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#the fandom from hell
dahrenes · 4 years ago
i'm just so tired. i wanna leave the hell fandom but i'm in so fucking deep i can't get out. plus the hoh fandom and the hell fandom are so closely linked it's hard to separate them. i also love sharon too much to leave.
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agentdaisymaximoff · 7 years ago
But I'm laughing at the lengths that Lindaaa is bending over backwards to defend the whitewashing of the Martells, even with that art post. 
I also see a lot of people trying to use various pieces of art to defend their position. But 99% of the art out there has no input from the author, so it says nothing about the author’s intentions. What it does say is that artists will extrapolate from the existing information in order to paint a complete picture, because a picture cannot have holes or vaguely sketched areas in it in the same way that a text can. So, that’s how we get artists painting Dornishmen on camels; that is an example of extrapolating too far from the existing evidence. The extrapolation may be reasonable, but it doesn’t make something canon.
 Lindaaa, darling, are you conveniently ignoring that the art featured in that post is from an author-approved book? That George had a say in every single piece of artwork that went into that book, The Art of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, were "drawn from book covers and special editions, comic books, board and card games, concept art, and fan art personally selected by George Martin from the thousands of illustrations that have been inspired by his work."
Now, with that in mind, look at the art that was selected for the Dornishmen. Notice how all of them are distinctly Middle-Eastern looking and NOT WHITE?
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hizdahrthelorax-blog · 7 years ago
Things that are ok according to Linda: Purple-haired Ryswells.
Things that are not ok according to Linda: Martells as PoC.
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agentdaisymaximoff · 8 years ago
Yes, please, come into my ask on anon and call ME a pussy.
Fuck you. I'm not dealing with this shit. Thank you for once again proving to me how fucked up people really are. Thank you for validating my point that racists refuse to be corrected no matter how much evidence is given to them that they're wrong.
And thank you for once again reminding me why I fucking hate this fandom and 90% of the assholes in it. Y'all can go fuck yourselves up the ass. I'm done.
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mrtortoises · 8 years ago
it's funny because
each and every one of Linda's metaphors and/or examples are passing ridiculous.
like, i don't know whether to cry or just laugh at them... just.. seriously this is the woman representing the fandom? as if the fandom itself wasn't difficult enough to deal with. and we have to tolerate that project of a human being.   
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colinmooredraws · a day ago
There’s a pair of Remus and Logan shippers RPing in my tiktok comments. I’m not sure how I feel about this
Edit: I should add, I don’t have any issue with the RPing. That’s how I ended up so deep in this fandom in the first place. It’s the location of it that has me ???
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enigmasong · a day ago
Unfortunately, Wapol mostly reminds me of that time on this hell site in 2014/15 when vore was a bit of a meme in some parts.
I could imagine that he was a popular figure that phase, but my experience with the One Piece fandom so far isn't as... freaky kinky as the Doctor Who fandom.
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boyancient · a day ago
i just finished rewatching s1 (with my sister) for the first time since i first watched it when it came out and my perspective on characters apparently changed drastically since then sjhdjsbc
#five is still five#but oh my god i love allison with my whole entire heart. I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND HER STORY IS SO INTERESTING AND I WNTED TO KNOW MORE#she's SO INTERESTING SND NUANCED AND FRESH AS A CHARACTER?????? LIKE EXCUSE ME I LOVE HER ??????????????#also every time luther showed up on the screen or said smth my heart grew three sizes. i love that big sensitive lonely man w my whole heart#but vanya :). i sympathized w her a LOT the first time i watched this show but now im like :) vanya shut the hell up#JSHFKCHKSHDKS i mean ... shes still a great character but oh my goooddddddddd. s t o p.#the show and fandom dont hold her accountable nearly enough :)#the book alone is 😌😌😌😌😌 a huge problem l o l like ok writing it out and taking charge of the narrative of ur own trauma is valid.#but PUBLISHING THE BOOK. HOLDING SIGNING SESSIONS. AND READING SESSIONS. VANYA THATS NOT ABT UR TRAUMA ANYMORE SJHFKDHCKDHCJD#plus she was also writing abt everyone else's trauma from HER perspective w HER opinions and HER words. which was not only unfair but#actively cruel and malicious. not everyone of the har.greeves processed their trauma the way she did or even processed it at all.#everyone was going at their own speed and putting together their own perspective on what happened. she took that away from her siblings#purposely#and got paid a lot of money and got a lot of exposure and validation for it#she had NO RIGHT. NONE. and she didnt know everything that everyone was going through either. just wrote what she thought happened#the way she thought it did. her words. her opinions. AND PUBLISHED IT JSHFKDJF LIKE?!?!?!?!#and so many ppl in the fandom get up in arms when u bring up the book like SHE WAS PROCESSING HER TRAUMA! no she wasnt.#not when she PUBLISHED the book and reaped the benefits both financial and personal. she was being spiteful and vengeful and#actively hurting the rest of her siblings#all characters are deeply flawed and dynamic and it would be REALLY NICE to see more ppl explore it realistically smh#ooc.#child abuse tw#trauma tw
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pinkscorpiouo · a day ago
I'm staying away from the Pokeani fandom for safety precautions. I keep seeing rabid fans go insanely vocal, ship wars, immense hate for certain characters, and fan art being used for thumbnails (most likely without permission from what I can tell, at least). It lowkey pisses me off.
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revive-the-fandom · 2 days ago
Was there ever a popular consensus on Jack's sister's name? Or does she have a name in the book's canon? (i've given up trying to get into the book's storyline, so 😅)
Oh! Yeah I know this!
The short version is: she’s called Mary because William Joyce said so.
The long version is: it literally doesn’t matter because there are so many conflicting theories and pieces of evidence. The movie was made years before the book, Sandman’s book came out in 2013 and Jack’s book came out in 2015. Rotg was released in 2012. Movies take years to conceptualise, plot, cast, act, animate and produce. It’s safe to say that even Joyce wasn’t 100% on what would happen in the book when he worked on the movie, plus it seems there was a massive rewrite for Jack’s book which delayed its release.
But if you’re looking for options:
Mary is the name that Joyce gave her over on Twitter/Instagram. I believe that she’s named after his daughter, who died in 2010 (I believe she was 18 and died of a brain tumour but I haven’t fact checked that so I may be wrong!). Her name was Mary Katherine Joyce and the movie was dedicated to her and the books were inspired by/written for her. Joyce claimed that a version of the script had her named Mary (me thinks we were supposed to see more of her).
It’s possible she was the movie equivalent of Katherine. (Though the books take a more romantic take on Nightlight and Katherine’s relationship.) Katherine’s character may have been split between Jamie and Jack’s sister, with Jamie providing the ‘first believer’ role as well as the apparent easy friendship with Jack and Jack’s sister providing the familial role and Jack’s motivation and/or key to his Guardianship. Either way Katherine was also named after Joyce’s daughter so it’s a strong possibility. (Joyce also has a son named Jack, so having Jack and a variant of Mary Katherine makes sense.)
Jack does have two adoptive siblings in the book. But bear in mind that there is no perfect match, the family he ends up with meets him when he is already an adolescent and I’m like 99% sure they’re Russian and living in Russia or adjacent to Russia. And also the Dad is very much present. Jack has a brother named Jacklovich and a sister named Ana (both younger). They act as his introduction to the nuclear family archetype and along with their parents provide a stable and safe environment for Jack to learn about people and how to live as a human. Because in Jack’s book, before he meets his family, he says that he has become something similar but not exactly human and expresses a desire to be human or normal. Jack does lose them rather quickly as they take up a whopping 30 pages out of 367. That’s less than a chapter (as a single chapter can take up over 100 pages).
Back when Rotg came out a few people noticed that the credits said “Jack’s sister/Pippa” and jumped to the conclusion that her name was Pippa. This was actually referring to two characters voiced by the same actress, Jack’s sister and the Burgess girl with the beanie who hits Cupcake in the snowball fight, tells Jamie that “there’s just no Easter anymore” and is the second to join Jamie in defending the Guardians.
Joyce had also at one point claimed on instagram that Jack’s sister was nicknamed Flee because she ran so fast after Jack fell into the ice. I find this strange and extremely morbid. Very few people use this to my knowledge because he released this knowledge years after the movie was released and the fandom had dwindled considerably. Also it’s... weird and mean.
Joyce also claimed that she was called Vanish on Instagram but then he retconned that and she turned out to be Tooth’s little sister?? Who never appeared in the books??? And also when did Tooth have a sister? We got told her story back in book 3 and there was no mention???? Her parents died and Tooth barely escaped how tf did this sister fit in??
The most popular name was Emma, back in the day. I also used to use this name. There wasn’t much reason to back this name other than it was short and simple to match Jacks name, and it fit the time period. If you’re looking for the most widely accepted name though, this would be it.
I’ve seen several people just pick any name for her because there isn’t really a solid yes or no answer on what her real name is. Jill was rather popular, presumably because Jack and Jill went up the hill. (I don’t like Jill bc my Nana is called Jill but that’s a personal preference.) Margaret or Maggie was the one used in the awesome fic My Stars and Your Valleys.
I think this is also a good opportunity to explain my choice of name. Personally I choose to call her Molly, for no other reason than that my Grandmother is called Mary and it makes me uncomfortable to constantly compare the two in my mind. However, Molly is a nickname for Mary and I find it a cute substitute. Molly and Polly are both nicknames for Mary, and considering that Jack is a nickname for Jackson I think it’s appropriate. So I keep their canonical names as Jackson and Mary but they are called Jack and Molly within the story.
And yes, the books are an absolute mess! The first four are meeehh, kind of okay to follow and kind of samey but the fifth is horrific! I love the concepts it introduced but there was no need to time-skip every other chapter and the plot seemed non existent as most events of relevance happened in the past. I also think that the tone of the book doesn’t match the ending at all. The final battle feels like this grand battle of epic proportions but the rest of the book feels like following a socially awkward highly charismatic kid who sometimes gets into deep shit. A Peter Pan with anxiety if you will. And if I’m being honest the plot is kind of hard to follow throughout the series, I tend to just live in the moment throughout the books because God knows what happened ten pages ago.
Anyway, I hoped this answered your question and wasn’t too confusing! 💛
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dragqueendean · 6 days ago
do NOT look directly at me while i become old and sappy like a fucked up tree. haha get it my name is spruce. anyway.
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lampregistration3000 · 7 days ago
people on homestuck twitter appear to be blowing up today because a big name fan wants to monetize every fandom project and turn it into some kind of a structured job instead of letting people contribute to hobbies they have without making them work obligations like a massive fucking idiot but like hey. i guess thats par for the fucking course over there so what do i know
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hua-fei-hua · 8 days ago
but like, isn’t it?
isn’t it scary to fall in love?
why aren’t we allowed to control our feelings like that? or am i just too young? can you control with whom you fall in love?
isn’t it scary to lose control?
what do you do with all those feelings building inside? pack them away, shove them down, feel them to the end?
because i never asked to have them. not like this. not with such intensity. not for you.
why, why, why are they there; why, why, why can’t i do anything to quell them? why, why, why?
there’s so much we can’t control, but why, why, why couldn’t this have been one of the things we could?
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