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really dark headcanon where it’s not unheard of to have civilians in the DC universe to wear something similar to dog tags due to all the explosions and other attacks that happen. It started in Gotham after one of Joker’s first ever attacks made half the bodies unrecognizable but ended up spreading, especially to places like Metropolis and Central City where Meta and alien attacks are the norm. Most people decide to use something that acts as a locket where it looks like a normal charm on a necklace or bracelet but opens up to show the important information of the person.

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I just had this idea of Cisco texting Caitlin every five minutes during quarantine. All the texts say is: I'm bored

this is funny in any and every way you imagine how (and with who) Cisco may be spending his time quarantined. 

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You know, did they ever explain why Eobard getting erased in the season 1 finale didn’t bring the original Harrison Wells back? Because… if Eo now didn’t exist in this timeline, then how did he still kill Harrison and Tess? *thinky face*


Originally posted by ralphdibnygifs

Wait, if Eo never existed, then why did Barry still have his powers??? Why did the Particle Accelerator still explode? I mean, was it supposed to explode but just not for more years than Eo wanted to wait so that’s why he took over Harrison’s identity and made it happen faster? So why did it still happen faster without him?

Yeah, I think the answer can be summed up in this Youtube comment:


Originally posted by fibu

Clearly, yes, you do, boo. Clearly, you do! ;) ♥♥♥

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i feel like this season of The Flash for me as been all over the place, and now this second half is showing me there is really too much going on... they have the mirror story, now the speed force story and even thawn showing up, they are actually not only paying atention to each one properly, but also waisting storylines that can be the main focus, maybe not for an entire season, but for a important number of episodes... what do you think?

Though this season hasn’t been perfect, there’s been an overall improvement that the show is much stronger than last season and season 4 thus far, imo. I think the show has been revitalized and far more focused. All the stuff with Black Hole, the speed force, and even the side stuff with Wells etc seem to be connected, either by plot or have an emotional through-line. There’s enough going on in the story from all corners that’s kept things interesting without overly relying on just one thing and having it be dragged out. We unfortunately won’t see the full outcome of the season the way it was meant to be seen — what with the pandemic halting production and only getting 19 instead of the usual 22 — but I feel like it’s been leading to something. 

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And the last part of my rewatch of The Flash, season 5, the French dub…

Nora is using the informal form of “you” when addressing Thawne, which threw me. I was expecting the formal you, since Thawne is her mentor. The informal you makes it seem as if she knows him really well. It seems even weirder because she keeps using his last name, too.

When Iris tells Sherloque he’s needed in the Cortex over the comms, he answers “But of course”. The dub changed that to “Vos désirs sont des ordres”, meaning “Your desires are orders”.

Eobard spontaneously pronounces Sherloque as “Sherloqueuh”, the pronunciation Sherloque insists is correct, even though it’s not the correct way to pronounce it in French.

When Cisco shows off the meta-cure to the team and their reaction is underwhelming, he says “It’s not like I spent months in the frozen tundra or anything”. French Cisco says a completely different thing: “To think that there are people who clap for my online cat videos”.

Eobard’s nickname for Nora, “little runner”, becomes “petite fille” (little girl). It’s baaaaad. I would have preferred a litteral translation (petite coureuse), even if it sounds a little weird. “Petite fille” completely throws out the speedster side of Nora, and it also means grand-daughter. Also it sounds condescending rather than fond.

During Eobard and Nora’s first meeting, they both use the formal you, until Eobard deduces that she’s a speedster, and then they both immediately switch to the informal you. It seems acceptable for Eobard, but very weird for Nora to use the informal you that quickly.

The eggplant emoji in Renee’s text to Sherloque becomes a cucumber emoji. Way to have the joke fall flat, translator.

After confronting Reverse!Nora, Barry says “Thawne got to her”. The translation for this one is really weird: “Thawne vient d'entrer en Nora”, meaning “Thawne just entered Nora”. The phrasing is bizarre, and it gives the impression that Thawne is directly controlling Nora.

During the final fight with Barry, instead of saying “See you next crisis”, Thawne says “There will be other crisis.”

Sherloque calls Ralph “my big giraffe” instead of “Aldut giraffe” in the final scene.

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I have like a lot of complains about the flash, but grant gustin? Never will be one of them, no matter what he’s always gonna be the only person I picture as the flash, he is meant to play Barry Allen

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