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#the fact they let this kid just.
howdydowdy · a month ago
i bet jiang cheng, like, studied for the cloud recesses salute ceremony. this earnest little teen sect heir who just wants his daddy to love him was probably like, "i am going to get a good grade in saying hello to lan-xiansheng, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve," and i bet he practiced what he was going to say in front of a mirror, complete with choreography, for fucking weeks before they came to gusu. and then after all that hard work, what happens during the actual salute ceremony? he goes last, and who should stroll in just when he's getting started but wen fucking chao, who immediately steals the spotlight, insults his shige, and provokes everyone to draw their swords, in a hall of learning, on the first day of school. like some kind of hooligan! then after lan xichen calms everybody down with his sword-charming, does jiang cheng get to resume his salute? no he does not! wen qing jumps in with her own salute and gift, after which lan xichen declares the ceremony over. but jiang cheng never got a turn! nobody accepted his gift!! how is he supposed to know if authority figures approve of him if the other children don't let him show off the authority-figure-pleasing skills he has worked so hard to acquire???
#we never even got to see the jiang clan gift :( i would like to see it :(((#i fucking LOVE that wwx is like 'hey. you interrupted my shidi. what's your fucking problem?' like HELLOOOOOOOOOO#you messed with jiang cheng when he was in the middle of something important to him and made him and our sect lose face hdy#it is the only time in the entire series that wwx uses the word 'shidi' for jiang cheng and it's a great moment for that one 'shidi'#but anyway i noticed that jiang cheng never even gets to give his gift over and i was very mad on his behalf about it#idk maybe they continued after the wens left? maybe lan xichen just meant 'wen qing completed the ceremony'?#but the scene ends there so the fact remains we never see jiang cheng get to do the ceremony#and therefore i have decided he doesn't get to do it because that fits very well into my view of his character and you can't stop me#the untamed#jiang cheng#cql watch#my posts#the funny thing is that getting a good grade in saying hello to lan-xiansheng IS a normal thing to want and a possible thing to achieve#but because we're talking jiang 'i'm gonna stop in the middle of the street in caiyi to sternly remind my disciples to be on their best#behavior because everything they do reflects on yunmeng jiang' cheng here just ratchet it all up to 11#EDIT: wait i forgot wwx does use 'shidi' for jc another time...when they're kids and he's first come to live at lotus pier#and he's knocking on the door like shidi let me innnnnn and jc is like who are you calling shidi#but i think maybe this is the only time he says 'my shidi' when talking about jc to someone else?#yes i checked my notes and this is correct#in guanyin temple jgy refers to jc as wwx's shidi but then wwx immediately refers to jc as something way more formal#jiang-zongzhu i think#like ouchhh#but that's for another day#that's a DIFFERENT way for jc to get his lil heart stomped on
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batarangsoundsdumb · 4 months ago
it's truly a horrible crime that they retconned bruce adopting dick when he was only like,,, 24, because the inherent comedy of the entire justice league assuming batman was a teen father is just *chefs kiss*
batman: this is my son, robin barry: oh wow, that's where i recognised you from! barry: you're the guy from 16 and pregnant season 2! robin, nodding: we're going to be on the 'where are they now' episode next summer batman, mentally trying to figure out if he can get a refund on an adoption
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atozfic · 2 months ago
Impregnation kink with Seonghwa
send me a kink + a member for a smutty drabble!! (closed.)
pairing: park seonghwa x fem!reader. | genre: established relationship, smut. | warnings: soft dom!seonghwa, sub!reader, impregnation kink, body worship ig, mirror sex, insecurities.| word count: 596.  | hyde’s input: having children: 🤮🤢👎✋💩 having seonghwa's children: 🥰🥵🙌🤸‍♀️💞
Tumblr media
“eyes on the mirror, darling.”
seonghwa’s voice is but a love-filled whisper in your ear, a soft coo to coax you into following his command. it still manages to leave you breathless, brain melting into a puddle of useless jelly in your head and, if it wasn’t for the spot you’d secured in your husband’s lap, you’re almost certain your knees would be giving out on you.
not amused by you ignoring him, an empty spot is left on your hip where his hand once lay, now moving up the expanse of your body till your chin sits in his grasp and he’s tilting it upward and forcing your to look ahead at the mirror in question.
the reflection paints a portrait, a piece of modern art comprised of a man and a woman, bare as the day they were brought into the world and connected to one another in the most primal way. the man sits on the edge of a pristine bed, legs spread and forcing the woman’s legs to do the very same, as she sits perched in his naked lap. his eyes are fiery, like a summer day that leaves you craving something sweet, yet the ring on his finger is cold as his other hand has now occupied itself with the woman’s breasts, tweaking at the pretty little buds on her chest.
“you’re so sexy.” he says it like it’s common knowledge, an undeniable fact to humanity. “and these past few months have only made you even more so. watching you carry our child’s just made me more in love, more crazy about you.”
every part of you is begging you to close your eyes when seonghwa plants a hand on your hips and thrusts up into again, every inch of his cock fitting snugly within your velvet walls, shooting a burst of magnetic pleasure through you both, drawing each of you closer and closer, little room for air and even less for insecurities.
“and this,” his palm smooths over the ever-growing bump forming along your stomach area, littering your skin in stretch marks that seonghwa so graciously demands you call them body art, a physical demonstration of just how strong you and your body are. “is what we owe it all to. our little bundle of joy is being kept safe, being taken care of, is alive all thanks to this bump.”
he’s talking, and you know you should be listening, taking in every word and engraving it into your heart, but you’re too far gone, tears brimming in your eyes from the overwhelming pleasure, every minutes that passes just adding more time onto the clock of how long you’ve been edged towards a climax, seonghwa hell bent on proving to you just how much he still wants your body all to himself, despite all the new added features you’d been foolish enough to criticize about yourself after leaving the shower earlier int he evening, unaware of your husband’s early return home and the fact he was watching every frown and grimace you’d worn as you inspected your pregnant body.
“i love you so much like this, that i think i might just knock you up all over again once we get through this pregnancy.” his eyes stare at you through the mirror, watching you as he dips his head down to plant his lips on your neck. “and don’t let me get started on your tits, darling, because the moment you give me the go ahead, you can guarantee i’m going to be feasting on the milk inside them.”
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evakant · 2 months ago
not to constantly go "okay but i get it" whenever i'm talking about any given jiang cheng moment but the scene where he finds wangxian at the ancestral hall...... wei wuxian literally doesn't even look at him until he feels he has to defend lan wangji. and i'm not talking about not making direct eye contact, wei wuxian keeps his back to him at all times. he turns away the second jiang cheng steps further into the hall.
and we know why he can't make himself meet jiang cheng's gaze but, listen, the idea of my sister refusing to even fucking look at me when, hey! you've been dead for more than a decade and you're back home for the first time after being resurrected, and having.... no fucking context at all as to why?? yeah just the idea of it makes my blood boil, i won't lie.
fuck, i'd pick a fight too. i'm not saying it's right. i'm not saying there's not nicer ways to do this. i'm not justifying it. i'm just saying..... yeah i might get the sentiment.
you won't look at me? fine, i'll make you look at me.
#and the thing is that the second wei wuxian turns around jiang cheng is right there making direct eye contact as if his life depends on it.#like ah there you are. so this is what it takes. i'm only worthy of having your attention if i act like /this/ fine. okay. watch me.#and i'm not saying it's literally canon but right after he goes 'oh should i be nice to him? (takes another dig at lan wangji)'#you know it's both impulsive and so.... controlled. so planned. there's logic behind it despite the fact that it's all emotion at its core.#attention is attention after all and sometimes you want your sibling to pay attention to you so much that you are#willing to let it be... not the good kind. so what if they're looking at me to scold me or because#i poked and prodded a little too hard and they're done with it? at least they're looking.#and before you come for me: no. i do not treat my sister like this. well.... it's not a habit at least lmao.#i might have done it a few times when i was a kid because i was.... a brat. really. not often yeah but can't deny i've done it.#sometimes you just gotta make your sibling mad#cause you have that power. you know how to make it happen. and you know how to make it happen fast.#this is a terrible post. i love my sister very much and i would kill and die for her i'm JUST saying i kinda get it.#don't know how people write pretty + eloquent + well structured analysis#i'm like 'well to be fair older siblings bring out the worst out of you' and then let the people of tumblr do the heavy lifting#me sighing: brothers!#francesca speaks.#untamed.txt#wei wuxian#jiang cheng#yunmeng shuangjie#rs: he cares so much about you in his heart#this IS nonsensical but hopefully it makes just enough sense to be understood
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zukkaoru · 8 days ago
friendly reminder that you actually shouldn't tag every ship you make mention to in the relationship tags section. it clogs ship tags with fics that shouldn't really be there, and this is especially frustrating for the less popular ships with very few fics actually centered around them. if a ship shows up for a few sentences or if you just make mention to the fact that it's canon a few times, you do not need to add it to the relationships section.
if you still want to let readers know the ship is included in the background, you can add a 'Minor Character A/Character B' tag in the freeform tags section :-)
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babyboydbaby · 6 months ago
Gandra Interstitial
“Despite the catastrophic destruction of Amity Labs last week-”
“Ugh, pass.”
Gandra closed the app on her phone with an annoyed sigh as she came to a stop in the alleyway where her supposed client was supposed to meet her. Which, you know, real reassuring in regards to their legitimacy and not at all suspect in any sense.
...Sarcasm, of course this was sketchy as hell.
But with FOWL getting their asses handed to them and her having to up and leave for St. Canard before she got tossed in the clink like the rest of the villains that Bradford HADN’T zapped out of existence, she didn’t have many good options.
Not that she ever really had any good options to begin with, given her line of work.
Which is probably how and why she found herself back in Duckburg after getting a call about a possible job offer. One she...admittedly really needed, and one with the promise of letting her do as she pleased in regards to her scientific endeavors.
So what else could she do but wait for this mysterious hirer of hers to arrive at a creepy, abandoned alleyway on the far side of town, with the occasional glance down at social media?
Although to be fair, social media wasn’t exactly fairing any better.
She had no idea what the fuck was going on in the next town over, but wherever she turned on social media, it involved either the destruction of some place called Amity Labs (’The Fall of Amity’ as they called it), or some revelation about that Ironwoof guy killing his dad for trafficking children.
Which, you know, was really starting to make her reconsider her initial thoughts on the guy. Sure, he was still kind of a stuck-up rich dude, but y’know...props to him there. The social media sharks could turn it however they wanted, that was the opposite of a bad thing.
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dc-said-bi-robin-rights · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Ok no but can we talk about this panel for a second?
Anyone else hearing alarm bells? No?
I mean...this thirteen year old was..fully willing to let his father brutally murder him because he’d rather die by his hand than risk killing his father by defending himself (and Bruce isn’t even a particularly good father in canon, so...yikes).
What the fuck? what the fuck? what the fuck?
Okay, unless Batman didn’t remember this event after whatever fucked him up wore off or something there’s something seriously wrong with the fact that this was just brushed under the rug.
Uh...hello? Bruce? That kid...that kid is not mentally okay. Thirteen year olds who are mentally okay don’t let their fathers attempt to brutally murder them.
Seriously, what the fuck? Someone get this kid some therapy.
Edit: I have been informed this is not actually Bruce. However, Damian believes it is, so I literally don’t see why it is relevant like at all. The point about Damian literally allowing his father to brutally murder him is still the same.
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