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#the first chapter anyways

not to like….write a song fic which is something that is so personal and has no target audience. but i’ve decided my fix it fic has four acts. 

chapter (act) one is the love confession and fallout from dean’s p.o.v. to the song “i love you, but i need another year” by liza anne

chapter (act) two is castiel in the empty. it’s a character study and him unable to stop thinking about dean even though he was supposed to be at peace because you know what? he was robbed. it is to the song “as it was” by hozier

chapter (act) three is jack opening the door to the empty, and for the first time in his life, dean is given the option choose to do something of his own true free will. it is to the song “the night we met” by lord huron

chapter (act) four is what happens next. the soft epilogue it is to the song “just a habit” by low roar

the fic is titled “the spear that pierced patroclus”

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I think I went for more of a chill vibe then they actually had in the chapter but this is always the first scene I think of when I think of book 1 (seriously, not the sea dragon or anything, though that usually comes next).

“‘Hello, Toothless,’ said Hiccup, in what he hoped was a good accent in Dragonese. ‘What are you doing?’ Asked Fishlegs curiously. Dragonese is punctuated by shrill shrieks and popping noises and sounds MOST extraordinary when spoken by a human … ‘Just talking to it,’ mumbled Hiccup, very embarrassed. ‘Just talking to it???’ gasped Fishlegs, in astonishment. ‘What do you mean, you’re talking to it? You can’t talk to it, it’s an ANIMAL, for Thor’s sake!’ ‘Oh shut up, Fishlegs’ said Hiccup, impatiently, ‘you’re frightening it.’” - excerpt from Chapter 7 of How to Train your Dragon by Cressida Cowell

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Rachel Field, And Now Tomorrow (in which the protagonist suddenly finds herself SUPER THIRSTY for her boyfriend, bless)
My hands worked surely with the pencil and brushes and paints, yet my eyes would keep turning to where Harry lay stretched, long-legged and strong of body, in the sun.  So still and relaxed he lay, yet so full of vigour and life, that I could almost mark the swift stir of blood in the veins of his freckled hands and arms where the fine hairs were yellower than on his sandy head.  Under the white cotton material of his shirt his chest rose and fell, rose and fell, with unbroken regularity.  I paused in my painting, and my cheeks began to burn with something far more potent than that home-brewed wine.
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This wonderful person has been reading my fic and leaving massive comments each chapter and they just got through Oak and it’s Going Home and Season’s End next up and baybeee the transition from Looking Up to Oak to Going Home and Season’s End, to Midnight Train, to Memento Mori, to Vs? I am thriving the rollercoaster. The ride doesn’t even slow down until you finish 600 Seconds and get to Out of Darkness this is so much fun.

#Single best reaction I ever got to The Cat too. YES! Frank's backstory is terrible & sympathetic & awful & I too wish it could have been, #different but this chapter is not /at all/ meant to excuse his bullshit. It is an explanation not an excuse the man is 100% responsible for, #the horrendous shit he pulls and if he improves that's up to him on his own choosing to be better. He gets no free pass bc his childhood was, #f'd up. I am always so sad if someone reads The Cat and is like 'It's not his Fault ToT he got broken to be this way' like bro I value your, #compassion so much but no please don't give people a pass Frank is a piece of shit with a fucked up awful childhood but he still absolutely, #made his bed and it's up to him if he wants to get a new better one to lie in. He'll have to make it too!, #Frank's chunk of 600 Seconds is so good?? It or Laurie's is my favorite bc he is /suffering/ and it's the first chapter where he not only, #knows he deserves that but is genuinely accepting and facing /how much he fucked up and did this to himself/, #and it's /so/ painful and I hurt for him so much. I think I listened to I Don't Love You on repeat for like 4 hours while writing it? But it, #/absolutely HAD/ to feel that way. He needed to face reality and feel that and pay to move forward and it's such a necesssary and brutal, #and real character moment for him. He grows /so/ much as a person. It's the slowest-build tension of maybe any chapter but like. By the time, #he sees the cat and has a ptsd panic attack and decides to basically willingly go back to hell to suffer forever bc it's what he deserves?, #Like that is /insane/ for him to want to do but it makes sense. Everything from his first line of 600 Seconds up to it is bringing him to, #that crisis point he almost ends at .And it is /so/ painful. Especially his regret over Susie and then Jeff. But like God. I love his arc so, #much. MVPS Joey and Julie saving that boy's ass and his soul fighting for him god I lvoe them all, #In Living Memory (fic), #In Living Memory, #ilm spoilers, #anyway I am so happy smeone read the cat and explicitly went 'cool backstory my heart bleeds for kid him--still murder', #like Yes!!! YOU get it!!! Frank sucks! Frank gets away with a /lot/ and he is not an okay person!, #His past doesn't excuse that, #dead by daylight, #it's so important to include humanity in villains because when you don't. ppl feed themselves the rhetoric bad ppl aren't like themselves., #and then when their friends start saying & doing awful stuff they go 'but they're not bad!' because badguys don't do good stuff or have, #complex stories right? --- & so you end up w ppl bending backwards to defend & jsutify atrocities bc they think if your story is sad or you, #have redeemable traits you're good. & blind to bad people around them bc--bad ppl aren't like humans right? They don't love people & do the, #right thing sometimes! They aren't like that. They aren't sad and complex and full of pain and love and regret. Only. They are. & it's, #/crucial/ to stay cognizant of that
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lowkey plotting a sabbie 50’s au but I don’t have the plot all worked out yet.

but basically debbie is a young single mother which puts her on the margins of 50s society. ian and mickey are together as “business partners” (the gallaghers know the real deal but since it’s the 50s they’re somewhat closeted) at mickey’s studio. he’s a tattoo artist, a trade he learned in prison. debbie meets his cousin sandy at his studio when she starts working there, and the rest is history. pining, navigating 50s homophobia and misogyny, tattoo sessions with sexual tension, angst, slowburn, and being a cute two mom family.

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I’m starting to come to accept that…….. this is not going to all fit within a single prologue. I’m already at 12k words & I still have plenty more I want to write b4 I get to the game’s timeframe. I initially meant to lump all this pre-game stuff into one prologue, but…

I’m having too much fun writing Goro discovering the metaverse! So like, why Not just run with it? I can just push the official start of the story up a bit.

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“Save her. Please.” Ava had begged, broken, pleading. A warrior who would not yield and would not kneel, on her knees for the life of the woman she loved.

“What will you give?” The witch had asked, as unrelenting and changing as the tides. “What will you give for her life?”

What else would she give but total surrender? What price would she not pay in full?


chapter one: find a thread to pull.

pairing: ava du mortain/f!detective (winona blackwood, ft. reincarnations)
word count: 758
rating: E for eventually 
warnings: death, blood.

and here’s the Ava du Mortain reincarnation AU no one asked for. this story’s been bouncing around in my head for awhile now, and I’ve decided to just go for it and have fun with it. it’ll be multichapter, although I’m not sure how many chapters yet. currently completely unbeta’d, so I’m sorry for any mistakes that I might have missed! hope you enjoy <3

read on ao3.

She loved her first as Beatrice.

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You know… I didn’t realize just how much I write until now. I started the NaNoWriMo2020 because I’m working on my fic anyway, so I’ve been recording my word count towards that as I’m going, and my guys… I’m at 44k this month already. We’re just over halfway through the month and I’m at 44/50k.

I need to write literally one more chapter in my fic to get the 50k and complete the challenge. This is supposed to be the first draft of a novel but I’m using it for a fraction of a fanfic.

(At a minimum of 6k words per chapter, I need at most 9 chapters to exceed 50k. I just finished chapter 34. God help me.)

On a tangentially related note: I finished the Academy Phase! Finally! One interlude chapter is already written, actually, though that’s the second one, so I basically just need to write that first chapter of the interlude and I’m both done with NaNoWriMo and moving on to 3/5 of the interlude, then it’s War Phase (but I might take a break before opening up that can of worms - Hyrule Warriors is almost out…)

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