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#the energy i'm trying to bring
undeniablycandycane · 5 months ago
Yeah Owen Wilson's attractive and such but y'all already get that and I don't have to repeat myself. What I wish more people would get is how easily he makes comfort characters
#owen wilson#listen there is jed theres hutch theres mobius theres lmq theres DIGNAN who needs more credit#just all lovable beans. idk some of his characters just bring me innocent joy yknow#it doesnt always have to be thirst lol. mobius brings me pure happiness.#dont forget roy.#just. they bring me joy#plus i get tired of all the thirsting sometimes. now that everyones thirsting over him im mostly just here for the serotonin he brings#idk he's always attractive but i guess I just wanna focus on something else sometimes? it gets old to me idk why#i guess when you see something all the time it loses its charm#also depressed lately so that could be why. hard to have the energy to fix meals lol#probably gonna ramble a little more#today was a shit day and I'm just thinkin about mobius. such a soft man. he flirts with loki#i try to be more respectful of him than some people are. idk it doesn't feel... quite right the way some people talk about him#am i the only one who feels this way? like when I talk about a celeb i usually try to keep in mind how it would make them feel if#they were exposed to it. idk maybe i'm too harsh but I just don't want a situation where the guy is made uncomfortable or like#forced into the shadows yknow? idk maybe i'm just being protective? i mean he can take care of himself im just saying#i like talking with people abt him but also there are certain things people say or do that just... dont feel quite right ig#i hope im not alone in this#anyway dont send any h8 over this lol
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armchairaloof · 21 days ago
“Well, that’s probably not good…”
Hera stops the systems check she’d been doing in the cockpit. She doesn’t startle—she’s too used to the soft footfalls of an ex-Jedi around the ship to jump when one of them pops up behind her unannounced these days. But that statement coming from Ahsoka does warrant a healthy amount of concern.
“What’s not good?”
Ahsoka is staring out the viewport at the dusty landscape of Atollon. She nods to Chopper, set a ways apart from the rest of the goings on of the fledgling base. Hera squints and just makes out a bird with beautiful green plumage circling above him.
“Didn’t know Atollon had birds…”
Ahsoka lets out a huff of a half-laugh. “It doesn’t. Or at least, not that kind of bird. Because that’s not a bird.”
Hera’s eyes narrow.
“That’s Morai,” Ahsoka says, indicating the bird. “I suppose she’s not not a bird. But she’s also not a bird.”
“And her interacting with Chopper, is that not not a problem too?”
Ahsoka shrugs. “She doesn’t usually talk to anyone but me. So I guess it’s just surprising, really.” They watch as the bird gradually circles lower and lower until she lands on one of Chopper’s outstretched manipulators. “I mean, how much trouble could Chopper get into with a minor Force deity, right?”
An image coalesces in Hera’s mind of Chopper’s electroshock prod extended and Sith lightning arcing from it, him cackling in the sort of maniacal droid laughter that Ezra once pointed out he only does when murder has just been committed or is on the table.
“Yeah, no,” Hera says. “Not happening. He can’t make friends with whatever Force god you hang around with.” She sets down her tools and swings herself out of the captain’s chair to put a stop to Chopper’s plans of galactic domination.
Ahsoka follows at a slightly more sedate pace. “Morai’s a minor Force deity… probably,” she corrects her. “She only used to be a major one probably. Still a little fuzzy on that, but I’m pretty sure. At the very least there was a transfer of intentions.”
“You’re not making any sense and it’s not doing anything to calm me down!” Hera calls over her shoulder as she punches the cargo ramp release button.
By the time the ramp lowers, Ahsoka has caught up and, frustratingly, does not look worried in the least about the situation. She shrugs again and Hera considers violence. “Didn’t know you needed to be calmed down.”
Hera shields her eyes from the harsh sun as she rushes out of the Ghost. If that murderous rust bucket gets any delusions of grandeur in his senile little processor…
She guesses that Ahsoka is humoring her by jogging beside her to where they saw the droid through the viewport, but if Chopper learns how to wield a lightsaber from her Force-blasted pet bird there’ll be hell to pay. When they approach the pair, Morai is still resting on Chopper’s little arm and the droid himself is chattering away at her. If it was any droid but Chopper, Hera would have said he was even being… polite.
“Chop…” Hera greets warningly. His head swivels in their direction like he hadn’t noticed their arrival.
“Hmm,” Ahsoka says. “Looks like there was nothing to be worried about after all.”
“What do you mean?” Hera asks out of the corner of her mouth, not taking her eyes off her droid.
“Morai’s just being friendly.”
Chopper must agree. He mutters something in binary about Hera never trusting him with new people, then starts rolling past them with the bird.
“What do you mean you're sharing notes with a fellow industry professional?” Hera shouts after him. “What industry?!”
also on ao3
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ternaryflower53 · 9 days ago
there's like at least 10 posts i've discarded or put in drafts that are just. variations on how do i stop being tired
my brain is. melting. i'm tired all the time. start crashing at 6 or 7pm. i sleep 8 hours but dragging myself to classes feels insurmountable. going to bed past 11pm makes me thinking about dying the next day. i constantly want to nap and also physically can't nap. sometimes i just sit and want to cry because i'm so tired.
and meanwhile i'm convinced this is just me being overdramatic. everyone is tired, tern, stop complaining. it's not like you're sleeping for 14 hours a day. it's just depression. just deal with it.
i don't know. it feels awful and i genuinely don't know if i'm making it up and if i'm NOT it's still probably just depression and i have NO idea where to start with that. i'm so fucked.
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worstloki · a year ago
selvig, fool: loki? brother of thor?
jane, an intellectual: thor? you mean loki’s older brother?
#the fact that people in real life do this is ????#arguably the most boring trilogy with thor being the central boring character and you choose to forget the one non-boring part??#darcy jane and loki built the first 2 movies and you're remembering loki as ''thor's brother''???#you realise thats exactly the kind of trash talk that got loki riled up in thor 1 and avengers 1 right??#so here is jane throwing thor under the bus because if JANE was the one shield had gotten to work on the tesseract in avengers 1...#well i'm pretty sure after a year of thor ditching her after his brother attacked him she'd be more concerned about loki#since loki would have a reason to come back to earth (vengeance) and thor apparently didn't (what is love?... baby don't huRt mE-)#so here's an imagine prompt for you:#imagine that SHIELD hiring Jane to continue her research in *teleportation* involved messing with the tesseract#since the tesseract gives out energy readings similar to the einstein-rosenbridge stuff she'd gotten from thor she's happily researching#loki is hanging around in the background but jane wasn't cautious with SHIELD like jane is#Jane is full-blown ambitious and doesn't even need Loki subtly nudging her mind to accept the offer#a year later and there are no signs of Thor and Jane hasn't given up of course not but that was physical proof of her research gone with him#she doesn't know what else she'd been expecting but a year later and not a word and oh boy is she just an teensy bit bitter#for all Thor's talk of *magic* being a real thing he apparently couldn't get a letter to her? a note? she'd thought they had something there#a year later loki comes through the portal and torture on top of the mind stone is bringing out the worst in him so he introduces himself#and maybe just maybe the stone is bringing out the worst in her but when he says his name and erik (keeping an eye on jane) mentions thor...#well she bitterly says 'thor? you mean the brother of loki?' and maybe its petty but here's BETTER proof of her research and it aint Thor#loki's just surprised someone didn't try and put thor's importance above him so of course he takes her even if the stone is barely needed#loki doesn't need selvig he's got jane and when thor gets to earth it makes everything more tense#thor's understandably more volatile and loki's far more happy about this than he should be and jane is happy thor's suffering#but when loki asks her to build a fail safe in case of relocations she doesn't see why its needed but she does it#cue the end of new york and jane is in selvigs place except when loki's got cuffs on and the mind control is gone jane still supports him#naturally loki gets away and since jane is so adamant that loki isnt evil he takes her with him#because yes he was working against the mind stone and rigging his attack but he hadn't planned on anyone caring enough to notice#but jane is smart and ambitious and after the mind stone showing her the bitterness she has she knows her and Thor won't ever work out#so she forgets about him and now Jane and Loki are a criminal duo who are actually training the avengers up to be able to tackle thanos#jane gives darcy a ring and she's instantly on-board with the wack-a-mole story she gives her of loki actually being a good guy#now the three of them are known criminals any of which could take on the entire team of avengers (jane's got tech/darcy's got martial arts)#I've got more tags but they've been cut off because ''i'm going over the tag limit'' and ''stop going over the tag limit'' and ''seriously''
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mondaijo · 5 months ago
Who is that funny looking cat on your Twitter background?
lmao, it's from that cat with the knife meme
Tumblr media
bf says this cat is me and I like to think it's warding off bad twitter vibes by being there in my header 😌 even if it's not, I laugh every time I see it so I guess it's something lmao!
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pocketramblr · 6 months ago
Many people claim second is either time traveling Bakugou or like fore father or smth because... Well look at him. Whats your take on it?
The worst thing about Tumblr is that the search blog function is so non existent that I can't even be sure you didn't try to see my opinion about this before asking, so I can't even blame you, but... Well:
This was my reaction to people continuing to suggest Bakugo was Second after we learned Yoichi's name
This was my reaction to a "reincarnated second" Bakugo ask
This was me making fun of the time travel theory by explaining that Ponytail Uraraka could actually be Third
And this was a post where I mentioned that I'm basically neutral on Bakugo as a whole because I really like some of his arc and his interactions, especially the remedial course arc, but that I really don't like him involved with the OfA plot line and feel it detracts from both he and Izuku
Ok. Let's go deeper then, and hopefully make this the last post I have to make on this subject.
tldr of the read more: I don't like Second as Bakugo and I actually think that the chances of Second as Bakugo's ancestor went down after the events of this week's chapter
So, I did see a lot of bak-u-go and I finally put my finger on why I hated it so much, (BESIDES the fact that I just do not think Horikoshi has done the set up for time travel in general or Bakugo in particular. Look, izuku should have told us already if Second was Bakugo. It just doesn't make sense for him to be, functionally) and instead of posting it on tumblr and dealing with people actually, like, seeing and reacting to it I just told two friends why I didn't like it thematically in a group chat. The text of my message is pasted bellow:
"So, like, even if Bakugo grows up and yeets back in time and somehow izuku doesn't recognize him with a little face scar which seems VERY UNLIKELY to me EVEN IF, then it COMPELETELY makes First's supposition pointless
the thing WASNT "second extended a hand to someone connected to and hurt by afo and freed first even tho he was nemisis, which is why izuku should extend a hand to tomura"
INSTEAD it was "Baku2 extended a hand to first because he ALREADY KNEW afo's brother was a hero and it would help all might and co and there was ABSOLUTELY NO FAITH, NO GOODWILL, NO OPTIMISTIC COMPASSION involved because baku2 KNEW what would happen and wasn't even really making a CHOICE so much as following the plan"
ahem. anyway thematically it is bad As Well as being functionally bad
is,,, bad theory,,,, i have nine very good Seconds, why would i want no Second and just dealing with bakugo more,,,
So yeah, that's my take on Baku2- it replaces the potential actual character of Second (who is someone I love exploring in many different ways) with a character we already have. And I don't hate the character, but when I'm thinking about OfA Stuff? I don't want him there! I just can't bring myself to care about Bakugo as Second. If I want to have fun with Bakugo, and I sometimes do, I have him go train and develope menteeship with Nejire. I give him some Dadzawa. I have him develop friendships and better himself with the remedial team. Getting rid of a character I like to cast Bakugo in Second's place? The least fun thing I can think of! I just don't want to do it. Have fun, write it yourself, and tag it properly so that I don't have to see it.
Ok. You also mentioned Bakugo as Second's descendent. Honestly, it's possible, but I think it's less likely now. Second has spikey hair but it looks just as much like Dabi's as it does Bakugo's. It's just how Hori draws spikey hair. They don't even have the same style, since Second has an undercut and his hair is shaded darker than Bakugo's. I also don't think that Second is going to have an explosive quirk, because Third just got one! Third's Fa Jin quirk "builds up kinetic energy and use that energy to release an explosive burst of power."
What would be the point of Izuku getting an explosion quirk from Second? It wouldn't make sense with the actual quirk lineage Bakugo has from his parents if they were trying to go that route, and frankly it's just like the Baku2 Problem: I already know how Explosion works! It's not interesting to me! I don't want to miss out on a new fun quirk just to see one I already know again.
I want Second to have a mental quirk, that's my first pick. A lighting quirk would be fine too since I really wanted Sixth to have one but then he got a stealth one so I guess I don't need Second to have a stealth quirk anymore. *Glances at Vaneer.*
Anyway so maybe Third with spikey hair that actually matches Bakugo's color is his ancestor. Maybe Second is. They both have the build of their costumes in a way that reminds of Bakugo's summer and winter hero costumes. Maybe neither of them are. I don't really care that much, because... I don't think Second likes Bakugo. I don't think he liked him at the start, and I don't think he likes him now. I'll quote a friend who actually brought this topic up before I could, and whom I agree with:
Friend: Someone asked me "Okay but what about Second being Bakugou's ancestor?" So, I had to refrain from answering "Well, if you want, but Second would probably be disgusted by Bakugou. He is a guy who sacrificed everything so some asshole with a strong quirk wouldn't do whatever he wants. What do you think he would think of Bakugou?"
Me: you're stronger than me i would have answered that and then gotten a dozen angry messages back like 'uhhhh but but hes CHANGED now if second can 'forgive' a toothpick of a man who never actually did anything to hurt him and was only considered a target because of a relative, aka bc of his genetics, then surely he'd forgive bakugo for uh activlely harming izuku bc of his genetics and openly mocking the past holder's pain, fight, and strength in a meeting he acted too good for!'
So I don't think Second would like Bakugo for those reasons, but also another one- he's naïve. Second didn't like Izuku trying to "save to win" Shigaraki, he thought it was foolish. I don't think he'd like Bakugo's "fight to win" focus either, because to him it wasn't "fight to win." It was "fight to survive" and I don't think that for a single moment he thought he'd 'win' because he was 'a hero' and 'heroes always win and villains always lose and that's why I want to be a hero.' there's a reason he didn't want Bakugo to keep OfA either, and it wasn't just because of a very circumstantial theory some vestiges have based off a sample size of two with absolutely no way to check other variables said that maybe it would kill a holder if they had another quirk.
Has Bakugo grown since those views? Sure. Do I think he's still naïve? Yeah. Do I think Second would see that growth of his, or even care? No. I don't.
I don't think Second hates Bakugo. I just don't think he likes him either. His opinion, I think, probably is similar to my own: "he's a kid who can really grow and be great... And I just don't want him anywhere near OfA buisness."
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ratcandy · 2 months ago
If I am Not Responding to You
I am:
- Busy - overwhelmed by too many messages/other things going on - not receiving the message for whatever reason (tumblr does this to me sometimes) - Not in the right headspace to respond
That last one is important! I'm sometimes just. Incapable of holding a conversation, and I just kinda drift off and away into the atmosphere as I struggle to regain Mental Stability for the two seconds it would take for me to respond. sometimes this action takes a lot longer than I would like it to. Depends on the day. yknow what i mean? I just. Can't Do It sometimes. but I've been getting better with telling people this. "I'm sorry, I'm not in the headspace to talk right now" and then On My Way! sdghkj I'm forever viciously torn between "I need to talk now now now now now i need to dump all my thoughts as fast as I can" and "i will never speak ever again" at all times. and it. sucks. but it's where I am
I am NOT:
- ignoring you with intent of angering you or pushing you away - upset with you -> In the case that I am upset with you, I would Let You Know! I can not and will not leave you in the dark over that sorta thing. If something you've done has upset me, you'll know! I will tell you! It might take me a bit to get the confidence to do so but I will Be Sure to Clue You In!
Main point I'm making is that. If I'm not responding to you for whatever reason, it's not personal. I have major athazagoraphobia and suffered a lot of silent treatment guilt trips from an Unfortunate Individual in my Life, so I can NOT do this to other people in good conscious. I try to make all this known any time someone tries to start conversation with me, on the inevitable chance I don't respond to a message for a long time. but. yknow. It might be a good idea to have a sorta masterpost like this so I don't have to explain it every time!
all in all sometimes talking is just hard for me and I go quiet for a long time. this is especially noticeable in servers or group chats. I mainly lurk for this reason shdgkjh. too much happening, too overwhelming, go crazy go stupid brain go kersplat!!
so uh. yea! i dunno what else to say here. but. yeah. undiagnosed mental illness maybe I will one day understand, but until then we sometimes just can't do that talking thing very good and we Simply Don't if we think it'll be too stressful or taxing. so. e
(warning for a bit of venting in the tags)
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howdydowdy · 2 months ago
kshbdjdkkskd [drunk girl in the club bathroom crying] is my secondary tag for jc which perfectly encapsulates my but i'm glad i could entertain <3
you are so wise, the vibes are exquisite, We Are All Drunk Girl In The Club Bathroom Crying For Jiang Cheng. i'm gonna go hang out in that tag for a while, thank you for your service.
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kariachi · 5 months ago
I sit here with an au drifting through my head where Kevin takes the whole ‘engaged’ thing seriously. 80% for the sake of the drama when he still develops feelings for Gwen (that anybody with eyes can see because this boy’s emotions couldn’t be more blatant if they flashed above his head in neon) despite his best attempts to not be attracted to her because engaged.
With bonus points for the heart attack Argit has when he realizes Kevin- who is ~2 years from getting them the financial and physical security they’ve been gunning for since essentially they met- is falling for someone other than his fucking fiance.
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david-watts · a day ago
oh fuck’s sake they’re calling me lazy.
#I can hear them in the kitchen.#is it because I didn't finish mowing the whole lawn? I can't fucking do that it's allergy season and my back is royally Fucked#is it because I don't have two jobs like my cousin? which by the way I'm proud of her for that it was just a mistake to tell my grandmother#who will now expect me to do the same jobs here which. there aren't any and also I can't do them#I can't stand up for long periods of time on good days and I have auditory processing disorder#she'll expect me to do that while doing uni. my cousin isn't at uni because 'she's taking time to find her direction first'#LITERALLY what I tried to explain that i needed to do but was told 'no you HAVE to start next year'#y'know where that's gotten me? nowhere with a half finished degree that I've switched major and minor of three times apiece#and debt I can't crawl out of#for a degree that the government considers worthless.#I didn't even want to go I keep thinking about what happened to me at primary and high school and in college#I can't juggle a degree two jobs and all the chores I can't do but am still expected to#even if I 'wake up earlier' like. if I did that I'd be expected to study from the crack of dawn and we'd still come home the same time#because SOMEONE refuses to organise therapy and avoids home so she can play cards and online shop all day.#besides. what's lazy about trying fucking get my life in order.#what's lazy about trying to ESSENTIALLY SINGLE-HANDEDLY clear out and redecorate a whole room full of shit I don't even know what to do with#I keep getting told 'NO you have to let ME sort those things out!' and then I bring the things out and I get yelled at for doing so#because she doesn't have time or energy to sort them now therefore they have to stay in that room in the way!#my m*ther keeps saying 'oh I'll help you on the weekend' and then. doesn't. does something else.#keeps resorting her clothes pile and wardrobe. does gardening. fucks off to uni again.#will not help.#I just.#I will never escape this situation. nothing will change.#in ten years I will still fail all my classes because I don't want to be there I lose all motivation I can't study#because the room's still in the exact same state I'm trying to fish my belongings out of a hoarder's mess#she keeps going 'oh I want this spot all tidy' focus on the bigger fucking picture already#y'know for how fucking suicidal I was three years ago I still had fucking dreams of escaping of living an actual life#now? I'm barely suicidal! because I simply feel nothing at all times#other than anger? paralysing anxiety and fear? nothing. nothing at all.#why didn't I kill myself back then I should've just done it I would've been in a better place
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anapologethicc · 21 days ago
#i'm just so tired and upset like i don't even have the energy to be angry at this point#it's not the first time and it won't be the last i know this but it's just still just so upsetting#why am i always the only one more invested in relationships whatever they may be. I'm always more invested and i always get hurt#and i never fucking learn that there's no point in trying to communicate and with some people becuz it's pointless#they will never care as much as you and I'll feel guilty for expecting shit becuz i keep getting the excuses of im busy or tired#and I'm exhausted and im still trying to maintain a friendship with every single one of them like a stupid ass hoping they'll reciprocate#and they never fucking do and everytime i bring it up and try to communicate and shit. IM ALWAYS THE ONE TO COMPROMISE every single time#and im so tired of being the only one openly talking abt and acknowledging that things are shit. everyone else is fucking silent#i then end up looking like the crazy person becuz im the only one obsessed with fixing my relationships whereas nobody else really cares#they say they care. they say they'll try and it works for like a fucking week and then its back to the same old shit.#and it's always me who gets hurt and 10 steps back in my mental health. and everyone else is just fine and dandy and FUCK#it's not fair becuz i'm not a bad person and i try my hardest to be there for everyone and I AM. and i know that im not perfect but i try#im always trying to be a better friend and a better person. i don't know what im doing wrong and why nobody will put in the effort for me.#and it's alwyas just with me that they decide they can try a little less. oh ananya will understand and she'll be fine but like don't#i deserve friends who'll put in the same amt of effort and will listen and change or am i just not worth it and have never been#(i swore to myself i woukd not go down that path of thinking but like) when ur friends work on all their friendships and just don't try#when it comes to you it makes you wonder where you're lacking as a person and as a friend. and that's so fking shitty man#and ive tried so hard to fix things and im working on my mental health my school work and keeping up with everyone amd asking if they're ok#i hate feeling this sad like there is just this heaviness on your chest that won't go away and then you can't even breathe#and i just want everything to be okay and to be enough for just one fucking time in my life#i feel like such a shitty person complaining becuz i feel like i sound so ungrateful for what i have cuz im scared that nobody would really#wanna be my friend if my actual friends of years aren't even trying anymore. hais whatever#it'll prolly pass and im prolly just being overdramatic like everyone says :/#time to sleep ig#to delete#just saw and heard sign of the times on the dash#i will now be sobbing to sleep#night yalls💖#wishing everyone a wonderful day/night and hope everyone is doing okay🥺💕
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