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#the food shortage

Pulled this pic from my insta of s'mores cups I made for my friend’s Halloween party (I used mini cupcake tins to make a Graham cracker cup and fill it with Ghirardelli chocolate, then piped homemade marshmallow on top and hit it with a culinary torch after it set).

They turned out looking so nice and elegant (and we ate them with strawberries), I was in a good mood still after the party and decided to pry into my Viki list and give some random fantasy show called “The Untamed” a try… … …

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Better set up for some baking, at least! Luckily the manufacturer had some in stock when I checked a few days ago.

To my taste, at least, this type of sorghum flour is a good, mostly neutral tasting all purpose flour.

Especially handy right now, since I prefer to use at least part wholegrain in most recipes–for nutrition and flavor both–and most of the flour we have otherwise is the Dove’s Farm white, which is mainly white rice and starches.

Now I should be better set up to start the salt rising bread experimentation. 😅

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