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leonardcohenofficial · 4 months ago
[Obi-Wan Kenobi] is the Oscar Wilde to C3PO's Charles Nelson Reilly
Elliott Kalan on The Flop House Episode #139 – Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones
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silverview · 7 months ago
trapped in the house of the worm, a floptales sidequest from the super mario bros online live show
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moosecannoncop · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
TAZ Balance Bonus Episode - The Great Switcheroo - The Hogsbottom Three
Yes, that’s right, I’ll be doing the bonus/live show episodes as well, in chronological order. So here we have Tanzer Silverview, Jeremy “Scales” Fangbattle, and Lucian Buttwatcher, of The Flop House
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jaakkola · a year ago
I haven't listen to the flop house in a while and I forgot that I can't listen to it on 1.2x because elliot talks a mile a minute as is
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dykerory · a year ago
i know i've said it before. i know i have. and yet it's really astounding that stuart wellington is like actually hot.
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goodbadforever · a year ago
Morning Earworm: Convoluted Earworm and the Very Lazy Saturday Edition: Woke up at a respectable time this morning, then I committed the everyday sin of checking social media before getting out of bed. I saw that there is a new Flop House episode, but this news made me think of last month’s episode about Six Weeks for reasons I don’t understand. And since that movie starred Dudley Moore, I’m assuming they sang “Arthur’s Theme” during the episode because I instantly had it on my mind.  Not that I realized any of this in real time. I just woke up, suddenly had Christopher Cross on the brain and my mind must have dragged me back to unconsciousness out of self-preservation. Then I woke up two hours later and the earworm was gone. Does any of this make sense? Should I go back to bed again?
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joannofsnark · a year ago
simping for Elliott Kalan on a monday night? God I’m pathetic ❤️
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pickled-cactus · a year ago
What if,, I go back and binge listen to the whole backlog of the flop house episodes,,,
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deathsmallcaps · a year ago
I’ve been listening to TAZ for the first time, and I’ve been really enjoying myself! I’m on the suffering game part 4. Which means I just listened to the second Flophouse episode.
I sincerely liked the plots of those episodes. The guys were funny, their choices surprised me in a good way, and I think what they add to the world building of TAZ is pretty neat.
But I REALLY don’t like Scales.
I don’t know if it’s the character’s personality or the dude who plays him’s personality (though I think it’s the second one) but he is such a terrible misogynist. He is totally the kind of straight man tumblr hates. (They all actually kind of display this sort of behavior but it’s most prevalent in Scales).
He gets a bj from Hathaway just because she’s there. They barely interact, and he decides that because there’s a woman in the room, he has to get sex from her. Doesn’t drive the plot at all, probably didn’t even give the actor a boner. It’s just, “oh there’s a girl let’s see if I can have sex with her.”
He ends up marrying Hathaway at the end of the first episode. So then you think, “ok cool I guess they fell in love and now he’ll respect her.” NOPE
During the second episode he:
Sees his wife as a baby maker? Check.
Sees Hathaway as annoying when she tells him not to do stupid shit so that HE doesn’t get hurt? Check.
Is awkward about her doing stuff by herself? Check.
Always makes character choices (admittedly she’s an NPC) for her that paint her in the nagging wife stereotype? Check.
It really feels like the character doesn’t want to be married to her. I’d rather he wasn’t married to her, if he’s going to be the kind of guy who acts like that towards his own marriage.
So yeah, while I really like the idea of a Dragonborn bard I don’t like Scales.
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gangler · a year ago
Listening to The Flophouse.
Elliot’s telling a story about some guy he saw trying to impress some girls with his juggling abilities, and Elliot just sitting there watching thinking something like “That’s really impressive what you’re doing there but I don’t think these girls are craving your waves.”
And then Star of the Show Hallie Haglund says “I can tell you this. No man hath won my heart with juggling”.
Really cracked me up.
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silverview · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
this is what the switcheroo adventures were called, right
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plaguedoctorraven · 2 years ago
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cchexmex · 2 years ago
song currently stuck in head-Alien Queen by Elliott Kalan
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jaakkola · a year ago
Sometimes you just got to relisten to the entire Flop House library
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zartharn · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I’ve just been really obsessed with Floptales you guys
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thatgirlonstage · 3 years ago
Podcast Challenge 19/11/18
Bolded means I listened to an episode today. Strikethrough means I’m all caught up and waiting for the next episode, or the podcast is complete!
The Adventure Zone | Adventures in New America | Alice Isn’t Dead | The Bright Sessions | Bubble | Can I Pet Your Dog? | Conversations with People Who Hate Me | Critical Role | Ear Hustle | The Flop House | It Makes a Sound | The McElroy Brothers Will Be in Trolls 2 | My Brother, My Brother, and Me | My Dad Wrote a P*rno | Oh No, Ross and Carrie! | The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air | The Penumbra Podcast | Sawbones | Shmanners | The Thrilling Adventure Hour | Welcome to Night Vale | Within the Wires | Wolverine: The Long Night | Wonderful!
Podcast: The Adventure Zone
Episode: Amnesty - Episode 18
Time: 1hr 22 min, 137% of goal
Every time they said Keith I could only think of the space lion one with the knife and I hate it so much please save me
Podcast: Alice Isn’t Dead
Episode: Dear Reader
Time: 5 min, 8% of goal
Joseph you’re gonna make me cry again
Podcast: The Bright Sessions
Episode: The Bright Sides - Patient #9-A-2
Time: 20 min, 33% of goal
Oooooooooooh someone with precognition!
Podcast: The Flop House
Episode: #85 - Limitless
Time: 1hr, 100% of goal
“You’re never smarter than a knife.”
Also, it’s about internal consistency you guys. You can have batshit crazy in your movie but we need to establish where the parameters are - like, are we accepting one piece of magic/impossible science/whatever exists and the world is otherwise normal, do we exist in a fantasy/sci-fi universe with a different set of rules than our own but still an established set of rules with boundaries, or are we just playing Calvinball?
Podcast: My Dad Wrote a P*rno
Episode: S4E13 - ‘The Wicked-ish Bisch’
Episode: 43 min, 72% of goal
I’ve never been so betrayed
Podcast: The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Episode: #114 Beyond Belief - “Making Spirits Fight”
Time: 26 min, 43% of goal
I always like when listening through back catalogs seasonal episodes accidentally line up with the actual season
Total Listening: 3hr 56 min, 393% of goal
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shadymissionary · 3 years ago
”It’s a Venn diagram between music and dragons”
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gangler · 2 years ago
The new episode of The Flop House is bumming me out.
Apparently the movie was directed by this elderly woman. Her whole life she’s been working in the film industry in other capacities, but her dream has always been to direct a movie, and now in her old age she finally got the opportunity.
And of course it’s not good. It’s her first movie. They’re all ripping on it though and I just can’t get behind it.
Looking her up and it seems like things turned out alright for her at least. She’s still doing stuff. Live the dream, girl.
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fligte · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey everyone I love Dan McCoy
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silverview · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the second adventure takes a bit of an unexpected turn
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