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#the first time i went to church camp
pinafore · 12 days ago
My 12 year old left today for his first time at sleep away camp. I’m trying not to think about it too much because I’m so nervous. He’s with a group of kids that he knows, and there are parent chaperones, two of whom we have known for a decade, so it’s not like he’s all by himself. And the camp changed their carpool rules at the very last minute, so he caught a ride with another family, saving husband a six hour drive.
We went to church and my toddler didn’t cry once. We caught up with a really sweet family we haven’t seen in months. We walked over to the playground afterward, and I discovered that I can still do a chin-up, a pull-up, and the entire set of monkey bars!
I spent the afternoon puttering around the kitchen. My ten year old helped me bake cookies. My puff pastry was dried out and would have been a disaster if I wasn’t actually aiming for flat rectangles. I made it work and my first attempt at mille feuille was tasty, if not pretty. The peach pie and eclairs were spot on, though.
The homily today was about the importance of rest and husband took it to heart and actually relaxed while I baked. He worked all the way through a three day migraine this week, so I was glad to see him rest. He also agreed to start using an app to track his headaches, so he can get an idea of what kind of pattern or triggers there may be, and how to get some relief.
All in all, a good Sunday. I’m going to go eat more pie, watch some Netflix, and then curl up with a good book - I’m slowly making my way through The Night Watchman, and I’m enjoying it immensely.
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