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#the four winds
no-faced-criminal2 months ago
A short presentation for people who have no idea who the Linked Universe boys are
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The au recently started updating again so I thought I'd properly introduce you to my obsession
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catzgam3rz2 months ago
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I posted a sketch of this a bit ago but now I have a coloured version!
This is just fake merch for the band "The Oh Hello's" based around their "Four Winds" albums! (because I love their music and I love colour block hoodies so why not mix em!)
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artistdove10 hours ago
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Minish LU boys!!! Started with Wind and then it escalated to聽鈥渨hat if they were all Minish鈥. I love all of them. The inspirations are mainly for appearance, but there are a few facts of the animals that I thought fit them in some way
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fuckit-hero-of-trains18 days ago
聽rating links based on how much they like riding in mine carts:
9)聽Twilight: holy fucking shit, this is his first and last mechanical rodeo, even Epona at her worst wasn't this bad, TWILIGHT WOULD LIKE TO GET OFF聽鈥淢R.GANON鈥橲 WILD RIDE鈥
8) Time: Too much whiplash, not enough control, not a huge fan
7) 聽Legend: Doesn't actually hate the ride but does hate those fucking dungeons with mine cart puzzles so the whole experience has been kinda soured for him :/
6)聽Warriors: meh, prefers the spinner but not opposed聽
5) Hyrule: Hi, the image of Hyrule going on a wild mine cart ride and coming out the other side with his hair all messed up and pale but also grinning like a mad man is amazing
4) Wind: Pretty much the same as Hyrule but Wind is already asking for a second go round before he鈥檚 off the first one
3) Wild: Wishes there was more excuses to ride mine carts because explosion based travel is Wild鈥檚 jam in general and mine carts are cool man
2) Four: IN CANON stated to be smiling after riding mine carts by Ezlo even though he screams literally every time he鈥檚 on one, holy shit look at this loser, he loves mine carts
1) Sky: IN GAME PAYS MONEY to continue to ride mine carts HUNDREDS OF FEET IN THE AIR knowing that there are SEVERAL BROKEN TRACKS in front of him, this idiot could die at any moment and this stupid fucking adrenaline junkie LEANS INTO TURNS TO GO FASTER
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script-the-skeleton10 days ago
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Based off the fact that Sky canonically (in Skyward Sword) has prophetic dreams and can predict the future (and I now have a headcannon that oot Zelda and any others like her get their psychic abilities from Sky and not Hylia/Sun.)
I鈥檓 taking art requests, send them in on my blog!
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aureateart22 days ago
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{{this art is SO old by this point and i am not going to finish it. i am so sorry to sky, four, and time stans}}
idk animals i thot fit the boys鈥 vibes! click to see details :)
[hyrule as lion; legend as rabbit; time as owl; four as fox; wind as albatross; twilight as wolf; sky as eagle; warriors as stallion; wild as stag]
((captions are all in their respective hylians!! B-P or at least a close approximation )) wip of what i had for four and time before i gave up under the cut!
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artistdove19 days ago
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So Sunfloweraro made a fic called Shh he鈥檚 sleeping聽on Ao3 and I love it!!! It also featured my Minish Four design in it and I short circuited when I found out at the end. So check it out if you haven鈥檛 along with some of their other fics, like Fragmented
Bonus (inspired by my reaction to the fic)
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dreamstarmoonlighta month ago
Legend of Zelda: 25th Aniversary Poster
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Still can't get over this incredible masterpiece of a poster created by a Japanese artist on Pixiv named Ag+
The original image had a resolution of 1216 脳 6650. Too bad Tumblr won't let me upload it in the highest resolution; if anyone knows a workaround, let me know!
There exists another version of 3588x19632 quality. The 1216px one is an original copy, and the 3588px one is something that someone enlarged and ran through photoshop filters to minimize quality loss. I don't have a source of who I got it from, but the quality is actually pretty nice for printing considering they made it thrice as large. Both these versions are now available as a 59mb zipped file on MediaFire. You can download them here.
In case the MediaFire link gets taken down in the future, notify me in the comments or shoot me a DM and I will fix it immediately.
List of LoZ characters in this poster
Row 1:
Farore (Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons)
Nayru (Oracle of Ages)
Din (Oracle of Seasons)
Row 2:
Rauru w/ Kaepora Gaebora (Ocarina of Time)
Impa (Ocarina of Time)
Saria (Ocarina of Time)
King of Hyrule (Zelda series)
Nabooru (Ocarina of Time)
Ruto (Ocarina of Time)
Darunia (Ocarina of Time)
Row 3:
Link (Zelda series)
Zelda (Zelda series)
Ganondorf (Zelda series)
Row 4:
Wind Fish (Link鈥檚 Awakening)
Great Fairy w/ Fairy Queen (The Wind Waker)
Great Fairy (Twilight Princess)
Fi (Skyward Sword)
Ciela (Phantom Hourglass)
Navi (Ocarina of Time)
Tatl (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Tael (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Great Fairy (Ocarina of Time)
Valoo (The Wind Waker)
Row 5:
Great Deku Tree w/ little Deku tree (Ocarina of Time)
Fado (The Wind Waker)
Makar (The Wind Waker)
Medli (The Wind Waker)
Laruto (The Wind Waker)
Jabun (The Wind Waker)
Row 6:
Renado (Twilight Princess)
Rusl (Twilight Princess)
Ashei (Twilight Princess)
Shad (Twilight Princess)
Auru (Twilight Princess)
Tarin (Link鈥檚 Awakening)
Marin (Link鈥檚 Awakening)
Ilia w/ Epona (Twilight Princess)
Talon (Ocarina of Time)
Ingo (Ocarina of Time)
Row 7:
Anju (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Kafei (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Linebeck (Phantom Hourglass)
Aryll (The Wind Waker)
Gonzo (The Wind Waker)
Senza (The Wind Waker)
Nudge (The Wind Waker)
Row 7.2:
Tingle (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Romani and Cremia (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Niko (The Wind Waker)
Mako (The Wind Waker)
Zuko (The Wind Waker)
Link鈥檚 Grandma (The Wind Waker)
Row 8:
Tijo (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Toto (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Evan (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Lulu (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Ralph (Oracle of Ages)
Maple (Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons)
Darmani the Third (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Row 9:
Japas (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Mikau (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Skull Kid (Ocarina of Time)
Mido (Ocarina of Time)
Deku Royal Family (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Goron Elder w/ Goron Baby (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Row 10:
The King of Red Lions (The Wind Waker)
Byrne (Spirit Tracks)
Anjean (Spirit Tracks)
Midna (Twilight Princess)
Oshus (Phantom Hourglass)
Sahasrahla (A Link to the Past)
Ezlo (The Minish Cap)
Row 11:
Happy Mask Salesman (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Bellum (Phantom Hourglass)
Row 12:
Veran (Oracle of Ages)
Zant (Twilight Princess)
Aganhim (A Link to the Past)
Vaati (The Minish Cap)
Onox (Oracle of Seasons)
Row 12.2:
Koume (Ocarina of Time)
The Moon (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Kotake (Ocarina of Time)
Chancellor Cole (Spirit Tracks)
Row 13:
2x Four Giants (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Moon Children with boss masks (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
2x Four Giants (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Row 14:
Ganon (Ocarina of Time)
Fierce Deity Link (Majora鈥檚 Mask)
Link鈥檚 Mother (Ocarina of Time)
Hero鈥檚 Shade w/ Golden Wolf form (Twilight Princes
Added the link to the "Making of" YouTube video in the post.
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luwyv22 days ago
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Ok so鈥 I have an AU idea鈥 I鈥檒l make comics, illustrations and whatever else of it now鈥
Time, Twi, Wars, Sky and Wind are the nights, Hyrule, Legend, Four and Wild everyone else
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neeniidrawa day ago
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poor Legend, he has to prevent them from approaching the iron knuckle
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Tumblr media
based on the new chapter of lu
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A collection of musings about the Timeline that make me think
There's a good possibility there are sea-faring minish after the Great Flood, since we can still collect rupees in the grass.
Termina was destroyed in the Adult Timeline before the hero of time even woke up.
The Mirror of Twilight still exists in the Adult and Fallen Timeline.
There are no fairies in Spirit Tracks. The closest we get to one is the Spirit of Healing, but she is not a fairy. It's possible there are no fairies in New Hyrule at all.
Lorule could have destroyed their triforce during the interloper war, fought over the triforce sometime before Ocarina of Time.
If Breath of the Wild takes place in the Child Timeline, then the Ganondorf in the second game could be the Ganondorf from Four Sword Adventures rather than the one from Ocarina of Time.
The Original hero of the Four Sword is alluded to be a descendant of Minish Cap Link in Hyrule Historia, meaning the sword was likely passed down to him and was his actual birthright.
Zelda canonically dies Minish Cap, in an alternate ending where the player cannot reach Vaati in time to stop the ritual. This potentially causes yet another canonical timeline split that is never explored. I bring this up because Nintendo could have seamlessly fit the Four Sword series into this timeline. Vaati's rise to power could have kicked it off effortlessly.
In Breath of the Wild, Lanayru Bay borders Brynna Plain and Lodrum Headland, which are plays on Labrynna and Holodrum, neighboring countries to Hyrule. Lanayru Bay could actually have once docked ships from those countries, as part of the travel/trading route between kingdoms.
The Adult Timeline is technologically advanced, the Child Timeline is spiritually advanced, and the Fallen Timeline is magically advanced.
The Master Sword was originally the Goddess Sword, created by the goddess Hylia. It has a sword spirit inside it. It would not be far-fetched to speculate that the Lokomo Sword, created by the Spirits of Good, has a spirit inside it. Especially considering spirits are New Hyrule's main patron dieties at the moment.
New Hyrule does not feature the triforce in any of its decor. At all. Rather, it features symbols of Tetra's ship and Tetra herself.
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luwyv2 months ago
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Tumblr media
hello and welcome to: if I had to use my old line up one more time as reference I would snap!
I鈥檝e been drawing this guys for a while now and the way I draw them changed a lot, the designs and pallets are completely different, so it was time to make a new line up...
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