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oneshot. bang chan x female reader
⭐ synopsis: winter isn't one of your favorite seasons. But what if it's spent with someone who provides you not only smiles, but also those fuzzy feelings and crazy heartbeats?
⭐ genre: roommates to lovers au, college au, fluff, angsty tones
⭐ words: 11k
⭐ warning(s): foul language, mentions of childhood trauma, poor attempt at interpreting kissing scenes aaa
⭐ tags: @starlostseungmin @starlighthan (if u wanna be added on my taglist, u can drop an ask!)
Tumblr media
alexa's note: sorry! this took waaaay to long but this is basically a rewritten version of my story "winter shenanigans". i just changed the title bcs i think it's better(?) haha idk i just feel like i need to change it. i wanted to rewrite this bc i feel like i can give it more improvements and make it better than the first version (i hope so) i hope u like it!
a bit of a disclaimer: i never experienced winter, so i'll just write everything what i feel or think about winter and what others do when winter comes. (but i do want to experience it!)
Tumblr media
Winter isn't a season you're really not fond of unlike the others. Going out just to flash your new purchased glamorous parka and wasting several dollars for an overpriced hot coffee isn't in your bucket list. Winter doesn't bring you fun playing with snow, making those snowballs and having some snow fights with your loved ones. Walking around the street and feeling the freezing cold air wash your face as you look at everyone who seems to love it. Winter isn't your most loved season especially when the memories it brings you were the ones you really want to forget and leave from the past.
So instead of doing those things people love to do when winter comes, you'll just dwell in the confines of your home, watching those old Netflix series you love watching so many times to the point you memorize every characters' lines. Room heater on and a cup of ramen resting on your hands.
Amidst the season, you and your roommate Lexi always plan on going grocery shopping, agreeing on a day where both of you are free of schedule. The task is dreadful when you try to keep up with the people who seem to love hoarding the supermarket before the season starts. As if they'll run out of everything "they need" during the winter. So grocery shopping is best when you think most of the people were literally out everywhere but the supermarket.
But now, you feel like you are slowly draining out of energy as you look at your roommate while she puts her things inside her big ass luggage bag, a gift from her mother whom she'll be staying with until God knows when.
"Text me please when you arrive, hm?" You said with a small voice, not showing Lexi your soured expression but knowing completely you failed. 
Lexi is like your sister, living with her ever since you started college. So it's really disheartening to know she'll be out of your shared apartment in a few hours. 
The reason is important, and you completely understand it. She needs to go home, but it doesn't get rid of the fact that you'll be away from her, and will make you alone, emotionally and physically. You were never the one to make friends at all, scared to talk to people but managed to befriend some, and Lexi is one of them. Having the same interest and vibes, being able to understand each other are some of the reasons your friendship was built.
"Of course lovely, I will. I know how much you'll miss me. And I'll miss you too." Lexi cocked her brows, giving you a lopsided smile. 
"I really hope you can come back soon. But I think I'll be graduating alone if it happens again." You said. There you are again, you know you sound a bit selfish now, having abandonment issues ever since you were a kid fucks you up real hard, struggling to accept that people really do come and go. You just don't want everything that happened before to happen again.
But you were so aware that it will not happen with Lexi's case. You were just starting to miss the dynamics you used to have while living with her. 
Lexi sighed as she tried to brighten up her smile. You can see that she too, was trying hard to be strong. Going back to her hometown to take care of her ill mother, leaving her one and only best friend from the city and moving to another college is harder than she thought.
"I hope so too. I hope mom will get better so I can just go back here and not transfer to a different university anymore. But I am not sure what's about to happen. But I am really hoping I can come back real soon." She admitted, finally closing the bag she was preparing.
"And y/n, I know how much struggle you feel when it comes to meeting new people. You don't have to force yourself to talk to everyone. But please, don't dwell on being alone, my love. There are lots of people who badly want to befriend you. You're such a sweet girl. I know you prefer being by yourself, but I can see clearly you're happier whenever someone talks to you." she rebuked, Lexi knows you like the back of her hand, notices even the things you never knew you were doing.
"I-I don't think so." You muttered. You sure weren't confident enough to face a conversation with a person you knew you were talking to several times, let alone a complete stranger you never once talked to. One reason you never went to those acquaintance parties Lexi invited you everytime she went. 
You heard your friend click her tongue, making you turn your gaze to her. You sighed as you were met by one of her signature looks, always giving you those whenever she's disagreeing with something you just said.
"O-okay, fine. I don't promise but I'll try, because I don't like to miss you so much like I do now." You scoffed, making her let out light chuckles.
"That's my girl. To think that winter is coming, I want you to find someone you can spend those dreadful times with whenever the season is here." She snarked.
"Nah, will just spend my days here wrapped like a burrito while watching Squid Game." You remarked, Lexi looking at you dirtily.
"Girl, don't tell me you're gonna watch it for the fifth time?" Lexi questioned and you just nod proudly.
"Of course, I will. No one's gonna stop me." You said while your friend just let out a sigh, giving up at your antics.
"Okay whatever. Anyway, Mrs. Yang told me someone already got my space." Lexi announced, making your ears perked up at her news. You weren't against new roommates, you know yourself you can't afford to pay the whole rent and you need someone to share it with. But you didn't expect it to be this soon, you weren't prepared to entertain a new roommate!
"Wait, what? This soon??" You questioned and she just nodded.
"Yep! Don't have any idea who it was but Mrs. Yang told me they're studying in the same university." Lexi exclaimed as if she was the one who will live with the new roommate. On the other hand, dreadfulness starts seeping in you just by thinking of the prospect of having a new roommate. The idea of living with a stranger, and having no idea what will be your relationship with them in the future, starts to eat your mind. But despite that, you didn't show Lexi your weariness, instead giving her some neutral reaction even if your introvertedness is already screaming.
Tumblr media
A week has passed and you still haven't met the said new roommate. You didn't even bump into Mrs. Yang, which you think is much better because you didn't have any idea how to grasp some update about your new roommate. "I just want to ask when will my new roommate arrive so I can at least clean the apartment."  "May I ask who my new roommate is? Lexi told me you told her they're attending the same university as me." Questions keep on popping on your mind but in the end, you were glad you never bumped into her and just cleaned the whole apartment in case your new roommate will arrive.
School break was about to start. You were more than relieved to know you completed all the work and backlogs even before the break starts. You may hate the winter, but you'd rather make yourself busy with something else than dealing with your activities or any school related work.
After having a small talk with Felix, you bid yourselves goodbye and started to walk on your way home.
Felix is a blockmate and one of the people you prefer talking with whenever Lexi isn't around. You grew accustomed to him when right after your first activity as partners, he still approached you like you've known each other for a while now, clearly wanting to befriend you. Not wanting to look like a bitch, you just let him be, also because of his bubbly persona. Like Lexi, Felix is the person next to being comfortable. You like the energy he's emanating whenever he's around.
You were solemnly staring at the window of the bus when you felt your phone buzzing against your pants pocket.
from: Mrs. Yang (YW APT.)
hi dear, just a heads up. your new roommate might arrive later or tomorrow evening. just want to remind you so you can prepare his space. have a nice day dear!
to: Mrs. Yang (YW APT.)
thank u for informing me, Mrs. Yang. have a nice day too!
You don't think you were ready enough knowing that your roommate is a guy. You don't have any problems with guys. It's just you feel awkward most of the time when you talk to the opposite sex. But you realized it doesn't worry you unlike the first time you knew about having a new roommate. Thinking about what Lexi has said, maybe it's not that bad to have new friends, besides her, well, also Felix (you consider him as one from now on.)
Tumblr media
The said roommate arrived the next day. With his luggage bag and some boxes, he strived to bring them altogether inside even if you offer him a small help by pulling his luggage (you tried to make a good impression of yourself even if you're already feeling awkward as hell)
In the end, he let you pull his luggage when one of the boxes he carried totter from his hold, chuckling awkwardly when it finally fell. Talk about people and their eagerness to bring all of their things at once.
You tried not to sound and look awkward as you showed him the whole apartment, and finally his own space, his bedroom. You did everything you need to do to make it look presentable and clean. You don't have any idea if your new roommate is a clean freak, so you did it just to make things sure. You don't want to have a complaining roommate after seeing their room covered in dust and dirt.
"This is nice. I have never seen a room this clean. Or is it because my old roommate is not that of a clean freak." He said, chuckling. You must admit, his laughs are angelic. You never heard a guy laugh that cute. Or maybe because you never tried to make a guy laugh ever. Well Felix, is a different one, guy is scary when he laughs. Felix is the only one you can use to compare with the other guys. It was like, he is your standard of guys as you've never been with others before.
"Uh, yeah. I did clean it well. I don't want my new roommate to see his new room dirty." You said, showing a sheepish smile, hoping you won't look like an idiot to him.
"Nah, it's good. I am happy to know you gave your efforts in cleaning my new room. And as I can see, I think I won't have any problems with dealing with trash. Though I am not that sensitive to it, but, isn't it better to see your place neat? It makes you feel relaxed." He grinned. 
Something about him appeases you, the way he is talking to you, it was comforting. As if you guys were already friends. He looks friendly and harmless, someone you can easily approach whenever you're having concerns. 
But then again, you tell yourself that typical phrase whenever you meet someone. "looks can be deceiving". Most people tend to act politely whenever they meet with someone unfamiliar. But either way, you'll try your best to have those decent talks with your new roommate.
You don't even know each others' names yet.
"Uhm...Anyways, I'm Y/n! I hope you'll have fun staying here from now on..." You mumbled the last words, encouraging him to continue it by telling his name.
So he flashed you a smile and replied.
"Chan, Bang Chan, or Chris, whichever you like, but Chan is good, though.. I'm certain I will enjoy having you as my roommate, Y/n. And uuh, thank you again for cleaning this for me. I hope pulling my luggage bag inside didn't bother you. I'm sorry again for the small accident earlier, I just want to bring everything inside at once. A habit, yeah?" He chuckled, recalling his habit that led into a small accident at the front door earlier.
"No worries. Doesn't bother me that much.." You admitted. You feel like the atmosphere was slowly getting awkward, the smile on your face is unfortunately faltering. Wanting to not embarrass yourself furthermore, you tried to change the topic, letting him have his own time as he fixed his things.
"Uh, I would like to excuse myself now if you don't mind, so you can fix your things, it's getting a bit late now. So you can also rest." You said, checking the wall clock hanging just beside his bedroom door. The clock reads 10:20 pm and you're feeling a bit sleepy now. Chan just nods, and flashes you a friendly smile.
"Oh yeah, sure! Sorry to delay your sleep, but I'll be good. I'll just fix these tomorrow morning. Good night, y/n." 
"Good night, Chan."
Winter has finally started. Just like usual, you were met by lots of people who seemed to enjoy the little droplets of snow that are starting to fall. And good thing your worn out parka (a gift from Lexi almost three years ago) is still holding on, the zipper was already broken yet you were too lazy to get it fixed. Parkas are expensive as hell and you'd rather stick with this one, especially when you're not going out frequently when the season is here.
Grocery shopping went on smoothly, but this time you were alone. Almost three weeks had passed since Lexi left the apartment yet you still feel the longing for your friend, thinking that it won't get rid that easily especially when she's the only person you do this with and many other domestic things you can think of.
You feel all your limbs starting to give out when the view of your apartment door reaches your sight. Walking home from the supermarket is a fun thing to do, but you realized it was only fun when you have a company, specifically Lexi. Having someone help you bring the other bags. It was exhausting, but at least you came home with your complete limbs. 
You opened the door softly, you felt like breaking into your own apartment when in fact, you just wanted to see if Chan was in. Almost two weeks of living with him and you still feel shy when he is around. You tried your best to not look awkward whenever you talk, because the last thing you ever wanted was to make him think he's making you uncomfortable when in fact it's not.
Chan is a nice roommate. An organized one, you might add. So far, he never did anything to make you a bit distant to him, you were just shy, and the fact that you do find him attractive just adds to the predicament you were feeling. How can you engage with a long conversation when the first thing you always do is stare at his face? He might think you're weird if ever he noticed that action of yours.
You will pass by Chan's room whenever you go to the kitchen, so when you tried to grab some bottled water for yourself, you heard someone talking, surmising it was Chan. Maybe he's talking to someone as you hear other unfamiliar voices. You didn't mean to eavesdrop, but how can you not when you just heard your name in between the conversation?
"I just don't think we can do that now, I moved just two weeks ago, I don't want y/n to be uncomfortable"
"She's my roommate. And I still don't know if it's okay for her if I invite you guys over. Even if I am basically paying the rent too. But I don't want to scare the girl with two other guys she 7barely knew, walking around her house. We're not even that close yet."
Something about Chan talking about you makes you want to hear more. Even if you tried your best to stop, since listening to others' conversation isn't morally right.
"Hmm? Yeah..? She's pretty though, but a bit shy. I don't know why, I want to talk to her more but I feel like she doesn't even want to be near me, yikes." You heard him chuckle. And that's how you stumbled on your feet and almost knocked the big ass vase beside his door. 
Nice, just a nice way to expose yourself.
You heard him finish the call as you tried to compose yourself, making sure you didn't look like you were just literally beside his door, listening to his conversation with his friends.
Him calling you cute confused you, you don't have any idea what you did or what you have for him to call you cute. On the other hand, it made you feel ecstatic as if you just won a competition. A person you just find attractive admits that he finds you attractive too, how can you not hyperventilate by it?
Your eyes widen when you heard the doorknob shuffle, your time to run to the kitchen as if nothing happened just ran out before you even try and now you were met by a flabbergasted Chan, because he never expected you to be there, he just literally thought that the sound came from elsewhere and he's curious to check it.
"Oh, hi Y/n. Didn't know you already arrived. Uhm... How may I help you?" Chan's voice seems to ebb away as your eyes start to focus somewhere else, preferably his exposed arms, he was wearing this shirt that was made into a sleeveless one, his arm muscles tensed when he rested his arm on the doorframe, it's like he's literally giving you the honor to check him out. But it's not, of course. He's toned, and even if this is the first time you saw him showing a bit more skin, you knew that he's the type of guy who spends his time at the gym.
Exactly your type.
You were just fished out of your "checking my roommate out" by Chan's voice calling your name, worry etched on his annoying attractive face. 
"Is there a problem? Was it the noise I heard a while ago?" He asked and you tried your best to gather yourself up before flashing him a smile. Putting an end to "making yourself embarrassed in front of Chan" again.
"Ah no.. I mean, yeah. I just arrived. Uh, actually I just passed by your room then I almost knocked the vase, sorry if that disturbed you." You said, biting the inside of your cheek. God, you think this the most awkward time you ever had with Chan.
"Are you okay?" He said and took a look at you before looking at the vase that just sits perfectly as if nothing happened. The vase was heavy, and you were more than bemused as to why it made so much noise when you accidentally hit it with your feet.
"Oh yeah, yeah! I'm good. Just a bit clumsy." You assured and gave him a small smile. You were stuck in silence when Chan spoke again.
"Uh, may I ask you something?" Chan started, while you looked at him, urging him to continue.
"Uhm, I know I just moved in here a few weeks ago, but I do want to ask if I can bring my friends here? Like, we really need to finish this project of ours and I am the only one who has the most needed equipment and we need to use it. Uh, I promise we won't make so much noise! Uh, I'll tell the--" Chan stopped his blabbering when you suddenly let out a giggle.
"Of course. You can invite them over, I really don't mind. After all, this is also your house." You said. Realizing this is his issue since earlier while talking to his friends. You really don't mind at all. Lexi also did invite some of her other friends here before, sometimes inviting you over which you gladly did, but most of the time you stay in your room. You can do it with Chan. After all, he has his share of paying everything in this apartment. So he can do whatever he pleases, you just hope he's a bit mindful of his surroundings.
"Oh yeah right, thank you though. Uhm.. Do you have some rules, like things you don't like whenever others come in here? You know what I'm saying?" He questioned and you got it right away. He's really considerate. What a gentleman. Makes you want to just jump at him and kiss his pretty lips.
Oh, that's too much. 
He's your roommate, for god's sake.
"Uhm.. Just try not to make too much mess? I'm fine with everything really. Just, that." You shrugged, while he gave you a thumbs up.
"Copy. I assure you, you'll never have a problem with us." Chan grinned. You were slowly running out of ideas to say so you tried to excuse yourself from him, which he gladly let you do so. Too much happened from that short conversation, you think. Him calling you cute, him wanting to talk to you but you were so shy he doesn't know what to do, him almost catching you eavesdropping on him and his friends, you checking him out. You just hoped that he was gullible enough to not notice your lingering stares on his arms, to not make yourself embarrassed. Too much for you, eh?
Can you really keep up with your attractive roommate?
The day Chan's friends decided to come over was just as peaceful as you want it to be. Except his other friend, Jisung if you weren't mistaken, has been the noise provider in the once peaceful apartment, together with Chan's other friend, Changbin.
Chan apologizes over and over again for his friends' enthusiasm, things that you really don't mind at all. 
And as promised, Chan and his friends stayed inside his room to work on their project. You just knew he's a music major, and it was dead obvious as you always hear him play different tunes, some music that's pleasant to the ears, you even had a favorite one, the one he was playing last night, the same music they're currently working on.
Chan just casually playing those music for free, makes you wonder how he looks whenever he works over something. Is he the serious leader type? Is he the one to goof around but does work well? Or is he the quiet one while working but then surprises you with his amazing ideas. 
Whatever it may be, it still makes your heart pound as if you just ran a mile. But why is that? Just thinking about him makes your mind go haywire, are you having a crush on your roommate?
It's incredulous, isn't it?
"I just thought about it but, do you know someone named Lee Felix?" Jisung asked you as he munched his pizza. After working, Chan had invited you to eat pizza with them, ordered right after they finished work. At first you were hesitant, since you weren't really that close, and you really don't have any idea how to open a conversation with them. But the persistence his friends have was indelible, so you just gave in and joined them, and good thing their chattiness saved your sorry ass. Chan was also talkative, one thing you didn't expect. Maybe because he's around his friends. But he's not like the other two, they seem like they have endless topics brought with them.
"Hm, yeah. He's my classmate, why?" You replied, his mouth making an "O" shape as if he realized something.
"I knew it. That's why you look familiar! You were always with Felix after his classes. You may not see me but I always see you with him." He mused, 
"Oh wait, that sounded creepy. But yeah, I saw someone with him, and I realized it was you." he continued. You tried to recall all the times you were with Felix and bump into someone he knew, but you don't remember a thing. Maybe because you were busy thinking what activity you'll do next or what will Lexi cook for dinner.
"Oh well, sorry for not remembering a thing, but are you related to him? Like, friends?" You questioned and Jisung nodded his head in response, pointing at Chan who was walking out of the kitchen, his mouth full of pizza and his hands holding a bottle of water. Like a deer caught in headlights, you chuckled at his astounded look.
"What? Why're you pointing at me?" Chan raised his eyebrows at Jisung who was unfazed by his friend's dirty look.
"Felix is Chan's cousin. They basically lived together in Australia when they were kids. I wonder why Felix never told you about Chan. You guys just met when Chan moved in here right?" Changbin said and pointed at the two of you, you nod in response.
Changbin was right, you didn't know but you felt a bit betrayed by Felix. He was also as talkative as the three, but never mentioned about his hot cousin to you. But what was the reason in the first place? Why does Felix need to mention his cousin to you? 
But you just brushed it off, after all, Chan is already your roommate.
Maybe you can ask Felix about his cousin's ideal type, maybe you can learn a thing or two.
And asking Felix wasn't the best resort at all. It wasn't an option, per se. Your two eyes can see obviously what he likes in everything. Man, you live with the guy. You can literally learn a thing or two, if you were heedful of your surroundings.
Eventually, you become comfortable with Chan, as he is to you. One question and one answer now led into breathy laughs in between long conversations. One asked about their day, and eventually it turned into long talks. You were ecstatic about the progress of your roommate relationship with Chan, and when you say progress, your feelings also go with the flow. 
You finally admitted that you have a crush on your roommate, it was very obvious that Chan is likeable. Aside from Felix, he's the nicest guy you've ever met, his attitude from the very first time you guys met never changed, and you appreciate it. 
You were busy cleaning your room when you heard some soft knocks against your door. You were shocked to see Chan peeking from the outside, wanting to call your attention.
"Hey, Chan. Is there anything I can help you with?" You said as you placed your freshly washed clothes on your bed. He seemed to hesitate answering so you beckon him to go in, as he did eventually.
"Are you busy?" He asked, eyeing those clothes placed on your bed.
"Oh, not really. Will just place these clothes in the cabinet and I'm done. Why?" You asked him. You didn't know if you were just seeing things or his cheeks flushed a bit red before speaking.
"Uhm. I cooked some pancakes and made some hot chocolates for snacks. It's getting a bit cold here and I'm hungry. If you want I can bring you some here." Chan mused. A bashful smile painted on his face. You were speechless for a moment before you gave him a nod.
"Oh! That's very nice of you. But we can just eat it together in the kitchen." You replied.
"Really? I can just bring you some here while you finish what you were doing. Or I can just leave some for you." He insisted but you just shook your head.
"Nah, I'm fine. I can finish this later. It's very impolite of me if I'll do that. And besides, I do feel hungry now that you mentioned pancakes and hot chocolate." You giggled. Chan let out a sigh of relief and invited you to go with him in the kitchen which you gladly did, leaving all the clothes unattendedly and all the other things you need to do. Chan invited me to eat with him, organizing my things can wait.
No wonder you heard some shuffling in the kitchen a while ago, it was just him trying to cook some food. It surprised you that Chan can cook, since he's always busy. Either in his room or out with his friends, telling you that he'll just eat outside or finish his work that you'll never know if he's already done since you always hear him in his room, but it's all fine. 
Maybe he's just a man who is passionate about his work. 
After minutes of arguing that you'll just get your own food, you sat down on the chair as Chan prepared both your and his food, telling you that he was the one who invited you.
Looking at him, his broad back facing you, his shoulders tensing as he continues to move around, made you feel those weird feelings inside your stomach. It may be bizarre, but it felt good, just right.
Imagining him as the caring boyfriend who takes good care of you, cooking you food whenever he wants to, surprising you every morning with those butterfly kisses around your face. Just the perfect relationship every person wishes to have.
While you make your own world of fantasies, the boy who was the subject of it was staring at you weirdly. Hiding the smile on his face as he looked at your flabbergasted one when he called again your attention, the look on your face as if you were caught doing something illegal made him giggle, but he tried to hide it.
"Thinking of something?" He questioned, a smile now visible on his face. You tried to focus your attention on him once again, shaking away all of the thoughts of him from your mind before answering.
"Uuh, just thinking what will these pancakes taste like, also the hot chocolate." You replied, he scoffed jokingly as he placed your plate of pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup and whipped cream on top.
"And now you're acting like some masterchef judge, or aren't you Gordon Ramsay's daughter?" he joked. 
"Hmm, what if I am?" You remarked. He just shrugged and let out a giggle, his dimples apparent on his face, making him look more cute and soft.
Aah, can you not act cute, just for once?
"Hmm. I guess I'm honored and nervous at the same time, have a taste then, Ms. so-called daughter of Gordon Ramsay." He mused.
You happily indulged yourself with the still warm pancakes, humming as the mix of its softness and the sweet taste of maple syrup excites your taste buds, immediately giving a thumbs up to Chan. He flashed you a wide grin before eating some of his own.
"Didn't know you cook this good, Channie." You blurt out, not realizing that you called him in a different way, you were busy delving in his pancakes.
"Not you doubting my cooking skills." Chan replied. Little did you know, Chan was having a little heart attack from the new nickname you gave him out of the blue, yet you still haven't realized it.
"And, I didn't know I had a new nickname now." Chan mused and let out a chuckle. Confused, your eyebrows furrowed until seconds later you realized what you just said a while ago.
"Never heard someone call me that, even my friends." He admitted. Even his close friends never called him that. And he's glad that someone like you managed to get him a nickname, one thing that he'll never mind at all, especially if it's only you.
"Uh-- okay. I didn't realize it. Sorry" You mumbled, but Chan still managed to hear it. 
"No worries, Channie is cute though. I love it." Your eyes widen as you bring your gaze back to him, while his smile  never falters. It's true, Chan loves it. In fact, he wishes you'll just call him by it everyday. It felt like an addition to his energy. 
"Uh, d'you like the hot chocolate?" Chan changed the topic before he felt the silence envelop you.
You did taste the hot chocolate and it was good, the warmth of the drink seeped into you, making you relax. Winter was still ongoing and you're glad that besides ramen and tea, you found yourself a different way of relaxing and making you warm during the season. One point for making a hot chocolate for a cold season.
"Yep! It was so good! So sweet, I love it. Actually I tried making this but I failed big time, I added too much cocoa, it was bitter." You giggled, remembering the first time you tried doing a hot chocolate, Lexi almost barf making you realize you shouldn't make a hot chocolate drink by yourself.
Chan snorted, trying to contain his laugh when he saw you glaring at him.
"Good thing I can make one. I can be your savior," He said, his eyebrows moving up and down. 
"If you insist, actually your hot chocolate is my new favorite now." You confessed. Chan is like hot chocolate, warm, and sweet. He feels homely because of his warm and sweet nature. No wonder you felt comfortable around him in no time. He never once made you feel ill at ease. A pure green flag. That is Chan to you.
Tumblr media
Felix went to your apartment several times in the past, but most of it was for school purposes. Activities wherein you were partners, but most of the time he just wants to do it with you, for the sake of copying some of your answers which you don't mind.
But the reason why he is at your apartment today is unusual. And it is the first time he has hung out with you in winter. Weird it may be, but it just happened that way. Lexi and Felix knew each other of course because of the seldom visiting in the past, but not as close as you with being friends with the both of them.
When Felix knew that your new roommate is his cousin, he immediately messaged you saying he'll visit one of these days. It was a long time ago but the free time he only has is now, due to his part time job at the restaurant near his apartment.
There is a fat chance of the cousins meeting at the apartment, but now isn't. Chan went out early to go to his friend's place. And that's the time Felix finally told you that he'll come over.
And here you are, in the kitchen while Felix let you make a room of chaos by helping him make brownies, but sooner he just made you sit and told to watch him. One thing that you agreed on since baking isn't really your thing.
You were too immersed with your phone when you suddenly heard Felix greet someone.
"Hey! You're back!" Your head immediately turned to Chan who looked flabbergasted seeing his cousin being busy in his kitchen.
He then turned his gaze to you, then threw a smile at your direction which you immediately reciprocated.
"You're early…?" You questioned. Chan told you that he will stay at his friend's place for a few hours since they were planning to make a new song, so you assumed he'll be back at night, and it is still afternoon.
"Hmm. Jisung's mom called him for help, so we just finished it there, then we'll continue for some time. It's really not that necessary to finish the song." Chan replied. You were about to speak when you remembered you had another person inside your home.
"What does it feel like when someone replies to your greeting, yeah? 'Oh hello Felix! How are you? It's been a long time? Are you having fun here with Y/n?' Something like that, no?" Felix scoffed, his eyes rolling when Chan giggled. 
Chan went to give his cousin a light bump on his shoulders, apologizing for not greeting him back.
"Sorry dude, I mean, we just saw each other a few days ago." Chan bantered but Felix replied with a raise of a brow.
"Okay. I'll just let it pass, who wouldn't be distracted when you saw y/n first, right?" He quipped, flashing a smirk directed at Chan who was failing to keep a smile. In the end, he just smacked his cousin's arm again. Feeling himself shrinking at the lowkey showing of adoration for y/n. 
Chan knew his roommate was pretty, in and out. He has been harboring appreciation for the girl. Even at that point his friends were pushing him to ask you for a date. But he never did. For him, it was too early to ask you. Living together with you is just as right as rain. Getting to know you, see you, and have more time with you is more than enough for him.
Chan left to go to his room after exchanging a few banters with Felix. And finally, the brownies were already done. So you took all of the baked brownies with you and went to the living room, with Felix hot on your trail, a tub of ice cream on his arm.
"Excuse me, Miss y/n, don't finish all of the brownies please." Felix protested when he saw you continuously eating the bite size brownies, worried that you might finish it all.
It was a minute's worth of fussing over brownies. Of course you were never the greedy one, you just wanted to tease Felix, you ate several pieces, then gave the plate to him, you grabbed some for Chan, but you don't have any idea when he'll come out of his room so you just set aside his brownies.
And the big fat silence took you over. Save for Felix's music playing through his phone. You don't feel like watching tv, and neither do he. You were having fun with your brownies when Felix once again executed his talent: asking questions out of the blue.
"Hey, I wanted to know what you think about my cousin?" You snorted as soon as you heard his question. When he does look serious with his question, and it seems like he is really waiting for an answer, you replied.
"Huh? As a roommate?" You asked. Felix cocked his eyebrow at you, as if silently judging you.
He wasn't clear with his question per se.
"Of… course. Why? You wanna tell me what you think of him as a guy?" And now Felix's face morphed into something akin to ludicrous. 
"You weren't clear with the question, oh please." You cried. With the way you were acting and Felix being the best tormenter ever, you can envision yourself telling Felix what you feel about his cousin. 
"Oh-kay! Fine. What do you think of him as a roommate?" Felix asked again. 
"Okay, I think he's the best roommate I ever had. Very clean, he never leaves a place that contains his mess--" You were speaking when Felix suddenly interrupted your commentary.
"Wait, more than Lexi?" Felix remarked. You know he was just teasing you, Felix knows how much you love Lexi and you were just overstating because it was Chan.
"What?? Of course not! I mean, I have the same feelings for them as a roommate. Maybe I just like the thought of Chan being a good guy who respects others, like his roommate. Besides you, I never interacted so much with guys, but if it's Chan, I think it's okay. I am so comfortable with him, and he's too much of a… gentleman." You remembered the time when you walked in to Chan being shirtless in the kitchen. You don't remember how many times he said sorry for not wearing a shirt. You were just shocked, oh Lord. He's just too sexy to look at. He might think of you as a creep. 
Him saying sorry for being comfortable is so dreadful. 
Even if you told him too many times that night that it was okay, he still wore a shirt the next day. And that made you feel bad. That time you reminded yourself not to freak out by seeing a guy flashing his half naked body.
But how can you do that? Knowing that it was him was rendering you speechless.
"Uhm.. earth to y/n?" Felix snapped his fingers in front of you, making you go back to your trance. Stop thinking about him. Do it like it was easy, huh.
"Oh.. sorry." You chuckled awkwardly, you felt like you were getting smaller. Even though you won't tell him, Felix noticed that you were off the wall when you started talking about Chan.
"Do you like my cousin?" Again, you were knocked senseless by his question. 
Are you really getting questioned by Felix? By your roommate's cousin? In your own apartment? With your roommate in question, which is currently present here?
"W-what? Why are you asking me that?" You chuckled awkwardly, you felt like your mind had gone blank by the sudden questioning. You weren't even sure if you really like, as in like Chan. You just knew you found him attractive.
"Chan has been a nice person ever since, but there's something with the way you talk about him." He said, as if he's that certain with his assumption.
"Maybe because he's just being a gentleman, and I appreciate that, that's it." You replied shortly. Maybe you were really just admiring his personality. You deemed guys being the not gentleman type, except Felix. Many of your female acquaintances told you stories about guys who were being a pain in the ass and just plain rude. And maybe that's one of the reasons why you abstain yourself from talking to other guys, second is just you were a major awkward person.
Felix stared at you for a good minute before smiling and greeted Chan, who went out with his hair damp, maybe he just took a shower then decided to go out.
"Yo Chris, Y/n saved you some brownies, that's for being the best roommate." Felix sneered as you smack him playfully on his arm.
You turned your gaze to Chan and saw a small smile on his face which you immediately reciprocated.
Oh, a thought passed by your mind, did he hear you and Felix talking about him?
You wish he didn't.
Tumblr media
A month has passed yet the winter season is still on the run. You were in the supermarket with Chan who just hopped in since he wanted to buy some of his basic necessities and foods he shares with you in the fridge.
You were checking your list when you felt an arm draped over your shoulder. Too stunned, you didn't turn your head right away, to see if it's really him. Because you can literally smell the familiar scent of his calming perfume. And one thing that you wanted to do right now is to just snuggle your face between his neck and sniff his scent, sounds creepy but that's what on your mind right now.
"How about this one, y/n? I think we can make kimchi jjigae for tonight? What do you think?" Chan asked you, turning your gaze sidewards to see his face. Even though you can literally hear your heartbeat loud.
Is it because of the proximity? Or solely because of Chan?
Trying not to sound and look awkward, you patted his hand softly, telling him that you were fine with it. You have no idea if you were just feeling things, but you felt his arms tensed when you pat it.
"Of course, but you'll cook okay? You were the one who's confident with their kimchi jjigae." You grinned. You weren't confident with what you, you were even shocked you managed to contain yourself while being that close with Chan.
Chan didn't even know where he got that confidence. He was panic-stricken when Y/n didn't look back at him, and he really felt how she frozed when he did that. But when Y/n patted his arm lightly, he knew that she was fine, and his heart was beating passionately he could hear it. But he acted cool, for the sake of his pride and unspoken feelings. 
He remember the time where Felix asked Y/n if she likes him and heard her answer, he felt the world ground right below his feet. He knew that her answer probably meant no. She does appreciate him, and he knows that it isn't the same as like, that doesn't mean she likes him as him, and not the person she lives with.
Maybe acting like cool friends won't hurt. Oh, maybe a little, for him. 
Going back to the apartment is not that complicated, you hailed a cab because riding a bus back home while bringing those grocery bags isn't the best idea at all. 
Since Chan knew how to make kimchi jjigae better, he was working alone in the kitchen when Y/n suddenly appeared, shrouded herself with her usual comfortable shirt, her hair tied up in a bun. Something with the way she looks screams domesticity to Chan. A girlfriend watching her boyfriend cook their dinner. The thought alone made Chan smile. Being able to live with her as a roommate is more than enough.
Even if he knew they weren't feeling the same.
But why does he feel like she was staring right into his soul?
You were so amazed by seeing Chan work in the kitchen. He moves dexterously, as if he's really been doing this ever since. Just by looking at him, you can feel your heartbeat briskly again. Everytime you see Chan, there's this familiar feeling that grows as time passes by.
Do you still deny yourself for falling for Chan?
Truthfully speaking, as days passed by and the more you knew about your roommate, the more you slowly realized that you were indeed, in love with your roommate. This wasn't just simply a roommate appreciation feeling. 
It was entirely the same as you expected.
"Okay Chan, I feel like you used to be a chef in your past life." You giggle as you once again slurp again the savory soup of the kimchi jjigae. Chan scoffed jokingly as he took a spoonful of rice from his food.
"Maybe I am. I do appreciate your kind words." Chan replied. You were finally done with dinner and it was such a nice one since whenever you eat with Chan, it was filled with fun and giggles here and there. There was no dull dinner with Chan.
There was a raging snowstorm as per the weather forecast and you were more than irked knowing that there will be lots of snow outside.
"I'll wash the dishes Channie. You go to the living room, I'll be in charge here." You said as you gathered the empty plates and pots. Putting it all on the kitchen sink, while you saw Chan open the fridge and grab a can of drink.
"Want some beer?" Chan asked as he showed you the can on his hand. It was the beers he bought from the grocery earlier. 
"Out of the sudden?" You chuckled at him. It was unusual for Chan to drink beer on a random night. He once told you that he does drink whenever he's at parties. So why beer?
He then shrugged and flashed you a toothy smile.
"Oh, it does help me warm up. It's chilly here. I don't mind having beer, how about you?" Chan stated. It isn't weird, because beer does help you warm up on the inside, and you don't mind consuming one tonight, so you gave Chan a thumbs up before he nodded at you and went to the living room, with two bottles of beer in his hands.
You were never confident with your alcohol tolerance, every memory was shared with embarrassment, so as much as possible, you did drink responsibly. You want to have some time with Chan. You know you can always say no to him, but consuming a bottle won't hurt. Besides, it really does help you warm up.
"Isn't it weird if I drink beer on a winter night instead of coffee or hot chocolate?" Chan chuckled as he chugged on his beer. You knew how much Chan detest coffee, just like you with winter.
"Not really, I know how much you hate coffee, and we just ran out of hot chocolate. Actually, this is new, but I don't hate it. It's been a long time since I last drank beer. But I never expected it to be on a winter night though." You said making the boy laugh. 
"But it is fun!" He countered.
"Yeah, yeah. I just hate that the time was winter. I hope spring comes soon. I hate this season anyway." You accidentally slipped your detestment for winter. You can see how his face morphed into confusion, the bottle sitting on his hand before asking.
"Huh? Why, though? Winter is great! How can you dislike winter?" Chan wondered. For him, winter is great for cuddling. He loves to warm himself up together with his loved ones. Winter is a great time for hot chocolate, too.
Winter is great and better especially when you're with someone who you care for. Giving the warmth that they deserve on a cold winter night.
"I just hate it. I don't know why people are so happy whenever winter comes. It's snowing hard yet they still enjoy it. Or is it just me, because I really hate playing in the snow?" You wondered, ever since you were a kid, you never understood the fun of playing in the snow. It was cold, and probably it'll make you sick.
"Nah, all I see, be it kids or adults, loves playing in the snow." Chan replied. You just smiled sadly as you realized you never once played in the snow ever since you were a kid. You just don't have someone to play with.
"Oh, maybe I was just being bitter." You chuckled as you played with your bottle. Ah, the memories of the past still haunt you big time. 
Winter never did anything to you in the first place, it was just a season that passed by every year. It's just that, someone did taint them badly for you to hate it.
Chan suddenly felt the atmosphere shift into something different. He didn't know if it was because of the alcohol but he can feel that Y/n has something running into her mind right now. He never knew that she disliked the current season. He never knew that she's probably bringing something into her chest. There should be a reason, at least. But if she never wanted to talk about it, who is he to push her more?
But he just wanted to try his luck, maybe he can be a bit of help, even with just the little things.
He can see how much Y/n contemplates with herself. 
"Hmm.. there must be a reason. Do you… want to share it?" Chan carefully asked and saw if Y/n would respond. He knows he's not yet drunk, save for his high tolerance, he can really listen and understand what Y/n would say.
He can be the good listener he always had been.
The thing that bugs you up to this day, whenever winter comes was never shared with anyone else, even Felix, and Lexi. Your father has always been taking care of you, showing you that he can be the best parent you need to have. Filling in the role of a person you love, but left you in spite of that.
"I trust you enough to tell this, Channie." You sighed and gave him a smile.
"The night is young, pretty, go ahead."
Your mom has been your role model ever since. Being the most caring mother that she is, always taking care of you and your older brother, Lucas. She always puts you and your brother first in everything before herself. The most selfless mother you've known.
Your parents had an "okay" relationship when they were together. Doing what every parent should do for their children. You were still a kid back then, so everything you saw made you think that your parents do love each other like every other parents you see from your friends.
Until one day, and it was the start of winter, right after you came back from the mall with your father, you saw your mom packing up her things, altogether with your brother's clothes. You were starting to wonder why, not until your father blurted out the words you never expected him to say. Because all you know is that they love each other.
"Go, leave us. I bet you are happy now, you feel free, yeah? Go ahead. I hope you'll be a good mother to that bastard's son. Why did I even marry a cheater?" 
When you were a kid, the words that you only understood the words leave, good, and happy.
You never understood why your mother and brother have to leave you both. Is  there something wrong? Does your mother hate you? Do they hate living with you now? Why did they have to leave?
Does your mother still love you?
As you grow up, you finally understand all the reasons, your mind slowly opening up to the fact that not everyone's family was made to be perfect. Your father explained to you how your mother cheated on him when they were still together. Giving birth to your brother whom he thought was his real son. A thing that your mother kept until she got pregnant with you. 
Your father was hurt so much by knowing that kind information, but he never regretted loving your brother. The fact that your mother managed to cheat and stayed with him while she's out there doing some kind of infidelity shattered his heart. He did anything to love your mother but all he ever received was pain.
Now that you knew it, it still made you hurt, remembering that cold winter night where your mother was nowhere to be found, you all alone in your small room crying. The experience was traumatic, but you slowly coped with it. But the hate for the season stayed, as well the memory of your mother leaving you.
"I never liked the coldness of the winter. It's because I remember how much I cried for my mother, because every winter, she used to stay with me until I fell asleep, together with my brother. Up until now, it still haunts me. So sorry for killing your joy whenever winter comes." You chuckled as you down the remaining beer from your bottle.
"You know, you never say sorry for your trauma. You didn't want that. No one likes to be left behind. And if hating winter does help you cope up, so be it. It was never a bother for me anyway. Don't be worried about it." Chan said and gave you a heartwarming smile. 
That, that smile is what makes the past cold nights turn into weeks, then months of warmth and cozyness. There were no dull and cold nights whenever you're with Chan. In fact, having him here together with you is what makes you feel better on those cold nights. He never made you feel alone. And you were grateful for having him here with you.
And you were grateful for having those warm fuzzy feelings in your stomach that felt just right. Even if it makes your heart pound like crazy.
"You know.." you started, your eyes focused on the bottle in your hands. While Chan trained his eyes on your figure, waiting for you to continue.
"These past few months, I never felt this happy. I had my share of hate for the season, but I think it's okay now that you're here. So thank you." You said and you can literally feel your cheeks heat up, so you did your best not to lift your face. Not wanting to have any embarrassment happening.
You heard his small gasp and it made you smile. This was shocking for him, you can tell, but it's the truth.
"Uhm.. I don't think I did anything to make you feel better in this season, but I'm glad to know I did some kind of help. It means a lot to me, you know." Chan said and scratched the back of his neck, he can also feel his cheeks heating up. The weather was cold yet their cheeks felt hot at the very moment.
To be someone's comfort is relieving for Chan. Even if he doesn't know what kind of comfort he brings to Y/n, he's glad that she's been comfortable and open to him now. All he knows is that everyone has a struggle with something, and not everyone has the same problem every day. So we need to be kind to everyone.
A principle he had brought with him ever since he was a kid.
But now that Y/n opens up more about herself, he can't help but to be more caring for her. He just wanted her to be happy, just like how he has been ever since he met her.
"You know, I still have something to tell you. I don't know what will happen after but I wanted to tell you this." You started. And you already had warned yourself that you don't have any good relationship with alcohol, yet you still pursue this. There's something with drinking alcohol that makes you do something on a whim. 
Is it called confidence?
Nah, you'll just see if you regret doing this tomorrow.
"Hm? What is it? Should I be worried?" Chan giggled. He was confused but at the same time, anxiousness bubbled up on his stomach. He was still sober, in truth, he never consumed all of the alcohol, too engrossed with Y/n.
That's what love is.
"Uhm… I… Whenever we're together, like this.. I can't help but feel this weird thing. I don't know if it's out of appreciation for your roommate or what. But I don't hate it. It feels good. And I don't want it gone. Is it a crush? love? or just pure appreciation?" You said and Chan clearly hears how obscure your feelings are. Yet, the feeling of excitement is more prominent than worry for your confused feelings. It's dangerous on his side, he knows, yet he can't help but to think that maybe you feel the same for him.
"Are… are you sure? Or is it because you're drunk, Y/n?" Chan asked as he checked on you. When you didn't answer, he stood from the couch across and sat beside you. He looked at you first, before trying to reach your hand, when he didn't feel any sign of hesitation, he slowly squeezed it, trying to make you look at him.
"Tell me, are you sure with what you're saying? Or you're just babbling words?" Chan said and he can feel the frustration in his voice. He didn't want to look and sound frustrated, but the hope in his heart pushed him to do so, he wanted to know if you feel the same or not. Heck, he wanted to kiss you right now, but he doesn't know if it's okay with you. Of course! Who would want to kiss their roommate even without having any romantic relationship?
"I may be drunk, Channie. But I tend to remember the things I say and do when I'm drunk." You muttered and stared at him. When he didn't answer, you continued speaking, telling him the most kept secret you feel about him.
"You know, I do believe that drunk minds speak sober thoughts, and don't worry, I don't feel like I'll regret doing this tomorrow, because I really wanted to tell you that I like you, heck, maybe I already love you, Channie." You finally said it, feeling those weird things happening inside you again. And the goddamn heartbeat that goes fast, whenever he's near with you.
You can see how his face lightens up at the moment, you were never sure about body language, but you felt like he does feel the same.
"Can… Can I kiss you?" Chan was hesitating to ask this, but now that you already told him what you feel, he tried his luck, and when you nodded your head and squeezed his hand. Not wanting to say any words, because you don't trust yourself enough now.
You can feel his face inching closer with yours, his warm breath that smells like the alcohol you just drank. His breath, his gaze, the proximity, and the situation makes you even more drunk. And your mind blanks as soon as you feel his lips plant on yours.
So this is how his lips felt like.
It was so soft, just how you always thought of it, it was like caressing your skin. The fact that your lips were chapped didn't make you conscious because all you were thinking is that, you felt those feelings again, but ten times stronger and it you were fully aware that it was Chan kissing you.
You can feel yourself slowly melting into the kiss. It was pure delight, and you must admit that you never felt this way before. Too grateful that you were feeling this way with Chan and not every other guy.
You can feel his hands moving to your nape, guiding your head carefully as he leaned in more, feeling his lips move oh so slowly as if he was afraid to break you.
Chan finally pulls out, his eyes still closed as he catches his breath, his cheeks dusted with a shade of pink.
His hands never let go of you, as he planted it on your cheeks, making you lean on his touch. You too, were speechless for a bit as you catch your breath, also making it as an excuse for what you just felt, still shy to admit that you were indeed in love with Chan, even though you just voiced it out a few minutes ago.
"So…" Chan started. He was still ecstatic by the fact that she reciprocates the same feelings. His mind went haywire when they finally shared an intimate moment together. A feeling that Chan only dreamt of, not expecting it to happen in real life.
It was like Y/n is a dream come true.
Chan's hand wrapped around yours once again, molding it with yours as if it was meant to be there. You shared a minute of staring at each other before Chan managed to speak.
"You don't have to worry, Channie. Didn't you know you're likeable? I bet every girls you met had a crush on you, but I am the one blessed, I guess." You chuckled. You were certain, with this attractive face and a beau ideal of a boyfriend, Chan had unconsciously made every girls at his beck and call.
"I'm so happy to know you feel that way, because honestly? I feel the same way for you. I was afraid I am the only one harboring feelings but here you are." He shrugged and plant a peck on your knuckles.
"So.. Does this mean we're dating now?" Chan said once he pulled out of the kiss, again running out of breath. There's something about feeling your lips against his makes him want to go more.
Maybe it was because of the alcohol, or pure adoration, or it can be both but you felt yourself leaning closer to Chan until you felt his lips against yours.
Someone like Chan was the person you ever wish to share a romantic relationship yet the one you didn't expect to come. He's too good to be true. But you love it, and you'll make sure not to let it out of your grasp.
"Come on, isn't it obvious?" You chuckled while he just shrugged and hugged you, making you surprised, but relaxed eventually. He's so warm, just like how you always thought about him.
"Okay, so are you in for an outdoor date tomorrow? I may love what we have here, but I wanted to go out and spend my time with you besides going to the grocery store." Chan said, making you chuckle. He's not wrong. You went out with him several times now, but it was all for the sake of groceries.
Having to spend time outside on a winter day with Chan? Nothing gets better than that.
"Of course. I would love to spend a day with you outside, on a winter day."
Tumblr media
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totomoshi · a day ago
pairing: Stephen Strange x reader
authors note: this was an idea had while listening to First Burn and it doesn’t have to do with the fact that i still can’t move on from MoM 😌
You would be lying if you said you didn't want to be your sister, Christine Palmer.
In all honesty, it wasn't because she's a successful surgeon or a certified brainiac but mainly it was due to the fact that she has the love of your life in the palm of her hand, Stephen Strange.
Many people don't know what you saw in the doctor, but they didn't know about those secret moments when he put aside his ego just to talk and comfort you when you couldn't keep up with your sister's achievements.
That and the teasing moments where he would show his infamous smirk made you fall wholeheartedly. At first, you were confident he reciprocates those feelings but every time you saw the look that he gave your sister; one filled with love and adoration, you knew you didn't stand a chance.
Now here you were standing on the balcony of the ballroom that was currently hosting your sister’s engagement party. You were happy for her but you couldn't stand there for another second watching Stephen look at her like a lovesick puppy.
Your private moment alone was interrupted by a familiar voice that always made your heart flutter
“Y/n, what are you doing out here?”
Ah, speak of the devil and he shall appear.
“Nothing just needed some fresh air,”
“Even after all these years, you’re still bad at lying” he chuckled
“Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood Stephen”
“Well it didn't seem that way when you chatted with Doctor Andrews” he muttered
That made your anger bubble up as you didn't know what Dr. Andrews had to do with any of this
“Excuse me? What does that mean? Also, since when does it ever concern you which guy I talk to Strange?” you told him as you turned around to look at him properly which was a mistake as he looked oh so good in his suit tonight
He knew he was already in uncharted territory with her, hence the use of his last name. But it didn't matter because jealousy seemed to currently blind him.
“I’m not stupid, y/n. You were in a good mood before and now suddenly I come near you, and you’re becoming so hostile? Just tell me you hate me and I won't bother you ever again. It's the least you could do”
The blue eyes that you came to love were gone and were replaced with anger, hurt, and jealousy? But that's impossible...
“What the hell are you talking about? Since when do I hate you? I think it's better if you just go back inside and continue to stare at my sister instead of talking out of your ass”
You knew it was wrong to bring Christine into this but you couldn't care less. You were just so angry at him.
“What does Christine have to do with this?”
“Everything! She’s the reason I’m out here! What, you thought I didn't see you staring at her like someone killed your puppy? I may not be smart as the both of you, but I’m not blind”
This was it, you’ve reached your breaking point. The tears that you tried so hard to keep in we're starting to form.
“I don’t have feelings for Christine, y/n. Not anymore”
“I know about whispers, I see how you look at my sister...” you whispered as the tears started to show
At this point, you were done being angry, you were just so heartbroken to see the man you love to be in love with your sister. He seemed to finally understand the situation as his eyes finally softened to become the blue that you fell for.
“Y/n, believe me when I say that I don't love her anymore. Care? Yes. But as a friend, nothing more. Damn it y/n, you’re the one that I'm in love with” he confessed as he held both of your hands
You were shocked, to say the least. It was like the two of you were currently filming a scene of your favorite rom-com.
“Please don’t lie to me Stephen” was the only sentence you managed to muster out without breaking down.
His eyes raked over your face as if he was memorizing every little detail
“Maybe this will make you believe me” was what he told you before he cupped your face and gave a kiss that you once thought existed only in dreams.
It took you only a few seconds to return the kiss as you looped your arms around his neck
“I think I might need a little more convincing” you giggled
“As you wish” he chuckled
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and then to end the day I visited the KinnPorsche tag
Tumblr media
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and i let go, | k. bakugo / reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This was really meant to be something small I was going to write to vent but then it kinda turned into almost 3k words and I even made a banner for it and everything. And you know me and how obsessed I am with friends to lovers pussy whipped bakugo...
Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki/ reader
Warnings: 18+, MDNI, mentions of reader going through a bad relationship, comfort sex, cheating (not on reader)
Word count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
Bakugo is a very good friend. You can rant to him endlessly, go on and on about your problems with your relationship to him and when you expect him to be timid and explosive he's comforting and sweet.
He understands the hardship of going through a really bad time in a relationship -even when he's never been in one himself. You turn to him for everything. Crying about how dragging your situation feels, how low your spirits are, trusting him with secrets like the fact that you fake your orgasms in bed, pouring details about yourself -intimate and whatnot- to him.
And he helps out the best way he can. Taking you out for food in between his shifts, doing his best to put a smile on your face as he's emerging his meat in the hot broth in front of him, or stuffing his face with sushi in an all you can eat you two visit, hugging you, pulling you to him all the time. He's set on giving you love and devotion when you most need it, along with all of his support.
But it's killing him.
Day by day.
The more sorrowful you get the worse his feelings for you threaten to burst.
He doesn't want them to nevertheless, thinking it's so cliche -he's so cliche- falling for his best friend, one look at you across his couch could make him cry the red out of his eyes and he knows you could never notice. Not the longing that lingers behind his every gaze, not how his hand brushes over yours when tears start falling down your face.
Begging to spend the night at his place means you're feeling shittier than usual and his gut churns when you burst through the door, face dropping to the floor in sorrow. He knows what it means. The talk you tried to have with your boyfriend didn't pay off, he's not going to change and you don't want to admit it, but he secretly wants to take matters into his own hands, talk to your boyfriend himself, force him to change for you or even break up for you; it all depends on what you want. Whatever it is he'll do it for you.
He hates having to do this. Hide you in his arms in his apartment, watch your face drop even lower as you type out a text to your boyfriend 'I'm spending the night at... ' going back and forth in writing and erasing names, knowing he hates your friends, knowing that stating the truth is out of the question, he tucks his chin in your neck and roams his eyes onto your cell phone screen without thinking that privacy is a concept between the two of you.
"Just tell him you're at Jirou's" He eventually says, his hair rubbing over yours, ears tapping against each other.
"I hate lying" You sigh and fall deeper into his arms, completely engulfed in the way his hands feel wrapped around your torso.
"I know"
And he knows your boyfriend hates him more than anyone else. Maybe justifiably so, he supposes it's obvious he has a thing for you by the way he's in your phone every second of the day, sending you memes, photos, good morning texts. He doesn't act like that with anyone else, but he doesn't care. He'd rather be in your life like this, holding you -so oblivious- to his chest while you let him absorb your sadness away, like the hero he is.
He has great control of himself, resisting the way you feel when you're presses against him, or how hot your skin is, how good your neck smells, like soap and your favorite shampoo. He doesn't even move at all when he puts on your favorite show on Netflix, trapping you on your spot when he grabs onto a pillow and hugs it over your lap to keep you warm.
Lunch dates keep going, over hot pot, miso soup and noodles, pizza and burittos, burgers and falafel, anything you want, and he's bold enough to ask about your sex life, your plans -have you found the strength to break up? - but he's met with silence every time. And subconsciously this plants roots inside him; a need to take care of you and take his time to make you feel good.
When it happens, you're sitting across from him on his couch, eyes never leaving his. It's one of those moments he's lives a thousand times with you, an exchange of gazes that talk in dim lighting, wordlessly. In times like this he convinces himself you want him to.
So your lips taste like heaven on earth when they brush against his. He may not be the most experienced but for you he puts all of his will in the kiss. Your hands cup his face before he gets to do it first, pulling him in and you smell so good, you feel so much warmer than any other time and he knows he should stop. Not take advantage of you in a situation like this, step on another line and shatter another boundary between platonic and romantic. He doesn't want to ruin any potential luck he'd have with you when you'd be officially on your own, but you whisper a small "I need you" paired with a "i think, I think I'm in love with you- I've wanted to do this for so long, I'm tired of feeling horrible about my feelings"
And you're right. He is too.
That's how he closes his arms around your torso and lays down, sighing as he gets you comfortable on top of him, his fingers running in your hair, the back of his fingers brushing against your cheek when he looks you in the eye, his heart clenching as he's going for another kiss.
"How long" He asks, mouth dry when he parts from your lips, it feels like he won't last long away from the well of crystal water that lies across your lips. "How long have you known"
Whatever you reply doesn't matter. A year, a week, a day. If you feel the same way he feels about you nothing else really matters. He won't make you doubt yourself. He'll put in effort for you, give you flowers, cook food with you and not leave you spend hours in a kitchen on your own so him and his friends can blaze their heads off and then eat all of the food that you've made. He's always going to make you feel good, wanted, loved.
Because you keep coming back to him. For comfort, for love, when you think the world is against you.
When clothes fly and pile across the room in random shapes and colors, he tells you you don't have to fake it with him. Your bra, decorates the glass on his coffee stand, muffling the sound of it swaying and weathering in circular motions.
You choke on your spit when the tip of your tongue grazes his, softly, skillfully, like there's no need to put in unnecessary effort into anything. His touch is soft on where your skin is naked, despite you trying to hide yourself away. Suddenly realizing that this is Katsuki, your best friend, seeing you like this, touching you like this.
He's kindly accepting of your embarrassment, telling himself he doesn't need to pry your hands away from your chest, instead he hugs you closer to him, the soft skin of his biceps engulfing you like a fuzzy blanket. He's praying you can't feel the blood pump in his veins. But with your palm pressing onto his chest for leverage he's sure you're aware of his speeding heart.
And fuck, your lips are too sweet.
With a smirk and a tug of his teeth on your lips, he observes how you look at him, timidly, adorning. He flips you on your back and tells himself this is about him taking his time with you, kissing your neck, your chest, fingers rubbing against your clit until you start glistening; it's okay if you're not confident enough to fully open your legs for him. He won't ask for something you can't give him. His middle finger does find its way into your entrance, thick and rough as it penetrates you, you whine.
"I don't like fingering, it hurts" You state, and earn a kiss on your belly when Ruby eyes scan you with worry.
"Not if it's done right" Katsuki says, lips curling around your soft, plush skin again "am I hurting you right now?" He asks, finger completely still inside you, save for the tip that's comfortably pressed close to that spongy spot you love.
Just a little further and you'll admit this stretch is delicious.
His other hand pushes your stomach down softly, his palm warm like a hot water bottle; it makes you relax -so much that there's nothing uncomfortable about the feeling of his finger inside you anymore. In fact, it makes you moan as his thumb taps over your clit, his middle finger rocking once, twice inside of you, ever so slightly, so softly, never twisting nor turning, and he hisses slightly, at the sight of what's between your legs.
"You're doing so good" He says, kissing your navel "I'll make you feel good, I promise"
If only he wasn't sweating himself out in trying his best to make you feel good he'd actually believe himself. Your whines and moans inflate his ego though, casting a grin on his face, confirmation that he's doing good. You sound delicious when he rubs your clit slowly, frothing about that's just how you like it. It's enough to make him feral, angry at how his hunger pushes even more blood to his cock.
"Just like that, fuck- just like that"
He knows you don't talk during sex -the privilege of being a best friend is sacred and holy in moments like these- that you've only ever faked moans here and there, clenched your feet and called it a day, saying you came while ignoring the pain in your walls, wanting to get it over with. You're used to sex feeling moderate, painful, not enough. And that's fine. He is too.
So when you start panting, rocking your hips into his hands, throwing your head back and writhing, when your legs start nervously shaking he knows your orgasm is real, that you've felt good. He's made you feel good. Put effort in to be pleasured. Taken care of. Of course you shiver when he licks his fingers, looking at you intensely, then wipes what's left of his saliva and you're sleek across his naked chest. The sight is sensual and raw, and the way there's a glistening trail in between his pics makes your clothes throb
He was right. He was right when he told you -over face stuffed with omurice while watching some Netflix series a month ago- sex wasn't supposed to feel painful. And you get it now. Sex wasn't supposed to make you want to cry, you weren't supposed to want to get it over with. But now, his face is so far removed from the angry mask he had on that day. It's angelic, it's round and sharp at the same time. You think- you think this is the best decision you've ever made, even if your heart is shaking. Even if there's a tiny hint of guilt in you.
He pulls you over him again, his cock throbbing in his boxers as his crotch gets wet and wetter by your leaking heat. His lips trap yours, your chest collides with his and he pushes his boxers down so he can free his cock. You know it's free when it makes a small noise with a slap on your ass. Precum leaks from your ass to your thigh and he pulls back from the kiss to grab your face and look at you with pleading eyes.
"You okay" He asks, panting, his other hand leaving your face too, to give a pump on his cock.
"'S'all good, come 'ere" He whispers and you lean in closer again, morning at the way his lips touch your forehead tenderly.
He notices you shiver.
He doesn't want to make you feel worse. To make you feel like this is something to feel bad about. Like this is sex and not love making, like there's something that could linger to take you away from him.
"Do you feel the same?" You ask before he gets the chance to speak, leaving him stunned, just a tiny little bit, but your heart is hammering in your chest and he can feel it against his.
"Course I do" He grunts, lips kissing you again
"I want this. With you, now. I've wanted it for so long. But I can't hurt you, or us-"
He shuts you up with another kiss. On your lips. Your cheeks. Your nose. Your eyelids. Tired of the stalling that panic ensues. Whether this is right or wrong is not up to him to decide. Not up to you either. You've been treated so badly, it breaks his heart to think that there's a voice in your head trying to sabotage something that you want over something you should want.
"You loving me will never hurt. Even if you say you want us to forget about this the second we stop I won't ever mention it again. I'll take it to my fucking grave. Hear me?"
You nod with your lips pressed in a thin line. The feeling of his tip squeezing your ass is subtle, but prominent enough to make you lift your hips slightly, to accommodate his cock under and in between your thighs. He groans at the friction and your stomach bursts into tiny little explosions, a sheer coat of sweat is glistening on your face, his face and you nod in reply to his words.
"It won't happen again if I can't have you all to fucking myself though"
"Okay" You pant in between kisses "please I need you"
You moan when his hand cups your breast from the sides, his thumb coming to swipe across your nipple. It feels so good for such a little touch and you voice it in sounds, bucking your hips over his cock a few times, until he groans as well. You're so hungry when you guide him in, just like him, your gazes mirror each other. This is definitely your best decision ever. You don't want to let him go.
The stretch of his cock is a feeling you'll never be sober of. Your body won't move as you want it to and you're embarrassed, but even if your hips don't buck onto him as you want them to, his own take the lead, drilling himself into you.
You wiggle a hand behind you, to stroke his balls while he's fucking into you, slowly and roughly, then fast altogether, changing through paces and he yelps when you cup him, softly rubbing your fingers over his skin. Careful not to hurt him. His response to how you're trying to drive him crazy is to press his thumb on your clit, separate it from his pubes as he goes to rub lazy circles on it.
Your lips don't leave his. Not even for a second
Soon the sounds of both of you fill the room to a brim, and if any of you could think you'd be sorry for the neighbors all around his apartment, the stinging sound of the couch scratching the floor as it loves according to your movements is even louder.
You come to your highs together, buried in each other's necks and you bite the skin over his collarbone when he crushes you impossibly tight into his chest. The euphoria of your orgasm won't go away and neither do you want it to be over. This is the first time you've felt good in such a long time and you feel yourself melt into his arms, like a candle lit on fire.
It's been so long since you've felt this loved, since you've been so tenderly touched and embraced. Since you've accepted an embrace like this.
And there's nothing you can't accept from Katsuki.
He lifts you up and brushes strands of hair that have stuck on your skin and hoists you on his lap, kissing your temples and your neck when he reaches for the fluffy blanket he keeps on the couch, draping it over you, cocooning you in it, before he gets up.
"I'm gonna get something to clean you up and we can talk if you want" He kisses you again and your face heats up, suddenly used -and addicted- to all of this affection "Or not. Anything you want. I just want you to know I'm here, kay?"
You nod, eyes closed as you feel your body grow achingly tired -you notice, Katsuki's feet wobble the tiniest bit when he gets up. It makes you smile as you breathe out. You can't wait to see how it feels to sleep curled up on him. This is so much more than you think you'd ever deserve.
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 4 months ago
Since security breach is able to be written for may I kindly request
Headcanons for a reader tryna help comfort Roxanne, Monty, Glamrock Chica, and Sundrop cuz like... They need emotional support and I wanna give them that lmao
- Salt Anon
Oh for sure. This got long so beware of spoilers!
The wolf was usually so confident in herself. Never letting anything get her down.
But during a boy's birthday party (which you supervised), she was heartbroken when he demanded Foxy the Pirate, not some "weird girly dog".
You tried fixing the situation, but this spoiled brat said he'll only like Roxanne after she "loses an eye and an arm" first. Even the parents made some rude remarks about her and asked about the "original gang".
In anger you kicked them all out of the mall before going to look for Roxanne. She was back in her room, crying with oily mascara running down her face.
You reassure her that family is permanently banned, but she admits that it wasn't their insults that hurt her. But the reminder that she's a replacement of Foxy--a haunting fact she's known ever since her activation.
You had no clue she knew that all this time. But now it makes sense. She's been torturing herself trying to be that popular lovable old fox and live up to all these expectations she put on herself...and it's just not working in her favor.
Even if nobody outright says it, she's certain they all want Foxy, and to know she'll never be like him crushed her spirits.
She just sobs into her hands after finally spilling everything to you. "I-I can't be him, Officer [Y/n]. I want to be him, but...I can't!!"
"You don't have to be him, Roxanne. Nobody's forcing you to."
"Wh..What? But..th-that brat wanted-"
"Sooner or later he'll learn that he can't get everything he wants. You can't make every single child, or adult, happy."
"W-Well..obviously but.." She sits in her chair and stares at the mirror, watching you brush out her hair. "How do I stop feeling this way?"
"Just be yourself. Focus on those who love you. The kids who chant your name. The teens who buy your merch. They're the real fans. They don't want some rusty scary pirate, but a beautiful wolf who rocks the keytar."
Freddy did warn you about feeding into her ego, but this is what she needed to hear. And she stuck to your advice ever since.
The gator didn't know why he was so full of....anger all the time. Hell, a tiny scratch mark on his favorite glasses seemed to be a good reason to punch a nearby Mapbot.
So he didn't quite understand the need for those "No Monty" signs on the metal gates. Though he suddenly felt like defying every last one, especially in his pursuit of Gregory.
How dare they treat him, a rockstar, like he was an animal?!
But the one time he accidentally scratched you while you tried explaining why they were up...that was his wakeup call.
He carries you all the way to first aid and sets you down, looking over the injury.
Now that he's angry with himself for getting so angry and hurting you..you gotta stop him from repeating that same mistake.
Something was definitely off about his systems, especially with recent concerns of his aggressiveness towards guests and STAFF alike.
"Monty, what helps calm you down in your free time?" You ask while patching yourself up.
"What calms me down....?!!!!! Erm, probably..tuning my guitar?" He answers as he scratches his scales. "And reading about golf."
"Then how about we go do that in your room?"
"..it's a total wreck, though."
"I've already sent STAFF cleaning bots to take care of it."
"Ah jeez. You're pretty cool, Officer [Y/n]..thank you."
Your patience and understanding despite all that happened helps him calm down even in that moment.
Glamrock Chica
All of the trash she was eating made her feel absolutely sick.
But she couldn't stop herself, even though none of it satiated her.
It distracted her from socializing with her bandmates, and even you, one of her biggest fans (although you're human STAFF you enjoy her shows a lot).
She didn't want you to see her like this. But you inevitably did and all she could feel was shame and anger as she hurled the trash can towards a poor Wet Floor Bot before fleeing.
You made a Security Bot call her back to you by force and she braces for another scolding, like Vanessa always did, calling her actions "disgusting" and "unsanitary".
Instead you just take her to the virtual pizza-making system and have a Pizzabot craft a proper meal for you both to share.
She ends up devouring it all, but you don't mind. After that she feels guilty for lashing out, and you suggest having a look at her systems to figure out why she had this strange hunger.
"If I had to guess, it could be stress."
"Wait..I've been eating nonstop because I'm stressed?" This new info seemed to be eye-opening for her. "Is that actually a thing??"
"Yeah, but we humans typically don't go around eating garbage when we're stressed. It's not good for us nor you."
"But it doesn't make me sick."
"Maybe not physically, but I know up here it does." You tapped the side of your head, and at that point Chica finally admits she has a problem. But she's willing to work it out with you.
All you wanted to do was test the functionality of the generators in the event of a blackout.
But Sun wouldn't let you near that light switch, having a full blown panic attack (on top of him tripping over the stacked cans and needing to immediately clean them up).
He's acting like the same toddlers he's taken care of, screaming and flailing about while he tries tossing a handful of googly eyes at you as a diversion.
Thank god all the kids went home. Or else they'd either be joining in the chaos or absolutely terrified (again).
"KEEP THE LIGHTS ON!!! ON!!! ON!!!! I BEG YOU!!" His voice sounds shaky, as if he's crying, and you couldn't understand why he was suddenly acting this way.
"Sunny..it's only for a few minutes. Are you scared of turning into Moon?"
His head shakes frantically as he rambles on and on. "He's no good [y/n]!! I dread the night cycle now! Every time I become him..I feel like I....I...." He abruptly sits on the colorful mat, and you join him, hoping to calm him down.
When you encourage him to continue talking, he finishes by saying that, as Moon, he feels like hurting the children who aren't resting. As if they deserve some cruel punishment for it.
He doesn't want to be around you when the lights are off, fearing he'll hurt you, too.
Since Mega Pizzaplex was closed, you were able to take Sun out of there and to your lit office, where he stayed while you tested the generators.
Upon returning you found him curled up in your chair, hugging a plushie of himself and smiling, finally calm again.
Maybe you can troubleshoot Moon's AI somehow, though it'll take a bit of convincing on Sun's part since he's wary of being repaired.
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bakubros-boo-thang · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: When you meet the little Megumi your maternal instincts kick in. He reminds you so much of the one you spend so many nights with. The fact that his adoptive father is a hot dork does make it more complicated though…
Gojo x F!reader, Toji x F!reader
Disclaimer: NSFW, Unprotected sex
Word-count: 8K
A/N: This fic was originally my plan for the 'Summer fix exchange event', but not only was it way too long, I had a lot off doubts about it. Now months later I still have all those doubts. I love the story, but even when I had someone help me with checking the grammar and pace I'm still not 100% sure about it. Also another reminder that I suck at writing smut. Still I have a obsession with kid Megumi and Gojo as a dad and I will always involve Toji, because it's... well it's Toji. I don't need a reason the involve him. I would love some feedback (I'm looking into English writing classes, since this isn't my first language), because I have so many ideas and I want to be able to execute them as I envisioned them. Thanks for reading this whole essay and I hope you can keep up with the 8K of word-vomit which is basically me living my dream ;)
‘’Megumi, be careful out there, please! I know that Gojo lets you climb on these things, but It would be unfortunate if something happened to you.’’ You were still confused about how you ended up in this situation. You were just a part-time teacher at his school, but when you first met the angry-looking first-grader, you could feel your maternal instincts kick in. You would join him at the playgrounds after school had finished, and when ‘Gojo sensei’ - the man that had adopted him - was late again, he would end up at your place for dinner. It was far from appropriate, but the little boy slowly took a seat in your heart, and all you wanted to do was be there for him. The only thing you knew was what Gojo had told you. He had lost his mother at an even younger age, and his father couldn’t handle raising him. It all sounded complicated, so you couldn’t imagine what it must have been like for the boy. You took one look at the message that had appeared on your phone: ‘I’m later than usual today Y/n.’ It was at least nice of Gojo to text you this time.
He knew how you felt about Megumi. That’s why he trusted you with him. Gojo might’ve seemed like a pretty selfish guy - attractive, but full of himself; still, he tried everything he could to make Megumi’s life a bit better. You could see it in the way he would bring Megumi to school (always late or in a rush), make sure he had something to eat (mostly food bought from an overly expensive coffee shop on the way), and even show up at parent-teacher conferences (which have recently turned into a speed dating scene). You didn’t know much about his job, but he was often away on business trips and such, and during those times Megumi would stay at your place. Again, you did not share this with colleagues because no one would understand how much you cared about the little boy. He reminded you of someone…
The buzzing of your phone got you out of your thoughts again. ‘ I am sorry, Y/n, it’s going to be an all-nighter. Can Megumi stay with you?’ As if you would ever say no. ‘That’s fine.’ you texted back. It was Friday, so the least you could do is watch a movie with him, so he had something to tell his classmates about when the weekend was over.
However, you doubted he would even say anything to his classmates about it. Megumi didn't talk about his life much and what he did outside of school since he seemed to not have any friends, but that was not because of his classmates; he just did not care about them. When you had just met him, you were surprised he took a liking to you. He wasn’t overly affectionate or anything, but he would always ask how you were. He would often show the tricks he practiced at the playground to you. ‘’Miss L/N, look at this. Divine dog run!’’ And he would just run around and pretend to pet his imaginary pet. It might have seemed weird to others, but to you, it was just another reason to love the quiet boy. He had a lot of imagination for someone so reserved. You played along sometimes, asking him how his dogs were doing and acting surprised when he added another toad to the bunch. And in return, you ended up drawing various animals together to visualize his imagination. You knew that Megumi was clever, especially when you drew more of his ‘Shikigami's.’ He turned to you and said: ‘’I know you can’t see them, Miss L/N, but thank you for believing me.’’ He continued drawing, not noticing the tears in your eyes; you believed him; it was, after all, his imagination, his way of working through past traumas.
You got up from the swingset as you called for Megumi. ‘’Megumi, you’re going to stay with me tonight, alright?’’ He quickly jumped off the playground slide, much to your displease, and nodded his head. ‘’Which movie will we watch tonight?’’ he says. ‘’Who says tonight is movie night, huh?’’ You could see a smile forming on his face. ‘’Y/n, it’s always movie night when I stay over! Even on school nights, just earlier because I have to go to bed early.’’ He exaggerated the word early, but that couldn’t even ruin the mood. The fact that he used your first name, the smile on his face, all of it made you so glad that you have met the little boy. ‘I am so thankful for that good for nothing father of yours, so happy that Gojo stepped up and made you end up with me. I promise I will do everything in my power to make that smile last, Megumi.’ You thought to yourself.
The evening was full of more laughter than usual. After playing charades (which Mr. Imagination, of course, won), too much pizza, and a documentary Megumi had picked out, he couldn’t even deny he was tired. So when you tucked him in and saw his eyes close, you whispered: ‘’Thank you for making me laugh so much today.’’ And even when he looked asleep, his mouth still opened to whisper a response: ‘’Thank you for being there...mom.’’ Hearing those words was too much; you had to get out of the bedroom before he could see your tears. You didn’t notice Megumi’s eyes opening as you made your way out of the room. He didn’t like to see you cry, especially if it was because of him, but he couldn’t help the warm feeling in his stomach that started to spread. He often acted grumpy around you and Gojo, but he knew this feeling was what it meant to be loved and that made him fall asleep happier than ever, despite your tears.
Closing the bedroom door you noticed someone knocking on the front door: ‘’Not now’’ was all you could think. You kept wiping your face hoping the tear stains would be gone by the time you reached the front door. As you finally opened the door, a hand grabbed your throat and pushed you against the wall. Before you knew it, someone’s lips touched yours in a hungry kiss. Forcing yourself out of the person’s grip and kiss was harder than it seemed, but after struggling for a bit, you were back to receiving oxygen and couldn’t help but be annoyed.
‘’Where the hell have you been, Toji?’’ His face showed an amused smile. ‘’Huh, you missed me, haven’t you, woman? Let me make it up to you then.’’ You were still filled with emotions from Megumi calling you “mom” moments earlier, so you couldn’t help the voice crack you let out when you spoke your next words. ‘’It’s not that, it’s just... I get worried when you leave without telling me when you’re coming back, you know.’’Toji didn’t even notice the words you were saying, his eyes were focused on your lips, probably thinking about kissing them again. Only when his eyes met yours did he notice them being red. You could see his relaxed expression change, as he grabbed your sides to force you to look at him.‘’Did you cry, Y/n? Did someone hurt you?’’ You could see the scar on his face wrinkle due to his angry expression. ‘’NO, don’t worry, it’s just… one of my students accidentally called me mom, and… my maternal instincts kicked in.’’ You said as you put your hands on his chest to hold him back. Looking at him reminded you of the little boy that is laying in your bed. The way they could be so cold towards outsiders… ‘’He kinda reminds me of you. Calm and calculated.” You finished. You could see that he didn’t really like where the conversation was heading. Understandable. This was the guy you had met outside of a club, bruised and bleeding. You ended up stitching him up, and he slept with you as a thank you. Ever since that night, you had been hooking up now and then. You didn’t know much about Toji, not his last name, not his past, not where he came from, but what you knew about him was that there were only two things on his mind: Sex and Money, in no particular order.
Speaking of, seeing the way he was looking at you, the way his hands were making their way down from your sides towards your thighs, you could already tell which one of the two was on his mind right then. ‘’So, you wanna be a mommy now? I can help you take care of that. Give you one that looks like me, calm and calculated, you said?’’ And with that, he pulled you in for yet another hungry kiss. You didn’t care; this was just a hookup, just pure lust, and attraction. You had no time for love; you had other things to think about, Megumi, school, your life plans. You deserved these moments just filled with lust. Even though you knew that you were just forcing yourself to believe that. ‘’Wait!’’ You whispered as you stopped Toji from entering your bedroom. ‘’My student is sleeping in there.’’ He gave you a disappointed look, but within seconds the hunger was back on his face. ‘’You’re lucky you teach first graders; I would hate to see someone older than that in your bed.’’ You let out a chuckle as you made your way to the living room. ‘’Shut up, you’re going to wake him up!’’ As he took a seat on the couch, he responded with: ‘’You’re gonna have problems shutting up once I’m inside you. Don’t wanna wake up your little student, right?’’
Before you had the chance to respond, he pulled you on top of him into yet another kiss. As you sat on top of him, only wearing undies and a sundress, you could feel his bulge. This wasn't new to you. You knew how he looked and what he has done with you; the thoughts alone make you melt.
You started grinding against his bulge. You could hear a soft hiss escape from his mouth as you started attacking his neck with bites and kisses. you knew what he liked as well. ‘’Stop teasing me, woman! I don’t have time for this today, I’m over teasing, let's go!’’ and before you knew it, he had pulled down his jeans and boxers to his knees, ripped your underwear, and pushed his cock into your core. The moan that escaped you is loud, and you are lucky that Toji has covered your mouth with his hand. You could see his smirk as he watched you lose control. ‘’Make yourself moan like that again.’’ And you did as he said. At that moment, you took a page out of Toji’s book. And he liked seeing you like that: selfish. Seeing you rub your clit while riding his cock. Switching the pace to a torturing-slow one and pinning his arm behind him; which gives you an amazing view. Seeing him pinned beneath you, with pleading eyes and curses leaving his mouth. ‘’You make me go feral, Y/n.’’ And that’s what did it. That’s what made you switch to a much faster pace; the need to make him go feral. The moment you let go of his hands, they’re already smacking your ass, and before you knew it, he had been holding your ass as he pounded into you with even more speed. The soft moans changed into fast panting of you both and your eyes locked while the pounding continued. ‘’I want you to be selfish and cum all over my cock, Y/n, right now!’’ And that is all you needed. The small selfish part of you has won, and you collapsed on top of him while he kept pounding into you. You could feel his nails leave scratches on your back and your ass. And as you took another look at this mysterious man, you noticed that he was not even speaking in full sentences anymore. ‘’You don’t know… what… you’re… doing… to me… aargh.’’ And with that, you felt his cum painting your walls white. The two of you were still panting when you looked into his eyes again, your face flustered due to what you had just finished doing. You gave him a small smile and couldn’t help the tiny ‘’wow.’’ that escaped you. He made you get off his lap and onto the couch as he stood up and faced you. “Let me clean you up real’ quick.” He got on his knees and before you know it his mouth was attacking your core... The after-waves were intense. You were still riding your high. Your body was exhausted, but the after waves of your climax kept hitting you, thanks to his hard work. As he finished, he got back to his seat on the couch and made you lay against his shoulder as he pulled his pants up.
You were still shivering against him, and you could see he enjoyed seeing you like this. Your dress had been ripped, you realized as you felt his fingers make figures on your shoulder. It felt pleasant. It made something tingle inside of you. It made you think about the small window; The small window of having actual feelings for the mystery beside you. You had this feeling before; Toji was always more vulnerable right after good sex. ‘’You know I didn’t mean the whole ‘ I will make you a mommy’ thing, right, Y/n?’’ You let out a chuckle. ‘’Don’t worry about it, Toji, I know, and I am on birth control.’’ He looked relieved, but you still saw some mischief in his eyes as he said: ‘’I can’t deny that hearing you talk about your maternal instincts does something to me; I would lie if I said that I didn’t fuck you with at least a bit of that intention in mind….’’ You could feel not only your core but also your heart flutter while hearing those words. ‘’Just go to sleep….’’. And you tried. You tried to fight the urge to fall asleep next to him. All for just an extra minute of small talk. Still, you could feel your eyes closing as his fingers caressed your shoulders. Touching you so gently might have given you the wrong impression. Toji knew this, but that didn’t stop him. He liked seeing you like this. He liked knowing that you would worry about him when he left all of the sudden because that was what happened every time. The moment he noticed your steady breath, he slid away from the couch, making sure you didn’t wake up. He didn’t look back. Toji only had two things on his mind: Sex and money. He got his share of the first, now it was time for the second.
You woke up to a hard knock on the door. Your ripped dress and messy hair were probably a dead giveaway, you realized as you opened it. There he was. Gojo, nice sunglasses, nice button-up, and tight pants. You were lucky you were still a mess thanks to Toji; otherwise, you would’ve felt intimidated by the way he looked.
“Did you hook up with someone last night?’’ You felt yourself getting flustered as you let him enter your Apartment. This was the first time he has entered your home... ‘’To be honest, it isn’t any of your business, but yes. Don’t worry, it’s not some stranger, and I made sure Megumi wasn’t aware of it at all.” You started explaining frantically. You could see Gojo smirk. ‘’Don’t worry, It’s none of my business as long as Megumi doesn't notice it... How was it? Wait! You look roughed up, so it must’ve been good?’’ He was already manspread on your couch, and you didn’t know what to make of it. You and Gojo didn’t talk much outside of all things Megumi related. You chose to just ignore his questions. ‘’We can wake up Megumi with some breakfast if you’re into that?’’ He was already in your fridge. ‘’Okay, I make the breakfast; you wake up, Mr. grumpy pants.’’ You couldn’t even be mad at him for being rude enough to use your house as his own. His giddy energy was contagious.
Breakfast was served 10 minutes later, and while the three of you were enjoying your scrambled eggs and toast (which were pretty good), Gojo asked Megumi about what he wanted to do today. ‘’I don’t care for anything, Gojo Sensei.’’ He responded. It might have seemed like he was pretty grumpy, but both of you knew that he was content with the time he got to spend with you two. ‘’Meg, you and Gojo could visit that old theater downtown; you wanted to see that documentary about the wolves, right?’’ You added to the conversation. “Yeah, I guess, but… I would like it if you could join us.” And with that, your day had turned into another Megumi-filled day, and you didn’t mind it at all. Another plus side was that you didn’t have to think about Toji; even though you acted like it was just sex, it was clear you cared about him a lot, and he cared about nothing. After a quick shower and a dress that made you look like the sun ( according to Megumi), you guys headed to the old theatre. You had never spent much time with Gojo, but you could feel he was trying to make the best of today, probably to make up for him not showing up the previous day. You were sitting between Gojo and Megumi as the assigned “Snack carrier,” according to Gojo. The snacks were the best part of the whole trip. The documentary was as tedious as you would’ve expected, especially after hearing Megumi talk about his Divine Dogs for months; this was nothing in comparison. Gojo was feeling the same way; as, before you knew it, he was leaning towards your ear. “Can you wake me up when this ends?” You could see his blue eyes beneath his glasses. Who the hell wears glasses in a theater, though… “HEY,” you whispered back, “That was my idea, don’t steal it, I’m more tired than you are you know.” He chuckled. “I doubt it, even with that little situation you had going on yesterday, your poor couch must’ve been the only exhausted thing.” You could feel the embarrassment pulling through your body as he said those words. “First of all how would you even know we used the couch, secondly it’s none of your business, and third you can see that I look like a zombie in a banana suit.” He was still smiling about your little rant, but his face looked more serious when he responded. “You look cute y/n, don’t act like that.” Then he pretended to yawn as he stretched his arm in an embrace over your shoulder and moved his face closer to your ear once more. “Just lean on me and get your rest. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to seduce you to leave Mr. Couch Destroyer.” And even with the doubts in your mind, you couldn’t help your body which was already leaning into his shoulder. As your eyes started to close, you could’ve sworn he whispered: “Couches and cursed energy… interesting.”
You woke up to Gojo pinching your cheek. “Was I comfy enough Y/n?” You could feel yourself getting shy. He was attractive, no denying that. But the fact that he had seen you asleep, probably with some drool dripping out of your mouth, made things awkward. “How’s Megumi?” You asked as you turned around, seeing that he was sound asleep as well. “When he saw that you were asleep, he took it upon himself to finish all the snacks so now he’s tired with a stomach ache; The little boy is going to bed the moment we get home. Speaking of, you should join us; I will fix up some dinner as a thank you.” You wanted to politely decline, but seeing Megumi, who was feeling uncomfortable, was what made you change your mind. “Alright, I will join you guys, but I won’t stay for too long; I have tests to grade.” You decided not to share that the first-grade tests would take you only 30 minutes to grade. ‘’You sure about not staying overnight? My couch is way more comfortable than yours.’’ You could hear him chuckle, but behind his glasses, the smile didn’t reach his eyes.
The walk to his home was already taking 30 minutes. ‘’Don’t you have a car, Gojo?’’ It was getting colder and darker with the minute. Gojo readjusted Megumi, who was on his back still sound asleep. You couldn’t deny that the three of you would probably come across as a little family, and that thought didn’t upset you either. ‘’I enjoy walking, flying, or just appearing out of thin air; I’m fast. You’re the reason this took us so long.’’ He responded as he opened the door to a small apartment. it looked small, but it clearly was an upper-class apartment in the middle of the city. ‘’I see where Megumi got his imagination from, don’t worry, I’ve heard all about your antics,’’ you said as you entered the apartment after him. You could tell he didn’t spend that much time here. The interior was pretty generic, and the only thing that stood out was the cozy couch. You could feel yourself getting flustered thinking about the comment he had made about his couch earlier. When you pulled your eyes from the couch, you noticed that Gojo was signing you to follow him. As you entered the room, you saw how dark it was. The walls were painted an Indigo color. Small led light hung on the ceilings, giving the room a warm orange glow, and the walls were filled with drawings. A lot of drawings. 99% were drawings the two of you had made together; A few unknown drawings stood out to you. There was one of two eyes that almost glowed in a weird ocean blue way, probably Gojo. Another one was of a stick figure that must’ve been Megumi sitting with two dogs surrounded by weird blobs of different colors. Still, the one that stood out the most was the one right above his bed. You could see he had drawn it with someone, someone who was obviously more talented than you were. There you and Megumi were, obviously drawing something together. and far to the left was Gojo; obviously, the stick figure Gojo was Megumi’s job. Gojo was wearing a dark blue dress and some blindfolds, which made the drawing 10 times more endearing. ‘’I love this….’’ You whispered to yourself. You could feel Gojo standing behind you. ‘’Yeah, the little guy forced me to put every drawing on his wall, said something about ‘’Art needs to be on walls, Y/n told me.” He even forced me to make some of that so-called art. As you can see, I am as talented as ever.’’ You rolled your eyes at him as you checked up on Megumi one last time. He was about to fall asleep. Something told you to give him a small kiss on his forehead. And as you did, you could feel Gojo staring at you. As you made your way to the living room, you couldn’t help but settle on the couch, knowing this would end up in another set of jokes.
It took another 15 minutes for Gojo to get out of Megumi’s room. Your mind started racing with numerous thoughts. You couldn’t help it; you were curious. Was there a little routine the two of them had at night? Would he tell Megumi stories about his trip, maybe make up crazy scenarios with the Divine dogs or him flying, something to feed Megumi’s imagination even more? Because you were so lost in thoughts, you hadn’t noticed Gojo sitting right next to you. ‘’So about that dinner, here you go….’’ He said as he handed you a bowl with instant ramen. ‘’Megumi told me you liked this flavor.’’ So they had been talking for 15 minutes. ‘’How does he feel?’’ You replied. ‘’Like shit. but he’s happy you’re here, you know’’ Of course, that warmed up your heart and made every bit of awkwardness you felt worth it. ‘’This ramen is delicious!’’ You couldn’t help the sounds of delight you made. ‘’Of course, it is; I made it.’’ You were slightly annoyed but more so intrigued by the figure standing right before you. ‘’You know Gojo, you’re pretty contradicting. You act all cocky and selfish, but you’re a twenty-something-year-old that took in a young child. Even when I wanna be annoyed, I can only respect you. Megumi is lucky to have you.’’ Gojo was staring at you and even with his sunglasses on, you could feel the intensity of his stare. ‘’ I am aware that I might not seem like a good parent, but I know how it is to have a shitty family; even when I’m gone a lot, I know that me being an annoying adult in his life is better than nothing. That’s why I am so thankful for you, Y/n; you didn’t have to care so much about him, you know. Why do you love him so much?’’ It was a loaded question. one you didn’t have an answer for. ‘’You know I tend to blame it on the way Megumi reminds me of someone I care about.’’ Gojo couldn’t help but arch his brow when he asked: ‘’The couch dude, huh?’’ You avoided his gaze. ‘’Yes, but that’s not even it. They might look a little similar, but that has nothing to do with my feelings for Megumi. I just remember that the first time I saw him, he took a liking to me. It just clicked, you know. I saw him, he introduced himself, and I asked what he liked to do, and he shared that he liked to draw, and I instantly liked him, and over time it just kept growing until it reached a point that I ached for it. It’s quite embarrassing, me acting as a parent.’’ You could see him moving closer as he spoke: ‘’I remember meeting Megumi for the first time. I was talking to his good-for-nothing father. I saw Megumi, and I just knew what great potential he had, and outside of that, he is a great kid, just a little grumpy.’’ At that, the both of you shared a good laugh. Gojo offered you a glass of much-needed water, and as you sipped from it, you could not help, but notice the way his smile was more sincere now. The two of you had never shared so much with each other before. ‘’I was 18 when I met him. I might be a selfish asshole, but I’ve always had a lot of responsibilities, so adding him was a pleasant surprise. And now I love the kid. couldn’t picture this without him. We’re more alike than you would think, huh, Y/n?’’ You didn’t want to respond; loving Megumi was something that connected the two of you and nothing more, but your mouth was about to respond either way. It was Gojo that had stopped your mouth from moving. Or more so the fact that he had removed his glasses and was staring at you with his eyes. Megumi had been right to draw his eyes like that. They were so beautiful it scared you. It felt like he could see everything you thought, everything you had done, and everything you would do. ‘’You lost your tongue, huh? It’s not the first time that happened.’’ He said as his hand grabbed your chin and lifted your face to make sure you locked eyes with him. The sincere smile was already replaced by his usual cocky smirk. ‘’Don’t be shy; you’re gorgeous, you know. It’s not even that; it’s just how you act with Meg. listening to his little stories, not even doubting them. Loving him, going out of your way for him. Liking the
fact that he’s more grumpy and cold than being cheerful 24/7, and yes, he can be cheerful in his way. Even with that, you keep up. He can’t stop talking about you; I learned everything there is to know about you through him, and I would lie if I said I wasn’t excited to hang out with the two of you today. Even with that so-called friend of yours crashing on your couch.’’ You knew you had to stop him. You were still conflicted about your feelings towards Toji. You knew if he was up for it, you would’ve confessed already, but Toji was selfish, and so was this man right in front of you. ‘’I know you’re conflicted about that guy. I can’t even promise I’m better than him. Okay, I am definitely better in certain aspects.’’ He let out with a chuckle. ‘’ But I have a busy life, outside of Megumi too. I can’t fully commit, probably never will, and I like to keep private matters private. Still, I like what we did today, just the three of us, I like you, and I like doing this. ‘’As he said it, he brushed his thumb over your lower lip. It felt nice, and you couldn’t help but make a fool out of yourself with the first words that slipped your mouth: ‘’ Your eyes are pretty. Pretty and scary, Gojo .’’ And even in the grip of his hand and with him looking at you with those gorgeous orbs, you couldn’t help smiling. And that was all it took. ‘’You can call me Satoru, you know.’’ and then he pulled your lips on his. The kiss was soft and sweet. No tongue, not even passion, just a sweet feeling that made your stomach flutter, and even you knew that it was far more dangerous than a passion-filled kiss. For a moment, there was no Toji, and even Megumi was somewhere far in the back of your mind. All there was, was Gojo, or rather Satoru, as you would call him from now on. The kiss had probably taken only a few seconds. But you could feel something click, and that was all it took.
You went in for another one, and this time around, it was a little more intense. You couldn’t help yourself. He was intoxicating, and everything just felt right. ‘’You want to take this to the bedroom, or you’d rather test out the couch here too?’’ He asked between kisses. ‘’Shut up, Satoru. Just show me your room.’’ Before you knew it, he was already carrying you to his room. ‘’This sounds cheesy, but it feels like I’m floating.’’ You giggled. ‘’Maybe you are…’’ was all he said when he laid you on his bed. You were surprised when he ended on top of you, his eyes full of affection. Something you did not expect from him. ‘’You know I still meant what I said about not being able to commit, but I am selfish, and I need to be honest as well; I’ve liked you ever since I first picked the kid up from the playgrounds at school.’’ Your thoughts were all over the place as he gave you another kiss on the cheek. ‘’I like your smile.’’ another kiss on the neck. ‘’I like the way you talk about the kid.’’ A kiss on the shoulder. ‘’I like the way you say my name.’’ a kiss on your lower arm. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at him. ‘’And I like the way you roll your eyes at me.’’ As he finished with a kiss in the palm of your hand. ‘’I’m not sorry that you will lack time grading your tests, Y/n. I will take all my time with you.’’ You could feel your legs turn to mush, and you knew it would be minutes before your brain would follow. ‘’ Fuck those tests….’’You whispered. Another intense gaze from Satoru and a ‘’Yes fuck them.’’ was all it took for him to attack your lips again. this time around, things were getting even more intense. You could feel his knee between your thighs, and when things got almost too much to bear, he suddenly stopped. ‘’Do you want to continue this?’.’ And he looked so innocent, so sweet, so considerate and not selfish while he said it that you just put your arms around him and hugged him. Only after you finished, you realized how weird that might’ve looked. ‘’Errr... I’m sorry, that was weir…’’’ ‘’Adorable you mean.’’ He gave you a soft smile. ‘’Does that mean you want to continue, though?’’ When he saw you nod, his smile turned mischievous. Before you knew it, he had moved away from your body to grab something next to his bed. ‘’What are you doing, Satoru?’’ But by the time you have finished your words, he was already on top of you. The only way you noticed was his eyes. In the dark, his eyes were the only light in the room, the blue - deep as ever - reminded you of the sea. Blue, but almost see-through. Looking into them felt just the same as diving into the sea, not knowing how deep the water is.. ‘’Don’t panic.’’ he whispered as he put something over your eyes. Tying the material behind your head, you asked: ‘’Is this the blindfold you use on all your bed partners?’’ You wanted to sound sarcastic, but you couldn’t help the small crack in your voice as you said the words. This is casual, don’t let this end up like with Toji. And there it was, you had thought about him. What was he doing? When would he show up again? ‘’It’s my blindfold, it’s pretty important to me, I only ever used it on myself, until now….’’ And with that, Satoru was once again the only thing on your mind. ‘’Where are you?’’ you whispered as you couldn’t feel nor see him. ‘’I am everywhere, Love.’’ Not only were your legs unable to move, but he was also indeed everywhere. You didn’t know where he would touch you; first, you stretched your hands to search for him; you were aching for his touch at this point. You could hear a small chuckle further away from you than you expected, and then, as if he was on top of you the whole time, you felt his soft lips on yours. His tongue made its way into your mouth, and you could feel that you were not the only person that was aching for this. As he moved his lips from yours, he made his way down towards your neck, slowly kissing every bit of skin that was showing. ‘’You hated this dress, right? No more looking like a banana for you.’’ He laughed as he ripped the dress. You were only in a bra and
underwear. Even when everything felt good, this was still someone new for you.This guy didn’t know your body, didn’t know you. This might not have been the time to feel so, but you could suddenly feel all your insecurities swarming around in your mind. especially since you couldn’t see anything in these blindfolds. ‘’You look so beautiful, Y/n. The best indeed get the best.’’ it was all it took to let your insecure thoughts go, even when he was still a cocky asshole. ‘’I guess they do’’ was all you said back. His mouth was once again kissing every part of your body while he made his way to your core. Once he reached your inner thighs, he started marking the places his lips found. ‘’Let’s take this off; we’ve waited long enough. I wanna taste you, Love.’’ You helped him remove your underwear by wiggling your legs. ‘’aching to get out of them, ain’t you?’’ and before you could respond, you felt his lips on your core. He started with soft kisses, and before you could get used to the nice feeling, he got into it. ‘’You taste so delicious; let me taste more.’’ he was feasting on you. if it wasn’t so good, you would be embarrassed, but even if the thought came up, it would be replaced by delight within a second. ‘’Satoru, I want more.’’ And when he saw the way your body trembled, the craving for more, he knew he needed to do more. His fingers moved between your folds, collecting the wetness that was the result of his hunger. ‘’Get on all fours, Love.’’ He said. It’s not that you couldn’t move per se, but your legs felt like jello, and your brain was turned into mush. Not only that, you were wearing blindfolds, for God’s sake, the only thing you could do was giggle, and even though you couldn't see his face, you could hear the smile through his next words: ‘’Unable to move, huh? fine, I’ll do it myself.’’ and with that, he turned you around on all four and pulled your head down. Your ass ended up in the air, your face in the pillow - carefully placed before you - and the only thing that told you Gojo was still here was the sound of his pants falling on the ground. Suddenly his hand was on your hips. The touch gave you goosebumps. ‘’Please, stop teasing Satoru.’’ You moaned out. You could hear him laugh, and suddenly his hand was on your blindfold. “Is he gonna take it off?’’ You think to yourself, but all he did was yank on the knot of the blindfold, pulling you towards his lap. ‘’I love the view of your head in the sheets and your ass in the air, but I want you close to me, Love.’’ As he said it, you felt his cock entering you the moment you reached his lap. It’s a perfect fit, you sitting on his lap while he was on his knees. The sounds you made are all he needed to hear. The two of you moved slowly but in sync. You felt his hand brush over the scars left on your back. ‘’My markings may not be that visible, but that doesn’t change a thing.’ he said as he placed soft kisses on all the scars on your back. And he was right because the kisses wouldn’t be visible to anyone else. Still, they would be a memory forever stuck in your mind. You feel one of his hands slowly move to your boobs. ‘’You pick the pace, Y/n,’’ He whispered in your ear. You started slowly moving up to a faster pace. You could feel his breath stagger in your ear as he held you close to him. You were still wearing the blindfold, but it was so hot not being able to see. Using every sense except for your vision. It’s as if you were living in a fantasy. His other hand found your clit, and as he made little figures on it, you could feel yourself getting closer to that point. ‘’Satoru, plea...ease...keep going, I’m gonna cum….’’ You let out. And you could hear him grunt. He was bucking his hips into you, making sure you would reach your high. And the moment you thought it would finally reach, he stopped, and it felt like he snatched a prize out of your hand. ‘’Not so fast, Love; I wanna look at you while I make you cum.’’ He tried to sound confident, but you could hear the need to continue in his voice. As he laid you on your back, you couldn’t help but pout, but
then he took the blindfolds off, and you saw his eyes. Those beautiful blue orbs were full of lust and love, and all you wanted from him was just to finally put his weight on you. And so he did, because for the first time that evening, you felt his weight on top of you, and it was heavier than you had thought, but oh so comforting. His cock slid in between your wet folds, and the two of you just kept staring at each other as he slowly moved in and out of you. The room was filled with long and slow moans, and even though there weren’t any words, even though the only sounds there were moans, you know that this was what it meant to make love. Of course, the hunger for more started soon, and as you clung your legs onto him, he started to pound into you harder and faster than before. It felt so good, almost too good, too much, you couldn’t help yourself. You needed to close your eyes. ‘’Don’t you dare close your eyes Y/n I wanna see you cum all over me. I want you to see me fill up that pretty cunt of yours. Show me your gorgeous eyes” Hearing someone who had the most beautiful eyes in the world call your eyes gorgeous was an amazing compliment. Seeing those beautiful eyes roll back because of how you felt is yet another compliment. Feeling his dick hit that one spot was too much, and with all those compliments, all those things that hit the right spot, you couldn’t help yourself, and you tightened your hold on him as you came ‘’Uuugh...Y/n you’re so tight. I want you to take all of me.’’ And seeing him lose all composure as he painted your walls white with thick spurts of cum, made your legs shake. He dropped all his weight onto you, and for a moment, that was all you wanted. Seeing this selfish, arrogant man lose himself to you feels amazing. And after you both finished riding your high, he ended up next to you. You couldn’t help close your eyes for a moment while Gojo drew figures on your shoulders as you held onto him. “You know, good luck with that so-called boyfriend of yours,” Satoru said with a smirk. “First of all, we’re not dating and same to you with all the women and men that enter your room at night…” you could see the shock on his face. “Megumi told you that?” You couldn’t help it; you let out a big chuckle. “Nope, you just exposed yourself….” You could see a sad smile on his face, but it was gone within a second ‘’You need to pee y/n’’ And you know he said it as a way to change the subject, but also because you had to do it. And you knew he was right, but you didn’t want to get out of the bed, which was very comfy at this point. So you did the most rational thing that comes to mind: pulling all the blankets to yourself and wrapping yourself up like a burrito. ‘’Try and get me out of here, Toru .’’ You whispered, and before you knew it, he was already carrying you and the blankets towards what you assumed was his bathroom.
As he set you down in his bathroom, he got in the shower and closed the screen after him. ‘’I like that nickname; keep calling me that. Now pee and come join me in the shower.’’ The shower turned on, and you could only see his silhouette. You were still wrapped inside of the blankets. The guy has seen you naked. Yes, he ate you out, and you had sex, but that was inside of the comfort of a dimly lit room. Your insecurities kept pouring inside of your head. After a few minutes, you noticed that you actually had to pee, and knowing that he couldn’t hear you through the Streaming water is what made you decide to lose the blankets and just pee. As you finish, the nerves return, but the memory of the look he was giving you once you took that blindfold off was all enough to rid them of your mind. As you entered the shower, you noticed it was smaller than you expected, and you were forced into Satoru’s arms right away. ‘’Took you long enough, I only gave you one glass of water y/n!’’ He laughed. You wanted to avoid his gaze, but you didn’t want to look at his body, so you just kinda focused on his hair which was longer than you had expected. ‘’I was just kinda nervous, I guess.’’ You whispered. His hand was on your chin before you knew it, and he once again forced you to look into his eyes. You were even more shocked by how blue they were even in normal light. ‘’There is nothing to be nervous about, Love. I’ve seen your body, I know your body, and I love your body.’’ And then his lips gave you a small peck on your forehead. ‘’Let’s get cleaned up now,’’ he said as he used a cloth to rub the soap in your skin.
After the shower, you were forced to borrow a sweater and sweatpants from Gojo. They probably weren't even his, because the clothes didn’t fit his usual attire. His eyes were on you the moment you walked into the living room. He was studying the way the clothes hugged your body. After what seemed a few minutes of thoroughly taking in the view his eyes reached yours. It took 2 seconds for you to be overwhelmed by his gaze once again and as you quickly took a look at the clock to avoid the so-said gaze, you came to realize that it’s almost 1 AM. At that moment, you made a decision. You walked towards to couch where Satoru was lying pretty comfortably and said: ‘’I think I’m going home.’’ He looked slightly disappointed by hearing that, but he quickly switched to his confident self: ‘’You sure? I still have a couch, and we all know you love using those.’’ He smirked. You couldn’t help but laugh. ‘’I’m sure; I just don’t want Megumi to be confused by all of this. ‘’ You gestured to him and yourself. ‘’What’s this?’’ He asked, his eyebrow raised. ‘’I don’t know, Satoru…’ you let out while rolling your eyes. ‘’I thought it was Turo now…’’ he pouted as he continued ‘’ But are you confused by all of this?’’ And you guys had been so honest all evening that you didn’t want to end it with a lie. ‘’Yes’’ was all you whispered and as he made his way off the couch to walk you to the door his only response was: ‘’Good.’’ You gave him a small kiss on the cheek and started to walk away. Seeing you walk away was nothing new for Gojo. He had seen countless hook-ups walking away after a night of fun with him. But you were different. Yes, the sex had been great, but what stood out most was the way you hugged him after he asked for your consent. Not only that, but you cared about Megumi. You cared about someone important to him. You made both of them laugh and you stayed, even after he told you about the reason why you would not work out together. He didn’t even know what ‘this’ meant, he just knew that he didn’t want ‘this’ to be with that guy that seemed surrounded by cursed energy. His mouth opened up before his pride could stop him. ‘’Y/N, WAIT!’’ he yelled, and you couldn’t help but stop. ‘’What?’’ You said. He was already trying to get back inside, but he turned around one more time, a small smile on his face as he said: ‘’I’m confused too.’’ and that’s when his door closed. You couldn’t help but hum while you walked home. That tiny smile on Satoru’s face looked hopeful. It made you feel happy and that was the emotion you would focus on for now. Happiness.
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yandere-kokeshi · a month ago
 Yandere Douma Headcanons
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Warnings: Yandere tendencies (possessiveness, kidnapping, forced affection, etc.), name calling (pet), corpse mentioned, eating humans, worshiping(?), cult-centered, blood-sucking(?), eating, infantilism… Maybe? - (Child behavior), Manipulation, and teasing. Tell me if I missed anything!
Author Note: I do not own this character. I don't approve of yandere behavior in real life. This was shorter than I wanted it to be, so sorry if I have any mistakes!
R3blogging and followings are very much appreciated and welcomed. Hope you are well and okay!
Tumblr media
Douma is a cult leader, a god to most of his followers. All his followers make sure he’s well respected, well elegant, and always be there at his service when he needs something. Growing up, he didn’t feel normal human emotions. He never experienced love, sorrow, anger, or disgust. He loves seeing the nervousness, fear, and despair of humans as he finds the emotions interesting, and makes him (almost) flutter inside. He loves to mess with humans, seeing their expressions go from happy to fearful so quickly makes him so interested.
He was an emotionless soul for many, many years: till he found you. You possibly caught his eye by spiking his curiosity, standing up to him as a powerful Hashira, trying to defeat him, or you being a normal everyday civilian, who by chance reminded him of his past partner. He would’ve fallen “in love” at first sight and would try to make you his darling. As a Hashira, you would have to be a very strong and independent fighter to catch his attention. Always on point, never paying attention that you’re getting cut by his Japanese war fans; never showing an ounce of bothersomeness to the injuries that are occurring. If you were a civilian, maybe you were gentle, kind, and had the smell of his past partner that made his instincts go wild, immediately he'd become hooked.
Douma was surprised by this new emotion, the feeling of possessiveness and to keep you away from the outside and only being able to stay with him, see him only, and love him. He doesn’t understand this at all, yet he's intrigued. He finally goes along with the emotion, labeling it as “love” and “keeping you safe”.
He would kidnap you within a few weeks (2 or 3). He hates seeing you interact with anyone that is not him, even though you don't know his existence. He would watch you do your daily tasks and everything you do each night, smiling whenever you do something in his eyes that is considered pretty. He’d find every single expression you do fascinating, it makes him giggle, he’d almost want to hug you right there because of the new emotion you keep pulling at him.
The way he'd slowey get ready to kidnap you is by leaving very disturbing things on your front door and inside your home. They'd go slowly and comforting at first, flowers with love notes explaining how he loves you, then slowly getting creepier by sending a box full of your favorite things: jewelry, clothing, perfume, and sweets. The last straw would be him leaving the corpse of your neighbor on your front door. Of course, before you scream, his hand is covering your mouth, his hands guiding you back inside and him chuckling deeply; explaining that your finally gonna be in paradise with him, where you’ll be loved on and spoiled rotten.
The type of yandere he’d be is very clingy, manipulative, and possessive. He’d almost treat you as a pet, always telling you to be good. He wants to mold you into a good, little spouse. He uses his charm to manipulate you quite frequently, he'd make you rely on him most of the time, even if it's daily needs. Such as combing your hair, getting dressed, eating, and walking. He’ll tease you for being so weak; so perfect for him.
He loves the fact that you’re a human, so eatable and so fragile that you could break at any moment. Due to his possessiveness, you will not be interacting with anyone outside of your room, even with the cult members. He always tells you that they’ll try to take you away, someone who’s so perfect, stunning, and god-like needs to be protected 24/7, right? If one of the members gets to see you, it’s an emergency. Other than that, they’ll die a painful and slow death if they see you.
The way he shows his affection is a bit weird but comfortable-likewise. He’d give you gifts, expensive clothes, jewelry, and anything you like; If you behave that is. As stated above, he’s very clingy. He’ll force you to cuddle him, kiss him, sit in his lap, and overall; allow him to drink your blood. He’d say this as a way to bring you two closer. He’ll start conversations, ask you about your day, and find things you do cute.
His punishments are very brutal; whatever you did, made him very disappointed in you. He thought he trained you well enough. He’d punish you for what he thought was unpleasant, such as giving your opinion on things, not wearing the outfit he placed earlier that evening, or not allowing him to touch you. Though, these are just normal examples. Lets say, If you tried to run away, for example: he’d break your leg like a twig, if that doesn’t stop you, then he’d break both your legs. He's quite surprised that you, a mere, weak human decided to run away from him, and make his head spin around. At first, he’d even allow you to get your hopes up whilst you were on the run. Sooner or later, he’d come in, snatch you away again.
Now, if you misbehave physically: kick, punch, or scratch him. He’d just leave you alone in a room, with no clothes, and no food for a few hours. If you’re using words: threats, he’d just bluntly ignore you and continue on with whatever he was doing in the first place. Though, he’d slowly become annoyed. The more you do it, the more irritated he’ll get; which is not pretty. If it does get to that point, he’d threaten you with the smile on his smile, possibly saying he’d turn you into a demon and pull off your limbs by one or force you to watch him eat humans, especially anyone who is special to you.
There’s a rare chance he’d change you into a demon. If you had any illnesses that are clearly dangerous or making your everyday life hell, he’d turn you into a demon. Don’t worry though, he’d make sure you’d be okay, never giving you too much blood. However, he does prefer you to stay human. He likes how fragile you are, how precious, and adorable you are. He loves how he can be in control, scaring you that he'll break your arms and legs.
Slowly but surely, you’d go into Stockholm syndrome. At this point, he really doesn’t care if you do or don't fall in love with him. He'd still treat you as a pet, just being more gentler as you are behaving. He loves how you depend on him for necessary needs.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ©yandere-kokeshi
Do not plagiarize, repost, modify, translate or copy my work.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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paddedlittleparadise · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
“Look in the mirror, baby.” Her tone is firm. Uncompromising. Unquestionable.
Yes, Mommy. Yes, I- I see… I see myself-
“See that naughty little girl? That’s you, baby. You’re the naughty little girl who needs Mommy to discipline her.” So matter-of-fact. So calm. So certain that every word she speaks is the truth.
Yes, Mommy… discipline… punish…
“You’re going to look at yourself, honey. You’re going to sit there and listen while Mommy tells you exactly what you’re seeing, and what you’re going to see.” That’s also the truth. She says so, so it must be truth. And I know there’s nothing I can do to change it.
“What’s around your little neck, baby?”
A sudden shiver sweeps over me in a wave of gooseflesh. “A- a collar, Mommy…” I falter, feeling it snug against my throat as the words rise to my lips.
“Yes, it’s a collar. A collar to show that someone owns you, baby. Your collar shows that you need someone to care for you, and control you, and discipline you when you've been bad.”
Oh, yes, Mommy. Mommy, how do you know what words to say to set my trembling self alight with groveling, humiliated desire?
“What’s on your hands and feet, baby doll?”
“C-cuffs,” I falter. Obediently. Blushing. Feeling their weight on every limb seemingly double as I speak the word.
“Yes, baby. Those are cuffs. Cuffs to control you and bind you and restrain you from doing things you shouldn’t. Cuffs are what Mommy uses to teach you to be a good girl.”
Oh, Mommy, yes- Yes, make me a good girl-
“And what’s that you’re wearing around your bottom, baby?”
Of course she’s going to make me say it- “A- it’s a- a diaper,” I quaver. Feeling it hot and tight around me. Twitching at the sensation of its cottony bulk against my sensitive princess parts.
“It’s a diaper,” she says, as if my shame-filled words were too silly and incoherent to even understand, let alone to matter. “Only babies wear diapers, honey. Only babies, and girls whose Mommies are training them to be babies…”
Yes, train me, Mommy. Please, train me- take away my potty training-
“Watch, baby,” she tells me now, even as my naked chest heaves and I shudder with longing and humiliation. “You’re going to watch in the mirror now as Mommy takes charge. You’re going to watch that naughty, collared, cuffed, diapered little girl, and you’re not going to look away. Watch as Mommy takes this bottle and forces it into her mouth… like this.”
I would gasp, but my mouth is suddenly full of shame and silicone, my tongue muted with a coating of milky humiliation. And still I gaze into the mirror, quivering, as Mommy’s voice continues.
“Watch as the girl drinks her bottle. She’s learning to be a good baby, and good babies drink what Mommy feeds them.” I will, Mommy. Me good baby- Gulp, gulp, gulp- “And you’re going to sit there and watch as the baby girl’s tummy fills. Mommy will make sure she keeps drinking until she’s completely, totally full.”
Fill me, Mommy. Force me, make me- “You’re going to watch as the baby girl loses control,” Mommy murmurs above my frantic suckling. “You’ll watch and see her diaper turn color and fill and swell between her legs. That’s part of her baby training.” She pauses. “And then, you’re going to watch as Mommy takes her wand and trains her baby girl. Baby girls need to learn to cum in their diapers…”
Please, Mommy, please, yes- Make me, pleasure me, train me- I’m drowning now in a sea of regressed arousal, intent only on Mommy’s voice and the humiliating prospects before me. Mommy’s going to train me, control me, do anything and everything she wants with me. And I must watch and listen, gazing helplessly into the mirror as she molds my submissive self like putty in her persuasive hands…
Image Credit: @abdreams (feat. @lilbabyfae)
Please don't remove my caption or accreditation, okay? Oh, and check out my Patreon here if you want to read more of my short stories!
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darling-i-read-it · 4 months ago
Hii so could you do a bunch of headcanons or short fics for coming out as bisexual to marvel characters?
You can decide which ones :)
Hi! I personally relate lol so I picked my favsss. I hope you enjoy! PS I don't know what canonically everyone here identifies as so I went with the overall idea that the fandom has. In hindsight I should have added some girls because. Bisexuality. but it's too late now lol.
Tumblr media
Matt Murdock
- he doesn't understand why you're so nervous to tell him something
- you have a communicative relationship, you need to because of him being Daredevil
- in a sense, he thought you were going to tell him something like that so when you came out to him he was slightly confused
- he understands though that this is a big deal for you and he wants to adequately show his support
- 'I love you no matter what you identify as because it's still you.'
- you were a bit worried because his Catholic roots were still so strong but he assured you, he believed God loved everyone (except maybe him. different story)
- he also kind of already knew
- he can tell when your heart beat rises when Florence Pugh comes on screen while you're watching a movie. when you explain to him whats going on and spend extra time telling him about her curls and her pretty smile
- but he wants to give you everything you need to accept yourself in this relationship
- because no matter what he loves you. thats what important you understand
Tumblr media
- the prospect was not foreign to him
- he didn't see it as something that needed to be confessed, just because of his roots and such
- in fact, he was more worried about telling you he was a frost giant then telling you he was genderfluid/pansexual
- so when you said it he kind of just brushed it off
- 'Yes dear, I would be more surprised if you came out as straight' he said offhandedly
- you were a tad stunned but less surprised, considering how annoying Loki could be sometimes
- but he genuinely just didn't think it was a big deal?
- not a big enough deal to warrant any kind of emotional strain or anything of the sort anyway
- it was just another day and then he had the knowledge, which ended up being okay for you (though a tad anticlimactic)
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange
- probably the most nerve wracking of the bunch
- he's super judgy! he's an asshole! it's just how he is!
- so you were more worried than normal about telling him but when you said it he was just happy you didn't accidently try and do any spells or something
- 'That's great sweetheart. I have to get back to work'
- later he asks if you still want to date him now that you like girls, but he words it as a joke (despite the fact that there's some truth in his words. he's a narcissist but he still has doubts and worries)
- you tell him that of course you still want to date him, you just wanted him to know
- it was easier for you if you were completely honest with him
- he understands that if nothing else
- the man has his own problems with secrets and being himself so it's not a bad reasoning to him
- as long as you still want to date him that is.
Tumblr media
Eddie Brock
- which if you comes out first which causes the other to go 'oh thank god me too'
- it's a race against time
- if it's you Eddie immediately relaxes with you and is like 'i'm very glad you said that. because i agree.'
- Venom doesn't give two shits, it isn't a deal on his planet, whatever
- he has no idea why the two of you are making such a big deal about it
- but if for some odd reason Eddie tells you first it makes you feel instantly better
- the two of you can just have some time to talk through your emotions
- it's a remarkably emotional chat (which is rare for the normal sarcasm you two provide)
- it makes you feel closer together afterwards
Tumblr media
Peter Parker
- another case of 'which one of you will come out first'
- but in Peters case, he's more out in the open then you are (or than eddie is for that matter)
- he's always kind of known that's how he is and wants to be himself
- he's more ashamed of being Spider-Man sometimes honestly
- so when you came out it was like ... really awesome for him
- 'both of us? man! what are the odds?!'
- it's adorable and eases the both of you right up instantly
- you and Peter have kind of brief discussion about how worried you had been to really admit it to each other and how much you loved each other and all this sappy stuff
- it was very emotional but also lowkey filled with giggles and kisses and understanding
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acrestedeagle · 15 days ago
an unstructured Ranni mess of a thoughts dump or "why I love the demi-goddess doll very, very much and I wanna hold her hand(s)"
First of all. She's trying to actually help the creatures in the Lands Between, and isn't looking for the Ring for her own, or her religion's benefit. All she's after for herself is freedom of choice and she needs that so much that she literally kills her old body so that the Fingers lose track of her.
She's so stupidly stubborn to not put her closest people in danger that she repeatedly tries to shoulder everything herself while brushing off any help and acts all bothered and annoyed when she does gets that help.
She understands her step-mother/ dad well enough to know how to break them and lose faith in the Greater Will, causing the Shattering and all that comes with it (basically the whole game).
She loves her people so much and keeps them close as much as possible:
Iji is kept around as a "war counselor" when her "army" consists of three people plus the Tarnished.
She builds her new body in the shape of her old mentor.
She constantly watches over her mom.
Blaidd is the only one that she seems to don't mind having him roam the world and that's because she trusts him so much that him getting hurt probably doesn't even register to her mind.
She's extremely powerful as the murder scene at her Two Fingers shows. (The only reason she needed the Tarnished to help her with her assassin was because said assassin had taken Blaidd form and she couldn't bring herself to kill what looked like him).
Having said all that... She is also a complete and utter goof and fails repeatedly at hiding her feelings in the most funny ways possible.
"Oh? A dogged fellow, aren't we? Or is it merely thy habit, to talk to dolls?"
She says, then after you help her she gives you her freaking wedding ring, effectively telling you to marry her.
She stacks books to make herself seem taller, she tries to be fully independent then talks to everyone about her plans, she's all grouchy when she is in mini-doll form and also goes full softy.
She bids you farewell:
"And once all is done, we shall see each other, once more."
and also stays in your pocket to keep an eye on you because she always keeps an eye on those she cares about.
She is an idiot and a master planner at the same time.
She's a horse girl.
She's so alive and human while being a freaking doll- aaaaaaAAAAA
Her driving force is freedom. Her ending is giving the creatures of the Lands Between agency and life beyond what the Greater Will and the Order allowed.
And she's not simply replacing the Greater Will, she banishes it and then she also leaves, giving the simple, non godly creatures agency over their own lives and I love that so much that already mentioned it thrice.
It's the fact that despite being a demi-goddess, and also ascending to full-on Goddess at the end, she doesn't think herself better than the creatures of the world. Or that she knows better than them how to guide their lives.
AND FOR THE FOURTH TIME: Giving everyone the freedom to fuck up, be cursed, die, live, love and enjoy their moments in the world is the best fucking thing a game ending can be. And it is so fitting that it is an ending for a world that most people see as depressing, pointless and cursed.
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devildomsgod · 6 months ago
Obey Me!: courting them
Tumblr media
gn!alpha!reader x omega!brothers
What courting the demon bros is like
Tumblr media
Lucifer uses the courting phase as evaluation if you're a worthy alpha
so you'll have to put lots of effort into it!!
he won't accept thoughtless or simply expensive gifts. you have to put thought into it
find out what he likes and all
a rare kind of coffee, a lost cursed record, a jar filled with souls of cursed composers, etc
don't get ahead of yourself and give him something scented too soon
courting Lucifer is like walking a tightrope, the slightest imbalance can and will throw you off
he's prideful and needs an alpha that understands and respects him the way he is, even as an omega
the whole process will take quite long, and you need lots of his trust until you're okay to give him scented gifts
your first gift already has him ready to bare his neck and get mated honestly
Mammon anticipates your courting every day, it's his highlight tbh
literally, any kind of courting gift will work for him as long as it has your scent
he's a little awkward to court you back at the beginning
will do his absolute best to act nonchalant when you court him, but he's not fooling anyone
Mammon accidentally lets it slip a few times that he wants to skip the whole thing and get officially mated already
if you're cool with that, he'll fall into a new layer of existence out of pure happiness
if you want to stick to the traditional courting, he'll be an adorable impatient mess the whole time :3 it's really cute
pretty much all your scented gifts are somewhere in his (huge asf) nest
the fact that someone is courting him has Leviathan regularly crying and screaming on the floor
he honestly wrote the whole thing off as overdone normie stuff but...
but then you stupid normie alpha came along and made him feel all these things
Levi is pretty awkward about the whole courting thing
is also really careful with your courting gifts
he keeps them very separate from his anime stuff, but still somewhere safe and where he can look at them whenever he wants
lowkey feels like your gifts are watching him lol
he's generally really anxious, he knows the courting phase is like the whole beginning to everything, and if he fucks up now, it's all over forever... Levi, please calm down, alpha isn't that cruel
besides the anxiety, he lowkey really likes the courting
it makes him feel wanted :( when you two are mated, he often thinks back and wonders how he ended up with someone so amazing
Satan is so excited
when you seriously start courting him, he's probably secretly writing a courting diary
he read all about it!! and he also loves reading blog posts about courting from other omegas
he really romanticizes the whole thing
most appreciated are handcrafted things or personalized books (like where you highlight things for him and make cute little notes)
they should be scented a little but not too much
homeboy has heart eyes through the whole thing, he loves courting you back too
can't wait to take the next step with you but also wants this to last forever
the obvious mutual pining and subtle display of affection without anything official going on? man, these romance books weren't lying! this is heaven.
he's btw a very blushy boy throughout the whole thing, even if he later acts all confident about being courted
poor omega had lots of toxic people try to court him
and while he enjoys the attention a lot, it was just never anything more than what his sin stands for
so he's understandably a little cautious when you start courting him (though he won't show it at all)
you'll need to be smart with your gifts
they need to be something with deeper meaning, something that tells him you crave more than the other alphas
he likes things that fit him, like a scarf that compliments his eyes, a hairclip that accents his beautiful hair even more, or a candle that enhances Asmo's natural scent
would lowkey get extremely excited if you got him a (customized) adult toy at some point
Asmo melts when he slowly starts to believe in your true intentions
he starts getting a little clingy and asks for things that have your scent on them
he's finally found an alpha that seems to care about him seriously :( please don't let him go <3
can't wait to get mated to you!!
Beel doesn't think about alphas much
he's busy with workouts, eating, and taking care of his brothers and mc
so when mc starts to court him...
he's a bit overwhelmed
in a good way though
very clueless and equally curious
obviously, he enjoys self-cooked/-baked goods
or generally soft stuff like fluffy pillows or stuffed animals for his nest
will definitely try to court you back and do his best job at it!
courting Beelzebub
he's a little reluctant about courtship and mates and all
requires too much energy
but when you do start courting him seriously, he's a little surprised by how nice it actually is
he feels... very warm suddenly :)
he's not shy about it at all and will bluntly tell you which court gifts are his favorite
mostly wants scented things from you!! he can sleep best with them
and stuff for his nest/things to cuddle into when he's not at home
just anything conveniently comfortable with your scent on it is great
he enjoys a long and thorough courtship. taking things slow is his favorite after all
so don't rush it with him. that won't work out
he subtly becomes very clingy though
often falls asleep on your shoulder after receiving another court gift
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adoristsposts · 4 months ago
pretty boy
in which your compliments always seem to leave hawk a bashful, blushing mess
short and messy hawk post because i am so in love with him constantly, will probably write a better version of this concept some time...
gn!reader x hawk moskovitz
word count; 500
warnings; none
eli had never been good at receiving compliments. you can remember a drunken night, before you two were dating, when your thumb ghosted over his lip. he had been staring down at you with the most nervous, entranced eyes you had ever seen. like a deer caught in headlights that fell in love with driver. you had been lying in his lap as he stared down at you, muttering silent conversation.
"you're pretty" you whispered, eyes locked in on his scar. you could feel him heat up, despite the fact your thumb barely grazed his skin. your eyes fluttered up to meet his and you watched him visibly gulp. "thank you" he said. you could tell by his tone that he was telling himself you were lying. make fun of him. so drunk you couldn't see the scar.
"your scar is pretty. it's you. it's eli. i don't understand why people don't like it" you admitted, furrowing your eyebrows. somehow, he turned redder. you were about to comment on it, make a joke to ease the tension. maybe finally lean up and kiss those lips you thought were so perfect.
but then had you shot up, hunched over, and thrown up.
even with his red mohawk, you could still find the pinpoint of his defense. all it took was your sweet, loving words and adoring gaze and he was eli again. bashful and anxious as butterflies fluttered their wings so hard he could feel them battering against his ribs.
and it was there you sat, at a party. though you weren't drunk this time, you still couldn't help but drown him in sweet words. you held his hand out in front of you, using your calloused fingertips to trace every feature of them. "you're so perfect" you told him. he blushed and looked away, trying to regain composure. "hawk" you said. "i love you"
he was pink. "i love you too, babe"
when he finally turned back around, you lifted a thumb to stroke his scar. you watched as his eyes went wide and flooded with shame. everything always showed in his eyes. "i love you" you repeated, like an affirmation. you needed him to know. you felt his growing smile underneath your thumb. "and i still think your lip is pretty. and you, i guess" you teased.
"shut up" he mumbled, blushing. he could feel the butterflies in his stomach, and his chest, you made so many explode from him that he could even feel them in his arms and his bouncing leg. but then he looked at you with that tilted gaze, and he was so focused on every feature on your face and your perfect lips that he could almost ignore their hammoring.
"your hair is perfect too. i like it down, though. i like being able to run my fingers thro-"
he cut you off with a kiss. both because he was so desperately craving the perfect taste of how your lips molded against his, and because he didn't want friends to be able to notice how flushed your compliments made him.
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joelsgeetar · 2 months ago
Hello!💖🦫 I don't know if your requests are open, but in case they are; can I ask for Slashers reacting to their s/o waking up from a nightmare?
And I don't want to ask for much, but it's okay if its gender neutral and has RZ!Michael and Bubba Sawyer?
Slashers x Reader
Characters: Bubba Sawyer, Rz! Michael Myers, OG! Michael Myers, Peepaw Myers, Thomas Hewitt, Erik Destler.
Okay so its almost 4am this might not make sense in some parts??? I apologize lol I'll fix any mistakes or weird shit later today/tomorrow. I hope this is okay!
Not proof read.
Tumblr media
❥ Bubba is confused and alert-- he isn't sure if you saw or heard anything until you explain it was a nightmare. He's honestly had some so he can relate and he'd never judge you, even if the nightmares seem a little silly to others.
❥ This boy is the cuddle master. He's inexperienced but the pure joy and affection he gives you through cuddles make up for the occasional awkward moments. Bubba will try asking if you want held first so be prepared for some quiet babbling and hand gestures. He's fine with not getting any sleep if that means you feel safer.
❥ Now if the nightmare is brutal and you wake up screaming, sobbing, kicking-- you'll probably thrash around and hit him accidentally. This won't phase him at all though so it's alright. Tbh he's more concerned about the screaming than any small bruises he may get. Bubba hates seeing you in such a horrible situation and tries everything in the book.
❥ Bubba likes to gently touch your face and play with your hands. He hopes the sensations will calm you down enough to fall back asleep. He might hum if you ask sweetly. And if you do? He hums a song that reminds him of you.
Tumblr media
❥ RZ! Michael also understands from personal experiences. Don't feel pressured to tell him right away, he knows you need time to calm down first. Don't tell him anything if that's something you'd prefer. Michael can't really force you to talk things out so he reminds you he's there when you're ready.
❥ He can be tender. Soft touches, rubbing your back, nuzzling closer into you so you feel more comfortable and safer. Michael hopes you know he will protect you and he even sleeps near the door, you're never on that side of the bed. He's prepared for basically anything.
❥ Eye contact whenever you open up about the nightmare. It's gentle, warm, and comforting. This tells you he is truly listening and not staring to zone out. Michael cares more than he lets on.
❥ Michael tries to coax you back to sleep by acting sleepy himself. His mind works like this: if I act calm.. they will feel safe enough to calm down too. Michael really tries to make the situation lighter by acting casual but during nights like these.. it's clear how much he worries about you in general.
Tumblr media
❥ OG Michael is 50/50. Sure, he's had some.. okay, more than some. Michael has a traumatic past with sleep altogether from being sedated so much in Smith's Grove-- his brain does what it's meant to do most of the time and blocks out memories. Sometimes he remembers how it felt and other times he feels nothing and cannot understand.
❥ Michael won't show it but he is anxious when you start waking up and thrashing and crying. The most he shows physically is a head tilt, he's studying the way you react to fear thats not because of him and he realizes-- you cling to him for protection. Michael isn't going to go out of his way to be sweet and soft so don't get your hopes up.. however, if you were to lean into him, he won't move a single muscle.
❥ This fact alone warms his cold heart. You feel safe in his presence and it's going to mess with him a little. In the end he doesn't show it and acts like nothing is bothering him for your sake. He's aware that people feed off reactions.
❥ Michael stays awake the whole night to watch over you. He stares. Studies you more and more. You're definitely something to him, you're cherished and loved by him in his usual twisted ways.. and he totally doesn't cuddle closer when he thinks you're out completely. If you stay up but have good acting skills.. you'll feel him press himself against you and hold you protectively and rub any part of you that's in range. It's all innocent so don't worry about that.
Tumblr media
❥ Peepaw Myers knows before you even wake up. Michael is an expert at reading your pulse.. he can tell when it spikes from fear, excitement, anxiety, etc. Michael reads you like a book.
❥ The second you start breathing differently he is awake and alert but not moving, his eyes remain closed. He waits until you start moving and that's when he will put a stop to it before it gets too bad. Michael more than likely holds you from behind most nights so you can expect this man to have an iron grip on you, you're not going anywhere.
❥ If he doesn't catch it quick enough then he makes you-- yes, he forces you to lay directly on his chest. Not off to the side. Nope. You're gonna lay right on top of him and let him hold you while you listen to his steady heartbeat. And if that don't work? He will probably crush you with his weight by reversing the roles and lays on you instead. Pressure helps some people and he is willing to try it for you- you're lucky he loves you..
❥ Peepaw is slightly more vocal with sounds and not necessarily words. Low hums, grunts, anything to let you know that he is there. Feel free to touch on him sweetly, rub on his chest or play with his grey scruff-- he likes it but acts like he only tolerates it.
Tumblr media
❥ Thomas Hewitt has some damn good hearing despite Hoyt constantly yelling at him. Of course if he's in the basement working he can't hear but when in reasonable range he will hear you make the slightest noises and is immediately checking on you.
❥ Thomas will eye you down first to figure out what exactly is going on and he pays attention on how your body reacts. If you start getting too close to the potential of hurting yourself from all the moving around he will stop it as sweetly as possible.
❥ Breaks his heart knowing you can't have a peaceful sleep.. living in his home isn't healthy, he knows this. So he feels guilty and tries comforting you when you're awake.
Tumblr media
❥ Tommy will more than likely drop whatever he is doing (since he works late) and cleans up before getting in bed with you. You'll be held so snug like you're in a cocoon. And if you ever wanna talk about the nightmares, he's going to listen and offer any kind of help possible. Tell him what will make it easier and he's on it asap.
❥ Erik has insomnia. He struggled with sleep his whole life and practically lives off third shift timing at this point. This means you sleep when he's still wide awake and composing more music.
❥ The lair echoes. He will hear any whimpers, cries, etc.. Erik is immediately alerted by it and wastes no time on checking in with you. If you're still asleep, he watches for a few minutes and tries covering you back up in hopes it'll help. But if you wake up and can't fall back asleep.. yeah, you guessed it, this man is going to sing the most beautiful song that he wrote, specifically for you.
❥ Erik is insecure. He will mentally question if he did anything, if you're truly happy with him and how you live most your days under the opera house. Reassure him that's not it and he will eventually let that mindset go and then focuses on whatever meets your needs and expectations in order to feel better.
❥ Singing you to sleep + cuddling? Always. It's something so intimate and kind, purely from the heart and soul. Erik is soft spoken and will caress you anywhere you allow him to.. all night. He won't sleep at all due to his own habits but also because he genuinely wants to watch over his angel.
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undertale-data · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
[Image Description: an Undertale chat box with the name "PAPYRUS", in all caps and Papyrus font, in its center. On its left is a talksprite of Papyrus sweating anxiously, and on its right is a talksprite of Papyrus wearing sunglasses. End I.D.]
The Great Papyrus is the most popular Undertale character among the fans surveyed here. 19.6% of responders chose him as their favorite. That’s a total of 519 fans! (Wowie!!)
Not all Papyrus fans are unified on his characterization, however. The most obvious divide was between fans who call him a “cinnamon roll” or “precious baby,” and those who find these takes infantilizing. A lot of people like the friendliness and optimism of this character, while others recognize this but highlight his maturity too. Fans who worry about his infantilization seem most concerned with how he can be portrayed as naive or dumb by the fandom. A portion of fans specifically mentioned this naivety as a point in his favor, though the marginally more popular take seems to be that he is not naive, regardless of how he first appears. This fandom divide seems to relate to Papyrus’s autistic or ADHD coding. Many fans relate to him as ADHD and autistic themselves.
Fans also related to him in his desire for friends. Many responders think of him as a friend and a comfort character, so at least in one way his wish has been fulfilled.
The phone calls were a major reason that fans said they felt connected to Papyrus. Thanks to these calls, he has the most dialogue of any character in the game. His humor and dialogue were often highlighted as favorite qualities.
While fans may disagree on some aspects of Papyrus’s personality, it is clear that his fans all value his optimism and kindness. His fans do not see his kindness as weakness. Many talked about the complexity of his character and the strength it took for him to show mercy to the player character, even when the player doesn’t show it in return. He believes in himself, and he believes in you! This kindness and trust has inspired his fans to be kinder themselves.
Papyrus fans were also drawn to his mysteriousness. Several responses pointed out that he is a more mysterious character than Sans, who is also often loved for his mystery. As shown in the phone calls, Papyrus will put on fronts depending on who he is around, making it even more difficult for fans to uncover his secrets. Some people in other sections of the survey found this frustrating, but Papyrus fans tend to see it as another point in his favor.
Among the greatest proportion of responses were from fans who couldn’t choose a favorite trait, or who just love everything about Papyrus. While these responses may be less lengthy, they are still as full of love as the essay-length answers. These responses tended to say phrases like “cool dude” or “Papyrus my beloved” or “THE GREAT PAPYRUS.”
(You were overcome by writing about such a handsome skeleton. He understands.)
Highlights: (under the cut)
Honestly Papyrus just feels like joy. Funny, incredibly kind, with a few mysteries/weird quirks about him that are fun to ponder over. I especially love how he often acts proud and self aggrandizing without putting others down, and in fact sometimes uses that to lift his friends up alongside him. You don't see this take on proud characters often.
Papyrus is strong. Strong in body, but also morally strong. He knows what is right, what it means to be merciful and kind, even in the face of danger or death. Some think him naive. And yet, even facing death and seeing the dust of those he knew, he did not falter or turn from his ideals of mercy and change for the better.
His optimism and his overall personality is endearing! You're always having fun with him :D
He's meeting all of my standards.
Papyrus is very under appreciated, and overlooked, and it's very frustrating to me—he's a complex character but people treat him like he's a baby!!! I like him because he's kind of goofy with how he talks and he's just very charming and kind.
He's weirder than Sans, and it wasn't acknowledged for years because he acts oblivious and dumb, even when he's clearly not. Quite frankly, I find it iconic. Also, his entire personality helps a lot.
I'm ND, trans, and projecting!
OK SO he's just a friendly guy!! A dude who likes cooking for his friends!! We love a hype man!! Also smart as hell and I feel like fanon majorly overlooks this. Making good, fun puzzles is HARD and setting up a flamethrower to go off wirelessly is complicated. Like even if that bridge puzzle didn't go off the components were complicated. Love that cool dude!!!!
I heavily relate to Papyrus as a character and consider him my favorite fictional character of all time. He is a very well-written and thought out character with several quirks and layers in his personality. It is headcanoned by some (myself included) that Papyrus may possibly be on the Autism Spectrum due to his nature, his interactions with others, and overall how he displays himself to the world we see.
I could talk about Papyrus forever, and you have made a grave mistake in allowing me to do so. He is a charming, strong spirited, well intentioned, complex character that is often wildly misinterpreted, and I think originally this is why I was drawn to him. He is presented as one thing and in fact acts as one thing (though not the same way as presented by fandom), and in reality when you look closer than you are meant to he is not, in fact, any of these things. It was intriguing to me. Secondly, and rather contradictorily, another thing that drew me to him is that he is very true to himself, when it comes to idiosyncrasies and moral values. It's true that he does not offer much in the way of personal backstory and feelings, but he offers very much indeed in the way of personality. What a guy! He wears silly crop tops and bright colors, he speaks in a manner specific to him that sometimes doesn't make sense, he cares about something or someone and goes whole hog with it -- he's passionate, damn it! I love him and his weirdo, goofy self with all my heart. He cares about other people to a fault, too. He would sacrifice everything to help someone, and his belief in the potential of both others and himself is indomitable. When faced with the responsibility of a kingdom, his friends gone, his brother lying to him, and himself all alone without a reliable support system, he recognized what he was facing and still bucked up and became determined to get through it. When faced with a murderous, over powerful enemy, someone who had killed many of his friends and fellow monsters, someone who had repeatedly been rude and borderline aggressive and showed no signs of stopping, he saw that they were having difficulty and offered to help and to care for them, and didn't regret his decision or change his opinion on what they needed and their potential for change, even when quite literally killed by them a moment after. Even in death, even directly after a betrayal like that, he never stops believing that they can get better, that anyone can be a good person if they want to be. That's important, I think; that concept of giving people the chances they need to grow and to change. I have a tattoo of that moment on my thigh, it's that important to me. I guess I really like Papyrus because even though he is fictional, watching him out there makes it easy to believe in people, in our inherent goodness and desire to love each other. He makes it easy to see that we can change, that no matter what you've done in the past or who you currently are, no one is inherently a bad person, and no one is incapable of learning how to be a good one. It is just a step by step process that we have to take day by day.
Tumblr media
[Image Description: A wordcloud shaped like Papyrus. His gloves, boots, and cape are red; his Battle Body is blue, yellow, and white; and his bones are white. Some of the most visible words are: Kind, Love, Good, Cool, Relate, Funny, Friend, Mystery, and Papyrus. These are the words that responders mentioned most in their essays about him. End I.D.]
Read the full list of responses shared with permission by clicking this link! (The document is 25 pages long, so you may want to make a copy to prevent lagging.)
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heywriters · 2 months ago
How can I get better at writing descriptions? I feel like when I am writing dialogue things flow smoothly but as soon as I have to describe setting I just go blank. I realized that I am a pretty distracted person and don't really notice details of the environment around me, I get lost in daydreaming when going around and I am completely clueless of my surroundings. This makes it hard for me to actually imagine those kind of details and incorporate them in a scene when I am writing. I don't want my descriptions to sound like a shopping list, like "The trees were tall and green and the sky was blue." Do you have any tips on how to improve with descriptions, to bring some poetry into them? Thank you!
I relate to every line of this ask, thank you for sending it. I'll do my best to answer.
You may have seen my recent reblogs of advice on this subject. I will put the links at the bottom of this answer as well, just in case you missed them.
"I feel like when I am writing dialogue things flow smoothly but as soon as I have to describe setting I just go blank."
I've found that the two things require different sessions. If I write all the dialogue first, I can only think about the dialogue. Returning later with a mindset geared toward description helps me focus on descriptions.
"I get lost in daydreaming when going around and I am completely clueless of my surroundings."
Understandable. My trick here is, when I can, daydream a scenario that requires I focus on my surroundings. Am I a spy being followed? A criminal who needs an alibi? A researcher who has to give a detailed lecture? Silly stuff like that helps me focus on the details around me, even the most banal, without getting bored. Also, keeping a notebook or writing app on hand is good for saving quick descriptions of your experiences as they occur.
"I don't want my descriptions to sound like a shopping list, like 'The trees were tall and green and the sky was blue.' "
Command of metaphors & similes ("like a shopping list") and a reliable thesaurus should never be underestimated! Also, getting very specific and exaggerating slightly can make your descriptions really pop: “In summer, the elms towered over everything, their leafy shade a respite from the glaringly cloudless sky."
Listening to recorded ambient sound can assist you in imagining yourself somewhere you're not. Asking obscure questions like "what do you call the little window over a door?" can help you describe specifics. Reading books and watching shows set in places you want to write about can give you authentic details, but double-check their facts if you can. Build connections with people who know stuff you don't and are willing to discuss it.
A "shopping list" description is fine for a first draft. If your brain won't get creative, let it be blunt and just say "the trees were tall." You can find ways later to make it more interesting, but at least leave your future self an idea of what needs to be described.
As promised, links!
Analyze stories
How to Make Your Description More Vivid
Lets Write Some Novels
Writing Exercises for Describing Locations
Describing New Settings
Show vs Tell
+ Please review my pinned Ask Policy before sending in your ask. Thank you.
+ If you would like to support this blog, please visit my ko-fi and Buy Me A Coffee!
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goddess-evelle · 10 months ago
Hey bb could u write a sapnap and dream x reader polyamorous smut were they get into a fight and they make y/n cry and they try to make it up to her by doing nice things or sm but she is still hurt about it so ( with CONSENT) they decide to please her until she is sobbing and begging them to stop ( there is n established safe word if she really wanted them to stop she'd say the safe word) but they don't stop and praise and coaxe her through many orgasms and then they take care of her as she's all sensitive and twitchy under there touch
Better without me
Tumblr media
A/n: I went off on this, so I will make a second part finishing it.
Warnings: Mention of neglect towards the reader, angst, very much hurtful thoughts. Smut in the next part. SFW. Slightly suggestive or provocative acts, also slight girl on girl action;)
Dream x Sapnap x fem reader
Words: 2,1??- I don't even know why I wrote so much.
As the dumb bitch that I am I forgot I made two different parts of this one of them that I discarded, so yeah that was a mess, but I fixed it.
Part 1 (You are here now)
Part 2
“I understand, but I just want to spend time with my boyfriends” Your voices cracks as you try to make light into the situation.
“No Y/n, you do not fucking understand. You don’t know what is like to spend hours on hours playing. Just to finally finish and have to spend ten more hours editing. You don’t understand how it is! You should be more considerate when you fucking ask us to ‘spend time with you’ ” Dream’s words come flying out as the three of you had been arguing for what felt like hours. Your reply got stuck in your throat as Sapnap started talking.
“Exactly like you are always bitching about wanting to be with us, but you never do shit for us. You know that we are both busy working. You are so fucking annoying.” Sapnap’s words eco through your mind. Were you really that annoying? Maybe you were just being too clingy towards the boys. You just wanted to spend time with them. Sapnap and Dream were in a relationship while the three of you were roommates, and a part of you always felt as if you had missed on a big part of the relationship, so you tried to spend time with them to make up for the lost time. Now, with Sapnap saying that you are annoying you can only feel as if you intrude into their relationship. Your mind flooded with thoughts of them just being in a relationship with you just because you lived with them; maybe they didn’t even love you. Your own mind created scenarios in your head as your insecurities took over you. They obviously didn’t love you or they would spend time with you. If they loved you they would make time for you. If they loved you they would’ve been more attentive of you. If they loved you they would pay attention to you. These thoughts kept your mind busy, and finally everything clicked. You finally understood why you felt so out of place all the time.
“You are not even listening to us!” Dreams shakes a hand in front of you face trying to gain your attention again, and you wonder just for how long had you been thinking.
“Honestly, y/n we can spend time together later . We have to film manhunt. Go do something or I don’t fucking know.” Sapnap says, but you are not listening to what he is saying. They leave and you are left in the bedroom alone. You look around the room for your phone as you look at the hour, and put 10 minutes on the timer. You wait patiently as the 10 minutes pass by as you lay on the bed looking at the ceiling. You close your eyes for what feels like a second before you hear the alarm go off. You grabbed your phone stopping the alarm, and texting your best friend to get ready; you both were going out. You got dressed with a simple dress quickly. You did your hair, and makeup as you made your way towards the front door. You just needed to leave; you had been suffocating the boys with your presence for too long. You swallowed the lump in your throat as you made your way towards the front door only to be stopped by a furry friend. You smiled sadly looking at the cat laying on front of you.
“Oh, sweet thing don’t worry. I will see you in a bit.” You say as you scratch Patches head. The cat looks up at you as if she understands. You give her a little kiss on the nose before grabbing your keys of the house. You make your way outside the door only to see your neighbor right next to where your car is.
“Hi, good afternoon.” You say politely.
“Hi, I didn’t know you guys were going out.” He says looking at you suspiciously.
“Oh, um yeah, just me. The boys are kind of busy.” You try to lie, but you know that by the redness on your face he might catch up to your lie. He looks at you to try and decipher if you think he is stupid or something. Before he could answer you say a quick goodbye as you climb into your car, and start the car getting ready to drive. It takes you 40 minutes to get to your friend’s house to talk to her. After venting to her for an hour; you both went to the club. You just needed to forget about the boys’ words for a bit. You look at your phone before you go inside the club to see the hour 12:59am. Good hour to be on a club you think as you make your way towards the bar with your friend. Time passes by like a blink as you drink, and dance with your friend. Before you know it you are in the middle of the dance floor as you dance with your friend.
You look around the club to see two familiar faces, but you are too drunk to remember their names. You do know that they won’t stop looking at you, so you take advantage that you are with a friend to tease a little. There is no ill will if you tease them. You turn towards your friend pulling her closely to you. She is taller than you which helps the case. You whisper in her ear that there are two hot boys looking at you, and that you wanted to give them a show. She looks to where you tell her; she finds Dream and Sapnap looking at the two of you from a far. She laughs knowing that you love the boys so much that you even find their stare in a crowded club while you are drunk. She sees that the boys look mad, but knowing plenty of your sexual experiences with the boys from what you’ve told her. She knows you’ll just love to tease them, so that they punish you. She agrees to help you, so your wrap your hand around her neck as you make eye contact with the boys. They move slightly closer, so that they can see you under the disco light. Your skin glows under the purple light that reflects off your shoulder and leg. The boys watch as you kiss your friend’s neck while looking at them. You slowly give mouth opened kisses to her skin maintaining eye contact. You glide your tongue on her skin slowly tasting the sweet cookie dough cologne on her skin.
You turn your back on your friend facing towards the boys as you grab your friend’s hands, and glide them down your body taking extra time on your boobs, and your stomach stopping at your pelvic bone. You grind your ass back on your friend’s pelvis looking at the boys seeing as the taller boy tries to make his way towards you, but the smaller boy holds him back mumbling something that you could only decipher as “let’s see what she does”. You smirk as them as you make sexier moves against your friend; your hands grab her neck pulling it towards you, and she understands what you want. She pretends to give you a kiss on your neck as you roll your head back letting out a fake moan that the boys don’t hear, but they can imagine that you are in pleasure. You look over them to see a bulge in both of their pants; you smirk noticing that they are both big as you take swing of your beer finishing it completely. You give big gulps showing that you in fact swallow before turning to be front to front with your friend. You repeat the kisses on her neck while looking at the boys, and you feel your own breath getting heavier. You look over to see the smaller boys rub over the taller boy’s bulge; you feel your panties get wetter at the action. You turn to your friend and move forward to give her a kiss, but before you can make contact with her lips you feel a pair of arms pulling you away. You look up to see the taller boy holding you in his arms looking awfully angry at you. You scurry off his embrace as you tell them that you don’t want anything with them. The guy gets a tighter grip on you, and you try to move away only to be sandwiched into the body of the smaller guy.
“Y/n look at me; you know who I am” You look up at the mention of your name; to find Dream staring down at you.
“Oh h- hey D-dream what are you doing here?” You say mind still too gone to make coherent sentences.
“Um yeah, she got very drunk. Saying something about not being good enough for the two of you” Your friend intervenes. Dream looks at Sapnap behind you to give Sap a worried look.
“So, everything that she was flirting with us; she didn’t do it to be a brat?” Sapnap asks confused.
“Well, she wanted to ‘tease two hot guys’ that’s what she said, so even as she was drunk. She is still attracted to the two of you” Your friend smiles remembering “I remember when you guys became a couple. She felt so out of place because she liked the two of you. She was going to move in with me to not disturb you two. She is really in love with the two of you, so whatever the fuck the two of you did. You better fix it or I will take her to live with me. The poor girl drove all the way to my house to spend an hour crying about how the two of you didn’t love her” Your friend reproaches your boyfriends as you are finding comfort in the tall man’s arms your mind not even paying attention to their conversation as you admire the hot boys.
“She- she really thought we didn’t love her?” Dream’s voice cracks as he looks down at you where you are staring at him lovingly.
“Yes, she always thought that she was ruining your relationship, and with the things you told her she felt like you guys just wanted to break up with her.” Your friend says giving the boys a bad look. “So, you guys take her with you. I’ll drive her car to my place; I didn’t drink, so I will be fine. How did you find her anyways?”
“We have an app to share location at any moment, so we know she is safe” Sapnap said as he led the way towards their car. They bid their goodbyes to your friend. Dream got in the driver’s seat as Sapnap went in the back with you. You sat next to Sapnap looking at the boy as you guys drove home.
“I can’t believe I’m going home with two hot boys. You guys chose me over all the girls in the club” You say your words stinging in the boys’ heart as they took a peek on what you thought of them.
“Well, to be honest. I was surprised; I thought you’d have a boyfriend” Dream says smoothly.
“I mean yeah. I used to have two boyfriends at the same time! Can you believe that? Two people loved me at the same time! Me!” you talked with surprise laced in your voice and the boys swallowed a lump in their throat as they saw how much you worshipped your relationship with them.
“Huh you must love them a lot” Sapnap said voice trembling as he watched your eyes shine.
“Of course, I do! They are the best boys I know. They are literally so perfect, but I don’t think they love me that much”
“Why do you think that?” This time Dream asked as his voice cracked at the change in demeanor you were clearly sad now.
“Well, they are just so perfect that sometimes I think they don’t need me. I think they would be even happier without me. I feel like I’m just ruining their relationship.” Sapnap is crying by the time you finish your statement. The boys can’t believe you would say such a thing. Did they really make you feel that way? They both felt so bad. Sapnap can’t help, but to leap in to hug you. His tears falling on your shoulder as you accept his hug still in your drunken state.
“But it’s okay if they don’t love me. They still have each other, and they are totally soulmates. So, if I leave; they will still be happy with each other.” You finish as Dream pulls into the driveway.
Part 2
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pearlfacts · 2 months ago
Episodes like "Bismuth" [S3E24] make much more sense when you know that Rose is Pink, and even more sense when you understand how poorly Pink treated friends who became inconvenient. The fact that we were finally going to be able to recontextualize so many already-aired episodes was so exciting. I wanted the re-watch of the show to unlock new layers of story. "Your Mother and Mine" [S5E13] means something very different when it turns out that the stories that Garnet has been telling - which she heard from Rose - were actually an awful portrait Rose was painting of herself and her own terrible behavior. "We Need to Talk" [S2E9] is full of information about how Rose feels about herself, and how desperately she needed someone to challenge her. Rose is tracked carefully through the entire show. She makes sense once you know she is her own worst enemy. She dreams, achingly, that she could become compassionate, because she's sure she's incapable of compassion. Her lack of respect for herself makes it impossible for her to respect everyone closest to her. She reveres them instead because they are better than she could ever be, and that reverence is so honest and intoxicating that it draws everyone closer to her, without them understanding the deep self-hatred that pull is coming from.
this snippet from rebecca in end of an era summarises everything i feel about rose, but i feel like people like to disregard it all, and see her in black and white. while i'm not a big fan of rose herself, her story is amazing and she's a well developed and well thought out character. she's a traumatised one; one who constantly felt shame and ridicule and was so sure for hundreds of years she was lesser than the other diamonds - the people who meant the most to her. her anger towards them, and by extension homeworld, was justified. but it doesn't excuse how she continued to treat those around her.
most of the show spent a lot of time drilling into viewers' heads that rose was perfect, because that's how everyone portrayed her. that's how everyone wanted steven to see her, and we see the story through steven. quite frankly, that's how everyone did see her for thousands of years (or in greg's case, a couple of decades), even pearl who knew the truth. because of course she did, rose was still her diamond. she knew nothing else. the reveal through a single pale rose wasn't supposed to be one of wonder or happiness. it was painful for everyone involved, for the sake of "freedom"; whatever that meant to rose at the time. but she was never happy. she was never honest. her admiration for those around her came from a place of curiosity, jealousy. not compassion, not respect. even so, she disregarded people she "admired" once they got in the way of her plans, even on earth, where for example she bubbled bismuth and hid it from the other crystal gems. what's to say she wouldn't have done the same to the others had they overstepped? she kept huge secrets from those who looked up to her most, and to protect nobody but herself. she was selfish.
but part of what makes her so interesting is that she knew that what she was doing was awful. she justified it to herself and to her that's all that mattered, because ultimately she saw herself as unimportant. that's how she had been treated for most of her life. i don't think she realised the impact she was having, or would have, on the people who so deeply looked up to her for support and purpose. she saw her shame and dishonesty as a personal problem, not one that would ultimately burden others.
she didn't take the great fall from authority that you'd think she does at first glance. she gave up being the lowest commander of one group of gems to the highest of another, and i don't think even she realised the power she gained in becoming the leader of the rebellion. do i think that, in some realm or another, she deserved to heal? of course. do i think her giving up her physical form was necessary for those around her to heal? to truly be free? absolutely
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dayquil-nyquil · 6 months ago
Can I request platonic Aizawa with a reader (who’s in 1A) who has a bad homelife and mental health and is falling behind in school because of it? Like they spend most of their free time in their dorms, they’re falling asleep in class, ect. Tysm~
Platonic Aizawa x Fem!Reader
fluff, hcs
Tumblr media
When Aizawa announced the dorm situation you seemed to be the most excited about the new living arrangements.
Your excitement surprised the teacher considering you weren't one to speak up in the classroom.
In fact, the young girl barely said a word to anyone in the class.
Hell, even Kirishima couldn't get many words out of you.
He wasn't even sure half of them knew you were in the class, people like Bakugou didn't even see you as competition.
However, your quirk wasn't anything to sneeze at, the ability to heal others was rare and always in high demand.
Although healers tended to forget about healing themselves when needed.
It was the third time you've fallen asleep during class when Aizawa finally decided to mention his concerns to you.
He called your name in front of the entire class, asking you to stay behind after class.
That was clearly the wrong move because all heads turned to face the girl in the back corner.
Aizawa definitely cringed when he heard the whispers, and saw you look down in shame.
"Who's the extra?"
"I always forget she's in this class."
"So quiet."
"She's more invisible than Hagakure."
He watched from the front as her head landed on her desk. He could practically hear Present Mic scolding him for his lack of care.
"Class dismissed before I expel all of you."
That cleared the classroom out pretty quick.
"I'm sorry for calling you out like that. I realize that it probably wasn't the best thing to do."
You only nodded walking up to his desk with your books, "Am I in trouble?"
It was then he realized the bags under your eyes were just as bad as his own. Your hair was a mess and your uniform was unacceptably wrinkly.
"Not at all. Sit." He motioned to the desk in front of him, you nervously slid into it.
He took a breath trying to channel the kindness Present Mic always seemed to show with the students, "Think of this as a wellness check."
"Wellness check..." Your voice wavered, "but everything is fine! I'm well, super well, in fact, I would say I'm plus ultra well!" You rambled like you were fighting for your entire life.
"Okay slow down. You're making me exhausted, you're not in trouble. I just noticed you've been falling asleep a lot in my class. You don't seem...well."
You flushed again, eyebrows furrowing, "I...I haven't been sleeping well. Family troubles..."
There it was, the truth.
"Anything I need to report?"
"No!" You sputtered shaking your head rapidly, "no just had an argument."
Aizawa didn't press but he would be talking to Nezu about his concerns.
"Look. I understand but if you want to be a pro hero you need to get a good night's sleep. Don't." You opened your mouth to protest, "Hold on."
He watched you furrow your brow as he pulled out his sleeping bag.
(Thank god he just washed it)
"Take it and go sleep."
"Now. In the corner."
"My class-"
"It's Present Mic's, he'll understand. Now go catch up on sleep."
"Thank you, Mr. Aizawa..."
He may not be great with words or feelings but seeing you asleep and getting some much-needed rest, he suddenly saw a young version of himself.
He'd make sure you didn't end up like him though, in any way he could.
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thefieryphoenix · a month ago
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor
People would assume Kokushibo here as a yandere would be intensely terrifying and downright scary to the person he likes aka. YOU but it's actually the opposite of that. In fact he's actually a sweet and caring yandere for you, doting on whatever you need and want and he has a really soft spot for you in his heart even though he's a demon with 6 eyes and works for a rip off version of Michael Jackson with a white hat
The first time he harbors feelings for you is when you show him some kindness. he's probably in disguise to complete one of the missions given to him by his psychopathic master, doing whatever the hell it is demons these days do and somehow he kind of gets injured. It doesn't really matter to him that he's injured, he doesn't care but you come to him and ask him if he's all right, disregarding the fact that he was a demon. You treated his wounds and gave him some water and asked him to get some rest as you gave him a warm smile and that's when there was something warm kindling inside his heart for you
He comes back to see you after that day, sometimes you don't even know he's around. He's that good at hiding and watching you carry on with your life. You live all alone, don't you know it's dangerous for a little fragile thing like you to be alone in a world of demons? He wonders how you've managed to stay alive till now but he has to take you for himself. He doesn't understand and know why his heart aches and he gets a sour feeling whenever he sees someone else with you. It just doesn't sit right with him. How DARE those people try to corrupt his darling angel's innocence? Those little pests won't get away with it
He'll kidnap you when he thinks you're in danger of some sort of if he's certain that he's going to lose you for good. Now, when he kidnaps you, he knows you'll be scared and distraught from seeing a creature like him with 6 eyes staring at you after you wake up and he'll do his best to comfort you no matter what. He knows a lot about you by now and whatever you like, so he'll arrange for some things that you like so you'll be able to feel more free and at home with him. Whatever you want, he'll give it to you, even the world. He's even willing to rip his heart and lay it down at your feet, he's really THAT devoted to you, you're his goddess/god, his everything now. You've given him a purpose of life
Every single time you scream and cry it just breaks his heart but he doesn't lose his patience. Seriously, hats off for his dude for his patience when it comes to you. He can't bring himself to harm you no matter what, he'd rather kill himself than harm you, the person he loves. He won't ever mistreat you since he's not cruel like that and you barely get punishments with him. Punishments are just him giving you the silent treatment and occasionally glowering at you from time to time and then showering you with more love since he thinks the reason you're acting out is because you need more love and attention from him
He's a really sweet demon to you, but I can't really say the same when it comes to other people unfortunately. He's EXTREMELY possessive and protective over you and thinks everyone is out to get you and try to harm you which is also why he's appointed himself as your own personal guardian demon to make sure you're safe from those lousy scumbags. Anyone who dares to so much as give you a second glance, their head will be on the ground in literally less than a minute. If any demons dare to disrespect you he won't hesitate or think twice to show his fangs and growl in a really angry manner. And let me tell you, NO ONE wants to have an encounter with an angry snarling demon with 6 eyes and a sword, looking like he's going to murder you
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lexxiie · 2 months ago
If you have to write an MHA or JJK or AOT Actor AU story, then what are the real-life personalities of these mentioned characters behind the scenes (I mean how they'll be like as real-life people behind cameras):
Dabi/Touya, Shoto, Bakugo, Hawks, Deku, Shinso, Toji, Megumi, Gojo, Geto, Yuji, Nanami, Yuta, Eren, Levi, Jean, Armin, Erwin.
AAAHHH I haven't watched jjk yeeet😫 I promise that I'll get back to you when I watch it, though. Hope you like these!
Tumblr media
Fandoms: Attack On Titan | My Hero Academia.
Featuring: Dabi, Hawks, Shoto, Bakugo, Deku, Shinso, Eren, Levi, Jean, Armin, Erwin.
Tumblr media
If They Were Actors (AU)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I feel like first and foremost this bitch would have all the ladies crazy for him. All. Of. Them. And he would be one of those celebrities who's completely aware of this and is zero humble about it. Not a bad guy or anything, just very cocky. Probably very charismatic as well. He posts a bit too much of his personal life on Instagram.
Probably the Timothee Chalamet of his world. Very sweet kid who has all of the teenagers out there at his feet. Not only because he's cute, mostly because he seems really nice and polite. That's probably what people like the most about him. He has an Instagram account, but he doesn't show much of his personal life in it.
I feel like he would be one of those celebrities who just love the media attention. Like a male Kardashian. A Scott Disick, if you will. He would also be extra funny effortlessly in interviews and such. People would obviously notice how much he enjoys being the center of attention, but they'd find it funny more that annoying. Oh he posts compulsively on Instagram, and is probably always causing controversy with his tweets.
Probably the shy type of celebrity. Don't ask me why, but he gives me that vibe. He'd be one of those actors who are known for being very nice to the press and fans, but notably shy about it all. His interviews would always be very interesting, though. He definitely radiates passion for his job. I don't really think he'd have social media. In any case maybe Instagram, where he posts every once in a while. But he's totally TERRIFIED of Twitter.
Very likely to be the Tom Holland of his world. He's known for being very sweet and nice, and probably for spoiling everything as well. A total sensation among teenage girls without a doubt. He's always giving that excited puppy vibe in every interview and the media would be talking about him constantly. He'd post like 5 pics a day on Instagram.
This is the kind of actor who really doesn't give a shit. He isn't a fan of media, but understands that it's inevitable to talk to them. Probably goes out in public as if it wasn't a big deal at all, totally ignoring the fact that there are dozens of people having a heart attack with every step he takes. No social media. And if he does have any account on anything, it'd be run by his manager.
Tumblr media
Have y'all seen those vids of Tobey Maguire fighting with paparazzis? The glares and all that? Well, that's Eren. He gets incredibly annoyed by people invading his privacy and being nosey. Also, paparazzis acting like they can tell him what to do piss him off. Still, the public would love him. He'd be a sensation among ladies as well. Has social media but only posts on Instagram like twice a year. He's mostly on Twitter, shitting on politicians.
Oof. He would avoid interviews at all costs and would seem quite bored in them, never being directly rude, though. I feel like he would be very similar to Cillian Murphy in that aspect. He has his great number of stans, but he only makes public appearances like once a year. Obviously, no social media for him. He's like a rare creature who only shows himself when he needs to promote something. No one really knows much about his personal life.
Oh my... Such an arrogant bitch, but the bitch is popular, popular. He obviously loooves interviews and red carpets... And anything where he can show himself off. Any moment where he can speak about himself is great. Still, he's one of the good actors. Not those who are average and are still incredibly popular for no reason, but one of those who get all the important nominations.
Also one of those good actors with a lot of prestige. Some sort of Leonardo DiCaprio who also gets tons of important awards and nominations. I feel like he would be very humble and all about it, though. Still, he knows he's good and is very confident about himself, which some people see as him being arrogant... And he may be, but just a little. No social media, he doesn't know how to use it.
He would be one of those actors that literally no one hates. He may not be everyone's favorite, of course, but no one really has anything bad to say about him. He's always quite nice and does a good job. Very polite with media and fans as well. I don't think he'd have any social media though, he's too anxious about the public opinion for that.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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