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#the falcon and the winter soldier

Falcon & Winter Soldier #4 preview. With the Natural by their side, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes travel to confront the woman who is scheming to become the new Hydra Supreme. #Comics #ComicBooks

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Falcon & Winter Soldier #4 (of 5)

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Derek Landy (A) Federico Vincentini (CA) Dan Mora
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 21, 2020
SRP: $3.99

With the Natural by their side, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes travel to confront the woman who is scheming to become the new Hydra Supreme. Nothing seems to go right for our boys, however, as the plane they’re about to jump out of is beset by a swarm of Hydra agents.

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A scene I’m seeing from the upcoming TFATWS

Bucky and Sam’s sister Sarah go out for coffee or dinner or something when Sam isn’t around.
SAM: You took my sister out?
SAM: Don’t you think that’s weird?
BUCKY: You afraid I’m gonna kill her or something?
SAM: No!
BUCKY: Oh…it’s because I’m white.
SAM: Ugh!  No—she’s my sister.  She looks like me.  Don’t you think it’s weird to go out with someone who’s basically a female version of me?
BUCKY: Oh.  You’re jealous.
SAM: No, I am not.
Later, after angsting about it…
SAM: Ok, I guess its alright if you two…date.
BUCKY: Ugh, all we talked about was the guy with one arm in her office that she wants to ask out…and you.
SAM: Oh.  Well, good then.
BUCKY: Yeah, you still have me all to yourself.  (Smacks Sam on the back as he walks away)
SAM: Yea—what?

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Oooo this request is so cute! Thank you for the request lovely, hope you like it!💜

a/n: This imagine is HEAVY on the dialogue because I wanted to include some fun questions from the fans and what not, anyway here’s the imagine:) 


Stackie Sandwich

You watched from backstage as Anthony showed off his thighs to the crowd, you know, the usual. You were currently at ACE Comic Con along with Anthony and Sebastian. You always enjoyed going to these kind of things. Meeting and getting to interact with the fans was always fun, it reminded you of why you did these movies and how thankful you were to have such lovely, supportive fans.

Currently you and the crew backstage were trying to find a way to sneak you onto the stage without interrupting a question.

Anthony sat back down on the small couch as Sebastian laughed at his friend’s antics.

“I’m telling y’all, you wanna have thighs like these, you gotta do leg day. Don’t skip leg day.” Anthony tells the crowd as he nudges Sebastian. You chuckle from backstage as Kevin Smith, the monitor of the panel continues.

“So I know we were supposed to be joined by (y/n) (y/l/n), where is she?” He asked the men.

“Probably on a coffee run.” Sebastian answered immediately shaking his head with an eye roll. The crowd reacts with quiet giggles.

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“Sam, stop biting! I have a fitting in 10 minutes”

“They’re not gonna know, they probably think it’s just a bruise”

“They’re gonna KNOW”

“I think your serums will make it gone, so no big deal”

“It takes about 20 minutes to make it clearly gone! Stop!”

“You can just push me off easily but you choose to sit on my laps, oh and that blush too- you like it, Don’t you?”

“F-fuck off”

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Pairing: Quentin Beck x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Requested: Nope

Summary: Quentin is so close to defeating Tony Stark and Peter Parker— unfortunately for him, he met Y/N at the last moment and fell head over heels for her. His love for her was so strong, he gave up on his evil plans and settled for the next best thing— driving those who had a crush on her up a wall.

Author’s Note: Hi guys! Here is the disclaimer. Have fun reading this! (also because I’m stupid and out of ideas they play the American version of antakshari lmfao) Please excuse small grammatical mistakes and typos :)

“Alright, guys, be calm!” Y/N shouted at the bus full of excited teenagers. Y/N wasn’t a teen, she was here to chaperone a trip. Why was she chosen, you ask? Y/N was a friend of the Avengers, that’s why. Peter suggested she come along and she agreed. What was there to lose? “We’re going to another country, Ms Y/L/N, this is the best day of my life!” a student, Anita, told her excitedly. Y/N chuckled, she supposed it was a bit exciting. Another half an hour later, their bus full of people reached the airport. The students got down from the bus. 

The group of 15 students, along with 2 teachers and one chaperone, went through the security checks and went to the waiting room. “Aren’t you even a little excited, Y/N?” Peter asked, sitting next to the woman. “I guess,” she sighed, looking away. "Is anything the matter?“ Peter asked, gently turning her face towards him. Both of them heard a wolf whistle and rolled their eyes. "For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this trip. It’s so fun, I don’t know why I’m tense,” Y/N admitted sadly. 

“Aw, it’s okay, Y/N, I’m sure nothing can go wrong with this trip! We’ve defeated the baddest bad there was, I don’t think there’s any villain left who could ruin our trip. Cheer up, sis.” Peter often called Y/N ‘sis’, for their bond was like that of siblings. Soon, their flight number was announced. The class boarded the flight. Y/N reluctantly sat with the two teachers, even though she wanted to sit with Ned and Peter. Throughout the flight, the teachers, along with Y/N, discussed the rules of the trip. As the flight was about to land, Y/N felt something deep inside her gut. 

And the feeling was bad. 

“You know, Beck, you should meet Y/N. You’ll like her, she’s awesome!” Peter said, grinning at Quentin Beck. Quentin considered for a moment. Y/N, who was that? By name, she sounded interesting. “Can we meet her now?” he asked Peter slowly, stroking his beard. “Sure, we can go back to the hotel!” The two men stood up and left the bar. Peter took Quentin to the hotel where his class was staying. “Wait here, I’ll be back with Y/N.” Quentin nodded and Peter took off, running up the stairs. 

Quentin smirked, leaning against a wall. For now, he thought of ways he could use this Y/N to manipulate Peter Parker. You see, Mysterio (as Quentin liked to call himself) wasn’t good at all, he was an evil, evil man. Here to destroy Spider-Man and Iron Man, his motives were corrupt. First, he needed to have a good look at Y/N. What was her relationship with Peter? Were they friends? Was she his girlfriend? As soon as Beck thought about Y/N being Peter’s girlfriend, a shiver ran down his spine. Goosebumps appeared on his skin and he felt uncomfortable, uneasy and nauseous. 

Quentin shook his head, also shaking away the bad feeling. What had just happened? 

“Beck, there you are! Meet Y/N!” Quentin looked up from the floor to see Peter running towards him, a firm hold on Y/N’s hand as she followed him, begging him to slow down. They came to a halt in front of Quentin. Quentin, meanwhile, was busy staring at Y/N. His mind had stopped working, he couldn’t form a single coherent thought. He forgot all about his evil intentions, his master plan, everything. He was close to forgetting his own name and he would have if Y/N had not interrupted him. 

“Does he talk?” she whispered to Peter, who swatted her shoulder and threw her an incredulous glance. Quentin’s hand balled into a fist as soon as he saw Peter hitting Y/N. No one was allowed to hit her. He soon came to his senses and let his hand fall loose, confused. What was wrong with him? What was this effect Y/N had on him? "Quentin, are you okay?“ He looked at Peter and Y/N, who stared at him with concerned eyes. "I'm… I’m fine. Y/N, right? I’m Quentin, Quentin Beck." 

He held his hand out but instead, Y/N gave him a tight hug. A bit shocked, he returned the hug, putting his strong arms around her waist. "Thanks for protecting Peter,” she mumbled. “My duty,” Quentin whispered back, patting her head as she buried her face in the crook of his neck. He threw a panicked glance at Peter but the young man could only shrug. “Go with it,” he mouthed, a smirk blooming on his face. What the hell was Parker thinking? 

“Um, Y/N, are you alright?” Quentin asked a few minutes later and Y/N pulled away, sniffling. Quentin suddenly felt cold, he wanted her in his arms again. “I’m fine, I was just worried about Peter. I told him I had a bad feeling about the trip and then… then that horrid creature attacked-” “Y/N! Don’t worry, I can handle myself out there, I’m big now. I fought Thanos, for God’s sake!” Peter groaned, crossing his arms. “You also died, young man! Do you know how that made me feel? I was depressed for months after your death, after everyone’s death!” Quentin stared at the two as they bickered. 

Why did Y/N have that effect on him? He had to call off his entire plan, it seemed worthless now. Sure, he had a grudge on Tony Stark for years now, but for what reason? Just because he didn’t give Quentin credit? Called his creation BARF? Silly! He could start all over, make something useful, take full credit. And what about Spider-Man? Spider-Man and Mysterio, two people who had nothing against each other. They hadn’t met before, too! That’s it, Quentin decided, he had to call his entire plan off. 

“Quentin, are you alright? You zoned out, again,” Peter said, noticing the hollow look in Quentin’s eyes. Peter and Y/N had stopped bickering a long time ago. Peter liked Quentin. Especially the way Quentin had helped him defeat the Elemental, Peter found that very fascinating. “Huh? I’m fine,” Quentin muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. “You seem tired,” Y/N said, placing a hand on Quentin’s forearm. Peter smirked as he saw the slight blush that arose on Beck’s cheeks. So Quentin had a crush on Y/N! That explained all the zoning out! Peter smiled goofily, Y/N and Quentin would make a rather cute couple. 

A hot one, too, both of them were very attractive. “I am, had a long day,” Quentin chuckled, placing his own palm on Y/N’s hand. "You should go rest. I hope you have a place, if not, I can book a room in this hotel,“ Y/N smiled. She had to admit, Quentin Beck was the hottest and the most handsome guy Y/N had ever seen. And she knew Tony Stark. It was a given she had a crush on him. She hoped they would meet again so she could ask him for a date before the trip ended. "So, uh, Y/N, I’m going now.”

Y/N snapped out of her thoughts and smiled at Quentin. “Goodnight,” she said, gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked back to her room. Peter gave Quentin a huge smirk as Quentin blushed furiously, two pink spots showing up on his cheeks. “Have a crush? Wouldn’t blame you, to be honest,” Peter shrugged. “What do you mean?” Quentin asked as he walked with Peter out of the hotel. “Steve, Thor, Bucky, Sam, Loki, Dr Strange, heck, even Mr Stark had a crush on Y/N when they first met! She has that effect, Ms Romanoff said it’s her 'superpower’,” Peter snorted, showing quotation marks with his fingers when he said superpower. Quentin smiled.

On the inside, he boiled of anger. How dare they think that way of Y/N? His, only his. New plan! Exposing Spider-Man was out of the picture now. New Mission: Impressing and wooing Y/N. He would make her his and show those degenerates, those pathetic excuses for Avengers whom Y/N truly belonged to. 

“Cancel everything.”

“But sir-”

“You heard me. Cancel. Everything.”

“We’ve worked so hard-”

“Did I stutter? Just cancel everything, goddamn it!” Quentin screamed. “Y-Yes, sir,” Jean sighed and went to alert his other co-workers. Quentin sat down on his chair, his head in his hands. “Sir, are you alright? Do you want water?” Quentin looked up and stared at Anne. “Sure.” She went to get him a glass of water. Quentin felt as if he needed something stronger than water but now that Anne had gone to fetch water for him, he supposed he could wait a few minutes before going to the bar. “Here you go, sir,” Anne called out, returning with a glass of water. 

“Thank you,” Quentin mumbled, drinking the water. After he was done, he got up. “I’m going outside, tell everyone else,” he told Anne, who nodded. Quentin left the place, going to the bar where he, along with Peter, had celebrated their victory over the elemental not even a few hours ago. Quentin walked into the bar. It was nearly midnight; the bar was still crowded, though. He somehow found a chair in front of the bar and sat. “One beer, please,” he called out to the bartender, who nodded. Quentin patted his pockets to check if he had his wallet. 

He felt the slight bulge of his wallet and sighed in relief. The bartender placed the glass of beer in front of Quentin and left to serve the other customers. As Quentin raised the glass to have a sip, he heard someone calling his name. At the first call, he thought he misheard someone. The second time he was certain someone was calling him. He turned and smiled to himself as he saw Y/N making her way towards him. “Hi,” he said as she sat next to him. “Quentin! I never expected to bump into someone I knew here, right now,” Y/N chuckled, running a hand through her hair. “Why are you still awake? you need to sleep.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Y/N countered and both of them laughed. Y/N, seeing the glass in front of Quentin, ordered a beer for herself, too. “What are you doing here, if I may ask,” Y/N said, smirking at Quentin. “Couldn’t sleep,” Quentin shrugged. “Me too, to be honest,” Y/N sighed. "Why not?“ Quentin frowned. His Y/N, not able to sleep? "Bad dreams, you can say,” Y/N said, picking up the glass of beer the bartender put in front of her. “I’m sorry,” Quentin smiled sadly but she shrugged his apology off. “What were they about?” Quentin blurted out. 

“Peter getting hurt. When we were at the New York airport, Peter asked me why I wasn’t excited about this trip. I told him I had a bad feeling about the trip. I’ve been having nightmares every night ever since we arrived here, in Venice. Next stop is Prague, I hope nothing bad happens there,” Y/N explained quietly. “How about I join you on your trip? You’ll have a friend by your side, plus, I can look after Peter with you,” Quentin offered suddenly and Y/N stared at him. “You’ll do that for me? You’re the best, Quen,” Y/N exclaimed with a broad smile, hugging Quentin tightly. Quentin smiled, hugging her back. 

“Of course. I have nothing else to do now, right? The Elemental, the sole purpose of my visit to this Earth, is defeated. Where do I go from here?” Quentin said, pulling away from Y/N. “You could go back to your own planet, Quentin. Don’t the people there miss you, your friends and family?” Y/N suggested, a tad disheartened that Quentin couldn’t stay with her. “Everyone on my planet was destroyed by the other three Elementals, Y/N. There’s no point in going back there. Also, I’ve got friends here, right?” Quentin smiled, taking Y/N’s hand. 

“Of course you do! We’re your friends!” Y/N grinned broadly, clutching Quentin’s hand. Quentin sighed in relief, the whole “other planet” story was made up, anyway. Quentin and Y/N quickly finished their beers. Quentin paid for both and the two… ahem… lovebirds walked out of the bar hand in hand. Quentin offered to walk Y/N back to her hotel since it was very late at night. As they walked, Quentin put an arm around Y/N’s shoulder to see her reaction. 

If she did not push him away, she trusted him. If she pushed him away, she didn’t. To his surprise, Y/N shuffled closer to him, pulling his arm tighter around herself. Quentin smirked, she definitely trusted him. And perhaps, liked him back. That was a start. They reached Y/N’s hotel in under 10 minutes. “Do you have a mobile phone?” she asked him. He nodded, taking out his phone. She took it and added her number in his phone. “May I get your number?” she grinned. He nodded again, adding his number in her phone. “Tomorrow we’re going for a boat ride across the city, something we couldn’t do today because of the elemental. Join us?” Y/N questioned, hoping he would say yes. 

“Of course I will! A boat ride sounds nice,” Quentin grinned. “Cool! Tomorrow, after asking the teachers, I will contact you, sounds good?” Y/N grinned back. “Alright. I’ll go now, you need sleep. Goodnight!” Before he could turn, Y/N stopped him, grabbing him by the shoulders. 

She leaned on her tiptoes, and pressed a kiss to Quentin’s lips, a perfect goodbye kiss. Though Quentin was beyond surprised, he went with it. They way Y/N fitted in his arms, the way the kiss felt, it was as if Quentin and Y/N were a match made in heaven. “Goodnight,” Y/N whispered, pulling away from him. Quentin smiled at her. They waved at each other and Quentin left the hotel. A goofy smile found its way to Quentin’s lips as he walked towards his lair. The kiss. The goddamn kiss. 

“Whew! That was awesome, wasn’t it?” Mr Dell grinned as the 15 students, 2 teachers and 2 chaperones walked to their hotel. They had just finished a beautiful boat ride across the city, but it was still early in the evening. The class had no plans for the rest of the evening. Peter thought that they’d have to get bored at the hotel. "It so was,“ Mr Harrington agreed. The students looked at each other with huge grins. Y/N glanced at Quentin to see him already looking at her. "Did you enjoy yourself?” Quentin whispered. The two hung around until they were at the end of the group. “I did, what about you?” Y/N whispered back. 

“I did, too.”

Both of them gave each other broad smiles. Quentin put his arm around Y/N’s shoulder and like the previous day, Y/N shuffled closer to him. “Yo, lovebirds, walk quicker!” MJ called out to them, turning around to flash a quick smirk at them. Quentin and Y/N blushed furiously, quickening their pace. They reached the hotel. "That’s it? Nothing else today? It’s not even 5!“ Flash groaned, stomping his foot. "Well… I suppose you kids can hang out,” Mr Dell shrugged. “I have a fun game idea, my cousins and I back in India play this game a lot,” Anita piped up. “Which game?” Betty smiled at her.

“It’s a song game. One person sings a song and the next person has to sing a song starting from the last letter of the previous song. For instance, if I sang a song and it ended in 'p’, then the person after me sings a song beginning with 'p’,” Anita explained. The group exchanged glances. “Sounds fun! Where do we play?” “How about my room?” Peter suggested. The two teachers politely declined, claiming they were tired. One other student, James, said he felt nauseous and declined, too. 

The 16 other people went to Peter’s room. “Team up! How about 8 teams with two people each?” Anita called out. “Sure! There are exactly 8 girls and 8 boys, how about a guy and a girl?” The teams were, hence, decided. Peter and MJ, Ned and Betty, Flash and Anita, Nikki and Carson, Lily and Kyle, Eric and Miley, Ruth and Jason, Y/N and Quentin. Everyone sat wherever they could find place. Y/N and Quentin were squished together in a small bean bag. Both of them squirming around a lot until Quentin grabbed Y/N by the waist and placed her on his lap. “Making moves on Y/N, huh?” Carson teased as Eric and Jason wolf whistled. Peter smirked at the two of them. 

“There’s no place for two people to sit next to each other in this bean bag,” Quentin sighed, rolling his eyes. Y/N was blushing like crazy. "Okay, let’s start!” Lily and Kyle were the first people to begin with the song. The game went on smoothly, the teams were actually able to come up with songs that started with a specific letter. Soon, it was Quentin and Y/N’s turn. The letter they were given was 'L’. Both of them were lost in thoughts until Y/N suddenly came to her senses. “Let’s talk about it, gotta get this off my chest,” she sang. 

Quentin’s eyes widened slightly. Her voice was elysian. “Fall for you, Steve James. Good choice,” Nikki applauded, nodding. Y/N continued singing the song as the girls from the other teams sang along. “I fall for you, I fall for you, I fall for you, oh yeah I do, I do,” Y/N sang, giggling as Kyle and Carson engaged in a dance off on their seats. Quentin simply stared at Y/N, which made Peter smile to himself. Why couldn’t they just date?

After Y/N was done, the turn landed on Peter and MJ. As they thought about which song to sing, Quentin turned to Y/N. “You have a beautiful voice, Y/N,” he told her with a small smile. “Thanks Quen,” Y/N smiled, laying her head on his shoulder. He easily put his arms around her waist and they sat there, snuggled into each other’s arms. “You guys literally cannot make your relationship any more public,” Betty deadpanned humorously. “Shut up,” Y/N whispered at Betty’s comment, leaning up to give Quentin a small kiss on the lips. She was feeling quite impulsive that day, to be honest. 

She knew Quentin reflected her feelings; the way he was always looking at her everytime she turned towards him, the way he had a smile every time she spoke… Y/N was not an idiot. "Ugh, PDA,“ Lily groaned and Quentin laughed, pressing his lips to Y/N’s forehead. This was not how he imagined one of them would make the first move, but he wasn’t denying it. This only made his job easier. His job was done, he could say. He impressed Y/N, he wooed her, that was it. Now he would cherish this beauty for the rest of his life. 

"Alright, we give up, I can’t think of any song that starts with 'Z’!” Y/N heard Ned exclaim. What, Peter and MJ’s turn was done already? She was so lost in thoughts. The thing she was thinking about was how Quentin and her were finally dating, all thanks to her. And thankfully he didn’t make a scene when she kissed him, he went with it, even. 

It was understood. 

“May!” Peter exclaimed, running towards the woman who was waiting with her arms open. “Dude forgot his luggage,” Y/N blinked and Quentin chuckled. They were returning from Prague. The second half of the vacation was awesome, or so were the thoughts of the students. Y/N and Quentin actually had their first date in Prague. "Y/N! Come here!“ May called out and Y/N reluctantly left her boyfriend’s side to give the woman a hug. "Who’s this gentleman? Your boyfriend?” May whispered in her ear and pulled away. “May! Yes, yes he is. We met in Venice,” Y/N whispered, giggling. The two ladies looked at Peter and Quentin, who were struggling to get the luggage into May’s car. 

“Wait, boys, let us help.”

After everything was done, the four of them- May, Peter, Quentin and Y/N- sat in May’s car. May drove, Peter sat in the passenger seat and Quentin and Y/N sat behind. “So, um, what’s your name?” May asked Quentin. “I’m Quentin, Quentin Beck. You’re Peter’s mom, I assume?” Quentin replied, a smile on his face. “No, dear, his aunt. May, May Parker. How did the two of you meet?” May asked, glancing at Y/N. “Long story…” she mumbled. “Long drive home,” May reminded her. Peter volunteered to explain how he and Y/N met Quentin and then Y/N told her how she started dating him. Quentin was quiet throughout, a small smile on his face. This is it, this is life. 

Y/N was his, did he want anything else? Actually… yes, he wanted one more thing. To see the faces of the other Avengers as Y/N introduced him to them. Especially the faces of those who had a crush on her. “So, should I drop the two of you off at the Avengers Tower?” May asked. “Sure! Nat, Steve and Tony are waiting,” Y/N nodded. “Good!” They reached the Avengers Tower in the next half an hour. Y/N and Quentin got out, collected their luggage and waved goodbye to May and Peter. “Bye guys! We’ll see you tomorrow!” May drove away. Quentin and Y/N looked at each other. Together, the two of them had four bags between them. Quentin took two and Y/N took two. They walked inside. 

Tony, Thor, Steve, Natasha, Loki, Bucky, Sam and Wanda were waiting in the lobby. “Y/N!” Steve exclaimed as she walked in. Everyone immediately went silent as Quentin walked in next. “Hello!” Quentin waved enthusiastically. “Uh… Y/N, who’s this?” Bucky asked slowly. "Why don’t you introduce yourself, baby, I need water,“ Y/N whispered to him. Quentin nodded and Y/N gave him a quick kiss, leaving to get a glass of water. Natasha and Wanda ran after her. "Y/N! Y/N!” She stopped, turning around to face her best friends. “Hi guys! I missed you!” She hugged the two ladies. “Who’s the guy? Your boyfriend?”

“Yes! We met one day in Venice and were an official couple the next day,” Y/N gushed, filling up a glass of water. “That was quick. Wouldn’t blame you, he’s hot,” Wanda snorted. “Is he Italian?” Natasha asked. “Nope, American. Long story, come sit.” The three ladies sat on the nearby couch and Y/N explained everything about the Elemental to them. Quentin, meanwhile, was being glared at by 6 men. “Did she just call you 'baby’?” Steve asked quietly, his arms crossed. “Well, I mean I’m her boyfriend, it only makes sense…” Quentin chuckled with faux nervousness. “Boyfriend? Y/N’s dating you? What’s your name?” Sam scoffed. 

“I’m Quentin, Quentin Beck,” Quentin introduced, holding his hand out for a handshake. When no one took it, he let it fall to his side awkwardly. “How did you meet and when did you start dating?” Tony asked sharply. “Well… Peter introduced me to her one day and we were officially a couple the next day,” Quentin said slowly. "One day? It took you one day to woo her? We’ve been trying for 5 years!“ Thor exclaimed, enraged. "Oh, uh… sorry?” Quentin offered, still maintaining the nervous look on his face. 

Deep inside, though, he was jumping and screaming with joy. This was the exact thing he wanted to witness. “What did she see in you?” Bucky sneered. "I defeated the Elemental, you know,“ Quentin pointed out. "What the fuck is an Elemental?” Steve asked, scrunching his nose. “Long story. Here to listen?” The 6 men nodded and Quentin explained everything to them. In the end, they were left staring at him in shock. "Also… if you really like Y/N, you wouldn’t be so rude to me. If you were friendly with me, that would make Y/N really happy,“ Quentin pointed out offhandedly. 

"Great point. Alright, goldfish, you’re accepted,” Tony sighed. Quentin grinned. Oh, how he would love driving the male Avengers up the wall everyday. 

“Boys, we’re getting dinner, are you joining?”


The 7 men walked towards the ladies and together, the 10 of them went to the dining room to get dinner. 

A/N: Hi! This is kind of a weird fic, I get it. It is one of my old works, I wrote it like 1 year ago or something. If you do like it, consider leaving a like! It will be much appreciated, thank you!! I love you guys a lot. Please send prompts if you want to read more from me.

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I don’t know if it counts as spoiler, it’s more like a theory.

So, I was watching the new video from bts of FATWS and I think that the person the American Agent is beating the shit off is Bucky. I don’t know, but the screaming sounds like Bucky’s scream in CW at the flashback scene from 1991 (the one on the beggining). Hear:

The new bts scene:

The scene of CW (from 0:55 to 1:00):

If it’s Bucky, I’m really afraid of what will happen (*nervous laugh while remembering the rumours that either Bucky or Sam will die at the end*).

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Ok. So y’all know that Thing with Steve at the end of Endgame that shall not be spoken of? (see Endgame AU if you’re in denial like me)

Well, let’s speak of it for a moment.

Apart from the whole scandal of ditching Bucky for Peggy (I shouldn’t have to explain the scandal), it’s a freaking tragedy that we’re not gonna get to see anymore Steve-Bucky-Sam in the MCU.

I mean, in the comics, they were all Captain America at some point. How awesome could that have been? Just three Captain Americas, throwing the combat frisbee around on the battlefield. Bad guys are getting so confused because wait now there’s three of them in stars and stripes, one’s got a metal arm and another’s flying.

Some of them wonder if the original Cap just cloned himself, but it’s clearly three different guys. What the fondue?

So now I’m picturing all three of them squeezing onto one motorcycle the escape baddies. Or driving in a car, and Bucky keeps kicking the back of Sam’s seat while Steve threatens to turn the car around. But things are good, and they quickly become known as the three horsemen of Freedom.

But here’s another thing, and I might lose some of you here: The Russian flag is red white and blue as well.

What if the three Caps are in a fight one day and all of a sudden their enemies are really confused because there’s a fourth, redheaded one now?

Steve, Sam, and Bucky are confused too, but Natasha just grins, mutters something about ‘new look’ and ‘picking up after you boys’, and flings the shield back to them.

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