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My spiritual deconstruction has been taking place since October, and right now I’m faced with new labels/the decision to relabel myself/the fact that I don’t feel rushed to make this kind of decision… 

For the first time in my entire life, the decision is my own. My faith, or lack of, is my own decision to make, and it feels strange. 

I know that I definitely identify well with agnosticism, but that has more to do with just knowledge rather than a system of beliefs. 

Atheism calls to me like nothing else, in fact in my normal conversation over breakfast with my husband I talk about how *if* God exists, versus an actual existence. I’ve started realizing that maybe their isn’t a god, or a supreme deity, at least not in the personal way that I was raised to believe. 

I still follow my old church on social media. I think that my old pastor indirectly called me out the other day (because despite being a closeted exfundie, I am still outspoken about my distaste for pulpit liars), by posting a verse about remaining silent. 

Ah yes, I guess I will. 

As you take the stage for four consecutive weeks to teach about a woman’s place in this world, I will take my place in this world.

As you write books about people drowning in their own decisions because they chose to walk away from god, I will sit here in my own personal pool of self-righteousness and not feel sinful. 

I will write again, for myself. 

They tried to steal that from me, but they couldn’t. 

I have also toyed with the idea of Omnism, that is, the idea that all gods exist but none to fill any particular purpose, or that they all exist to fulfill every purpose all at once. 

Right now, I’m not sure what to believe, but I’ve started believing in myself and that is a far stretch above what I used to believe. 

I’m also getting some tattoos this next weekend, and one of them is going to be deeper and more freeing than anyone will ever know. 

I am no Christian. 

I am no Jedi. 

I am no perfect worshipper of some perceived perfect deity. 

I am human.

I am who ***I*** say I am. 

and that might just be okay. 

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What a dump!” Rajan though to himself as he walked through the streets of Toboga city, the capital of the southern administrative region of Desevero.

The planet, and indeed most of the Tion sector had made a bid at independence during the Clone Wars, fielding its own army in addition to siding with the Confederacy. And the region had been among the last to fall to imperial forces after the new order rose to power.

The scars of that war were still plainly seen. With much of Toboga still scarred from the final battles of the empires conquest. As the man responsible for so much of the destruction wrought on the world he had to say it felt very odd standing upon it. At least not without a stormtrooper escort and close air support.

Walking past a town square which still held the wreckage of a half destroyed AT-TE he turned the corner and almost slammed into a squad of the local garrison forces.

“Freeze!” The squad sergeant shouted in alarm, raising his blaster just a fraction before the rest of his five man unit. “Hands up!”

“Morning sir,” Rajan answered calmly, leveling a polite smile at the sergeant even as one of the troopers peeled away and began searching him.

“Stay where you are,” the sergeant added, though his helmet dipped as he took in Rajan’s rather nonthreatening appearance. A simple tunic, cloak and knee length boots made him look like a respectable member of society.

“In my left breast pocket you will find my identification,” Rajan said still in a positive tone. “I also have a blaster in a holster in the small of my back and a knife in my boot,” he added thinking it a good thing to declare.

The trooper confiscated his blaster, the knife, and his ID in short order and returned to the protection of the rest of the squad. Handing the ID to the sergeant.

“Off worlder?” He asked after a moment looking at Rajan’s credentials.

Rajan nodded, “from Coshtii just made planetfall today.” Keeping his hands raised he gestured towards the spaceport at the edge of town.

The sergeant plugged the ID card into a reader he pulled from his belt. Waiting for it to process for a few seconds and giving Rajan another once over. A small click sounded as the card was read and displayed its results.

“Sorry for the rough handling,” the sergeant said as he straightened and lowered his blaster. “Cant be to sure here with the locals.” He handed Rajan back his ID card, and the trooper walked over with his weapons. The three other members of the squad remained on alert, though their weapons were no longer pointed at Rajan.

Leaning in close to him the sergeant confided a few words of advice. “I would stay in the city center if I were you. Gangs love to attack offworlders, they will take you for anything you have and then leave your body in a gutter.”

“I have some business to attend to here, but wont be long.” Rajan assured the sergeant.

Taking a moment to consider Rajan again the sergeant offered to send one of his mend to escort him on whatever business he had in the city outskirts.

“That wont be necessary I assure you,” Rajan held up a hand. “I will be just a few minutes more and then plan to leave the planet in a few hours.”

“Well be careful,” the sergeant cautioned. “Things aren’t as safe as they are on Coshtii.”

Rajan moved on, wishing the troopers well as he did so. He passed through more of the city, navigating past piles of rubble and blasted apart buildings. Arriving in a few minutes more at his destination. An only mildly blasted town house nestled against the city walls in a formerly upper class neighborhood.

Rajan took a moment to look around the neighborhood. Seeing only a few locals milling around staring back at him nervously. He also took a closer look at the house. Noting the mismatched trim, multi-colored bricks and different window shutters. It was clear that the house had been repaired at some point after the invasion using components from the surrounding homes.

He rapped on the door, a strange feeling forming as he did so. Inside he could hear shuffling feet and a slamming door. Taking a step back Rajan could feel the odd sensation growing in his mind.

“What do you want?” The small and squat Twilek male who apparently owned the house asked after flinging the door open. Rajan noted that his left hand was concealed behind the wall, likely clutching a blaster.

He looked Rajan up and down, not relaxing in the slightest, but also apparently deciding he was not a threat. The feeling something was wrong grew stronger.

“Orrik Negosha?” Rajan asked, putting some mild surprise into his voice.

“Yes?” Orrik answered suspiciously.

Rajan smiled, “I saw your add,” he gestured to no place in particular. “The one where you were wanting transport off world.”

“Oh,” Orrik said. His face suddenly turned ashen, no small feat given his brilliant green complexion, and the sense of wrongness exploded into a wailing alarm.

Rajan flew into Orrik, gripping the blaster he held in his left hand and hitting the ground on top of the panicked Twilek. Behind him an explosion of blaster fire ripped through the doorway and slamming into the air just above him.

Adjusting the blaster and thumbing the safety off Rajan rolled off Orrik, blasting two beings who had entered the house through a back door. He shot another as he stood up, ducking through the kitchen as the blaster fire coming from the street increased massively in scale.

Rajan dropped the borrowed blaster and grabbed his own, thumbing it onto full auto and blindly returning fire through the kitchen window. “Do you have a speeder?” He shouted, uncertain if Orrik was still alive but knowing if he was he would likely be just as desperate to get away.

“Not here,” came a reply that made Rajan’s spirits sink.

“Stay low,” Rajan advised, ducking return fire and switching position to the back of the building where he had heard foot steps. Keeping below the line of the windows he crept back. Passing a small reading room, and a bedroom.

Two humans with awkwardly large blasters, and a scarred Merkravi met him. Eachothers weapons getting in the way as they tried to bring them to bear on Rajan. They were dead before any of them could get off a shot.

“I think I have a way out,” he called, getting a soft grunt in response.

Rajan fired a few random shots out the back door, getting no return fire in response. Tentatively he chanced a quick look out at the alley. Nothing.

He returned to find Orrik in the same heap he had been in from the start. Apparently the twilek was not inclined to move much during a firefight. Rajan fired at two Rodians who were getting to close to the front door, hitting one in the chest.

“Do you want out of here or not?” Rajan asked, startling Orrik and eliciting a small yipe of surprise.

He turned to look Rajan in the eye and blinked, “a way out?” He asked somewhat dazed.

Rajan fired at the surviving Rodian, he was done asking, but he could not bring himself quite to leave the man either. Switching his blaster to full auto he fired furiously out the door one handed, using his free hand to yank the Twilek off the ground and back on his feet.

“Move!” He shouted in his ear.

The violence of being brough rapidly upright and then yelled at seemed to have jogged Orrik back to his senses and he moved forward willingly.

Rajan kept his distance some ways back. Curious to see if he had shot everyone guarding the backdoor. Orrik did not even pause at the entrance, but he was not shot instantly either. Rajan made sure to check before he left the safety of the house. Not seeing anything he stopped firing, and dashed towards a speeder Orrik seemed to also be heading to. As he ran he replaced the blasters gas cartridge.

He looked up as a sense of danger grew in his mind. He looked for potential sources for the feeling, his eyes focusing on the speeder. “No!” He shouted.

Orrik turned around as he ran. Skidding to the floor as his feet fell out from under him. He was just beginning to formulate a question asking why when the speeder blew up behind him, showering him and Rajan in debris. Sirens erupted all around the city and Rajan knew that the attackers would not take long to figure out that they had run.

“Follow me,” he said. Not bothering to ask if Orrik was alright. He looked around, finding a manhole cover nearby. “Open that and climb down.”

Keeping a watchful eye out for the gang Rajan listened as Orrik struggled to open the manhole catch. “Got it!” The Twilek called out. Chancing a glance down Rajan just caught his head disappearing down the hole. Rajan followed down and carefully closed the hatche behind him.

“Which way does the this lead at the bottom?” Rajen asked rather than apologize after stepping on Orrik’s Lekku.

“I am not at the bottom yet so I don’t know.” Came the reply. Rajan said nothing, though he did at least attempt to avoid stepping on the Lekku again.

“Hang on!” Orrik called a few moments later, Rajan wished he would speak quieter, though it was likely the sound of his voice would be largely muffled by the manhole cover. “I found the bottom,” Rajan heard a splash and grunt.

His foot found the end of the ladder and soon Rajan dropped down into knee deep standing water. Water that smelled remarkably like sewage.

Looking around in the dark Rajan’s fake eye took a moment to adapt to the low light conditions. Finding that he was indeed in a sewage system underneath the city. The tunnel they were in extended far away in two directions, running through a mental map of the city Rajan guessed at the direction of the spaceport.

“This way,” he said grabbing Orrik to make sure that he knew which direction he was meaning. “Once we get to the spaceport you are on your own.”

“You aren’t taking me off world?” Orrik demanded, his voice suddenly high pitched and desperate.

“Your add did not mention anything about a hit squad coming for you, nor did you say you would need protection during your travels.”

“But I don’t!” Orrik said.

“Our current surroundings would tend to suggest otherwise,” Rajan countered.

“But I can pay you.”

“And if I am killed? Is my life worth the risk of death?” Rajan demanded. Orrik did not respond immediately.

“Who is trying to kill you anyway?” Rajan asked, out of only mild curiosity. But he was not at all prepared for the response.

“Black sun,” Orrik answered miserably.

“What!” Rajan thundered, finding his hands suddenly around Orriks neck.

“Now you see why I need to get off this planet?” Orrik asked through choked breaths. Chuckling softly.

“What did you do?” Not releasing his grip Rajan shoved Orrik hard into the wall, knowing any remaining breath out of him. “Answer me or I assure you that black sun will be the least of your worries.”

Orrik struggled for a moment, gasping for air, and Rajan allowed him a breath. If only to get an answer before he died. But his grip remained iron tight and unrelenting otherwise.

“I sold secrets!” The Twilek said eventually.

Not liking where this was going Rajan found himself with a follow on question, “to who?”

“Crimson dawn!”

Rajan tossed Orrik aside in disgust. “You betrayed black sun to crimson dawn?” He asked incredulously. “Do you have a death wish?”

“Seemed like the thing to do at the time,” Orrik argued in a small voice. He clutched his throat, still regaining his full breath.

“Well I hope that you didn’t save what they gave you because where you are going you cant take it with you.” Rajan moved past Orrik and kept going, anxious to get as far away from him as possible and run before the gang found him.

“Please you have to help me!” Orrik pleaded still on the ground. Curled up into a ball he called out, “I will pay whatever you ask, just don’t leave me here to die!”

Rajan stopped but did not turn around, “as I said once we get to the spaceport you are on your own.” Over his shoulder he called, “I am sure you can find some poor being to get you off world.”

“Everyone has a price!” Orrik called, seeming regaining some semblance of confidence.

“I agree, but you cant afford mine!” Rajan retorted still walking away.

“I can pay you enough credits to buy a destroyer!” Orrik offered. Rajan did not give him a response, though he could hear sloshing footsteps behind him telling him that Orrik had not given up.

“I would try someone else at the spaceport but I know that you can handle yourself.” Orrik now seemed to have regained his confidence, business being something he was apparently much more familiar with then gunfights.

“I don’t want your credits,” Rajan said.

“Then what do you want?” Orrik was quick one the uptake, and seemed determined. “I have more than credits to offer you.”

Something in the aliens tone caught Rajan. An odd, conspiratorial tone which told him that whatever it was Orrik was offering it was likely rare and highly illegal.

“I don’t want spice either,” Rajan said determined to kill any such offer in its tracks.

“What if I told you that I had an entire collection of old republic era artifacts?” Orrik asked, his teeth shining in the dim light of the sewer as he smiled. “I can take you to them and let you look around, then you can decide if the price is right.”

Sensing that his hook had caught Orrik widened his smile. “The best part is that its on the way to the spaceport.”

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The Force is strong with this one.

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Even before Padmé and Ani were a thing, she still felt so fully about his people and wanted to free them. Padmé is completely and totally goals!!

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While being quarantined at home with the covid I have been watching and reading ridiculous amounts of Star Wars and have realized my pupper has sith eyes….. this is not the way


Ps she has dandruff, we do what we can with her🤷🏼‍♀️

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The Force

“Wherefore, all things which are good cometh of the Light side of the Force; and that which is evil cometh of the Dark Side; for the Dark Side is an enemy unto the Light, and fighteth against it continually, and inviteth and enticeth to sin, and to do that which is evil continually.

“But behold, that which is of the Light side of the Force inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good, to love, and to love God, and to serve him, is inspired of God. For the power of God is The Force, and it flows through all living things, just as the devil is the source of the Dark Side, and seeks to make all men miserable like unto himself.”

Yoda closed the scroll. “Younglings, see how to tell what side of the Force you are using, do you not? For all truth come from Christ, and Christ is truth. He will guide you as He seeks to guide all and guides the Jedi. Change, the Jedi must, to be in keeping with His revelations. Big or small, these changes may be. Best for this time, they are. Have faith in Him, we should.”

The younglings all nodded. One raised her hand. “Where is Jesus?”

“Born on a planet far away, He was. Died and lived again, He did.” Yoda replied. “Have record of this, we do. Come again, He will.”

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Yeah but like… Grogu going dark side because he’s shown signs before, and he has such a strong bond with Din. And that’s why Luke is so iffy about Kylo because he sees it there and it just keeps happening, and maybe if he stops it before it happens everything will be fine.

But no one can get close enough to Grogu to stop him except for Din, and by the time he does his only option is to put him down…. and that’s why there’s no Grogu in any other movies

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“I am the light which shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehendeth it not.”

Why can the darkness not comprehend the light? I realized I didn’t know, so I did some digging.

Sharon Eubank, First Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency says “That means no matter how hard it tries, the darkness cannot put out that light.”

That is certainly is true. Darkness cannot exist where the light is. Darkness cannot be surrounded by light; that would mean the darkness would cease to exist. Yet light can exist surrounded by darkness, the dark cowering on the fringes of the light’s reach. How can you comprehend something you have never experienced, something that undoes your very existence?

Perhaps that is why the scriptures so often say the gospel of Christ makes us into new men because who we were before could not comprehend who we have become. By the laws of nature, the light will always defeat the dark.

This has me thinking about Star Wars now. People are constantly saying the Jedi way is not perfect. And they are right. But then some go on to argue that the Dark Side is not always bad. But I don’t think the Dark Side can exist where the Light is. I think achieving balance in the Force is becoming like God.

God feels strong emotions, like sorrow, love, and joy. Those are all emotions the Jedi encourage. But God does not feel fear, anger, and hate. Those three emotions make up the Dark Side and are never from God, but always the devil.

The Jedi are doing their best to achieve this balance. How they do it is not always perfect, and why they do what they do is a discussion for another day, but all in all, they’re doing pretty great. The Sith choose to dwell on their fears, anger, and hate, and that is where their power comes from. Because where the power comes from decides how it can be used.

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DESIDERIUM — prologue


gif credit @keanurevees

  • des-i-der-i-um • an ardent desire or longing especially ; a feeling of loss or grief for something lost

sith!keanu reeves

word count: 2.2k

warnings: death, violence, injuries, and angst

a/n: i’m super excited to share my first star wars story! I want to dedicate this chapter to @steeeeeeeviebb​ for inspiring me to write this while we were thirsting over young keanu. I also wanted to note that a lot of this was inspired from star wars lore and from some old video games so not every thing is accurate so i hope you guys don’t mind! thank you for reading!


17 BBY

Ossus was a barren planet.

Ever since the fall of the Republic, and almost four million beings populating the planet, Ossus never maintained a large import of travellers or dwellers. It wasn’t a kind planet, crops barely kept, the seasons were bitter as the cold never seemed to cease, and it was downright unpleasant. Over the years, residents dissipated as the protection from the Republic diminished, leaving people scared and anxious as the rise of thugs, gangs and slavers took interest in the lack of authorities. The only travellers who did venture to the planet had a specific interest, though. As for many years prior, the Jedi tread the planet in search for one of their most important landmarks.

The wind howled near one of the bends of Eocho Mountain as someone landed their freighter on one of the long abandoned landing pads. The gears groaned in protest as its pilot jerked the landing gear roughly on the terrain below. The man then began the procedure of shutting his ship down, pressing one of the buttons on the side of the panel as the landing pad lowered behind him. He was probably the first person to arrive at this long abandoned outpost in many cycles. Only the bravest of warriors and Jedi would dare to enter this vapid wasteland.

But this man was no Jedi.

Exiting the Fighter, his dark cloak whipped in the harsh wind. The hood covering the man fell back to uncover his face to the merciless weather. Raven coloured hairs slid from the tie at the back of his head, dancing around his vision as they mingled with the wind. His sharp eyes took in the mountain before him, all the while trying to ignore the shiver down his spine from the freezing cold. Chilled bits of ice adhered to the dark stubble lining the lower half of his face all down towards his neck, somewhat protecting the tender flesh beneath. The rest of his shaded attire kept the freezing temperature at bay, from his padded fur lined gloves all the way to his steel toed boots was fit for the journey ahead of him.

His handheld Hollo lit up as he held it in front of him, beeping as it recognized the planet’s core signature. A digital map of Imhar Canyon popped up and began to survey the most logical pathway towards the depths below. When it finished highlighting the most logical route, the Sith then began his trek towards the mountain. He crept through a narrow crack in the stone, camofloged with ice peaks and boulders that most wouldn’t guess that it was an entrance of any sort just looking at it. Skidding along the sharp rock, he made it into a dark and misty canyon.

The journey was harrowing; his Hollo calculated a day’s time to his desired location, and it didn’t look like an easy journey. Sharp stalagmites and stalactites bloomed together into a forest of rubble and sleet as he traversed deeper into the cavern. He nearly slipped on a hidden patch of ice near a ledge that could’ve sent him to his early demise had he not planted his feet firmly into the ground. Muttering a few curses, he picked himself back up and grumbled as he continued on the path. Another trial came when he encountered two merciless Kirruks who guarded the pass the Sith was supposed to go on. Those nasty reptilians alone would turn away even the bravest of adventurers. But he was not afraid, he knew he had the powers to easily discard the creatures.

It was not as easy as he thought.

Unsheathing his crimson saber, he grasped the familiar hilt and gave it a spin as he charged the closer one on his left. It was somewhat of a struggle to kill them, as their squawking call is near paralyzing to those weak enough. He used the rocky terrain to his advantage, drawing one of the Kirruks in close enough for it to try to pin the man to the side of jagged rock before he jumped out of the way in time, causing the beast to slam its horns into the stone. It went down soon after that. Turning to the other Kirruk, it learned from his brother and avoided trying to corner the man into the wall and instead used its wide wingspan to try to slash him down. The Sith was struck by one of its talons and received a sufficient cut on the side of his face, but soon after, he ended the monster with a few quick slices from his lightsaber.

Catching his breath, he put his saber back on his belt and pulled a hand back over his hair to smooth it over. He advanced to what he hoped was the gallows of the planet, with what looked like two large pillars molded into the cavern in the distance. Leaping over a large gap onto the cracked stone, he regained himself and pulled out his device from his pocket. A green light flashed on the map as it declared he had arrived at his location. Finally, he thought as he walked towards the entrance, climbing up the wide stairs. He hoped that what he was searching for was truly there, or there would be hell to pay when he got back onto his starcruiser. He originally imagined that the entrance would be bigger for the Great Jedi Library, but to him it looked rather ordinary. Dull. He supposed that’s what the Jedi would pride themselves on.

Just because it looks mundane does not mean what lies inside is any less important.

He shoved those thoughts away and passed through the archway into the main room. He expected to know what lay inside the library, but he still found himself amazed at what the complex housed. There must have been thousands of shelves, filled to the brim with scrolls and documents detailing every last detail of sentient history of the Jedi Order, all dating all the way back to the High Republic. This place thrived off of the Jedi wisdom stowed inside of it, beaconing any visitor to loom inside its halls to seek its vast knowledge, and secrets.

The Sith began towards the first bookcase on his left, and started to siphon through the pages of documents, just searching for any inkling of what he needed to find. After a few moments of helpless searching, he was just about to move towards the next bookcase when a voice sounded from behind him.

“So, you’ve finally come to visit the Temple, Darth Revan?”

Revan spun around, his lightsaber extended with its vibrant red light cascading between himself and the intruder. He cursed himself for being caught up in his searchings to not have been aware of his surroundings.

“Master Anstak, how pleasant to see you again,” His baritone voice replied.

“I would think that we can skip the pleasantries, Revan. I believe we both know what you’re here for,” Anstak observed, casting an unamused, “But, I’m afraid what you seek is no longer in my possession.”

“You mean to fool me, Master. I know it’s here, the Force does not hide anything from me,” Revan took a step towards the older man. “Now, I think it’s best that you skip the charade and hand it over before you do anything rash.”

“Rash?” Anstak questioned. “It is like you have no recollection of who I am, young Padawan.”

“I am not your Padawan anymore!” Revan bellowed, flickers of his saber sputtering in his hand. “He died along with the Order, as you should have along with the other hopeless Masters.”

Anstrak turned away from the Sith and began walking towards one the many bookcases at their sides, as if he bored himself in this conversation. His calmness fueled Revan’s Rage building inside of him as he scowled at his former Master.

“You well know, I have been the administrator of this Library for many cycles now,” He began, his cool demeanor clashing with Revan’s. “I have been able to sort through many, if not all, of these texts and can recite them by heart if requested. I know many things that have long since been forgotten by our modern Jedi Order. But, such things once discovered can be deemed dangerous when fallen into the wrong hands.”

Revan scoffed. “Your lies deceive you, Master. I know you sought out the secrets of this library the moment you stepped into the cavern.”

“You know nothing of what power you seek,” Anstak replied.

“I should think I do, after all the Emperor chose me to obtain it. Now, give me the Dark Holocron. This is your last chance, Master.”

Anstak shook his head at the Sith. “Well, the Emperor has been mistaken. The Sith Holocron was taken many years ago by another, well before I became the caretaker of this library.”

“You lie!” Revan shouted, tightening his grip on the saber as he took a careful step closer towards his former Master.

“See past it, Revan. What you seek is more than what you could ever possibly understand.”

“You don’t know me. You only knew the weak boy who stupidly trusted every word that came from you and the Jedi. You do not know what I am, or the power I possess,” Revan started, itching closer ever so slightly. “So, do not lecture me about what I do not know, Master Anstak. You couldn’t even dream of becoming as powerful as I am. I am everything the Jedi wishes they were and more.”

There was a long pause before Anstak spoke again. There was a look in his eyes that Revan could not recognize. It was almost as if he pitied Revan, which only made his blood boil even more.

“Alas, so the Emperor has a grasp on your noose tightly, hasn’t he, boy?”

“The Emperor has taught me many things, even how to seek things others wish to hide from me.” Revan reached his hand out, extending not only his reach, but extending into the Force to draw his opponent out.

“Give me the Holocron.”

Anstak began to tremble, a sweat breaking out on his face and his face scrunched up in an uncomfortable manor.

“Never,” Anstak choked, his face visibly turning redder as he tried to resist the Sith. “You will never find it,” Revan reached deeper, straining his way through the information in his former Master’s head. “Ahhh!” He cried out.

“You don’t have to die, Master, all you have to do is tell me where it is.” Revan prodded, searching his opponent’s mind thoroughly.

Revan could see how hard Anstak was trying to shield his mind, but after years of being out of practice, his defenses were weak and feeble. “I won’t betray the Order. I would rather die than betray the Jedi!”

“As you wish, Master,” Revan quickly pulled Anstak’s weak body forward and with a slash of his wrist, his saber struck down the older man in a quick arc. The former Master fell to the ground with a thud, and Revan could do nothing but stare. The crimson saber’s light beaming across Anstrak’s body, his prominent features highlighted in the darkness. The Sith noted how small the man looked now, how miniscule he seemed lying face down on the ragged stone.

He couldn’t help but feel like he failed his mission. Anstak’s mind only shielded so much, hiding the exact whereabouts of the Dark Holocron in this library. At least, he knew it was here, somewhere in the complex, with its many rooms of the library and the studies. It was going to be a while before he would be able to find it, but he couldn’t deny the feeling of his defeat. The Emperor would not be pleased that he killed Anstak, as his knowledge of the Library would be most useful for other things outside of the Holocron.

Stepping over the body, Revan continued into the Grand Library, lightsaber in tow. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look at at least some of the scrolls of this library before he burnt it down, of course. There was no point for it to be here so long as there was no longer an administrator to care for it. He stepped into the middle of the room and let out a breath he was holding, clearing his mind. He felt around the room for any source of darkness covered up by the Force, but came up empty handed. Revan shouted a curse before marching up to the nearest shelf and dragged his saber across the high shelves. The ember glow caught on the wood and sparked into a flame, books and scrolls cascading like dominos as they each passed on the bright red flame of their brothers before them. Once satisfied, he took one last glance at the once Grand Library before walking towards the rest of the Jedi Temple.

How could something so monumental come down in such an insignificant way? He supposed that not everything was as impenetrable as it seemed. Revan knew that all too well, and promised himself to crush those feelings whenever he felt them rise up. But, even the powerful fell hard, and there was no denying the way of the Maker once he made up his mind.

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Asajj by Dermot Power.

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A random unlikely crossover thingy where Grogu meets lil’ kiddy Manten, and Grogu uses the force to levitate a plate, Should do one with Manten discovering his thunder powers, with baby Yoda present, and maybe Hiten in the mix (Baby Yoda’s more powerful.)

I haven’t seen the Mandalorian yet but want to. This came to be because my mom peered in my sketchbook, saw a rough unfinished sketch of baby/toddler Manten, and though he was baby Yoda, so the crossover had to be done. I guess their both odd creatures with pointy ears and the sketch was rough but eh… and in my opinion little baby Manten was cute in the brief flashback we see him in. Maybe not selling a million toys cute but cute.

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