
And were gazing at it for too long.
“I don’t know about you,” Hoseok sighed, appearing to be tired from the food and flexing his muscles, “but I’m in the mood for some Ben and Jerry’s.”
Your eyes lit up. “YES.”
“Cookie dough with chunks?” You both said in unison.
You two erupted in laughter.
"I'll go play," Hoseok said, getting up.
You stopped him, “It’s alright,” you smiled, “my treat.”
Before you left the booth, you turned around and said thoughtfully, "But you're getting the ice cream."
Hoseok's expression conveyed the same seriousness as if a soldier on a mission.
He saluted you. “Copy that, Y/N.”
You saluted him back and left to pay.
The walk to Ben and Jerry’s was quick. Both of you were eager to share the tub of ice cream.
You ended up getting a chocolate chip cookie dough and a cherry Garcia pint, and two spoons to share. You both ate the ice creams with delight while walking back to your apartment building.
When arriving at your building, Hoseok handed you the cookie dough ice cream pint.
“What are you doing?” You asked while he gave you the closed pint.
He tilted his head to the side, confused. “What do you mean? I’m dropping you off at your place.”
You gave a shocked expression. “Dropping me off? We’re not even done our pints!”
“But you have work tomorrow. I don’t want to keep you up.” Hoseok stepped back towards the edge of the sidewalk. “I can catch a cab back to the hotel, don’t worry.”
You balanced the pints in one hand and used your other to grab his arm.
“You’re not going anywhere,” you said, pulling away from the curb and closer to your building.
Hoseok pulled his arm out of your grip. "Y/N, you need to be well-rested—"
“At least help me finish the ice cream.” You interrupted, holding up the pints that were now in both your hands, along with your spoon.
“We haven’t seen each other six months, and it’s only…”
Hoseok pulled out his phone. “Nine.”
“Exactly!” You expressed. “It’s only nine. I don’t need to be in until nine-thirty tomorrow morning. As long as you’re out by eleven, that gives me an hour to get ready for bed at twelve, and I will wake up at eight. Plenty of rest!”
You watched his unsure expression.
"If you don't want to go home at eleven, that's fine by me. Could you leave earlier? Or you can go back to your hotel if you want. I won't take offence; you know me." You held up your arms in surrender, ice cream pints still in your hands. "But if you're leaving because you're worried that I won't get enough sleep, don't. I'm a grown woman. I know how to take care of myself, and I want you to come in.
Hoseok bit his lip, appearing to debate the offer.
He sighed. "Fine, I'll come in. However, I don't want to get a text from you complaining about being tired in the morning."
“I swear,” you promised, pretending to draw an ‘x’ over your heart, “I cross my heart.”
Hoseok chuckled, and you led the two of you into your apartment building and into the elevator. You pressed the twentieth button, and you two waited in comfortable silence.
The elevator doors opened, and you two walked to your apartment.
You opened the door to your studio apartment, locking the door behind you two and hanging up your bag along with your keys.
“Want anything to drink?” You asked, setting down the ice cream pint in your hand and taking off your coat.
Hoseok set down the cookie dough pint on the coffee table. “Anything is alright, thanks,”
You hummed, getting both of you bottles of black cherry soda and bringing over the cherry Garcia pint and your spoon.
"Jesus, do you need help?" Hoseok asked with worry, seeing you holding the bottles by their necks in one hand and the ice cream pint and spoon in the other.
You chuckled, “It’s alright, just sit down.”
You two sat on the couch, twisting off the caps on your sodas and taking a sip.
Hoseok sighed. “That’s really good,” he gestured to the pop before putting it down on the coffee table.
“Yeah! They’re so addictive,” you replied, setting coasters under both of your drinks.
Both of you continued to reminisce about your childhood, especially middle school. The puberty years had been gruesome to you two, speckling your faces with acne.
You pulled out a photo album you kept on one of your bookshelves, which had pictures of your families and your younger selves—even photos when Hoseok was training, before debuting with BTS in 2013.
“Oh my god, look at you!” You gasped, showing him a picture.
In the photo, Hoseok arms were crossed over his chest, his attempt at having swagger. He wore a collared shirt, and his hair was short.
“Oh god, no,” Hoseok cringed, gently pushing the photo away.
You chuckled, "You were so adorable, always dancing and having a good time." You smiled. "You are such a hard worker, practicing so much. I remember you twisting your ankle but still practicing."
You looked at him tenderly. “I wish people could see that.”
Hoseok smiled back at you, softly touching your hand. You grasped his hand, feeling butterflies in your stomach.
He was the first to pull away.
“You remember our sleepovers?” He asked.
You giggled, "Yeah when you could leave that cramped place you shared with the boys."
He swatted your arm, “That apartment was good! It was where everything started.” He pouted. “Anyways, we would always look up deep questions to ask each other—or would you rather.”
You rolled your eyes. “Those questions were overrated.”
“I thought they were nice!” Hoseok defended. “We got to know each other more, like, ‘what is your biggest fear?’ or ‘what is your biggest pet peeve?’”
He must've seen your unimpressed expression because he continued, "You got to admit that you learned a bit more about me because of those questions!"
You sighed. “I did, I guess.”
Hoseok held up his index finger, seeming to signal ‘wait a minute.’
He pulled out his phone. “Let’s try some now, then.”
“Come on,” he interrupted. “If you don’t learn anything new about me from the first four questions we do, then we can stop, alright? I will never bring up these questions ever again.”
You debated his offer.
“Fine.” You agreed, setting down the photo album. “Shoot.”
“Okay, but we both pick two questions and answer all of them. For example, when we ask a question, the other person answers before the picker.” Hoseok said while he scrolled.
You hummed, understanding his instructions.  
“Want to do would you rather?”
"Sexy edition?" Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows. "Unless you're uncomfortable."
You scoffed. “Hobi, we're grown, adults. I can take a few sexual questions."
“Okay,” Hoseok replied, “but if you ever feel uncomfortable, we can choose another question or stop.”
You nodded, and Hoseok appeared to find what he was looking for.
“Alright,” he began, “would you rather bite someone’s ear during sex or bite someone’s lip during sex?”
This is pretty vanilla. You thought.
"Lip, for sure." You emphasized the 'sure' in your sentence, stringing along with the 'er' sound.
“Same,” Hoseok agreed while passing you his phone.
You took his cell and strolled through the website.
What do I choose? Do I just dive in, or go for the vanilla shit?
“Would you rather engage in foreplay or go right into the main course?” You asked.
Hoseok thought about it. “I would say foreplay. You can warm things up—and nothing is more fun than teasing.” He shimmied, making you two laugh.
You agreed, passing the phone to him.
“Oooo, here’s a classic,” he grinned, “top or bottom?”
“I think I’m a switch,” you replied.
He tilted his head.
“It’s like, you’re both, top and bottom. I like to take control sometimes, but I can also sub.” You explained. “You?”
“Top,” he replied, “for sure.”
You laughed, “You sound so against being a bottom.”
He laughed too. “I like pleasuring the person I’m having sex with. Nothing is more satisfying than making someone cum.”
“True,” you admitted.
You found your mind wandering to unholy memories of you and Hoseok. What was odd about your friendship that—to put it blatantly—you two had sex. Not just once, but a few times.
This is why asking these questions was pretty casual and not too surprising.
You two started engaging in sex a couple years ago. You were stressed about your company starting, and Hoseok was in town. He offered to help you relax, and before you knew it, he was drilling into you from behind.
Both of you agreed to stay friends but continued to have sex every now and then. It was great, you had to admit. Probably the best sex you had in your life, and it was good that you two were able to keep your friendship platonic at the same time. Only, it was sex without the romantic feelings.
To be honest, you were craving it again.
He passed you his phone again, and you tried to pick a good last question.
“Would you rather kiss me gently or kiss me aggressively?” You asked.
Hoseok paused before answering. “Depends on the mood.”
“Well, at this moment, then, what is the mood?”
You watched Hoseok’s eyes shift between your lips then your eyes.
You hummed. “Good to know.” You passed him back his phone. “Last question.”
Hoseok chuckled, “You seriously didn’t learn anything new?”
You shrugged. “I guess not.”
He didn't seem bothered, though, when his body shifted closer to yours.
When he looked back up at you, his expression changed. Although his eyes were already an opaque shade of brown, they had darkened.
I know that look.
He smirked. “Would you rather make the first move or receive the first move?”
You bit your lip, gazing up at his body.
Before you could reconnect with his eyes, you heard his phone drop, and his lips were on yours.
Just like his answer, his kisses were aggressive and needy. You could taste the cherry cola and ice cream on his lips and mouth.
You pulled his face closer, wanting more.
Hoseok’s body language opened up, allowing you to get up and straddle his lap. You felt his hands inch up your shirt and tug at the fabric. He helped you take it off, which gave him access to your breasts.
You felt him undo your bra with a quick flick of his fingers, and you tossed it off without a care.
Hoseok let out a chuckle before claiming your lips with his.
His lips were intoxicating, and you wanted more.
“Please touch me,” you begged against his lips.
He hummed, grazing his hands down your back before roughly grabbing your ass. You moaned, and he held you against him, hard enough to feel him grind into you.
“Fuck, stop teasing,” you pulled away, and he laughed.
“Baby, I’m not teasing,” he smirked.
Baby. The term of endearment made your heart swoon.
You weren’t always this infatuated by Hoseok. But the way he came to visit you during his break, had dinner and ice cream with you, and kissed you this good—it made you want more than just a fling.
But you couldn't think that way. It was sex. You two were doing this to get off, not engage in lovemaking.
Hoseok swiped his tongue over his bottom lip, eyeing your figure. “You know what I want.”
You ran your hand up and down his chest. “What are you waiting for?”
Hoseok's hands came underneath your thighs, and he picked you up, walking you to your bedroom. He used your body to close the door, slamming you against it.
He ground himself against your core, causing you to moan louder than you expected.
You covered your mouth in embarrassment.
Hoseok chuckled, “It’s okay,” he pulled away enough to graze his thumb over your cheek, “I love it when you moan.”
You rolled your eyes, kissing him and grabbing his ass, causing him to grind on your core.
"Fuck, I can practically feel that you wet," he groaned, trying his best to hold you up and sturdy you against the door.
“B-bed,” you choked, one of his particular thrusts stroking perfectly against you.  
Hoseok moved you towards your bed and gingerly placed you down. He kissed down your bare chest and slowly took off your pants and underwear.
“Fuck, your perfect,” Hoseok awed, softly running a finger through your wet heat.
His cold finger sent a wave of pleasure through you, making you flinch.
Hoseok hummed. “So wet for me,”
He looked up at you. “May I?”
You nodded, but he only smirked.
“Words, baby,” he put a hand to his ear.
“Please,” you bit down on your lip.
You felt him spread your lips, and you clenched in response. He appeared to savour you, taking his time as he ate you out.
When you moaned, he’d hum, sending vibrations into your heat that brought you closer to your climax.
“Fuck, I’m close—”
He pulled away, licking his lips and gazing down at you.
“You taste better than I remembered,” he commented. “But I want you to cum around me.”
God, I love his dirty talk.
You watched him take off his clothes. He must've been working out because he was more toned than six months ago.
He was about to line himself up with your entrance, but you stopped him with your foot on his chest.
You smirked. “Not yet, baby.”
You stood up. “Sit.”
Hoseok sat on the bed, your roles shifting.
“But I want—”
You interrupted his beg with your hand around his erect cock. He appeared to be speechless as you run your hand up and down his shaft.
“Hm?” You asked, chuckling lightly at how easy it was to make him submit. “What do you want, baby?”
“I-I wanted,” he stuttered, thrusting slightly into your hand, “to cum inside you.”
“Is that so?” You questioned, pulling your hand away.
Despite his vocalized want, he whined when you pulled away.
“I’m only doing what my baby wants,” you shrugged. “Condoms are in the bottom drawer on the right.”
Hoseok dashed over to the bedside table, rummaging for the condoms.
“Those should fit you, right?”
"Yes," he replied, opening the familiar wrapper and unravelling it on his erect member.  
He stood there for a minute, wrapped penis and naked, just fondly looking at your nude figure.
He whispered something under his breath.
“Nothing,” Hoseok blushed. “You still want to fuck?”
“Top or bottom?”
“Top please,” you smiled.
Hoseok laid down on your bed, and you climbed onto his torso.
“Fuck, you’re so wet,” he cursed as you moved off his abs and onto his cock.
A wet puddle was left on his abdomen, which he wiped away with his fingers, then putting said fingers into his mouth.
“So good,” he groaned.
You hummed in response, slowly sinking onto him.
"Fuck, you feel so good," you said when you bottomed out.
You started moving, swaying your hips back and forth. Each time Hoseok's cock would graze against your g-spot.
His hands were placed on your hips, guiding you on him. You could feel yourself clenching around him and your climax building up.
“I-I’m close,” you stuttered.
Hoseok swallowed, “Me too.”
“Ch-choke me,” you requested as you picked up your pace.
Hoseok grinned. “Only if you choke me back.”
You chuckled and rolled your eyes. Hoseok gently wrapped his hand around your neck, and you did the same, slowly applying pressure.
You felt your thighs burn from exhaustion. "F-fuck me," you cursed, slowing down.
Both of you let go of each other's neck, and Hoseok flipped you two over, still inside you.
"It's okay," Hoseok assures before resuming the pace.
His thrusts were rough and deep, and he pushed your thighs against your chest.
“Fuck, please keep going,” you begged.
“Can I choke you?” Hoseok asked.
“Please,” you replied, “do you want me to choke you too?”
“Yes,” Hoseok responded.
You felt yourself rhythmically clench around him. Hoseok must’ve realized because he began thrusting faster into you.
The room was filled with unholy noises. You could hear the wet sounds of your entrance and the impact of Hoseok’s hips against your core.
“Fuck don’t stop,” you choked out.
The knot building up in your abdomen unravelled, and pleasure and relaxation spread through your body. Your core gripped onto Hoseok like a vice.
“H-Hoseok,” you stammered, your core overstimulated.
“I-I want you to squirt,” he replied, continuing his firm thrusts.
“Oh,” you moaned.
He pounded deeper into your core, to the point where you could feel his tip ram against your cervix.
“Ah!” You screamed, feeling yourself gush around him.
“Fuck, so good,” Hoseok groaned. “I-I’m cumming.”
You felt the condom fill up inside you, and you felt disappointed that his cum couldn’t coat your walls.
His thrusts slowed down, and he stood still for a few moments.
When he pulled out, you shivered with oversensitivity. You knew that your sheets would be a mess and weren't looking forward to cleaning them when Hoseok left.
You looked up at the ceiling, breathless, while you heard Hoseok walk away from the bed.
“Where do you put your towels?” He asked.
“In the hallway, in the closet beside the dryer and washing machine.” You replied.
You heard him walk into the hallway and the closet door open and close. “Thanks,” he said. “And your bedsheets?”
“The closet in my room.”
You heard him walk back into your room, open your walk-in closet that led into your bathroom, and shuffle around. The tap ran in your bathroom for a couple seconds, then the sound of Hoseok wringing out something.
You began to sit up, but he hushed you to lie back down.
“Just relax,” he soothed, placing the clean bedsheets on your bedside table and walking over to you with a damp cloth.
“You don’t have to—”
He placed a hand on your thigh. “It’s okay,” he reassured.
You two exchanged a quick smile before Hoseok began to clean you up.
“You didn’t even cum on me,” you chuckled as he gently wiped your inner thighs.
“I know,” he replied, “but I still made you messy.”
When your thighs were no longer covered in your cum, you two changed your bedsheets.
“You good sleep in the same bed?” You asked while folding over your duvet.
“Sure,” He smiled.
You walked into your closet. "There should be some clothes that fit you. I usually wear men's clothes at home, anyways. It's crazy how great the quality men's clothes are compared to women's clothes." You picked out a t-shirt and sweatpants and tossed them at Hoseok.
He caught them, “Thanks.”
You two showered separately and spent the time getting ready together dancing to tunes.
If someone were to walk into the room, it wouldn’t look or smell like you two just had sex. You two looked like close friends having a dance party before going to bed.
Again, after you two had sex the first time, you both agreed to stay friends. It was easier said than done.
It was awkward initially, but you both were able to get past that by talking it through. Hoseok would ask how you felt during sex and what could have been better, and you would return the question.
Now, you both were able to have a good time and intimately learn more about each other.
Sure, it was strange, but it was a mutual agreement between consenting adults and fun.
The sex was fun—great, really—and you couldn’t have it any other way.
But you would be lying to yourself if you didn’t feel like something was missing.
“Good morning, everyone,” you greeted your fellow designers, “this is Hoseok. If you don’t know him already, he’s a well-known musician and one of my closest friends.”
Everyone welcomed Hoseok with a warm round of applause.
“Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here.” Hoseok thanked.
“Hoseok will be helping out here and there while he’s vacationing here for a month,” you explained, “so take it easy on him.”
People shared chuckles at your joke.
"Anyways, let's start looking over the design ideas. You all are very talented artists, and I want you to remember that this is a draft, which means that these ideas are not final. If your idea is rejected, it's okay. We'll continue to work on a collective theme for the show."
The morning was spent listening to everyone's design concepts. To follow your reputation, the designs were contained within suits and gowns. As mentioned before, the theme was Vancouver's nature, where the fashion show would be taking place.
You and your design team used the recycled fabrics—which were separated by colours, textures, and materials—while figuring out your drafts.
You asked your design team to draft some ideas because you couldn't think of anything to present.
You were pleasantly surprised that your whole team had ideas that you approved.
“This a phenomenal,” you awed, “Great job, Erinn.”
“Actually,” you grabbed the attention of the other team members, “you all did a great job. We will be using all these ideas for the show.”
Your team shared cheers.
“Y/N,” Rachel nudged your shoulder, “I’m sorry to ask, but now that we’ve got the designs all in order, what about the models? You wanted to have various body types, right?”
“Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered,” you whispered back.
You turned back to your design team. "You all know that this show is tougher than our last one because we are trying to include more body types, genders, races, just different kinds of people. Which means that we will need to cater our clothes to the models, rather than the other way around.” You smiled, “So you all can go home for the next week.”
You heard Rachel choke on her inhale.
"Although you all have the week off, I want you all to try drawing your designs on other body types. Experiment with materials and colours. Remember to take some of the recycled fabrics home with you, and feel free to come in to pick anything up. Just let Rachel and I know in advance, and we'll give notice to the front desk so they can let you in. When we reconvene in a week, which would be next Friday at nine-thirty, I need you all to be ready to translate your designs, colours, and materials to our models." You ordered.
“Any questions?”
Comfortable silence amongst everyone.
You nodded. "Awesome. Good luck, everyone. Contact me if you have any questions."
Your team started packing up.
“Y/N, does that mean we’re spending the next week casting?” Rachel asked.
“Yes, Rachel. Please contact Westly and schedule lunch tomorrow at noon to discuss modelling criteria. It’s probably going to be pretty loose, but we need to contact Westly before sending it out.” You answered. “If he’s not free at that time, try figuring out something later tomorrow. Then book a reservation for three at Romeo’s.”
“Alright, on it,” Rachel replied.
You turned to Hoseok, who seemed shocked.
“What?” You blushed.
He continued his surprised expression. “I haven’t seen you like this before.”
You chuckled. “How else are you supposed to run a company and organize and execute a fashion show in 3 months?”
Rachel tapped you on the shoulder. "Westly can do lunch tomorrow, at noon, at Romeo's. He and his team secured the venue with Vancouver Fashion Week and are currently collaborating with the interior designers to figure out how the place will look. West said he'll debrief you tomorrow, at lunch, about the rest of the progress."
You smiled. “Great! Thank you, Rachel. You can also take the rest of the day off.”
Rachel appeared to be stunned, not responding to your words.
You waved a hand in front of her face. “Rachel? You can take the rest of the day off.”
“Are you sure, Y/N?” She asked.
You chuckled, “I wouldn’t be telling you to if I wasn’t sure, would I?”
She gave it a thought. “I guess not.”
You grinned. “Just meet me at our main building tomorrow, at eleven-thirty, and we’ll go to Romeo’s together.”
Rachel nodded. “Thank you, Y/N,”
“No worries,” you smiled.
You and Hoseok watched her leave, leaving you two alone in the studio.
“I’m sorry, it passed my mind. You’re okay not joining us for lunch tomorrow, right?” You asked Hoseok.
He dismissed your apology by brushing a hand through the air, “It’s all good. You’ve got your shit to do.” He smiled, “It gives me time to tour around a bit, anyways.”
“Good,” you replied. “So, where to?”
You pulled apart the croissant, eating pieces one at a time. The butteriness covered your tongue in a warmth that mixed well with the iced coffee you and Hoseok shared.
The park was surprisingly empty, despite it being a Friday. Usually, it would be tough to find a spot decently away from others, mostly shaded by trees.
The inlet was a few meters away, allowing you two to see sailboats pass by. People also kayaked and canoed, and you could hear their laughter faintly on land.
Here, you and Hoseok would be shielded by looming trees and away from potential fans of Hoseok. It was a rarity to have those two things when spending time with Hoseok: privacy and security—peace and quiet.
“This is what you wanted to do?” You asked, finishing off the croissant.
He nodded, sipping the iced coffee. “Yeah. It’s quiet and nice here.”
You two people watched, enjoying the breeze and serene environment.
“I was thinking,” you cleared your throat, “about last night. Did you enjoy it?”
Hoseok set down the iced coffee. “Yeah. I always like hanging out with you.”
“I mean—the sex.”
He seemed shocked by your question.
“Yeah, that was good too. Why do you ask? You never brought up before.” He pointed out.
Because I am growing feelings for my childhood friend, who I now have sex with for fun. This wasn't a part of the agreement, I know. We agreed to not grow feelings for each other and just have sex for pleasure. But it's inevitable to develop feelings for someone you have sex for, right? Like, there are probably people out there that can distinguish sex from love—and I guess it started out like that—but for us?
Am I crazy?
“No reason,” you sighed. “I just wanted to know if there was anything I could have done better.”
Hoseok turned his body to you, smiling. “It was perfect.”
He gestured with his arms for a hug, and you obliged. His cologne smelt of freshly peeled oranges; it was a pleasant fragrance, and you found yourself snuggling closer.
The past month went by in a busy blur.
The model casting went well. You and Westley found fantastic individuals to present your clothing line, which was in the process of being altered to fit those people.
The venue was secured, and the guest list was being made by You and Westley.
“Maybe invite Hoseok,” Westley suggested.  
You shook your head, “I can’t.”
"Why not?" He retorted. "The worse thing he could say is 'no,' and you can invite the whole band." He giggled. "Maybe I can meet Jimin in person."
You chuckled, “So that’s why you want me to invite Hoseok. Just because you made eye contact with Jimin for more than five seconds, it doesn’t mean that he’s into you. He’s straight.”
“How do you know?” Westley had a hand firmly on his hip.
“W-well, I haven’t asked him personally—”
"Then you can't assume he's straight!" Westley exclaimed. "The baseline isn't being heterosexual."
“True. Anyways, let’s get back to the guest list.” You chewed on your lip. “We have Harry Styles, BLACKPINK, Lizzo…”
Both of you ran down the list of a thousand attendees to the show in Vancouver. It was way smaller than fashion week or any of your previous shows, but it wasn't meant to be a big party.
Y/N [14:00]: Hey! Are you free and the boys on March 1st at 1 pm for about four hours, including an after-party until 10 pm, with food?
Hoseok [14:30]: Hiiiiii!! Sorry for the late text. I was asking the others. Yeah! That’s in 4 months? 🧐
Y/N [14:31]: Yeah, it’s for my fashion show. You can ask your company for that time? We’d provide the plane tickets and accommodation. You’d probably stay 3 days and 2 nights? You’d fly in the first day, sleep the one night, then attend the show the second day, sleep the second night, and fly out the 3rd day. I’ll need to know by the end of the week.
Hoseok [14:32]: Sounds good!!! I’ll ask my managers and let you know 👊
Y/N [14:33]: Awesome! Thanks 💚
Hoseok [14:33]: Np 💚
“So, Hoseok and the boys can come, but he has to confirm with his managers. He’ll let me know soon.” You relayed to Westley.
"Great! As long as we get confirmation from Hoseok at the end of this week, we can send out the invitations. We've checked with everyone's management, and they all seem to be busy. Worse comes to worst; we'll just have to move seats around." Westley advised.
He closed his laptop, and you followed.
“Alright, that seems to be all of the guest list business. I’ll get my team to start organizing plane tickets and accommodation.” He sighed, “shall we head to the studio to check on the design team?”
“Yes,” you replied.
Both of you were driven to the studio to check on the design team.
The studio was filled with models of various shades and shapes. Music played quietly in the background, and your coworkers and models grooved to the tunes. Designers pinned fabrics around people’s figures and sketched down measurements and ideas.
You and Westley went around checking on everyone, making sure gowns and suits were well in progress. A smaller group of people created ideas for shoes and were sending them out to shoemakers.
The rest of the day was spent getting to know the models, fixing measurements, finalizing some ideas, and briefing everyone about the plan for the next two months.
"Please have the gowns, suits, and shoes by the end of this month so we can start having the makeup artists consult all of you; to make sure the makeup correlates with the clothes and the models." You informed. "Thank you, everyone, for your amazing work."
Scattered “thank you”s responded, and our workday was over.
“You want to get some drinks?” Westley nudged.
You nodded, frankly too tired to answer but eager for a drink.
Both of you decided to walk to the high-class bar, which allowed private areas in the back for paying customers. You and Westley sat alone, away from the crowds of people near the entrance of the bar.
“To having a productive three months,” Westley sang, holding up his martini.
You sighed, “Cheers,” you tapped your peach Bellini glass against his, admitting a chime.
"Fuck," Westley cursed at the sip of his drink, "they're always stronger than I remember. "Anyways, the show is pretty much underway. Guestlist is handled, the venue is prepped and ready for us, the clothing is almost done. Oooo, I can’t wait to see it all together.”
You nodded.
“You don’t seem so excited, Y/N.”
“I am,” you replied.
“I am excited.” You affirmed, although not living up to the word
Westley silenced, knowing when not to push your buttons.
He took a careful sip of his martini. “Where’s Hoseok?”
You fidgeted with your glass. "Hoseok went back to Korea. He only had a month of vacay, so," you left the sentence adrift.
“Did you enjoy his company?”
“Can we not talk about him right now? I rather not mix work and personal life.” You stated.
Westley acknowledged with a firm nod, finishing off his martini and asking for another.
“May I ask a question?”
“Sure.” You replied.
He cringed. “But if I ask, promise me you won’t fire me.”
You turned to him. “Depends on your question. You have to ask me first, then I can decide whether or not to fire you. I cannot make promises.”
“Why are you so off all of a sudden?” He genuinely asked.
You took a deep breath. “I’m not going to fire you, not for a long time. You’re my best worker, and I can’t let you go.”
"I feel like there's going to be a 'but' somewhere. Might as well rip off the Band-Aid." Westley sighed.
You nodded, “You’re right. And you’re right about my mood. I’ve been kind of off lately.”
“Because of Hoseok?”
"Yeah, to be honest." You admitted. "I feel like we're really close—more than just friends. We're on the same wavelength, you know? And whenever we're apart for a long time and then meet up again, it's like time has passed."
“And let me guess, you haven’t told him because you’re afraid to ruin your friendship.”
You scoffed. “There’s no need for sarcasm, West.”
He rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’m just saying, it’s the oldest narrative in the book. One friend is falling for the other, and that one friend doesn’t want to confess their feelings because they’ve known the other person for years and are afraid of ruining that connection.” He took a sip of his martini. “But in the end, it’s two friends just pining over their feelings of love for each other.”
“But we’re different.” You argued.
"I guess so. The narrative doesn't really specify one friend is a famous fashion designer and the other being a famous musician—"
“I mean,” you interrupted, “we have sex every time we see each other.
Westley's mouth fell open in a silent gasp. His hand was placed on his chest, and his eyes stared into yours.
He tipped back his martini into his mouth, finishing it off. “Well, you didn’t mention the friends with benefits part.”
“I know!” You groaned. “That’s why it’s so complicated.”
"Is it really, though? Wouldn't confessing your feelings after you two have had sex so much make it slightly easier? Because it makes sense to grow feelings for someone you've known for a while and have had sex with on multiple occasions." Westley speculated.
“I didn’t say we had sex on multiple occasions—”
“Honey,” he began, “you said you’ve had sex with him every time you see each other, and you two meet a lot. It doesn’t take a detective to figure it out.”
"Anyways," he digressed, "the sooner you tell him, the better. There's no use debating over it for years, then finding out he's found someone else when he would've picked you anyways."
"Gosh, when you say it like that, it sounds like a romantic movie." You cringed, finishing your peach Bellini.
He shrugged. “Well, it kinda is.”
You chuckled. “Well, thanks for the advice.”
“Thank you for filling me in,” he smiled.
The week went by fast. Your design team was still working on alterations, so you were left brainstorming hair and makeup and contacting specialists in those fields.
You were sitting at home, knee-deep in Pinterest boards when your phone buzzed.
You stopped strolling through your laptop and peered down.
Hoseok [19:30]: We can come to your show!
Y/N [19:30]: Fantastic! I'll let my team know, and we’ll send out the invites.
You texted Westley, informing him that BTS could attend the show.
Westley [19:33]: Great! I'll let the rest of the team know, and we'll send the emails out tomorrow
Y/N [19:34]: Thanks!
Westley [19:35]: Np
You set down your phone and continued to add ideas to your private Pinterest board.
Your phone buzzed again.
Hoseok [19:55]: What are you doing right now?
You were puzzled.
Y/N [19:56]: Nothing much, just brainstorming ideas for the show. You?
Hoseok [19:57]: Just chilling in my room.
Hoseok [20:05]: I miss you
You chuckled at the text, thinking that Hoseok was drunk.
Y/N [20:05]: I miss you too, Hobi.
Hoseok [20:08]: …how much?
Again, you were puzzled by his text.
Y/N [20:10]: Wdym? I miss having you here? Is that what you mean?
Hoseok [20:11]: I mean, do you miss me intimately?
Y/N [20:14]: Like sex-wise?
Hoseok [20:14]: Fuck, I need you, Y/N.
You stared at his words.
Hoseok [20:18]: I miss your body and how perfectly you fit around me.
Your cheeks flushed.
Hoseok [20:21]: Can you video chat? Unless you’re not in the mood.
You panicked.
You were in the mood but weren't presentable. Your hair was messy, and you weren't wearing any makeup, and you were dressed in a hoodie and sweatpants.
Y/N [20:23]: Yeah, I’m in the mood. Just give me 5 mins.
You quickly got out of your seat and ran to your bedroom. You sifted through your closet and found the sexist clothing item you had: a red lingerie set. You quickly undressed and put on the set.
You looked into your full-length mirror and tried not to cringe. Your hair was a mess, and you weren’t wearing any makeup. It definitely looked like Hoseok's text came out of nowhere—and it did, but you somehow expected yourself to be decently presentable.
However, the lingerie set was doing you favours. The set was composed of a crotchless thong and a bralette that exposed your nipples.
Y/N [20:28]: I’m ready.
Your phone rang, and you answered, quickly propping it on your drawers across from your bed.
You were faced with a shirtless Hoseok, his cock already in his hand.
“Fuck, you look amazing.” He complimented breathlessly.
“Wow, you’re ahead of the game—and really? I’m a mess.” You chuckled.
He hissed, flinching in his grip. “Fuck, just take the compliment, Y/N.”
You cleared your throat. “Thank you.”
You sat a pit forward, angling your breasts towards the camera.
“What are you imagining, baby?” You purred.
“Y-You,” he stuttered, moving his hand up and down his cock.
“Mhm,” you moaned, “thinking up my pussy clenching around your cock, making it all wet.”
He nodded.
"You can do something if you want," he suggested. "You said you were in the mood."
Your eyes opened wide. “Wait a minute.”
You brought the phone with you on your journey, going back to your closet and fetching your dildo, lube, and vibrator. You hurried to the bathroom and propped your phone up against the closed door.
You suctioned the bottom of the dildo onto the titled floor. You placed the vibrator on the bathroom counter.
“You want to watch me bounce on this dildo and think of you?” You smirked, rubbing lube onto your hands, onto the toy, and onto your vagina.  
“Fuck, yes,” he replied, stilling his hand around his cock for a moment.
“Did I say you could stop?” You spat.
“I’m waiting for you,” he smiled, making your heart melt.
You paused over the dildo, smiling back at him. “Awww, that’s actually kinda sweet. Thank you.”
You quickly washed your hands and grabbed the vibrator.  
You crouched down and slowly onto the dildo.
“Fuck,” you moaned, tilting your head back at the feeling of being filled up. It didn’t hit the spots Hoseok did, but it was good enough.
You lifted yourself up and sunk back down again, rhythmically repeating the motion.
“Fuck, so good,” you sighed, overlooking the pain in your knees.
“That's right, baby, imagine me filling that pussy up," Hoseok groaned, following your rhythm while pumping his cock.
“Fuck yes,” you replied, “and I’m clenching around you so tight.”
You two exchanged moans at the sound of your pussy squelching around the dildo.
“Use the vibrator, baby,” Hoseok purred.
You hummed, grabbing the rose gold vibrator and turning it on. You place the buzzing toy on your clit, feeling pleasure rippling through your core.
“Fuck,” you hissed, speeding up your pace a bit.
“I-I’m getting close.”
“Yeah, baby?” Hoseok smirked. “You get off at me rubbing my cock? Imagining me buried inside your pussy, making you feel so good?"
You nodded. “But it’s not as you, baby.”
“I know—” He choked, appearing to be on the brink of his climax. “I fucking miss the way your pussy fit so well around me, no matter how many times I fucked you open.”
“Mhm,” you bit your lips, watching him with hooded eyes. “Don’t stop.”
“Who knew you were filthy enough to cum during cybersex?" He observed. "I'm not even there to touch you, but just thinking of me inside has you in ruins.”
“What would you do if I was with you right now?” You asked.
“I would fuck you until you couldn’t walk the next day,” he replied, “I’d fuck you until that pretty pussy is swollen.”
"F-fuck, I'm going to cum," you stuttered, feeling the familiar build-up in your core.
“M-me too,” he stammered.
You watched his head tilt back in pleasure and his cum squirt up from his cock.
“Fuck!” You cursed, feeling your pleasure shoot out of your core and onto the floor
“So hot,” Hoseok sighed.
You chuckled, coming down from high. You pulled yourself up and off the dildo, sitting on the cool tile floor.
“Fuck, did you squirt?” He asked, looking closer.
You nodded, gesturing to the mess on the ground.
“Spread your legs for me, baby,” he commanded and obliged, showing him your battered cunt.
You spread your lips, and he hummed at sight.
“So beautiful.” He awed.
“You happy? I need to wipe this all up, now,” you scoffed.
He chuckled. “It’s not my fault that you cummed.” He angled his phone to the floor, showing splashes of his cum on the floor, "and besides, you also made me make a mess.”
You both chatted while cleaning up your messes, talking about your days as if nothing happened. After finishing your clean-up, you two continued your conversation while showering, as if both of you were doing it together.
Ready to relax for the night, both of you signed off with exchanged ‘thanks’ and ‘good night.’
You turned off your phone with a soft click and stepped out of the steamy bathroom. Your pyjamas were soft on your skin, and you felt ready to go to bed.
Hopping onto your bed, you grabbed your laptop and turned on some Netflix to fall asleep to.
From an outsider’s perspective, masturbating with your best friend and then casually talking with them while showering and getting ready for bed was odd. Repeating the scenario in your mind did make it sound like you two were in a long-distance romantic relationship rather than a platonic one.
But you and Hoseok were different. That was your excuse.
A friend could do this and not catch feelings. You two were the perfect example of that.
Emphasis on were because you were currently spiralling in your growing romantic feelings for Hoseok.
But what would you do in this situation?
You and your childhood friend engage in sex one time and promise each other to not grow feelings. In this manner, you two could have sex without attachment. Fast forward into the future, and you both are still making this arrangement with no negative consequences and feel like you two have gotten to know each other better and have become better friends—until you catch feelings. And you don’t want to risk losing this relationship you two have.
Because he is a worldwide musician who can’t be tied down because it could risk his career, and he might lose fans—and you couldn't be bothered with any romantic commitment with your fast-paced and unpredictable work schedule.
So, you stay in this unnameable mess.
“Time flies by when you’re having fun,” Allie commented from the plush couch.
You looked in the mirror, twisting your back towards it to see the back of the dress. “I guess so.”
“You have to admit, planning a fashion show is pretty fun,” she said. “If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be doing it over and over again.”
“True,” you replied, turning to the stylist.
“May I see the other dress?” You asked, and the stylist nodded, retreating to somewhere in the shop you couldn’t see.
It was the last month until the show. Everything was in order: the show’s venue and its decorations, the clothes, makeup and hair for the models, and the guests’ accommodation. Now, it was your turn to find suitable attire for the occasion.
You tried on the next dress. It was a slim-fitting number, with a leg slit in the front. It was scandalous and stunning, but not right for the show.
“I don’t like any of these dresses,” you sighed, annoyed.
Allie appears to brainstorm some ideas.
“Maybe try a suit?” She proposed.
You kept your eyes on the mirror, twirling your figure and watching the fabric move at your feet.
“Think about it,” she began, “think of all the powerful women who’ve worn suits and killed it. Zendaya, Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Awkwafina. The list goes on. It’s a statement piece, and you’re the big brain behind this operation.”
“I think it’s ‘mastermind behind this operation,’ but I get what you mean.” You corrected.
“You literally bypassed my whole point—”
“I know, I know,” you interrupted. “It’s just—suits for women are so overpriced. And it’s just like the dresses, except a different fit. Same colour palettes, same materials, so on.”
Allie scoffed. "You're a fucking fashion designer, did you forget? Make your own thing. There are leftover fabrics at your studio; you have time to make something." Her face lit up, “And, technically, it’s for free.”
You gave it a thought, but the stylist came back before you could finish it.
"I'm sorry, Ms. Vega, but I’m not finding anything, and I don’t want you walking back and forth and bringing me more dresses.” You gave an apologetic smile. “Thank you very much for your help.”
"No worries, Y/N! Just hang up the dress when you take it off, and I’ll deal with the rest,” she replied.
“Will do,” you said, and she stepped out of the room.
Allie helped you unzip the gown, and you shimmed out of it. You did as you were told and hung up the dress, and you and Allie left the shop.
The walk back to the studio was quick, you two making determined strides through the crowded city.
You and Allie entered the empty studio, turning on the nights.
The studio was organized chaos with dressed mannequins, big boxes of fabrics in the back of the room, and papered patterns on the tables.
“Wow,” Allie awed.
"Yeah," you replied, leading you both to your master station is near the back, "it's crazy what a couple months before a show looks like.”
You looked through the drawers beside your desks and grabbed the tools you'll need to plan out the suit.
“So, just a suit jacket and pants…” You said, grabbing some paper to sketch up your pattern.
You looked up at Allie, “Do you mind helping me out with measurements?”
She nodded, “For sure. What do you need?”
You guided Allie on how to measure your proportions for the suit. She measured your inseams for your pants, the sleeves, the cuts, and so on. In between, you'd write down the dimensions for the patterns.
You two sifted through the fabrics to create a monochrome patchwork outfit. The suit would be shades of cherry red, with different materials making it up. There were no patterns in the patchwork, only various tones of red in several types of wool.
“Fucking hell,” Allie cursed while sifting through the materials, “who would’ve thought there were so many shades of red.”
She held up a piece of recycled fabrics, checking with you that it was the correct tone. You took it and held the portion against the others.
“Nope, too dark,” you shook your head.
"What? It looks exactly the same," she disagreed, walking over to your table. When comparing the fabrics, she made an 'aaah’ sound, letting you know that you were right.
Before sectioning off your pattern, you tried your best to evenly sew all the material together into a quilt-like form.
“Jesus,” you muttered, shaking out your sore hands.
“We don’t have to get this all done today, you know. You do have two months left.” Allie advised.
"I know. I just want to put this all together first," you replied, continuing to push the material through the sewing machine.
“Alright,” she surrendered, bringing one of the seats over to your table.
You sewed in silence for a bit.
“So,” Allie began, “how are you and Hoseok doing?”
You paused. “What do you mean?”
“You know…you two and your arrangement.”
You scoffed, “Our arrangement? You mean us having sex?”
“Yeah, but the other stuff.”
You pulled your hands from the sewing machine, crossing your arms over your chest. "Just spit it out, Al."
“Well, you’ve had mixed feelings with Hoseok, right? Like you’re starting to like him?” She speculated.
Your mouth gaped open. “Have you been talking to West?”
She didn’t respond, not making eye contact.
“You can’t be fucking serious. You two are ganging up on me!” You yelled.
“Y/N, we’re just worried.”
“About what? I have feelings—and?” You fumed.
She sighed. “You shouldn’t be having sex with someone if you’re growing romantic feelings, especially if you two agreed to be platonic.”
“Oh, fuck off,” you stood.
“Y/N!” She exclaimed. "Don't you dare talk to me that way? I am your friend, not your enemy." Allie stood up and sighed. “I get it. You don’t like people in your business. That’s fair. I just feel like you're sacrificing yourself for Hoseok when you could talk about it with him."
“Allie, you don’t know what you’re fucking talking about.” You spat.
“I get it,” she sympathized. “I don’t. I’m not you or Hoseok.”
“So, tell me,” she said. “Educate me on the situation. I am not here to judge. I’m just worried about you, that’s all.”
You took a few deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down.
“I’m sorry,” you apologized. “I shouldn’t have talked to you like that.”
“It’s okay,” she forgave, “just don’t push me away so fast, okay?”
“Okay.” You agreed.
She sat down, “So?”
You sat down and rehashed your feelings about you and Hoseok to her: the growing romantic feelings for him, not knowing what to do, and wanting something more.
“Well, do you think it’d work out between you two if you dated?” She asked.
You shifted in your seat. "I honestly don't know. It's tough with Hoseok's work because he has a loyal fanbase. I'm afraid he's going to get even more hate if we were to date.”
“But would you two be happy?” She asked.
You gave it a thought. “What do you mean?”
“Well, you go into a relationship regardless of other people. Whether you’re a celebrity or an ordinary person, you date someone for you and that person; no one else. There are going to be people who support and hate your relationship no matter what. What matters is what the two people think in the relationship."
She sighed. “You cannot control what others will think about you. No matter what you do or who you do, you're going to upset someone. So, just do what feels comfortable and safe with you."
You hummed, understanding.
“So, would you be happy if you and Hoseok dated?”
“Yes.” You stated without a thought. “I really like him—love him even.”
"Then that's all that matters," Allie replied.
The week before, the show crept on you faster than you expected. You, your team of designers and event organizers, models, hairstylists and makeup artists flew into Vancouver a week early to prepare on location.
However, the majority of the week would be spent preparing for the show. The first day was spent unloading all of the outfits and equipment for the show into the venue. Everyone was required to show up to organize their stations and to familiarize themselves with the venue.
“Please set up your stations while Westley and I look into the main runway and after part section. We’ll be back in around two hours to check up on everyone. If you have any questions while we're gone, please contact me on my phone." You held up your cellphone and everyone nodded. "Great. Good luck, everyone!"
The venue and interior designers' owners toured you and Westley around the place, showing you the drawn floorplans, running down the prices, and checking that the decorations correlated with your plans.
“These weren’t the chairs we sent over,” Westley pointed to the black folded chairs lining the runways.
“Yes, but these were within the price range and—” One of the interior designers, Queeny, said.
“But did we get an email regarding this change?” You interjected.
Queeny exchanged looks with the other three decorators, and they shook their heads.
Wesley let out an angry sigh. "Well, I guess we’ll have to live with these then.” He sat down on one of the chairs. “At least they’re comfortable. They look cheap, but they’re sturdy.”
“Are there any more changes you made without informing as?” You asked.
They all shook their heads.
"Great." You turned to one of the two-venue owners, named Ruby. "Shall we continue to the after-party part?”
“Yes,” she replied, gesturing to the doorway that led to the front reception area.
From the reception area, where guests would check-in and get a wristband, a double-door way on the right led to a ballroom for the after-party.
The overall theme of the place was classic European designs with off-white luxurious walls and chandeliers. The ceilings were intricately carved, and the floors were a smooth white oak. Just walking around made you feel like you were dirtying the place.
“This place is stunning,” Westley whispered.
“I know,” you replied, “you chose the place.”
“I know,” he smiled, pretending to flip his hair.
You both chuckled, continuing to follow the owners around the venue.
Everything worked out, besides the chairs, so you and Westley checked on the designers, models, hairstylists and makeup artists.
At the end of the workday, everyone was in order and ready for the next three days of dress rehearsals and solving and problems.
You arrived back at your hotel with sore feet and exhaustion.
Your phone rang as you flopped onto your bed.
You answered. “Hobi!”
“Y/N! How was your flight to Vancouver?” He asked.
“It was good. We didn't have a rest day, though. We had to settle into the place and check it over. My feet are so sore.” You groaned.
“Really? I thought you’d at least have a rest day when you guys arrived,” he assumed.
You shook your head. “No. Sadly, this whole week will be walking around and making sure everything is going smoothly.”
He sighed. “Shit. That sucks.” You heard him shift on the other side of the phone. “Do you want to relax?”
You laughed. “Jung Hoseok, did you seriously booty call me from across the world?”
Hoseok gasped, "I did not! I was talking about watching Netflix or something." He chuckled, "You're so dirty-minded."
You both laughed.
“Okay, so what do you want to watch?” He asked on the other end of the call.
You brought out your laptop and scrolled through the movie selection.
“Oooo! Let’s watch Hush. I’ve heard so many good things about it.” You recalled.
You could hear his hesitation.
Hoseok did not like being scared. Whenever you watched anything scary, you were afraid that your neighbours would complain at how loud his screaming was. As you remembered saying "hello" to him once and him screaming in fear and surprise, he was also easily frightened.
“We don’t have to,” you said.
“No, no,” Hoseok reassured, “we’ll watch it. Just send me the Netflix Party link, and I'll ready the Zoom link."
You giggled. “You don’t have to be brave for me, Hobi. I know you don’t like scary movies.”
“You want to watch it, so let’s do it,” he said, “and the ratings are good.”
“Okay,” you digressed. “I’m texting you the link right now.”
“Same,” he replied.
You two hung up and joined the links.
“Hello!” Hoseok beamed, dancing.
You rolled your eyes and chuckled at his burst of energy. “Hello, Hobi.”
You carried your laptop to the bathroom and began getting ready for bed.
“How was your day?” You asked.
Hoseok described him and his bandmates' film day for "Run! BTS," and you groaned at all the work they had to do.
He laughed. “But we got to play games, which was fun. We laughed so much that my abs hurt.” You watched him lift up his shirt and show his toned abdomen.
Your core felt a familiar flutter.
“W-wow, that must be a lot of laughing,” you cleared your throat and took out your toothbrush and toothpaste.
For the moment, the time difference worked for you two because it was almost ten at night for you and nearly three in the afternoon for him.
“Should I turn off my camera?” You asked before undressing to get into the shower.
He shook his head. “I’m okay with you leaving it on. I’ve seen you naked before, so it’s not really different. But if you’re uncomfortable, you can just turn it off.”
You shrugged and began taking off your clothes in full view of the camera and screen.
You noticed Hoseok’s expression.
“Enjoying the show?” You chuckled, finally taking off your undergarments and fully exposing yourself.
Hoseok smirked, “Don’t act like you weren’t just turned on by my abs. I saw how you looked at me.”
You nodded and surrendered. “Fair point.”
You hoped in the shower, and you two continued talking.
“Jesus, we haven’t started the movie yet,” Hoseok commented while you were washing your hair.
“Shit, right,” you laughed, massaging the shampoo into your scalp.
After you hoped out of the shower and dried your body and hair, you both started to watch the movie.
“This is a pretty cool premise. Like, we’ve never seen a deaf person in a horror movie before,” you regarded.
"True, that's a good point—AHHHHHH!" Hoseok screamed at the sudden slam in the movie.
You burst into laughter.
“Holy shit!” He exclaimed, trying to calm himself with controlled breaths.
The movie continued as you finished off your skincare and put on your pyjamas.
The oversized t-shirt was long enough to cover your thighs.
“You’re going to watch this before bed?” Hoseok gasped.
You chuckled. “Yeah. It’s not that scary.” You say as you jump at the sound of breaking glass in the film.
Hoseok laughed at the coincidental timing.
You don’t remember falling asleep, but you woke up to the sound of your alarm.
“Shit,” you grumbled and turned it off.
You heard Hoseok stir awake on the Zoom call.
Both of you had fallen asleep, but Hoseok finished the movie before you could; because you saw the end credits paused in the Netflix Party.
“Sorry,” you whispered.
“It’s okay,” Hoseok mumbled, squinting at the screen.
“I’ll let you sleep,” you smiled, hovering your cursor over the "send" button.
He softly smiled, “thank you.” He snuggled into his pillow, “I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you too, Hobi,” you replied, ending the call for both of you.
It didn’t hit you until you were halfway through your dress rehearsal, but Hoseok had stayed with you while you slept. He didn't wake you but quietly continued the movie and fell asleep.
Hoseok was usually sweet, so you didn't pay too much attention to it.
But it did make you feel special.
It was the day of the fashion show, and you were fucking nervous.
You had done this before, a show, but this one was different. You had put in so much effort and were proud of how it turned out but were afraid of what other people would think.
“It’ll be fine, don’t worry,” Allie assured through video call,” it’ll be excellent, and everyone won’t stop talking about it.”
“Probably,” you replied, putting on your makeup.
“It will be excellent, Y/N. I am so sure I will bet money.” She stated.
You chuckled, "then I'll take your word for it because I am not bidding money.”
You both laughed.
“Okay, I know I already showed you my outfit, but are you sure it looks good?” She asked, putting on the A-line floor-length dress she’d shown you before. It was a beautiful viridian green with lace shoulder straps that draped over the sides of her biceps.
“You look beautiful,” you complimented, setting your makeup with setting spray and heading to your closet.
You put on the suit you made and looked in the mirror. You looked a bad bitch.
“You look great! Oooo, put on the red bottoms,” Allie squealed.
You put on the signature Louis Vuitton black high heels with the ruby bottoms.
Your phone buzzed.
“I got to go; Westley is here with our ride to the venue. I’ll see you there!”
“See you!” She waved, ending the call.
You did a quick check in the mirror, fixing your hair, grabbed your bags, and headed out the door.
Your driver waited outside the vehicle as you approached, and opened its door, showing you a well-dressed and excited Westley.
"Oh my god, you look great!" He gasped. “When did you make the suit?”
“I finished it a week before we flew out,” you chuckled, “and you look great too! I love the pine on you.”
You took a step back and looked at Westley’s crisp pine-coloured suit with matching brown dress shoes.
“Thank you,” he grinned. “Okay, get in before we become late.”
You hopped into the car, and your driver got in and started the vehicle.
The drive was spent recalling your opening and closing speeches with Westley and the show's agenda.
“So, five pm is when the show ends, and then the guests for the after-party go into the ballroom area. Food is served at six pm, and everything is wrapped up at ten pm.” Westley relayed.
You nodded, “Yup.”
Both of you arrived a couple hours before the start time, which was at 1 pm, to set everything up and warm up the models and crew.
Westley checked the organizers and the models while you went to the runway area to check the lights and sound.
"Let's rerun the lights, please!" You announced as you walked into the runway room. "Can I get a headset, please?" You ask the crew on the ground, who nodded.
“Yup!” You heard the lighting crew respond.
You were given the headset, and you heard the head light technician’s voice.
“Can you hear me?” They checked.
“Yes,” you confirmed.
They ran by the six light settings for the show, and it was all correct.
“It’s perfect, thank you. Can you please check that the sound is alright?” You asked through the headset.
“Yup. You’ll have to hand the headset to another person, though, and we’ll give you a mic.” They added.
You heard their muffled voice as if they covered their mic's headset with their hand. Next, you had someone hand you a mic and take your headset.
“You’ll need to stand on the stage,” The person said.
“Okay,” you replied, going to the runway and standing on the end portion.
All the room’s lights turned on, and you could see the lighting crew’s area in the back and the chair organized around the runway.
“You can speak into the mic!” You heard someone shout.
You started speaking nonsense in the mic, like the type of weather outside, as they adjusted the volume.
“Thank you!” Someone shouted.
“Thanks,” you said into the mic before handing it to one of the crew.
“Is there anything to report? Any problems that arose before I got here?” You asked the crew.
They all shook their heads.
“How is everyone feeling?” You asked.
They all shared nervous laughter, and a few people said “good.”
“Alright, if there’s anything you all need, just come to the modelling area and ask me. It’s in the backroom.”
They all nodded, and you left them to their business.
You arrived in the backroom and saw designers fitting their outfits on the models and makeup artists and hairstylists prepping their stations.
“How is everybody doing?!” You enthusiastically asked.
They cheered with a mix of excitement and nervousness.
"I get it. Everyone is on their toes. You all have an hour left to set things up before people start filing in. Remember, the show starts at 1 pm. The door opens thirty minutes before them.”
They call responded with various forms of understanding, and you went around to check on them individually.
Rachel came and taped your shoulder, with a headset on, “So, the guards are in their posts, and the front is ready to check people in.”
“Is there a line already?” You asked.
Rachel pressed down the headset, asking the crew on the other end.
“Yes, there’s a line of people outside,” she reported, “about twenty people, so far.”
"Shit, yeah, let them in. It's probably cold." You ordered.
“I’ll tell them,” she replied.
“Okay, everyone! We’re starting to let people in. Again, you all have about an hour left, so try to wrap things up and relax. Thank you!” You announced.
Again, sounds of understanding, and you, Westley, and Rachel left the backroom.
“Rachel, Westley and I are going to check that the ballroom area and catering are all handled. Please check in with the front desk to see how they're doing, and then meet us in the ballroom." You told.
“Got it, Y/N,” Rachel answered, walking past the two of you and towards the front area.
Westley appeared impressed. “She's terrific. She's even got the headset and everything."
"I know, right? She's cool." You remarked.
Like clockwork, you and Westley ran over the details and schedule for the catering and the after-party. Everyone had places to sit, with elegantly decorated name cards.
Everything was ready.
"Fantastic, thank you," you thanked the caterers and the staff in the ballroom. "Feel free to come into the runway area during the show if you all would like to watch."
With that, it was about time the show would start. You and Westley hurried backstage, where you both were handed microphones.
The lights dimmed, and classical music played—fitting the theme of elegance and high class.
You and Westley regarded each other, did an excellent handshake, and strutted out on the runway. Both of you were met with applause from the crowd and blinding spotlights.
You two walked to the end of the runway and let out an exhausted sigh.
The music quieted, faintly heard in the background.
“And that’s why I’m not a model,” Westley joked, causing the crowd to giggle.
“Same here,” you chuckled.
“Anyways, welcome to the show, everyone!” You cheered, and the crowd clapped. “As you know, I am Y/N, and this is Westley. Today, we’ll be showing recycled elegant clothes on people. Not just models, but people. All the clothes you'll be seeing here today are made from recycled fabrics and hand-crafted by our design team and me."
"We wanted to represent people, so we got people to present our clothes. Redundant, I know, but the fashion industry rarely shows models that look like people. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all fantastic. However, this show will be different. Enjoy!” Westley waved.
A final round of applause while you and Westley walked off the runway.
The show went smoothly and wonderfully. The changes were fluid, and there were no clothing mishaps. The classical music turned into upbeat music that everyone seemed to groove to. Models danced on the runway while walking, and there were joyful cheers in the crowd.
In the end, you and Westley gave your brief thank you speeches, and months of planning and work were officially completed.
When everyone was backstage, you all collectively cheered.
“Phenomenal job, everyone!” You praised. “I am speechless at how well we all did. Thank you all for being such wonderful people to work with.”
Smiles and cheers were shared as everyone got ready for the after-party.
“Okay, remember that food is being served at six o’clock, and you all will be able to find your names at a table.” You reminded.
You and Westley did a quick check-up on people before heading to the ballroom area to socialize.
“Great job, you two!” Some complimented.
You and Westley thanked the praise and had a small talk with some colleges.
“Hey, Y/N!” You heard a familiar voice say.
You turned and say Hoseok with the rest of the boys, waving.
“Hey!” You smiled, nudging Westley to join you.
"Well, enjoy the after-party," Westley grinned at the other guests before joining you.
As always, the seven boys were well-dressed in designer suits. Hoseok wore lightly tinted shades paired with a dark suit and floral dress shirt. His hair was wavy.
“That was awesome, Y/N,” Namjoon said.
“Thank you!” You replied.
“Yeah, Y/N, I loved the recycled-fabrics idea. Are anything on sale?” Taehyung asked.
You nodded. "Everything will be on sale next month. I'll send you the dates, so you mark them in your calendar. The clothes go fast," you chuckled.
“Damn,” Taehyung remarked, eyebrows raised.
“Hey, Jimin,” Westley greeted.
“Hey West,” Jimin smiled, “loved your speech today. That suit looks great on you.”
“I know,” Westley smirked, “you look good too.”
"How are you feeling?" Hoseok asked, letting Westley and Jimin casually flirt.
You sighed. “Glad that it’s over, to be honest. It was fun, of course, but it's a lot of work to organize."
“Oh my god, is that Charlie Puth?” Jungkook gasped, hiding slightly behind Namjoon.
Everyone laughed.
"You should go and say 'hi,' Kook. You've already met and sung with him before. You two are practically friends." Yoongi expressed.
“True,” you agreed, “and Charlie’s a nice guy.”
“Okay,” Jungkook straightened his posture, “I’ll do it.”
You all watched Jungkook walk over and begin chatting with Charlie Puth.
“God, he’s grown up so much,” Seokjin sighed.
The rest of you caught up and chatted about the show.
Before you knew it, Westley was poking your side to let you know it was five minutes until six.
“Shit,” you cursed. “Sorry to cut this convo short, but Westley and I have to announce dinner. We’ll talk soon!”
You all said your goodbyes, and you and Westley went up to the front to state it was time for food.
You two were seated with Rachel, Allie, and a couple others. Everyone ordered off a menu, which served various kinds of pasta, salads, and a mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
It was an excellent way to end off the show.
There was a dancefloor, too, where people could groove to music after eating.
Of course, the seven boys went to the dancefloor, which caused others to join.
You were finishing off your fettuccine alfredo when Hoseok danced over to your table. You chuckled as he held his hand out and quirked a brow.
“You’re ridiculous,” you said, taking his hand.
“You love it,” he smirked, pulling you off your chair and leading you to the dancefloor.
You danced together, along with your friends. He held your hands as you two swayed to the slow songs and body-rolled with you during the upbeat songs. Of course, a few BTS songs played, and everyone tried to follow the known choreography. You went back to your table for a drink of water, and Allie came with you. "Look, and you and Hoseok dancing up a storm," she teased. “Shut up,” you chuckled. “The chemistry is there, Y/N,” she commented. You drank your water. "Not now, Al." “Come on! He’s here for, what, the night and then gone tomorrow morning? When will you see him again?” She asked. You paused, honestly unsure when you'd see Hoseok again. “Now or never, Y/N. How much longer can you debate this?” “I know,” you replied. “I’ll do it later tonight.” Around nine-thirty, the party was dying down, with only a few guests scattered around the venue helping to clean up. You made eye contact with Allie, who was tending to the chairs, who nudged towards Hoseok’s direction. Now or never. You said in your head. “Can I speak to you, Hoseok?” You asked, walking up to him. “For sure!” He replied. You led both of you to a secluded part of the venue, away from listeners. “Did you enjoy the show?” You asked. “Yeah! You did a fantastic job, Y/N. I love how everything turned out, the colours, the recycled fabrics were great—and your suit! I can’t believe you made it,” Hoseok complimented, stepping back to look at your attire. “Thank you,” you blushed. You gave a quick look around to make sure no one was around. “Is everything alright, Y/N? You’re looking around as if they’re spies around.” He gasped. “Are there spies around? What secret don’t they know?” “I don’t want to have sex with you anymore.” You abruptly stated. A stretch of silence. Hoseok’s expression was a mixture of surprise and concern. “What?” “I can’t have sex with you anymore.” “You can’t or don’t want to? Is it something I did?” “Yes? No? In a way?” You pondered. You took a few deep breaths. "I like you, Hoseok—possibly even love you.” You ran your hand through your hair. “I know we agreed not to catch feelings, so I think we should stop having sex.” You watched his expression shift from some form of being happy to disappointment. “You know I cannot date with work,” he explained, "with the fans, touring, and whatnot, I cannot date someone. And you have your company to work on." “I know,” you replied. “But do you like me back?” You asked. “I do—” “You do?” You were on the verge of hugging him, but he stepped back. You looked at him, confused. “We can’t—” “Why?” “I literally just told you, Y/N. With work, dating wouldn’t allow it. I already have people—” He choked on his words. “People who wish I was dead, j-just for being me.” “Hoseok—” You reached out to him, but he gently pushed you away. “No,” he objected, “I’m fine. I just don’t want to add you to the mess.” “You can’t decide that for me.” You retorted. “I understand that you don’t want to add me to it, but I’m okay with it. I don't care what other people would say about us. They're not in the relationship, we are—" “But what if I care?” He said, almost too quiet for you to hear. “I’m the happy guy of BTS, who’s dedicated to his work.” “But are you truly happy?” You peered into him. “Yeah,” he replied, avoiding eye contact, “but it gets really hard sometimes.” “So, let me help, Hoseok,” you pleaded. "I don't need to be helped! I'm not another project for you to work on.” He thundered. “You know that’s not what I meant.” You seethed. “Let’s just drop it, okay? We’re not dating, that’s it.” He dictated. “Fine.” You replied. “Have a safe trip back home.” You left without another word, trying your best not to cry. Out of all the ways you thought he'd respond, this took you off guard. Hoseok wasn't one to push you away, but here he was doing so. “Fuck this,” you whimpered, walking up to Allie. “I’m going back to the hotel, sorry,” you said, turning away as soon as possible. “Y/N!”
You washed your face and hoped into the shower—the warm water soothing your sore muscles and emotions. You couldn’t tell if it was the water or your tears streaming down your face.
What else did you expect? Hoseok had a point: with his work, he couldn’t date someone. And it was ridiculous that Hoseok would want to date you.
However, instead of sulking over Hoseok, you decided to have a bath and put on a facemask.
The room’s phone rang while you were starting the bath.
“Hello, is this Y/N Y/L/N?
“Speaking,” you confirmed.
“Great! There’s a man here, named,” a muffled noise, “Hoseok Jung.”
“Tell him I’m busy, please,” you replied.
Another muffled noise. “Hoseok says he's sorry and that he has ice cream—cookie dough. But if he’s dangerous, I can call the police.”
“No, no. God no,” you said.
You bit your lip. "You can send Hoseok up."
“Okay. However, if there’s anything wrong, please try to press the red button on the receiver. I will check back with you in an hour. If there’s no response, I’ll get someone to check on you.” They informed.
“Thank you,” you replied, slightly shocked by their concern.
You hung up.
A few minutes later, you heard a knock on the door. You tightened your robe.
You checked the peephole before cracking the door open.
“Hi,” you greeted.
“Hey," he smiled. "I'm sorry for leaving you like that at the party. It was sudden and insensitive. I should have been more considerate of your feelings rather than shutting you off.”
“I was just—scared. I don’t know what it’s going to be like for us. And I don't want you to fix me—but I like you, a lot—so I brought cookie dough ice cream and two spoons—"
“Do you want to come in?” You interrupted his nervous rambling.
“Yes, thank you,” he chuckled.
Hoseok still wore the suit from the fashion show, but his jacket was folded over his arm, and his dress shirt was unbuttoned lower.
“Oh, you’re running the bath,” he noticed. "We can deal with this later if it's a bad time."
“No, it’s alright. I’ll just turn off the water.” You replied, going to the bathroom to do so.
When you came back, Hoseok was sitting on the edge of your bed.
“So, what did you want to talk about?” You asked, sitting beside him.
He opened the ice cream tub, setting the lid on the desk and handing you one of the spoons.
“I was thinking you could talk more, actually; about how you feel," he replied, giving you the tub and angling himself to face you. "I just want to listen to you this time."
You gave a brief smile before spooning a small piece of ice cream into your mouth.
“Well, I just feel like we’re in this grey area of being really close but having sex. And we both like each other, and we said at the venue, and I just feel like we should just date then.” You set the ice cream and spoon down on the desk. “I get that work complicates things for you. But once we’ve confessed our feelings, I just don’t know what to call this—this friendship?”
Hoseok nodded.
"So, if you don't want to date, that's completely fine. I understand. However, we can't keep having sex like we used to; because I have feelings for you now, and you said you do too, so it's not a good mix."
“That’s fair,” he acknowledged.
“But what do you think? Like, how do you feel about us?” You asked.
He paused and set his spoon on the desk with yours. “I want to date you, Y/N. I just don’t want to get you hurt.” He softly grasped your hands. “The industry can be toxic, and I don’t want to subject you to that.”
“I understand,” you replied, “but I want to date you too, regardless of all the other bullshit. As cheesy as it sounds, all I want is you, Hoseok.”
Hoseok smiled but then pretended to gag.
“Hobi! I was romantic."
“Sorry, but that was so cheesy.” He cringed.
“So, do you want to just start dating, then?” You proposed. “We have the ice cream here; we can pretend to get to know each other more.”
He chuckled. “Sure. Let’s do that.”
Hoseok stood up and held his hand out to you. “Y/N Y/L, will you go on a date with me?”
You laughed but composed yourself. “I would love to, Jung Hoseok.” You took his hand, and he immediately sat back down.
“So, Y/N,” Hoseok began, handing you the partially melted ice cream and your spoon, “what do you like to do on the weekends?”
1 year later.
“I’m thinking of moving to Korea,” you said. Hoseok turned to you, surprised. “Really? But you’re not based here.” “I know,” you acknowledged, “but I can fly in and skype, or whatever. I can have a home base here, too.” You were visiting Hoseok for a couple weeks before you had to go back home for a clothing launch. Both of you were cuddling at his place when you brought up your idea of moving to Korea. “Of course, it wouldn’t be immediate. I would need to sort things out with Westley and Rachel and organize a place to stay here and a work area. The company is sturdy enough to handle the change.” You reasoned. “You could move in with me,” he suggested, turning his body to face you. “Are you sure?” “Yeah, why not. We’ve been dating for a while now, and it makes sense.” He shrugged. “Unless you don’t want to.” You kissed him. “No, I want to.” Both of you discussed what your move would be like and imagined living together. If you were to look back at how your relationship with Hoseok progressed, you would be shocked. In a matter of a few months, you and Hoseok went from friends to romantic partners. Although you had not come out publicly about your relationship, many people had a sense it existed; but that didn’t matter. You and Hoseok were in a secure and healthy relationship. It was long distanced, but you two made it work by visiting each other when you could and calling almost every day. The only thing that didn’t change was the sex—although it had gotten better. Nevertheless, so much has happened over the past year. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.
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leah-bobeea · 6 months ago
Magazine Girl; Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
You ever start writing a fic about a journalist reader at two am who’s eventually gonna end up doing steeb, over his desk, biting down on his expensive leather belt?
❀ ❀ ❀
Warnings: CEO!Steve x Journalist!Reader, Angst, Steve’s a little mean, Bossy Steve, Shy/Anxious reader, Dom!steve, mentions spanking, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex, coercion (a little teensy bit), Bad writing lol
Word Count: 3.9k
A/N: Terrible writing w/ a terribly rushed ending. Written on my phone, in my notes app, not beta read, and barely proofread.
❀ ❀ ❀
Yes, your hands were busy. Not busy typing out a rough draft of this stupid article on Steve Rogers, not busy calling his secretary to set up a meeting with the man, or the closest to him you could get, not busy doing their job at all. They were busy tapping your pen against the glass tabletop of your desk, successfully annoying Wanda, who sent you an aggravated look from across the room.
“Seriously, Y/n?” Wanda moved from where she was at her desk, clearly not making a breakthrough on her article for this month's issue either. You could only shake your head in reply. Throwing your head back to stare at the ceiling, you starting explaining. “Maria gave me this huge article, Wanda. Cover! And, trust me, I know she’s testing me and doesn’t think I’ll actually be able to do it so she can fire me, or belittle me, or- or something! I don’t know what to do, help me, bestie.” As you finished rambling you looked up at her with your best puppy dog eyes, hoping for some of that amazing advice she gives.
Wanda laughed and pulled a chair over from an empty desk, sitting down and haphazardly throwing her feet on top of your cluttered tabletop. “She wouldn’t give you an article you couldn’t handle, she loves you, Y/n. If it’s truly as difficult as you’re making it out as that means that she knows you’re ready for it, and you’ll do amazing. Who’s it on anyway?”
She was doing such a good job at easing your nerves until she brought up the topic. You whined high in your throat and threw your head to the side before uttering, “Steven Rogers,” you turned your body back to Wanda, “What more do I need to say?” Her eyes widened just a little. “Sheesh...I’d start making phone calls, and praying, maybe?”
❀ ❀ ❀
“Hello, Miss. Carter, um- this is Y/n L/n with Shield Mag-“ “Please hold, dear.”
You pulled the phone away from your head and let it rest on your naked thigh, quickly pressing the speaker button. It was times like this when you were grateful that you let your grandma convince you to buy a house phone. Peggy Carter was the fifth person you’d contacted trying to get an interview with this man and she was the second lady that humored you enough to at least pretend like she’d get back to you.
She’s his main assistant so you might have better luck this time...
Thirty minutes later you had your head inches off the ground and your toes wiggling in the air. Humming the annoying hold music to yourself, you braided, unbraided, and re-braided a single strand of your hair. At thirty-nine minutes you were ready to give up until you heard a click on the other line.
You scrambled to turn off the speaker and press the phone back to your ear.
“Miss. Carter I was hoping to set up an interview with Mr. Rogers, over the phone, in person, or through email, if that’s possible?” You asked, hopeful that she wouldn’t shoot you down immediately like everyone else.
“Well, Magazine Girl, I only do in person. But I am a very busy man, so I need to know right away, what’s in it for me?” Your breath hitched and you almost fell and cracked your head open from how startled hearing his voice made you. Then, you nearly gave yourself a head rush from how fast you sat up.
“Well, um, Sir, you would get a headlining article, and uh, a cover on the June issue of Shield Magazine. That’s um, that’s if you want a cover- you don’t have to be on the cover if you don’t want to, just the interview would be mentioned on the cover, but-“ His chuckle was gritty and vivid, effective in stopping your babble. “I’ll see you Friday around noon. Goodbye Magazine Girl.” He hung up on you before you could even comprehend anything but that captivating laugh.
You rubbed at your eyes and grabbed your planner and pen. “Friday at noon...”
❀ ❀ ❀
The next day you were back in the office, sitting in Wanda’s stiff chair with twin caramel lattes sitting in front of you. That was the thing about you, you’d come to work early bearing gifts just to tell your closest friend your good news. You’re sweet like that.
When Wanda arrived it was fifteen minutes later and your latte was halfway gone. Hearing her black stilettos click on the glossy linoleum made you perk up immediately. As she approached, you stood, handing her the latte and wrapping your arms around her lithe body.
“I got an interview!” You squealed, rocking your bodies side to side. She stilled you and smiled. “Gosh, that’s great, Y/n. How’d you get it?”
“Well, I called, like everyone, and he picked up, Wanda! he picked up! I’m scheduled for Friday, and my Lord, Wanda, his laugh, it's like honey...” You trailed off, sighing at the thought of him. Your head was rested on her shoulder, a faint smile on your face. “You’ve got a crush on him!” Wanda exclaimed, grabbing your shoulders and holding you an arm's length away to get a good look at your bashful face.
You gasped, “No I do not! That would be totally unprofessional!” The cackle that erupted from her made her sound like the wicked witch of the west. And honestly, under her stare, you felt like Dorothy stuck under that house.
When Wanda was finally done laughing maliciously she let you go, plopping down in her desk chair and sipping her latte. She pointed over and your desk and gave you a look. “Better start drafting those questions... we wouldn’t want you to blank on your crush.” “Wanda!”
❀ ❀ ❀
The days leading up to Friday were excruciatingly long, yet the hours until twelve flew past all too quickly.
It seemed as if your wardrobe was never ending, full of clothes that you deemed inappropriate for a meeting with the CEO of American Enterprises. You threw yourself back onto the bed, hair and makeup done but body still wrapped in a fluffy white towel. “Oh Milky, what am I gonna wear?” The soft white kitty glared at you from the pillow she was perched on, meowing at you aggressively.
Ten thirty blinked on the clock and you sat up, glancing at all of the clothes that were scattered on the floor. “I guess this will do.” You picked up the same emerald blazer you had chosen originally and layered it over some basic Levi’s, and gray low cut blouse flowing over your form. A belt was necessary, so you grazed over your options. Brown wouldn’t go, even though it was your only fancy belt. The only black one you had was old, the leather cracked and worn, but it had to do. You slipped on some pretty black heels, lucky that you painted your toes a similar color to your blouse. After accessorizing you sprayed your signature perfume, the one that got you your first college-aged boyfriend, and the same one that you were wearing when you got your first real job.
By the time you were on the Metro, it was eleven o’ six, and you were worried. If you were late you’d lose this chance, and probably your job. The car stopped around eleven fifteen, giving you fifteen minutes to make your way to the building, check-in, and try to not seem so nervous.
Finding the building wasn’t difficult at all, after all, it is the second biggest building in New York City, competing with Stark Tower. The “A” at the top wasn’t illuminated, but it still stood out against the other buildings, cowering over them.
You found that the doors were heavy and if you denied Wanda of going to those burn boot camps you would have extreme difficulty prying them open. The inside was classy, just as you expected. The lamps had blue shades and the front desk lit up with a design that resembled the American Flag, but with less curved stripes and only one large star.
The receptionist was one of the women who shot you down immediately when you called and was a little surprised when you checked in. “Hello, I’m here for Mr. Rogers, twelve o’clock?” She searched for something on her computer, clearly trying to see if the appointment was legitimate. When you were proven correct, she handed you a temporary security badge and a sharpie to write your name on it. “Have a seat over there when you’re finished. I’ll call for you when Mr. Rogers is ready for you.” She smiled, it was fake, but it helped you feel more comfortable.
The red couch was stiff and small, clearly not meant for long periods of sitting. The badge was clipped onto your blouse, not your blazer, and the weight of it was pulling at the already low cut neckline. You thought about moving it, but your attention was quickly turned to the coffee table, where your magazine sat, opened to an article you wrote. Your hands were a little shaky as you went to close the magazine, but you were interrupted before you could grasp the bent pages.
“Miss. Y/n? Mr. Rogers is ready for your interview. Head up to floor thirty six, the door on the right.” Miss receptionist sounded bored, her eyes never left the monitor in front of her. “Thanks.”
Some of the others in the waiting area looked up to you after hearing where you were going, causing you to blush.
You felt lucky to get the elevator to yourself. Thirty-six floors is a long way to go, yet you got there in under three. In the elevator you adjusted your outfit and flattened your hair, hoping it wasn’t frizzy.
The door on the right was clearly not just a meeting room but an office, which you thought was odd. You also found it odd that no one was in the room, you expected to at least be met with his assistant or secretary, if not Steve himself.
Your eyes scanned the room to make sure it was completely empty before taking a seat on the leather chair on the opposite side of the big desk. You opened your notebook and got out your lucky rooster pen before going over your questions once again, hoping he didn’t think they were stupid.
You waited fifteen minutes for him, growing increasingly irked as the minutes built up. When he walked through the door you felt like your heart stopped.
Six-four build covered in a black suit and tie, white undershirt pristine. Blonde hair disheveled and a perfectly manicured beard. The door slammed shut and you heard the clinking sound of a glass being set down. Steve lifted his head and you snapped yours to the front, hoping he didn’t catch you checking him out.
The room was silent besides a rustling coming from behind you. You busied yourself with your notebook, highlighting the questions you wanted to ask most.
“You’re a very patient girl.” He observed. Steve made you wait on purpose. He knew from the first person you called that you wanted an interview, he was friends with Maria Hill after all. But he wanted some entertainment, and after looking into you, he knew you were the right girl. So far he’s made you wait an hour and fourteen minutes for just a smidge of his attention.
“Yes, Sir.” You mumbled, accidentally stopping the highlighter too soon, pressing it down, and letting the pink ink bleed to the next page. He hummed in approval as he rounded the corner, drink in his hand, coat jacket discarded, sleeves rolled up, first couple buttons loose. Finally, Steve sat in the big chair, keeping eye contact with you as he leaned forward, resting his elbows on the mahogany table.
“Give me that.” Your eyebrows furrowed at his statement, “What?” You asked, putting your pen down on your lap. Steve motioned for your notebook, and you opened your mouth, starting to stumble over your words. “Oh? um- Okay?” You handed it over to him and he relaxed back into his chair. A question bubbled in your throat, but you didn’t let it escape. Instead, you watched as his eyes scanned the papers, blue cursive, and pink highlighter, little stars and flowers drawn in the corners. “Mr. Rogers, are you ready to start the interview?” You tapped your watch, twelve twenty four.
He nodded, “Yes, I’m ready.” You cleared your throat and went to ask for your notebook, but he beat you to it. “Miss. L/n, is there an achievement or something that you’ve contributed to me that you are most proud of?” Why was he asking you your own questions? “Sir, I-“ He cut you off once again. “Answer the question, doll.”
You huffed and crossed your arms over your chest. “I- um, no. I haven’t contributed anything to you that I should be proud of, Sir.”
“Is there a particular moment or memory of building this relationship that stands out to you?” He continued with the questions, tilting his head to the side. Why was he twisting the questions onto you? When you didn’t come up with an answer he chuckled, sounding sickly sweet like molasses dripping straight from the sugarcane. “Patience finally wearing thin, honey?” You nodded eyes staring at his chest, you couldn’t quite muster up the courage to look him in the eye.
He snapped your notebook closed and slid it towards your side of the grand desk. “You couldn’t answer my questions correctly, Y/n.” You nodded, eyes now downcast, admiring the pattern on the blue carpet. You felt like you were going to cry. This big scary man was mean and just wouldn’t let you conduct your interview and you didn’t know why. “I’m sorry, Sir.”
“I know you are, doll. But, if you can’t answer my questions how can I answer yours? You have nothing to offer me.” This was it, you were losing your chance. “Business wise, that is.” Your head shook, and your hands were clasped together, your left thumb rubbing your right nail back and forth. “I don’t understand, Sir.”
“I’m friends with Maria, Y/n. If you’re able to get this article done and get me on the cover you’re gonna get a promotion, you want that, right doll?” Your eyes went wide, “Yes, Sir.” Now, he stood, coming around to the front where you are and leaning against the desk. “She said to make it difficult, but I don’t care enough to do all that. So, doll, I’ll answer your questions. They’re quite good actually. And I’ll do a little photoshoot for the cover, but you’ll need to pay me back.” You gulped, hands suddenly sweaty, you felt like a little chihuahua, trembling under his gaze.
“How? Um, how do I pay you?” Gosh, even your voice was shaky. “Stand up. Lose the blazer.” Steve commanded, slowly unbuckling his belt. You could faintly tell from the buckle that it was Hermès. You stood and took off your blazer in a rush, folding it poorly and setting it on the arm of the chair. “Atta girl.”
He placed his hands on your shoulders and then ran them down to your hands, giving them a little squeeze before he hooked his index fingers into your belt loops, pulling you closer. So close that the tips of your shoes were touching. He leaned down to kiss your neck and you stiffened, but when he grazed his teeth over the bruised spot he just created you melted into him, your hands grasping at the pristine white button up, letting out a little whimper.
Steve pushed you back a little and took in your form, then he pulled the little security badge off, tossing it to the side. Like a little kid, he pulled at the neckline of your shirt. “Off.” You would’ve giggled at him if he didn’t look so scary right now. His blue eyes were piercing into yours, left hand so tight on your hip you thought he might leave bruises.
By the time your shirt hit the floor, he was pushing at your shoulders, hinting at you to go to your knees. “Sir, I don’t know-“
You started, knees hitting the carpet underneath you. He shushed you and guided your head to look up at him. “It's okay, baby, you don’t have to know how. I’ll do all the work, doll. Now, undo your bra.” As expected you did as he asked immediately, fumbling with the clasp until it fell down your arms. It ended up next to your thigh as you watched him pull his belt through the loops.
Steve walked around you and kneeled down, belt in his hands. “Put your hands behind your back.” You nodded immediately, so submissive, completely at his mercy. “Yes, Sir.” Steve loved how polite you were. He made quick work of restraining you, tying your hands to rest against your jean clad ass. The metal felt harsh against your skin and the soft, expensive leather snaked up your arms.
When he was back in front of you he sighed and shook his head. “I should’ve had you unzip me first.” Hearing Steve say that finally brought you to the reality of what was about to happen. You watched with big eyes as he undid the button and then the zipper, the sound making you tremble. His dress pants puddled on the floor and you were in awe as he massaged his bulge through his boxers. Slowly, he pulled them down to the middle of his thighs. His cock bounced up to hit his abdomen and he hissed as he stroked it a few times. “Open as wide as you can, honey.”
As always, you did as asked. Your tongue stuck out a little, wetting your bottom lip. He grasped the back of your head and leaned you forward a little, then you felt his blunt tip on your tongue. You gagged and spluttered when Steve was about halfway seated, he pulled out and leaned down, kissing you sloppily. “Breathe through your nose, baby. Don’t forget.” Then he was back at slowly entering your throat. “Fuck...” he grunted, finally fully seated in your throat, your nose pressed against his nicely groomed pubic hair. He caressed your throat then, rubbing the bulge in your throat, resisting the urge to press down and have you choke on his cock even more. “So good, Y/n.”
Steve started rocking into your throat, slowly fucking it as spit leaked from the corners of your mouth. After minutes of abusing your throat, he finally pulled out, adoring the way tears ran down your cheeks and how you hiccupped, wanting to desperately rub at your raw throat to soothe it. Your hands pulled at the belt and your eyes begged Steve to undo it. “Up, doll.”
He hoisted you up from your armpits and bent you over the desk. Steve pressed kisses down your back and reached in front of you, unbuckling your belt and throwing it somewhere to the left of you, then he unbuttoned and unzipped your pants, tugging them down with fervor.
Steve undid your restraints and left more kisses down your back until he reached your ass, spreading your cheeks to reveal your tight hole and glistening cunt. “I’d love to see this ass all bruised and red, but I’ll have to save that for another day.” His index and middle finger ran circles on your clit, your back arching to press into him more. “Sir, please!” You gasped, your hand flying out to the edge of the table and nearly knocking over the glass of whiskey he left on a coaster when Steve finally pushed two fingers into your aching hole.
“Gotta open you up first, doll, get you all sloppy and ready for my cock.” You cried out as he hooked his fingers, rubbing the magic spot inside of you. “Please, Steve, please.” He cooed at you, pulling his fingers out, and instead traced his name over your clit. “You gonna come, baby? Huh? You gonna drench my fingers, little girl?” You were moaning in wanton, hips humping his hand desperately. He brought his other hand down and started fingerfucking you again, giving you just enough to push you over the edge.
Your moans were breathy, your legs twitching, and you were panting by the time your orgasm faded. “I hope you know I’m not done with you yet, doll, I still haven’t come inside you.” That made you whine high in your throat and you tried, to no avail, to slam your legs shut around his hand.
Steve’s right hand fisted his cock a few times, making sure he’s rock hard and dripping with pre-cum, while his left kept your lips spread, showing him your gorgeous pussy. The blunt head at your entrance shocked you, and you yelped at the intrusion. “Sir!”
He leaned his head down and spit where you were joined, trying to make the glide even easier. “Shut up, doll.” He snapped after you cried out. Once he was as deep as possible inside of you he reached for his belt, looping it over as if he was going to spank you, and stuffed it into your mouth. “Bite down,” Steve demanded, a hand snaked around to the front of your neck where he was applying light pressure.
When you tried to push back against him he held your hips down against the wood steadily and started snapping his hips at a fast speed. Each thrust pushed you down onto the table, letting your clit rub against the mahogany wood.
Your vision felt spacey like you could black out any moment as he choked you. Your orgasm washed over you and you had to use all the strength you had in you to keep biting down on the belt. You didn’t want to know what would happen if you disobeyed his and let it go. Steve’s hips harshly snapped against your ass a few more times before he stilled inside of you, filling you with his spunk.
Before Steve cleaned you up and let you leave his office he had to finger his cum back inside of you, making sure none of it went to waste. Then, he made sure you had a way home, and a way to contact him, because, “Now you’re no longer Magazine Girl, but My Girl.”
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tearsona · 8 months ago
true beauty | h.c. with fem!reader | part six
Tumblr media
a/n: took me so long to post this part but it’s finally here <3 i’m also putting down the songs i listened to while writing it, i think the lyrics are very fitting as well if you want to read them… also just imagine the karaoke part in here as the same one in the drama lol. anyway, here goes! lmk what u think :-) (the writing gets sloppier towards the end, i was excited to post it that i didn’t get to reread the last parts so if u see me changing it up after this u know why lol.)
how do you do - chani (sf9)
starlight - chani (sf9)
rainbow falling - cha eunwoo
part one |  part five
the first time seojun sees you after that night, you’re coming in the almost full classroom a little later than usual and it’s rowdy like always; seojun had been lost in his thoughts since he got here and none of his classmates’ antics has been worth his attention so far - not even jugyeong entering the room moments ago. that is until the mention of your name snaps him out of his trance, and he’s almost relieved to see you because he’d already thought you weren’t coming to school today (you usually arrive earlier than him or with him), but his body is still tense as he watches you.
he clears his throat and calls out your name when you near him but it comes out faint, almost goes unheard, and all he gets back is a short glance in his direction before you’re continuing to trudge your way to your seat without a word.
he’d already expected you to still be upset with him, but getting completely ignored is a different thing, stings a lot more than if you had just told him to piss off instead, and now he’s distracted during your morning classes.
all he wants is to fast forward to lunch.
but lunch isn’t what seojun had expected either, and he’s not prepared for the way his heart sinks the moment your shoulder brushes past his as you make your way to your table, you yet again pretending he doesn’t exist. he whips his head around, sees that the seat in front of you is empty, and it’s supposed to be his but he gets the feeling that he isn’t invited to be there today. so he finds himself another spot and barely touches his food.
now seojun is lost. so lost, because he’s never had this problem with you before; has no clue what to do, where your friendship currently stands, doesn’t know what it means when you spend a whole day avoiding him because every misunderstanding you’ve had before had been so trivial that even if you were mad at him, you still ate lunch together though in uncomfortable silence; doesn’t know if he should simply give it time or approach you with an apology, and it’s probably the latter but every time he wills himself to do it, the image of you and your tear-stained cheeks, your shattered expression, flickers through his mind, he gets brief flashbacks of scenes from your last conversation he’s already had memorized by now… and he just can’t do it.
he decides to give you space until he feels you’re ready to talk.
but little does he know that the time will never come because you have no plans on making up with him at all, and he doesn’t realize this until an entire week has already passed by and he’s still holding his breath every time you’re there, waiting for you to finally acknowledge him, just to exhale in disappointment when you still swerve him in the corridor, or dart your eyes away every time it happens to meet his, or take the farthest possible seat on the bus ride home…
(and he’s never noticed until now just how many guys actually harbored a crush on you until his absence gave them the opportunity to make conversation with you in the halls or ask you for ‘math help,’ just for them to end up scurrying away under his piercing stare and he doesn’t mean to do it, really. just that he can’t help but be annoyed, more at himself than anybody, remembering your words from that night…)
and when the realization actually hits, seojun panics, overcome by a sense of helplessness… almost feels like his world is falling apart. you were his person, after all, and the prospect of losing you is just something he’s never considered before.
on the other hand, you can’t say you’ve been fine without seojun either, but atleast you think you’re doing better than you’d expected you would be. you have the upcoming exams to worry about, and soon three part-time jobs to take up the rest of your time and - okay, maybe that actually sounds like hell… but atleast that leaves you almost no room to think about the boy, and you’re grateful for that.
so that’s how the following week goes: delivering boxes of chicken around your neighborhood after school hours, studying for your exams during your shift at the comic store in the evening, and then the rest of the night is spent at home reviewing just a bit more and by midnight you’re passed out. on the weekend, it’s the same - add another part-time being an assistant at a modeling studio, which actually turns out to be more exhausting than you thought but, for now, you think you can handle this.
you couldn’t be more thankful for suho for helping you get two out of three of these jobs, but you also can’t help but find it uncomfortable every time he tries to strike up a conversation with you in school sometimes, unable to shake off your mind what you’d learned from seojun that night. but it doesn’t take as much in you to distance yourself from him as it does with the other guy anyway, obviously because you didn’t interact that much to begin with.
Tumblr media
jugyeong and seojun become even closer when seojun decides to retake his former job to work with the girl, and it’s a good way to kill time, he thinks. gives him something else to think about other than you. plus, he likes being around her.
only, he has to deal with having to hear suho’s name from the other over and over - especially when she’s talking about her relationship problems - and frequently has to find ways to cheer her up whenever he senses she’s not in the best mood. 
a lot has been troubling her lately, apparently.
“so… you and suho are dating, but kang soojin likes him too. she doesn’t know you’re dating, and you’re worried that telling her will end your friendship, which is why you don’t know what to choose between love and friendship,” seojun states, “that’s what’s going on.”
“ah, right! exactly,” jugyeong nods, “for instance… i mean. for instance. a friend of a friend is having a hard time over that…”
“i thought girls valued sisterhood? love doesn’t last forever,” seojun rolls his eyes, “tell your friend to break up with the guy and strengthen her friendship with her friend.”
“how can my friend break up with the guy she likes?“ jugyeong says in disbelief.
“i don’t know who this jerk is, but it’s his fault for creating this situation! a man who strings girls along isn’t worth the trouble,” he scolds bitterly, “break up with him. just break up with him.”
“he doesn’t string girls along!” jugyeong exclaims defensively. “i mean - according to the friend of a friend…”
seojun sighs, “whatever then.”
later on, the two get off at jugyeong’s stop and she points out the boy’s untied shoelaces, insists that he fixes it or he’ll trip over, but seojun remains stubborn and cocky and so she takes it upon herself to crouch down for him, and he’s unable to stop the flustered smile that spreads across his face as she goes, “you require a lot of care, don’t you?”
unfortunately for you, this is the scene that you unexpectedly run into after leaving the comic store but, instead of hurrying away at the sight of him like you’ve been doing for the past few days, it’s as if your feet have been glued to the ground and you don’t move even as the familiar ache in your chest throbs the longer you’re there.
he doesn’t seem miserable without you, after all. 
and so all you’re able to do is blink multiple times as you watch seojun purposely untie his shoelaces behind jugyeong’s back, but the girl is already surprised to see you.
“ya, jugyeong! they got loose ag—”
and that’s when he sees you.
seojun’s face visibly falls when his eyes meet yours and he, too, is stunned, and now the three of you have been standing there for what feels like decades. jugyeong feels as though she’s in the middle of something she shouldn’t be in so she mutters an awkward ‘goodnight’ to her friend before waving at you, but before she can go, you’re already turning away and running out of there.
Tumblr media
jugyeong and seojun’s growing friendship actually gets them in trouble, when a gang of bullies who are after seojun mistakes jugyeong as his girlfriend and uses her to threaten him, and then a whole brawl ensues outside of school involving seojun’s group of friends, and, much to everyone’s surprise, even top students suho and soojin. but despite everyone being safe in the end, they all wind up in detention the next day.
but the problem doesn’t end there, because suho is mad at seojun for putting his girlfriend in that situation. moreover, jugyeong’s still been keeping her distance from the man for reasons unknown, so when suho visits her at work and finds the other guy behind the register, it’s the last of his patience. and so he goes, “i thought you were only a substitute.”
“the other part-timer quit.”
suho’s jaw clenches. “you gave the job to my girlfriend, now the other part-timer just happened to quit?”
seojun scoffs, doesn’t even bother denying the ridiculous accusation,  “you’re being obsessive.”
“i’m just saying, don’t cross the line.” 
“then stop making her worry,” seojun sneers, “and come to me for dating advice.”
suho sucks in a deep breath. anyone can easily tell that it’s taking everything in the boy not to lose his tight grip on his temper. “stop being so concerned about my girlfriend, and maybe ask y/n how she’s doing, will you?”
the mention of your name is enough to shut the other up.
“did you even know,” suho continues at the boy’s silence, careful not to say anything else about your personal matters he isn’t in the position to spill other than, “that she was also badly in need of a job?’
seojun freezes at this, feels like a bucket of icy cold water had been dumped over his head as several realizations come to mind, but before he can utter anything back, jugyeong is finally coming out of the backroom. “suho. why are you here?”
“i’ll wait for you,” is all the boy replies before he’s walking out of the cafe.
and so when jugyeong meets him outside, he doesn’t wait any longer to say: “let’s tell the kids we’re going out.”
jugyeong’s eyes widen. “all of a sudden? but i… still feel uneasy about it.”
“you feel uneasy about telling other people we’re dating, but you’re okay with them thinking you’re dating seojun? even if it put you in danger?”
“that’s not what i— you know we’re just friends.”
“how are you even okay hanging out with someone i’m not in good terms with? and how do you think i feel when rumors like this are spreading…” suho says, voice almost pleading, “why do you still keep spending time with him?”
“why?” jugyeong’s eyes sting with hot tears as she spits the next words angrily, “do you tell me every time you meet someone? am i not allowed to work or meet friends? then if i’m not okay with something, would you be able to give it up?” she pauses, “can you stop being friends with someone?”
the conversation doesn’t end well.
Tumblr media
the small revelation from today actually ends up weighing seojun down all night - the unease coiling in his gut thinking about suho’s ‘maybe ask y/n how she’s doing, will you?’ and its possible implications; the overpowering mix of guilt and regret clawing at his chest, because everyday it just keeps making more and more sense why you were so disappointed with him that night, and if only he had realized things sooner then maybe the two of you would still be fine.
he thinks he doesn’t deserve you after all. for being such a blind friend. and maybe that’s why he just can’t bring himself to call you no matter how strong the urge is. no matter how much it kills not knowing what you’re up to. 
and so he unexpectedly finds himself in front of the only place he can think of: a 24/7 karaoke bar. 
one of the things seyeon liked to say when things got overwhelming, was that singing is the best medicine.
on the other hand, jugyeong has been crying into her pillow for hours since she got home. her sobs could be heard from downstairs that it had taken away both her dad and brother’s attention from their activities, but their attempts from outside the door at cheering the girl up or atleast getting her to eat dinner had all been futile, so they’ve just settled with leaving her alone.
jugyeong likes suho a lot. in fact, she likes him too much. but the frustrations and restrictions in their relationship, the insecurities and misunderstandings that came with it, simply got too much for her to handle that breaking up seemed the only option. 
she just wasn’t prepared for the heartbreak. and now all she wants to do is to stay locked in her room forever.
it’s the opposite for you. tonight you’re extra suffocated by the four walls of your room - it’s as if they’re closing in on you; sick of the screaming and yelling in your home that don’t seem to die down these days; frustrated by the words in paper that only end up disappearing from your head as quickly as they come… tired of being there.
you’ve unexpectedly been doing well, your jobs and pending exams proved to be a great distraction from the loneliness you feel deep down - up until this point. because now, you’ve already gotten used to the busyness of your current life that it’s no longer enough to block the nagging thoughts at the back of your mind or delay the realization that’s been boiling at the pit of your stomach. 
the realization that you’d just ended your friendship with han seojun for good. 
all because you’d out of nowhere decided that your feelings were worth putting the bond down the drain.
so you leave your house to breathe, but the air outside is thin and does nothing to alleviate your sadness at all. and now your eyes are starting to blur with tears - tears you’ve been delaying since you’d decided to fake being okay - and soon you’re in a fit of uncontrollable sobs. 
by the time you reach a bench, your eyes are already puffy and bloodshot.
a week ago, you still could’ve easily taken it back - whatever went down that night. could’ve played it off like it had just been a bad fight or maybe  an emotional outburst from you, could’ve said sorry, rough week, or perhaps, it had been your time of the month. i mean, you’d never really told him it was over, right? just ‘goodnight, take care.’ no goodbye or talk to you never.
but now it’s too late for that anymore and, tonight, you’re missing him more than you can handle.
you haven’t cried like this since forever. and so once you’ve started you can’t stop, because now it’s not just about one person anymore, but it’s also over the several months, years, that have been bottled up inside you - the weight of all the responsibilities your family has put on you, the friendship that had to be taken away from you, and the last of it you’d willingly thrown away. 
thankfully, you think, it’s too deep in the night for anyone to still be outside to see you at such an embarrassing state.
but later you’re proven wrong when all of a sudden you feel another person’s presence near you, and when you remove your hands off your face you see that they’re closer than you thought - just standing right in front of you. upon looking up, your sobs somehow die down in your throat at the surprise of finding out who it is.
lee suho.
there’s concern marring the boy’s face as he takes a look at yours and sighs, but the dim glow of the streetlight is enough for you to notice the trails of half-dried tears that stain his cheeks as well. 
unable to form words, your eyes follow as he crouches down to your level and starts to gently pat your face dry with a handkerchief he’d taken from his pocket, but soon stops when he interprets the stunned look on your face as discomfort, afraid he’s gone over the line.
so now he’s staring at you, hand that was previously on your face still hanging in the air, and, before you know it, you’re wrapping your arms around the man and finding yourself being overwhelmed but comforted by the familiar embrace you’ve been longing for this whole time.
Tumblr media
“why don’t you just tell him the truth? that you like him,” suho says, causing you to choke on your drink and loosen your grip on the guitar, but thankfully suho is there to support the catch.
earlier, he offered that you spend the night at his house after you’d shared everything to each other, because he assumed that you didn’t want to be home. so currently, you’re in his music room, and you’ve gone from revisiting old memories that had all occurred in this place to now talking about your current dilemma.
“what?” he asks as you stare at him with wide eyes. you’ve never told him about your feelings for seojun. “you’re not as hard to read as you think, you know.”
“ah, is that so…” your shoulders slump in disappointment, though you know that you’ve always been good at concealing your feelings from people. just that, you and suho had always shared such an innate understanding of each other, a genuine warm connection, one that didn’t need a lot of words to work and, apparently, after all, that hasn’t even changed a bit. “but how could you even suggest that? you make it sound so easy.”
“it’s not,” he says, before he quickly mumbles wait, you’re doing it wrong as he leans his body towards your other side to reach for and adjust the tuning keys himself, fingers momentarily brushing against yours… and you find yourself comfortably admiring his side profile until he turns his head towards you and suddenly the proximity of your faces is making you nervous. “but what have you got to lose now?”
it’s as if you’re both physically unable to look away from each other that neither of you move from your positions, and you feel something tug at your chest which causes you to clear your throat just to dispel the moment just as suho swallows and withdraws his body away from yours. 
“it’s done,” he says and you mutter a quick thanks as he stands up from the couch, “do you still remember how to play?”
you hum, “which song?”
you smile as you nod eagerly, and suho takes a seat in front of the piano.
part seven
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lauriestrowde · 6 months ago
Together [B.B]
Genre/Warnings: Fluff, angst, agent!reader, follows CATWS but changes the plot onwards, action, kissing.
Description: The reader helps Bucky find himself again after TWS and the two go on the run together.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky had no idea how long he’d be travelling for. All he knew was he needed to get away, and he needed to do it fast.
There were too many things happening all at once, and he had convinced himself it was the best for him and everyone else to be as far away from everything.
Changing into civilian clothing, hoping to blend in as much as someone who’d just been through hell and back could.
He decided to stop at an all-night diner to think about what his next step should be. He was almost certain that he was in the clear, all he needed to do was get out of the country, but then you appeared.
The bell ringing at the front door made James look up from his menu. When the waitress informed you to take a seat anywhere, you replied, saying you were meeting a friend, nodding over at him.
He almost didn’t recognise you. You were one of the agents who had helped Steve during the conflict. At the time, he was in no state of mind to focus on you. But now, he looked over your form, noticing that just like him, you’d settled for some casual clothing.
To any onlookers, you would look like any old friend, or couple, meeting up. This couldn’t be further from the reality.
As you slid into the booth, you tried your best to show you meant no harm. A soft smile lingered on your lips.
Bucky wondered whether he should just run for it, but he knew that would draw attention to him- the last thing he wanted. There was also something that told him that this moment might be worthwhile to him.
Deciding there was no point, or time, for small talk, you got straight into business. You’d read his file, his past life and current. You’d seen him in action a few days prior. Yet, from the way Steve spoke about his friend, you knew there was something worth saving in him.
Not knowing the future of SHIELD at that point, there was one thing you knew you could help out with.
You explained to him all that you knew and how you wanted to help him not be the killer that the world currently knew him as.
“Aren’t you risking a lot for someone you barely know?” Bucky asked after you proposed your plan.
“Look, Barnes, I know a bad guy when I see them. Just as much as I know a good one from the bunch, and you happen to be one of them. You may think that all you’ll ever be is what you have done, but that’s not true. You just need time to find yourself again.”
The idea you painted was one he’d wanted so badly. As he began to remember pieces of his past, he knew that he no longer wanted to be the winter soldier everyone knew him as.
Yet, placing so much hope in something he wasn’t sure was even possible - finding Bucky amongst the winter soldier - sounded far too optimistic.
But, with few options and a few resources, there was something about you that made him trust you.
“Where can we go?” Bucky asked.
“I know places. Places we’d be safe, we might have to move around a bit at first, but a good agent knows how to throw people off their tracks,” you explained, as you glanced at Bucky, who appeared to be deep in thought. “Do you trust me?”
“I do.”
Tumblr media
“Steve, what are you doing here?” you asked. At first, you thought Bucky had returned from the market a little earlier than usual. What you hadn’t expected was for Steve to show up at your front door after a few years of not seeing one another.
“I should be asking you the same thing,” he gave you a glare, which you recognised as one he reserved for when he was genuinely concerned about something.
“It doesn’t matter, and I asked you first,” you said, despite knowing there was only one reason Steve Rogers would go to ends of the world to find someone.
“I know Bucky’s with you. I heard rumours he was hiding with a partner, but I didn’t think it was you. Jesus, what were you thinking? Do you know how dangerous it is?”
“Wouldn’t you do the exact same thing?” you asked, raising your eyebrows.
Before either of you could finish your debate, Bucky had stealthily walked into your apartment. The two of you only noticing when he cleared his throat.
From the look on his face, it was clear that he wasn’t expecting the guest either. An expression of his pain and happiness at seeing his old best friend plastered all over his face before he returned to his usual stoicism.
In the awkward silence, the radio was heard clearly by the three of you. “Heads up cap, Special Forces, approaching from the south,” Sam said.
You felt a jolt of panic rush through you. You had been so careful, taking barely any risks, even changing your appearance a little to avoid being recognised.
There was so much everyone wanted to say, but there was little time. If either of you wanted to make it if this alive, you had to decide now. To stay or to run.
“Come with me. I promise to keep both of you safe,” Steve pleaded.
A canister flew into the room, and you instinctively kicked it away from you and Bucky. Steve caught it under his shield, effectively containing the smoke.
The decision had been made. There was no way you could stay now. As Bucky worked to block off the officers, you pushed past Steve flipping up the floorboard, revealing your just-in-case getaway bag. Knowing it would be significantly harder for you to hurl yourself out the window without hurting yourself, you grabbed the grapple from the pack and attached it to the window.
As the duo began to fight off the rest of the agents, you started your descent, hoping that Bucky would be alright.
You’d planned for something like this. Across from your flat was another block of apartments with balconies. The building had been empty for some time now, making it a perfect spot for you to meet.
Once you were far enough down to be safe from the action, you stepped on the ledge of a window a few floors down.
Detaching the grapple from your window, you threw across the way, it automatically attaching to the roof on the balcony.
All you had to do was swing into one of the unfinished flats. It was simple enough, but the thought was terrifying.
Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes and hoped that you’d left enough space for you to enter through one of the doorless flats.
As soon as you felt your feet touch the ground, your body toppled forward from the momentum.
Shuffling to your feet, you looked up and saw Bucky running down the staircase until he reached the floor above you. Giving you a smirk, you knew what he was about to. Unlike you, Bucky didn’t need the assistance to get across, jumping his away across the building landing into the room much swifter than you had.
Capturing his lips in a heat of moment kiss, you grabbed his hand, ready to continue running. “I was worried about you for a second,” you laughed.
“I should be the one worrying about you,” he smirked. The two of you got onto the getaway motorcycle, with you wrapping your arms tightly around Bucky’s waist, hoping trouble wouldn’t follow.
Tumblr media
Once you had reached your safe house, you finally had a moment to spare.
“What about Steve?” you asked cautiously, knowing it was always a difficult topic. What Steve didn’t know was that over the last few years, you’d been helping him recover his memory and remove the effects of his capture.
Some of the task was easier than others, but you had made a lot of progress from the Bucky you had met back in the diner.
“I’m sure he’ll follow soon enough,” Bucky said, laughing without any humour.
“Is it such a bad thing? He could help us.”
“Help? You saw how many men they sent just for me. I haven’t got a death wish, Y/N.”
“I know, I know. I just don’t think we can keep running forever.”
“You don’t have to stay with me.”
Standing up from your chair, you made your way over to Bucky, sitting on the bed. Grasping his hands in your own and placing them in your lap, you spoke softly. “How many times do I have to tell you that we’re in this together? You don’t have to push me away. I’m not going anywhere.”
You took one of your hands from your lap to brush a stray strand of hair that fallen in front of his eyes, gently massaging his forehead in a way that always relaxed him. Bucky felt himself melt into your touch, a blissful sigh escaping his lips.
“I don’t deserve you,” he said.
“That’s definitely not true. You’ve been there for me just as much as I have you.”
“You’ve put your life on hold just for me. I could never repay you for that.”
“Bucky, I love you, and you know that. If I could go back, I’d do it all over again.”
Before he could doubt himself again, you kissed him softly in a way that confirmed to him everything you had said.
Neither of you were certain about the future. But all you knew is that as long as you were together, it would be alright.
Tumblr media
Endnote: *in this fic, I’ve changed the plot of civil war. I’ve left out a lot because of time. In this, just imagine that all the middle but happens without Bucky. With Bucky’s innocence about Vienna eventually being proven at the end and them joining the rest of the team cap on the run.
I hope you enjoyed. I appreciate any comments 💜
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sparklysung · 8 months ago
© sparklysung – 2021. all rights reserved. no reposts, modifications and/or translations allowed.
Tumblr media
pairing – na jaemin x female!reader
genre – fluff, smut, angst | non-idol!au, school!au
warnings – good boy!soft dom!jaemin, bad girl!reader, heartbreak, penetration, unprotected sex (wrap your willies), creampie, dirty talk, pet names
word count – 4.731 words
summary – after leaving jaemin alone in the school’s library, there wasn’t only one heart broken.
note – it’s finally here! i hope it isn’t too bad, though, i don’t think i’m too good at writing stuff like this lmao. either way, enjoy! also, the gif isn’t mine, i found it on google, so credit to its owner! 
taglist – @junguwuuu , @prvncejxon, @iwishihadabettername, @carelessshootanonymous 
part i ; part ii
the next few days after you left jaemin all alone in the school’s library, you couldn’t help but feel bad for him.
you weren’t supposed to feel guilty, after all, that’s what you usually did; hookup with guys you found attractive and then never reach out for them again, pretending to not know them. and you have never had a problem with it before, you never got attached and they were aware of your reputation, so they knew what they were getting into.
but for some reason, jaemin was… different.
you weren’t really sure why, but something about him just made you feel things, things you have never felt with anyone else. you have never felt so good with any of the guys you had hooked up with. and by that, you didn’t only mean how good his touch felt on you, but also the sweet way he reacted to your loving pet names and caresses. 
your heartless attitude only earned you what you had never thought you, a self-proclaimed cold-hearted bad girl would ever experience. 
now, jaemin tried everything to avoid you. he got out of his way so you wouldn’t bump into each other, leaving class as fast as humanly possible just so you wouldn’t be able to approach him.  though he doubted you would ever get near him again, so he was actually doing you a favour, right?
after all, why else would you have left the way you did after your little rendezvous?
every time you happened to be in a room he had just stepped into, he turned around and left without giving you a second glance, face expressionless. but even when he tried to act tough in front of everyone else, you could see the pain in his eyes and it was slowly killing you. 
truth is, you felt like a complete jerk.
scratch that, you knew you were.
but how could you comprehend the effect your actions had on jaemin if you didn’t even care?
as he had realized when you decided to walk away from him that awful day in the library, he meant nothing to you. and even though it hurt him to no end, that’s how life is.
his friends knew something had happened to him. they could see how the usual spark in jaemin’s eyes was completely gone after you two got together to work on your genetics project. he usually kept to himself, which wasn’t really out of the ordinary coming from him, but lately he barely talked, only answering with monosyllables. he stopped taking part in their conversations, not even intervening when renjun and donghyuck’s bickering got out of hand.
“hey, nana, are you coming to chenle’s place later today? we’ll probably stay over and play games in his huge ass tv.” jeno’s cheerful voice made jaemin look up from his untouched lunch. he just nodded slightly before looking back down to his food.
he didn’t feel like talking or hanging out with anyone, but noticing the worried expression that had replaced jeno’s usual bright smile, he tried to put on his best smile. “sure,” he tried to reassure him. jeno didn’t seem so convinced, though he didn’t say anything about it.
his friends also noticed how he seemed to disappear whenever you were nearby, which confirmed their suspicions of something happening between you two. he usually took his time to get ready for his next class and was fairly organized, but from that day on, he didn’t even try, throwing all his belongings inside his back before rushing out of the door. 
they were determined to find out what had happened with you to make jaemin stop being his usual self. the only problem was, how were they going to get it out of him?
“hyuck, go open the door, it must be jaemin.” jaemin could hear renjun’s voice yell from somewhere inside the house.
“ugh, you’re so annoying,” donghyuck rolled his eyes as he opened the door before going back upstairs to what he assumed was chenle’s room.
“dang, not even a hello,” shaking his head in disapproval, jaemin made his way inside, closing the door after himself.
noise –or more like screams– could be heard coming from upstairs as his friends were most likely already playing some game. he walked towards the kitchen where he found renjun and jeno preparing sandwiches and other snacks for all of them. when they saw jaemin walking in, they stopped what they were doing to look at him.
“hey, you came,” renjun smiled, happy to see his friend coming out of his newfound shell. just like the other guys, he was concerned about his sudden change of demeanor. he honestly missed his presence and dumb comments. not that he would ever tell him, though.
“can you help us with the drinks please?” jeno asked, hands full of snacks. 
jaemin just nodded his head before taking six cups to fill with any drink he could find in chenle’s fridge. after they had emptied half of the cabinets, the three boys made their way to his friend’s bedroom in silence.
none of them knew what to say, or more like how to say it. renjun and jeno were dying to ask jaemin what was going on, why did he decide to stop hanging out as much with them, if they were right about you being involved in whatever happened. and jaemin could tell. he wasn’t blind to not notice the weird looks they constantly threw at each other, the way they quieted down every time he approached them. but he didn’t want to admit the mistake he had made. he couldn’t look them in the face after spoiling all their efforts to prevent this very situation from happening.
what would they think of him?
he was supposed to be the cautious one of them all, the one who wouldn’t get fooled so easily, the responsible one. but even if he knew for a fact you didn’t have good intentions, he still let himself fall and ended up hurt. how could he take care of his friends if he couldn’t even take care of himself. 
“what took you so long?” jisung asked once they made it to their destination, snatching a few bags of chips from renjun’s arms.
“next time you’ll go get food, then,” the older boy clicked his tongue in annoyance, going to sit next to chenle on the bed.
nobody was surprised when jaemin sat by himself in a corner of the room, quietly staring at the floor. he didn’t even try to take part in their conversations, just nodding from time to time to assure them he was still listening. no one knew how to approach the situation, so chenle, tired of the weird ambiance the group of boys had been engulfed in for some time now, decided to take the initiative.
“what’s going on, jaemin? why can’t you tell us?” jaemin felt cold, mouth ajar in shock. he wasn’t expecting the topic to be brought up so soon and neither chenle to be the first one to confront him about it. “don’t even try to deny something’s up, we’re not dumb.”  
“we want to help you, but we can’t do anything if you don’t trust us enough to tell us.”
and in that moment, jaemin finally broke.
“i fucked up,” his voice cracked, tears welling in his eyes, making his vision blurry.
“what? what do you mean?” donghyuck intervened. he wasn’t one to usually show concern but seeing his friend so distressed made his heart hurt.
“i hooked up with y/n that day we were supposed to work on our project.” 
“we t-.”
“i know, alright! i know it was a mistake and i shouldn’t have let it happen, but now i don’t know what to do,” jaemin thought that venting to someone else about what happened would maybe make him feel better, but it didn’t, if something it actually made him feel worse. he was sure his friends though he was the biggest idiot in the whole world.
“shh, it’s okay, come here,” jeno opened his arms for jaemin, so the broken boy hugged him tightly, hiding the pained expression on his face in the elder’s shoulder.
“i don’t get it, how did this all happen?” a confused jisung asked, not understanding how the hell a simple project in pairs ended up in a hookup.
“i told her to meet me at the library so we wouldn’t be alone. i thought nothing could happen because there would be a lot of people around us, but things didn’t work out the way i thought they would,” and as jaemin told them the whole story, they couldn’t help but pity their friend.
“i thought maybe this time it would be different, you know? she talked to me as if she cared about me,” the dry chuckle he let out made the boys feel uneasy, “and i believed it.”
none of them doubted jaemin had at least a crush on you. yeah, sure, what you did was certainly not nice, but you weren’t together in any way. And that’s how hookups work, right? you fuck and then you leave. no feelings attached.
“so you like her?” renjun asked, although it sounded more like a statement. 
“i think i do.”
as much anxiety the thought of having to face you again sparked in jaemin, you both still needed to finish the project and you only had two days left. even if he didn’t feel ready to talk to you yet –though he doubted he would ever be–, he had to man up for the sake of his grades.
seeing as his strategy of working on it in a crowded place didn’t work, there wasn’t another option but to section the project and get it done each on its own.
so that’s what he intended when he waited for you in your locker, practicing his next move over and over again. the only thought in his head was getting out of the situation as soon as he could to avoid any kind of unnecessary interaction.
he was scared of his heart controlling his body and his actions rather than his head, as it would inevitably end in him falling for you once again and only more pain. it would be the perfect formula for yet another heartbreak.
and you were completely shocked when you saw him standing next to your locker, apparently waiting for you. 
“you can finish the first half, i’ll do what’s left,” his eyes stayed trained on the floor as he spoke. he didn’t want to give you the satisfaction of seeing him so affected, so as soon as the words left his mouth, he was on his way, trying to flee the scene before you could react. 
“jaemin, wait!” he stopped dead in his tracks, not bothering to turn around and look at you. “look, i-i’m really sor-.”
but he didn’t stay to hear the end of it.
he walked away just like you had done not even a week ago.
feeling a lump in your throat that made it harder for you to breathe, your heart shattered into tiny pieces you didn’t care to pick up as you stood frozen in place.
but yours wasn’t the only heart broken.
jaemin walked home with a heavy heart, eyes stinging from tears that threatened to run down his cheeks. his friends had warned him and yet there he was, sulking over you.
he felt like a fool. how could he have fallen into your trap? he knew the type of girl you were; a heartbreaker, a player, the bad girl. but either way, his heart betrayed him, pumping furiously whenever you smiled at him, whenever you got close enough for him to inhale your sweet perfume and feel your minty breath fan over his face.
anger boiled in his veins, why did you have to play with him like that? what did he ever do wrong to deserve it? he had never bothered you, always staying in his lane and out of your way. he didn’t like confrontations so he stayed away from them, and being near you always included some kind of trouble.
but what hurt him the most was that he actually believed your sweet words, soft touches and loving kisses meant something. that he was stupid enough to think they meant the same to you as to him.
as you watched his figure disappear in the distance, you realized you had fucked up big time and you weren’t sure there was any way you could fix it.
the very next day you found yourself walking as fast as your legs allowed you around the campus to find jaemin. you probably looked like you had gone crazy to everyone you walked past, hair messy and tired face. you pulled an all-nighter the night before, determined to finish your part of the project. you really weren’t that interested in your grade. actually, your only motivation was finding an excuse to talk to him.
half an hour later, you still hadn’t been able to find jaemin. you were utterly and completely frustrated, it felt like you had just wasted your time. but just as you were about to give up on your search, you found him.
he was walking down the hallway towards the opposite direction and away from you. you could only see the back of his head, but you could tell he wasn’t looking ahead but at the floor, like he had been doing ever since that day. your feet started moving on their own, directing you to him. 
“jaemin, please, listen to me,” your fingers wrapped themselves around his wrist in an attempt to make him stay. he didn’t want to turn around, he didn’t want to see you or be anywhere near you.
the memory of you leaving the library after using him for your own pleasure hunted him. it may sound dramatic, but jaemin was tired of the pain you brought him. he hated the way your voice still made him feel all giddy and warm inside, he wanted to forget you for good and go on with his life as it was before.
“why should i?”
“because i want to apologize, just hear me out for a second,” you pleaded, not being able to find one good reason for him to stay.
“why would you even be sorry, anyway? you’ve never cared about others, why now and why me?” a bitter, full of hurt chuckle left his lips, eyes rolling in irony. his words felt like a punch to the stomach, the cold tone of his voice making your heart crack.
he was right, you had never cared about anyone else but yourself.
the cold-hearted behaviour jaemin witnessed in that library was what got you your infamous reputation at school; you did whatever you needed to do without looking back to see how it affected others.
that’s why it hurt so much now that you also cared about him.
“because you’re different,” you whispered, eyes closed in distress and white knuckles from how hard you were clenching your fists.
“w-what do you mean? stop playing around, i’m tired of getting hurt.”
“jaemin,” your expression softened, voice coming out in a sigh and helping him relax a little. “i’m not playing with you,” you took a deep breath before proceeding to spill your guts.
“i know i made a huge mistake acting the way i did, and when i say i’m sorry i really, truly mean it. i’m aware that the wound has already been done, but it makes my heart feel heavy to see you avoiding me. it’s selfish, i know, but i don’t want you to be away from me. i-i’m not sure what these feelings are or where they came from, the only thing i know is that i don’t want them to go away.”
what in the world was happening?
“i think i like you, na jaemin.”
“you like… m-me?” confusion was written all over his face, he couldn’t tell if you were being honest or not.
“yes, i like you, and if you’d give me a second opportunity i promise i’d make it worth it.”
and as much pain you had been causing him for the last few days, he couldn’t contain the butterflies that erupted in the pit of his stomach when he saw the sincerity your eyes held. 
his body moved without him realizing, walking towards you until he could smell your sweet scent. you didn’t back down, staying still with eyes locked in his even when you were sure he could hear the crazy beating of your heart. you hoped he believed you, but even if he didn’t, you were determined to prove it to him, regardless of the price. 
a surprised gasp fell from your lips when he leaned in with eyes closed, lips locking in a mind-blowing kiss. he tasted the same as last time, but the moment felt different. this kiss was less rushed, filled with strong feelings that you hoped were reciprocated.
had he accepted your apology and was willing to take you back after all you had done?
“does this mea-,” you broke away from the kiss to ask, but he cut you off quickly before going back to attack your mouth.
“i like you too,” your heart felt like it was about to explode, something you had never felt before.  
your arms snaked around his neck as his hands positioned themselves on the small of your back, both trying to bring the other closer. your fingers went to his soft, fluffy hair to tug on it and jaemin groaned into your mouth. 
for a moment, both of you forgot you were still in school’s grounds and anyone walking to their locker or next class could find you, but at that moment, nothing mattered.
his body felt like it was on fire, the burn almost addictive as he unconsciously pressed his hips into yours, letting you feel his growing boner. he was so into the kiss he didn’t notice at first how his body was reacting to your closeness, your scent filling his senses and plump lips moving against his. but when you responded with a roll of your hips, he gasped in surprise.
“come on, baby,” his heart pumped harder as you intertwined your fingers with his and dragged him to the teacher’s bathroom. after making sure no one was nearby, you got in and locked yourselves inside. you didn’t waste any time smashing your lips together, the kiss eventually turning rougher and full of lust.
when jaemin’s back touched the wall, he broke away from the kiss to regain his breath. 
he wasn’t a resentful person, but he was determined to give you a taste of your own medicine. you were going to regret what you had done.
oh, sweet revenge.
the tables turned as he pushed you against the wall, pressing his body flush into yours. a surprised moan left your lips, hands going to his chest in a failed attempt of pushing him away and re-establishing your dominance.
“no, it’s my turn,” the new found confidence that was taking over his body made jaemin feel great. you were wordless because of the sudden change of attitude so he took the opportunity to pin both of your wrists above your head with only one of his hands and with the other, he grabbed your thigh and lifted it, holding it to his hip. with a roll of his hips, his hard cock grinded against your clothed core in such a way your legs almost buckled.
“look at you now, where did the mean girl attitude go?” 
you could only moan, already feeling your damp panties stick to your folds uncomfortably, and he smirked at your lack of response. you wanted nothing more than for him to fuck you and now knew how desperate jaemin must have felt that day at the library with all your teasing.
“what do you want? tell me baby,” when you tried to free yourself from his grip, he tsked, only tightening it more. “i’m not letting you go, so stop being a brat. i asked you a question, tell me what you want.”
jaemin was enjoying every single second of having you so under his control. you had pegged him as someone who liked being dominated, but apparently you were wrong. by the looks of it, he was having the time of his life, not even caring about how long it's been since everything started, engraving in his brain every sound you made and the way your face contorted in pleasure when he pressed himself against you. he didn’t care about his reputation anymore either, after ruining you just the way you had done with him he would have had enough to make it worth it.
“i want to see you,” your hands twitched in his grip, fingers wanting nothing more than to tug on his shirt and undress him. last time you didn’t get to see him due to being in a public space, but now, locked inside the teacher’s bathroom, you could finally see him in his full glory. jaemin would normally feel shy about showing his body to someone else, especially a girl, but he couldn’t let his whole confident facade fall down, so he set you free, “unbutton it then, babygirl.”
you worked on unbuttoning his shirt as fast as you could and pussy clenched around nothing when you saw his toned abdomen and chest. he was stunning. your hands trailed down his body, caressing the soft skin, drinking in all the little details. in return, jaemin lifted yours above your chest to have easy access to your breasts. the hand that was previously holding you still now came to knead your soft boobs, groaning at the way your hips bucked against his cock.
“fuck me,” you managed to let out in a whimper.
“uhm, is that what you want?” you shook your head ‘yes’ as soon as the question came out of his mouth, eager to feel him inside once again. “then beg for it.” 
you weren’t used to being the one to beg and as much as you hated following orders, you were willing to swallow your dignity if it meant he was going to touch you just how you needed. 
“please, jaemin,” he shook his head, not satisfied by your response, “i’m so wet and it’s all just for you, i need you to fuck me, please” you felt your face heat up in embarrassment but you opted to ignore it. he hummed, letting go of your leg for a moment to slide your panties off your body and pull down his pants before gripping your thigh once again.
“your wish is my command,” you giggled at his cute antics, but the laughter soon got stuck in your throat when he slid his cock inside you. your eyes closed, head falling to the crook of his neck and hands gripping his biceps to hold yourself up, as jaemin groaned. you felt as tight as he could remember, but he still couldn’t get used to it. his legs trembled slightly as your walls squeezed around him, “f-fuck, still so tight.”
“move, please,” the stretch felt nice, but you needed more. and so he did as he was told, starting to slowly buck his hips into you before eventually building up a steady pace.
you felt so full with him snuggled deep inside of you, reaching places you didn’t know he could with the new position. his hips angled so he could hit your g-spot with every thrust, loud moans leaving your lips. 
“if you keep being loud we’ll get caught baby,” his teeth nibbled on the skin of your neck, mouth sucking softly as to not leave marks, “or maybe that’s what you want? for someone to catch us fucking in school property?” your moans got louder so jaemin put his hand over your lips to shush you.
“uhm, that’d make so much more sense as to why you suddenly decided to risk my reputation and fuck me in the library where anybody could have seen us just with a turn of their heads.” his words came out so bluntly your eyes widened, body convulsing against his and high getting closer.
“f-faster, please, fuck me faster,” he obliged, lifting your skirt so it hung just above your waist to uncover your lower half. his hips snapped rougher than before as his thumb played with your sensitive clit, pressing harshly and circling furiously on it.
“oh my god, jaemin!” your eyes rolled to the back of your head, mouth falling open as muffled moans fell from your lips. jaemin’s pace got sloppy as your walls clamped down on him. he was finding it hard to move, both from the strong grip of your pussy and his nearing orgasm.
“that’s it, baby, come for me,” and with a particular flick of his fingers you were cumming hard, juices running down the inside of your thighs. jaemin fucked you through your orgasm and followed soon after, thick cum filling you up nicely. heavy pants could be heard all over the room, fogging the bathroom’s mirror. 
after your breathing had evened, he pulled out and dropped your leg to let you stand up comfortably. neither of you made an effort to move away from the other, eyes staying locked in the other’s, sharing a last kiss before fixing your clothes as best as you could in the shortest period of time you could manage. you were most likely already running late for class so you didn’t have time to lose.
noticing the only piece of clothing you were missing were your panties, you started searching everywhere for it. you couldn’t get caught or else you would be in big trouble. two teenagers spending a considerable amount of time locked together in the teacher’s bathroom without the supervision of any adult wouldn’t look good to anyone.
at some point you began panicking, you couldn’t just leave your underwear in there, somebody was going to find it and you both would be fucked. for real this time.
“jaemin, have you seen my pant-.”
“your what?” you hadn’t noticed the big ass smirk jaemin was carrying as he looked at you, enjoying your misery. “my panties,” but that wasn’t the only thing you noticed, you could see the pink cloth hanging from his finger. 
“give them back,” you pouted cutely, making jaemin smile teasingly. “nope, now they’re mine,” he shoved the piece of clothing inside his pocket and left you to deal with his cum dripping down your legs by yourself.
“but it’s leaking, i can’t go out like this.”
you probably sounded like a whiny child throwing a tantrum, but you really needed your underwear back or else you wouldn’t be able to keep it all in. 
“you can and you will, sweetie,” jaemin smirked, taking your hand in his before opening the bathroom door to leave. you didn’t want to leave like that, so you leaned your whole weight back so he wouldn’t be able to pull you with him, but he managed. with a hard tug on your hand, he forced you out of the room and into his back.
just as you were mumbling about how strong he was, a voice made you both freeze in your spots.
“did you guys just leave the teacher’s bathroom? what the heck?” donghyuck gasped, mouth agape in shock. he couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing; na jaemin and y/l y/n, school’s good boy and bad girl, walking out of the teacher’s bathroom hand in hand. jaemin’s eyes opened wide in panic. someone –or more like the worst person who could have found you– caught you in a very compromising situation. the erratic beating of his heart made his body feel numb, cheeks flushing a deep tone of red.
he noticed jaemin’s messy hair, blushing cheeks and not properly buttoned shirt as well as your untucked one and skirt way too high up your legs that revealed a fair portion of your thighs.
and then it clicked.
donghyuck’s own eyes shot open as he connected the dots.
“oh my fucking god, you fucked in there.”
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thelukealvez · 6 months ago
Luke Alvez x Reader: Welcome To The Team
Description: When your one night stand becomes your coworker.
Tagged: @ssaic-jareau , @alvezstan , @lcvischmitt , @ogmilkis , @ssa-morgan, @akimagies, @zhangyixingxing1 , @pinkdiamond1016​ , @yourwonderbelle , @rachelxwayne , @sc4rletw1tch , @ellvswriting​
Word count: 7.7k
Warnings: Angst
A/N: I'm baaaaack. Sorry it's been like 10 years, i'll try to do better.
Tumblr media
The pounding in your head is debilitating. You haven't even gotten around to opening your eyes yet, and you know your headache will only get worse once you do, but you need to get ready for work. The first time in months you had decided to go out, and you get plastered.
In general, you don’t drink. Sure, there’s the occasional glass of wine here or there, but even that doesn’t happen very often. You also don't go out.
But last night was Rossi’s retirement party, so you kind of had to go. You were only planning on staying for a bit, maybe having one drink and then calling it an early night. But one drink quickly turned into two, which turned into tequila shots with Emily and Pen, which turned into flirting with the cute guy who was eyeing you up the entire evening.
Another thing that you do not do is date. It’s the kind of distraction that you don’t need. But there was just something about the guy at the bar last night that lured you in.
The pounding in your head is quickly replaced when you get a glimpse at the bare back of the guy from the bar that you apparently took home. He was fast asleep next to you. God, you don’t even remember his name, probably didn’t even bother to learn it.
You reach out to shake his shoulder gently and he stirs, turning over to face you. “Good morning,” he grumbles, a smile spreading on his face. Your stomach flutters. That smile alone could end wars you thought. In fact, that’s probably the very same thought that drew you to the man to begin with.
Saying ‘good morning’ back would have been the polite thing to say. Instead, with wide, panicked eyes, you say “You have to go.”
The man uses one arm to push himself up in bed, identifying a defined tricep muscle. “Shit,” he grunts, rubbing his eyes, he flings himself out of the bed, a little quicker now and begins picking up his discarded clothes from your bedroom floor. “What time is it?”
You hesitate for a moment, your gaze stuck on his muscular figure before shaking yourself out of the trance. What the hell were you doing? You hit the home screen of your phone, which is lying on your night stand. “It’s quarter past five.”
“Shit,” he says under his breath, shoving his leg into his jeans. “It’s my first day at my new job and I can't be late.”
“You went out drinking the night before your new job?” you questioned, stifling a laugh as the guy trips while putting his other leg into his jeans.
“Yeah- I mean, I was nervous about it and just wanted to not think about it all night,” he turns to face you and his face gets soft. “You were just a pleasant addition to that plan.”
You try to ignore the same fluttering in your stomach that those words ignite. The guy tightens his belt before sighing. “I had fun last night. Hopefully, I’ll see you around.”
“Yeah,” you nod, but in your head you think, ‘like that will ever happen’.
After a quick shower, you’re walking into work with a large cup of coffee in hand. Once you make it to the third floor, you turn into the BAU’s office, weaving your way through the cubicles to the opposite side of the room. The humming of voices and typing on keyboards rattles in your hungover brain.
You stop at the desk directly across from yours. You give the now empty desk one last longing look, already missing Rossi’s presence, before tossing your bag onto your own desk.
Just as you’re about to log onto your desktop, there’s a voice behind you calling your last name.
You wince, the volume sounding twice as loud in your brain as it probably was, before glancing up.
Emily and Morgan were approaching you with smiles on their faces.
“Hi,” you greet warmly. You were trying your best not to appear as hungover as you were.
“How’s that head of yours?” Derek asks, his grin was so wide it made his eyes crinkle.
Before you could reply, Emily piped in. “More importantly, how’s that bed of yours?”
Your eyes widen in response, but you do your best to maintain your composure. “Ha, ha. You guys are hilarious.”
Just when Derek opens his mouth to no doubtedly harass you some more, Hotch walks up to the three of you with his signature, stern figure. There’s someone right on his tail.
When the rest of the team sees Hotch approaching, they all gather around.
“JJ’s setting up in the conference room to present a case. But before we join her, I wanted to let you guys know that Rossi’s replacement will be here today.”
In unison, you all nod, trying to peek around the unit chief to get a glimpse at whoever is still awkwardly standing behind him. “This is SSA Luke Alvez, he’s come from the Fugitive Task Force.”
And that’s when the person finally steps out into the room and you get a good look at your new desk mate. Your stomach drops along with your jaw, because that’s the guy from last night. The guy you took home with you. The guy you slept with.
You’re too dumbfounded to catch the amused look on both Emily and Derek’s face.
“Hi, I’m Luke,” he introduces himself to the team like Hotch didn’t just do it for him.
There’s a smirk playing on Luke’s lips, the same lips that were against your neck and chest and pretty much every other inch of your body last night.
Your memories are still a bit fuzzy from the alcohol but you see flashes of clothes falling to the bedroom floor, sheets tangled around your legs, and flushed skin.
What are the odds that in a city this big, your new team member is your one night stand from last night?
Hotch nods. “Feel free to get acclimated, this will be your desk. We’ll meet in the conference room in five.”
With that, Hotch leaves, his heels clicking against the carpeted floor of the unit.
Morgan is the first to speak. “Looks like there’s no introductions needed between the two of you, huh?” His smile flashes white while your cheeks turn red.
“Morgan,” you snap, “I swear to God-”
“I’m just playin’ sweetness,” he laughs. He gives your shoulder a gentle pat before extending his hand towards Luke. “I’m Derek Morgan.”
Luke shakes his hand- the same hands that traveled over the length of your back last night.
Luke makes his rounds, listening to everyone as they introduce themselves. When he turns his back to shake Emily’s hand, you stand up and make a beeline for the conference room, still in complete and utter disbelief that this entire thing was happening.
“Hey,” JJ greets as you sit down beside her. “Did you get a chance to meet the new guy?”
Without making eye contact you just grunt in response.
“That good, huh?”
When you don’t answer she laughs. “You gotta give yourself a chance to get to know him. No one can replace Rossi, but we gotta give him a shot.”
You sink further into your chair. You already knew Luke Alvez way more than you would care to.
“You know,” Luke says, once the rest of the team leaves the conference room and it’s just the two of you. You were hoping Luke would leave with everyone else, but instead, he stayed behind, desperate to get a moment alone with you.
“When I told you this morning that I hoped I’d see you again, I didn’t think it would be this soon.” He chuckles, a deep dimple popping into his left cheek.
“That isn’t funny,” you snap a little too harshly. You swear you see a hurt look flash across Luke’s face, but you ignore it.
“Did I do something wrong?” Luke asks. “You’ve barely even looked at me since I first walked in. I thought things went pretty well last night. I mean, I had a really good time and it seemed you did too but maybe I’m wrong.”
You sigh and close the case file in front of you. “Look, what happened between us was a mistake. A huge mistake.” There’s a look of confusion and hurt on Luke’s face, but you ignore it and continue.
“I don’t do things like that. I was drunk, which is also something I don’t do, so I wasn’t thinking straight. I especially don’t get involved with people I work with. It’s something that is never going to happen again so I would really appreciate it if you forget about it and don’t ever bring it up again.”
Luke blinks in response. There’s a very minuscule quiver of his jaw that you barely catch sight of before Luke is snatching his belongings off from the table and walking straight out of the conference room.
Well that went well, you think to yourself.
In thirty minutes time, the team is loaded onto the jet and heading to Sun Valley, Idaho for a case.
“Samantha Harrington,” Garcia’s voice rings through the tablets on the jet, “Sun Valley PD just identified her. She’s a twenty-nine-year-old graduate student at Boise State University. Her parents reported her missing four days before they found her body.”
“Four days?” Hotch questions, flipping open the folder to read more about her.
“She was an only child, born and raised in Idaho, a lengthy list of academic achievements, about to start a pretty prestigious internship this summer.”
“She was last seen Friday night at the O'Connell nightclub in Sun Valley. She was there for a weekend of skiing with her friends.”
“Friday night?” Emily asks. “And the body was just discovered this morning?”
Garcia hums to confirm.
“So what the hell did this guy do with her for four days?” Morgan sighs, shaking his head sadly.
“Morgan, Prentiss, head to the medical examiner's office. See what they have to say about her and the other victims,” Hotch directs. “JJ, Matt, I want you two to head to the crime scene. See if that’ll tell us anything. “Reid, Tara, you two head to the last crime scene. Walk through, see if there was anything missed.”
Hotch looks at you next. “I want you to stay at the station with Alvez. Samantha’s parents are going to be driving to Sun Valley today. Talk to them, please.”
You nod, trying to hide the fire burning inside your stomach.
Talking to the families has always been the one part of your job that you hated the most; when the families come in to identify the bodies of their loved ones.
As soon as you enter the lobby of the Sun Valley police station, with Luke on your tail, you see a man and a woman sitting on a bench with visitor stickers pasted to their chests. You approach them slowly.
“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Harrington?” They both nod and the man, who you now know is Samantha’s father, stands and shakes your hand. “I’m SSA Y/L/N, this is SSA Alvez and we’re working on your daughter’s case.”
“We want to see her,” her father interjects quickly.
“Mr. Harrington-” you try to plead.
But he stops you. “No, we’ve thought about it. We’ve discussed it and we want to see her.”
You nod at him sadly, your lips pursed.
They follow you down the stairs to where the morgue is located. You hold the door open for them but stay outside to give them some privacy. You watch through the little window in the door as the ME folds down the sheet covering their daughter’s body just enough to show her face.
Immediately, the mother collapses against the chest of her husband as sobs rack her entire body. The father wraps his arms around her and holds her close as silent tears roll down his cheeks. You feel a pang in your chest.
“You okay?” Luke asks softly, the first words he’s uttered to you since the conference room.
You blink harshly and nod. “‘M fine,” you say, harsher than intended. “Done this hundreds of times.”
“Doesn’t make it any easier,” he states.
The ME shuffles the parents back out and you slowly lead them upstairs to a small office that Sun Valley PD uses for interviews just like this one. “You two can wait in here. I’ll give you a few minutes to yourself. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to come back shortly to ask you both some questions.”
The father nods, his arms wrapped tightly around his wife who’s still crying softly into his shoulder. “We understand.”
“Can I get you anything?” you ask gently. “We have water, coffee, tea, some snacks from the vending machine?”
Mr. Harrington gives him a weak smile. “Just some water would be great, thank you.”
You nod and quietly shut the door behind you. You walk down the hallway to the break room and get two bottles of water from the vending machine. You slowly make your way back to the room with Luke trailing behind.
“How can I help?” he asks.
You keep walking. “Just stay quiet. Let me talk, alright?”
You ignore the way his shoulders fall.
When you and Luke make it back to the room with Samantha’s parents, you hand her mother a spare box of tissues and a water bottle. She whispers her thanks and takes a tissue out of the box, dabbing it underneath her eyes.
“First of all,” you say, taking a seat next to Mrs. Harrington. “Let me just say how sorry I am for your loss. We’re trying everything we can to find out who did this to your daughter and you will be the first people we tell once we do. We’ll do our best to keep you updated during this case.”
They both murmur their agreement and you take that as an invitation to start with the interview.
“Do you know of anyone who would want to hurt your daughter?”
“No, absolutely not,” Samantha’s mother speaks up. “She was a quiet and kind girl. Everyone who has ever met Samantha loved her. I don’t know of anyone who would hurt her.”
She breaks down into another fit of tears and it’s mainly the father that answers the questions after that. By the time you finish the interview, you have no new information, which is understandable. The Harrington’s were in pain and shock and they were mourning the loss of their daughter, so in all honesty, you weren’t expecting much.
You just hope that the team can find out who did this.
There’s another body.
You get the call when you’re back at the hotel. It’s the first time you’ve been there since arriving in Sun Valley. It’s a little past one in the morning and your eyes were heavy. You had the crime scene photos scattered out in front of you in bed as you poured over reports from the case.
The sound of the phone ringing had startled you. You answered it without bothering to look at the screen to see who is calling. As soon as you heard Hotch on the other end of the phone, you knew bad news would follow.
You scrambled out of your hotel room, only stopping to grab your jacket. You meet Morgan and Hotch in the lobby. Morgan’s eyes were puffy, evidence that he hadn’t been sleeping either.
“Ready to go?” he asks you, he twirled the keys to the SUV in his hand as you nodded.
“Call me if you find something,” Hotch instructs. His arms are crossed and his eyebrows furrowed.
“You got it boss,” Morgan nods.
The car ride to the crime scene is quiet, an atmosphere that rarely occurs around Morgan. You suppose he’s just as tired as you at this hour.
“You couldn’t sleep either, huh?” he finally asks.
You grunt in response. “Nah, I never sleep when we have cases like this. Too much to think about.”
“Yeah between this case and Alvez I’m sure your mind is spinning.”
Even in the dark, you can see the glow of Derek’s teeth as he smirks playfully.
“I have no clue what you’re talking about,” you say stubbornly.
“Oh c’mon,” Derek shakes his head. “You ain’t fooling anyone. I see the way you look at him.”
“Are you joking?” you exclaim. “The guy drives me crazy.”
“Only one thing can drive a person that crazy and it’s love,” Morgan says, dragging out the ‘o’.
There’s a slew of detectives already at the scene when you and Morgan arrive and one of them fills you in on everything he knows so far. He leads the two of you around a bend towards where the body is and as soon as you see it, you stop dead in your tracks.
It’s another woman about the same age as Samantha. It’s the way that she is posed though that caused you to stop. It’s the same exact way it was with Samantha; her hands clasped and lying across her stomach, her legs crossed and tied at the ankles. She even has the same finger-shaped bruising around her neck.
“What the hell,” Morgan mutters, clearly he’s just as stunned as you are.
“I know,” the officer responds. “I couldn’t believe it either.”
Another officer leans over the girls body to unclasp it from around the girl’s neck and places it into an evidence bag. “There’s a fingerprint on this necklace,” he tells the evidence collector.
“Take this back to the station, tell him to run that print through the database and see if we get a match,” he says, handing the baggie with the necklace.
You and Morgan get closer to examine the body.
“Strangulation again,” he says, snapping on a pair of plastic gloves. You crouch next to her, trying not to focus on the way her eyes were still open, staring blankly up at the sky.
“We’ll have to take a look at missing persons and see if she comes up,” you sigh. “Someone’s gotta be looking for this girl.”
There’s no match for the fingerprint found in the database. It could still belong to either the victim or the suspect, but whoever it does belong to isn’t in their system. Of course, they wouldn’t be, that would be too easy.
The following morning, Garcia finds the newest victim listed as a missing person, and again just like Samantha, the victim’s family reported her missing several days ago.
Her name is Lisa Stalks; she’s a twenty nine year old nurse practioner, she’s married with two children. Or was.
When the ME is finished with the autopsy, he tells you and Emily just how much this murder was like the first.
When you tell Hotch on the other end of the line, he sighs.
“I think we’re working with a serial killer.”
It’s midnight on a Thursday and you are parked down the street from a nightclub. Luke is sitting next to you in the passenger's seat slurping on an iced coffee. It had been four days since they found Lisa’s body and eight since Idaho PD had found Samantha. Hotch had suspected that there might be another victim tonight.
Both women were found in the early morning hours and both were found just outside of popular Sun Valley nightclubs, so you and Luke were on a stakeout. Hotch had placed his team at various nightclubs in the area. Your job was to wait and watch, hoping you’d gotten it right. You hated waiting. The fact that you were doing it with Luke didn’t make it any better.
There’s no way of telling which nightclub the killer will leave the body by if they even leave a body at all today, but you were all hoping to get lucky. Maybe you’d be able to catch the suspect in the act.
It had been silent in the car all night. For a moment, you wondered if you should apologize to Luke for yelling at him back at the BAU, or for snapping at him at the police station. But then you stopped yourself. What would you even say? You had spoken your mind, something you made an effort to never regret. Plus, you were enjoying the silence.
About thirty minutes go by and you are already bored out of your mind. Nothing has happened besides a few drunk people stumbling in and out of the club. As it gets closer and closer to sunrise, you begin to think that maybe you guys were wrong about this lead.
That’s when Luke interrupts the silence. “Do you really think that night was a mistake?”
“Haven’t I made that obvious?” you snapped, exhaustion and frustration seeping out.
Luke nods solemnly. “Yeah, suppose you have.”
The way he says it was so soft and vulnerable sounding, it made you feel guilty for hurting his feelings.
“Look,” you say, voice infinitely more compassionate than the first time you’d had this conversation. “This job means everything to me. I worked really hard to get where I’m at. It’s all I have and I just don’t think that sleeping with my coworker is worth losing that.”
Luke’s eyes are locked on yours as you speak. They’re so dark in the dimly lit car that you can barely even see his pupils. God, those eyes made you melt. Luke nods slowly, like he was finally grasping what you were saying.
“Even if your coworker is this insanely good looking?” He aims his hands towards himself, his fingers motioning the length of his torso. He was smirking, making a joke to lighten the mood.
You shrug him off and mutter, “Shut up,” playfully. But in your mind you were thinking, he has a point..
“Listen,” Luke says, smile fading and sincerity evident. “The last thing I wanted to do was come in here and screw things up, okay? I’ll be honest- I like you. And in more than just a one night stand kind of way. But I get it. And believe it or not, I’m serious about this job too. So I’ll back off. I’m sorry.”
You try to ignore the butterflies flying rampant inside your abdomen upon hearing Luke’s confession. He liked you. “Thank you- for apologizing. You don’t have to, though. It was a two way street, what happened.”
“So we’re good?” Luke asks.
You nod, smiling. “As annoying as you are, I’ve actually come to realize you aren’t half bad.”
A deep dimple pops into Luke’s cheek as his grin widens.
“I brought you some dinner,” Luke says, throwing up a white paper bag of takeout onto the mattress. He had come over to your hotel room to look over the case files with you.
You hum, barely looking up from the sprawled out documents on your bed. “Thanks, but I’m not hungry.”
“C’mon,” Luke says, an obvious reprimanding tone to his voice. “You need to eat. I haven’t seen you eat anything all day.”
You look up from the picture of Lisa’s belongings that’s in your lap and gaze at Luke. The fact that he’d taken the time to notice what you had or hadn’t eaten flattered you slightly. You shake the thought away before reaching out for the bag and riffling through it until you grab a couple of fries. You pop them into your mouth.
“There,” you say, your mouth full.
Luke ignores you. “You look exhausted,” he says.
“How can I sleep when we still haven’t solved this case?” you ask, shoving a few more fries into your mouth. You hadn’t realized how hungry you were until now.
Luke shrugs.
Your mind was turning into mush as you read the same sentence about Lisa’s crime scene over and over again. The words didn’t make any sense- nothing made sense. You huff out a breath of frustration, tears prickling behind your eyes, threatening to spill over.
“What’s wrong?” Luke asks.
“What’s wrong?” you snap sarcastically, without even meaning to. “Are you kidding me? None of this makes any sense! We’ve been here almost a week now and we’ve made no progress, we have no leads, and these women keep winding up dead.”
Luke nods sympathetically, “I think you really just need to get some sleep-”
What he said wasn’t rude, it wasn’t annoying- but for some reason, you felt the need to take all of your frustration out on him. “I don’t need sleep!” You snap. “I don’t need sleep and I don’t need you telling me I need sleep. You’re not my boyfriend- I don’t need you bringing me food or taking care of me, okay? We’re not even friends! You’re a guy I slept with once when I was drunk- and now we have to work together.”
As soon as you say it, you wish you could take it back. The hurt across Luke’s face is evident, but it’s out there and the air is thick.
He nods slowly, digesting your words. “Yeah,” he sighs. “Yeah, you’re right, sorry.” He grabs the takeout bag from off the bed and slides towards the door.
What you should say is sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m frustrated and tired and sad, but not at you. Don’t go.
But instead, you sit silently and watch him leave.
“We aren’t getting anywhere,” Matt says frustratedly.
A third body was discovered just hours earlier. She still had her ID on her, and was identified as thirty three year old Maria Poirier, a licensed social worker that lived in Sun Valley.
“Maybe we have to start looking at this from a different angle,” Reid suggests. He begins clearing off the pictures on the cork board and instead lays them out on the conference table in front of everyone. “Okay, what do we know for sure right now?” Before anyone else even has a chance to answer that, Reid continues to ramble on and answers it himself. “They look nothing alike, so obviously our killer doesn’t have a type,” he puts air quotes around the word type. “It could just be the fact that they’re all women, but I feel like there’s more to it than that. There has to be something else, something more personal.”
Everyone nods along as Reid talks because yes, they all already know that. They just can’t seem to figure out what that something personal thing is. You watch as Reid stares at the photos, scratching at his chin in contemplation. Harry goes back and forth between the photos and their notes in the case file.
“I got it!” Reid exclaimed excitedly. “It’s their jobs- It’s the hospital.”
Morgan frowns. “But Samantha didn’t have a job.”
“Yeah, technically,” Reid nods. “But she was about to start an internship, remember? I read in her file she was going to be interning with a physician’s assistant on the Rehab unit. And Lisa-” Reid points to the photo of her on the desk. “She was a nurse practitioner and Maria, our newest victim, was a hospital social worker.”
“Different hospitals, though-” JJ interjects.
“But close enough in proximity,” Reid rambles, his voice trailing off as he dials on his phone.
He puts it on speaker phone where it rings twice before Garcia’s voice answers.
“I thought you’d forgotten about me,” she says sullenly.
Reid ignores her. “Garcia, are there any contracted positions or agencies that service both Sun Valley and St. Michael’s Hospital?”
The clicking of Garcia typing on her computer could be heard through the faint speaker phone. There was just a brief pause before she answered, “RBH Janitorial Services and Tri County Crisis Services are contracted at both Sun Valley Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital.”
“Can you get an employee list for both of those agencies, Garcia?” Hotch asks, crossing his arms sternly.
“Can I get a list-” Garcia scoffs, like the answer was so blatantly obvious.
“Two hundred and thirty three employee names,” she says only minutes later.
“Okay, our suspect is a white male.”
“One hundred and twenty six names, keep narrowing,” she says.
“The first murder happened a few weeks ago- any guys with a recent stressor?”
“Wouldn’t necessarily be in their files,” Garcia says, but types anyway. “None.”
“Look for men with disciplinary notices in their files,” Tara pipes up.
“Smart girl- twenty one names,” Garcia announces.
“This guy is threatened by women in powerful, professional positions. He’s probably in a lower or entry level position,” Luke suggests.
“Ooh,” Garcia sings. “Newbie has ideas.”
“Still twelve names.”
“Send them,” Hotch says. “We’ll go through them and try to narrow it down here.”
“Righty-o Crime Fighters,” Garcia muses. “List is on your tablets now.”
The room goes quiet when there’s only one name left on the list. The team had narrowed it down and the dark lettering stared blatantly back at you. Richard Arlington.
His name is burned into your brain, along with the crime scene photos of Samantha, Lisa, and Maria. You knew in your gut that this time, you’d gotten it right. This was the man.
Garcia sends over his driver’s license photo and his demographics.
Now that you knew who you were looking for, the chase was on.
The ride to Richard Arlington’s house was quiet. Other than Hotch giving you instructions over the phone, talking was kept to a minimum. Everyone, it seemed, had taken this case personally.
Hotch, Reid, and Tara had gone to one hospital to try to locate Arlington. Morgan, Emily, and JJ had gone to the other. That left you, Matt, and Luke to scour Arlington’s home.
Luke hadn’t even looked at you since the night at the hotel. You couldn’t blame him.
The last thing you heard over the phone was Hotch instructing everyone to “be alert”. That was his way of saying, “stay safe.”
Upon arriving to Arlington’s home address, you, Matt, and Luke emerged from the SUV with your guns drawn. His house was run down. There were boards missing from his side paneling and strips of the roof were tattered and worn. There was a pile of junk outside on the deck, limiting the view inside. Not that you could see anything even if the deck were clear, the windows were covered with a thick coating of dust and dirt.
Without speaking, the three of you glided across the driveway and up to the house. Every single one of the hairs on your neck stood up as you crept closer and closer to the house. Matt rapped on the door.
“Arlington!” he shouted, “FBI- open up!”
Without missing a beat, you heard a scuffle from inside the house. Through the dirty windows, you saw a shadow of a figure run across the house before disappearing.
“The back,” you yelled, taking off before thinking twice.
Luke sprinted behind you.
You circled around the house, pushing open an unlatched metal gate before seeing him take off in the backyard.
“Stop!” you screamed, without slowing your pace.
You didn’t even notice that Arlington had a gun until you saw him stop and turn suddenly, with it pointed directly at you. You freeze but before you can think or act or do anything at all, Arlington shoots and takes off running again.
You feel the whoosh of air against your neck as the bullet whizzes by. It was that close. You let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding when you realize how lucky you are. You’re just about to start chasing after Arlington again when you hear a gasp followed by a thud from behind you.
When you whirl around, you find Luke on the ground, one hand clutching at his shoulder, and blood seeping in between his fingers. Your heart drops to your stomach.
You rush to Luke’s side and fall to your knees, your hand falling on top of Luke’s to apply pressure to his wound.
“You're okay, you’re okay, you’re okay-” you stammer, trying to comfort him. Panic seeps through you as Luke’s blood starts to cover your own hand.
“Go-” he tries batting your hand away.
“I’m not going anywhere,” you assure him. You were trying to appear calm, but your shaky voice betrayed you. You use your free hand to dig your cell phone out of your pocket. You hit the one and wait while it rings.
“C’mon,” you plead, until finally Hotch answers.
“We need an ambulance,” you stammer, voice high pitched. “Luke’s down- Arlington’s house, we’re out back-”
“On our way,” Hotch says. His voice is firm and reassuring.
You sigh a breath of relief. “They’re coming, it’s gonna be okay-”
Matt approaches just then, his eyes widened in shock at Luke’s state.
You point your head in the direction that Arlington ran. “Go- I got this,” you tell him.
Matt nods, trusting you. He runs towards the woods’ line.
“Really, it’s okay. It doesn’t even hurt that much,” Luke lies. You can see the pain clearly written all over his face. “Do not let that bastard get away.”
“Matt’s got him- I’m staying right here.”
There’s something burning behind your eyelids that you know cannot possibly be tears because you’re not going to cry over this. You’ve seen people be shot before. But not Luke, you think. Luke’s not people. Luke’s different. All these weird feelings are flooding through you and you don't understand why. Deep down you think you know, but you’re terrified to even think those thoughts so you push them all away and just focus on Luke instead.
Luke uses his pinkie on the hand that is underneath yours to gently stroke your palm as best as he can. “I’m fine. I’m okay,” Luke says very calmly for someone who is bleeding out on the dirty ground. Leave it to him to be comforting you while he bleeds out. “Go- help Matt. He needs backup, not me.”
You can’t imagine leaving Luke’s side right now, you want to be here for him, but you know he’s right. There was nothing you could do for Luke here.
Quickly, without thinking and before you can change your mind, you do something drastic. You know you’ll probably regret it later, but right now, you couldn’t care less. You lean forward and press your lips against his.
It’s soft and barely lasts a few seconds, but you hope you’re able to convey all the confusing thoughts floating around your head through that kiss.
“Don’t you dare die,” you say, tears evident in your eyes.
Luke chuckles, but it immediately turns into a grimace when his shoulder shakes with it. “I won’t die, I promise. Now go and catch the bad guy.”
You give Luke’s hand a reassuring squeeze before standing up and bolting after Matt and Arlington. They’d had such a big head start, you hoped you could find them.
You finally get to the tree line and stop. You listen and wait, hoping to hear twigs snapping or leaves crunching. Instead, you’re met by silence.
You slowly start creeping deeper and deeper into the woods, the overcast from the tall trees made things seem all the more ominous.
You tried to stay alert, your gun was clasped firmly between your bloodstained hands- Luke’s blood. You could feel your pulse pounding rapidly in your ears, it was deafening. You wondered if the Unsub could hear it too.
Just as you turn to clear behind a tall tree, something hard crashes into you and knocks you to the ground. Your head hits something hard, there’s a crack, and then warm liquid spilling down the side of your head. It takes you a second to realize that it’s Arlington, he must have been hiding and waiting.
Richard is bigger and heavier and suddenly kneels on top of you, legs on either side of your torso as he holds your arms down. His body weight pins you to the ground. Your hand fumbles in the leaves, searching for your dropped gun, but it’s out of reach. Arlington’s hands find their way around your throat, his fingers wrap around your neck and squeeze, cutting off the airflow. These were the same hands that took the life out of Samantha and Lisa and Maria, you thought. You stared up, your eyes meeting his. Those were the last things they ever saw.
You gasped, willing yourself to look away. That would not be the last thing you saw, and you would not let him take another life away from anyone ever again. You reached and squirmed desperately against his weight. You tried lifting your arms to hit him- but he only smirked. You were powerless, losing oxygen and energy by the second.
Focus, you thought, as you started seeing spots. You will yourself to relax, just for a moment. Arlington may be bigger and stronger than you, but you were quick and adamant on putting up a fight. In a split second with the last remaining energy you had, you’re able to use your body weight to roll your hips to the side and swing your legs up and over to and knock Arlington off balance. You feel his grip being torn away from your throat and you gasp for air, crawling as far away from him as you can.
Arlington freezes, momentarily stunned, and before he can charge at you again, he’s being tackled to the side by a blurry object.
You’re seeing stars as you cling to your throat and continue to crawl backwards. Leaves crunch underneath your bare hands and bruised knees and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get enough air into your lungs.
The blur is speaking to you, but you can’t make out what he’s trying to say. You fall to the side, feeling too weak to keep crawling, the spots become orbs, the orbs become black holes, until suddenly, there’s nothing.
The first thing you notice is the sound of sirens.
Slowly, you force your eyes open, despite everything inside of you telling you to just go back to sleep.
You’re still laying in the leaves, but there’s someone beside you, their voice soft and comforting.
It’s Matt. And he has his hand on your back, gentle pressure, confirmation that you’re here, you’re alive.
You try to sit up, but you’re met by an instant wave of nausea and pain.
“Easy,” you hear Matt say. “Don’t try to get up, just relax.”
You try to talk- you want to ask if he got the Unsub, if Arlington has been captured, if Luke is okay- but when you open your mouth all you can manage is a jumbled mess.
“We got him,” Matt ensures you. He must have understood your groan. “Everything’s okay, we got him.”
There are several squad cars and an ambulance waiting in Arlington’s driveway. When you were finally conscious enough to speak coherently, Matt helped you limp across the field and hobbled towards them. You see Richard Arlington in the back of one of the squad cars. He looks straight ahead and never turns to meet your gaze.
You don’t care. He’s not who you want to see right now. You look around sheepishly for Luke. But there’s no sign of him anywhere.
You learn quickly that Luke didn’t need surgery. The bullet went cleanly through his shoulder and there wasn’t any further internal damage. The doctor says that Luke should recover just fine. You feel like you could finally breathe for the first time after hearing that news.
You had been checked out too. You had a concussion from where your head hit a rock when you landed, and your neck was littered with finger shaped bruises that looked eerily like the bruises all of your victims’ had. But other than a headache and some stitches to repair the cut in your temple, you were fine.
The door to Luke’s room was open and you pauses just outside before going in. The nurse in the room was checking on one of the monitors by his bed, smiling at something that Luke had just said to her.
When you step inside Luke lifts his head and smiles. His eyes are warm, his dimple popping into his cheek, all of his teeth on display from how wide his grin is.
“Hey,” he greets softly.
“Hi,” you whisper, trying to hold back tears. You swallow them embarrassed and say, “So your nurse told me that unfortunately, you were going to be alright.”
A smirk crosses Luke’s face and he chuckles, “Don’t be mean to me,” he pouts. “I’m in the hospital.”
The nurse gets called out to help with another patient and then it’s just the two of you, alone.
“Honestly though,” you say, stepping closer to Luke’s bed. “I’m really glad you’re okay.”
You watch as Luke’s eyes narrow and his lips turn into a frown.
“What is it?” you ask, worries that something might be wrong.
“Your head-” he says, trying to get a better look at the nasty cut on your temple.
You shake your head. “I’m fine- I wasn’t the one who was shot.”
“What happened?”
“Got caught a little off guard is all. I’m okay.”
Luke nods, but his eyebrows remain furrowed.
“Luke-” you choke, embarrassed by the tears falling down your cheek.
“It’s okay,” he says. “It’s okay, I’m okay.”
You leave it at that.
Once Luke is stable enough to fly, the team boards the jet and gets ready to head home. The flight was quiet, everyone exhausted, both emotionally and physically.
When the team lands in D.C., you help Luke carry his things to your car. He had grumbled about you giving him a ride, but you insisted.
It isn’t until you’re pulling into the parking lot of your own apartment building that Luke realizes that you didn’t take him home.
“What are we doing at your place?” he asks, clearly confused.
Suddenly, you feel very nervous. You should have thought this through a bit more. “I just thought we could hang out here for a bit. I can take you home though if you want. If you’d rather be at your place. I understand —”
“No,” Luke interjects, shaking his head, “Hanging out here sounds perfect.”
You get Luke situated on the couch, handing him the remotes. You leave Luke be before heading to the kitchen to grab a couple of glasses.
Your hands are shaking as you pour water into the cups. You had mentally psyched yourself up for what you’re about to do, but you felt more nervous than anything. You took a deep breath, and before you could talk yourself out of it, you walked back into the living room.
Luke is propped up, his sling across his chest uncomfortably, scrolling through Netflix on the TV. You hand Luke his glass before sitting beside him.
“Thanks,” Luke says. “I thought we could watch a movie or something. Or—” he frowns when he turns to face you. “Or not. What’s going on? Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I just—” you swallow, why did your mouth feel so dry? “I want to talk to you about something if that’s okay.”
Luke nods and uses the remote to turn off the television. “Of course, yeah. What is it?”
You leaned back against the couch cushions and pulled your knees into your chest, trying to make yourself smaller. “You getting shot scared me. I thought I might not get to see you again and I didn’t like the thought of that. I really didn’t like the thought of that.” You wrapped your arms around your knees, too afraid to look up at Luke to see his reaction. “I think it took possibly not seeing you again to make me realize I want to see you all the time.”
You felt tears prickling behind your eyes, but forced yourself to continue. “Like see you, see you,” you didn’t even know what you were saying at this point. “I know I’ve treated you like shit- and I’m so sorry for that. I don’t know how I’ll be able to make it up to you, but I want to try. I’m sorry, so sorry-”
Luke tugs on your arm, still wrapped tightly around your knees, until you loosen your grip. “Hey,” he murmurs softly, you're too afraid to meet his gaze. But with his good arm, Luke pulls you into his side, his lips kissing the side of your head. “You do remember me basically confessing my love for you like less than a week ago, right?”
You felt so shy all of a sudden.
“C’mon, look at me,” Luke pleads.
Finally you do. Luke isn’t laughing or smirking or making fun of you. He was smiling, warmly and kindly. You let out the breath you’d been holding.
“I’m in this, okay?” he says. His voice is sure and confident. It makes you feel sure and confident too.
“Okay,” you whisper, nodding. “Okay, me too.”
He smiles, his fingers tracing your hairline, until they reach where your head had hit the rock. He frowns and bites his lip gently.
Luke’s eyes wander to your neck, where the finger shaped bruising has darkened. He touches your skin, each stroke of his finger is gentle and deliberate.
“I hate that you got hurt,” he whispered. “I hate that he hurt you.”
Before you had the chance to assure Luke that you were fine, he leaned in to capture your lips with his own. You had kissed Luke several times by now, but it’s still never enough. Your lips slide against each other’s easily and you melt into it.
When you finally pull away, your gasping and your stomach is fluttering. You wanted more, but Luke was injured and your head felt like it might explode, so for now, this was good. You had all the time in the world to have more. You let your head fall onto Luke’s chest and feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier. You let your eyes fall shut, feeling so safe with Luke’s hand running slowly up and down the bumps of your spine.
“It’s okay now,” is all he whispers.
And now, at this very moment, you realized he was right. It was okay now and there is no other place you wanted to be.
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k3lynn · 8 months ago
mine — katsuki bakugou
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yandere! katsuki bakugou x reader
cw: yandere au, 3rd year bakugou, violence, reader got female genitalia, anger, off-“screen” murder, mention of (minor) character death, blood, lucidness, possessiveness, degradation, manipulation, stalking, threats, masturbation, implication of sex, swearing, assault, narcissism, horror, slightly delusional katsuki, panic attack, non con, mention of suicide
- I do not condone any of the behavior here, nor do I try to romanticize it. (definition: make it seem like a good thing) any future/current dark fics are purely for entertainment purposes. Also, I don’t think bakugou would EVER do this- I’m just using some dark traits he used to have and twisting them to fit this situation. Not completely proof read and edited, I am exhausted right now I’m sorry. I say some mean things about some characters but I don’t mean it 💗
words: 1.8k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Poor little Y/N. You’ve caught the Big Bad Wolf’s attention. Ready to snatch you up and drag you into the deepest parts of the forest where no one will ever find you.
You’ll be all mine, and I’ll be the only thing you’ll ever have to see again.
You’ve been in the same class for 3 years now- and all he had to show for it is an occasional wave, and a shy little “Hi Bakugou” every morning that made his heart leap out of his chest.
Enough for most, but not for him.
In turn, he would tsk. Facing away and setting his head down on the desk- attempting to hide the roaring blush adorning his cheeks and the subtle shuffling in his pants- the way your voice alone could make his balls tighten in need.
Still- you give him merely a glance. He is always around you, but your attention is given to someone else.
Any extra would overlook his grumbling for typical-Katsuki doing his own thing. In reality, he’s holding himself back from snapping and taking you by force.
He wants you to come to him.
You have no reason not to. He’s perfect. Probably the best student to ever enter U.A. High, and on path to become the best pro hero to ever graduate from it.
Coming first in both the Entrance Exams AND the sports festival- a victory he still denies, holding some of the highest grades in class- 3rd only to some geek girl he could easily out-rank in combat and that shitty half n’ half. Even perceptiveness, intellect, and determination that can rival dumb Deku.
He even possesses great skills in cooking and music- Katsuki is a natural-born genius. Anybody who isn’t conscious towards his incredible talents might as well be living under a rock-
Unbeknownst to you, he’s giving you the generous chance to decide when you’ll be his. But his patience wears thinner every day.
It would have only taken a second to turn around in your seat and notice his piercing red eyes glaring at the back of your head.
So why don’t you notice me.
He doesn’t understand why it’s you he obsesses about. He can’t even remember when this whole mess started.
He tried denying his feelings. But quickly- they built up and festered inside him, begging to come out. Love, possessiveness, same thing.
Whether it be watching your twist and turn in the obstacle course- then running to the nearest bathroom to furiously grip his cock.
Snatching your chapstick when you’re not looking and rubbing it all around his own lips- imagining that’s what your lips would taste like if you just kissed him-
Restraining you during combat training by wrapping his arms around you- squeezing your breast a little more than necessary. Pinning you to the floor until you admit defeat.
Or even sneaking into your dorm while you’re in the shower to grab a new pair of panties from your dirty laundry, adding it to the stash he keeps hidden under his bed.
Stalking you. Keeping you close at all times without you even knowing it.
Indeed, he knows he’s a sick and twisted human being.
But by now he hardly cares- he’s worked too hard to ever even imagine of changing his perfect target. Nobody is more deserving of you than him.
So if he has to confront, threaten, and beat every single person in this stupid school to monopolize you for himself- he gladly will. Anyone who goes againts that is challenging him.
He scoffs anytime a boy approaches you- it’s well known around school that anyone who attempts to buddy up with you mysteriously ends up in a hospital room with no recollection of what happened. People even started seeing you as a sign of bad luck.
He’s nice enough to allow you some friends though. But only ones who will guarantee you’ll be around him as much as possible.
So you sit with him, Kirishima, racoon eyes, dunce face, and tape boy in lunch. No one else. Right in front of him.
You’re chatting away with Mina, but unusually, something special came up in conversation.
He always stays focused on his lunch- switching between listening in and day dreaming about bending you over the lunch table and grinding on your ass-
Katsuki’s stomach dropped. His eyes widened- what did Mina just say?
There’s a boy in the management department, a quirkless 2nd year nobody smart enough to somehow get into U.A.
And he asked you out on a date after school.
No no no no-
No- this isn’t how it’s supposed to-
My throat burns.
When did he- when did you-
You’re going to say no, right?
I cant breathe.
You don’t like anyone- I know this
I know everything about you- I-
My chest hurts-
You’re mine.
And if he thinks I’ll share then I’ll-
“Mina stop being so loud please...” your delicate little voice whispered.
The rest of the table already took notice of what was going on- bombarding you with questions that made you flustered.
“Woah woah- Y/n, what’s your answer?” dunce face peeps out, Bakugou swore he could smack that grin off his face right then and there.
Katsuki turns to look at you again- a chill traveling down his spine once he made eye contact, but your stare quickly fell to the floor.
“I’m not sure yet- probably not.. ha.” You shrugged- a light pink dusting over your cheeks. The others, satisfied, dismiss the topic.
Had it have been anybody else observing, they wouldn’t have thought much of it. But Katsuki knows you like the back of his hand. Successfully deceiving him would be harder than taking down All For One.
You’re lying... aren’t you? In front of him too- All because of this quirkless fucking loser-
Katsuki hates lies.
I’m going to kill him.
The walk back to your dorm was disappointing to say the least. But you can’t expect someone to be in the best of moods when they’ve been stood up.
You almost couldn’t believe it either- he had seemed so kind and genuine that you stood there for an extra 2 hours. But that’s your luck with boys-
‘I hope you got a good laugh out of it, jerk.’ You huffed before inserting the key into your rooms lock.
Turning on the lights, you allow your eyes to adjust for a moment before stepping inside and walking to your desk.
“You were waiting for that jackass for so long I almost started thinking you would never come back...”
You let out a startled cry before dropping your keys and whirling around in a flash- recognizing Katsuki’s back as he slowly closes the door.
“Bakugou? Why are you-“
“was he really that special.”
“What do you mean was....“ It’s then you noticed the blood dripping down his arms and hands- your door decorated with the same shade of crimson.
“oh my god.. Bakugou,”
That’s why the poor boy never showed up.
You knew about Katsuki’s “little” crush on you for a while now. His stares weren’t exactly the most subtle after all-
You found his uncertainty adorable, heck, a part of you was waiting for him to confess. But you would have never imagined his infatuation went this far.
“It doesn’t matter anyway. He’ll never love you as much as I do.”
He lifts his head, and your eyes meet his. Bloodshot- as if he’d been crying, but the evident smirk on his face showed nothing but pure malice.
“Not that he’ll ever get the chance to anyways”
He’s too fast, too close to the door, he has all the advantage in this situation. But you have to try. You have to leave this room at this very moment or you may never make it out alive. There’s no reasoning with him.
You clutch your heart. He steps forward, and you instinctively bolt to the door.
A few easy moves and he has you pinned by the neck on the ground, legs bent and used to hold your arms from jerking too much. His free hand is outstretched, creating small explosions that made you automatically stiffen your movement.
“Bakugou please- I won’t ever tell anyone, we can forget about this and I’ll pretend it neve-“
“I don’t need you to be quiet. I’m the boy who rejected a direct offer from the League of Villains, one of the best students in U.A. high- even if you do rat me out, they’ll never believe you...”
His grip on your neck tightened- nails cutting through skin and little droplets of blood start showing up. His hand starts heating up and a panic courses through your veins.
“I’ll kill you before they even begin to suspect me.”
Choked sobs escape your lips from the pain and fear surging through your body- “I- I thought you said you lo-loved me.”
“I do... that’s why you’ll be mine forever.”
He leaned down, low enough for you to feel his warm breath- then used his tongue to sadistically lick off the tears running down your cheek, a salty but satisfying flavor entering his mouth.
“In this life, and the next. It’s up to you when we see the later.”
You nod, hoping he relaxes the pressure on your neck. His face softens, something you swore you would never see in Bakugou. He releases his hold.
“You made me mess up your neck, next time don’t be so mean.”
He tilted your chin up, observing the scratches and bruises littered all around it. As soon as he determines there’s no serious injury, he picks you up to lay you on your bed. Climbing in next to you and wrapping an arm around your hips.
“Couples cuddle like this all the time don’t they.”
You gave him silence, although he didn’t mind. With one glare he had you shuffling to move closer to his chest.
“they also kiss.”
You know that right now, there’s no point in fighting. So you give in to what he wants in hopes that one day, you’ll break free from the hold he secretly had on you for so long. You’ll play along. You’ll survive.
You shudder as his hands reach to cradle your cheek, wiping the blood of the boy all over it. He loved it. It proved he won. He gave a light kiss to your lips before attacking your neck, set on putting a new type of bruise on you.
“You should start calling me Katsuki.”
“Ka- Katsuki.” You barely managed to whimper out.
He caresses your hair, cooing soft whispers into your ear in an attempt to calm your sniffling. An action you would have seen as sweet if it weren’t for the constant threat of death over your shoulder.
Your breath hitches in horror as you feel his warm hands trail down your body, gripping your smooth inner thigh before delicately starting to drag his fingers up.
“You know...
You silently beg for him to stop.
“There’s one more thing couples do.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-if anyone is interested- should I make a part 2? (Future edit, I’m not satisfied with this, I might end up rewriting in the future)
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