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#the falcon and the winter soldier spoilers
backoffbucky · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ok so I apologise for the quality of the photo. It’s quite hard to take a photo without the shadow and bits in the background. But Bucky is done. I added a shield in the middle, ( I couldn’t see the detail in the photo so I just slapped a shield down ) and now I gotta start to paint :). I’m actually quite happy with how this is turning out!
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habaritess · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lets talk about Sam Wilson in TFATWS.
Now I’ve talked about my issues with Sam in TFATWS and also how liked episode 5( I also liked 6...somewhat). Now while 5 and 6 were more Sam centric, I still do not think it saved the series for me. While I enjoyed the series as a whole, I still think it failed in what it should have been doing which is make Sam Wilson a more dynamic character. He wasn’t personally challenged enough in this series. He has stayed the same throughout the series. How did Sam from episode 1 changed from the Sam from episode 6? Sure, Sam learned about the truth about Isaiah and chose to become Captain America, but neither of those experiences truly challenged him like it should have. His decision to become Captain America happened largely off screen and it was the circumstances that made it happened and not really of his own choosing. Think about it. If Walker didn’t choose to murder that guy in broad daylight with the shield, would Sam have become Captain America? No, it still would have been with Walker. Sam took the shield back and with the shield in his possession, after Isaiah rejected the shield, Sam takes it upon himself to practice. We see in episode 5 Sam choosing to become Captain America, but rather the series being about that journey to that decision, we get Sam getting the shield due to circumstance and not from his own making. We never get a good insight on why Sam rejected the shield in the first place. Sure they hinted at it, but it was so surface level. It wasn’t in a way where we got to know Sam in the process. Much of what evolved was out of his hands and I think that was a big mistake.
Tumblr media
I brainstormed about it and I think the biggest issue with the series is the inclusion of Walker. Now I actually liked Walker and enjoyed his development in the series, but when you really think about it, was he REALLY necessary? Part of the issue with TFATWS is that they had all these characters to develop with only 6 episodes to do it. Someone is going to get shafted and the unfortunate people was Sam and Karli and the Flag Smashers. The show would have worked better if it kept it at Sam, Bucky, Zemo and Karli gang. We really didn’t need Walker involvement. The Flag Smashers were suppose to be the main antagonists and they were the weakest point of the series to me. I also really question the decision for Sam to give up the shield in the beginning of the show( which open up the doors to Walker). First, by giving up the shield from the start, we as the audience miss Sam decision to make such a drastic choice. That decision is HUGE and us as the audience, missed the chance to really get inside Sam head. It would be a different story if the series furthered explored why he made that choice, but we never got that. All we know is that he has his reasons. The fact that it wasn’t further explored made Bucky apology to Sam about how he and Steve overlooked how accepting the shield would be for a black man fall flat. How did Bucky come to that conclusion and why didn’t we, as the audience, get to see it? All of Sam’s potential development is happening off screen and  Sam giving up the shield at the very beginning left Sam character stagnated.
Rather than Sam giving up the shield at the very beginning, we could have had a series that explore Sam choosing to accept the shield in the beginning, than going through experiences that delusions him from the shield, like having people actively fight against a black Captain America, some to the point where they would harm him to get it. You know, give him something that would have really challenged his character and allow him to experience more range of emotions. His decision to than accept the shield after all he experience would have much more of an impact because we got to see his struggles and how he overcome them.
Tumblr media
Here another thing they could(should) have done. Why isn’t Sam upset with Steve? Think about it from Sam’s point of view. Sam risked his life and was on the run for years with Steve and he did it, ALL for Steve. What does he get in return for his loyalty? Steve decides to play with time and grow up in an era without Sam. While Steve has been five years without Sam, for Sam, it just been a couple of days. Wouldn’t you be upset that you sacrifice so much for a best friend who ups and abandons you? Of all the people who should be upset with Steve departure, Sam Wilson tops that list. We could have had a story that shows Sam conflictions with the Shield and Steve. Sam purposely keeps Bucky at arms length because that is two partners who he has lost, Steve and Riley, and he doesn’t want to go through that again. Part of his journey could be learning to trust in another partner because after Steve abandons him, Sam becomes strictly “no partner”. Bucky presence means confronting his anger/hurt/betrayal with Steve and confronting the death of his previous friend Riley. Look at that. There you could explore a more vulnerable, angry, and sad Sam Wilson without loosing what makes him great. He will still be the hero who looks out for others, but this series would fundamentally challenge him and we be able to see multiple sides of him, as it should. It would make Sam more relatable character because we would see something more than clear headiness from him. You know, like having a realistic range of emotions.
There was so much they could have explored for Sam character, but rather than explore him, they choose to make a lot of his development happen off camera. Since the same showrunner is likely to take over for the movie, I’m really nervous we might just get more of the same and we never get a deep dive into who Sam Wilson actually is.
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julesjohansson · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Old Habits Die Hard, Part 1 - Bucky x Reader x Zemo
A/N: Inspired by an ask by @nyx-aira​ as well as an anon! I decided to make it a series.
When Bucky comes to see you, it’s an ordinary Monday.
You twist your keys in your front door, let yourself in. Tuck the groceries into the fridge. Collapse on your couch.
But something...
Well, something feels wrong.
Terribly, terribly wrong.
“Hello, Sergeant Barnes,” you state, attempting to keep your voice level.
You knew he wouldn’t really hurt you - still, you’d spent far too many years in Hydra not to have your heart skip a beat when you find the Winter Soldier at your dining room table.
“...You know that’s not my name.”
You let yourself smile.
“Hey, Bucky.”
He sits down beside you - and for the first time in awhile, Bucky lets himself smile, too.
“It’s been a long time,” he says. “...What? Almost six years?”
“Seven. I counted.”
“Right. I would’ve reached out sooner, but... you made yourself pretty hard to find.”
“Well, Hydra was looking for me. After they found out I was a spy, well... I didn’t mind taking a few precautions.”
He shook his head.
“I’m gonna have to hear the whole version of that story sometime. All I ever got was... the communication I found. The one that tipped them off.”
This silences you, for a moment, and you remember the exact circumstances in which you saw Bucky for the last time.
Bucky had been your trainer, your mentor, your only friend. You had been a gift from the Red Room to Hydra, and they had used you as a spy. Years later, you’d double crossed them - and become a spy for Shield.
Of course, that all came crashing down the moment Bucky - no, not Bucky, the Winter Soldier - intercepted one of your messages to Shield.
The moment you’d had to go into hiding.
“You could have killed me,” you say, softly. “...Why didn’t you?”
He shrugged.
“You could have killed me when Tony told you to. Why didn’t you?”
You hesitate in answering, and you know you’re holding back. You get the sense that Bucky is, too.
“Didn’t want to come out of hiding,” you answer brusquely. “Kinda wanted to keep my title as... the most underutilized Avenger.”
“As much as I wish you could keep that title, I need you.”
“Sure you do, Barnes. What’s the job?”
Bucky chuckles, tossing you a file.
“An extraction. Nothing you’re not used to. One rule - no killing.”
You shrug in response.
“I mean it, Y/N.”
Half of you wants to respond ‘make me.’
...The other half of you wants to remain professional.
“Okay, okay. No killing,” you hum, scanning the file. “...Who’s the target?”
“The one who killed T’Chaka? Jesus, Barnes! You think I want Wakandans knocking at my door? I might be the Red Widow, but any member of the Dora Milaje could put me on my ass, easily.”
"If this works out, the Dora’ll never even know, Y/N.”
“Of course they’ll know. They’re the Dora Milaje.”
“Fine, then. Stay here, in your cave. I’ll let you know when the danger’s over.”
Your mouth dropped open, and you whirled around to face him.
“Excuse me?”
“You heard me, krasnaya vdova.”
Your fists clench, and you charge at him. Never mind that the two of you aren’t Hydra anymore, never mind that you’re not sparring partners-
Old habits die hard.
And he takes you down easily, of course, as he always did and probably always will. Even without the metal arm, Bucky had always been the better fighter.
You had different talents. Your weapons were your words.
You groan, feeling his weight pressed against you as he slams your chest into the kitchen floor.
“Will you play nice now, kukla?”
“Nyet!” you manage to shout, throwing him off you and tackling him to the ground.
Bucky wheezes, and for a moment - just one - you think you’ve really got him. That he’s dying, underneath you.
Of course, you were very, very wrong.
He stabs you in the thigh with the smallest of knives, and you double over, whimpering. You look up to find Bucky, offering you his hand.
“You could join us, you know. Or, if you’d rather... you could lose a few more rounds.”
You swallowed, pressing your finger to the wound.
“...When do we start?”
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medeafive · 14 hours ago
Chapters: 2/9 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Natasha Romanov Characters: Natasha Romanov (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel), Sharon Carter (Marvel), Yelena Belova, Clint Barton Additional Tags: Not TFATWS compliant, POV Natasha Romanov, Implied/Referenced Character Death, Memory Loss, Avengers: Endgame (Movie) Compliant, Post-Canon Fix-It, Fix-It, Angst with a Happy Ending, Secrets, Identity Issues, identity crisis Series: Part 2 of Memory is a funny thing Summary:
Being alive is quite nice, Natasha has to agree. What would be even nicer would be knowing why she's alive, after the whole Vormir thing, and why she can't remember anything before randomly waking up in Mongolia. What if she isn't even Natasha? How will the people around her react when they find out? Barton? Carter? Sam? Bucky?
And then, there are the letters.
Chapter 2!
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applepiewinchesters · 14 hours ago
Don’t Take Him (Helmut Zemo x Reader)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2,074
The car couldn’t possibly go any faster as you raced down the practically deserted street. What used to be one of the main roads into the city of Sokovia had become somewhat overgrown and cracked since it’s downfall.
You remembered when it happened. The disaster was on the news for weeks, the huge hole left where the city was, destroyed remnants of the city only further destroyed during the search for survivors, or bodies. The death toll grew every day, it was truly a devastating loss.
With the only surviving royal, Helmut Zemo, thrown into prison, the country was practically demolished and wiped off the map. A lake replaced what was remaining of the city, and a monument was built to memorialize those that had died.
Helmut Zemo was the whole reason you were driving well over the speed limit down a not so safe road.
You hadn’t expected to like him when you first met. You were working at the prison, bringing those in solitary confinement their meals.
He grew on you though, he was smart, funny, and could talk about almost every topic under the sun. You felt for him, you really did, losing his family in the Battle of Sokovia the way he did.
Sure, he may have killed the King of Wakanda and practically became the reason the Avengers nearly disbanded, but he wasn’t a horrible human being, he wasn’t evil. All Zemo had wanted was for someone to be blamed for what happened to his family.
As the years went on you fell for him and he reciprocated the feeling. You told him you’d wait for him, even after getting a new job away from the prison.
What you never expected though was for him to show up at the front door of your apartment, with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson no less, to whisk you away to help him and the other two find out who was making super soldiers and to stop the Flag Smashers.
You were thrilled obviously, he was here, right in front of you, no glass, no cameras watching, but there was a constant nagging in your mind, a nauseous feeling in your stomach that there was no way that this would last.
When the Dora Milaje showed up in Latvia to take him back to prison, that feeling was proven to not just be a “what if”, but more of a constant dread in the pit of your stomach. Neither of you really discussed it, just tried to spend as much time together as possible.
That was of course proven difficult with the Flag Smashers and John Walker getting in the way of everything.
Sam and Bucky of course were no help, they didn’t trust Zemo one bit, which you could understand, but it seemed no one was on your side. The two men even questioned you on how you could be with him.
You tried to explain that even though he had made past mistakes you didn’t think that defined him as a person, and you felt as though you both found each other at the right time. Of course, they both thought that was bullshit.
Everything seemed to be going alright until the Dora Milaje declared Zemo had run out of time and came to collect him. During a whirlwind fight between John, Sam, and Bucky though, the Baron disappeared, apparently escaping through the sewage hole in the bathroom of his home you were staying in in Latvia.
John Walker then brutally killed one of the Flag Smashers in front of maybe fifty people, so after he, Bucky, and Sam all left Latvia, you decided there was only one place Zemo would be.
That was more than 15 hours ago, you’d been driving all night, and your GPS was having a hard time trying to locate a city that no longer existed which only fed your frustration. Although you were beyond pissed he’d left you alone, you had to get him back.
Currently according to the GPS, the memorial was only five minutes out and apparently if you headed straight through the woods to your right you would find it. So, pulling over you jumped out of the car, sprinting into the trees.
You were breathing hard, running faster and faster, fueled only by adrenaline as you were exhausted from driving all night.
You were silently begging that he’d there, that it wouldn’t be too late.
Breaking through the trees you startled the two men standing at the memorial. Bucky was there, pointing a gun at Zemo’s head, and Zemo stood there, calm as can be.
“Don’t!” you shouted running over and putting yourself between the gun and the man you loved.
“Y/N, move,” Bucky told you, face stoic, hand steady as he aimed the gun.
“No,” you said, standing your ground, fists clenched as you tried your best to keep the tears at bay.
You felt hands on your waist as you were gently moved to the side, “It’s alright, angel,” Zemo’s voice came from behind you, “Move aside.”
Turning around, you mentally cursed yourself as a few tears slipped down your cheeks, “I am not going to stand here and let him shoot you,” you said sternly.
Zemo remained calm, giving you a small, sad smile. He took your face in his hands, placing a kiss to your forehead, “Please, let me go sweetheart,” he told you, placing his forehead against yours.
You shook your head, wrapping your arms around his neck, burying your face into his shoulder. Your grip was tight, you were holding on like you were the only thing keeping him grounded to the Earth.
The familiar scent of his cologne was comforting but only made your heart break further. You were fully crying now, your breath catching in your throat as Zemo’s arms circled around you.
“You’ll find someone else, someone better for you, I promise,” Zemo spoke to you softly. He placed a few kisses on your head, breathing you in for a moment before taking your arms from around him. He was no super soldier but from years of training in the army and special forces, he was strong.
With a push from Zemo you were sent stumbling backwards, Bucky grabbed your arm, swiftly pulling you behind him.
“No, NO!” you screamed as Bucky raised the gun again.
“Go ahead,” Zemo told Bucky, giving you one last look before Bucky pulled the trigger.
It took both you and Zemo a moment to realize nothing had happened. Bucky held out his opposite hand, opening it to show the bullets and casings in his hand as he dropped them to ground.
Zemo nodded, accepting that he was not going to die, he was in for something much worse.
“He’s all yours!” Bucky called, looking over Zemo’s shoulder, it was then you noticed three of the Dora Milaje standing there, ready to take Zemo.
You moved from behind Bucky, “No, no please, please,” you begged, moving to grab Zemo again, hugging him tightly.
You felt as though you couldn’t breathe, your face was wet from all the tears, you probably looked like a mess.
“Y/N, let him go,” Bucky told you, trying to coax you away from the man.
“NO!” you shouted, pressing your face into Zemo’s chest this time as he hugged you again.
Zemo ran a hand through your hair, shushing you quietly, trying to comfort you in what was going to be your last few moments together for god knows how long.
“Please moya lyubov', I have to go now, we both knew this would not be forever,” Zemo told you, pulling you off him.
You couldn’t believe he was just accepting this; he was going to be put away for the rest of his life no doubt, somewhere more secure where you would never see him again.
You on the other hand were sobbing as you turned towards the Dora Milaje, “Please! I-I’ll make sure he doesn’t do anything! Please! Just don’t take him again, please!” you begged.
The one you recognized as Ayo shook her head, “He must pay for his crimes, he knows what he’s done, let him go little girl.”
Zemo grabbed you, giving you a quick, soft kiss and you grabbed the front of his coat, gripping onto him tightly. Pulling away from the kiss Zemo took your hands in his, bringing each up to his mouth to kiss your knuckles.
“Stay safe angel, alright? Promise me,” Zemo told you, making sure you looked him in the eye.
You could only nod, gripping onto his coat again. “Use your words, promise me,” Zemo spoke.
“I-I promise,” you whimpered, your vision blurring from the tears as you shivered from a cold gust of wind.
Zemo shrugged off his coat, wrapping it around you, you smiled through the tears a bit. Even facing life in prison, he was still a gentleman.
You felt arms wrap around your waist, pulling you away from Zemo. Practically clawing at him you tried to keep him near you, but Bucky was too strong as he held you back.
“James,” Zemo said, turning his attention to the super soldier. “Take care of her, will you?”
You assumed Bucky nodded or gave acknowledgment, because Zemo gave you one last sad smile, “Do not worry moya lyubov', we will see each other again.”
With that, he turned and followed the three warriors towards the jet waiting for them.
Ayo came over, telling Bucky something but you couldn’t hear it over the sound of your own begging.
“No, no, no please! Please! I’ll do anything, don’t take him, please!” you were screaming after the three warriors and the man you loved. “Helmut please!”
None of them looked back as you continued to fight against Bucky, trying to escape his grasp to run after them, to do anything to keep them from taking Zemo away.
It was no use, and Bucky only let you go when the four were flying away in the Wakandan made jet.
You collapsed, the stones beneath you no doubt bruising your knees as you fell. Bucky didn’t try to comfort you as you sobbed, burying your face in your hands.
Zemo’s last words to you gave you no comfort as you cried until your throat was raw and you felt as though you were out of tears.
You felt a hand on your shoulder, and you looked up, Bucky was kneeling in front of you, trying to comfort you now, “Come on kid, you can’t stay here,” he told you.
Silently nodding you took Bucky’s hand as he helped you up, “I’ll drive,” he told you, “I’m assuming you drove?” he asked.
Only nodding again, you gave Bucky the keys from your jeans pocket as you both made your way back into the trees towards the car. You shoved your arms through the too big coat Zemo had given you, breathing in the scent of his cologne.
Your heart felt as though it had shattered, you had just started to feel as though your life with Zemo had just started, and now it had all come crashing down.
You could only hope his words would ring true and you’d see him again.
It was weeks later when the shrill ringing of a phone that didn’t sound like yours broke the silence of your apartment.
You were laying on the couch, wallowing in self pity as you had been doing for the past few weeks.
The only solace you’d gotten was when Zemo’s butler, Oeznik, had called you to tell you that you were welcome to stay in one of the Baron’s many houses worldwide, any expenses would be paid for by the Baron of course.
Oeznik also reassured you Zemo was doing fine, as fine as fine could be in a maximum-security prison.
Bucky called you as well, keeping his promise to Zemo, you ignored most of his calls though, he was the reason they took him away.
Getting off the couch, you searched for the source of the ringing, finally discovering it was Zemo’s coat you had thrown across the back of one of the kitchen table chairs, where it had sat since you’d put it there.
Rummaging through the pockets you found a phone, it looked older, one of those cheap track phones.
Hesitantly, you flipped it open, the ringing stopped before you spoke, “Hello? Who is this?”
"Printessa, it’s me.”
A/N: Well, this is my first time writing for Zemo and of course it had to be angst lol. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you’d want more Zemo! Thank you for reading! 
Russian Translations:
moya lyubov' - my love 
Printessa - Princess 
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klecrone · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Drive-By Fan-Fic: "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier"
So I have a pretty random tangent for you that's a once-and-done, but I figured I'd share it here because: why not? About 15 years ago, I used to write a fair amount of fan-fic and fan-art involving Fullmetal Alchemist, and somewhere along the way, I realized that while I enjoyed such things, it meant my own original stories weren't moving forward with the pace I wanted them to. As such, I turned my attention to my own art and writing and that was that. I've no regrets, and it was the right decision for me. That said, I've been enjoying a lot of the current wave of television shows, including The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (there is so much to love about this series!), but one of the scenes in the finale bothered me because it felt like it cut away just a little bit too soon so.... I decided to gain my own sort of closure by writing out an extended version of it last night.  I don't usually do this sort of thing, but I figured I'd share it in case others might enjoy it. As expected, since this was written in response to the final episode of the season, there are spoilers ahead, and I'd recommend reading it only if you've watched the whole season in its entirety. [Fan Fic] Closure for Yori Nakajima
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sassysnowperson · 22 hours ago
What I've Been Up To Lately
Writing Edition
I'm in sort of a weird place right now with writing - I have a lot of WIPs but I'm not posting a lot outside of things that are written for exchanges. And I realized I was feeling sort of...lonely? That might be a good word for it. Writing, by default, can be a lonely thing. SO, since I have a tumblr and at least some of you followed me for my writing, I figured I'd ramble about it here!
If you wind up reading through this, and you're interested in cheerleading or maybe even beta reading some of the WIPS, let me know! I feel like some of the reason these are WIPs and not finished fics is that they're mostly stuck in my own head, and it could be fun to chat about the stories with someone else.
I'm also thinking I might do a weekly update or something with what I've been working on - this is a bit bigger of a summary, but it might be fun to do wordcount/story progress updates or something. What do you all think?
Anyway, onto the fics!
Posted WIPS
Arrivals, Departures, Connections: I have two more chapters written since the last one I posted. About 6.5k new words. I really need to coax a beta into looking at it though - I think there's good stuff there, but I also suspect it could be better.
Unposted WIPS
Going to put these under a cut - it got long, and in the WIPs there are some spoilers for the Mandalorian S2 and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. I put the FatWS stuff at the end, so if that's the only thing you're trying to avoid spoilers for, stop when you see Sam n Bucky.
Tattoine Fun Times: I have GOT to find a better WIP title for this one, since it is not fun at all. Takes place right after the end of Mandalorian Season 2, and in FINE Sass tradition, focuses on a background character - in this case the dancing girl chained to Bib Fortuna's throne when Fennic Shand rolls in. I have 2k written, and I've stalled out. Though, looking at it to write this summary, I think it might be because I actually found the end. I thought this was going to be a larger story, but I might be able to wrap this up pretty quickly. So...maybe coming soon?
Artist OT3: The expansion of my Bodhi/Cassian/Poe ficlet - Modern AU, Bodhi and Cassian are artists, Poe is their semi-reluctant model, muse and friend. 4.5k here - stalled out when I tried to figure out what the non-Poe Sequel Trilogy folks are up to. As it's getting to be a bigger story I want to bring more of the world in, give us the chance to see Poe's friends - who absolutely include Rey and Finn and Rose. Just need to figure out, you know, what they're doing.
Nile and Andy: The Old Guard fic - 6.4k written. I really loved these two and their dynamic with each other. Wanted to spend some more time with them. Andy and Nile drive around Europe in a vintage Porche, talk about history, eat baklava, argue about music, muse about the future, and cry a little bit. I actually really enjoy this one...not sure why I haven't finished it yet.
Sam N Bucky: Ah, wait no, this might actually be why I haven't finished anything else. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier fic - 16k written. I did not realize I had written that much of it until I did the wordcount just now. It's not a complete surprise, I guess, I've loved Sam since CA:TWS. But I haven't loved Marvel much since then, so I thought I was free! I thought Star Wars was the only Disney-owned trashfire media property I was going to care about creatively!
I regret to inform you all that they got me. Anyway, this is 16k of slowburn pining and domesticity (and dealing with trauma and therapy feelings because it's still me).
And that's what I've been working on! I don't have any exchanges active right now, though I do have one work in an anon collection right now that will be revealed in my week? I think. Well, if you've read this far, thank you for reading my rambles!
Have a snippit of SamBucky bickering as a treat:
The shield ricocheted off the edge of the dock and came rocketing back toward Bucky, who caught it on his metal arm.
"The first time I did that, the shield fell straight in the water, and I had to break out the snorkel and go diving to find it again," Sam shared, mostly because he knew it would irritate Bucky.
"You didn't," Bucky said, his eyes narrowing, and flung it at a nearby cluster of trees. Three bounces later, Sam caught it in a grab that rolled with the momentum of the shield, lessening the impact.
"Oh I did. I still think it smells like swap, what do you think?" Sam said with a grin, before hurling the shield back.
"I—" Bucky caught the shield "—think that Steve made a mistake. I'm taking her back. I'll treat her right. Dump her in the swamp, the nerve."
"When did the shield become a girl?" Sam asked. "That seems like a strange choice."
"Don't listen to him, baby," Bucky said, petting the edge of the shield.
"Weirder," Sam informed him. He was not going to be jealous of an inanimate object. "You know what, I bet it would skip well. It's a good shape for it."
Bucky glared at Sam.
"Come on," Sam said, warming up to the idea. "It could have practical uses. We might need to fight evil speedboats."
"We are not going to need to fight evil speedboats," Bucky protested.
"All the shit we've seen, can you really say that with confidence?" Sam raised his eyebrows. "Oh, I know what this is."
"You trying to lose the shield in the ocean is what this is," Bucky said.
"You know I'm gonna be able to skip it more times than you," Sam continued with a knowing nod. "I understand, consider it dropped."
Bucky growled. He looked over at the shoreline. "Stick to the shallows," he said after a second. "And if we lose it in the water, you're the one going in after it. I have a handicap." Bucky waved his vibranium arm in Sam's direction.
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indigo2831 · 23 hours ago
'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Fan Fic: Downtime Series Master Post
Tumblr media
Downtime Series
There's a lot of downtime between firefights and saving the world. Important things happen there, too.
Downtime: Gen; Sam and Bucky. Missing scene from TFATWS 1x02. Sam has met John Walker, and he wants nothing more than to knock his teeth in.
The Cow and the Falcon: Gen; Grief/Mourning. Missing scene to TFATWS 1.02. Sam knows how to help soldiers come in out of the cold. Even 100-year-old, one-armed mercenaries who’ve tried to kill him.
Awkward Offerings: Gen; Friendship; Mild Hurt/Comfort. Missing Scene for 1.02. There's no way Bucky's metal arm didn't break Sam's ribs, right?
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cminerva · a day ago
Tumblr media
Trust for a Heart is a Hard Thing to Find
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sam Wilson (Marvel) Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Sort Of, Flirting, no kissing yet, we're still at the flirting and pining stage, Canon Dialogue, Episode 1x05 Summary:
It's so easy to fall for Sam, to slip into the openhearted goodness of life with the Wilsons, but there's still a ways to go before Bucky can nurture the spark that's growing.
A slightly alternate look at *those* scenes from 1x05.
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bri-made-a-mistake · a day ago
❝dishevelled and careless❞
Tumblr media
(not my gif)
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warnings: smut, unprotected sex, oral sex f receiving, breeding kink (obviously...), pregnancy, fluff, unpolished fic, things getting broken, etc
word count: 2.2k
a/n: sorry it took so long for me to get back to you anon! just so we’re all on the same page i still hate john walker, and i will not stop hating john walker, it’s not my fault wyatt is sexy lmao. i changed the request a bit, john doesn’t find out she’s pregnant, but the reader does. the smut is shorter than i’d like it to be, this entire fic is shorter than i’d like it to be, but i hope you enjoy it anyway. <3
You had barely reached the porch before John rushed you, slamming you back against the door with so much hungry vigour you couldn’t even gasp before he was kissing you, his hands curling into your jacket to grip your body, and you automatically hitched yourself onto him, tangling your hands in his hair.
Never breaking the kiss, John dipped his hand down into your jeans while you fumbled with the key you had somewhere in the depths of your purse, practically gasping on his lips already.
“I’m gonna fuck this little cunt raw,” he whispered against your lips, feeling how wet you already were through your underwear, and you grinned against him.
You finally found the key, got it into the lock, and the door swung open while you were still leaning against it.
You fell into the hallway a swollen-lipped mess, the heat clouding your ability to think straight as John’s lips flew into yours again—
—you’d staggered straight into something glass and it shattered, but that didn’t matter, he was pushing you into the living room.
He swiped at something on the coffee table and you heard it get broken, not like you cared since he was already lying you down onto the wood, kissing you like a man starving, and you wrapped your legs around him, pulling him so close you nearly forgot how to breathe.
John ripped open your blouse and you shook it off eagerly, whining as his lips assaulted your neck.
You’d gotten up too quickly to return the favour and had fallen off the coffee table, meaning you’d slid into him instead, and for a minute it was just your mouth on his and a warm hand sliding almost lazily up your back, teasing at your bra clasp.
On the floor, then.
He was still wearing too much: you lowered your arms to help free him of his coat, and after a few seconds of awkward fumbling, you managed to pry it off his shoulders. John bunched it up and threw it behind him, and you had to stifle a laugh as he overestimated his super strength and accidentally knocked a lamp over.
The stifled laugh turned into a loud yelp as he gripped your ass in his hands, sending lava-like pleasure directly to your clit.
You threw your arms around his neck and kissed him harder, grinding your hips against the bulge.
He tugged you forward, and—
John had actually torn the zipper of your jeans instead of sliding it down like a normal person: nevertheless, the tear made it a lot easier for him to pull your jeans down your hips and slide your underwear to the side. You bucked against him, needy.
At that, John grabbed you by both arms and practically threw you onto the couch, and you shrieked as you went flying into the soft cushions and nearly rebounded back onto the floor again.
“Had such a tough time behaving,” he muttered under his breath, pulling back to strip himself of his remaining clothes, “Knew I was gonna have to take you home and teach you a lesson.”
That was kind of true: tonight had been the first time since Lemar’s death that you had gone out for drinks with your friends from college, and it had been awkward at first, his absence had been cold and hard, so you’d drowned it in shots— completely forgetting that by the time you hit a certain amount of shots, you turned completely and rabidly horny, and John had only just managed to get you off of him in time to leave the building.
You grinned up at him, all doe-eyes and soft lips. “I like the sound of that.”
He climbed on top of you and you sighed happily as he started trailing his lips down your neck, then your chest, and finally your stomach, sending moan-out-loud waves of pleasure into your core. You weren’t with him just for the sex, but it was certainly a beautiful part of your relationship, and to have him remind you time and time again like this...
Your voice was somewhere between a breathy scream and a groan as he finally lowered his mouth to your soaked core, the bridge of his nose brushing your neglected clit.
Previous feelings were nothing compared to the pleasure that overrode you as his tongue prodded your entrance: a strangled cry leapt out of your throat before you could swallow it, and a rush of heat flooded to your core.
You couldn’t help but cum straight into his mouth.
“Oh my god, fill me up,” you begged at the ceiling, your back arching of its own accord and your legs burning from how they’d been spread, and you felt a little smirk on your inner thigh-- holy fuck, all the teasing you let him get away with made you burn with want again.
“That desperate already?”
He grabbed one of your legs and pushed you down, driving the burn deeper, and your eyes nearly rolled to the back of your head.
“Need it,” you groaned, finding it difficult to create words. “I need to feel you, John, please.”
All of a sudden you were pressed into the couch, ass up for him, and God, he wasted no time entering you and filling you up to maximum capacity. He always felt so good, so big, there was no way in hell you could omit all the breathy gasps and groans that spilled out of your throat as he experimentally pulled a fraction of an inch out of you before slamming into you again, and off the rhythm went.
Vaguely, you could hear him babbling nonsense as he fucked into you.
“Feels so fucking good,” he groaned. “Fuck, baby…”
You opened your mouth to respond, which turned into a hoarse shriek as your second orgasm absolutely ripped through you, tearing you apart.
John groaned while inside of you, feeling how hard you’d just clenched around him, and he pushed a little bit harder, fucking you through it as you begged him to cum inside you.
“Please, oh my god, cum for me, please, fuck,” you got out all in one breath, “God, I can’t-”
He bent down to kiss you again, effectively silencing your pleas, and you responded enthusiastically, pulling yourself together just enough to grab his face and kiss him harder.
“I want you to cum for me,” you whispered on his lips. “Fuck, give me everything.”
John didn’t need to be told twice: he stilled inside you, burying himself to the hilt, and then you felt it. He was coming, hot and hard and deep, you could feel him all around you, you weren’t sure how you managed to stay sane after the fact.
You were both panting as you came down.
It hit you then: you hadn’t even turned on any lights, you’d broken something glass in the hallway, knocked over a lamp, and had additionally broken something that had been on the coffee table, which in itself didn’t look in great shape after he’d kissed you on it, and here you were, lying naked in the wreckage, absolutely fucked into the couch.
He was still on top of you.
You grinned up at him, pushing a lock of blonde hair out of his face. “Do you think we should clean up?”
John’s lips parted as he slowly observed the damage.
“Lemme get the lights.”
The cashier gave you a weird look as she rang up the pregnancy test.
Okay, so you genuinely weren’t sure. Three weeks ago was the last time you and John had had sex, and the last time you’d had sex happened to be when you’d come home two horny tornadoes and fucked on the couch, culminating in him coming inside you. You really weren’t opposed to being pregnant, but the idea terrified you-- especially as you’d come off the pill right around the time when John had been publicly announced as the new Captain America.
In fact, you and John had talked about purposely becoming pregnant a few times, you were right in that age group where a lot of couples started having kids, so it really wouldn’t be the end of the world if you were pregnant, but it didn’t stop your heart from nearly beating right out of your chest as you walked out of the store.
There was always a chance you weren’t pregnant. You had no idea if you were considering that the more desirable option at the moment, but still, there was always a chance.
Before you turned on the ignition, you sighed up at the car ceiling, hating you were even having this debate with yourself. You hadn’t told John about all the symptoms you were feeling because of the chance it was actually nothing: considering some of the missions the Contessa had in mind for him, you knew he didn’t need more worry right now.
If you weren’t pregnant, you’d just forget about this little stint, maybe get tested for an STD later.
But if you were pregnant…
You noted how high your heart soared at the very thought.
Yeah. Some part of you wanted this.
Had the ceiling always been pastel pink?
You weren’t sure. All of the houses in Custer’s Grove tended to look the same, and as far as you knew, they all had the same insides, all been built around the late 1970s. You and John had bought this house from an old couple a few years after you’d gotten married, which in turn was only a few years after you’d graduated college. Jeez, that felt like a lifetime ago.
The bathroom had always been cramped, and you’d never done anything to renovate it, so this pink ceiling you’d never known about must have stayed the same. Truth be told, it was kind of hard to think about renovations when John was constantly off fighting with the army somewhere, and you barely had enough money to keep yourself afloat.
Two more minutes.
You were very obviously distracting yourself, waiting for the pregnancy test to complete. Five minutes could seem like an eternity if you worried hard enough, you’d been in the exact same situation waiting for John to come back home from Afghanistan.
Just in case, you put a hand on your stomach. You weren’t sure how to know if there was a baby inside. You’d hardly gained weight, after all.
One more minute.
Take a deep breath, you consoled yourself. You were already on the floor, sprawled on the cold hard tile. God, you weren’t sure how to react whatever the result was.
Forty seconds. The voice in your head sounded morbidly excited. What would you tell John?
You took a few calming breaths and closed your eyes. Everything would work out exactly the way it was supposed to, you were probably about to embark on an adventure either way.
Ten seconds.
You couldn’t help but grin. This was either going to be the worst or the best thing that had happened to you. Or maybe a bit of both, all at once.
You picked up the test from the floor to see the results.
Two definite dark lines.
You gasped loudly and dropped the test: you were pregnant.
How did it feel? Like complete and utter elation was filling your body. You were pregnant, you had a fetus growing inside you, oh God, you were going to have a baby, you were going to be a mother, John was going to be a father—
You reached for your phone, lying on your other side, and sped-dialled John, tears threatening to blur your vision.
He picked up after three rings. “Hello?”
“Are you in the middle of something right now?” you asked, somehow pulling yourself together. “Is Val with you?”
“Don’t call me Val,” said someone that wasn’t your husband on the other end.
You cracked a grin— silent, elated tears were streaming from your face now.
“I’m not doing anything,” John said offhandedly. “Just discussing the mission for when, y’know, things get weird. Is everything okay?”
You bit down hard on your lip. “Yeah, everything’s good, I just wanted to know when you were coming home.”
This time, Val answered. “He’ll be back in time for supper, don’t worry, things are just running a little late over at the Raft. Are you sure everything’s alright, dear?”
“Everything’s fine,” you said unconvincingly. “I’ll - yeah. I’ll see you tonight. Bye.”
“Bye,” both John and Val said, and you hung up.
You beamed at nothing as you were overcome with happy tears.
You were pregnant.
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amayatheowl · a day ago
Free the Slave - TFATWS (chapter 3)
Here's chapter 3 lovelies. This took longer than expected. This week has been fucking hard no lie, but I hope this chapter is just as helpful to you as it was to me and gives you the escape you've been looking for.
Warning: Again not much, a pinch of swearing and a dash of violence and as always spoilers so if you haven't watched the show (please please do it's great!) read at your own discretion. Oh and angst... It's kinda a given at this point.
Unfortunately with everything thing that is happening in my life I didn't have the chance to edit so apologies in advance if there are any mistakes.
Tumblr media
Chapter 3:
Bucky had been trying to find a moment alone with Kaali. All things considered, this mission would go a lot smoother if they just sat down and reached some kind of an agreement. Best case scenario, maybe even get closure after how they left things. To be very honest Bucky was desperate to just talk to her.
Kaali paced ahead of the group, her hands reaching out to grab her extra-large slushie, excitement twinkling in her eyes like she’d just run into her long lost best friend. She didn’t even bother to help Sam gather the rest of the food they’d ordered after landing.
Bucky wasn’t going to lie to himself, he was starving too but watching Kaali reach out and snatch the slushie off the counter - like it was some prized possession - was more important to him.
However as soon as Kaali’s hand came in contact with the plastic, steam evaporated off the cup with a loud hiss and she sprung away feeling dejected, her powers were a bitch sometimes. Bucky tried very hard not to smile at her, she was such a child sometimes.
“Ugh… I can’t have it.” Kaali sulked, using her covered wrist to slide the slushie towards Sam. “I’m not having it, just pull your sleeve over your hand like you did earlier.”
“I’m not burning my sweater! I’m still pissed about Zemo, it’ll take a while for me to calm down!” Kaali whined, a few eyes were already on them, some lighting up with recognition which worried Zemo. Word travels fast, especially in Madripoor. If someone knew part of the avengers were in town, they’d all have a bounty on their heads, and while that wasn’t really the issue, Selby would refuse to see them.
“Let’s not make a scene.” Zemo whispered, brushing past Kaali, who pleadingly nudged the slushie towards Sam.
“Take my glove.” Bucky spoke up, surprising himself. He followed through anyway and pushed the glove off his fleshed hand towards Kaali who gaped at him.
“No, I’m fine.”
“Well, I’m not feeding you Kaali.” Sam added, he wanted the tension between the two of them to die down already, he was sick of having to walk around with Kaali stomping or dragging her feet every now and then.
Kaali really needed something to cool her down, honing her anger and controlling it meant that she constantly dialed her senses up to an eleven, her insides felt like they would spontaneously combust at any second. She held Bucky’s stare for a few seconds, Sam and Zemo already leaving them behind. She knew exactly what he was trying to do. This was his way of apologising, making amends for not listening to her on the plane.
It wasn’t like Kaali hid the fact that she cared about Bucky, of course she cared for him, hell she still loved him.
If every word she’d ever said to him since seeing him again was broken down to its syllables, its sound, he would hear the echo of the first time she admitted that to him.
The truth was the world stopped when he left, but she was forced to keep going. There was no way - no matter how much she tried to convince herself - things would be the same because now that he was back, she was all too aware of what it was like to lose him and she was counting the minutes till he would be gone again.
Even though he was the one that turned to dust after the snap. It somehow felt like she was the one returning after five years, left behind, disoriented, not even sure if she was meant to be alive in the first place.
Bucky was about ready to give up when he felt the glove being swiped out of his hands and already on Kaali’s hand, obviously they were slightly bigger but they got the job done.
She grumbled a thank you and paced ahead of him, gulping down the knot in her throat. Bucky trailed behind them, turning to check his surroundings while the three slipped into the ride that Zemo had set up for them.
Bucky ducked into the backseat beside Kaali who was aggressively sipping her slushie, teeth grinding down the straw till it was flat against her lips, stiff at how close Bucky was to her.
She instantly felt at ease, in control compared to how scattered and turbulent she felt earlier as soon as the icy liquid slid down her throat. She focused on it, tracing and imagining its path through her system behind her closed lids. But there was also her hand, wrapped warmly in Bucky’s glove. It made her mind wander, a replay of every time she’d found herself reaching for his hand, and the immediate welcome she’d get, his fingers locking in their place, a quick kiss against the back.
She didn’t know if it was the slushie that dulled her ignited senses or the fact that Bucky’s glove reminded her of home.
“That’s what it takes - That’s what it takes to shut you up? A slushie?” Sam chuckled, munching down on fries, frowning when Bucky reached into his lap and plucked the bag off his lap.
“Slushie and food.” Kaali shrugged - maybe even Bucky - nipping her portion of the fries from the bag before they reached Bucky’s lap.
“I would like to discuss the details of our meeting with Selby.”
“Go ahead Zeems!” Kaali smiled pleasantly at her food, Bucky was instantly reminded of the time she snuck food into his room the first time they met, how even after finishing her portion of the food she eyed his, pecking away his fries while she rambled on about how she was only helping Steve because fighting against Iron Man seemed fun.
“I’d much prefer it if you stuck to Zemo, Kaali.” He corrected politely, oblivious to the fact that Kaali simply shrugged, she most likely had no intention of respecting his wishes.
The car turned into an alleyway, darkness engulfing the car as it slowly came to a stop, various neon lights lighting a path ahead of them. Sam was the first to step out, walking around to stand next to Kaali, expressions hardening. “This looks off.”
“When has anything ever not been off?” Kaali said in a hushed tone and Sam snorted beside her, arms crossing over his chest. “We’ve seen worse haven’t we.”
“Yeah.” She laughed, following Zemo’s lead.
The place smelled like piss and alcohol, it was absolutely disgusting, Kaali could barely make out most of the graffiti that decorated the walls but her eyes landed on a pair looking back at her, she could feel a tightening in the pit of her stomach, eyes squinting as she tried to make out the words around it. “Power Broker is watching? What is this, 1984?” She mumbled.
Sam’s face shined purple under the neon lights, Bucky was the only one that hadn’t said anything, his eyes flickered around the grungy alleyway, puddles glistening under the flashing lights of various signs. Kaali caught herself checking for him and forced herself to turn back to Zemo who wasn’t bothered even in the slightest by how much Sam and Kaali were complaining.
“Zemo if we don’t stop walking any time soon I swear-”
“We’re here.” Zemo announced cutting Kaali off and pointed at a small boutique, lights turned off, and a literal ghost town all around it. The shop had been heavily vandalised, windows that once were probably shattered boarded up, covered with paint.
Sam peered back at Kaali who came back empty-handed having gotten rid of her drink. “Anything I should worry about?”
“Not picking anything up. We’re fine I think.” She approved and then turned back to Bucky who seemed to be lost in his own world.
“What are you computing?” Kaali teased, her voice still seeming hesitant but it was progress to Bucky, he walked wide-eyed with his mouth hung open slightly, but growled when Kaali caught his attention. She knew him well enough to know he was simply taking things in but she needed some way to thank him without actually saying thank you. They weren’t at that point yet. She held his glove out and Bucky quickly accepted it.
“They might be a little warm.” She gave him a tight-lipped smile.
“Okay, he’s here.” Zemo stepped forward, the glass door opened to reveal a beautiful man, cat-like eyes full of judgement as he scanned the two avengers in front of him. “You said this would be a simple task Zemo, they look… sad.” the man paused with a look of disgust, his voice slow and oozing with distaste. Sam and Kaali shared a glance.
When the man caught Kaali glaring he rolled his eyes. “And they have inflated egos, this’ll just be great. I don’t have much time.” He let out an exasperated sigh. His voice was loud, leveled, and slow, but almost like he was purring.
Kaali grimaced at the floating specs of dust around them, covering her nose in case she sneezed, who knows what she might set alight. “For a person who thinks so highly of themselves you shop sure seems like it's doing well”
The man scowled at Kaali but chose not to give any attention to her statement, instead strutting them over to the end of the store. Kaali’s gaze was fixed on his heel-less shoes, he had more grace than Kaali could ever even pretend to have, she might’ve been in awe, but no one needed to know that.
With the press of a button, a secret hallway presented itself and Sam sighed, closing up his mouth. “I feel like I’ve been on this job long enough to know that there’s always a secret passageway, but they never cease to amaze me.”
“I’m amazed he can walk in those shoes.” Kaali whispered back.
Bucky rolled his eyes at the two, this was all too familiar to him. The way Sam and Kaali could just act like their missions were some kind of a catch-up session where they could chatter all the time. Steve would’ve hushed them right about now.
“The man should be easy,” the guy - who somehow no one but Zemo still knew the name of - piped up, his voice echoing off the walls of the empty hallway. Kaali was starting to get impatient now, this hallway seemed to be never-ending.
“The girl…”
“I’m twenty-eight you asshole, I’m not a girl.” Kaali growled, Sam instantly hushed her and watched the man sincerely.
The man rolled his eyes at Kaali’s statement and proceeded. “I don’t know about the girl, she isn’t... poised enough.”
Kaali stuck her middle finger up at him. “This poised enough for you?” She challenged, Sam gripping her hand and pushing it down. The man turned to Zemo, it was clear his patience was running low.
“Do you see what I’m talking about?”
“We don’t have a choice, Jesper.” Zemo didn’t care, not even in the slightest, he just wanted this night to be over.
“Whatever, it’s not like I’ll be the one who gets shot.”
Sam could immediately sense Kaali’s rising anger and shot her a look in advance, in case she decided to pull something.
“There.” Jesper pointed at the rack where a suit was hung up waiting for him. Sam was quick to sneak behind the curtains, his shirt hung up on the rack while Jesper led Kaali to the other end where a couple sparkling dresses greeted her.
“Don’t you have something a little less… blinding?”
Zemo pinched the bridge of his nose. “It is just for tonight Kaali.”
She huffed, making a big show of flicking through the clothes on the rack, moving out of the way when Jesper pointed at a dress. “This one, I like.”
“Sure... I’m sure it’ll fit.” Kaali paused with a menacingly sweet smile. “On my arm!”
“Seriously? Like this one, what about the women that have curves! This won’t even fit past my -” Kaali went ahead and pulled a hanger out, facing Zemo who was busy gaping at her. Bucky on the other hand leaned against a column in the back and watched her rant, reminiscing.
“I literally walked up to my professor and I told him, if you want us to do well on the assignment then teach the fucking content properly! Like how am I supposed to know what K-means clustering is when you didn’t even teach me.”
“Are you allowed to talk to your professor like that?” Bucky mused, squinting as he watched her pace around recounting the events from the day before.
“Seriously who’s side are you on?”
“Well -”
Before he could answer she was straddling him, hands reaching out and clasping behind his neck. “Careful, I could leave now if I wanted to.”
Bucky could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks, he was literally putty in her hands, he wanted nothing more than to make her smile, be at her mercy, give her all of him and every other thing that she could possibly want.
“No, you won’t.” Bucky grinned, Kaali could see her own reflection in his eyes, smiling back at him. She’d never seen herself this happy before.
Bucky watched her in awe, her curls shining, bouncing as she laughed, the sun leaving a halo around her frame. She looked like an angel.
“You really wanna test me?”
“Seriously I can’t breathe in this thing.” Kaali announced, Jesper at her tail, yanking her back every now and then by the zipper. “Heels.” He pointed finally relaxing when he’d pulled the zipper all the way up.
Kaali was sure if she even breathed a little too deeply she’d rip something. She searched Bucky’s eyes which scanned her frame momentarily and abruptly flicked to Sam who was too busy laughing at her.
“You want me to walk in those?” Kaali exclaimed.
“You have to look like his girlfriend!” Jesper huffs, clasping the shoes for her when Kaali struggled to bend over. Her eyes widened slightly, although this wasn’t the first time she pretended to be Sam’s girlfriend, she sure wasn’t fond of the idea.
“And heels are the way to do that? Make the only girl an accessory why don’t you. Seriously!” She yelled, standing up and walking over to Sam, sulking. “You’re more than that.” Sam teased, Kaali was embarrassed. She hadn’t dressed like this in so long, especially after Nat died, there was no one to go out and get piss drunk with anymore. All the fun ones weren’t around anymore.
“I don’t need you to tell me my worth Sam.” Kaali sighed, knowing well what he meant but she hated this part, when most of her disguises meant that she’d have to be attached at the hip with some other person. It was all for a good reason though, but she’d still prefer being the one that goes rogue, with everyone following her lead every now and then, but Kaali could wreak havoc by herself.
“Why couldn’t he be the Ken doll! What the fuck is this?” Kaali finally noticed the suit Sam was wearing. Her eyes traced the colourful patterns across his chest, and while this may have been one of those quirky suits that she’d definitely compliment, it was Sam, and Sam could not carry it in her opinion.
“I take that back. Thank you for not making me look like an idiot Jesper.” Kaali winked while Sam rolled his eyes, she liked Jesper, the sass and the fierceness he carried reminded her so much of Nat. Jesper muttered something resembling a thank you and handed them a bag full of the clothes they came in.
Sam met Jesper with a sincere smile on his face, and took a moment to thank him before turning to Zemo, a huff escaping his lips. “Ready?”
“I can’t believe you’re making me walk.” Kaali gruffed, next to Sam as they walked towards a distant car. She really didn’t understand why they couldn’t just drive to it.
Sam was too busy staring at his suit, the moment he walked out into the lit up street he grimaced at the colours, complaining, “Red, yellow blue?”
“Primary colours. Assemble!” Kaali snorted, Sam only shook his head in response.
Sam’s hands clutched onto his suit jacket, moving it around before letting his hands slide down the length of it. “We have to fix this. I’m the only one who looks like a pimp.”
His expressions were stone hard, even then Kaali was laughing at him. “Only an American would assume a fashion-forward Black man looks like a pimp.”
“Oh! So woke Zeems.” Kaali joked beside him, meeting Sam’s intense gaze with one that invited challenge. She knew damn well how to set him off. “You look exactly like the man you’re supposed to be playing.”
“How come everyone has a character to play but me?” Kaali whined, crossing her arms over her frame, meeting Bucky’s eyes momentarily before facing Zemo. “You are his date. You have a character.”
“You could’ve done better than the girl who settled for Bob Ross over here.”
“Kaali -”
“What are you going to do Sam? Paint me a really bad portrait?”
Zemo unfazed by Kaali and Sam’s little spat continued. “You are the sophisticated, charming African rake named Conrad Mack, aka the Smiling Tiger.”
“He even has a bad nickname.” Sam spat, clearly annoyed before swiping the phone Zemo held out, eyes on the picture. Kaali peered over his shoulder. Bucky’s eyes however were fixed on the road ahead of him.
Kaali smiled at Sam who was already waiting for the jokes to start coming but to his surprise she stared straight ahead. This was material for another day, not right now.
“Hell, he does look like me, though.” He admits, turning to Kaali for confirmation and she gave him a small nod. Enamoured by the sparkling city.
“You smell this?” Zemo piped up, the car ahead of them lit up and Kaali was finally relieved. She would never admit it but the heels were already murdering her feet. “Yeah, what is that? Acid?” Sam watched Zemo quizzically.
“Have you always acted like you’re a part of some dramatic TV show? Or is this something you’re trying out?” Kaali yawned. Zemo knew not to listen to every word that Kaali said, she had a way of getting under people’s skin, similar to Zemo, but he knew, if he were to react he’d be at a disadvantage not her.
No matter how much she poked him, he was well aware this was a result of the little inquiry he’d done earlier on the plane just to see how she’d react.
“No matter what happens, we have to stay in character.”
“That means no blowing fuses and breaking light bulbs.” Sam added and Kaali simmered. “How bout I blow you up?”
“Hey! Our lives depend on this. There’s no margin for error.”
“Do our lives really depend on this? He can fly, the staring machine has a metal arm… I can-” Kaali brings up another ball of fire and Sam’s quick to slap it out of her hands. “Kaali!”
“I’m just saying! The only thing at stake here is information. Once we get what we need, who cares if they know who we are!”
Sam narrowed his eyes at Kaali, Bucky on the other hand watched her in awe. “You just want a fight don’t you?”
“That obvious?” Kaali grinned, right as they reached the car and Zemo thanked the lords above, he added a little fact. “High town’s that way. Not a bad place if you want to visit.”
Kaali watched the iridescent lights of the city in wonderment, Bucky’s eyes trained on her. She rarely ever stopped talking about how much she loved the city, that it was most definitely the place for her, she even went on to daydream about how life would be if both of them didn’t have their powers, maybe she would’ve been a snarky little businesswoman, crunching numbers, always on the phone and always busy. Bucky and Kaali would’ve had a life that was somewhat normal.
Bucky never had the heart to tell her that they would’ve never met if he wasn’t the winter soldier.
“Low Town’s the other way.”
Sam held the door open for Kaali, waiting for her to slip in as she held tightly onto her dress. “Let me guess. We don’t have any friends in High Town.” She heard Sam add as the door shut behind her. Zemo gave Sam a tight-lipped smile before settling into the car himself.
Kaali was stuck in between Sam and Bucky, huffing out of pure disapproval as the car drove off the bridge and into a tunnel, the only source of light being the headlights of the car itself. As they drove, Kaali felt uneasy, her stomach knotting and her mind fuzzy, she was sure they were getting closer and that nothing really good could come out of their visit to Low Town.
She was on high alert.
Sam’s eyes dropped to her clenched fists, eyes fixed on the road ahead of them, her jaw obviously tensed. He wondered if that was something that she’d learnt from Bucky.
Right as he was about to ask her, the tunnel lit up with circles of light. Motorbikes lined up beside the car Bucky and Sam, clearly on guard but Bucky was more discreet about it. Sam was amazed Kaali didn’t even bother to check.
“Was it the lights?” He asked referring to what set off her senses. “No.”
The city loomed over their heads as they drove into yet another tunnel, Kaali’s head pounded with the energy her senses were picking, it was almost equivalent to taking drugs. She didn’t even know if she could stand up straight after this.
Bucky turned to her, his eyes brushing past Sam’s, panicked by Kaali’s forcibly shut eyes and tightened fists. “Are you -”
“Yeah.” She evaded Bucky’s touch and leaned slightly onto Sam instead. “Talk to me.” He said softly and Bucky instantly tore his eyes away from them.
“Just my senses.” Her voice came out weaker than usual.
Things were running haywire in Kaali’s mind, she could picture everything clearly but not label anything, an agitating sense of disorientation taking over her as she tried to take in and let go of everything all at once.
“There’s too much, nothing -”
“Hey, pay attention to my voice okay?” Bucky couldn’t help but notice how Sam’s hand curled over Kaali’s as she followed his instructions. He wasn’t jealous…he just felt distant. Even though they’d been sitting close to one another their past had forced such a gap between them that he struggled to take a leap, especially when Kaali wasn’t reciprocating.
“Switch your phone off.” Kaali finally spoke up, darting out of her mind as though gasping out of water. “Huh?”
“Turn it off.” She added sternly and Sam quickly pulled his phone out.
“We’re here.” Zemo announced, stepping out of the car and Sam swiftly shoved his phone back into his pocket. His hand reached out to grab a hold of Kaali’s and they held each other like a typical couple would. “Are you okay now?”
“Yeah.” She smiled back. It was so believable that it made Bucky uncomfortable. “We’re not even there yet.” He sighed, walking past the two and behind Zemo who led them down the steps and into the nightlife.
On any other day this would’ve been Kaali’s scene, she would merge with the shadows and carry out her solo missions. Sam and Bucky didn’t know that though, nor did they need to.
“Here we are.” Zemo whispered.
As soon as they mixed with the crowds all eyes were set on them. Sam held Kaali closer to him, as she flirtatiously smiled at all the men that caught her eyes.
“There are some nice men here.” Kaali whispered and Sam instantly gave her a look.
Zemo turned back speaking to Bucky in Russian, a phrase she’d heard him tell her and instantly felt her chest tighten. She had only seen Bucky as the winter soldier for a couple seconds, but he’d lived through it a lot of his life, she couldn’t even begin to think about how this was going to feel to him.
She wanted to turn back and check on him, but it would ruin everything. Instead she clutched Sam’s tightly who instantly turned to her. “You okay?”
“Yeah just-”
“He’s fine.”
Kaali could hear whispers in the background one in particular standing out to her. “Is that the winter soldier?”
The bearded man’s eyes scanned the four of them before they landed on her, thoroughly eyeing her before turning back to his friends who kept stealing glances. “I swear-” Kaali was already fuming.
“Focus on the job Kaali.” Sam hissed, pointing at his arm and Kaali instantly shot him an apologetic look.
Zemo was the first to reach the bar, grasping the attention of the bartender who seemed way too pleasant for a place like this, specifically in Kaali’s opinion. “Hello gentleman-” the man greeted them as they appeared one after the other before Kaali walked through. “-and lady.”
“Wasn’t expecting you, smiling tiger.” He added, as Sam shot him a curt nod, his hand comfortably resting on Kaali’s hip. “His plans changed. We have business to do, with Selby.”
Bucky leaned beside Zemo, practicing his smoulder as he stared straight ahead of him.
The bartender turned to Sam and eyed him with suspicion. “The usual?”
Sam nodded, not letting a word leave his lips, but this only set the bartender off. Turning away with a frown Kaali watched him pull out a snake from a jar and tried not to seem disgusted. The sharp blade sliced through the snake’s skin, goo oozing out and Kaali braced herself, waiting for Sam to break character and yell at the man for the crime he was committing in front of him, but instead, she watched his throat bob as he leaned on the counter, eyes slightly wide and fixed on the abomination in front of him.
While Kaali hated every moment of whatever the fuck she was watching, she wished she could actually meet the real smiling tiger, she seemed like a hell of a man.
Zemo smiled with recognition as the sound of guts moving around violated their senses. Kaali was lucky she wasn’t somewhere throwing up right now.
“Smiling Tiger, your favourite.” Zemo informed him with minimal effort, while Sam frowned, jaw clenching as he gawked at him. The bartender grabs what Kaali thought was probably a part of the snake’s gut and plopped it into a drink, pushing it towards Sam.
Kaali was sure, by the look on Sam’s face, he could cry at any moment. Sam threw a quick side eye Zemo’s way before grabbing the drink. He tried his best to seem appealed by the drink but it all seemed forced. It would have been a miracle if they didn’t get caught. Kaali almost felt bad for Sam, but she also enjoyed every moment of it, bothering Sam was one of her favourite things to do and here she was, not even having to try.
The bartender seemed to have been catching on, his brows knitting together in doubt and Kaali quickly leaning onto his shoulder pinching his arm from where the bartender couldn’t see.
“What are you waiting for?” She tried her best to seem flirtatious, but in actual fact, there was a sense of urgency in her tone.
Sam gave her a fake smile, cursing her out in his head which Kaali was sure of and stiffly picked up the drink. “I love these.” He forced out, raising the shot glass at Zemo, then at the bartender.
“Cheers Conrad.” Zemo reverted back before tipping his own shot back. Kaali had been so focused on Sam that she didn’t even notice Zemo ordering himself a drink. She would’ve done the same if hadn’t been so distracted teasing Sam.
Sam raised the glass again, ready to tip it back before halting abruptly, a revolted whine escaping his lips. Kaali slapped his back lightly and Sam somehow managed to tip it into his mouth. Now for actually keeping it in.
The liquid burned his mouth, slimy from the snake guts… and oh fucking chunky.
Before Sam hurled at the bartender he gulped the liquid down glaring at Kaali who had been giving him a toothy grin. “How was it?” She asked sweetly and he moaned, still stiff as a rock, pushing out a thumbs up, he looked so dumb. How couldn’t they have gotten caught?
The bartender, clearly unimpressed, moved out of view and Sam let out a breath. “That was disgusting.” He whispered at Kaali and she hid a laugh behind her hand. “Oh I’m never letting you live this down Smiling Tiger.”
Out of the crowd a man stepped forward, leaning over Zemo’s shoulder. “I’m worried.” Kaali blurted, eyes moving to meet Bucky’s who was leaning back on the counter greeting her stare with his own.
The man whose face seemed to have been traveling in a downward motion scanned the group. “Got word from on high. You ain’t welcome here.” His tone was accusatory, his voice although calm, eyes dark and misty like a swirling storm ready to strike.
Zemo dealt with a fair share of dangerous people, to him this was routine. Unfazed he leaned back eyeing the man before speaking up. “I have no business with the Power Broker, but if he insists, he can either come and talk to me -” he paused, gesturing at Bucky who glowered at the man in front of him.
“New haircut?” The man taunted, Bucky’s jaw was taut, eyes switching from the man in front of him to Kaali, whose entire face softened at the sight of him.
“Or bring Selby for a chat?” Zemo interjected, the man stepped forward sizing the man in front of him, Zemo held himself up with such power and confidence that Kaali was impressed. The man finally stalked off and Zemo turned back to Bucky with an exasperated sigh. “A Power Broker? Really?” Bucky finally broke his silence, eyes narrowing at Zemo who merely shrugged.
“Every kingdom needs its King. Let’s just pray we stay under his radar.”
“Do you know him?” Sam joined in.
“Only by reputation.”
“So we’re just assuming the Power Broker is a man?” Kaali huffed, the three of them turning to her. “Noted.” Zemo sighed, pivoting to face the crowd, Kaali started to notice a couple heads turn their way and found herself leaning towards Sam. “I feel a fight coming on.”
“In Madripoor, the Power Broker is judge, jury and executioner.” Zemo continued as Kaali, Sam and Bucky listened intently.
A man moved forward out of the crowd, eyes on Kaali as he stepped closer. Clearly trying to target the so-called weak point in the group. Kaali although acted as though she was unfazed, eyeing him before turning the other way, feeling Sam shift beside her. He moved forward to block her ever so slightly, a signal to the man not to engage with the literal fireball next to him.
Right as he reached the group, Zemo turned around reciting the words Kaali had heard Bucky repeat to her a lifetime ago, but they were engraved within her head like a scar. She found herself searching for him with desperation, reading his face as he nodded in acknowledgment.
The man swerved out of Kaali’s way and slammed his hand down on Zemo’s shoulder. In a flash Bucky was on him, forcing him back before slamming him against the ground. Kaali’s core shook as she watched the anger fire him up and take the approaching men down with ease.
Zemo, pleased by the scene in front of him, grabbed a random man throwing it Bucky’s way and just as expected he was on the floor crying in pain. Kaali sprung off the counter, while Sam watched in shock. Bulbs shattered as Kaali towered over Zemo, eyes full of fury, but Zemo was composed, leaning into Sam who watched Bucky wide-eyed.
“Didn’t take much for him to fall back into form.”
“Don’t you fucking dare rile him up.”
Her angered eyes only made Kaali vulnerable to Zemo, a wounded lioness in pain roaring to keep the hunter at bay, but the cameras were on them, the sight behind her was a torrent of fire and sparks, if Zemo didn’t stand down, they wouldn’t be able to get anything they came here for.
Bucky appeared next to her, a hand around someone’s throat pushing him into the counter and like a dam Kaali’s resolve broke. Her fiery eyes glazed over as she watched him, troubled, unable to reach out to him.
The gun’s clicked around them as Sam and Zemo’s heads moved to follow the countless sounds, Kaali still distracted by Bucky.
Kaali gripped Bucky’s metal arm as the man struggled underneath his grip and Bucky’s grip automatically softened, eyes flickering to meet Kaali’s.
“Stay in character or the whole bar turns on us.” Zemo warned. Kaali peeled her hand off of Bucky, her heart hammering against her chest while Bucky blinked back into form.
Zemo leans into Bucky whispering to him, the man wheezing underneath his grip. The bartender reappeared with a nod.
“Selby will see you now.”
The man groaned as Bucky let him go, Zemo threw a 'thank you' his way.
Just as the man fell to the ground Bucky met Kaali’s glazed eyes, his hands turning to fists watching an all too familiar face in front of him, the one he’d seen when Iron Man died. The one that made him want to drop everything and pull her to him.
The one that made it fucking hard to be around her.
“You good?” Sam asked what Kaali had been thinking, and Bucky tore his gaze away off of Kaali’s face. He sniffled, before pursing his lips and giving the two a curt nod, and just like that his walls were right back up where he’d left them.
Chapter 2
That's the chap you guys, sorry if it was a bit long but I hope it was fun and action-packed.
Feedback is always welcomed, good or bad, let me know how you're finding the series.
Other than that thank you lovelies, hope you have a great day or night.
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100hearteyes · a day ago
So let me get this straight 🤔 the character who was done dirty in WS and CW because Disney didn't want Cap and Bucky to be gay for each other has now been done even dirtier by becoming a villain? Will it ever stop?
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soldierswar · a day ago
Kobik - Chapter V
Bucky X Reader
Fluff, angst
Warnings: Violence
Chapter Summary: Bucky and Sam are still away leaving you and Kobik on your own. Soon, you learn that the two of you may not be as safe as you thought you were. And you learn a little more about how Kobik uses her powers.
Masterlist (For previous/future chapters)
“Wait, no!” you exclaimed.
“You have to slide like this.”
You demonstrated the move starting off with the run and sliding down the wood floor sideways.
Kobik giggled.
“You can’t slide forward. That’s how you fall, kid!”
You were teaching her the Tom Cruise slide from ‘Risky Business', and having fun with it for the past hour or so determined to keep going until you both got it down.
She tried again wearing your socks that were obviously too big for her, but perfect for sliding. And once again she didn’t quite get it causing her to fall forward. She would have made full-face plants, but right before she’d hit the floor she’d begin to hover and bring herself back to a standing position. Honestly, you were pretty sure that the falling part was her favourite. You couldn’t blame her. Since she wasn’t actually getting hurt, watching her do it might have been your favourite part too.
The music that you were playing was so loud that you almost missed the sound of your buzzing phone on the table. It was Bucky.
You went to go pause it, but before you got to it Kobik managed to use her telepathic powers to turn it off.
It had been three days since Bucky and Sam left. And if it weren’t for him calling at least once a day, you would have been a bit worried.
“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky answered before you even had a chance to say anything.
“What’s up?” you asked.
“You and Sam find anything yet?”
You could hear a light sigh come from him. He sounded tired.
“We think we’re close.”
“Think?” you questioned.
“We’re pretty sure we’re close to figuring out who they are and what they want. We just need to figure out how to stop them before they go any further in their heavy search for her.”
Your heart skipped a beat. You had almost forgotten that the reason that Kobik was with you in the first place was because people actually wanted to hurt her.
“How’s she doing?”
Suddenly there was a squeal coming from behind you followed by a loud,
“I got it!”
Bucky chuckled.
“Should I ask?”
“Just…dancing,” you snorted.
“How are you guys doing?”
Suddenly you heard Sam’s voice shouting in the background.
“Tell your husband to stop being an irrational asshole so we can get through the next 24 hours in one piece!”
You let out a groan.
“Sorry I have you on speakerphone.”
You ignored that statement.
“Do I really want to know?”
Bucky awkwardly cleared his throat.
“Nothing you need to worry about, doll.”
Doll. He only used that when he was trying to suck up to you in the worst way possible.
Apparently, the two were headed to the airport in the countryside of Sweden and Bucky was driving.
“And how are…you?” he asked. His voice was a little bit apprehensive, and you knew why.
“I mean—”
“We’re both fine,” you reassured. You both knew that you weren’t talking about you and Kobik.
“That’s good.”
You could sense a little bit of a smile in his voice along with a covert sound of relief.
“Have you called…I mean have you talked to…”
“Bucky,” you interrupted.
“Just get home in one piece, and we’ll get everything sorted out then okay?”
“What’s she talking about?” you heard in the background.
“Nothing,” Bucky replied annoyedly.
You playfully rolled your eyes. You knew he was going to keep this a secret for at least a little while longer.
You decided to let him go hoping that he would rest some rest on the plane ride back. When you said your goodbyes Kobik floated into your arms like a feather and said a quick hi, and bye. And before hanging up you also demanded Sam kick your husband’s ass if he didn’t behave. Sam happily agreed.
When you finally hung up you turned your head to an excited Kobik.
“Alright kiddo,” you said.
“Hit the play button.”
Kobik was surprisingly cuddly. And considering the fact that you were chronically sleepy nowadays, you couldn’t complain.
Despite the fact that it was only 5 pm, you didn’t want to move at all. And thankfully you didn’t have to. You laid on your side on the couch with SpongeBob playing on TV as Kobik slept cozily with her back against you.
You felt your phone buzz in your back pocket. When you took it out you saw a text message from Bucky asking if you were home.
You decided that you didn’t really feel like texting so you just picked up the phone and called him.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Y/N, thank God. I was just about to call you.”
His voice sounded panicked.
“Are you at home right now?”
“Yeah, what’s up?” you croaked.
Kobik stirred a little bit at the sound of your voice.
“I need you to get out, now,” he stressed.
“Wait, what?”
“I don’t have time to explain. Just head to our spot and be in the car within the next two min—”
Suddenly his voice was interrupted by a bullet shattering a window and hitting the kitchen counter.
Within an instant, Kobik was awake and alert.
“They’re here,” she said, grabbing you to jump behind the couch with her for shelter. She put her finger to her mouth signaling for you to keep her mouth shut.
Suddenly two men entered the apartment treading carefully.
“You think he’s here?” one guy in a blue shirt asked from the far corner away from you.
They were about 20 feet away from you with their backs turned to you. They were one motion away from seeing you. Actually, when you thought about it, it seemed unlikely that wouldn’t have seen you by now. And Kobik was uncharacteristically calm. And that’s when you noticed.
There was an almost invisible blue silhouette surrounding the two of you. Like a bubble; or some type of force field.
“Can they see us?” you mouthed.
She looked around her watching the two men passing back and forth in front of you.
She slowly shook her head.
“Do you really think that we’d still be alive right now if The Winter Soldier was in any close vicinity to us?” the other guy in a grey shirt answered.
“But the bigger question is where that little moneybag is. Kid killed my old partner. Weak-ass. How dangerous can a four-year-old with some powers be?”
Was that what they were calling Kobik? A moneybag? How much was she going out for like she was some inanimate jewel?
You took your phone out making sure that it was completely silent and began typing in the notes.
“Can we move while invisible?”
She nodded nervously.
You watched their patterns of movement and figured out how you were going to get to your bedroom which was where your gun was.
You wrote in your notes again.
“My room. Now.”
“Seriously, is anyone actually in here?” blue shirt whined.
Grey shirt shushed him and pointed to the keys laid out on the table near the front door, and your purse on the floor. It was obvious that someone was home.
He signaled him to stand on the other end of your office door which just happened to be the door across from your bedroom. They both counted down from three with their guns held tight in their hands anticipating some type of ambush and opened the door, storming in.
You took that as your queue and mouthed the words,
You bolted towards your bedroom and grabbed the case that held your gun. Kobik didn’t leave your side maintaining the illusion of invisibility.
After grabbing it you carefully walked out keeping Kobik close behind you. You saw that they were still in your office debating on who was going to open the closet door.
You took the opportunity of calm to fire three shots at the most dangerous-looking one and bolted back to the living room.
You couldn’t see who or where you shot exactly, but you could tell by the cries that you hit one of them.
One of them said something that you couldn’t quite hear. But the other one hollered,
“I just got hit in the fucking shoulder, you idiot!”
It sounded like grey shirt. Mission accomplished.
You almost smiled a little bit. Bucky was not going to let you be married to him without learning how to defend yourself to your best ability.
That was when you noticed that Kobik wasn’t at your side anymore. You began to panic.
“Kobik?” you whispered.
You turned to your left and found her in a corner under the counter of the kitchen. Keyword…You could see her.
Before you had time to get to her two bullets zoomed past your head by at least ten inches. You shot right back at whoever was hiding behind the office door trying to get you. Before he could fire another round you managed to shoot him right in the hand making him drop the gun. You ran over to Kobik to see if she was okay. Her terror was beginning to set in. Her hands shook, and her eyes were red trying to hold back tears and be brave.
“Are you okay?” you whispered.
And suddenly her eyes went from scared to terrified. That was when you noticed the reflection of a man in her eyes, and he was just about to shoot.
Kobik made a soft intricate motion with her hands, and just as she did the entire room transformed right before your eyes. Just like what had happened a few nights ago, this wasn’t your apartment anymore. This was that lab again.
She managed to separate the both of you from the other guys by a wall. You were now in a completely different room. She began to run towards a small door in the far right corner from you and waved her hand to make you follow.
You ran into the room and without using her hands she slammed the door shut and locked it. You were in a tiny room. There was a little bed in a corner along with a few toys, and a dresser to put clothes in. But it also looked and felt like a panic room.
“It’s okay now,” she said breathlessly.
“They can’t hurt us here. The wall's bulletproof, and they can’t see the door or hear us.”
“How do you know that?”
But when you looked into her eyes you knew the answer.
You let out a huge sigh of relief and wrapped your arms around her. She had been so good at keeping calm since the men entered, but as you started rocking her, her body began to shake.
“It’s happening again,” she whimpered.
You pulled away and placed your hands on her wet cheeks.
“Listen, kid,” you said.
“We’re gonna keep you safe. And I’m not going anywhere.”
She began to cry even more. But now she didn’t seem scared. She seemed almost relieved. She trusted you. And trusted that maybe just maybe, you were right.
Half an hour passed you and Kobik were laying face-up on the comfortable carpeted floor. For a room that was made up in 0.5 seconds, she really knew how to make her surroundings comfortable.
About 10 minutes ago you began to hear faint noises on the other side of the door. A bang here, a bang there, maybe someone yelling. You wondered if more people were coming in to look for you. Whoever it was, they didn’t sound happy. Maybe a boss or someone was yelling at them for losing the two of you. But you weren’t scared. As Kobik said, you were safe.
“Y/N,” Kobik said pulling your phone that she had just found from under the bed.
“I think this is yours.”
You shook your head and smiled. You knew that you must have dropped it, but you didn’t know that it followed you.
You remembered the last time that you had spoken to Bucky and how panicked his voice sounded right before bullets came flying through your windows. You couldn’t imagine how scared he must be. Or if even he was okay. The last time that you had heard from him was about 14 hours ago and he was about to fly back from Sweden.
You turned it back on to find 27 missed calls from both Bucky and Sam.
Right before you had a chance to call Bucky, Sam’s number popped up as he was calling. But you still had to be cautious.
“Who is this?”
“Who do you think it is?”
A huge sigh of relief escaped you.
“Are you guys okay?” he continued.
“We’re inside the um…apartment? And we can’t find you.”
Kobik seemed nervous to let your secret spot go.
“Just tell us where you are. Bucky’s currently interrogating two bleeding guys that he just handcuffed. I’m guessing that you had a little something to do with that?”
You snorted. But knew you definitely had to get out before any unnecessarily serious damage was done.
You nodded at Kobik telling her that it was okay. The coast was clear. And she trusted you. With one swift motion with her hand, the door flew open.
Sam was coincidentally in the same room as you guys but was startled when you opened the door.
“Shit!” he exclaimed.
“How did you guys…where did that door come from?” he then looked down at Kobik. His mouth opened and confusedly tilted his head.
“Y/N makes that face a lot too,” was the first thing that she said.
Under different circumstances, you definitely would have burst into laughter. But all you could do was walk over and hug him.
“Are you guys okay?” he asked looking you and Kobik up and down looking for any injuries looking relieved when you both seemed okay.
“Sam?” Bucky called from afar?
“They might still be—”
That’s when Kobik used her powers again and brought everything back to normal. In fact, everything that was damaged in the first place was also back to normal.
When everything was back in place you were in the same room as Bucky.
When he turned around, you had never seen anyone so relieved in his entire life. You ran towards him and he held on to you tighter than he had ever held on before.
“Y/N,” he gasped.
“Oh my God.”
“You know if you weren’t my husband I’d be sending you a medical bill for the cracked ribs,” you winced.
He pulled away thinking that you were actually injured before realizing how hard he was squeezing you.
“When were you going to tell me that you landed?”
He shook his head
“I tried.”
You then remembered all of the unread messages that you had received while napping.
“Bucky!” Kobik exclaimed.
She had been distracted talking to Sam about what had just happened.
He smiled and let her jump into his arms.
“She’s a really brave girl this one,” you pointed out.
“I was lucky to have her.”
"Y/N I'm so sorry I never should have--'
You shushed him and reassured him.
"It's okay," you said.
"We're all fine. That's all that matters."
That didn't stop the expression of guilt in his eyes.
"Besides," you added and winked.
"You thought me well."
Bucky shook his head and brought you close hugging you and Kobik at the same time.
“I’m sorry to break up your little Hallmark moment,” Sam interrupted pointing to the two guys on the floor that were in fact cuffed, and bleeding on your wood floors and against the back of your couch.
“But we have unfinished business.”
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abhorsenbranwen · a day ago
Sam’s family
one of the things I love about falcon & the winter soldier is the way it broadens the depiction of “family” from what we’ve generally seen in the mcu.
Sam’s home is with his sister and his nephews, in the community they grew up in, and as someone who has a big and pretty close-knit extended family, that was something that I found really validating. sam clearly has a good relationship with his nephews, and while he and sarah have some friction early on, it’s also clear that they’re comfortable being vulnerable and honest with each other - which in some ways is nice to see with the friction? it can be really easy to see friction as indicating something deeper than two people not being on quite the same page, but that’s clearly not what was going on here, and I think it’s important to see media that reflects that sometimes something can be a little messy without being broken.
at any rate, it’s just a really positive family dynamic, which is something we don’t necessarily see that often in the mcu, and i loved it so much.
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