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#the falcon and the winter solider spoilers
tired-asleep · 21 hours ago
"How can you still watch and support disney? Disney is evil!!!"
Bold of you to assume I don't know about big corporations being evil. Bold of you to assume I'm not pirating all of the shows and content disney is putting out recently. Let me enjoy shitty entertaining shows in peace please.
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clints-lucky-arrow · 21 hours ago
Call It A Confession (Epilogue)
Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: After the events of Madripoor, there’s something that you still need to say to Bucky. Maybe in Delacroix, you’ll finally get the opportunity. 
Alternate Endings. Smut. Alcohol. Jealousy. Explicit Language.
18+ ONLY.
WARNINGS: Drinking. Mentions of Sex. 
Word Count: 1.7k
Likes, comments and reblogs are much appreciated.
A/N: Here we go. The series finale for Bucky Barrnes! No smut here, but I may write some more smut oneshots for him in the future. 
**If you are new to the ‘Call It A Night’ series, this is a fic with alternate storylines. This chapter is Bucky Barnes’ finale. Sam Wilson’s storyline is also completed, while Helmut Zemo’s will last for a few more chapters. 
To read the previous pieces and follow the layout of the story, you can visit the masterlist here, and see what else is contained in the series.
I hope that you like it!
Tumblr media
There’s something about Delacroix. 
Maybe it’s the warm sunlight. The way that it illuminates the world in an ethereal golden glow, seeping into your bones to simmer against your skin. Or perhaps the fresh breeze of the wind, and the blissful rush as it infiltrates your lungs. It could be a lot of things. The taste of lukewarm beer, the warm welcome of the people who live there, or the sound of their laughs. Sam’s joyous chuckle mixing with Bucky’s huffs of amusement, which is more mirth than you’ve ever heard him display.
It could be one of those things, or a few of them, or perhaps maybe even all.
Whatever the reason, you don’t care. Not when that usual frown is absent, and something about him just seems lighter. As if the weight of the world has finally toppled from his shoulders, and he can just push it all off for a little while. Be free in a way that he hasn’t been in quite some time. Maybe not even during that night in Madripoor, the one that you hold so dear.
No. There's something about this place. He is just able to let loose here in the way that you've always wanted him too, and you couldn't be happier to see it. Especially not when he provides you such a fine view.
Slightly sweating in the Louisiana heat, you raise the bottle to your lips and take a quick sip. Unlike the rest of the beers in the cooler, this has been in your hand for some time now. More than long enough for the rays of sun to infiltrate the liquid and warm it up. It tastes a little bitter going down, and a small shudder escapes you in response. Catching the grimace, Bucky straightens, pulling away from the decking plank that he was in the middle of replacing, and tilts his head playfully. 
The words that fall from his curved lips are teasing. “Are you planning on lending a hand, or are you just going to sit there and look pretty instead?”
You can’t help but chuckle, raising the bottle in a pointed salute. “It’s an important job. Someone’s got to do it.” Behind him, Sam shakes his head in mock-disapproval. Both sets of amusement eyes rest on your face as you continue teasingly, gesturing to the shit chest down at your feet. “Besides, these beers aren’t going to drink themselves, and you two are taking far too long.”
“Careful,” Sam warns, nodding at the now-almost empty beer. There’s a small smile on his lips, intent to show that his words aren’t fully serious. “We don’t want a repeat of your drunk ass in Madripoor.”
“Speak for yourself,” Bucky interjects. “I’m happy to relive Madripoor.” 
Due to the angle, Sam cannot see the swift wink that he directs your way. You attempt to hide your responding grin in another gulp of tepid alcohol. Sam doesn’t know. Not yet.
Or so you think, until he pointedly interrupts. “As if you don’t most nights.”
“Yeah,” he continues, sarcasm lacing his tone. “I know that the two of you have been hooking up. Whatever it is that you’re doing. I’m not blind to all the little looks, and I am for sure not deaf.”
Both of you freeze. Your widened gaze fastens on Bucky’s, silently screaming a question. ‘Did you tell him?!’ His own startled eyes reflect the same sentiment. 'No.'
Mute, both of you turn your attention to Sam. He stands there, just behind Bucky, with his arms folded and a knowing smile on his face. Guilt rises thick in your chest. After everything, you hadn’t wanted him to find out like this. Sam deserved better. 
Fumbling, you can’t help but try to explain. “Sam, we would have told you but it just-”
With a wave, he cuts you off. As always, he is more than understanding. Both chivalrous, kind, and entirely too understanding. 
“-Didn’t seem like the right time,” he smiles. “I get it. I’m happy for you both. Really.” A slight pause lingers in the air. Neither you nor Bucky quite know what to say, and so Sam just continues. “To be clear, this doesn’t mean that Barnes gets canoodling breaks, though.”
Your laugh rings into the air. “I’m fine with that.”
Relief bubbles in your chest. There’s no less warmth in Sam’s gaze than there was back in Madripoor, but the type of heat has changed. He recognises that your choice has been made. That it is Bucky, and that there’s no going back. It’s not something that he would ever hold against you, and you can’t help but be so thankful that he’s your best friend, and that after so long, you both have come to the realisation that it’s all that you two will ever be in this lifetime.
It’s time to let go of the doubts and uncertainty that lingered in the past, because your future lies in the man standing right next to him. All the same, you can’t help but be certain that Sam will still be there, right beside you both, and the three of you will face it together. Some bonds are too strong to break.
That thought in mind, you motion for them both to wait - to keep their attention on you - before swiftly downing the remnants of your beer. Two sets of eyes track your movement as you flip open the lid to the cooler and retireve another three. Grasping the bottle opener, you make practised work of the caps. They pop off, releasing a float of cold steam from underneath, and then you are standing. The old planks of the decking creek underneath your feet as you cross over to meet your companions.
Sam takes the first bottle that you offer, and Bucky seizes the second. A small thrill runs down your body as his fingers brush against yours while retrieving it. The contact makes you think of Madripoor, of standing before him in Sharon’s guest bedroom while stitching his wound, and just how much has changed since then. How every night since you’ve snuck in to wherever he sleeps, and let him hold you under the cover of darkness. Felt both the burning caress of his skin, and the cool touch of metal against your body. Heard the whisper of his adoration against your ear as he fucks you, murmuring all the while that he loves you. 
It’s enough to make you want to drag him below deck and take him there, in that rusted engine room.
You have to remind yourself not to get flustered. That Sam is here too, and it’s not appropriate. And so, you distract yourself with a fumbling cheers, before taking another deep swallow of beer. The others follow suit, although Bucky’s eyes still linger upon your face as he tips the bottle back into that smirking mouth. 
The rest of the day flits past. You alternate between helping them with work, and taking extended breaks to down the rest of the beer supply. All the same, it’s hard to get drunk when you are mostly sweating it out. Thankfully, the heat diminishes slightly as the sun begins to sink lower in the sky. Dust bathes the world in a brilliant glimmer. 
Sam breaks off to seek out Sarah, leaving yourself and Bucky alone on the deck. He is standing by the rail, both hands clamped on the side of the boat as he watches the sunset. Your eyes trace the profile of his face, drinking in the sight of him. He looks content. Utterly at peace. Wrapped in the rich twilight and swathed in the softening Louisiana heat, a realisation occurs. 
This is it. This is the moment that you were waiting for. 
You are drawn forward, as if some invisible force is reeling you in. The pounding of your heart is audible within your ears. Planks creak underfoot as you cross the deck. Bucky shoots you a small smile as you come to a stop next to him, mirroring his stance as you lean in against the railing and turn your gaze outward across the water. Silence stretches out for a few long moments as neither of you speak.
His arm lifts, draping around your shoulder. Even this casual touch sends tingles down your body. A reminder that this is real, and it’s stronger than anything you’ve ever felt before. Than anything you’d ever feel again. As you lean into him, revelling in the reassuring pressure of his side against yours, something within whispers that it is time. Small smile growing on your lips, you realise that the inner voice sounds a lot like Steve. 
He’d want this. The two of you. Somehow you just know it.
“Bucky?” The murmur lifts into the breeze. He turns attentively, a brilliant smile lighting his handsome face. Looking at him, your heart swells three sizes and threatens to burst from your chest. Your tongue darts out to wet your lips, nervousness building even though you already know that he feels the same. But at last, the time feels right to finally say it back. “I love you.”
He stiffens as the words wash over him, arm stiffening atop your shoulders. Those deep blue eyes rove over your face - a little confused and a tad lost - but slowly, happiness starts to creep in. His other hand - vibranium and glinting - slides underneath your chin, angling your face up to meet his gaze. 
There’s something desperate in them, conveyed in his tone as he quietly responds. “Do you really mean that?”
Your fingers rise to grasp hold of those that stroke your cheek, lifting them off to the side and down to hang at your side. Your grin grows a little wider as they carefully entwine. He flinches slightly, still not used to how accepting you are about his arm. That uncertainty to his look sets something aflame within your chest, and your whole being aches with an uncontrollable yearning.
God. You love him.
More than words could ever say.
But all the same, you have to use them to make it clear. To provide him with the reassurance that he needs, and to finally say your piece. 
A small chuckle accompanies your answer. “Of course, I do.”
He must see it in your eyes. Maybe hear it in your tone. That bated disbelief slowly morphs into a warm acceptance. That full grin that you love so much tugs his lips wide, and then he is bending down to press his mouth feverently to yours.
As his kiss burns through you, there’s only one thought ringing through your mind. This is it.
Tumblr media
A/N: Well. There we go. Bucky’s final piece. They get their happily ever after. I hope that you enjoyed! Thank you for all of the support on his chapter, and the rest of the story.
To see what else has happened in the series, you can check out the masterlist here and use the link at the end of the post to sign up to my taglist. 
As usual, likes, comments, and reblogs are truly appreciated!
Tumblr media
Call It A Night/Bucky Taglist: @221b-skywalker​  @mindlostin5oldiers​  @sharksausages​  @missedregrets​  @devilswaldorf​  @whoreforsamwilson​  @delicioustrashsouldiplomat​  @sunsetmando​  @multiyfandomgirl40  @moonstuffsteve​  @rax-writes​  @slytherwanda​  @lostghostgirl94​  @lxdyred​  @your-pixels-are-showing​  @zaynzierulez  @the-lil-spud​  @noavengers​  @war-in-time​  @herbscottie67​  @evangeline-perry​  @piggyinthesea​  @the-wayward-daughter​  @ringofsecrets​  @ajeff855​  @amelialistree  @cable-kenobi​  @auroresce​  @ashamed23​  @harami-mami​  @drarrysreddie​  @starstruckforyou​  @victias​  @zemosugarbaby​  @theclonesdeservedbetter​  @casualcursing​  @allhailkingboba​  @fandomess-x2 @trinsghost  @the-royal-kiki​  @jewelsrocks99​  @swimmingsloths​  @az-alvilag-ironovendeke​  @louve-morningstar​  @t0nystank​  @shitexcuseofausername​  @depressedpolishgirl​  @stephyra  @lorosette​  @summersimmerus​  @natashadeservedbetter​  @estellamarz  @giggles75th  @im-wlkn-here  @shannonnicoleee​  @peculiarity​  @chelseaxaz​  @mssbridgerton​  @silverqueen28​  @hard-to-be-the-bard​  @peculiar-monstar​  @winterrach  @huffleruffplant​  @andy-rocks​  @ally22042000​  @sinister-sleep​  @robinhollister​  @cvnnamon-girl​  @tryxter-in-the-pantry​  @bucxysbarnes​  @supreme-evil-hottie​  @harmonyf123​  @rogersangel​  @batch-baddie​  @estrela-rogers​  @spookyanabarnes​ @jardinsecos​  @agirlwithejournal​  @Boundless—beauty  @flyforeverfree​  @idynasty​  @pedrosgirlx​  @beautiful-delirium​  @blue-moon221​  @juliatje22​  @janakt​  @Hibiscusgardenia  @alagaesian-bookdragon​  @avengersofmischief  @burnalley  @niki-is-a-thing  @chedda98  @topgirl17  @aestheticallywinchester  @fandom-freak-16  @fandom-princess-forevermore  @littlezombie666  @afraid-to-be-me  @narisjournal-blog  @shellita09  @0ghostwriter0  @clxste  @captainsherlockwinchester110283  @interstellarmesswrites  @hoebrowsalad  @mrjeanswaifu221b  @bruhlsbitxh  @iamtheonewhocares  @viviace  @punemy-spotted  @childishlittlebeer  @stevieintheimpala  @deliciously-nerdy  @thesunflowersutra  @uss-lesbian  @greeneyedblondie44  @reejero  @lustful-w0nders  @kellymcginley  @auroresce  @thebookisbtr  @deanhisbaby  @justinkyloscase  @katsufairies  @adoringdanvers  @make-the-dead-love  @stephlent  @aureliomoon  @cosmic-lavender  @jane-dough  @hb8301  @trashywritestrash  @6BuckMe9  @lostdeidamia  @lizzy-95  @perico04  @taisha124  @MsClifford  @emmi-emrys-petrelli  @liz-owl  @spookyrarl  @godblessthegoths  @the-jess-life  @julyvegan  @marvel-ingatbucky  @alltoofunny  @lilith-blackrose
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spid3rgwen · 22 hours ago
TFATWS head canon 4/???~ Bucky rescues Alpine one night after a mission. He finds her in a field near where he and Sam were located for said mission, and decides to keep her. A few months later, they’re working with Captain Marvel and she brings along Goose. Goose and Alpine get along extremely well. At the end of the mission, Carol asks Bucky “how on earth did he find a Flerken.”
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rainydayathogwarts · a day ago
Second person p.o.v Warnings: mentions of sex and slightly dirty Summary: The aftermath of one of Tony's parties with Sam
Tumblr media
You woke up later than you usually would, groaning as you sat up properly. There was no denying the fact that you were sore from the night before. You leaned on the edge of the bed, reaching for Sam's discarded shirt laying on the floor, and pulled it over your head.
You dragged yourself to your closet, finding a pair of clean underwear and tugging it up your naked legs. You moaned in pain as you headed for the wooden door, eager to get a warm cup of coffee.
You couldn't care less if another team member saw you in this state: they were basically your family, and had seen you and Sam leave the party early after all.
Once in the kitchen, you headed for the glowing red coffee machine in the corner. You had you favourite mug clutched tightly in your hands. Your breath picked up its pace when you felt arms slowly wrap themselves around your torso.
You relaxed a little bit into Sam's arms. You felt his smirk against your shoulder and heard him murmur quietly. "How're you feelin' babe?" "'M good." One of his hands trailed down to grip your thigh tightly and you squealed lightly.
He chuckled and you admitted to him. "I'm sore. 'M really sore. Don't get too cocky though, it's whatever." His smirk turned into a toothy grin. "I know. It's obvious. Super obvious, if you ask me. Have you seen the way you're standing? Your body's all stiff and your legs look like they're going to give out from under you."
You turned, still in Sam's arms and cocked an eyebrow. "Then why did you ask?" You took a sip of your warm coffee, sighing in satisfaction as you awaited an answer. "Because I knew you'd say you were okay and that gave me an opportunity to touch your body." He whispered in your ear.
"Creep." You muttered, but a shiver was sent down your spine at the tone of his voice and you were sure he felt it too. Sam set your mug aside and placed a longing kiss on your lips. He gripped your slightly bruised hips and lifted you up onto the counter.
"Didn't get enough from last night?" You asked, lips brushing against his. "I could never get enough of you." Just as he pressed his lips to yours again, hands trailing up your thighs, a cough interrupted you.
Natasha stood, leaning against the kitchen doorway, staring at the booth of you with her arms crossed and an amused smile on her face. "Some of us would like to have breakfast, if you don't mind." She stated.
"Sorry Nat." You said and at the same time, Sam said. "We do mind." Natasha raised her eyebrows at Sam. She didn't know his sex drive was so high. She turned to you and her famous smirk found its way onto her face.
"Oh don't worry (Y/N), I can only imagine how sore you must be so I'll give you some sympathy. We all heard everything during the after party. Lucky for you guys, the guests left minutes after you retreated to the bedroom. Didn't know Sam had a daddy kink but you learn something new everyday, right?" She trailed off and Sam leaned into you, his back pressed up against your chest. You could only imagine the proud look on his face.
You pushed Sam away and hopped off the counter only for your legs to buckle and fall to the ground. You could feel both their gazes on you and you huffed, looking down and trying to ignore the blood rushing to your cheeks.
You didn't want to meet any of their sly or cheeky smiles so you kept your eyes on the ground as you got up, wincing as you left the room. Sam's eyes were on your ass until you were out of eye and earshot. "She looks great in my shirt, does she not?"
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Hot take: I unapologetically like John Walker, like, not even in a "he is morally gray and interesting" kind of way. He was brave and had good intentions, he just wasn't as quick to search for peaceful solutions and had several realistic flaws such as being insecure, ambitious and quick to follow orders for the establishment. Most people (on tumblr) just hate him because he is white so he must be evil or symbolically represent male white priviledge or something, because he didn´t romanticize terrorism as the writers made Sam start doing, and because he “unfairly” got the shield (The shield the dumb ass writers made Sam DECIDE to give up so they could have that sweet drama? THAT shield?). People say that Steve Rogers would have never done what John did, not even after his literal best friend was killed in front of his eyes, ehem... did we even watch the same movies? Did everyone just forget about that scene in Civil War after Tony tried to kill Bucky?
His reasons for murdering that terrorist  guy that took part in the killing of his best friend and for wanting to apprehend a potentially dangerous group were waay more understandable than any of Karli's actions AFTER she started killing innocent people "to send a message" while still claiming to have the moral highground instead of, you know, keep stealing and distributing food and medicines like they were exclusively doing at the beginning or something.
I get that it sucks the writers made the flag smashers the villians (I hate what they did with the good hearted and idealistic Sharon Carter as well), I myself would have prefered if Karli had been writen as an anti-hero or even new hero who teams up with Sam and Bucky, maybe the flag smashers could have been divided into different factions, some more extremist than others, and a government guy could have been the real or worst villain, but that sadly didn't happen. The moment they wrote her blowing up that building full of unarmed people though, she was a self-righteous murderer just like Zemo, which would have been fine if that was the point of her character.
 I was very irritated by the way the show writers, via Sam, tried to minimize her actions and make us feel sorry for her, dehumanizing the people she had killed in the process. We barely ever see her victims, they are mostly faceless entities who don´t matter in comparison to “poor well intentioned baby Karli”.
 If the writers wanted to send the audience a message about “doing better” for refugees they could have done so by making the flag smashers the heroes that have been unjustly framed for the terrorist attacks (Which would have been an AMAZING plot twist), or writing them to be more complicated by making most of its members stand against the extemism of certain factions of the group, or by showing the good things they do, making them fight armed guards only. They should NOT have made terrorism seem “cool” and “trendy”, the deaths of civilians “necessary”, and the terrorists the “real” victims of... *gasp* being called... terrorists! The poor babies, noo, so offensive! The correct term is freedom fighters, nooo! 
Needless to say, the woobification of the poor baby terrorists didn't work for me and I wasn't exactly horrified by Karli´s death or impressed by Sam´s corny victim blaming speech where he doesn´t actually give any practical ideas on how to solve the refugee crisis caused by the snap but sure does love to say the government officials all, indiscriminately (Maybe AOCortez or someone was there? I mean, idk), deserved to feel powerless as hostages because that, apparently, will make them sympathize with the people that made them fear for their lives instead of, I don´t know, seeing them as way too unreasonable to negociate with??
Now, I would have preferred for John Walker´s actor to play Lemar and viceversa, because I get that black characters get killed to motivate white characters far too often, so it would have been nicer to see it done the other way around for once. For John Walker to be the new flawed yet good hearted war veteran who has to redeem himself after making a huge mistake born out of pain for the loss of his friend, someone who has to develop and learn different tactics other than violence in order to defend people, someone who has to learn to question the status quo... and he just happens to be black like Sam. Their rivalry would not be even implicitly about race, but exclusively about differences in methods and about who gets the Captain America legacy. We could still have Bucky hating on him, the funny rivalry moments, no changes.
But sadly the writers needed a character to represent the white that didn't deserve Sam's shield but only got it for his race, or for looking similar to Steve, which is an important theme, but one that was perfectly explored already with the plotline about the original black supersoldier who was erased from history, and one that didn´t work for me because they made Sam give up the shield willingly BEFORE it was given to John, a war hero, so all I am getting is that simply being chosen for something important and accepting it because you think you can do the job, wanting justice for a friend, and not trusting terrorists to change their murderous ways is what made John “less than” Sam and Bucky.
I guess what I am trying to say is that John doesn´t deserve half the hate he gets and maybe if the writers had changed his race from the comic books then his character would have suffered less from being placed into a specific “personification of white male priviledge” box here on tumblr. No offence to the actor though, he was great.
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margabbi · a day ago
OK. Si solo existe una línea de tiempo Sharon se beso con su tío 😨. Es un poco traumático. Se habrá enterado después del beso y por eso se volvió mala en falcón and the winter soldier🤔.
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againstor · a day ago
Tumblr media
Zemo being flirty and James just... haven't experienced flirt since 40s
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kimhargreeves · a day ago
Never Alone-Helmut Zemo x Reader
Summary: After defeating Thanos and losing the ones you love, you come across another important thing in your life. Sam has given up Steve's shield and new supersoldiers have appeared, together you team up but someone once dear to you shows up again.
Tumblr media
"I won't do it." I whispered when I looked at the crowd of people behind the curtain. Millions of people are going to see this, this is far too soon for me, I don't have the courage to step up and give my speech.
"Bucky can do it."
"I haven't seen or heard of him."
"Alright, how about Scott? He's a fan of Captain America. He made it clear he's America's ass."
"Then you should." I bitterly tell Sam. "Steve gave the shield to you." I begin to walk away but felt his grip on my shoulder.
"You can't keep running away from what is happening." I shoved his hand off of me and continue making my way out.
It's been 5 years since half of the population disappeared. We defeated Thanos but it had a great cost. We lost Natasha, Tony and Steve now. The world hasn't been the same and neither have I, I've become much colder, isolated and depressed.
Bucky's been the same which is why he left and broke contact with us, with me after all we've been through. Steve, Bucky and I were best friends way before we met Sam.
The three of us met back then in 1942, right when World War II was happening. I had gone undercover as a man to join the army, Bucky was the first to discover my secret but said nothing.
We were on a mission to defeat the Red Skull and stop Hydra when Bucky fell to his death and I was shot but the man himself when he tried to defeat Steve. All I remembered was blood and going to sleep.
That was until I woke up many years later and found out Bucky and was brainwashed by Hydra. We both were injected with a serum. Bucky was much more ruthless and stronger than me, so he got it worse when he tried to remember who he was.
Steve was so happy to see us, I stayed when Bucky didn't and Steve got me to remember everything about the war and him.
Days went by when I didn't speak to anyone, that was when I heard the news about Sam surrendering the shield and there was to be a new Captain America.
"How could you do this?!" I angrily shouted at Sam when I located where he was and the first thing I did was slap him hard. "He gave you the shield and you just threw it away."
"That's what I said." Another voice said behind me. Bucky had showed up out of nowhere. I glanced back and saw him not happy at all.
"Good to see you both too."
"Cut the shit, Sam. Why did you do it?"
"I just surrendered the shield. I didn't know they would pass it on to someone else-"
Bucky cuts him off, "You did and you didn't care. Steve fought hard to earn the title of Captain America."
"If I would've heard about this I should've stolen the shield from you and given it to Bucky, like he deserved. No offense, but he was his friend back then and knew everything about Steve."
Sam smirks and shakes his head. "No offense, but no one would've wanted a once terrorist to have that shield."
"I was there when Howard Stark gave Steve the shield-" I stopped what I was saying when Bucky stepped forward and wanted a fight with Sam.
We're both angry and upset at Sam's decision but If something were to occur I'd have to be the one to stop it. I step between them now but keep my glare on Sam, "You've let Steve down." My voice breaks when I say it but Sam says nothing.
Bucky grabs my shoulders. "We're coming with you." Bucky realized Sam was going out on a mission. "We need to do this if we want the shield back." Bucky whispers when he notices my confused expression.
"Alright, let's go then."
"Bucky! hang on tight!" I tried reaching to him but a guy kept me away from reaching Bucky who was about to fall from the vehicle we were on. Sam was fighting against a girl, these people had masks on. These people, their supersoldiers! How did they get the serum?!
I angrily punched the guy in the face and kicked between his legs, he didn't budge. He grabbed me so I began to struggle and he threw me on the other car nearby.
"Shit." I stood back up again and jumped again to where he was, I grabbed my knives and began to slice him, he cried out but would quickly resume to dodging my attacks.
"Need some help?!" I heard someone shout. I ignored the guy who said that.
I held onto the edge of the large vehicle when he kicked me off, I screamed and did a backflip, I raced forward and kicked the guy off to the road and saw him in the distance.
All of the sudden someone turned me around and kicked my stomach, I groaned in pain when I hit the road and rolled over a couple of times. "You okay, (Y/N)?" Bucky raced towards me and helped me up.
"I'm fine." I coughed a bit of blood and turned to look at him nervous now. "Did you see that? Their supersoldiers too."
Bucky nodded and was also worried. "We have to find who's responsible in recreating it."
Sam came rushing to us and three of us began to walk back. We heard a vehicle nearby and new right away that it was that guy, the new Captain America, John Walker.
"Need a lift? The airport is far away." The three of us stayed silent and continued to walk until we decided to take that car ride.
I had moved away from John and looked away when he would continue to try to talk to me and ask questions to either Sam or Bucky. "Stop the car!" Bucky said when he has enough.
I followed him and so did Sam. "I thought that maybe we should work together."
"No way in hell are we working with you. You're not Captain America, you're just another guy who wants to play the role of a hero. My brother didn't fight in the one of the biggest wars to lose his shield to someone like you."
John smirked and looked at the three of us and his friend behind him chuckled. "Is there anything funny?" I bitterly ask him and keep glaring at John and so does my friends.
"Look, I'll just say this once. Don't get in my way." I smiled when John warned us. I grabbed him tightly and pinned him up against the wall.
"And I'll say this once too, disrespect me again and I'll bury you myself." I let go of him and pointed my hand at his friend. "Don't you dare point your fun at me again."
"Come on, (Y/N)." Sam whispered.
"I know what we have to do." Bucky whispered to me when we were away from them.
"I'm having mixed emotions about this." I admitted to Bucky while we waited at a warehouse type of building. Bucky had broken Zemo out, the man who nearly killed many people including the once king of Wakanda.
One of the most dangerous men in the world. "Where even are we? (Y/N)?" Sam asked hoping I would answer him.
"Just relax and try not to do anything." I calmly explain when the doors opened and Zemo finally appeared. Sam began to freak out, Bucky kept his eyes on him and Zemo had a smirk on his face.
My breathing got heavier but I tried to relax, I have mixed emotions indeed on him. "Nice to see you again, (Y/N)." his dark eyes full of mischief and tease. I didn't miss that or his accent.
"Don't forget why we broke you free. I haven't forgotten that you're the man responsible for breaking up The Avengers. How this man became a powerful Baron in Sokovia is still a mystery to me.
"Don't forget that your little team also took people I love. I'd say we're in a win win situation." Son of a bitch, this is gonna be a fun for sure. I kept a close eye on him when he began to look into his many cars.
I kept my look on him and would see him glancing up to check if I was still watching him, all Zemo would do is smirk.
I shook my head to the sides and tried not to laugh when I saw Zemo dancing along with many people here in Madripoor. We were undercover to find some information on the person who's recreated the super soldier serum.
"Have some fun, mein liebling!" He said with a drink in hand and that same smirk he always wears.
"Don't call me that." I warn him. "You telling me to wear this dress was enough." I call out through the loud music.
"Blödsinn. Have some fun while we're here and before we get caught."
I stared at him up and down unsure and not quiet trusting him yet. "I don't know how to dance." I bitterly answer back and look away to try and see where Bucky and Sam left.
"I'll teach you." Before I could decline Zemo turned me around and grabbed me tight.
I stare up at him and see his dark eyes focused on me. "Let go of me." I warn him and see his eyes light up when he smiles.
"You never said that when we met many years ago." Zemo and I had met before he got married and had his family. "We'll continue this conversation later, lets focus on finding this Selbi person."
Zemo decided to finally stay quiet and follow me. I'm not ready for this conversation.
We didn't figure out much since Sam gave out his true identity, Sharon a woman we met before saved our asses so we were safe for now and had to wait to tomorrow to find more answers and where the man who had the serum is hiding. The girl had promised to take us to him tomorrow morning.
In the meantime everyone, well except for me and Sam. He refused to fall asleep since wanted to keep an eye on the dangerous Baron.
"Go and rest up, Sam."
"You still gonna stay angry at me aren't you?"
I stayed silent and kept my eye on Zemo who was forced to stay asleep on the couch so Sam could watch him. "Go to sleep, I'll look after him."
Sam sighed in defeat and slowly left to rest up.u stayed quiet and lightly kicked his leg. "How long are you going to pretend that you're asleep?"
"Thought you would like to keep me some company?" He teased again.
"You can go to your room, I won't spy on you like they do. If we want to work together, we need to trust each other." As much as I hate it I need to do this.
I leave him behind and walked outside to take some fresh air and saw the many lights and buildings below us. "Beautiful is it not?"
I looked up and the sky was clear of clouds, now it was full of shining stars. "It is." I simply reply not wanting to talk much.
"Wasn't talking about the stars." Zemo says. This makes me turn to look at him, I can feel the blood rushing up to my cheeks.
"I always loved it when you'd blush." Zemo places both hands on my cheeks and makes me look at him
"Stop it." I warn and push him back trying to not harm him.
I don't deserve to love, everyone I've met and love have disappeared or died. We stay silent and I hope that he goes back inside but Zemo doesn't.
"I apologise to what happened to your brother. He was a good man despite the many flaws I saw in him." He tries to say. I glare at him but sys nothing.
"People always put heroes up in a pedestal, you're different. You've never bothered to appear on the media of take credit of your actions, you and me aren't that different after all."
Zemo looks at me again when I don't bother to talk. "John Walker has the shield now. Sam, gave it to him did he not? I know a way you can get it back."
I look at him now and he smiles wide. "There's that familiar look I wanted to see."
"Why are you doing this? Is there a reason why you want to help me? What exactly does Helmut Zemo want?"
This makes me laugh and shake my head. "We've been over this, you betrayed me back then and you will again."
"Weren't you talking about trusting each other again?"
"We both know that was a lie, the second something bad happens you'll betray us."
Zemo stares at me upset and it hard to read his expression now. "You really don't trust me do you, (Y/N)."
I look away from him not wanting to see his eyes. "Goodnight, mein kleiner Vogel." I watch Zemo slowly head into his room. A long day awaits us tomorrow.
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anushkamkjbooks · a day ago
Literally looking at Sharon Carter after TFATWS makes me so mad. Especially after she was called Captain Carter.
Peggy must be turning in her grave right now.
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2012 avengers were the best avengers and that's cannon now
Tumblr media
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Cause I'm Heartless (By The Weeknd) 😖😭😔
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I realised this three has a pain in the past.
They also did their therapy as well.
I hope it will get better in the future
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Tumblr media
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Valentina Allegra de Fontaine x Olivia Walker having a relaxing summer vacation
Summer Holiday Series (Because don’t we all deserve a chance for one this year ^_~)
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Bucky has picked his new journal, I can rest easy tonight.
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