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#the first avenger

Current Movie::: captain America: the first avenger

Part 2 of commentary

Tommy Lee Jones character is such drama “ I haven’t heard from Steve is a few hours, I can only assume he’s dead”

Steve’s a bit for the drama too though coming back with an straight up army and stolen weapons and tanks as well as a broken communications device to prove he couldn’t call for pick up

Finally Steve can feel like he actually helped

Here are all the bases but I only got a quick look so cut me some slack

Open a tab

As Buck, you’re so sentimental

“Write that down” you know cause otherwise we are just fucking around rather than doing SCIENCE

Stark is just thinking if the Germans don’t kill you it seems like Peggy will so if you want a red white and blue uniform you get a red white and blue uniform

Steve said excuse you to that cameraman filming Peggy in his compass

Oh damn the train scene: I’m not ready for this

Wait, who is this third guy that gets on the train with them and how come he isn’t more help?!?


No wonder, Zola is a nazi… doesn’t eat meat like clearly he’s some sort of animal that doesn’t have function by humanity’s standards

Still the most stupid salute EVER

Now Cap can’t even drown his sorrows in alcohol

He says he won’t stop until all of hydra is either dead or captured and he doesn’t even if it took him 100 years to do it

Who taught these guys to aim, stormtroopers?

Oh no, you caught me…. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So on the scale of Voldemort to like Richard Nixon, red skull is dead center with only half a nose

Geometry, math, angles on the fly: say what you will but Cap ain’t stupid

Ok He’s on the plane, now maybe don’t fall over the cliff so shift your weight to the part of the car that’s already hanging over seems like not a good idea

Straight blended up his own dude, yikes

And he sticks the landing

To be fair, I’m pretty sure they designed this to look like some sort of UFO

I am a flag, fuck you Schmidt

And now you shall guard the soul stone for forever

It’s not a good choice but yeah you did choose it dumbass

Who do you think teaches him how to dance? Nat? I feel like it was Nat.

Peggy is absolutely crushed

It’s a wonder looking for cap didn’t drive Stark insane, it was his friend and he is desperate for answers

Clearly Fury expected this to happen so this break it to you slowly bullshit is just that and it was clearly just another in the never ending series of test that Steve went through during this movie

::: END :::

Up Next::: Captain Marvel

Current time::: 2:40

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Current movie::: Captain America: the first avenger

They really gave him the biggest possible newspaper huh?

It’s a miracle this dude lives this long with the amount of serious illnesses he has had and at this time period, yikes

“I can do this all day” 😢

Illegal to lie on the enlistment form but the real travesty here is that he said he was from Jersey, rather just stay home

And the hover car was never heard of again…

Poor Bucky, last night before he ships out and he has to spend it with Clara Oswald 🤢

“I got no right to do any less than them”

Bruh, skinny Steve is soooo bone-y

Stanley Tucci is vastly underrated in pretty much everything he does and it’s a damn shame

How did they even know where to start in order to build a tesseract weapon?

How dare you try to insult the absolute queen that is Peggy Carter?!?

Also, Steve immediately understands that crossing her is a BAD IDEA

Imagine how long it takes her to get ready in the morning: flawless makeup, beautifully done period hairdo….. ABSOLUTE QUEEN!

Also she lies on her enlistment form too! Year younger than was required so she changed her birthday in order to join.

She was so about to jump on that grenade before Steve gets to it

“Is this a test?” Everything is a test Steve, EVERYTHING!

Skinny Steve could 100% lift mijlnor. You can’t convince me otherwise

Somebody help that painter, he is clearly terrified for his life. Does a 10/10 job but still

Bruh, Peggy got major heart eyes /already/

90% of the people outside this antique shop look sketch AF. Like either you are a spy trying to get info, in which case do better to not look like that is the case. Or you are a guard trying to make sure whatever secrets lie behind the antique front stay secret, in which case DO BETTER!

Fred Clemson just sounds like an alias, and not one of these people thought that was weird

Peggy looks Worried

She’s the first one to say shit it down like “that’s my future husband, super solider or not he needs to live though”


She is a crack shot and I love her!

Running the streets of New York barefoot and what were once pants but are now capris: legend

Ginger kid ain’t taking shit from this Nazi

The feel like this 100% commitment to commit suicide rather than get captured is a large contributor to their failure… no hope in their own ability to win and therefor be rescued

Stupidest salute ever!

Steve is exactly enough. For Schmidt, for Hydra, for Bucky, for Thanos. Not always alone but always needed

Star Spangled Man is a bop and I am here for it

Steve just wants to help and in anyway that he can

This is Stark’s personal plane. Like he has personalised seat covers

Peggy isn’t even dignifying this fondue line of questioning

“There are always more workers” is the attitude that creates the need to unions. I’m just saying

He knocks on the door at the hydra base🤣

Every last one of the prisoners looked at him like he was insane

Someone just said on your left. ICONIC


Not sure what these plans are for but seems important

Zola looks so tiny in that hallway

“I thought you were smaller” love him, like he was in the brink of death and is hyper fixated on the fact that “Steve looks different”

Your wig is slipping bro, also I wouldn’t call whatever your face is a success

Zola also look real tiny in that car…. maybe he’s just tiny?

Bucky and Steve are real ride or die bros

::: HALFWAY :::

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sitting downstairs. writing some fanfic. and the tv upstairs is loud enough for me to kinda hear but not know exact words y’know? and then i hear screaming. familiar screaming. i’m like………”that’s steve in the american beef maker”. i go upstairs and sure enough captain america the first avenger is on.

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Pre serum Steve is so fucking gorgeous with his swoopy bangs and that tortured artist expression and his good manners but also his “I will beat a bitch” energy and how he somehow manages to stand tall even when he’s short and I’m so into that??? I mean I’m small as hell so his short height just makes it even easier for me to kiss him. Every time I watch TFA I can’t BELIEVE how all the women ignore him. I would jump on that in a fucking second

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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Director: Joe Johnston

Why someone weak? Because the strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength and knows compassion.


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(Thought i could try sm different)

You woke up at an ungodly hour of the morning. You tried to fall asleep again to have some more hours of sleep after a streetlight week. After much trying you gave up and decided to go get breakfast with your boyfriend Chris. You went, got ready and woke Chris up. After many pleases and begging he finally woke up and went to get ready. You were bith tired from the work week so it would be nice to have some nice time together. You arrived at a small cafe not so far from your home and sat with Chris. After looking through the menu and finishing to listen to your boyfriend’s complaints you look up and see this…

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